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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Monday, July 25, 1960
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AfKANSAS -- ^ 1 * «* IW Ife _. Ux»lly tiTovv. a-iT'fr 6 ^*'* 71 it Year .,,·«, Associated Press (APJ Uniteo 1 Press Internationa! /UP 17 " ·~i*-.- r Greenville, Mississippi Monday. July 25. 1960 Price 5c RED STREAM flM« J No. 280 Jack Sees Harmony In N.Y. Party By G. MILTON KELLY HYANNIS PORT, Mass. (AP)Sen. John F. Kennedy said today he expects harmony can be achieved between squabbling New York Democratic factions, and hopes he can strengthen his hand there in the November election. New York City Mayor Robert F. Wagner told Ihe senator the ticket "will win big" in New York. The presidential nominee told reporters in an informal news conference on the lawn b! his summer home he had received some "very helpful" advice and suggestions from Wagner. Kennedy and the mayor conferred for two hours this morning. Message To Ed The senator, among other things, said he also has sent his brother, Edward M. Kennedy, to California with a message to Gov Edmund G. Brown. "New York and California--because of their »iie and geographi cal locations--are the anchors to our success," Kennedy said. Hi: message to Brown, he said, deal: with campaign plans and stressed thB importance he attaches to the drive to register eligible voters Kennedy announced that Sen Lyndon B. Johnson, hij presidential running male, wll arrive in Hyannis Port Friday fo campaign discussions. Johnson previously hid been tentatively scheduled to arrive Aug. 1 or Floor Fight Looms On GOP NEW FOOTBALL STANDS -- Workman last week were putting finishing touches on the new portable metal grandstand behind E. E. Bass Junior High School. The new stands, built by Central Supply Co. of Jackson, replaced wooden grandstands which were declared unsafe several months ago. The new grandstand will scat about 2,200 people and is enclosed with metal railing and link fence providing more salcty for spectators. The grandstand will also house a press box, shown partially constructed at lop of the stands. (Staff photo) U. S. Claims Planes Pushed Russian Course course and in delaying its planned|through all the events I have de- Adlai Stevenson probably wi 1 come Saturday, instead of Friday as originally announced, Kenned; said. Negro Prof Fired But Not For Backing Sit-ins BATON ROUGE (AP) -- The president of Southern (Negro) University says statements by political science professor that he , TV5 fired for supporting student iii-ins are "irresponsible-" President Fullon ClarV said the university's decision~not to renew 0r. George L, Robinson's con tract had no connection with the demonstrations. Robinson said yesterday he was the only professor who support et the sit-ins. He said a number ol other teachers were quitting because of the "general atmosphere created by the administration." The 36-year-old professor saie one teacher told him she was quit ling because Clark "wants us to raise another generation of Uncle Toms." Clark said about four per cen of the university's 300 faculr members were leaving. He ca!l« this "normal turnover." Clark called Robinson "ineffec five in the classroom" and wi' he "did not get along with hi colleagues." Grease Starts Kitchen Fire Fire at 7 a. m. today damaged! the wall in the kitchen at the' home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Virden. 827 South Washington Avenue. The blaze started when a pan of grease on the stove became overheated. Fire Engine Companies 1. 