The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 24, 1957 · Page 22
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 22

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 24, 1957
Page 22
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-22' THE INTER LAKE, Sunday, November 24, 1957 THE DAILY INTER LAKE COMICS-FEATURES BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPLE , OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS BLOND1E THIS IS TERRIBLE' OUR SWITCHBOARD GIRL DIDN'T SHOW UP TODAY RELAX, MR.DITHERS-- DONYGETSO UPSET- I KNOW HOW TO RUN THE SWITCHBOARD By Chic Young NO, I'M NOT CALLING THE JUMBO TERMITE COMPANY / NO, i DIDN'T PLACE A CALL TO THE QUEEN MARV ~ MR. DITHERS- VOU WOULDN'T ' HIT A HELPLESS PHONE GIRL, WOULD VOU ? STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff IF THE LACKED WOMAN TEIEDTD BLACKMAIL YOU, IT COULD BE A MOTIVE Foe wue- i I TOLD YOU SHE WAS HERE ASKING MONEY/ VOL' AWST KNOW My BY NOW .'SHE WAS ONCE A CELLMATE OP MINE.' ...X I'M A SITTING DJCK FOE ANY EAR BIGGEfe THAN A PARKING TICKET THAT BEEAfcS IN THIS V» EUBETOWN... YOULL HAVE TO CO AFTER THE WAY I TALKEC7 TO THOSE WHAT IF THEY WON'T? BETTEE. THAN THAT, COPPER.].. THE TWO 6IEIA NEXT POOR WERE HERE FECW THE TIME GOLDIE LEFTTHE HOUSE UNTIL f\y HUS- BANP CAME HOME YOU NEED, AAA'AM HP THE 61ELS rr BACK. UP VOUE STOEY/ . INPEX,YOU SAY YOJ KNSW QOLPIE LAfcUE.' -5HE WAS FOL'NP P6AD IN A UDCALMOTEL...Y2UENAME AND ADDRESS WEEE WEITTEN ON A SUP Of PAPEC IN HER PURSE... BUGS BUNNY THANKS PER STOPPIN'MVTIRE, ELMER..VA SAVED ME A LONG CHASE! TifcE SALE/ WHAT'S THF= IDEA? OH-- V YOU (SOT MY BOX I WCi ) (3LOVE5 OFF THE STAIRWAY AklP WAMT A1E TO V PUT-THEM WHERE THEY I BELONG.' 1 (3ET YOUR / SLY INSINUATION, -/ ALL RIGHT.' MO, YOJ DOKI'T OUITC GET THE MESSAGE.' THAT/HFiANS I'M GOING TO USE THEM OAJ VOU IF YOU POM'T CLEAR THE STUCkf-THAT ANTEATERS OF YOURS OUT TOO FAR VOL) KNOW ANV MORE LAW THArJ A ZOO GORILLA-- _^ I'M SOlM5 RI6HT T5OVJM MOW AMD SHOP AROUND FOR A X TMOUSHT YOU'D BE OUf? NOSE OUT BARS THE WATCHDO65 OF THE LAW MU£T 65 PEETTV DOPEY TO LT A CHARACTER OUT 0M SAIL/ STAIRWAY KOAPBLOCK OP ALL VOUE. OTHER CHRISTMAS SIFT COUSIN] WHV MOTHERS By V. T. Hamlin LIGHTS? THEV LOOK ALL RIGHT ^ TO ME. o FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VOU INVITED OA1SV To GOT A DINNER AT THE IVYINN?\^SPECIAL.' MAM / HEAP FOR THf MILLS WHILE VOU'RE STILL SOLVEMT/ ON THEIR MENU THAT^ IN MY By Merrill Blower VEAH,BUT vou KNOW DAISY- HER. PEEPERS, ONLY P/G / CAN H/6H- X HER./ SlPEOp THE MENU' NOW MEPE^ A DEAL-- GROUND SIRLOIN PATTY WITH FRENCH FRIES-- OKAY? * DR. JORDAN SAYS * Science Adds Guards To Body Arsenal BT EDWIN J - J O R D A N , ' B I . D . Written for NBA Service BY EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.-D. Written for NBA Service People often wonder why it is helpful. immunity or resistance as this Is a very complicated subject and long courses on medical schools. it are given in But everyone, is *5|' Astrological Forecast By Carroll Righter FOR SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24 r 1957 ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Vour visit to church of your 'faith has given you wonderful insight into most ideal fashion bv which to solve 1 ^, -- ~ _ ------- --- _._..., ----- ·" rnosi jaeai lasnion ov v.'nlcn 10 solve interested in why this bappens'your own problems wisely and those · °^ our friends. G · mi«h» inignt mat one person who is exposed lo an ini'ecUous or contagious disease catches it and another person apparently equally exposed Immunity and resistance--words which are used as meaning the same thing in this column -- are I of the two main kinds. One is - oes called natural immunity and the scot-free. If one assumes that two people were equally exposed, l.he reason for the safety of the one is-because that one had more resistance or i m m u n i t y than the one who became ill. is not easy to talk about your friends. Get busy