The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 15, 1948 · Page 12
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 12

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 12
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(PAGE EIGHT THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., TBUBS0AY, JANUARY 15, 19*8 2 TETIEY ; A JJ JL. JhMi » Vicinity Deaths GEORGE L. SPEAKER EAST BLOOMFIELD George L Speakei, 71. lifelong i evident of Ea-t Bioomfield, died esterda in Thompson J.o^pilal. Canandaigun, i-c had been a patient Min'e Aug. 10 last following a cerebral h e . ' n o i i f n - f Bom Aug. lo, 1ST6 in thi.s t o w n , lie was the son of Geoige A. and Ah ina Sheffer Speaker. He was- a well-known piorlucf buyer and area leyresentative of the Inier- national Haiventer Co. loi It Pays to Advertise s aboT 1 \ear ago. He \\as active in the Bloo;nfield lodge. 1OOF, v. hieli was later ab- soi bed bj Canandaijjuj) lodsie. and a member of the Methodist church. S'r \ t - ;··*' ; ni\t and nephew. Mis. Carl Williams Ouk- deld. and Da\id Hailock. Easl Bloomlield. Funeral ei \ices will be held here Satuidax at 2:30 p. m. ftom il'e Moihodist church, (he Re\. Paul H u \ e t i officiating. Interment \\ill be in K:ist Bloomlield ceme- toiy. FOOD VALUES Every Day when you shop at your nearest MARKET BASKET SUPER MARKET Cream of the Harvest 5 Ib. Sack ««1P Heart's Delight PEACHES tall cant Tender, Lean, 7-Rib Cut PORK LOIN ROAST Serve with N. Y. State SAUERKRAUT 4 49 VERY FINEST MEATS .made with Pillsbury's Best Boston Peach Cream Dessert GET RECIPE IN OUR STORI Piilsbury's Best 57 2,9 G C Fancy FISH HADDOCK fiHeflb. PERCH COD filler Ib. 33e Economical Eating . . . LIVER and BACON V 2 Ib. of Grade A SLICED BACON 1 Ib. of Fresh PORK LIVER Rushville Church Gives Annual Report RUSHVILLE -RepoUs at the 156th iinmuil meeting of the Rusli- j \ille Congregational church and society showed the church \\ith i\o indebtedness and \ \ i t h balances left in all depaitment treasuries. Following a tureen supper at 6:30 p m. in the social room yesterday the meeting was called to order by church clerk. Mrs. Clark Johnson. Robert E. Moody was elected moderator. After i'i- j nancial reports had been given, R. 1 E. Moody, cleik oi ihe Utistees, repoited on the condition ol the church propeit\. the improve- ment.s made uurms me \t-iti. and the pioposed 19-1S budget. Amons impioxements listed were a new oil burner and aii conditional, 60 new chairs for the sotial room, the painting ot the floor, and the building of shelters o\er the t u o basement doo'N. Xew officers are. Sowetj treasurer. Airs. Oiion Read: church treasuier. Miss Ma Del Blodgett; trustee foi three years, Mr.s A T. Halstead, S K. Voorhees. and Roberi E. Mood; church clerk, Mrs. Clark Johnson: Sundiu School superintendent. Miss Mary Blodgett: organist.. Mis. " Frank Richardson; assistant oigamst, Mrs. R E Mood\: chorister. Orion Read: couesponding secretary. j Mrs. V \V. Blodgett; flower com- j miitee, Mrs. Leon Turner and Mrs. j Harold Ha\iiand. I The Willing Workeis met in the afternoon and elected Mis. R. E. iUoody president; Mrs. Buinetl 1 h o ;r. r. s, \ ..·p-pro t -ider.t. M' -t Orion Rearl, secietar\; Mis. Cliailes Ford, ireasiner Then an$1,15987 an'd disbursements ~i 5,673. Sugar-Cured Fancy, Eeady-to-Cook CUT-TIP 4 to 6-lb. avg. COTTAGE CHEESE Silver SkiUet ^ -- NiD BEEF HASH 31 Cream of the Harvest mf Unite? BUTTER Blended FnmTh* OUoiaoUi 3S Rockwoods RUM WAFERS pkg. CHOCOLATE MINT Regular and Drip BEANS ESH AND VEGETABLES Sweet, Zipper Skin TANGERINES Fresh, Texas Broccoli doz. Texas, Juicy, Seedless GRAPEFRUIT A Real Value 10 45 Crisp, Tender NEW CABBAGE Solid Heads Juicy, Sweet, Florida ORANGES Large Size