4 and 5 answered an alarm to the residence. The fire fighters quickly quelled the flames with a booster tank line. Firemen were called to the 100 block of South Harvey street at Lurn to the northeast. It was not successful in forcing the plane into Soviet airspace. It caused our plane to make a detour. That detour is shown by the green line (on the chart.) The prescribed course is shown by the black line. "This astonishing and criminal fact is established beyond doubt by the evidence of our scientific devices, which followed the RD47 By MILTON BESSER UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) --The United States declared today it has proof that Soviet fighters deliberately pushed a U. S. RB47 off its course and shot it down over international waters. In a dramatic speech to the U.N. Security Council, U. S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge said "this astonishing and criminal act is established beyond doubt y the evidence of our scientific evices." Lodge produced charts to dem- mstrate his points, and denounced fie Soviet Union for "flagrant dis- egard for the standards of inter- ational conduct." He called the Soviet charges hat the plane violated U.S.S.. ir space last July 1 a "complete abrication" which must be dismissed as a poor attempt to cloak wanton attack on a plane over nternational waters." Introduce Resolution Lodge said he would introduce a resolution asking that the Council call for an impartial investiga-j ion of the entire incitlent, or a judgment on the case by the In- :ernational Court of Justice. "What a c t u a l l y happened ivas this: Before it (the plane) reached the point more than 50 miles north of Svatoy Nos, at which it was scheduled to t u r n ' v a l e meeling of the group in norlheast, a Soviet fighter pressed!Lumumba's honor. scribed." Somebody, Lodge said liec 1 about the incident, "Only one conclusion can be drawn from this. The Soviet fight er was trying to make the RB4' fly southward over Soviet terri tory. There it could have been shot down on land. This attemp failed," Lodge said. Lumumba Seeks Aid For Stricken Nation By WILLIAM N. OAT1S UNITED NATIONS N.Y. (AP) --Premier Patrice Lumumba of the Congo held a second conference with Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold today on U.N. help for his troubled country. Before going to Hammarsk- jold's -office, Lumumba told delegates of nine other African countries he wajjled Belgian soidiers to leave the Congo immediately. He said his cojntry favors clim- inalion of all foreign domination' n ^°' in Africa. That was his reply to a speech of welcome from Nathan Barnes of Liberia, chairman of Ihe African group, who presided at a pri- More U.N, Troops Sent Into The Congo By RICHARD KASISCHKE LEOPOLDV1LLE. the Congo Ike Lines Up Against Rockefeller By JAMES DEVLIN NEWPORT. R.I. (AP) - President Eisenhower thinks the national defense plank recommended by the Republican platform committee is pretty good, the summer White House said today. And that clearly lined the President up against New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller. Rockefeller has called the plank inadequate and says it "does not lace CHICAGO (AP) -- The Republicans launched their national convention today with whoops and applause for attacks on the Democrats -- and also in bitter pull-and-tug over their platform, particularly the civil rights plank. ,,,, ... , . ,, lernors that there should be an Ine split between the (AP)-The United Nations airlift U P realistically to the dangers of troops into the Congo speeded up today, and the total of forces deployed ovr the new African nation approached 7,500 men. U.N. military officials were hopeful of having more than 10,000 multiracial troops in the country by the end of the week. With the port of Matadi again functioning, oil for Leopoldvillc and its big airlift airbase was being pumped through .a pipeline Lumumba told newsmen he anc Hammarskjold in their first meet ng had discussed the genera situation in the Congo and th session had been "very fruitful.' "I express my satisfaction for the understanding which has prevailed during our conversation," the premier said in French. An aide said Lumumba parti- and also was arriving by lank cars over the repaired railway line. Maj. Gen. Raymond A. Wheelei. retired U. S. Army engineer who directed the clearing of the Suez : Canal in 1956 arrived to help w'th oil operations at Matadi and for a troubleshooting job on the land ransportalion system. The U, S. Air Force handed over tr-i fleet of. planes, including helicopters and small aircraft, but re- iised to furnish air crews. The cularly wants the U. N. to send Soviet Union