The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 24, 1939 · Page 4
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 4

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1939
Page 4
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N. ar; MONDAY; JXJLVH' IMP ras DAiLt ying By Ham Fisher JOE PALOOKA SMOKE V-PROMISE YOUSE WON'T SAY A WORD--BUT I GOT HURT THIS AFTERNOON D-ooN'T GIMME RUB-DOWN JOE PALOOKA WILL BOX FREDDY PLANTON OF LOS ANGELES. GRACIOUS © McXtught Syndicate FOUR BLIND DATES ·By Edwin Rutt Chapter SI Root Of The Matter I IS voice, floating out on the night breeze, came Irst to the ears of Matherton, the butler. Matherton took action. With stately tread he walked to the living- room and desired speech with Tacks. "Beggin* your pardon, sir," The Daily Messenger CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING lAttS AND REGULATIONS TELEPHONE 897 -- Classified ,«to an accepted over the telephone and the cash rate ii allowed providing bill Is paid within 10 days to date of bill. CLOSING HOUR--Copy received up to 10:00 A. M., will be pub* Uabed the same day. ERRORS must be corrected by first day as the Publishers will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. RATBB--Per Ijne per day: 1 day 12* cash, 24* charge. 3 days, 10* cash, 20* charge. 6 days, 8* cash, 10* charge. SO day contract 6*. copy may be changed weekly. »«i Adwttaement, Grant five average word* to the* line; words containing more than, 0 letters, count as two words. The cash rate applies U grid within ten days from date ofWll CLASSIFICATION INDEX Individual classified advertisements are arranged under the following sub-headings and classifications: ANNOUNCEMENTS-1--Special Notice X--Lost aid Found 3--Personal 4--Professional Service 5--Wanted to Buy 6--Foods 6A--Swaps EMPLOYMENT-7--Female Help 7A--Help Wanted 8--Male Help 9--Agents Wanted It-Situations Wanted AtJTOMOTIVE-- 12--Mechanical Repair IS--Accessories and Tires BUSINESS SERVICE-14--Beauty Shops ~- 15--Contractors .' ic_MtoeeUaneoiis Service ~ 17--Repair Service · HA--Painters - carpenters FARM SERVICE- 18--farm Machinery It--Livestock ~»-Pet Animals M--Eggs and Poultry 2t--Plants and Seeds 23--Farm Supplies 23A--Farm Products MERCHANDISE-24--Articles For Sale MA--Typewriters MB--Boats and Supplies Zfr-Household Goods H--Coal and Wood MA--Fuel Oils 27--Machinery For Sale 2fr-Mvkal Merchandise 2»--Radio Sales it Service RENTALS-3*--Apartments For Rent 31--Bearding Houses 38--Famished Rooms 33--Hotels and Restaurants 3*-Housekeeping Room* 35--Houses For Rent 3R--Miscellaneous For Rent 37--Resorts and Cottages 38--Wanted U Rent 38A--Auction Sales If--St«m For Rent REAL ESTATE-H PojilniM Opportunities 41*4taBifBe9s Property 42--Farms and Land 43--Houses For Sate 44-Lou For Sate 45--Moo*y to Loan 4C--Wanted, Real Estate 47--Real Estate Exchange M-Legal Notices tt-FtaalMial ^ANNOUNCEMENTS Special Notice ANNOUNCEMENTS Wanted to Buy WILL PAY cash for all kinds of used furniture. Tel 77-W, 687 or 620. 46-31(1 ATTENTION MB. FARMER! WANTED - 5 cars of good alfalfa or clover, also 2 cars wheat straw. Phone 137 or 538. W. S. Buck, 18 Niagara St. 31-61tf WANTED - Pigs and shoats. Tel. 134. X24-73 BUYING wheat, rye, beans. J. W. Walker, Phone 292. 23-60tf Antiques Wanted-Carriage, lamps, bric-brac, all old antiques D--3. 23-50fcf EMPLOYMENT Female Help WANTED - General houseworker, with knowledge of cooking 2 in family. Call 1052-W, Cdga. xlB-72 CHRISTMAS CARDS - Sell 50 assorted folders, name imprinted, $1. Cost you 50c. Samples free. Dunbar, New Brunswick, N. J. 32-11 WANTED - Girl for general housework, home nights. 