The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 4, 1965 · Page 10
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 10

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1965
Page 10
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10 Friday, June 4, '65 Delta Dcnincrr.t-Tiiiies School Instructions .10. Malt- Help Wanted Classified Advertisement Lost Found fOOND Wrlit WakS.O-l Cownly C!-J^ Ten*vi Court. Identify and pay fol od. Coll ED 2-72W. Special Molten .-POSTED All land r t o t l own In S«cricn ]5. Tewn. ih p 16. f:3!ge 6. AN lonti tkor I ho/e ltai=d S(rt!on !«. lov.ri'-iD t6, Rcn£e 6. Alt l^nd inal I cwn i^ SFCIKXI 17, Town- Ih p 16. Rar-ye 6. AH la-'d rKar 1 cftn Fn S«clioi 18, Tow.-i- ihip 16. Range 6, In WclHinaro.i Co^nly. L. W. STEPHENS POSTED All lands owned, leased and operated by Dean and Company, Deandale Plantation and Faith Plantation are hereby pasted against all forms of trespassing. Violators will be prosecuted. J. M. DEAN AND CAMERON DEAN Schools -- Instructions PUFIIS WANTED for D.-im Moloreilo In- ·tnxr:om. Cnll Sun HIGH HOME SCHOOL IF yw dttn't finish Hltrh School, wtiv continue untffr ihli hAndlcan? Wrl!t loday for FREE BOOKLET. TeU? hsw you cai «arn a Hlp*i School DljkxrA In rough spate Jfrr.* study. J4 n-,on1K!y inckidei «ll books and Ins]rwtfons. Oyr 67ih year. A.MERICAN SCHOOL D*pt. G, P.O. KOX 10017 JgtVton, Mill. Call · 35S-A4M 10. Male Help Wanted 0. Male He!n Wanted COLLEGE STUDEtTTS :an use two college students who ,e«l Summer work. Write P.O. Box 539G, Greenville, Miss, for lome interview. ATTENTION BOYS AGE 12-15 School vacation will soon be here. We will have several good ncsvs- pnpcr routes open in your neigh- orJiood. It you arc interested in earning extra spending money his summer call Mr. Young or Mr. Morris at EDison 5-1155 Circulation Department, Delta Dem- Opening for funeral serviceman, j Experienced in service xvork £ tire mounting, age 22-35. 45 hour week, paid vacation, nil company bcnclils, good starling salary. FIRESTONE STORES ED 4-1531 lor Inveiirreni Co. 35-40. :ec? S-O3.00 o'vi f=~.-n. Cc'J 4- Id. Male Help Wanted ft hlnrt' JSCXMX Wa V/AN1ED AUIOMOSilE SALESWAK avfl o-i cpfi .rfl fer o la , , b liry o-wj willirgnen 13 learn o bilft bvtirctl, nara impciffirl Fhar urtynob;:* finer e.