The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 24, 1960 · Page 17
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 17

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 24, 1960
Page 17
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BEETtE BAILEY POGO A WAV TO SET ACROSS? ALL RISHT, WISE GUV, JUST FOR THAT YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WHAT I'M SELLING--NOT EVEN IF YOU TORTURED THAT PSYCHOLOGY IS STARTIN TO PAY OFF r XXAE PONS )OUR PUTY 18** meeoss/p mw/s. stcmy Mpfx/nw MS i Iff/WO fAff£f#, I HOPS I PONE RIOHT, /WR. CRAN? IN TELLINO YOU STEVE CANVON J THE REDS WOULD LOVE N ' P i r IF VOUCOUUPMWB HERTQ »UR ARCHEO- U001CAU PI66INOS IN THE HILLS SUfi VMiLD. BE OUT OP TROUBIE -- " YOU KNoY/JloW AN AEE6ST Y»UUHITH£Z eiLSSKTA KALI-WOULPN'T B6 ARE ID LOCK HER STATS PEBUrrMtW FWE-NW IN THE rwre AGAIN... TO co rr Ft* HOMER ASP ' VES,Of COURSE... BUT rr is so PRIMITIVE AToUz CONSTRICTION CAA1P, AH-H YES, rr--AND so WCU.P THE EXTREME AM1-U.S. -THE/ WCUYALLOW PC 7t) TAfcE HEZOTTOFTHe THE FACT THAT HOiYt AVmiCK CANT Lex* AlffutiE W THE FACE.' OILBEKTA HAU. IS- BUMP/ CB.VALD...IIM LttCtV TO CATCH LOCAL POUCE ARE CONS'. TO LOC« KoU-y HALL UP AS A-J 'EXAWiE TKETSE KEtfWi A'.E FROW6ONS OVER TO SEE HER FATHER (SETS COLO CASH FOR THOSE ICEBOXES HE MAKES. I'LL THINK OF A WAY.., EVERT.,. EYEKYTHINS'S RUINB2 AW I WAS 6CXN TO PROVE I COULP BE A success... WHAT'S YOUR PROPOSITION. CETASY MONEY OUT Of H E R ? / V I'LL MAKE A PEAL ·rtJR KELP FERRET... I HALL | / HOT/ SHE MUST TURM (V6T,( BE IN HER HiS OFF?\KAKUV BEDROOM. OH-HOWJ 'W' AND DSEAD ENTEtKWCi 1 MVANO.E HER APAPTV.ENT ALONE! I MUST HAVE BEEN CRAZY TO LET SPOTS TALK" ME INTO THIS. ALL 1 CAN SAV IS HALAKAHIKI'S A U W T H A S A Fu. APARTMENT: KNUCKLEHEAGT THE STEAKS WE 6CHNSTO-«STE mimw TALLOW. TOTMEf IW A 'FAT' MAM: = PEOPLE T?.W Trf FAT Of F STEAKS BE PC RF 5WTIN5 T|iE.M OH T'S HIS BOAT, CtAR. LET HIW COOK TV EM THE WAY HE LIKES ALWAYS S5 EVERY THINS / YOUR WIFE ?- SUE'S MV FIANCEE.'.'-- WHEN V STOPPED TO FIX ATlRE YOU KIDNAPPED HER. 1 .' l THASS NO WAV TO .SPEAK TO MAH WIFE, MILTON/.' 23. Boats, tVIotera Supplies Want Ad Copy Cancellation Deadline v/»vdari 'in 4 p.m. M. Ill 12 Nacn fcr Monday 4 P.M. f« Sunday* PaM Of* In daiilllBd advinll'TO thovtd b« otted rrr.-ncrf:o^ly c» IM Delra D*frw l-TIfnei will not bx letocr.i!bl» loi a*ci« on« Incofiea (merrloo. C'JtJO COUFIE. Moiaa«r Imln-e. S'o-«" ;ri School pf«Fen*d. S325.00. HOVIB ?. ri!lllei. Call fD 4-3611 Pecoer E-r.pb/- r-?.-I Servk*. 50« ««lra (of 8!lnd Box SPACE RATES OH REOUEM 'or Quick Action Safisf action Usa 'Tried and Tested" WANT ADS Dial ED 5-1155 Say "Charge It" Special Notices iHEFI MUSIC, oepulol. 8'oV«l» HI fl. KMANtm WAVE SPECIAL S 1 0 . S 5 ' SS.SO. !M-!8!0. InMgr'ui Etn.