protested a U. S. engineers and doctors to the Army transmission unit flown here last week to help in U.N. communications. American offi- n from the seaward side and tried to force the plane off its course and into Soviet territory," Lodge said. "The Soviet fighter was success- The Jo-year-old leader of the infant central African nation arrived in New York Sunday and after an initial 2',/2-hour meeting with Hammarskjold said he was ful in forcing our plane off its "«?ry optimistic" about Ihe situation. " " - · vr.inirri Red Bloc Will Buy Third Of Cuba's Sugar By HAROLD K. MILKS HAVANA (AP) -- Fidel Castro has bound a third of the Cuban M o , , ..ip,i ,;,., o, ,h. a,.. i l l a s * End?*, 71.45 l too-o,. ,, M-ho U i f,:i Hammarskjold invited Lumum- sugar crop -- the cornerstone ol '!« TM^'s shaky economy-to ba (0 i unch vath the members ofj t h e Communist bloc. . . . , ithc J. N. Security Council, which] F 0 r the next five years Cuba d high |' as ' Friday called on Belgium to '.has a g rc cd to supply the Soviet p,T"d r i°7Y«' J^ "iV 9°"dV! ; speed up withdrawal of her troopsj Union and Red China l'/J million ' ''"" ° cials said they would return to Germany. The U.N. mission announced it is pushing a crash program to meet the Congo's pressing medical and financial needs. Most of the remaining Belgian doctors in the country said they intend leaving, and World Health Organization officials were trying to get help locally and also to recruit staffs abroad. that threaten Ihe nation." The plank Ihe platform committee recommended in Chicago, on the eve of the opening of the GOP national convention, praised Eisenhower's conduct of national defense and said it would be con- :inued on a no-price-ceiling basis. Rockefeller has called for a /,-' billion-dollar increase in defense spending this fiscal year. He and Vice President Richard M. Nixon, sure bet for the Republican presidential nomination, agreed over the weekend that there is need for an increase in military spending. But on that occasion they mentioned no specific figure. Spending Is Adequate Eisenhower for months has taken the position that defense spend ing is adequate. The White House again loday declined comment on the defense views of Rockefeller, who has indicated his hig New York delegation may lead a convention floor fight when the platform comes up for a vote Wednesday. Hagerty also refused agai:i to com.nent on published reports that Henry Cabot Lodge, U. S. ambassador lo Ihe United Nations.! is Eisenhower's choice for the party moderates and lib- jcrals over the civil rights stand was so great that a convention floor fight appeared in prospect unless Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the all-but-certain nominee for president, can mediate the matter before it comes up in the convention Wednesday. Nixon winged into town from Washington shortly a f t e r 11 o'clock nnd wns greeted with n ousing airport demonstration mainly from young Republicans. It was an occasion for reunion oo of the vice president and Mrs. ·iixon with their young daughters, Tricia and Julie, who have been n camp in California. Nixon had already aligned himself for a strong civil rights plank, before leaving Washington, he .old a news confrence he would jack a floor fight, if necessary, for a strong plank. Considerable Grumbling But there was considerable grumbling in the party over what some conservatives called Nixon's surrender over the weekend to New York's Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller. During an all-night session of the Platform Committee moderates succeeded in toning down a civil rights plank shaped to the Nixon-Rockefeller statement of principles of last Saturday morning. While its wording was not disclosed, the plank was reported to contain a' mixture of moderate and iberal proposals. Another problem for Nixon was vice-presidential nominee. Eisenhower arranged to watch today's opening session of the convention on television at his Ft. Adams vacation quarters. He will fly to Chicago Tuesday Convention. sland by a group of GOP gov- All-White State GOP Delegation Easily Seated By GORDON BROWN