452-M. 105 Gibson St. 28-71 MOTHE R Maybe you feel like a mother to that old couch at home, but you can easily find another home for it with a Daily Messenger Want Ad. A Want Ad will find a ready buyer with cash for anything you don't want. And very quickly, too! · Phone 897! Ask for an Ad-Taker! AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale 11 CAPABLE Protestant woman to care for semi-invalid, woman. Phone 105-R for particulars. 23-72 CHRISTMAS CARDS - Extra money easy selling friends unusual assortment. Many photographic reproductions. 50 for $1 personals. Stationery. 11 other assortments. Experience unnecessary. Request approval samples. Terry Studios, 224 Westfield, Mass. 31-71 Male Help 8 YOUR OWN local shoe business. Fiee outfit starts you. Earn bonus shoes. 200 styles. Big advance commissions. Experience unnecessary. Tanners Shoes, 2320, Boston, Mass. MANAGER WANTED for Ontario and Monroe counties. Lifetime opportunity to secure highly profitable franchise for one of the fastest growing businesses in America. A vast number of the largest concerns, states and municipalities already doing business with us. 12 leading magazines and many large newspapers have given us favor- 1937 DODGE sedan 1936 DODGE coupe 1938 DODGE coupe 1938 HUDSON 6 sedan 1938 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 PLYMQfliTH sedan 1937 DODGE ^JOUpe 1937 FORD deluxe sedan 1937 CHEVROLET 2 dr. tr. sdn. 1936 HUDSON coupe 1935 PLYMOUTH deluxe sedan 1935 FORD 1-2 ton pick-up 1935 GRAHAM sedan 1934 DODGE coupe 40 OTHER USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM AT $25 and up. A. W. WHITE 25 Ontario S«- Phone 138 1937 CHRYSLER 4-dr. trg. sedan 1936 CHRYSLER 4-dr, trg. sedan 1936 CHEVROLET town sedan 1935 CHEVROLET sedan 1935 OLDSMOBILE sedan 1937 PLYMOUTH deluxe sedan 1935 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 1934 PLYMOUTH coach 1936 TERRAPLANE coach 1936 FORD 4-dr. trg. sedan 1936 FORD tudor trg. sedan 1935 PONTIAC sedan 1934 PQMEEIML8 cvL sedan 1932 DOTMWWwn trk, stake 1932 CHEVROLET 1 1-2 ton truck JJ(^Y\ J5LICIIJC1.O lit* V C g * » t * A fc*»7 *** * *·'* I A*/W** %^*.*fcJ » *IT%^JI*«I.» J*. ·* --. -- w---- able comment. So have hundreds j GEORGE D. McGURK, Shortsville* of officials. Business protected by patents. Should show splendid immediate income and fast increase.. Your own bank our reference. Only |275 working capital and refer- ^aflpa-Jirarr*nting credit required. Write fully for interview in Syracuse. D-l, Messenger office. Situations Wanted 10 WANTED - Threshing, prices reasonable. Earl Hack, Cheshire. 95-72 GOOD BUYING and selling hints will be found daily throughout the classified columns. 1937 PONTDfi*'lffcr'ttr. trg. sedan RIGNEY^ -KETHAWAY 327 So. Main St. Phone 148._39-71 BUSINESSTsERVIClT Repair Service 17 FARM SERVICE Livestock 19 SOW with litter of 9 pigs. Lewis Gillett, 1 mi. east Chapin. X18-72 HAMPSHIRE RAM LAMBS- Reg. pure bred; singly or in lots. T. J. Hargrave. Phone 1097-M. 21-72 FOR SALE - Good family Guernsey cow, 5 yrs. Hardy Rossier, Bristol Road. X24-72 MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale 24 LAUNDRY OUTFIT - Complete, $49.50; Speed Queen Electric Washer, 1 years' supply of soap, ironing board, electric iron and in and see this exceptional buy. PECK HARDWARE CO., 120 SO. MAIN ST. 37-73 the City of CanuiidiilKUii, County of Oiiliiriu, X. Y.. oil tUe IM day vl AutfUht, ]!