- Shop. 4M Aincld Avg. Ph. ED 2-6734 U5ICAL IrJlrumtnri Irom (Km ra v:ba) mr.i. c'lo lttiHvTT-.en!i repaired. B'ab«:v Fi. Inc. 525 Moln Ph. D 2-H32. SPENCER COKSETIER ndividually designed founda ons, brassieres, medical ar.c rthopcdic supports. MRS. LOIS POWERS 929 M.n'n Si. Pfconn EO .M8C3 or ED 7-6*71 NOTICE WE STEAM CLEAN MOTORS, ETC. L!SO portable steam cleaner ent by day or hour. Reasonable Rates GREENWAY GULF 82 at Ctdor St. Fhs-g £D 2-270 I your photograph has appearec n the Delta Democrat-Timej rely : and you would like tc lave a print of the picture, ca ED 5-1155 to place your order. Also there is a staff photo irapher available to lake pic ures for any ijocnsioa rcqulrin] )ictures such as: ADVERTISING DISPLAY (Window) COMMERCIAL 4 _ERIAL UNDERWATER WEDDINGS For further information call ED 5-1 155 AND ASK FOR CARROLL HANKS -- -- - · - - - ^ i Schools -- tnstrnciioni ' DENTAL ASSISTANTS NEEDED «i 18-59. 01 uxr.-e-l.rro 0. Male Help Wanted «1DE SALES, S281. 25 lo 60, Call ED -311 P«pc»r Fmp;cvffl»- 5oiyr e B. ' JX'StRIAl. V.eclxin'cal £/*jt(r win" JOO. Coll ED -36ll PtcDH Elrcbymrnl ACCOUNTANT, al kcdlent fuhj:e. Mln. -3611 P«pp«r Er-^bYirs , . Call ED 4.3411 FtmalB Help Wanted WANTEO. Shan Cx*. Ph. FO PEG SIEiED MJ8SE ond l J. Toylof TJiirtlng K6n», 313 Ava. GigBr.vifle, SAIES14DY, lull lime, nliobl*, d,o,-J c'jlB. A cowrteovi. Gr««.~.yi I fe 5 1 S'C't, 7IS V.'oih. Av«. No Phont Colli COMP1EU Ac.l.-yn. - 38. l^» BonV. E[ 19J5 Plym 2-6578. MAIDS. IIVE-IN 7O JJ20 HO FINEST JOBS--TO? Iff AOCY 35 ;nt. Wr:i« Gam Afley, !,, 3 NfEN WANTED 'or local positions to soil nd service our appliances. Call Employment Manager ED 2-0928. EXTRA CASKl'MoU I . . lirri with rww arwl d.lfirnl SOUIHERI] BEAUTY Chrii'moi Cordi. a'fn Pro!il, n 100'^ plji brmji. 5!n-.ri!ri Irnl on op all FREE Sorrcln Album, T8EE prt^-ol. i giil. SOUTHfBM, 47k rj Kcllv-*o3j I. 710. /. ·· - ' WANTED EXPERIENCED BRAKE AND FRONT END MECHANIC High school education. Permanent vork 5 duy week. Regular salary olus bonus. F r i n g e benefits, 'hance for advancement. Apply n person. 1 THE FIRESTONE STORE 1002 Washington Avenue Avon, worlds largest cosmetic company has open- ngs in Greenville for neat, mature, women. Phone JD 4-3288, Pearl McWhort- r G to 7 p.m. Ota!*r H. E. /.Mler wriNi lhal iKa prelim ram h't Rcjvleigh bui'ntu tnob'i (-.1-^ to cF-aol h:t th'ldun, drive a n:» Italian voccn and tecenHy b^HIJ o n»M bi:cV| WANTED BOYS 10 years of age or older to sell The Delta Democrat- Times In the down town area each evening a f t e r school. See Mr. Young, Circulation Dept. