The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 4, 1965 · Page 9
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 9

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1965
Page 9
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Saxony (FT.) 53. title of respect 64. overwhelm *Tr( Urn el »1U«: M BlimtM. 55. Con federals O 1965, King Fenurei Synd., Joe.) general NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE OF LAND milI to be duo and n;TroV* o-d hai f« tud $·» undeiiigr.eal lo ececule Ihe IHrEEFOBE, [xj.ijn-l lo ihe | Ihcnly ol inld deid of BROWNTROUT-THEY'RE FOUNiJ IN LAKES, RIVERS AND STREAMS ANP THEY'RE NIGHT PEEPERS, SO FISH AFTER SUNDOWN. CATFISH«WARM,RrSIMG WATERS ARtGOOD HABITAT. FISH BELOW PAMSJN DEEP HOLES/NEAR BRUSH PILES.FISH BOTTOM SLOWLY. GOOD EATING. RAINBOW TROUT'THEY LIKE COOLER WATER IN STREAMS. WORK THE HEADS OF RAPIPS ANP FAST WATER. SMALLMOirrH BASS-WILLTAKE MOST AN YTHING. WO RK OVE R ROCKY POINTS ANP LEPGES. MUSKIES-TOPS INTHE PIKE FAMILY. FOUNP IN LARGE LAKES ANP RIVERS. LARGE SPOONS ARE PREFERRED LURES. Delia Democrat-Times Friday, June 4, '65 9 National Grid Loop To Expand To 16 Teams counter blow when Commissioner Joe Foss revealed (hat lie recommend to club owners CALL UP KELLEY MILWAUKEE (UPI) - Left Foss To Ask AFL To Go To 16-Team Loop N EW YORK (UPI) -- The National Football League beat the American League to the punch Thursday night by announcing plans to expand its present 14-team league to 16 teams for the 10C7 season. The AFL, however, landed ai hander Dick Kellcy, who had a S-l record with Atlanta of (he *'" Tom Rolfe Faces Top Beimont Field NEW YORK (UPI) - Tom Rolfe. bidding for his second'called by the Milwaukee Braves jewel in racing's Triple Crown|Thursday to when he challenges six rivals!'heir bull P cn in the 97th edition of Ihe S125.- 000 lielmonf Stakes Saturday, next Monday lhat his circuit add two teams "immediately starting next season." Thus, the expansion cold war jet ween the rival leagues erupted overnight into a hot one, with no holds barred. Apparently, the central battleground will be Atlanta, city with a new $18 million sta dium and no pro football tenant. Ji is no secret t h a t ixxh leagues are hungry lor ihis soulhcrn plum. Pcle Rozclle, the commissioner of liSe NFL who recommend- SLICK START By Alan Mover their eyes on (lie same cities plus current NFL sites, including Washington. Chicago. Philadelphia. Los Angeles nnd Milwaukee--part time home of the Green Bay Packers. Roidle said the Iwo cities thai gain NI-'L franchises will bo determined within Ihe next eight months 0:1 the basis of n '"(marketing research study to tw a |done by an independent f i r m . Tlia finding. 1 ! will be presented lie a n n u a l league meeting next February, where 12 nf- 'irmative votes out of \''. are required for approval. cd the expansion Thuwlay to club owners, mentioned Atlanta as one of the cities lhat receive consideration along International League, was re- help strengthen Righthanders Bob Tiefenauer Jwith Montreal, Toronto, Boston, WHEPFAS. THOMAS B. EAJiUr and hii wife. SUSAN A. EARLEY. t*«;uled u dead of IILM d a f f d Ihe 25th day ol Cklo!