The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 24, 1960 · Page 18
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 18

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 24, 1960
Page 18
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Delta Democrst-Ttmet 18 Sunday, July 24, '60 Want To Buy Or Sell A Home.'' Use The MLS--See Members Advertisements Below! Classified Begins on page 17 R B o a t s , Mo}or« .· X I!" toll and IS H.P. «ol«, 'S5 ?vd.l. both lo, JJOO.OO.. O, -1 Mpoioury. Call EP JO. Pets, Poultry ft Livestock FOR SAU. REGISTEfifD DoxhiSvod e«ki aid. Ph. ED ?-77i°. 17. F«rm Equip meat NOTICE FARMERS! ! Irrigation well drilling rig, complete, for sale. SAM A. CAROLLO Ph. SS, Leland, Miss. BEGISIEKED CHIHUAHUA hr 3 Ib*. Fomocrt Cr* Ph. EO 4.49S4. TOP QUAUIY Ocmon Shtohltd Puncttl. nuu III to oop:icrol*, 335.00 loch, otlo xiv» ? CocLvrt lilt 0 40.03 «ach. 741 lilltncn 0.. EO g-COSo. J2. SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEMS FOR SALE O,-.. »mo'l SYII«" ""I hcndli « acr "· SXX S^ll.T, will hand!. JOO Kill. THE 61 SHOP Kixt ta Hollotietalj S«d a-«J Su»p!» Co Farm Equipment ·0« SMf, 1957 JOHN D!EM No. 1 Colon Plcler. oood coodilkxi. C. 0. Walker, ph. EO 3.595Q GieenvHIe. Stud Sirvlc«, cl El Moiroco. CASH FOR VOUR USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES RAILROAD SALVAGE FURNITURE CO. 739 Wash. Ph. ED 7-2718 Household Good] Corof Rct» B/R Sulti, Book-eat* Eld, Flim-o-prdl: nvitlrill, trlp'a dreiilf 4 drawn ch^tll. Alia UK Sultl. il BocKtn, malchtna Sofa %vllh dark bK* mltal^ covirlng. Call Croctl, CD 4Ut\. 3 ROOMS FURNITURE ALL, NEW 13 PIECES tola bed rrxjlchlr.a chair 2--elop rablei I--code* lobl* 2--lairji foubli :heit $299.95 Household Goodt Furnished Ap»rtrnMU , ; . out. 3 itwnl i bolli. Ullliltn pold. 145 mo. Ph. tD 2-3IM. UkN. APT, oold. 511 S. 534 N. POPtA? (urn. OPT. 3 room!- «nd bolh. SS-50 *nk. fhorn ED 2-W67. 13. Plaoos, Radios, TcIrriiioB 722 VALIIANT ST. 3 B«lnc« Fumlihid Apanrr.ini. fh, ED 4-1791. · PIANO FOR SALE Bargain in lovely Spinet and small Upright Piano. Terms available. Can be seen in Greenville. Write Allen L. Silk, P. 0. Box 947, Monroe, Louisiana. M. Building Materials Homes For Rent VXtlH 2 tit wlum. how.. $75. 101? Highway t Sou*. Flu ED 2.1743. J rocynl cx%d both. Utllllll Horviy. Ph. [0 2-8383. H. POPIA5. 2 room futn. upilaln iM. SIO wi«V. Ph [P 1-nHT: ' Room Fvrn API. Llghti, gai, waler * n« o* phone. H8 mo, ED 228 W. STA81ING, 3 B/R IMum Hovll, ott.'c Ian, caipon ifOfogi. Ph. ED 6642 or ED 2-72aB. For Kim M tllandi fvxn. aoti. Nlwly dirotared. Hi. 40 of Io4. COON1H HOMES »35-$75, lown (Mrv HotlyVnowe Plontoiroi NFAVl* DICO!ATED 3 R«m Wal« poW Ph. ED 2-H63. B/I fwn!thld apo/lmnl 160 no. Call EO 2-5932. 114 MANILA. 