The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 6, 1947 · Page 13
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 13

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 13
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Counties Get High Rank For Orange Output In Nation Ride Bus In Trial Ran III' In V n l l e y Texas c o u n t i e s are which r a n k f0 fimoncc among : coun- in the TTnlted States, acoord- inK to figures f r o m the 1.0-15 eon- sm of floriculture issued by Director J. C. Bureau of the Onsus. D e p a r t m e n t of Commerce. Thr Valley c o u n t ie.s fire Crun- fron. H i r t a l g f i rtnd Willacy. Cameron rank* 23rd in t h e n a t i o n and hPi.«» 300.03.1 f r e e s ; Hidalgo n i n t h w i t h 1 4 2 0 5 3 0 tree'.: a n d Wll- U r y 4 4 t h with 45.3W) tree.-;. n i m m i t nnd Brooks noun I tew in Texas nre nlso a m o n g the nn- tion'5 lending orange growing urea*. Dirnmlt . r a n k i n g 4th find Brook.', 48th. The f i v e countle.s combined have 07 per eent of nil of Texas' ornngf trre.s. Home Near Mission Destroyed By Fire MISSION, J u n e 6 - - Pirn conri- W?dnesday a f t e r n o o n . Although neighbors forced t h e i r way Into plptely rtlfltroyed the home of Mv. th? house nnd removed part of nnd Mrs. Norse northeast of here- t h e f u r n i t u r e , rare a n t i q u e Items In the home were destroyed, about 150 year* ago. to the United States from Poland Amon them was a piano brought Members of the Mission and Edmburg fire departments were summoned to f i g h t the blai'c. Thf; were n w n y from home when thc f i r e occurred. Officials Release Customs Activities Friday, Jun* 8, 1047 THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD I in other vehicles and 25,332 pedes- j trians. Cumulative figures since June 30 last year are, (507 documented vcs- 1 .sols a r r i v e d ; I.R27 nirplanes, 375,A .decrease is shown in vessels, 7 , r nu (, nm obile.s. -Ifl,n82 busses, fi,7- a l r c r a f l . , vehicles, etc.. e x a m i n e d ; afi mho] . f, c n j n } C S _ ono passenger by tho U, S. Customs Service here i d u r i n g tho month of M a y , , but nn j increase is shown In thc number i of inspections, of passengers cnr- j rind. j Plfiiircs released b y ' t h e B r o w n s - ; vlllc o f f i c e show M i n t 50 docu- j merited ships arrived from foreign i countries ' d u r i n g the month, 1051 airplanes, 30,865 automobiles, 3,412 busses, (1B2 other vehicles and 573 freight cars, Twenty-two passengers arrived bf ships, 1,1 IS by n l r p l n n e , 63,608 in automobiles, 06,407 on ui train, 5,511 f r e i g h t cars. Passengers ariving for the fiscal year to d a t e are, 177 by ships, '18,77-1 by planes, 804,858 in automobiles. 910,061 by busses, 8,903 in other vehicles, 100 on the passenpoi (rain and 168,175 pedestrians, for a tottal of 2,011,948. Butyl synthetic rubber, which does not have the bounce of . n a t - ural rubber at n a r m a l tern pern- taure.s, m a k e s a belter inner t u b e beeaupf it holdr «ilr b e t t e r . Okay Liquor Bill AUSTIN, June 6 ^)--The Housr late yesterday gave its f i n a l approval to a bill which will permit. I ' l l y and preeinel liquor local opt i o n In most of t h e state's roun- l.ies, w h e t h e r dry or wet. WHITE PRINTS Lonprr Lasting and more Icpiblr Ihnn the old-fash* lonerf blur prinl. li, S. Supply Stores 1021 K. Wash. - Ph. «t YOUR DOLLARS when you trav*l ONION BUS LINES! Pacific Trail ways have placed air-conditioned dicsel buRSiis on runs In and out of BrownK- ville this week. Yesterday morning officials of the company took some IcJiling 1 Brownsville citizens for 11 1-rlal spin In one of the vehicles. Passengers on the trip were left to rfcht, Oscar Longnocker, "Art" Henrickson, driver, "Bob" Ball, C. H. Harden, Jr.. "»an" Boone H. T. Wood H. D. Seatfo, Lillian