*;. - I9A2, rocmdfd in Book 8i7 faoi 55B ol the 'eccidi in the o(lice cf llrt ChaiKeiy for Ib* BU'POIB ol poylvig told Web^d Clftt ot WASHINGTOTJ Ccwty, Mlni. ntll. Ihi und.n'gntd will, on Jur.i 21 tipoi lo V. L. MLllEP, Tiutler, lo lecuie ;96. vrilhjn legal houu, at tht louH liw ?rt*eb'-rfnei* ItMieln a'e^nbed in fovoi.fiorr doer ol lJu Co^-nlr Cou/lho-jjt ol ol J. S. GUASON, JB.. Adniinlilialor ofiWASHir.'GrON Cajnly, al GREENVUIF. Vewrnnt AFIcirs, and Oflicel ol th»',Mi»i»ipp1. olf.r fcr tol ond nil cl C'niltd Slalei: Ipublic ojlery to I In hWnt bidder lei !aili Ilit lonij acd Broplity ffncrlb«d in V.1IFJFA5. W. J. nCIVES , iV.e piennllicid need ol trjil lil.-j'id In u'd AdtilrJlMatcr ol Velo^crt* AHalil cntj ai;oi :h il Ihe legal helper of jold deed with fast-closing Dapper Dan, Jersey Derby winner Hail To All and hitherto untested La Cima, perhaps the biggest racehorse in America. The field, which up until Thursday looked like the smallest in the history of the classic, the final race in the Triple and from Clay Carroll Milwaukee to Miami, Memphis, Cincinnati. Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Port land. Ore., and New Orleans among others. With the exception of NOTICE OF EALI WHEREAS, difo-jlt hoi btn rr.od. In f-» Boyrrenl of lha l.-.rfekltdncu iKultd by thai cirtal.i deed of Hull exea^ftd by Joiaph W. Biogeil and wife, lela Big. Qflil, doled 1, 1757, cM recorded [n Morlgagt BcwV 707 ar pag» 533 of ihB land I IrvQIoo County, V/HEREAS. lha I d«ed were sent ton and Boston, which are the Crack- liOUS' al ready AFL members. Foss and the eight AL club owners have 1EGAI NOTICE DECIAS'NG THE PAVING OF CERIAIN S f R E t l b W I T H Internaliorml club owners | A Unit«l Press survey of the ML nvniliiblc revealed lhat Ihe plan would pass, and most expressed: 11 feeling lliat the vote would be unnmmous. Kozcllo explained lliat Ihe expansion would provide Iwo eight-team conferences within Ihe league, with each conference divided into Iwo four-tenm di\'isit)n!!. There would be playoff games among tlie w i n n e i s of the four team groups nnd then n f i n n l championship game between the Iwst team from s~ R E I N F O B C E D "coiKREiVpAvrMENTifrom each eighl-team confer- WITH INTEGRAL CUSB AN3 PAVING CER-| ° uuillLr TAIN STREETS \VlfH HOT /.MX ASPt?ALriC ence. SURFACING ON CLAY GRAVEL DASE AN3J s In 11 Over V.G. Team Women's Champ And Medalist Win At Vicksburg VICKSBURG, Miss. (UPI) Defending champion Mary Price of Ocean Springs and medalist Mary Ann Edge survived first- round matches here Thursday in Ihe 32m! Mississippi women's a m a t e u r golf tournament. Mrs. Price defeated Iva Mas McDonald of Clarksdale 1 - up ami Mrs. Edge, whr battled Mrs. Price in Ihe finals last year, defeated Helen Slodghill of Jackson. The defending champion