5 8(8 IMu'n Houii. N3i Coriti Sinn ood Catholic School. S75. Cal Mri. Oxirlil A^«il«old, ED 2-4546. RFA^ SO. MAIN, M«wly dlcwottd OPT. Ca^ 215 collicl, Indlanbl AIR CONDITIONED i Room rVn Att. Private bain. ·ruiorxe, Garoce. T.V. Cable. 6U Arnold. Ph. ED 4-W44. . L U M B E R j $75. up Hardwood $45. up Chatham, Miss. Ph. ED 2-8568 Timbers, Boat Lumber, Flooring, etc. Special Orders Cut E. G. NELSON Chatham. M'tl. Ph. EP 2-S56 CASH AN'D CARRY BUILDING MATERIALS Shtit Rotli. limber. Pa^nt, Hoofing. Icxw* «i) pfttei. R«Tixx;el!rvg, ttrtfom hullr Plan le.-vita, fte» ullnwiei. end Lo:i for loll en laV.» Fargu* PARKINSON LUMBER : COMPAN\ r ID -1.4573 ot ED ^-3721 702 Me 112 S. Farmers Market S Produce WATER MELONS WATER MELONS I--booteaii b«d I--lr\nir ipilnq mattm* T--lei IDrlnoi PC. throrr--* dlnen* wt Wholesale and Retail. One or ono thousand. Bryan Wilson P*om ED 2-1343 Hwy. 1 South, 1 mile South of Wayside. ED 2-0778. FIRST OF ALL PICK THE BEST LOCATION! . The preferred AUENtlOU w cam ol voc-f children In my horr whin lady. ID 3-1641. TERRACE GARDENS TO DIAL SPRINGTIME ANYTIME Died ED 2-0513 KREMSER'S value controlled community. GARDENS ADDITION . . . All brick homes located just south of Em Boyd school off Colorado. S 4 bedrooms, V PECAN PARK II SHOP AT THE SIGN baths, model home located directly across from Fulwiler School. Homes with all the PECAN PARK features you desire. Priced to sell. Call us TODAY before the best locations are snapped up. LET'S TRADE HOMES ODE REALTY CO. MOVING Call ED 2-2685 DON EWBANK Building Materials Building Materials Moving Storage Service Directory namel. Guaranteed. $39.50 TOM'S BODY SHOP £ Wn!tlnU XI Ph. ED ce!y FvmliVed 4-toom apartment, prl- I* enhance, ba'h t, oclage, waihing machine TV corn. Couple only. 411 5 ooaVnf. Pr-cvw EO 4-4347. J. L. McCLENDON 137 5, Harvtr -- RSor\» JD 2-B1M aiUJISlHEO APT. 136 S. Broodwa.* ----.- $3S-tK 727 S. 8road»-oy 1----. J45.O orxf A ( f«i [2 WJt. Ga» wol.) $«.00 Wolihall X27.00 905 tfxt-n 1 B/R t H'cit-a-Btd ,, $65.OC JiJ I? B/RJ J65.00 t fvrn, bout I, woiir 8. TV eob!» XM Intl. EO 2-7151. tH Unlum KOUII. Comer Arnold t»V. 82. S50 mo. Fh. [0 2-0040. 12 OMjroHNIA 3 B/R unlu.-n. houle. TV rWe furr.. alllc (an, teparo!* aarace. i. ED 5-8J3C aim 5 p.nv I B/S Unlum Houie, near Cm Boyd School. Cinlrol Keof, »0 wiring, fenced back VO'd. $80 pir cncnlh. Ph. EO 2-1129 oiler 6 p. AVAILABLE ADO III. 3 Bedroom Un- ltKtd Houtl. -417 I. Eurila. Ph. ED 2-2634. 3 B/R Fum BilcV rlorn*. 2 full Tilt balhi, arg* llvlrq Zoom, itpara!* Dlnnlg Room. glolied-In Din. large KlrcKen. Wa'l Ic woll caipil Ihroogr^ocl, 2 car garcce. T. V. CoV*. thcdi Treei. Call ID 5-1864 loi oppo'nlrr-enl la lei. 7 Bl~l 135 t Spoiling . GoldTng Acrii 3 B/R, 2 Baft 22* Orlando 3 B/B 979 l«o:cn 7 B/R 333 S SMIVy $65.OC $65 OC J 40.00 N. Colorado » I/R 1712 lei Lent 3 B/R . Rhodes T. Wasson Agency 736 WmhlnoJon BEAUTIFUL ONE AND TWO BEDROOM Furnished Apartments with T.V. Cables. Recently remodeled, ideally located. Close to schools, reasonable rents. AZAR AND AZAR Day Ph. ED 2-6417. Night ED 2-2940 of EO 2-5930 MAYNARD WILZIN Otol ED 4-4354 14X N. Incd-rcn $55.00 159.00 ' · $45.00 323 Alexander 335 Belli Alre . 