-:a. Pfrmone cc.' allured ro men v,ho qualifie trvv.''s-« Cted Oxncr cached w.orcri. r Toy O«-er ocrat-Times. WANTED Sctd Processing Foreman! Well eslablished Seed Farm Supply Company needs a man immediately for permanenl position ns warehouse and seed cleaning I foreman. Prefer someone with ex- Cl perience in this line of work bul wil] give consideration to man wild agricultural background who is willing to work and learn. Apply in own handwriting giving age, experience, etc. HOLLANDALE SEED , SUPPLY CO. Ilolbtidnle, Miss. 361 1 . Pepuer E'rclo/rrer-r ServKe. IColl 4.3411, P«Dr-r f~ialov:ent Sr-v'ti. SALES MANAGER TRAINEE AGE 21-3-1 Company expansion has created oppormiiics lor (2) two men who desire a career in sales. Men chosen must have late model car, present a neat appearance, have at least a higli school education and be able to pass a rigid character examination. Tor interview appointment call 332-226-1 NEEDED AT ONCE A-l line mechanic, must be wel experienced and willing to work Good working conditions, company benefits, salary open. See Chad Oxner al Chad Oxner Motors. MEN WANTED To sell insurance. Leads furnished. Salary open. For appointment call ED 2-2264. ID i!CM YVOJIP YCII IJKE 10 etr EVM rH TriE FL\.'.C'«V WHO vJASKESFCUSir R PAUCKO'S PMTrl? / -/?TJ«T^ t r r e . Coll 4-361 1, ' Pepper Emo'oyifen jServlce. Eicerle-ced laieiman, 31-65. Corr.Hnlon c-Jy. EarrK'ngi u-kerevob'e. Coll -1-3611 Senior n'ei ren. wi'b b"yi!d r-j rr.a'eiio!l. em.. 43.45. Guaraveed salary, toir-n., ·H'gh l: v .ool groduare, loot* collect, prel. So'crv H50.S700 per i-onlh. Fri-gt ber«. (ill. ED 2-5131. lo $330.00 p'n mileage. cq« 2l-35r o-e pcyinq 1300 to i3M.03, o-j-c-otlc ra'in. car eip«r:iti, ?l-76. Co^l 4-3611, PeD- DOMESTIC LOANS Has opening for branch manager trainees. This large consumer finance organization needs young men, 21 lo 28 years of age with car. Position offers opportunity [or advancement and all modern company benefits. Apply in person lo 635 Washington Avenue. 11. Female Help Wanted oVillinT'co. 6642? Co °-neicial. Cached- rol C.r/, Calif. Secretary eioerienttd In q-.~eral Iniur. cn:«. S250.OT Is. S375.00. Coll 4.3511, Jtfc flrllclea Tor Salt n'HOVI Agio A.r Cc-.rf '.ontr for men sVrE-~Cor~Ai7~Co^d.Ncne/ J W. Pianos, Radios, Television* [II. Business Opportunities il 2.50 end M«ln 332.2415. WANTED. Rc'O'y rvce mower, 3 pt. d hen and recicnoble. Call 334-304? Goals, Motors Supplies | IA 1 Fibecjla Bsol. 75 H.P. E/in-ud _ _ odel. -53 aalloo gai tcnlc. 0-«'S750.00. J65I II. 8rood*ay EIJ. 8. Farmers Market Produce LEE SOYBEANS seeds cleaned sacked, 80% germination or bet CALL: TOM BUEKER HollaiKTate, Miss. 827-5490 anytime 30. Pets, Poultry Livestock »eeV o'd t'laovghS-cd n^a'c CHhu F'-CPY- 535.00. Co'l 3 3 4 3 3 5 9 . Household Goods EXPERIENCED WHllE WAITRESS WANTED: \oi 3 p. m. 1t 1 I p. m. thill. Crcd ptif. Midway IrutV: Slop. ED 5-2637. _C-A~S-H- FOR YOUR OLD FURNITURE APPLIANCES · BUY · SIU · TEDi RAILROAD SALVAGE FUINIIUIE CO. 725 Waihlnoleo Ph. EO J-77II RELAX Previous lessons unnecessary Play Hammond Organ at HEWITT - SILK PIANO CO. I? DOOM from 5'«:f» Ms"] Ji. Building Materials OV.TJ AH OTASCO HOWE AU3 A STORE. Ooen !o*nt cvo'labli ih^ow' Scu'h aid Souih*eir. O1AV.O [dlaho-nti and S-JDD'Y| Anor'O'o rorfi n ill frc"i 11« llo'l. Program in:!, M. Famished ApartmfnfJ o / R Icrn. cpl., 33? S. BroaJwoy. 