CHICAGO (AP)-For Ihe first time in modern years an all-white Mississippi delegation was seated today at a Republican National open contest for the vice presidential nomination. By tradition, a parly presidential nominee ordinarily has a free hand in naming his own running mate. There has been every indi cation that Nixon intended to exercising this privilege although keeping silent as to the man he would tap. Lodge Leads Speculation over Nixon's choice has centered on U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge of Massnchu- (Scc - FLOOR - Page 2) ' Marlin Will Cooperate With investigators JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - State forester C. B, Marlin said today he would cooperate with investigators gathering evidence to decide whether he was uncooperative and underemphasized lire protection. The study was voted by the| State Forestry Commission which refused to fire Marlin and replace him with Jack Holman of Morton, reportedly Gov. Ross Baraett's choice. An investigator to be designated will take testimony and present it to the commission for its decision. Gets Support Barnclt said two delegations of forestry employes accused Marlin of being uncooperative and of not giving proper emphasis to fire irolection for woodlands. However, members of the Mississippi forestry Assn. have contended Marlin does a good job. Marlin said in his statement today he recognized the right of any imploye to complain, but did not know why his accusers by-passed lim and the commission and went o the governor. "My olfice has always been open to hear grievances," he said. Since the accusations have been made, lie said, "1 recognize the governor and commission, in fairness to everyone, must study the matter." Barnett said an outsider would to address the convention in the evening. 'o,»».r »i:. ,.po,i Low K r n p t r a r j t t 73. r«n-pn tura 75 al :« a.m. HVt MISSISSIPPI--Ponlr rfoudr 0 worm w!1h widely «a'l*r«d tJiow a-.d Ihgndrnhewrn loday aid TV day. Chant* of Ihuodtnhaw bio «orly 1onigM. High lada' low lonighl 60-73. High I 9 4 - 9 1 . Windi laulhrily 16-15 mph. OjllooV WidnndoY, ihcru* of Ihun- d«rtho»«n. Low 70-74. High 94-93. from the Congo. Lumumba late wilh delegates of was to talk :l« M-nation 'dl I Asian-African group and hold a 93 * 96 - I news conference. He winrls up his talks -.vith iday. Hammarskjold Tucs- Gov. Faubus Seeks Historic Fourth Term In Arkansas Vote LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -- j t l e Rock Central High School, has Gov. Orval E. Faubus seeks nom-idenounced his opponents as 'lools| [nation to an unprecedented fourth!of integrationisls." They in turn 1 term tomorrow in his second have charged that Arkansas has . . ., ,- ,, , Democratic primary election b~ t - h a d more integration under Fau- 10:12 Saturday night to flush gas t l e s i n c e nc was thc ccn[ra i figure bus than nr,v other southern that had been spilled in a vehicle, ' wreck there. REDS HELP CONGO MOSCOW (AP) -- The Soviet ship Leninogorsk left Odessa lor Africa Sunday night loaded with relief Supplies for the Congo. The vessel is carrying 9.000 tons of wheaf, more than 1.000 tons of sugar and MO.OOO cans of con- tons of sugar annually out of a j harvest thai this year is set it 5,700.000 tons. Shipmenls lo olher Communist countries will bring Ihe total Cuban sugar going behind the Iron Curtain to nearly two million tons a year. The Soviets also have bought the 700,000 tons of sugar President Eisenhower cut from Cuba's 19CO sales lo the United States. in the 1957 Little Rock integration stale, crisis. Four other candidates, all densed said. milk, a Tass dispatch avowed segregationists, arc contending wilh i-'aubus for the nomination, which i n A r k a n s a s In Big Viclory 138, n f t c r violence flared Barter Deal The Castro deals with the Communists are largely on a barter basis pegged to world prices. The United Stales long has been Cuba's best customer at premium prices of 2 lo 2V4 cents a poum above the world market pricec. The Soviet Union pays Ihe world price and Red China presumably "We've here, we've been seated, there's no contest," said Wirt Yerger, Jackson, parly stale am! delegation chairman. For years .it previous convcn "Operalion Corpuscle" goes into high gear here tomorrow wilh lions. Black and Tan delegations teenagers offering lo be baby-sitters for any mothers who wish to|headed by Perry W. Howard, vet- give blood to Ihe Red Cross Bloodmobile. Transportation to the u n i t l e r a n Negro national committee- will also be provided free of charge by donors calling the R e d j m a n for Mississippi, were sealed. 