Kemmy and A, C. Hipp. The ride yesterday morning was flipp'.i first in a bus. (Herald Photo by Red Moorcs). vAtf Valley Youth Start Road Trek To Alaska Sooners Love To Recall A n t i c s Of 'Oil Indians' HARIvINGEN, J u n e 0 -~ Four Harlingen youths, all students of Texas A. and I. College, have sot- out in a homemade trailer for Alaska. They nre Donald G. Rogers. Ward Fryer. Mnrk Redford, and Jack Russell. They plan to drive from Oregon up the Alcnn Highway to. Fairbanks, Nome and AlRJkn. Their t r a i l e r is stocked with canned poods, i n c l u d i n g Vnl- Irv citrus segments and Juice, and plenty of gasoline. The boys p l a n to spend the Bummer working In Alaska and return to college In the Fall. Truman Disagrees With Taft Philosophy WASHINGTON, June 0 (/lV~Pre- niden! Truman said yesterday t h a t the "economic philosophy advocated by Senator Taft (R.-Ohloi "follows thf old idea of boom or bust." "In the long run it would destroy both prosperity and profits." the President said in n s t a t e m e n t read to his news conference. Mr. Trumnn snlrl Ttift's arguments t h n t h i g h d'-mand for good;; "justifies or necessitates high prk | if. f a l l a c i o u s and dangerous." ' Big Acreage Is Sold For $43,000 Tota'l An acreage deal involving $43,000 hR.«i been recorded in the Cameron county clerk's o f f i c e . w i t h . Coll Glllip.s of Cook County, 111.,' nelllng 495.28 acres of land to Ernest. Long. According to the deed, Long purchased Blocks 45, 47, flfi, 07, · 8fi 87, 107.132 and the south h a l f ' of 133, and Blocks 154,175,170. except 4.4 ncres conveyed to Pugsley Plantation Company. Federal revenue stamps in amount of $47.30, were a f f i x e d to the deed. j BY HAL BOYLE OKLAHOMA' CITY--(/Pj--OklahornanB love to recall thc exploits of the oil-rich Indian. "He Uflecl to buy a bright yellow high-powered motor car," they say. "On Saturday nights he would get drunk and crash Into a bridge abutment. Monday morning he would buy another brand new | cur, explaining to tho salesman: 'Bridge no get out of my way.' "He used to wreck three or four cars a month." Just who thin Indian was nobody seems to remember, but he is a symbol of the fabulous spend-! " ~~ ~ ing of an .era that i« dead, t h e 1 Army Major Found Anchorage.; eraly days of the oil industry when NEW STORE OPENS A new wholesale and retail store, featuring dresses and accessories for women, opens today in Brownsville. It is the Outlet store, 1237 Elizabeth St., operated by Phil Kory. Kory, a veteran, spent four years in the South Pacific. UNION BUS STATION fl35 S. E. Levee - Ph. H i 9 Union Bus Lines, Inc. Irresistible Comfort From Spring Air's Famous Two-Piece Mattress also now in stock AT I CHARGE Phone 380 OF BROWNSVILLE ACCOUNTS -- DIVIDED PAYMENTS 723 E. Elizabeth the parched acrew on which a patched-pants f a r m e r had scratched out a miserable living suddenly made him wealthy overnight. Men who had to wear borrowed cardboard to cover the holes In their shoes found themselves In a position to buy $100,000 homes. And they did. The oil s t r i k e .In Osagc county In th« 1020's made the Osage Ind i a n tribe there the richest people on earth on a per capita bas- i s -- u n t i l t h r Dead In Barracks ' SAN ANTONIO, June 6 (/I 1 )-Major Wlllklo. A. Rnmbo, 34, air inspector at Brooks Field, wrus found rload ycsterclny In his bnr- rncks from a bullet through the head. A verdict of suicide was returned by Justice Of Tho Pence j E. H. Talbert. Rambo, a native of Gonxnlcs and a graduate of Texas A. and M., Joined the army in 1934. Co1 L - H ; Bawson, commanding gadget salesman mov- officer, said a note was founa ed hf lo part thc u n w a r y f r o m l w n l c h lead ln P f t r t : their money ! Everyone in tho Army has been "This country used to be a gold JBTM n c l to me and I am