10.00 cer week. Fhcr.a ^-4j9B. ___ "uRNJSHED 2 B/X D-.Dlt Ap'. S60 rr.onth. ed oitlitan:a orer your t'ore II ocen rl-mtit m low oi S1/.5O5. V/rire (01 f t f E EOOKlft. no cbl:go' : en. 0. K. Cc! rmcrt, P.O. Box 355, lelcnd, M : il'li ppi. Bendix Decorative wood moldings ALBRAS anodized Expanded aluminum "Greenville's newest hardware" COYER HARDWARE LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL Cypress, Pine, Hardwood ROUGH OC DBESSED SPECIAL OJDERS CUT E. G. NELSON, INC. rhev. CD 2-65*9 01 EO 7-7X91 34. Service Directory StrTIC TANk For WDtlc tank cleaning nB FD 2-1729 or tt 4.4 DELTA APPLIANCE SERVICE · Air Cctdirrcnlng · Befrigeratior CTMTMrd!il (. Peiid.rJol All W.aior AcoMarKti Serv,. 8. I'.pliu · Woi^.tr Parlt In S!o:k WE BUY USED FURNITURE and APPLIANCES SEE US IEFORE YOU SEll QUEEN CITY FURNITURE CO. '55 Wgjhlngron Avg Ptvo» EP ?33. Pianos, Radios, Televisions u!iFul Sp'rel Pi3~.o. na!-oi PerFerr ondi!'on. Uied only I Iraching bv priva!« leader. ED 4-4917. _ ^ Malerial)! WOOD TONES MADE EASY S. Wor.ul St. Ph. 5-1036 Offie» c ?-l»3» Hcrre FOR LEASE MAJOR OIL COMPANY SERVICE STATION U.S. Highway 82 East Adjoining Holiday Inn PHONE ED 2-6973 44. Insurance P64116 FAMILY PROTECTOR Call: John Worthy ED 2-1036 FIRST CLASS UPHOLSTERING CUSTOM WORK REPAIRING WE BUY USED FURNITURE REFIUISHIKG SEE COOPER HAIL HALL'S UPHOLSTERY SHOP '· FREE ESTIMATES · lorner Nefen and Shelby Sri. Ph. 335-29-14 We have Dags, Filters, Hose, Cords, (or any make Vacuum Cleaner. Expert repair service. Call ED 2-5366 DELTA VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE TAKE ADVANTAGE -- 01 Our -EXPERIENCED SERVICE DEPARTMENT Foe Service on Typewriters and Adding Machines Co* TOUCHSTONE BUSINESS MACHINE 1» S. Broadway Ph. ED t- BATTERY RE-CHARGE 29c Rental 25c Per Day GUARANTEED USED BATTERIES 6 Volt-- $3.88 12 Volt-- $4.88 Exeha w« OTASCO NAH, HOT WITHOUT mOHtv.' V.t'IK JUST PIA'J! BA'IWTS. WAITRESSES WANTED ccnrfilloni, crd e*ce»Nonallv good ea i-gi. W.ake ilv» a very derrab'e oc Only fl'ill Q-xJ womtn of qocd :'er. who ar» r.