321-A N. Broadly . 574 Alexander 319 S. Broadway . 550.00 145.00 CONDITIONED APARTMENTS. FURNISH C A B L E CONNECTIONS, PEST CONTROL SERVICE, ALL U T I L I T I E S PAID, CALL ED 4473S OR COME BY 7-11 MINUTE MARKET. FOR RENT ICE CREAM FREEZER AND FLOOR POLISHERS. Fun. Apt. Nice, clean, convenient Si comfortable. Utilities furnishes including telephone. 'T.V. Cable connection and pest control. 14! N. Edison. Ph. ED S-1215. After 5 p. m. ED 4-9279. -. Ffaoni EO 2-153! 505 N. Rrc at. 1 B/8 H-JD'.X _ $42.5C 375 Eureka, 2 B/R dusiex SSO.OC 215 N. Theobald. 1 B/8 duplex _ 533 OC 2035 Old leland Rd. 1 B;« duo'ex 117.K 12] Main, I B/R 530 OC 32 locv. 2 Bit . S3S-0 117 S. Broadway, 1 B/R 537.50 AZAR AND AZAR Day Ph. ED 2.MI7. N'Cjhl ED 2-2940 or ED 2-5930 Houses For Rent MAY'S RENTALS PRICES REDUCED 30 M. THEO 3 lorgi fvin. Apt. All milil'l Room! Bolh. Inc. $65.00 730 1 /, WASH. AVE. UoiTotn 1 B)R Fvi.l API. AH Ullllllll Inc. «50.00 1811 r\VAV 3 B.R. Modun Kovli U/ilurnllhtd $60.00 Furnlihri 175.00 739 k'AY Loigi Modirn 2 I.R. Dusll IMhjmlirnd J65.00 Fumlltud JSO.OO 712 CANNON, larga Modtfn 2 B.R. Uciio^l Turn. Apl. $70.00 614 FAIVIENV, Extra La-gi rVodim 6 Eoom Dupltx $75.00 .'.C'^nn 5«rv:rl, CoWl connection* ond "·til Control llrvk* Inc. Coll Mrt. f u Mn. Brady, ft! 2-6376, ED 2-5 1 T°. J. L,. McCLENDON 137 S. Itorv.v - Phoni ED 2-8I9J UNfURNISHEO HOUSES 31.4 E. Mccr« . . $65.00 «5 Ocelhall J37..50 961 Ifgion Ot. 2 B/R S60.00 243 Mu'.bt.ry, 3 B/S , $65.00 152 liwH |3 UK' $75.0C 4J l;by ^_ $65.0C 235-37 Main, ifora bid. $200.0C 725 Woih. Si. 8:d. 70i S- Broadway 54 Orlanda 13 B/R .: 813 HKvoy I N. 12 B/R . 3M CoUocIo 1211 l«~: 12 B/RI 410 Ker-iu:V 811 Hbiirt. /27 Goldn 213 fu-tVa l]61 ^.larQa 719 Cal.lo- _ |2 B/RI . rel 3 B/R B/8 - S55.0C _ S50.0C _ S5.00 _ $65.00 _ S50.ce _ S30.0C _ 547.5 _ S67.5 _ $75.« I $55^0 _ S75.0C _ ias.oc _ sso.oc -Sioo.tx SI A. 1 BLOCK THOMAS SHOPPING CENTER 2 B/*R unfurn. house, neat, large kitchen, 220 volt gas, TV cable available. $67.50. PHONE ED 4-3395 fOR BENT, AIR CONDITIONED Fum Houi ' TrolVr Pcik cxi Lck S3. MAYNARD WILZIN Dial EO 4 4554 l?63 A'aigaie! Blvd. 214 Fulloo _,,_,,-1175 Arnold 1464 Co.^1 -^_ 133 W. Ye,;er JS500 JS500 1*1 All Soi^i* 3 B/R · S95.O 1761 O:d Leland Rd 2 B/R $50.0C FURNISHED HOUSES Ugh.ay 92-V; av. 7/30 ..._ J55.0C Trailer Park Colored Kenlals MAYNARD WILZIN 0,01 [D 4-4554 144. H. cioodvroy J76 Ve«onder $21.5 5)0 Pooch 313.0 746 Po'JccV $10.0 511 ft'ecgetli $12.5 041 SSVdi $22.5 1032 Uilei 516.5 1141 Bovd S 49-1 PeuK $35.O X. Business Rentals STOtt SPACE (OS ILASE, 15' X 31' * I 565.00'2 0553. n ghn EO 4.3140 70. Houses For Sale 70. Houses Fror Sale Unfurnished I UNFURNISHED APARTMENT. 