«» sit 10:W o'clock A. M.. tlie prelnisw clescl'ilK'il in s:ii«l .liKJa- inent. as follows. \\7. : ALL THAT TUACT OK 1'AJICBL OF JLAN1). in tlie Town of ('unanil.iijciia, I'oiint} of Onttiriu, and State of New York, being a farm uuncil by Italpii llotch- kis.s and w i f e on the west side uf the Middle Cheshire Hoad about one mile south of the City of Canaiidnigu.i, PHONE 818 for auto or home radio service. Bradburn Bros. 38-75 LEHIGH CEMENT - Beacon feeds. J. W. Walker. 63-54U WEDDING RINGS that will please the intended and you too. A. W. Gilbert, 71 So. Main. 12-71 GENERAL ELECTRIC refrigerators, $69.50 up. Bradburn Bros. 38-710S less; which d_*^^^A** J V W** jrv,* ·*- -- --J -- , Matherton said, "but there's an 'orrible 'owling goin' on h'outside in the grounds." Tacks looked at him, surprised. "How's that? Howling?" "Precisely, sir," said Matherton. "From somewhere within the premises there is h'issuin' a kind an' trumpetin' as the dead, that it ol bellowin' would wake would, sir." "But who," said Tacks, mystified, "is doing it?" Matherton gazed at the ceiling. He never liked,to commit himself definitely. But the authorship of some of the rich and racy expressions that were now ringing through the confines of Saltair Acres could be ascribed to but one victory with the whistle at the timekeeper's lips. It completely unmanned him. He dropped his pursuit of Mrs. Dipsang and sank weakly into a chair. "Woman," he said reproachfully, "that was an unworthy act." Mrs. Dipsang, panting but victorious, resumed her seat. "If you'd behaved like I told you to," she said, "I wouldn't have done it." Disappointment and chagrin moved the Chiseler to dip into his store of quotation. "You," he said, pointing an accusing finger at her, "have robbed me of that which not enriches you and makes me poor, indeed." "How's that?" said iiLs. Dip- sang. "Poor? Well, don't you worry. I"- -she smirked slightly-"I have enough lor us both. I--I've alwayibgen a saving woman." The Chiseler almost jumped out of his gala underpants. .... promises are inure pur- ; tlculurly doM-ribi'd in a certain rnort- i jrajro ftlven by Bernard II. LmiMiiK I and wife to the Federal Land Bank of Sprinirtlcld. and recorded in tlie OntuiHu C o u n t y llcikS Office in Lilier , 218 of MortK:mes :;r pasje :!00 to which ; reference is hpi - "ly had for a m o l e specific description. Dated at the I'ity of Can.ilidaiitna, N. i Y., this J7Lli day of .Tune. !!«!. | FJtEDKlMC T. I1KXR1'. ' Jtcfi-iuc. WICKES AND AVICKKS, I'laiutiff's Attorney, 47 S. Pitzliujjrh St., llochester, X. Y. more or i individual BINDER TWINE, $3.20 a bale. We sell hay rope. Get our price. The Mather Seed Store. 80-56tf BALED HAY TIES - Binder twine. J W. Walker. G3-54ti WINDOW GLASS - Putty and expert glazing. Coy St. Hdwe. Own evenings. 34-72 BUY OUR clear cedar screen stock when you want to make screens. Priced low. Davidson's, 64 West Ave. 30-71tf Eggs and Poultry 21 PAYING my regular customers 22c- 24c doz. for eggs. Witter, 169 Mill St. 25-71 Farm Products 23A FOR SALE OR ON SHARES - 10 acres mixed hay. "Pour Winds Farm." W. H. Knapp. GLENWOOD and GRAND ranges, $59.95 up. Installed. Bradburn Bros. 38-71os 24A Typewriters ROYAL, CORONA and Remington portables, as low as $3 a month. HUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 26-71 I , Household Goods 25 FARM SERVICE ELECTRIC FENCE, 110 or 6 volt. $8.50, guaranteed. Stanley Wooden x24-75 COMBINING, reasonable, oats, barley, alfalfa, beans, timothy. Wes Collins. Cheshire. X24-76 MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale RADIO PROGRAMS FOR SALE - Enclosed oil heater with cooking top and used furniture also. 59 Jefferson Ave. xlO-71 UPHOLSTERED chairs, settees, dressers, wash stands, lounges, etc. Carter, 24 Coy St. 85-66tf DRESSERS, beds, stoves, etc. EMERSON, 16 Coy St. Phone 438- R. 36-71tf FOR SALE - Norman gas range, table top, good condition. Francis Darling. Tel. 1093-J. Chapin, N. Y. 8-71 EASY. ABC and MAYTAG wash- OIL STOVE, kitchen cabinets, Con- in T\~ *.