*31 and allra BURN THIS PITCHER INTO YORE BRA VJEIS AS READY AS ROACMES.7 MISS RAZOR- ACKHAllt NOBEAU1Y MR. ROY'S STEAK HOUSE UNTIL WE SEES THIS RAZORBACK'S . Male Or Female Help Wanted 5RAIN-DURNIN'? DELTA PERSONNEL SERVICE 104 H. Poplar rl Wo.Wi-|!on Dion. 331.H13 Nil* 332-1935 · Credit Mgr-Tralnet Ar.d Car «xp*nl« · Jr. Accountant (Dtg'l*) (i'p.rlin^df" $110 Start Saktnart (will train) {275 Stan · Trvck Michanfc lExpi^Ettx.df Op«n CHEETAH rrol'LON'r \ X -OK \W3LCN'T-TALK, I 1V1TH TVSD E SO I PONY K.S'OVV IF I WOA1E. PcETA I5AR,V1EP.' MKT BE E3EEE5 OF THE THIK'S, gEOK5= ' FEAR HOT, MYSl'p NSfBUAlErYTl EVEN TO THE FlU-IS'C-S PHOTM C/VFH WITH TO.'S CAA M.mb.r oT N.E.A. end M P t.». Oflk. Hour) I - 5. NOW.. .MARTIN SENOUR'S PROVINCIAL COLOR GLAZE IN 6 PAINTED-ON WOOD FINISHES Colletr* A Junior College Gradl o» iB for coujitellng. UMAI IILV1Y--Owrm Give UNFINISHED FURNITURE a custom finished ap- Articles For Sale pearance ... or add a mellow, y Wkler ctein, (otl r. Ph. tO 2-5WS. _ - antique 35ruah over scarred, old furniture -with NEW Provincial WOOD TONES, the easy way to traditional finishes, tluat WATS If, HASH? V WHEN IT STARTS HOW DOES THAT 1 TRANSMITTIN HELP US FIND THE JS1KWSE CREATURE FRO,« OTHER , HOW CAN THE RUSSIANS KEEP IT HIPPEN? Vit WIIL GETT1M THE INVENTION YOU IN AlOSCOW--7KEN FIHD NVENTOR/ IS NO PR06LEM SED Refrigerator with fr#eter rjcroll Ion, t good working condition. 535.00. Call D 2-7970. SEE, SBrtTlEMEN, I «M EASJL/ BUILD A UNIT WHICH WILL TURN OH My INVENTION I REMOTE CONTKCX. .^ FEEtE^ ' THAT'S IT Oklahoma Tire Supply Co. paint on Wood Tone undercoat and apply exclusive "glaze- WarkL-.*. CD J-473A or ED 2-B415. over-glaze" finish for a stunning fashion look. No paint or varnish removal. Six glowing wood hues. Kit has everything needed . . . even brush and instructions. OR SAlts 21" Big Wr-eel Yaioo Wowi-r n Rfol Good Cord tioi. $35. COT tf een of 82 Repair Servi:«, Hwy. 82 F. h. 332-2312. 12" K ?l" rfsub'e irk wirh ilainlrt trainer ord nixirrj faut ciico'ating Qfii Hec'f, i12.50 irvd rrc'ii-J wnll hpnler for ba^ toc.- GET THE ORIGINAL EASYTO USE WOODTONE KIT DUE TO DIVORCE l-ger Zig-Zag Sswirn Machine, mokei nty deskjni. buucn ha'ei wilhcyl of- eh-nenn. Coil S3CO new. wanl reliab'e IH lo Day balance 573 S3 or SIO.OO , rr.o-.-ri. To lee in yca home call Huanei, 332-C984. IM AFRAID SHE CAH'T ANSWER VCX1 PESAAONR .' I MUST SAY I WAS TAKSN W SOOP EVENW5,JA!S5 6IBSOJJ. SACRIFICE: Ice Maker Machine, capacity 300 pounds per day. Practically new. Original price sale price approximately $500.00. See at Modern Appliance, Lcland. Miss. Ph. 686^066. Fast; neat, low-cost installation. SAFE FOR SAT.E Remington-Rand 4 hour Safe, large size, $350.00 Call 332-5872. MARTIN SENOUR PAINTS HERE 0»_Y IN DpiRIT Alexander Lbr, Co. 613 VAI.UANT ED 2-7893 ^4O.' KO.' S!OT THAT CHRECTION, BAILY/ BE=BTLe ONlT B6 AEOUNP TO MAKE LAWN CARE FUN WITH A FLEX-N-FLOAT® ·fri£yCAN 60 WrfAf 00 POWN I? Z CAN 5£ WAr IN Stilt Firm Llfi Insurance Compiny 61 5. Coll ED SMML Fumiiiied Api. Accly fear 92$ Iheobold. Call ED 2-549*. Apl. 110 N. 01 ORLANDO, N v c«lr Futn. 2 B/R Dv Cob'. [qrpait. EP 2-60?!. UFNISHEO A P T . 