403 ' er. Apply PBKI door. . room uAt-^m. ecu. ·J35 BTionih, vwai paid. 619 S. Bnodvnry. Ph. ED 4-3323. AND THRIFTY HOME IMPROVEMENT STARTS HERE "Someday" can be TODAY if you shop here for ajl you need to get your home in tip-top shape! Everything for indoor-outdoor fix-up, at lower prices! ADD-A-ROOM PAJNTING SUPPLIES WIRING NEEDS NEW KITCHEN, BATH --LOTS AVAILABLE-L ANCASTER LUMBER COMPANY 1J15 Railroad Ave. Member MLS Ph. ED M311 Nile Ph. ED Z-8970 2 tJSt _$50 |_na. iolftx , corpo rt. C*r\trrjriy 302 Ofr-tgo, ED 3^8071. 255 S. POPLAR 240 C5NTWL, Unfi Apoilrr«nri. 4 Rocmi fc Balh. $30 p«r tcilh. FS. ED 2-6053. UNFURNISHED A h. Canton K Ph. ED 1-tA42 fanT. . taratj* $40 ED 2-7?d9 3 Koome 633 Vol. FOR RENT, TWO UNFURNISHED API'S. 3 , Bath. J30 and l46 MI montf.. 6U Main Si. CalJ ED 5-115S 8,30 B.m p.n, NEWLY DECORATED 2 B/R Duplex, hardwood flocn. lile.lex kitchen, bath, walfs- Incj rr.acMr-e, afr and TV cbl« con-r:Kcni. Stove and refriaerc 'en*:!cn b"ndi, water and peir contro urn. Wdcw tan. 812 Hwv. I North StS err mon^h. Ph. ED 2 S77X. . .Key on In. dorr. hove on hand aoholserlnc rabrl auum* a complete IB lection lor you. le largeil terecllon In and around Green- la. A3 we motnlain the lataeit ychol- ry ihop we are etjvlpped ro turn oul ·f wovV. Free E4l"mo!ee- GREENVILLE AWNTNG UPHOLSTEHTNG CO. r. £·» ?-7083 ^^ 8? I. Y E S We Install A U T O G L A S S (Curved Windshields In Stock) BUHK HALT, - TAYLOE Paint Glass Co. Hwy. 82 East (Next to Azar's) Phone ED M629 YOU Can Have TTiii Much Spact In Every Paper For 1 Month Fo Only $22.50 J. I,. McCLENDON 137 5. Harvcv -- Phofi* EO 2-B193 UNfUWISHED APT. 711 Ctnliol MJ. 4 J5S.OO 130 WINEMAN MLS INVENTORY HOMES FOR SALE 1 01 MORI HtXOOMl I. Ne. Add..,I 53X E. O'Hea I42a KlrklcrxJ 1703 S. Couiey 633 Arnold 507 i. AViln 745 V/aihlr»q:on 652 767 901 BC3 829 833 B44 64 865 867 571 SSI 900 901 902 903 910 911 912 913 914 1 C M.I.I. Ho 712 752 799 80 1313 John SI. 1905 Old leland M 1236 E. John 29! Rlcfgi 43S (ureka 1789 ^VniMw 502 CQlllorn'a 1883 Old le'crxi id. S B/R 1274 John 1212 lourdei 1301 All So:nti 1460 Ccts-eh:a 577 Jo AM 104 Pauline H^y I Nonh 2227 Sucllen E/S Cilere T.ES3 BEDIOOMS Ad drill i. side c'o,n a. 1914 Tutk«i E S!di Shi ~ ood Dr. IMS S. lhecba!d in 1016 S. Thecbc'd S60 112 Cres:e.-y 63? 502 Floclrjo 6S7 633 Hava.-.o era 349 E. Moo:* 65i Lcke Ferguion 97 629 G.-cv» ;j 035 Mayer 8S9 222 Ga'diletn 904 1417 Hwy 1 t. 907 424 ln« HENTAl UNin t COMMERCIAL P2O7E1TY 622 133 Orlando B6S Acieag* on Old lefa.n M 8/4 BIS Hwy. 1 Ncrlh 675 B16 H»v I HOTh 876 803-10 K»y. I Nonh E75 327 Hi-'nt, .T:le 904 974 S. Broadvroy 905 185 Old Legend Rd. [D-JDlex) 1011 3 [cli V) V/ood'awn 831 lei 19. Greenlleld Add 843 2 lo'i Hwv. 1 N. 120 fl fronlago 347 lol 4, block I, Wood lawn 134 S. Broadway Insurance ROCK'BOTTOM.] RATES Call John Worthy triTi TIM wnu\J £fo*» '«» Aff**.