wa» jaired in today's second round apainst Deny Johnson of Vicks- » who defeated Mame Hawk i n s cf Tupelo 1-up in 13 holes. Mrs. Edge was lo meet Ruth n.imelt of Ocean Springs, 2-up w i n n e r over Vi Krisker of Vicksburg. Other f i r s t round results in the championship flight included: Ann Connell of Clorksdals over Robin French of Natchez ·1 and 2; Harriet Cauthen of Clarksdale over Sue Knipp of Brradwatcr Beach; Cameron Chapman of Vazoo City over Shannon Cnvich of Biloxi 4 and and Dot Kaiser of Natchez over Lcla Mae White of Jack- sun 2-up. The pairings sent Connell n- gninst Cauthen and Chapman against Kaiser. leccrrf* of Wojh. lAYLIIG COf-ICREU ar-d. iCK A C E 3 I A I N Crown, also includes Wheallcy Stable's Bold Bidder, Valley t, Farm's Selari and Meadow" holder of nl ilable's First Family. Powhaten's Tom Rolfe, in of trull o-.rj WHEREAS. dfaul! hci been node end now exit'.t In peifaima.-KB ol agreerr.enlt container] In n'd deed cl tr-jit and th« holriar l-ai declared the enli.-e bidebied. HOME O F . . . ONE YEAR FREE SERVICE Color TV Start At $233.05 ELECTRONIC WORKSHOP lol Th/et |3| of Blotk Few HI ol Ihg AYRES-BRYANT SUBDIVISION to lh» Cily of GieenviUe, Walhlrg'on Cowl- ly. 'A'liiirppi, at per plal of luid rjbrl.vrilon en record In Plot BooV 4 ol Pnna 23 of the recordi en flit in Ihe offit- of Ihe Chcnceiy Cleifc ol lairJ Ctxnry. Title lo la'd piopeity il bel eved lo fc good b'jl I will lell arid convey cnly r^ch 'e ai 11 veiled In me CM Trull... WITNESS W 5IONATURE Ihh thi · II ot Ma/. 1W5. nomad, which lold lubititul'on of Uwtlee hai bun ocli'olly Ipnad at laigi UCHI I'., ixoidt In Bock 1013 al Pa3« -5 favorite to capture the S102,-|w 06l!l! °J olol1 '' c±rv,""Jni,S!i1,oi'. ""b!fr J ?. 1 500 first prize, will have Tioni*' {ItViihJd'"^.?' Sa '* **" '"" c °'* d Turcotte in (he irons. The same! WHEREAS,' oil if ih« ind«b'tdnen ». Combination successfully rftced^l'd'ed du^c'rK/'jj^yab!* m piov"ed ?n n Hie Preakness, the middle o f j ^ 0 ?"JaTd tn 'ir3ebie'j'««* n "o! "ceauiSd he Triple Crown events, anil ihe urvif.-iig.ned 5/2S-6/4-1I-1I V. L. M I 1 1 E » Tcuilei TV PROGRAM SCHEDULE rroproffil and If"!*! C*m[l Wh.n Ric«l*id Fram StBlleni PINE BLUFF KATV--CHANNEL 7-CABLE 4 FRIDAY 10,25 late Show t /yj Wl j- Wn-N 7r30 Law. Welfc W.a. 12,00 Sign O f f c I S o c r l . »'39 H'woed Pol IATU1DAY ,,,, . 9.30 Valentine. Hoy tjjcrel 8:30 Cciael Carlowi 5:3 ° 10.00 12 O'Clecfc . ' . « , 3 0 Fluili-cno «:00 Poiky Pig «:OONewi I Wea. High - 7,00 Faimer'i 9i30 GT-4 Spac» o=15 S-jcrl 11,00 Mewl Vita '- Daurghler SJ-ol o;30 Tl-.e King 1 l , ] O L c 1 t Show · 7,30 Arldan-i Fcmitv ]2;00 Dodgeil VI Fcmily 8.00 Movie MllwcK.k«e ·JO,00 Nrwi-Weafwi 3:00 An. Bandilo-ji -10,15 KirocV.Newi 6:00 Ne*t 4 «il 5 Vtnibl» RCA VICTOR Mavft Ue,r Cal.r T.V. vl. Shorn C«tor T.V $3W.« I OHf YtA« ftll SllVICi t OUAMN1II ELEGRONK WORKSHOP In|1rM«n A Tit-viltloni deed In occord 'tlor.i at lalcJ [rilrvrre Ihe iKiden'gntd, Ern ce 1.n lh« plata end ,afd Willia.n Thomoi, tht oni tecured by : wllh the he i iifbitl- Ktllrwi, cii end ol l!