on them quickly. There is no time to lose. TAURUS (April 20 lo Mav 20) chipper, ga.ver than has been the case for some time. Maintain this attitude, go to church, visit relatives, friends, and have a lot of fun. LIBRA (Sept. 23 io Oct. 22) If you devote all your time, etfort, strength, love, artistic sense (which is truly uncommon, though you don't Collar that mercurial associate ol know it) to the home interest, where immunity, immunity is the inborn ability to resist infection. For example,'human beings are susceptible to a disease called typhoid fever, whereas dogs are yours and go to the osophical lecture tba ^ bring about a perfect meeting ot minds between you, give you fine cooperative ideas for the future. GEMINI (May 21 lo June 21) Overwork has caused you to become EO tense and raw-nerved that todav it is best to get into the Silence, let God repair the damage, and give you inspired thoughts that will bring religious, phil- your heart really is, this will bs a t will qufcklv banner day lor you in that sphere. ___,.,.- . , , .- scOHPIO (OeJ. 23 to Nov. 21) That clever, remarkable mind of yours should today be given free rein in Tar greater spheres than you ordinarily travel about in. Go quickly to the places of stimulating intellect that will take you on the glory road. SAGITTARIUS ( Nov. 22 to Dee. 21) Forget all the extreme newfangled health and harmony with others you [things that ordinarily occupy your in' terest and thought. Get back to true and tried principles and conditions love, CANCER (June 22 Jo July 21) See that you get your mate out to the temple, church, parish with you and then, over a delightful meal at Two oE the Few examples of New Mexico's- Indian sculpture exis.t fiigh in.the Jeme;: Mountains west ol' Santa Fe. The famous "Crouching Lions ot" Coehiti," 'life-sized carvings in sloue' of mountain j · , ««I*J (.1 JtJI, \j v GL « LHJ llg li IJ.I.U LiJCll] dL immune; rats are immune 10 dipll-.some wayside inn, reach that under- fhpri-j anri npnnlo arc rmt Dn +ho'standing which transcends human un- tnena ana people are not. Un the dersta nding heretofore impossible be- other hand, human beings do notltween you. catch a great many infections which can attack lower animals -distemper, for example. Some groups of people are more resistant to certain disease than LEO (July 22 Jo Aug. 21) By unbending a little, seping the and today you are back on the road to security and health. Be generous. . (Dec. 22 to Jan. 201 Though it is Sunday, ride that budding career of yours with all your vigorous vitality. Seek the support of the nicest people you know, and you advance quickly without treading on the toes of anvone. AQUARIUS (Jen. 21 Jo Feb. 10) importance of being practical, you . . . . . _ _ . . . _ , can today reach that accord with fam- Put a soft pedal on your usual "al- ily ties you so desire. It is not neces-' truistic endeavors, for you' are per- lions, were made ;in - prehistoric · others are.. In .most city dwellers;! n? 1 ' rpahl f r tif 0 rtl" st; times as hunting fetishes, and are still 'visited by 'the Indians, -who leave offerings 'ot sacred -prayer meals beside them. · - - ..--." sary to lose your dignity, but this day get down to their level. FOR YOUR COPY of Carrol] Rightsr's individual - - - - - - · - - · se nd (no THE DAILY INTER LAKE ' , . ! ' . . " f · i W. B. : Sweetland. Editor and Publisher | Published dally -. (except Saturday) ·, and Sunday 'by Inter- Lake Publishing Company, ' 410 'First Avemfe West, - Kalispell. Montana. Entered as second class matter at Post Office, Kalispell. Montana. · - · · Member .of : the .Audit: Bureau of Circulations ^. Inter Lake, Box 1895 ral Sta.. N.Y. 37. N.Y. VIRGO (Aug. 22 Jo SepJ. 22) Grand measles is a mild disease. When, [stamps), to Carroll Righlrr_ Forecnst. however, measles is carried on islands or to primitive peoples who did not have much of it before, it can cause terrible epidemics with a high death rate. Natural immunity extends to in- forming them at own -great expense and loss of -health. Give advice only today, but be absolutely sure first it is -the best advice. PISCES (Feb. 20 Jo March 20) A good prl. though definitely not the glamourous t"pe, will today rriake you acquainted with a .very fine sp.i.rituaf advisor ' o r financier who a boost If you have been living astrological-1 will give your future such ,, ..,, ly right, you are today feeling much you will want to kiss him or h4r. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY " The wonderfully practical child born today will have the enviable capability of bringing all imaginative but fine plans down to a working possibility. And · '-Subscription Prices ^Carrier. Rates Daily fc Sunday, .one month $ 1.75 ·Daily *· Sunday.-one ..vear ,- 21.00 MAIL, RATES PAID IN ADVANCE, r Jn Montana -- where 'carrier service is not available -- 1 year 15.00, 6 mo. 8.00, 3 mo. 4.00, 1 mo 1.50. Mail service ·within canier area at carrier rates. ' only. Mail outside Montana, onu year! 21.00,' one month l/?5. ' while studies, deep studies into the philosophical assumptions of masters iri i the field will held great fascination, he or she will still follow own iiiclina- seem to be naturally more resistant lions. So be sure to give finest education possible to this most extraordinary t o certain diseases than others. progeny, · · - . - . . . . . Acquired immunity is the kind of resistance to disease which develops during'life. This in turn is to .smallpox unless their resistance has been built up. to that divided-into two varieties, the first, by vaccination. . Smallpox vaccina- called active acquired immunity. .Active acquired immunity can be built- up by having a disease and recovering, as · happens after measles. It can also occur by stimulating the body to build up a resistance by artificial means. This is done;by giving vaccines. arily. This is called-.passive ..acquired Immunity. I t ' c a n be done by injecting tkm produces an active acquired serum obtained from -another immunity. Of course, there- other diseases for which vaccines are available, but it is only necessary to mention this one to illustrate my point. are person .who has had the particular disease and recovered. It! may be done by using a serum or anti-' toxin from some' animal, such as I horse or sheep. Serums such as these have saved In some cases it is possible tojmany lives, .particularly in Such Almost^all people are susceptible i build up the resistance tempor- diseases as diphtheria. MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Cavalli 5AME OLD ROUTINE EVERY NIGHT; SUPPEA ATSIX..SAME OLD MEALS I GET 50 BORED. WHY PONY we VARY THE ROUTINE A UTUE SOMETIMES? HE**. hie. 7.M. R»g. U.S. NOTHING FOR ME. I'M UUST GOING TO SIT HERE AND PRACTICE KEEPING MY BIO MOUTH SHUT/ PRESCULA'S POP By A) Vermeer *·, I WAS LISTENING TO OUR /H RADIO.' WWERE'VE VOU BEEM, HOLLYHOCK FOR A SOLID' HOUR IT'S BEEN; NOTHING BUT, BACH, BACH, BACHI OURS DOES THAT, TOO. JUST BEFORE A THUNDERSTORM.' THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE wat,W)AT ABOUT rr? MDU'LL 1 v BE A51LENT rWTNEl?, THAfS ALU.. AND WEtlUOSTHAVETOORRVA . UMEOFCHlLDPEN'S'THlNeSJ y;/ x. r ~tXJW ADOPTEDAUHLE MATTEROraii?l%ETNB?- 1 K By Wilson Scruggs J THATLrrTLEKiJ UO-AMN-UE REMINDS \ DSOSTT SOUK CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner WO.' MR.WOUN.WE MUST FACE ONE FACT1 HE HAD NIN HOUK^TO WHW P0 yOU Y I WJfrT ASK A FEW Jt!H$TKM£. MEAN ? CLfWf \ MD THERE BEEN AXW QUARREL? WOUUDWT LefWEI COULD HE HMJE BEEN VOUUNTARILV! / E5TEP IN -ER-MWNE S-SE? HE HAP NO SERTAINUy NOT! WE .X 1 SEE. WELL, HERE VERY C105S I \CAK J 5TO.U IN } IE VIM- PEWfEP T0 I TH1 AREA,WE"LL ! FIND IT SOON LET VOU THEN THERESV 'GET SOME DI5TAMCE WWW BEFOEE- VJO WEWS OF- \ HE WA EEPOfcTEP CUNT VET? MO ON0 WHO'5 EUEM ^ 6EEW HI CAR? .EFT it WITHOUT ME1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin

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