*^ r jLgTJMCtHE / DCWJICUMffUtl rt««« EO 2-1056 fif--IJ7 1639 . 163 N. TI-tcba!d nviil* Aof. _ 3? S. Hyman 202 Ar.cAi1.irtr _ ·132-R S. Ha'n _ DT^ Ma^artr ,, 227 S. Hindi 517 H. Pepbr ,, -_ . S4O.W 324 S. Broadway, 3 Apii. J35-S35-540.00 IA1 Of lards S35.00 Q l O Margar*! ,,_ $9.50 12X0 Margaret ,. r .. SX9.50 . J30.00 . S35.00 . $50.00 . 530.00 $49.00 . J45.00 - S5!.00l . 138.00. . S45.50 - J35.00 WADE S. WINEMAN, Realtor Member MLS. 202 Thomas Shopping Center Phone ED 2-2848 Home Phone ED 4-9t Btulnwi RtnliOj FOR RENT-OFFICE SPACE ith receptionist and telephone iswerlng lervice, 369 May uUding. Ph. ED 2-0984, alter 6 m. Ph. ED 2-7765. OR SAIE W O\W19. 1 B/R Horn*, Hi* ith, ctnlrol hiol, km* iFora?* Roonv IY unaU tqultv ti\vrr.9 4V, % O. 1. tan. PcymwiU $67.44. 932 E. Lynn oan. rvYmuili $67.4 Ore!.. ED 2-1161. HOUKS For Sal* IWO BSDIOOM MICK VEKtEB WITH IARGI £H*OE SHIES, till bolh, i«xn!l jo ro»«. Em toyd Sthool d:l(lrt. «300 down phrt irrwll clolUo eojii orvi 001- m*nti Uif than $77. CaQ lo ie« Ihli todoy.' Koivnan Srallon, EO 2-055S laM ED 4-3140. tyit B^ICK HOVE, IV, bolh*, pay nti »cjulty ood o»ium loon, 155ft nol Av«. Ph. ED D/R Horn*, locg* LNIng Room, Olnlng 10. lorg* Kdin«d ild« poich. Pay v-ily aliixn* 4 X Loan ot riflno CkJgi Av.. EO 5-1252. 8 SAIE BY OWNER, pcv mo S5OT c|. m* nolpi 471.20 foi nJcB 3 tlK htom*. s ot 1260 5. Colorado ex nil ED 3103. Available Avq. 3id. ! SALE. 3 tl» Horn*. 2 LxilKi, k ··ned back perch. Carpoil. Prkld to I. 659 C. McCofkll ClrxJ.. J450 down i!l ED 2-6194 Toi optxlnlir.inl. BEOBOOAA HOME, CONVENIENT TO EM )YO SCHOOL PaYtwtt orl r $61.63 r ·qu-tf oiiunx» thli 4Yi Idcrx FtncH otk v^rd, tr*e. tarpon tlorog*. Co! tocfoy for cpoolnlfnef.1. Koiunon Rial kxi. ED 2-0358 flVghh ED 4-3140. M2.26 CASH ASSUME SB5.23 MONTH- r PAYMENTS, 3 B/B. Ill* bolh, al!cch*d arcg» and d-npn Includvd on a b*owt ! iA\t landj^iMd coirnr lol. 109' x 107 ~" RlrJgi Avo. Call lodav lot oppornfcnsn, ,.;man RtalKx*. ED 2-0558, rttaSli ED 3140. OK SAIE -- 3 bedroom, tlTthen-dlnlr* ea. llvlrvg icon. barS with ihow«i ood n«:gKbotlxxK), Si AijgaitJr,* gran frv.i and 2 oecon I.MI, oiber tre* nd buih«i. A vitrv oocd buy ol $10.900 442 Bicdfoni Crlvi. Call ED 4-4769 (c Houses For Sale BEDROOM, 2 BATH, COUNTRY LIVING LOSE TO TOWN. N:« ihotfe t:eei, T.V. Aniptwi, bull! In I lichen. Avaltabl* Vn- m*tilaI*lY. PB» 1*11 Ihon own«'i «qy1iV and a»u«-» rvs'ti. Id 176' X 431'. Can t* «F.narwd FHA. Coll Konman t«l!0.i, 0 2-0568, n^ahit call EO 4-3140. · . FOR SALE BY OWNER 3 B/R Home, 1 bathj, utility Room, work Room, fenced i Polio, central forced air heat Pay equity and assume FHA Loan.. 1559 Genie Fairway. ED 2-8553. FOR SALE BY OWNER 327 RIDGE AVENUE 2 Bedroom Den Home. Fcnc« back yard. 5600 equity and assumi loan. $51.99 monthly payments Ph. ED 2-8227 or apply at 11G2 McArthur. 