«. T^.-i*«*v%e* ^5**O /4^Ml!"n*C »«!.-.·**·« *·****·»-. Ivfw4e TTl i M (TTV1Q T^ ers. S49.95 up. Terms. Bradburn's. 39-710S FOR SALE - 9x12, 17 oz. filled, wall tent. S15. Fish and Brewer, Inc. Phone 104. 15 Bristol St. 17-72 WASHERS and CLEANERS repaired. All makes. Bradburn Bros. 38-7105 ROOF REPAIRS and new roofing is our specialty, consequently we can do it better at lower cost. Pontius. Phone 505-W or 195-M, BICYCLES, $23.95 up. Bradburns. 38-75 FOR SALE - Small size, two wheel girl's bicycle. Call at 63 Granger St. " 20-72 SINGLE and extension ladders, a few odd extensions at bargain prices. Davidson's. Phone 69. 30-71tf goleum rugs, twin beds. Klingman, 29 Bristol St. Phone 687 39-62tf Radio Sales Service 29 FOR SALE - Cabinet radio in per- I feet condition. Cheap. Mather Seed Store. 35-73 NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS'S'rfffiC' by Oscar Hitt EXPERT repairing on ftp coats; also dressmaking. 25 Gorharo St. comer of Court St. GLAD BLOOMS, Sweet corn, home taking. Mrs. Strachan. Gorham. TW. 15-Y-ll. X4-70 HAVE YOU lost or broken your glasses? If so, a new pair can be found at Gilbert's that will please you. 71 So. Main St. 32-71 i WASHINGS WANTED - CaU 1 : fltd delivpnrd. Phonf M1-A. M r Robt. Baitioi, Holcomb. 86-71 SOfOMIZING, 13,50; washing. 75c. Badger, Sinclair Station. 22-S3 SALE - Sand, gravel, tinders; Phone 4« James ViUkme. TMMOOOHLY sprayed soar cher- Ic Ib. Pick vour OTH, Mc- W«ltar« Hill. XM-71 SNAP OF THE OLD STATE HOUSE .'THINK OF ALL THE HIST'Ry AND ROMANCE THAT TOOK PLACE RIGHT WHERE WE'RE STANDING/ ISN'T IT WONDERFUL ? OUR CAMERA TftAJPStN OVtR BRAND NEW STROMBERG- CARLSON 1938 radios. 1-2 price, regular $99.30. will sell for $49.75. Pav $1 a week. HUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 26-71 1940 EMERSON and RCA-Victor radios, $7.95 up. Bradburn Bros. 38-710S RENTALS Apartments For Rent 30 ATTRACTIVE 5 rm. heated apt Unfur. 28 Greig Terrace. 42-75 3 RM-, heated, fur. apt., reasonable rent, near P. O. Phone 27. 9-69tf 3 RM., apt., fur. pri. bath. pri. entrance, heat, hot water, newly decorated. 64 Bristol St. 27-95 FOR RENT - Hcat«d. fur. apt., kitchenette, prix-ate bath, excellent condition, best ol locations, lane for school teacher or lady with permanent position. Ira B. Gage. Real Estate, 120 West Gibson. X24-71 "Well," Matherton said judicially, "h'in my h'opinion, sir, h'it could be the Master." Tacks got the attention of his contemporaries in the living-room. "Hey!" he said. "Some of you come with me. There's monkey business afoot." The occupants of the living- room rallied to the call nobly. Everybody wanted to go. Tacks seized three flashlights from the | hall table and led his band out into i the night. As they filed out into the shad- · ows they were met by a gust of I wind and a greater gust of profanity. Using Richard Crafton- bury's efforts as a sort of verbal I beacon, they converged upon the I smokehouse. On its threshold · Tacks halted the company. He and (Time Is Eastern Standard) Matherton went inside. NEW YORK «p-Eight programs i Richard Craftonbury sat propped - - - - - · against the wall, spent by his exertions. He glowered fiercely into the beams of the flashlights. "Ha!" he said, with savagery, "Good Grief, Uncle Dick!" exclaimed Tacks. "What on earth has happened?" "Happened?" barkeu Kichard Craftonbury. "How the hell do I know what's happened? Cut me loose, you damned idiot. 