doing this mine for broken down painters;°n my sole responsibility," from tho art and antique deal: crs." said otic old resident. j . Spend Vast Amounts i ! Newly rich farmers hitherto in- .sensible to the Joys of indoor j p l u m b i n g spent vast amounts on 1 Persian rugs and foreign tapest- ! ries to decorate their lavish homes, i The only trouble is that oil wells! e v e n t u a l l y have a habit of playing out. That shut off thc source of income. Many a spiurger had to leave town "scratching a broke backside"-- as they say in Oklahoma. Again big money Is bolii(? spent fast, and loose trying to locate now oil fields. But the farmers who own the land are conserva- t i v e and wiser. They aren't try- Ing now to build stone castles in prospective paper profits. Rnrnbo was unmarried. Penneytf is an Old Hand ^at Saving Jbu Money We un onr stores the way a thrifty house- er runs her home. We don't sell on We don't deliver. Cash-and-carry lot of money--for YOU. We buy efully, with a sharp eye for quality A Of Wind ( Blamed For Death GAINESVILLE, June -6 -- (/P')-~ gust of wind was blamed for the death of a five months old' bay here. Beverly Kay Santarsiero, daugh- i ter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Santarsiero, was lying on a pallet in I the yard of the home of her grandparents when an old door J leaning against the garage was ! blown down by a gust of wind, ! fa tally striking the child. Wornble Named AUSTIN. June 6 -- M Beauford H. Jester yesterday sign- j etS a bill a p p r o p r i a t i n g $250,000 lor contlngrme expenses, mileage and d a i l y pay of thc members o f ; the legislature. ! It was one of the measures considered tr bo w i t h i n , thn limits of ; available income. ! He also signed R bill amending j MISSION, nr.-ri r e - m a r r i n g the cosmetology j r | S Home law. AUSTIN, June 6 (A')--Gov, Beau- .ford H. Jester has nominated Formerly a producer paid f o r t h e | H e n r y G lWom ble of Caldwell, cost of digging a well within ft| Bur i cson county, to be a member month of the time it spouted | of t n e stnte prlsoll boardi ^ The nomination was submitted to the Senate. Wornble would succeed Claude \V. McCan of. Victoria, who resigned. The term expires Feb. 2 o i l . He got only perhaps twenty- f i v e pur cent of the oil wealth available through slapdash methods of production. Now thousands of cheap "stripper" wells are keeping communities n l i v c by bringing up only one to four barrels of oil daily. Favorite Of Thieves June 8 WIUTKIIK SKF. PI..4NK FORT WORK. J u n e fl- -(/[';-- More t h a n ISO a v i a t i o n writers and press r e p r w n t a l i v e s from over the United States were expected to arrive h?re tod ft y for the first, formal press' nhowlnj? nf thc A r m y Air Forces' g i a n t B-36 bomber being b u i l t by Consolidated Vultr-r A i r c r a f t Corp o r a t i o n , The Bur- ami Auto Supply Store 1 hero was burglarised Wednesday , n i g h t for the f o u r t h time with- I In t h e past year. Clarence Burns, j p r o p r l f t e r , said an automatic r i f l e l a n d an electric iron worn taken from a lighted show window. Tho b u r g l a r apparently made cni.rv by b r e a k i n g a rear window and c r a w l i n g between two bans i'. hoiit e i g h t Inches n p a r t . It, ]. bellerrd a c h i l d may have been I n v o l v e d , o WAREHOUSE CLOSEOUT (nothing^ « bargain if it isn't good M well as cheap). Yes, we're old hands at saving you money* Our customers know it--and trust us.. 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Shop Penney's for all your sewing needa* PLAY SHOES z.oo A big- selection of fabric and leather play shoes in white and colors -- 400 pairs -- Save! SANDALS 1.00 For Children's For. Play or Ores* Buy several pairs.

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