115? LEWIS ST. 3 B/R nildo-Kt. $3K ', and nesv FHA Loan. App.'ox. $6S.8 ,., mcnlh. 852 JEFFEBSON DRIVE, Vj bloclc of Er Boyd School. 3 B/R, 1 !i!« belli. Sn-.D down paymtnl ond atiun-.a preicnt f)U "REYNOLDS AGENCY Offlc* ED 2-H67 T. P. RflynoWl, It. Houses For Sato MHEOIATE OCCUPANOf, IW4 Sov'li ! olorodo, 3 Bediocm Horr.e. F« lale of eru w.:h oolion lo buy. Ph. EO 2-??96. FOR SALE BY OWNER ; «4 E. LYNN CIRCLE '; Partially Brick 3 B/R Homo, 1 year old. Extra large lot, tilo bath, forced air heat, carport largo storage room. Small equity assume FHA Loan. This homa not offered for sale bclore. Ph. ED 2-W02. FOR SALE, 3 Bedroom Buff Brick Home. 2 baths, automotic dishwasher. Good location. Near Em Boyd School. Pay small equity and move in. Ph. ED 2-8704 after 5:30 p.m. ASSUME G.I. LOAN -LOW EQUITY Hole, only $63.33. Ir.jMlnj lain oni . . r.j n e . Cornfli lol. 3 BS end carport. I'rk feme. Included end olieadv a n r eme. ncu po'J lot. Th:i bia bw ol IMS H»lD : 'ol cn't loll lor-g el Ins P'lca, ED 2-8123 1173. Paul Aolrfa ot E0 5-1163, n'ahu ED 2- JO. Real Estate Services 60. Ren) Estate Services 228 IEWIS AVENUE IS THE ADOBESS 0 3 btdioorn rionl. lorgl llvfl ocnvdintng aiea, fenced back yard, fjcl rge ttorage, i\jlrabl» lol workihop -t crroom. 220 roll wiling Can b« harvJ- ed f« $400 dawn and asofoxVna lery $75 f monlh Coll loi appo!rvmanl kxkrv :iimn Reolton, ED 3-0558. rJoNl ED 3140 MAGNOLIA PARK 1515 FRANLO DRIVE iy owner, 3 Bedrooms, V/i baths, .iving Room, Dining Room, Kithen, Carport storage. Cyclone enced yard. Only 1% years old. 'ay small equity and assume oan. Ph. ED FOR SALE BY OWNER 1132 S. COLORADO ST. B/R Home, l 1 ^ baths, Dining torn, large Kitchen, central heat, Vnsher Dryer connection, 220 Dutlet for Air Conditioner, disappearing stairway to attic. 1437 W. OLLIE CIRCLE bedroom, brfct, faro* fenced lot- Par portion el Ml ecMTY i anvtre % loon of rellr.anco. Allo Klrrball Baby Grand Plaio at frocllon of original c PHONE ED 2-5239 FOR SALE OR RENT j Bedroom horn*, carport M 1 X 15' il.sp luilable lor p'ovioom. Frv'A Ireel 4 ihnAi. Venetian bllndi Included. Molei * II 92 !n'!udr.g. taiei Iniurcnce. I530O. ikince on 4 1 /, FHA loon. Socrillce ecruily t $1700. 2427 E. Alejiartder. If renled, J70 rr.a. PKcM ED 2-0332. FOR SALE OR TRADE BY 0\VNER Modern Surburban Home on acre sile. 2 Bedrooms, 2 baths Den, carpet throughout. Double carport, access to swimming pool After 5 p.m. call ED 2-1957, JUST ONE TELEPHONE CALL! And More Tlinn 35 Snlcsmcn Go To Work Tor You. For Fast Action ... At No Extra Cost. Use Greenville's Multiple Listing Service The Largest Estate Force In North Miss, Here's How It Works: 1 -- Go lo cnv GBEENVIHE MULTIPLE UStlNG rnernbc.! anj glvi him tht. »^rTMVltal .