-. v u i l f B lh«ri CUPB AND GUmRl All 1NCLUOING . INTE35ECMCNS AND PROVIDING J ,. "iSStSSMtNI OF- A3U1UNG P s OPcCIY;f r o m \$ t o 1G ~~ Or PORTIONS OF THE COST (""' sniH the league may or not expand its schedule janics. In such i Uf mt LUii ur-i t . , J SAID PAVING- ASO IOK OTHER FU3POSFS [CflSC, CXmhlUOn CQUlCSts WO'jIcI G.'. E nvMi, RL w 0 ^.on c^'«SiP#.\ ]x ^"^ ^om five to three. "H'dtO'l I I. .. Ke-eby decbi.d r e r - | . R ^ Ue "^ F °" " X " 1 ' nlaie tlml Pp.nfofccd Ccrxre'e Povf.-ncn!Ml Clear HClHier iGnglie CntCf- cnpllerf to n.-rf l a " d ' + _ ' .,,,! rt _ t , _!,,,, -J-e regi-al Cu.-b b (allowlrg slrr-U a-rf if w! (K ore f -if kilter id out iinished third in the Kentucky Derby. Fight Result By United Press International LOS ANGELES (UPI) -Bernie MagaUanes, 141, lo, Calif., stopp ras, 14), San Die^o, Calif. (5). ned ,, __ Ernest, truire* ai ofcr«ialri, a-rf »*ll iKa property herrinafier deicrlb- NCJW r THEREFORE, urufer and by t-s ol the power or.rf aj'lwrily veiled n ne by iKa( ce/!o'n deed ot nnd by ihnt rrrra'n luhOltulion cf trui ibove menllonBd, roflcs It hereby gt- , hai I, Erreit Ktllnei 1 31 of ore mid, will, a 1945, *o1l al public eit bidder far taih E.MIIU v-uuu- lha Couit Huuit of * S'OTfCF TO E'DOERS atir* It J-^reby given thai tFii Bocrdl cf Superwhori of V/ailiirgtaT Counly will I receive bio 1 * up to IQ.OO o'clock A M . on lueJday, June 15, 1965, for ihe fol M : i t-ii-ppi. b_. _ liw lor I'-triH cfeicrlbed propsi , S'jbtliluled n Monday, Jurvo 7, aukry 13 the Vgh- l iHa front doer ol Wcihlnglort County, "· rxJ and tF*e laim' ion abo al pdnH the oF Cn Redhua" Sireit from Union S ta Netion Slieet. SECTION II. II Ii nreW declare icry iha1 Hdl PA r x Ai^ihallic C rfccirnj en gravel toie ..tained any plans for merging with the other side and both denied e i t h e r was trying to benl the other tu more lucrative football pastures. the cppl ed «i«;r*o.~s, lh« locollo Hi* tin ted to ··r and irvd lit* t In thi City of Green/ilk, . . Blw*trt llie hovn croici'ibed by I'-iriff i ia!ei, thi following situate tn Woih'r.qkm to-w:!; On Cclerr.cri Sir«ef fro- On MigVrgm Sireef S-icH ED Kentucky Slit SECTION HI. IT Ii lereuery ihar Hoi Mi« i Surfacing on giav.j[ bait ' i Un'cn Slreel Never A Fear 5-1 Favorite EPSOM, England (UPI)-With foreign Thoroughbreds monopolizing Hie English racing clas thus far this year, British trained Never A Fear nevcrllie OlCce FLfnriuie and Frx uied in lh» AddMic.i to lwei lo bo tha V/elf^ra . Daicriprior and icecificationi of thi ar« on fi'e 1.1 1re oUice cf tin Chcnciry Clerk In Ihe Wajlrr.gron Ca^nh Ccunhouse, Gntnvillt, Mijjiiiippi. f-* Board (eiarvet th» ;ic!» 1o inv . my Har.J orxJ »!ec :Ff;c-aJ «ol Given v.-dei . th r i the 16lh ?ay of May, 1965. /I/ W. 1. K£Nf, Chanreiy C!e end EoOfffrEo Clert, P-xirH of Sup«rvi^n, Vr f mhing:on Ccvnty, Miil- [Stall JACKSON WJTV-4JHANNEL 1Z-CABIE . ,·-. FIIDAr 10,15 Sa.oVlog ol lOiOO lln-Jl lh« S,30 Grand 01 ^ · ' · " 6,00 Byllr.o Ch. 13 Scoili Lfon Hffon«d Oprv *·" 6,30 Jfawhldo I0i30 Tcn'glil 10.JO lh» JeHoni 6.00 V^llburn Broi. -·, 7,S!) Coin Wllllarci l l i M S W King 6.30 Jak!