1 ' Tacks produced a pen-knife. A moment later Richard Crafton- bury bristled forth from the smokehouse. "Ha!" he snapped, surveying the assemblage with smouldering eye. "What's all this?" "Matherton heard you shouting," Tacks explained. "So we all came out." He paused in astonishment "Goodnight, who beaned you?" Richard Craftonbury put a hand to his head. He then discovered that he was the owner of a lump the size of a hen's egg. The knowledge caused him to execute a dance of pure wrath. will be presented by the University of Chicago, collaborating with the CBS studios in New York, in the weekly summer series starling on the network at 7 o'clock Tuesday r.ight. They're listed as "Human Adventures." * Described as an "ambitious nighttime educational series," the broadcasts will be based on scientific research in colleges and universities all over the country and be presented in drama form. Each hour-long program will have Announcer Frank Gallop as narrator, a large cast of actors and Howard Barlow's orchestra. Among the items picked for the opener; how wilting 'carnations led to the discovery of a new anaesthetic: the history of war; how grade crossing accidents have been les-i sened; the story of 11 black rats and their contribution to science. Short wave reception forecast for the new \veek: 'Fair to fairly good signals from lated. 'Whatdo-you mean?" he ejacu- "I mean," said Mrs. Dipsang pfr tentously. "that Fate has decr| that we--er--that events shall a certain course." The Chiseler's quick mind "Fair to tairiy C ooa signais irom - ,,V^ t " he roared addressing the overseas are tc be expected throu S h- ^^n^iMieay.TM cut the week." Listening tonight: WEAF-XBC--NEW YORK 7:00--Al Pearce 7:30--Margaret Speak.=. soprano 8:00--Doctor I. Q. Quiz 8:30--Horace Heidfs Knights 9:00--Contented Cor.ce:t WABC-CBS--NEW YORK C:3C--Blondie and Dagwcod 'west repeat 9:30) 7:30--Howard and Shelton 8:00--Man About Hollywood 8:30--Guy Lombardo 9:00--Postponed scries. This Radio WJZ-NBC--NEW YORK 6:00--Orphans of Divorce 7:00--Order of Adventurers 7:30--Radio's Magic Key S:30--Radio Forum, Sen. Jos. O'Mahoney on "Progress Made by Monopoly Committee" 9:00--True or False company at large. "Who struck me?" No one eLimed the honor. Richard Craftonbury glared at the group and went off on another tack. "Where's that young woman I came out jvith?" he demanded. "Gee." said Tacks, "we don't know. You ought to." Mr. Adams wheeled on him. "Me? How should I know, you damn fool. I went down the steps with her and some blackguard struck me from behind." "You don't even know who tied Is C. 3 RM, heat/ed apt., reasonable rent near P. O. Phone 27. S-69tf Furnished Rooms 32 1 /'RGF:. ·»··!] iur Iron! roori. r»'i' tral. Phone 492-M. 44-85 Houses For Rent 35 1-2 DOUBLE, modern. John Schocn, 94 Adelaide Ave. Tel. 896-M. 59-64U r large ejgs. 2Sc doz. LWg* j. 23c. Direct from farm- WlUer, 169 Mill St. 25-71 THREE FILMS AND TWO CORN PLASTERS LATER THE OLD BOY FLATLY REFUSED TO BUDOr£ ANOTHER STEP. HE SAID IF THEY HADN'T SEEN. ALL OF BOSTON rr WAS ONUV BECAUSE IT HAWT BEEN FINISHED verf 1-2 DBLE., oor. Pean and Trfyca Inq W. Kiw, 60 E. Lake Bd. xlS-72 LEGAL NOTICES 'I hi l~"l \TI. Ol v»;« 1ORK «M VI \ HI K1 or i] Kan). '.1 U i II- 1.1. -. 