%"rfLolica-:/;i vc;, li^ri rvehed from WJUIPIE IIS1- INO HeaJaoorleri lo the 18 rren-.ter l-rn-.i _ more, ihcn 35 «=le»-rien 3 _ AT NO IXTSA COST, ycu get oil ol ll-eie co-ooeioliivj MEMBEtS ·«**· Incr fo vou . foil oclion beco^ie vour h=rre i» ih=-«n la m=re pclennal bwen . TO? MARKET PUCE, yn v=u coy on If ONE So'ei cen-rrliilon. c'rlvenelv II you v.lih FASI ACTION en tr-o purcr-o.e of prccerf/, "e the MUTIPIE IISIING MEJ.'BER o! your choice ord oik Mm lo cor.iull Ml MUL- TIP1E LISTING rilE. He KOI lull rfclaili on hundrtdl c! proeeil.ei Ihot ore nirrcnilf offered lor ,al. You lave »eeki of learcWng . . . gel e.act.y wr»l YO4 ar« locking for. IJST YOUU PROPERTY NOW WITH The Greenville Multiple Listing Service * MOYSE MOYSE * HUNT - EVANS INSURANCE AGENCY * MAYNARD WILZIN * McCLENDON REAL £ST. AGENCY * HENRY T. CROSBY CO. * M1ERS PRATT INSURANCE AGENCY * ERNEST WALDAUER AGENCY * LANCASTER BROS LBR. CO. *R. H. LAKE AGENCY * ABIDE LUMBER CO. * ALLEN THOMAS * AZAR AZAR CO's. * P. C. PALMERTREE BUILDER * KOSSMAN INSURANCE AGENCY -A- WADE S. W1NEMAN * QUEEN CITY LBR. CO. * M. L, PAYNE COMPANY * GREENVILLE LUMBER CO. 70. Houses For Sale 70. Houses For Sale Houses For 70. Houses For Sale 70. Houses For Salo 52. Rooms For R-!nt 8E03OOM KS CFMTIEWAN, prfyaH both frt. Every comfarT. 135 H. Hindi. BEDROOM, Allic fan, ivatd nrvlc*. S. WoiMnglon. Ph. EP X-3630. BEDROOM. p:;va!» bo!h S. Hindi. Ph. EO 2-3340. ·nlronci- 236 FRONT BED2OOM, odleinlrg. bath. 215 Orrando. f:-i- EO X-4I7A- aor-.i, od| bo!h. CFci* fn, ptfv:lco». Ph- EO 7-7549. PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS! YOU ARE. 70. Houses For Sale 70. Houses For Sale 70. [louses For Sals 141 H. Htndi. BE08OOM In prlyo'i hon*. Mrt MoiK icn. 51i Johfion. Pt. £P 2.6137. TO SETHED VVOPK1NG lodlei, 2 «/B'i «d[. barh. l/R and kitchen privlle«ii. 218 A'*i3r.der. ?h. EO -4-4583, E X C E L L E N T B U Y ! 1514 LES LAN £---?««"«»# · 3 Large Bedrooms · 1£ Ceramic Tile Baths · Large Living Room Dining Area · Central Heat · Panelled Kitchen With Vent-Hood · Large Carport Storage · 110x137 tt. Corner Lol · Walking Distance To Em Boyd School LOW FHA FINANCING $450 DOWN - WILL TAKE TRADE-IN TRADE-IN HOME 1427 Highland e 2 BEDROOMS · LIVING ROOM - DINING AREA, 1 BATH · LARGE KITCHEN ft COMPLETELY REDECORATED · NO DOWN PAYMENT · LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS * FREE ESTIMATES * P*'AN SERVICE JOHNSON LUMBER CO. 614 S. Theobald P'- ED 2-5414 Nito Call Dcrlc Aldridge ED 2-6932 Houses For Rent .35 JAUUEafiY, 3 B/R Unfurp Hovlt. J20 iVaa. J60 fh. FD 4-314T. edrock Unlum Houlf. f.'aar loi* choo'l. $55 mcrlh. fh. ED 4-5501. '09 AtEXANDEJ? 