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. ATTENTION BOYS Age 12 To 15 Would you like the chance to earn your own spend ing money? Summer Vacation will be here in a few weeks. We have several good Newspaper Routes open in your neighborhood. If interestec call Mr. Young ED 5-1155 Circulation department The Delta Democrat-Times PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADSI YOU ARE. 2. Malo or Female Help Wanted 20. Articles *or Sale OS SALE, FIGS. Pnlot, Clri-fr, 1U1 ;. Th»obqld. Phona ED ^-^565. gth rcd.o. 575.00. Phc.i* ED SEAT COVER SALE Arthur Fulmer Discontinued patterns -- Values up to JTO.OO. Now $19.95 GULF SUPER SERVICE Main 01 Broadwoy. ED-^-9213 GUARANTEED USED Refrigerators and Washers Writ rtunllv eon be voun Rawliigi'} Dfcl., Articles For Sale WILL SACRIFICE 1 Vt H.P. A1f Co rd 111 on*;. ^ _ _ _ _ _ _ R~CONDifidNTR for "tali ehup- Coll -vJpy only. ED 7-1E-53. ^ EALF, All purpcio An'erna. $70.00. . ED 2-2755. OR SALE, D«!lu Video 160.00 Ph. ED 2-7377. "OR SAIE, 2 PC. Swliorxil SoM. $35,00. 'on bfl »*«n al ??11 S. Sfiojllo Cir^o, ri, ED 2-0644. iAVE a let ol rnv* Gcodyear Tltei. Will clj ot a bargain. Ten-.i, Call FD 2-AG33 iher 6 p.m. OR SALE. Mollon Ccintt. G«ld o^o'ed Pedal delude. tik« r.iri/ IrKlixfing c SBO 00. Call ED 2-1432. WILL SACRIFICE To Church for less than half price xautiful Organ made by Conn. Model 2A2 Console. Original cost $4,900. Will arrange demonstration. Write Mr. Silk, P. 0. Box M7, Monroe, Louisiaa. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Specialty in used repossessed Merchandise. o Air conditioners ft Refrigerators * Automatic Washing Machines o Lawn Mowers · Used Tirej Sec: Ed Frazier Phone ED 2-1561 Pianos, Radios, television 33. Pianos, Radios, Television . , -nrr. Full o :gh School Edl --oir row fcr thort, !M, REE e.raloymnr ic.Vc.. 12.00 A DAY. r full r n f o m - a l l , ·iie Bos 335, r/o TKs Delt You Can Buy On EASY TERMS ROSELLA'S 12 Wash. Delia Democrat-lime* Sunday, July 24, 'CO 17 0. Articles rcr Sale -J OR SAir. Fink Kll:he.i Tn K'c, Fibf* Rk.g,.ParL«r LaM;i S«vitcer ^ I" TOWB/ Mr«r. itll tr-D», Itlf P f a * x«e4. n. 10 5-2J4?. a SALE. Lh«J but b*T.«l. Gccd For jlflg 01 fHVr*J coblnroft-j o?K«i wi. lla Coach*i, Nctrh Broadway »*r-xj' PhCM ED 4.7753 Articles- Wanled ·_ 'ANTED, l«cri '53-55 S'orlol Wcgon-of door StraTght iXlfr.- Caifi d«a', F-hon» 0 2-8331. Ofe SALE, 1540 Wer'c.«0 Ouitcanl 'U ·ocltcolly n;./. Ph. "ED ^.J17^.' 3' Bsal, 1958 25 H.P.- Johnlon J Troiltt }550. fh. ED J-C378. OJ SALE. M it 8unab*l-wilS 3 5 - H P . e/. Can b» '«en'«c( 1163 Grc'cmv!. lore/, «enerc';r. r«.Tc!e ccn'oli, nx jollon tank. $275.00. -V/ith-twp s:x oallon ind cn» twentv-fiva aallcn Isr.k. J?00 CO. 'hor W. E. Wall FO-7-7I5J ef 3.7pM, COMPLETE OUTBOARD BOATING OUTFIT 4' Aristcraft Plywood Runabout, 0 II.P. electric slarting Mercury Motor, (used less than 10_ hours) all controls, 6 gal. gas can and 2 wheel Trailer. $775,00. Call 450-M2 ielzoni, Miss. FOR SALE 12' Factory built Plywood Bont, [ r ibcr Glass bottom, new 'Tidewater Boat Trailer and 10' H.P. Johnson Motor-(30 huurs) $350.00. Ph. ED 4-M01. . , 12. Household Goods USED Mattress $9.95 Springs $10.95 Bed $10.95 Bedroom Suite $49.95 Studio . Couch 514.95 Used Electric Refrigerators NEW FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Easy