« ~ 8,00 Oui Pi:val« l»TU»D»r I Iil5 ChltcJO ot GltoiM -'i v.'orld A,39 Irav.logt. Niw Vuk 7,39 Glllfgon'i Ii. r ? Bi33 Gair.Bj Pvl« 7iOO Mlllll Moyoi 3.00 Befn-^M SloVei 6,00 Si;ret Ao«ll * 9,03 McHalti Now 8.00 AMn SHow 3=30 Am. ftandilcnj 9.00 GvnimoV* '1 9,30 Pt^on Plac* 8,30 Ttnn. Tuudo 4.30 Houil Clon 10,00 Wtolhtl ,; 10,00 Volt W«aher 9,OOQu:cV Diaw 5,00 Perm WogoA»MOi05 Ne*i t Spoil ·? 100.COLnl« Nflwi McOrow 10,15 5'g; ' FARMS MILK TASTE SO CRRAMY, FRESH and PURE A! Your Favorite Food Store BRING US YOUR PRESCRIPTION "Qix^lry Woibmanihlp For Over 20 Yean" Greenville Optical Dispensary *· ED 4-3713 605 Wail*. Avt. DFATON ADDITION to te Cily of Gre«nvll1«, nccord'ng la lh« p'of of iold Arfrfi- tio.i leroriied In iKe Off'n ef th« Cfi3tV*iY ClerV cf Wcih=rg1fln Coun- S1GNFD. PO5TFD Tht Delta Deno:i cl May, 1765. %} Err.-iF Kellnei r.ei, rcpv hnnd«d lo lh'» IHh day NOTICE TO BIOJERS Not'ca i» Faieby grve.i that iht Bcaid of SLpe.'vhou of V/oiKinglcn County will :«9 bfJj up lo 10:00 o'clotk A.M. on iday, Jur* IS, 1965, for lh« following fci Office Puinituic ar.d _ in :he r«* p winq of Ihi Chancery Clerk's offke. D« i crip:,en and ice;i{i:ationi of ihe equipment o;o ofifi dlo Jo thfl ofl ; C* of |h« CharKery Clf.'V In ir-« V/aiHInnlon ov^ty Courthouis, G/ttnvllfo, Wlii : ppl. Tha Bonra* rueA'et lh» light Ta i«|tel W end all b-dt. Given uorfer r-y hand ar-.d official teal, Ihli Iho ISlh ^ny oF ^ny, l?r5. /s/ W. L. KE.'IT, Chancery Cltik cntt ^.t-OFKcio Cleik, Board cf Sw^rv^i, WaiHlna:on Caunlr, Mill. ar.d ouM. ·I-.e Iol1o«ir.g_ RO E/iecliani, .f which eel ^d ilrest i Kertincf^cr iel out. The lire? ._ MQIH above refined to arx IB leirr.injl poln't l^«r*^f or* ai follow* On Ca»l Co|l«g« S'r«» from Coicido Slre«l ta M w i d j Street. On Co'!eg» Street fiO-ii WillC-n St.-e»t to Rait-cad Avemje, On O'Banron Strrel frc-n California Street to Florida Street. SECIICN |V. ir Ii hereby H«la/fri MC nary rhol Cancre'e Curb nnd Guner bi pplitJ ord lalrl LTMI the fcllov^l/x itreflt and Hr*et Inlenecllcr.i, ih« locat;cr ifrer lei out. Tfv; slreel and Intersection bav? referred to a-.d thfl leim'nal poi^i. On Sunfioi-ver Lore from Un'cn Slieet to Me IJ on Slreer. SFCTlCtfJ V. Delallr-d plan ord tpecl fkotioni coverira lha cpp!:cat:on of ILK! laven-.tni i.-.cludirg cuibirg al it dttciib d in lha foregoing iiUioni ore r.av/ on I* h Iho o f f te of 1r^ CilY Ergir.e no C.:y Hall of Greenville, S,4iii : uipc SECTICH VI. Ih« Ct/ Covncil Is the Key to his secret locked in his mind,., or In her arms? We'k JACKSON WLBT--CHANNEL S-CABLE 5 FRIDAY SAIU1DAY 9.30 Fireball XL-5 5=30 Teen Te.-npsi 6 : 3Q The. Flinriionej OI 25 A^QTH. Prayir 10,00 DwinU Th« 6,30 H'PPir 7,C» l«avk Ir T» 4:30 AgrUcopi Menat. 