1' Ill Mill Hit iv rrnsr 11.'- 171 J, l SI'IT'll «"l'-Tk - offi . -a ill «'·! Hit- What to expect Tuesday: WEAF-NBC--NEW YORK 12:45--Women's Clubs Program 2:30--Pepper Young 5:00--Baptist World Alliance CBS-Chain 1 : 30--Your Family and Mine 4:00--Exploring Music 5-45--Judith Arlen's Songs WJZ-NBC--NEW YORK 11:30--Farm and Home Hour 2:00--U. S. Army Band 4:30--Affairs of Anthony Sonic Tuesday short waves: DJD Berlin 6:45 Variety Concert: 2RO Rome 7:3') Tuesday Symphonies: PCJ Eindhoven 8:45 Propram for? L. S.: GSI GSD GSB London 10:15 Dutch AccordJo Diiet. TUESDAY WHAM--ROCHESTER (Timr I* la*H«M Savins) 6:30--Morning After 7.00 -News Rcporl'pr 7:15--Tome Tunes 7-30--Farm Bulletin 7:45--Kindly Thought * 8 00--Pel? and JOP 8:15--Vocal Vogues. NBC f-30--Swing Srrrnadr, NBC 8-45 -Towf-r dork fl Of) Va^ Family H IT Women Onlv 3 30-_Yoiiru; Dr. Malow 9-45-1 Love A MysU-ry I D 00-The Man 1 Marnrd. NBC ID 15--Josh Higfiins. NBC 10:30- Tom Grior*on--Organ 11 -00- -Mary MarJin, NBC 31 15 Vif and Sade, NBC 11-30-Pfpptr Young's Familv, NBC ,-,, ,,, 11 45-Meet Mass Julia '" '·',"' ! J2-CX)--Hil of tlw Day 12.05--News Reportpr 12-15--To be announced 12:50--Farm and Home Hour, NBC 1:30-Al Sigl you up?" pursued Tacks. "I'm telling you I don't," thundered Richard Craftonbury. "But. dammit, I'll find out" He gazed sweepingly over his minions and perceived that there was an absentee. "Why isn't Dipsang here?" he inquired challengingly. There were no opinions a~ to this. Richard Craftonbu/y fumed. "Bah!" he said. "Nobody knows anything. A parcel of fools." He arranged himself at the head of the company. "Well come on. I'm going to ferret thL out" ' Completely Unnuancd ·T^HEY proceeded back to the 1 house. Arriving in the hall, Richard Craftonbury delivered an edict "I'm going up to see Jipsang, he announced. He started up the stairs, then wheeled suddenly upon his followers. "Well, dammit," he growled "you don't aJ3 h^ve to come. What do you think tfsis is. the Easter parade?" His fiery eyes darted selectively over his cohorts. "You, Matherton. I'll want you. And you Jonathan, you'd belter come. And' --he pointed suddenly at Packy of whose charms he had become sensible even while fuming outside Ihc smokehouse--"you come too As for the rest of you, go and play cards or something." The elect stood forth. The dis carded canaille faded back lo th living-room. Richard Craftonbury j,ivcpl his arm in a charge-Chester charge ·j.wcmcnL They asccndet the stairs. Mr. Ch^cler Jennings walchcd jr f-i^Juated horror as his troaser. floated out into the night. It wa a stunning finishing blow, like auick forward pass that snatches 5 -45--NBC Dance Band, NBC 2:00--Brtlv and Bob. NBC 2 15-Arnold Grimm's Daughter, NEC 2:30-Valwnt Lady. NBC 2.45--Hymns of All Churches NBC 3:fM -U. S Marine Band. NBC 3:30--Song and Dance, NBC 4-00--C3ub Matinee. NBC 4-45_"Midstrram." NBC 5-00--Rhythm Romance, NBC *.**v «w*«**r»**»** w v| %*AW4k. *«****·« grasped her meaning. For a moment he stared at her unbelievingly. So this middle-aged loony had fallen a victim to his masculine charms, eh? Well, that was a hot one. Still, there was one advantage in it But for the fact that she was attracted to him, she would unquestionably have aroused the house. And while he deplored the delay that had prevented him from ransacking the place, he thought it just possible that he might yet escape to join his confederates below. He was certain that by now the deed had