3 roomi a-.d both. CoupJe* c-Jy. 624 Alexander. ii$flED 1 a-A 1 tUR *"'«· *' anA NICELY~FU«M. APT. within wolWng dil- o-ve. el icwi. IV coble, iviilit e» pa'd. ·t^X"_ ED X-4B03. . «0 n-cil» lurn. 4 rcom cpl! Prtvol. ooiH entrance, and ««age. TV coble. Coupl« ooly. 411 S. B'cadwny. Fho.-.» · 10 4-434?. furn. Apt. $12.50. 3 Pooni {urn. Apl/icr cowlo, riot ncre or.e. boby. SI 5 v.ttl fai TV table, 516 *eek. Uli!lt:«l *a"d 1015 Wo.b. AC.. ED - FOR RENT Upstairs furnished apartment. TV conneclion. 905 Main Street. Call MRS. C. E. JORDAN, ED 4-38-11 54. Furnished Apartments HOTEL GREENVILLE 1--5 ROOM EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS All UMitlei Pa'd. Pkil Maid-Servkf. Lo* Monthly Rain O.i S note 8ocml. Phone ED 2-8181 FOR RENT Furn. apt., downstairs, large living room, 1 bedroom, kitchen bath. Air conditioner, TV cable water f n r n . Ideal for couple, 2 working ladies or men. No children or pets. Next door to Fast Service Laundry. $50.00 monthly. ' Dhl 2-76S8. TJRNISHED ROOMS AND AP- iRTMENTS. CABLE CONNEC- TONS, PEST CONTROL SER/ICE, ALL UTILITIES PAID. 'OR RENT: ICE CREAM FREE- ER AND POWER TOOLS. -11 MINUTE · MARKET. MAYNARD WILZIN IE AllCt 0:ol EO A 4554 144 N. tVoodwrrv FU3H.SHED 528-B E. Wcfter VO.OO 12» H. Poolar S50 Oi) 255 S. Ueobold $ 4 5 . 0 0 , UNFUlTNiaiED 526 Wc'lei JSO.OO G43 Co.-n,,rK!!l S30 CO 01 Ab-ohr.-n J40.00 435 S. Dtlla S-15 CO 470 Waihinqioi MAY'S RENTALS FUJNISKED 25 Al«ander. 3 roc.n.i, ulillliei U-R Alexander. 2 B/K, warer Alexander 1 roon-.i. utililiei 3-3 M. Theobald 3 rml. ulilit.'e* O3 R. Fairview, 3 IOCTII .... 18 Falrviev*. 2 B/» J wo'ef ., UNRIBNI5.HED 12 Cannon St. 6 8m J45 00 W.ih Vdeo Cotxp Mowing Se Ph ED 3 63" 1 * . .565.00 $65.00 $55.00 . SM.OO $15.CO . 540.00 S5000 51. Unfurnished Apartments 255 S FOFIAS, Two A Roo-n u.i'urn. Du- plex_Acri^S25_.00. Call EP 2-6053. 605 HAVE? 1 B/R tnfurniihed iupl«« ipl. S«paroto DyR. $55 per rnc^'h. Ne^. 1 de:o/oted. Call David Wil,on. ED 2-055 B. FOR RENT 2 Bedroom unfurnished Duplex Apt. 322 Beauchamp St. Call ED 5-1155 8:30 a.m. lo 4:30 p.m. Carefree Living Can Be Yours At Magnolia Arms YOUR WORRIES ARE OURS! · No Maintenance · No Yard Chores · We Do Your Painting · Locked Gates · Private Swimming Pool · Private Parking · Covered Parking (Optional) · 1 2 Bedroom · l'/ 2 Bath AoolioAce A : r Condilk.