doz. Cortland, Spy, Mclntosh APPLES 3 b 29° WAFERS pkg. 49e KRAFT CARAMELS pkg. 33c Cream of the Harvest PIE CRUST ^i Libby's Tomato Juice 46-oz. can 28 IVORY SOAP Medium bar 12 ALL KINDS McCORMiCK SPICES VRGAMATO JUSCE 46-oz. con KERKMAN BORAX SOAP bar SAUCE 2 c^ns 23i OLD DUTCH CUEANSER 2 c«ns 19c CUT-RSTE WAXED PAPER, ' Roll 23c LIFEBUOY Toilet Soap - OXYDOL Soap Powder W'sieh for "Oxydal Sparkle" Coolert Buy When , Available Toilet Soap 2 ^1 'S bar* J£^ I ^ Buy When Available DUZ it: SWiRL Ib. SP1C SPAN 2 *« 47« \ Holcomb MRS. EDWARD MCCARTHY HOLCOMB--Mis. John L. Hurst, New York, entertained at dinner Fnday evening in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs, William McKay, Sr., in observance of the b h t h d a y of her sister-in-law. Mrs. William .7 McKay, Jr. Guests included Mrs. Anna L. Wisner, Carthage, Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Ryan, William McKay, Jr., and daughter, Moonveen. Mrs. Doris Cleland Heads Wanda, OES NAPL.KS -- Installation of offji- cer.« for the ensuing term, were held at a meeting of Wanda chapter. OES, T u e s ci a j night in the Masonic rooms. New oificers seated by Past Patron Fred W. Fox and "staff, of Naples, Pieced- ing the meeting, at 6:30 p. m. a tureen supper was ^er\ ed for stars and their families. Officers inducted include: Worthy matron, Mrs. Doris Cleland; patron, Glenn VV. Coons; assistant matron. Mrs. Thelma Walther; secretary. Mrs. Genevieve Emory; treasurer, "Mrs. Onnalee Coons; conducti es.s, Mrs. Marion Briglin; associate conducliess, Mrs. Carolyn Schultz: chaplain, Mrs. Clara Ren- noldson; marshall. Mis. Dorleah Kennedj ; assistant rnai shall, Mrs. Glad\ riose, iiibioiUm. ills. LouibC- Warren; musician. Mrs. Rose Tobey; warder, Mrs Lillian Ostran- de.r; sentinel, Fred \V. Fox; color bearer, Mrs. Helen Peacock; Ada, Mrs. Kutli Misel; Ruth, -Mrs. Ma.\- ine Potter; Esther, Mrs. Anna Kilpatrick; Martha, Mrs. Gladys Pott e i , .md Eletta, Mrs. Maxine Suun-' der.v Rushville MISS MABEL BLODGETT MDIO PROGRAM (Eastern,Standaid Time) NEW YORK, (/Pi--The CBS network, which has been giving renewed attention to programs known as "package shows." has come up with anothei. This- would return goodman and Jane Ace to the air in a family comedj. This Mr. and Mrs. Radio Team, recalled for their former Easy Aces skits, which originally had a bridge theme and then became a family serial with comedy, has the new program all ready except finaK audition. Previously the network had announced the preparation of two othei comedy programs, that of Shirley Booth (e\-MLss D u f f y ) , and Bill Goodwin, in addition to a Mickey Rooney dramatic series The new Ace show j.s expected to get under way \\ilhin a month. A "package show" is a complete production, owned individually or otherwise, ready to go on the air. With the Marshall plan up before Cong i ess, radio discussion thereol is becoming intensified. Current programs on the "schedule include: Tonight- ABC 9:30 Sec. of State Marshall addressing the Pittsburgh Chamber' of Commerce on "How the plan jiffects business men." * Sunday--NBC 1:30 p. m. Chicago loundtable, H'en. Robert A. Taft and others on "Will the plan succeed?" Topics tonight: NBC--S Henry Aldrich; 9 Bing Crosby w i t h Al Jolson; 9:30 Jack Carson comedy; 10:30 Eddie Cantor. CBS--7:15 Jack Smith show; 8:30 Mr. Keen drama; 9:30 Crime Photos; 10 Magazine theatei; 10:30 First Nighter "Shanty Boat Set anade." ABC S Henrv Morgan w i t h candid microphone; Sr.'W The Clock drama; 9 Willie Piper; 10 Are These Our Childien. MARKETING RL'SHVILLE-Mr-s Agnes Este\, Rochestei. .spent last \\eek with her sister. Mis. Fannie Brennan. Holland Reddotit. U.S.N.. who is stationed at Jacksomille, Fla.. lias been spending a