3 B/R U 153 !t!mh. Ca'.l ED -3«35. UnVm HMJI« on Cedar on tern, fh. ID 4-i B/R Utt ivooo'ng Houi«. NIC* Iccoiian. ni c.. 530. Ph. EP 3-0016. ifu'n Houte., nl:« localion, r cer.Ier. $CX). Ph. ED 2-0016. $S;T"w.o.TM7 B/K fumliheJ houi». He'n. Ph. ED J.5797. 337 343 KEinUCCf, Two 1 B/i? IMhj' lef, ulilitv i^ofr., rjatosr, olrlc foi I.R t KiKhm. 555 pel mini] Cofl fD 4^/50 oTrer 6 p.m. LJMrUUI 1 B/R H^uiv. o::c fai. vioeliai Jl, V/3iMf ecnn. Coroort, t!o.-ag ci. fenced yard t, Vid.3 CcW«. $7: ir.^.th. 973 Patt^o Dr. ED 2-3237. IOVEIY 3 B*dro txei. 1315 E. W.cyn i Mwre. 2-3171. Tt Horrei, all con-,en J-Jr i 104 ?oj,.- Ph. fO 2-0800 or El FO? IENT, LN/L'!i:iSHEO 1 III Dup' 10CX Dvei Grtle -- S65. 2 B/R » »-lsi. o=rK-6x2 A'.:AMi,l,r 575--CoM Karri · ocpoirJr-eriT, Koiirwjn ReoSta.i. ED 2-05SI n ohli ED -3I^O. BEAUTIFUL one and two Bed room Houses, located in nic sections of Greenville. T. V Cables, reasonable rent. No available. AZAR AND AZAR Day Ph. ED 2-6X17, WcM ED , or EO ?-5°30 SURE way to check for t h Ksl available job lor you is rea ing Delta Democrat-Times "he! wanted" ads daily. LET'! TRADE HOMES!! We Can Offer You "More Than You Think" For Your P r e s e n t Home -- Toward The Purchase Of T h e B e a u t i f u l H o m e Located At I172CILESTEST. In £ftatnrck Addit icn Featuring 3 large Bedrooms \'A Ceramic Tile Baths Birch panelled kitchen - family room combination Brick veneer panelled front FHA Financed OPEN FOR YOUR INSPECTION SUNDAYS 2 - C P.M. Attention World War n Veterans! Home loans for you Vets who served in World War II have been extended for 2 years. Get your name on the "Direct Loan" list early. SEE US NOW1! TUBERTINI CONSTRUCTION CO \ Remodeling 6c Repairing Call ED 2-M2I and let us give yon a free eslimale on all your repair work . . . No Down Payment S6 Months to Pay. Savings Every Day BUILDING MATERIALS USB our Cash Wholesale Plan for nil your Building Supplies . . . and cut your costs -- \ ...on I EALS 1 Material] and · \' HOMES FOR SALE I N V A R I O U S L O C A T I O N S V E R Y L I B E R A L T R A D E - I N S O N Y O U R O L D H O M E . \ Virden Lumber 815 Main Street Phone ED 2-5421 Nile ED 2-2704, ED 5-21GG si. Auto Accessories 81. Auto Accessories 81. Auto Accessories AUTOMOBILE AIR CQIJDJIIONERS Only §259.95 Installed On All American Make Gars Including Falcons, · Compace space saving design · Automatic Temperature Control · Manual control for extra cooling · Wide Angle air distribution Foot level cooling O Fast cooling · Variable air flow ALSO REPAIRS AND SERVICE TO ANY MAKE AUTO AIR CONDITIONER. PARTS AVAILABLE. AUTO REPAIRS · RELINK BRAKES » MOTOR TUNE-UPS · AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION WORK · COMPLETE OVF,RHAUL · CARBURETOR REPAIR · STARTER REPAIR · GENERATOR REPAIR · DRUMS TURNED ALL WORK GUARANTEED · Prompt Service JUST DIAL ED 2-2565, EMORY SMITH =JS MOT Highway 82 East

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