'Operation Corpuscle'In Action gather evidence for the commission, and that the commission may take other testimony itsel if it feels a need. $800 In Fund Rocky Ready To Stage Floor Fighf By ROBERT T. GRAY CHICAGO (AP) - New York's big delegation, under the firm control of.Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller, was ready today to spearhead a convention floor fight for the platform he worked out with Vice President Richard M. Ni* n. Opposition developed in fa platform committee to some parts cf the Nixon-Rockefeller, agreement. While siding with Nixon in tha platform fight, Rockefeller still was unwilling to release the New York delegates to endorse, the vice presidei.t as the Republican presidential nominee. ' ' The governor postponed until a meeting of the delegation Tuesday afternoon any decision on a presidential nominee. From his subterranean position as a non-candidate for either, place on the ticket, Rockefeller threatened to shoot off about the only missile that might enliven the prosaic proceedings. Although he wouldn't.say It in a' many words, the New York governor's complaint was directed at the heart of the Eisenhower administration's defense prograrti. The convention platform committee adopted language saying the Republicans have provided and will continue to provide "ths defenses we need to protect.our freedom." The plank promised efforts to improve defense and said "there is no price ceiling on national defense." Rep. Glenard Lipscomb of California, chairman of the . subcbrnT mittee which drafted the plank, said it was completed befort Nixon and Rockefeller agreed on a statement of principles Friday night, and was not changed .later. This obviously wasn't enough for Rockefeller, who has said that the present level of outgo ought to be stepped up by 3'/i billion dollars to provido an airborne alert, speed missile production and equip ground forces to cope with any brush fire wars that might break out. The governor complained that all of the "action" words used in the defense statement he wrote and Nixon subscribed to had been diluted by the drafting committee. Cross headquarters at EDison 2-75W. usually over the opposition of the The BEoodmobile will be located at the National Guard Armory, Lily White faction (if the party in Ft. Nicholson, on Walnut Street from 8 a. m. to 2 p. m- on Tues-j^ s ( a ( e day. at the U. S Naval Re-serve Training Center, Highway 1 north, the same liours on Wednesday. Thursday the Bloodmobile will move to Hollandale and be at the Health Center there from 3-12 a m. and 3£ p.m. On Friday it will operate at the First Baptist Church in Lcland during the same hours. Teenagers Will Call Teenagers will meanwhile be calling people to remind them of their pledges to give blood, it is being pointed out that the program has a two-fold purpose. Fiist it is lo supply the local hospitals, participating in the blood program with emergency supplies of blood Four years ago. YerRcr's grmip contested the right of Howard's delegation to he seated. The issue was resolved by giving Yerger's group six convention seats, Howard's group seven. Yergcr declined to sit w i t h the mixed delegation and watched proceedings from the gallery at ll:e San Fran- Set Final Plans For Parade Drive Greenville civic, service and Second it is to insure that the immediate families of the donors will .cisco Cow Palace. have "blood insurance", for six months -- that is if any emcrgencyj arises they can receive blood free of charge. Different This Time garden club leaders received maps of the city and final plans Monday morning for a one-day drive Friday to raise money