Terms C.E. JORDAN CO. East End Rranch Dial ED 2-8191 703 Wash. Ph. ED 2-59BI Mortgage Loans 43. Mortgage Loans N E W A K D U S E D F O R E V E R Y B U D G E T AH Pianos Guaranteed Good selection of Music Books and Sheet Music. ARENiS MUSIC CO. 417 ',i Highway 1 South, Greenville, Miss. 2nd Blocks North of Hwy. 82 Enst Dinl ED 2-7080 HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR AN AIRLINE CAREER SAVE - SAVE - SAVE - DURING DELTA SALES SERVICE'S TRAIN WITH NATIONAL HENRY T. CROSBY COMPANY Our business is lo serve you in your farm land, mortgage loan and investment transactions. For years we have studied and dealt in Delta land, large city properties, and the handling of mortgages secured by land. Our services cost you nothing unless we are able to take care of your needs in a responsible manner. Numbered among our clients arc many of the more stable landowners and operators throughout the Mid-Delta. When you are thinking in terms of buying, selling, or borrowing on land, have in mind that we are available to advise will you, also you wll have the benefit of not only local buyers, but nlso prsopective buyers in other states. The more responsible brokers in other states often cooperate with us in the handling of Mississippi land. In the handling of mortgage loans we have life insurance accounts thnt pay us for our servces so that the cost to you of money obtained through our office is limited to furnishing good title and paying the recording fees, and in some instances the institution's appraisal expense. Our office is located on the ground floor of the May Building in Greenville. Our maps and other information on Delta properties are available to you. You have the benefit of a feeling of security when you are dealing with an agency that is a part of our Delta way of doing business. HENRY I CROSBY COMPANY The Oldest Land Sales Agency In The Delia May Building 618 Washington ' Phone ED 4-3-J53 Greenville, Miss. Houses fr'cr 70. Houses For Snlo iA tfeautifiut Prices Reduced On AH Lawn Mowers THEY MUST GO!! 1 7 - 3 II.P. 22" Jacobscn's was $119.95 now $8-1.95 20-2=/i H.P. 2?." Jacobscn's was $109.00 now $69.09 Also We Have 15 Used Mowers $20.00 And Up 10. Male \ wori ; rg co-di'.cn. fro-! Gxftnvi.'e. C leip Wanted q^od pay. 20 ".M C a ' f " w ' . r-'-if J 5 i" . We llavo These Mowers In Slock 9 Ya/oo o Jacobson O Toro 8 Lnwn Hoy · Repairs (o all tnalio mowers * PARTS SERVICE DELIA SALES SERVICE Hwy. 82 E. e Ncal llobarl. Owner Ph. ED 2-6667 Located 1276 Garden Drive In tftftfitien Featuring · 3 large bedrooms · l'/2 ceramic tile bath · Kitchen-family room combination 9 Caloric built-in oven range · Sliding glnss doors leading on to patio O Near Em Boyd school * Only $15,000.09 And $300. Down Moves You In FIIA OR GI FINANCING P. C. PALMERTREE Ihon« ED t-ISM BUILDER EDMO1

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