^ing 529 McAllister I Phone 3S2-SIS3 For Appointmen NEW LUXURIOUS DOWNTOWN APARTMENTS Z bedroom unltt. Hill avallobl*. Fur- nlihed opcflment oho ava'.labU. All elpctiic. Fo/ fuith«i Infomvaroo call, ED 2-5421 or after 6 p.m. 5-186D HOMELIKE LIVING pcclo if, t .J 1 /! roorai- 2 bedrcMi-.i, prlvott cer.lftal !-.sat'rK) or^ a'.r condlMonlr.g, c1ri:. New ond M«i*m. MAIN STREET GARDEN APARTMENTS CAllED EO 2-0764 ol 2-0964 J. L. McCLENDON REAUOR5 137 S. Harvey -- Phona ED 2-8193 FUfNISHED APARTMENTS 132 E. Mcore, 1 B/P.. air ccr.H. S4!.X) nvilla Apr., 2 B/R J70.0O 620 McAlllner No. \ S62.00 328 W. teed 8d.. 2 SV8 567.50 UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS 1012 Margarel. 2 B/B av. 6110 .. J40.00 1076 V/aiion Dr., 2 B/R 550.00 IM) Mo ! n 2 B/R S5O.OO 437 S. Hyman, 1 B/R S35.00 512 Solc.non 12 B/B| $45.IX) 1883 Old Leland »d. 3 B/R UDIT. S55.CO ~ rnville API. {w/i'cve, lefiia. .. $60.00 333 S. Shelby IGaroge Apl.l 330.03 1883 Ofd Lelond Rd. 3 B/R $55.00 556 M Ponlar . . . . . S25.OO 112 Catherine 2 B/R J50 00 106 Bna-jtho.Tio. 2 B/R .. . 55O 00 518 Cobb. 2 B/S J50 00 d-13 Main. 2 B/3 $50.0O 1839 fAicriiflan, 2 B/R $40.00 1833 Old Island Ed. 3 B/R $80.00 52. Rooms For Rent Classified Display Homes tor Salfi NICELY furniihed bedro=-n. orivoie bath end enlro.-ce. Ph. EO 2.2671 or ED 5-2721. Nice large bedroom wilK balh al 236 S. Hindi. Phone 2-830. tious£s for Salt) AND Z55.OOO MILES AWAV-- TEIO-SOU, SMITH, THAT GOVERNOR A STUBBORN FANATIC. THE CONTROLMOWrrOR SHOWS THE ELECTRONIC SYSTEM \S OKAY, BUT THE SHIP IS POSITIVELY DEAD. Lawn care's easier, faster with Arlens EMPERORI Choice of 26" end 32" rotary or 30" reel mower. Insta-Hitch attachments {no tools needed!) to do 12 big year 'round Gard-N-Yard chores. Rear-mounted 6 h.p. engine for greater traction --easily climbs 70% grades. Unequalled for proven performance, dependability. Starling At Test-ride . . . test-mow the 5' Emperor. Yours on easy terms, THE FULTON CO. "CALL US FOR A DEMONSTRATION TODAY" 327 Hwy. No. 1 Ph. ED 5-35Ii · Prompt, courteous, skillful senric*. · Fnglfaln Precision Parts. · Advice on adapting Frigidalra appliancM to your kitchen. Can on the folks wno'd like to call on you! ROSELLA'S Phone ED 5-333* This Beautiful 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 2 Den Homo, Central Heating, Natural Gas, 3-car Garage Approximately 3 acres land $45,000.00 See Lawrence Jacobs Sidney Stalling* Ph. 636-7255 Ph. 6S6-7215 HrasK Fur Sal* 70. Houses For Sale 70. Bouses For Sale Model Homes OPEN 3 TO 6 P. M. WEEKDAYS 192 Lilac Lane In Highland Heights 3 Bedroom, 2 tile baths, All Brick Home 1545 Marilyn In Roman Gardens 3 Bedroom, \\ bath, Brick Home Greenville Lumber Co. Highway 82 East Phone ED 2-2637

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