for the annual Christmas Parade. David Orlansky o! the Christmas Parade Committee presided and announced that with other donations that have been made and contributions from the clubs only S-t.200 of the $5.000 It was suggested at the meet- and later accepted by the The group of students visited many of the city's civic clubs in t j m c ·· he srl i(| pairs last week to explain the program and ask fnr pledge slips (o "It's a little different lhis!t;oal remains lo be soughl in the door-to-door campaign. and federal troops enforced de- will do likewise. segregation at Central despite ...,^ to election. An estimated Fauhu ^ a 2 '/2 '« ' majority madi 360 000 to 400,000 voters arc ex-j n ' m ttlc s «TMd Arkansas gnvcr- pec'ted to cast ballots. ] IMr cvcr to win a thlrl1 "'"«· Faubus --ho in 1957 orderedi F ' 1llhlli confidently predicts National ' Guardsmen to block, simiiar majority this vear. court-ordered integration of Lit-! Shotild Faubus fail to get more I votes Irian his four opponents i combined, the top two candidates will meet in a runoff Aug | Fach of the other candidates iforccasls a second election hat- 'l!c between l».r.self ami Faubus. Ally. (Jen. Bruce Bennett hit the racial issue hardost, vowi "g t o , r i -State- City- News Briefs Delta LELANDER IMPROVING LELA.VD -- V- J. Hamilton, Highway 82 East, is "improving thi« worni.ig." *ocotding to attendants at City Hospital. He was ad- -/-ilted satur^y iJtfmooo suffering from heal exposure and ex- }cr - L - " a r d m - a P'» n ' cr 3m teutioa. laordinj to attendant,. businessman. sl«s»cd the amtro! a fourth term would give i-aubis BOY SCOUT ROUNDTABLE TUESDAY over the state government. To* Waihington (County) District Boy Scout leaders, scoutmas-l If. E. Williams, a Baptist ter-s. cnbm»3Ctr» Hid den mothers, will hold the regular round- preacher ar.rl small college prcs- t»:nc meeting nt J:» Tuesday night it tr.e Comnvmity center. P!anv; ( j c n , S | riic k at the bsd nsn-c he Maj. Ernesto Guevara, the Red- leaning president of the Cuban National Bank, signed a five-year pact with a Peiping trade mission ^ Salurday night to supply Red China a half millkin tons of sugar a year. The terms were along the lines late Sunday afternoon. Howard, a Washington and! "Booster ticket" receipts which Jackson. Miss., lawyer who hus'will be presented for each dollar been the siatt's CiOP naikmaljgiven, will be picked up between commilteeman more than 3o's-12 Friday morning by the civic years, has been i l l . So fnr as c.injcluh leaders a! Ihe Democrat be learned, he hasn't up for Times Printing Slwp 200 Main the convention. iStrcct. Immediately after e a c h Tr.c Mississippi dclci;,ilion was'clt:b's receipt sluts nnd money A , rio o ; accidcms Sunday put! Walker. 2913 E. Alexander as -,,, its scnts be filled out as the first part of their "Operation Corpuscle." Mishaps Here Send Three To Hospital the convention,will be turned into (ho Chamber ree people in local hospitals.!shc was making a lefl turn in!o|opened :tx!ay. occupying a spit in|of Commerce, which will remain me injured seriously. ,Calvary Baptist Church n![ High-'arxmt lhe center of the hall unli mil all clubs have report , : way 82. 'the b;.ck ol the section reserved cd Friday night. All three accidents occurred. Mr9 Wa|kcr wa; . (ahcn |Q Gcn .| (or ( ,,,i ega , cs . -[,,, 5 , alc - s a | !e r.l Map, At Chamber |eral Hospital and kept overnight'nates arc seated f a r t h e r hack. I There will also be a master! of the earlier agreement to sendj M fi:30 p. m. Betty M. B a r - f o r obMrvalio Dobbs was charg-^ Mi«i'«ippi' with \1 voles, 'is!mop of Ihe city in Ihe Chamber . i _ _ t~ · _ . i · ; :n: !,,,..· * » l i on-y C n n n nt, ·-,».» ,,..-..- ^r-Ji- I .* n . * . · · e _ n. !...