been done. In all probability Coletti was standing guard over young Harkness in the smokehouse, wondering what to do next. If only he had instructed Coletti to put Harkness in the car and hurry back to the city! But how could he possibly have foreseen the events that had led to his imprisonment by a woman who, he felt certain, was off her trolley? Only Too Clear out of this he must. But how? And, spur his intellect s he would, the answer to the uestion evaded him. For many minutes he racked the noted Jen- tiings cerebellum. Then, all of a udden, he started bolt upright. "My heavens!" he exclaimed. ·What was that?" F r o m somewhere o u t in the night a stentorian s h o u t had oimded. It was immediately suc- eeded by another and still anoth r J er until a kind of erratic syni t ohony, notable for volume if not | or sweetness, was pouring in at itrs. Dipsang's window. The Chis- iler, hand behind his ear, made jut the word "help" repeated often and with a mandatory twist on it And to his agile mind it was only oo clear what had happened. In ome stupid manner, no doubt, Co- etti had fumbled the ball. That roice would be the voice of Van larkness, soliciting help. A wave of disappointment swept over the Chiseler. He felt like a financier who. crouched over an adverse icker, watches his fortune roll irretrievably away from him. "We must investigate this," he cried, springing to his feet. "Someone is in distress." Mrs. Dipsang remained calmly n her chair. "There are enough of them downstairs to investigate it," she jointed out. "No, no," said the Chiseler, agitatedly. "I must be present. My poor Lydia may be involved." "You'd better sit down again, said Mrs. Dipsang. "A fine figure you'd cut running around down there without your p a n t s . Sit down." The Chiseler obeyed with bad e.race. He had but one hope now. That was that the hue and cry, which w o u l d go up presently, would not extend to Mrs. Dip- sang's apartment. Minutes passed. There was a commotion below. The Chiseler sat on the edge of his chair, fuming impotently. A lull supplantgr . the commotion. Then, after s e e m e d an interminable time, I sounds issued from the lower section of the house. He heard an irritated voice raised in expostulation. Next footsteps, which to th« Chiseler's guilt cars seemed to indicate the approach of nothing short of a regiment of marines, Bunded in the hallway outside Mrs. Dipsang's door. For one *Hd moment the Chiseler toyed with the idea of flight Immediately, however, he discarded it Flight would seal hu cuilt b e y o n d question and he doubted if he could have escaped, anyway. For another equally wild moment he entertained the notion of sliding eel-like under the bed or diving into a closet But his great brain ruled against these measures as impractical. Nothing, it told him, smacks of sin mow than a gentleman surprised sojourning beneath a bed or lyin concealed in a closet No, he woul brazen this thing out. His original story was perfectly sound, in vie* of Mrs. Dipsang's undeniable craziness and the fact that he count on the quick mind ol ing uld nalfl iewfl K1, Dorothy South lo back him up instantly. But then, like manna froir the skies, a brilSiant, if dangerous inspiration came lo him. 5:30--Lcrs Waltz 5:45--Social Chronic'c 6-00--News 6:15--Your Family Mine 6-30--'Bill Rogers--sporu 6:45--LOTWU Thomas. NEC 7 M--Easv Aw. NBC 7:15--Mr. Ke»n. NBC 7-30--Tomorrows Headlines 7-45--Rav Kirmr-y Orch. 8:00-"Thc Inside Story," NBC

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