week w i t h hif parents, Mr and Mr-,. Geoige Reri- dout. Mi*. V. W. Blodgett is .spending this week with her husband, Assembly man Blodgett, in Albany \r;cs Orac-p Pearcp has been spending A te\v da\s w i t h hei cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Carpenter, in Penn Van. Mi. and Mrs. Charles Hebblewaite, Gene\a-Hall road, have announced the engagement of their daughter. Thelma, to Harold Densmore, son ot Mi. and Mrs. Leon Densmore, Rushville. Mrs. Roy J. Fisher and Mrs. Stella Ford visited the Jormei's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Mack, Pulaski, over the week end. Mrs. Donald Bay was m Thompson hospital, Canandaigua, for se\- eral days last week for care and treatment. Mrs. Lester Tally. Rochester, lias I been spending several days \ \ i t h her daughter. Mrs George Red- 1 dout. Toe-tingling weather calls for taste-tingling food. Which calls to mind this foursome of hearty dishes that are always sure of a warm welcome on cold days: WINTER WONDER ft'ant to beat Jack Frost at mighty small cost? Try this: To 1'i cups sifted SUNNYPIELD FLOUR from the AP, add ^ tsp. salt. Cut in % cup shortening. Add 3 to 4 tbsps. cold water gradually, mixing gently with fork. Form into ball. Roll on l i g h t l y floured board to about a 12-inch square. Cut into 4 squares; place in large muffin tins; and fill with creamed meat, fish or vegetables. Bring corners of squares together and press. Bake in hot oven, 450°F., about V hr. Serves 4. "JUNE-IN-JANUARY" PIE "Why wait till summer to enjoy peach pie when AP PEACHES are so luscious and modestly pi iced? Drain contents of a -2*3 can; place in pastry-lined pie plate; cover with mixture of 2 tbsps. flour, a ,i cup sugar and l /s cup sour cream; and sprinkle with a cup grated American cheese. Bake in hot oven, 425°F., 35 to 40 minutes. Serves 6. SNOWTIME STEW There's no time like snowtime for a savory stew. And here's one that's easy and economical: Cook an 8 oz. pkg. of macaroni according to pkg. directions. Saute 3 frankfurters cut in 1-inch pieces and % cup sliced green pepper in 1 tbsp. fat till onions are slightly brown. Add 1 can of tomato soup, J ,i cup of water, one cup of AP'a SU LTAN A KIDNEY BE ANS and macaroni. Cook slowly over low heat till well blended. Serves L NICE FOR NIPPY NIGHTS "When there's a nip in the air, add zij) to your fare with AP's ANN PAGE PREPARED MUSTARD! It's a perfect pepper-upper for many foods. Take cod steaks, for example. Takel Ibs., to be exact, and arrange in greased shallow pan. Spread with a mixture of 2 tbsps ANN PAGE MUSTARD, 2 tbsps. chili sauce, 2 tbsps. prepared horseradish and-1 tsp. salt. Bake in moderate oven, 375 °P., about 25 minutes. Serves 4. WAYNE DRUGS CUT RATE /oc Anagin Tablets 1C Bottle r,0 Tablets IDC Noxzema Cream c tax i* Boric Acid Powder 16 50c Barbasol Shaving Cream T I K E 19 60c Alka-Seltzer Tablets 2 OZ. Oil Wintergreen Synthetic for Rubbing 'c 17 Box 50 Nivex Multiple Vitamins $198 1 1000 Saccharin Tablets '/i-Grain SALE DAYS THURS., FRI., SAT. 124 So. Main St Canandai^na, N. Y. WHERE SPENDING IS SAVING Bight Reserved to Limit Quantities Lifebuoy Soap for 23 c C-0-U-P-O-N 'Pint Size Rubbing Alcohol OPerietray Infra-Red Lamp $-159 Standard Brand Cigarettes Carton · MADf WITH LAHOUN AND OUVt OIL * QUICK TO LATHER . . . QUICK TO Leaves Kair Softer- Shinier ever so easy to manage! Reg. lOc Dish Cloths 3 f o r 1 lOc Rubber Pot Scraper 'Reg. 15c Box 80 Paper Napkins 25c--Laxative Cold Tablets 9 Sun Bowl Room Heater J $f98 LARGE ASSORTMENT Valentine Cards . . 5c to 35c 50c C-O-U-P-O-'N 2 Qiiart Hot Water Bottle 79 5c H-B Cough Drops A for Cc Tooth Paste 43 Bicycle Playing Cards 45 C l !

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