··. . ( j i _ * . * . . . . mg. Chamber of Commerce, that each club participating could name a representative of the club lo the Chamber's Christmas Activities Subcommittee so that the clubs raising the money would have a voice in how the parade would be conducted. Another contribution, a dollar from Mrs. Madge Quin Fugler WO South Washington, came in, to the Christmas Parade Fund, Box 1018 this morning, and with donations from olher civic clubs brought the total raised so far to more than £SOO. Police Seeking Glues To Dairy King Robbery Greenville police had no leads Irelay in the Saturday n'sht $170 burp.lary of Ihe D.iiry King. 402 One north. the Soviet Union a million Ions a ton. 802 S. Beachamp. was year. ing rmrlh on Soulh Colorado Street The Cuban-Soviet pact led to near All Saints Circle. According the establishment of diplomatic to the report of Officer C. F.. relations between the two coun- wit)) carc , css and " rccklw ,' i cripc ' ( i'i o support vice prcsident'officc in rase any cluh loses thei Chief of Police W. C. Burnley . . . . - - : ' . . . . . . . . . . ... .. - . 1 I . l _ - J . l _ : _ : . l . . , . V . ~ V . . - _ driving and drunk driving. Richard N:xnn for the presidential:map with its nssip-.ed work area said this morning that the h'.irg. The third accident happened on. nomination and Sen. Barry Gold- marked on it. Williams her car r.truck four year .,« 5:30 p. m. lidential nomination. * "de-intccrate" the state !""r TM c lraic "S rcc , mcnl ,"' lh ° ld Josc P h PTM 1 Sc "' ck ' 32D ~'i A car driven by Andrew F. 1 . d de integrate _tnc state. | Rcd C W n a ... cx[xctcd (o (ol'^Sainls Circle when he ran into the iCoOTO , o ., Gm J ]|c Air j.- orcc : lary was iliscovcrcd around 9 S'in- !o;is response to this program,' the same course, makinp Cuba the sireet from beside a parked car. n, a ' 5c skidded w il M m«de (or the forthcoming activities: a fishing rodeo Aug. · j 6: !t« Cub C»miv«l, Sept. 17 and the Boy Scout Rally, Sept. "' MASONS MEET TUESDAY (Veer.ville Lodg« of Masons trill meet ' Scuetuy Wu'li* Moody wid today. first n a t i o n in tho Weslem Hemisphere to recognize the Peiping regime. ONE HORSF. QUIT Not Serious the South Theobald levee ramp'water (R-Arir) for Ihe vice prcs- "I am hnppy wilh tlw m.irvc- day morning hy an employee, · ' · ·- - ·- lL: - " Mrs. Catherine Tarnigan, as she was opening Ihe frozen cujiard stand for business. A bank bag containing SH5 and another one with SM were taken some 240 feet Idown (he levee travelling south Bonds Sold Orlansky said. "I j h a v e assurnl that will BO on." think you the parade .vas taken to General on Theobald, then his father. turned The First U. S. Corporation ol purchased K30.000 r drive will begin at neon each club selecting lal attendant said today _ _ _ ,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,«.^,, n , lu .r,*,TM. A~'^ m051 crnven;ent to 'Us through a window in the south that thejby Olficer E. R. Brown. Isiruction ol the Dillingham Mana-' m c m h c r s - a n c l "ITM!" end aboutlrdc ol the buili ing. ROMF. (AP)--Rome's independ-;rhild had not been scriwi ly h u r t . A passenger in Cappolo's car fracturing Co. plant in Inland a t j ^ P_ ni ." had given Ar-jent II Messaggero gave h a l i a n s this cxplanalion today of Ihe Hill Snell told the civic ]lenders it .should not lake more "I but was being kept in the hospi-;Jerry Castaldo, was hospitalized ^ M9 pf, c( , r ,| interest. tal for observation and x-rays, (in Ihe base infirmary ^crc TM\ The contract was approved this ' h p n a " hour J"TM ° Mf a t 'f c The lifth candidate. Rrocer-oil-ip'jblican Nalicnal Convention in At 6:25 p. m. Sunday, a car.ollir-ial said this morning lhat fcc iinor iiing at a nieeling r.f the niehl at 7'30 to'""" l!al r!:l!s,ip Jr. r^nnisnodjChic.iiyv It is likr: a two-horse'dr^.-i hy W. H. DobSs, IMS Bcll-arl rcccivtd minor injuries. He Boar( , n( Sllp » n ,i, nrs on bdnlf of. 1 ' master, and primarily on propped tax re' i-, \shich one of Ihe hnrsrs.evu?. Jacksnn. ran into the rear o f : w a s expected to be released to-' |hc f mrl h Snprrvisori District. | form. , decided not to leave the post."Ja car driven by Mrs. Mary Halllmor.ow. · _ mosi [or each club lo cover its I members be This was the first lime the business had been burglariicd. Chief Burnley said. There »rc no 4U»- pccls in the case yet, he added, M. B. B. Minton in?cslig«ttd, specific si reels in cach'asriilcd hy officers W. W, Con- Inclly and G. E. Kennedy,

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