7,00 Potty SuVi Bfov«r 7:00 Civic CalerJar 10=30 Fury 7.30 Law 7-30lcvrve 7,15 Mi Aloqao 11-00 Eugi Buniy 8=30 Tha Dctutl 8,30 TF-e Addarr.t 7;30 Robin HgaJ 11;33 Public SBtvi(» 9 t QQ Df. KlWan Fcmlly 8.00 N'ewi-Wealher IliXS N^*i «. W«a. 10.00 Hollywood J.OO 17-00 High 8,|5 Johnny B« 12 : OJ Bn«boll Paloca IO.CX, The Soint Cartfwl 3 : 00 Shirjdig niOOSaluidov Nighl 11,00 News A Wen. S:3i Hector J.OO V^ide Woi!d , _ _ « « · · 11,50 ABC Kinhilim HeailKOte ol Spwl* 1 2 i 3 0 S . g n Oil I2;50 Sign O f f 9,00 U-uJeia*ag _^^____^^ DIANE BAKER AUTO GLASS INSTALLED rktU · INSURANCE CLAIMS HANDLED PROMPTLY · GUARANTEED AGAINST .EAKAfiE Paint Glass Co. :-.vv. « E. Ph. ED J-2«M Fill DAY 6:00 fewl 6,15 Weailwriran 6,?0 Spoilt Whirl 6:30!s 7i30 Have Gen V/.ll Tiovel 8,00 Oui Piivo19 V/orld S|30 G^-nlr Pvll 1,00 Halld City 10,CO |.V«, Wia. A Soorn 10.30 Ntwi 10.15 Sos'li Ftnal 11,00 Hcllrmxxl MONROE KNOE-tHANNEL8-CABLE 7 12.00 New A 3:30 lean, luxedo 3:30 HapalAcji Sfcn O f f V'OO OulcV D/aw IK hang* an SATURDAY WcGlOW X,CO WfcilHna 6 10 Teir Patein A °i30 MKjhty Ww,»« 5,00 M/. Novak sSn On 10.00 Lfrui, U. 6=00 BaMla -6 1 5 Poi'er** Sludy Vc-i 6-70 Farmci'i 10=30 Jeiiani Special Weo )lsOO Sky Kir^ 6.25 SOL Mornna 11:30 Kiwi Edll'on Ih45 Banball Heo/lerf 6:33 Jacklo Gleoion i 7,30 Wanltd: irg cr AIM 8:00 Sjcr.l Asinl 9,00 Ou 6.30 Su^rEia Si.-ntiTer 7=00 M.y«i Wovei 8,00 Alv.n Tht CKlMiHinkt Chkaoo OP N.Y.10,00 Slotlerv'l 3,3O SW King Pect'.« 3-0') Sthool Hilirei I1.CO Newt IMS Late Movie For Better T. V. Reception Get On The CabU - CALL DELTA VIDEO EP TMTM F.L DORADO KTVE-CHANNEL 1»-CABLE 3 GREGORY PECK NO GAME TONIGHT No hall same will be played tonight. The Allied team will bo traveling to Pensncola, I la., to ploy iu the tournament there. By H A R D Y JONES Hart's wenl on ti scoring spree nsl night, l i f t i n g (hem to a 11-5 ·ictory over V6H. This was lart'a secoml win of the week, joosting them lo u 5-6-1 record. B. Pnlmerlree of Hart's was he winning pitcher, giving up only 3 hits and striking out 1. 'id's Davis was the loser, striking out 5 und yielding G hits. Highest scorer far Hart's was Tucker, slamming out 2 nils am getting in 4 runs. less remained a steady 5-1 choice to capture today's 187lh running of (he Onlis Stakes. The filly, trained by Britain's top Thoroughbred breeder. Major Lionel Holliday, attempted lo become the first English horse this season (o win a classic. The Grand National went to American - bred Jay Trump while French Thoroughbreds Niksar nnd Sea Biard II captured Hie 2,000 guineas and Derby .stakes respectively. HARTS ridl. 3b obi. !b -loij, cl y!o:l, Ib I 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 t TOTALS 33 6 3 TIME TO UPDATE your cart Prices and terms are mighty attractive right no-.v. Turn back to Classified and see! FORMAL WEAR RENTALS MICHAEIVM" TODAY and SAT. 1st Run Greenville FRANKIE AVALON Show Start) ANNETTE JrUNlCELLQ THE HAME OF THE GAME IS LOVE...(sky diving style! INK THREE PHILADELPHIA (UP!) i Philadelphia Bulldogs of /eenvilli, Miuiirupl, doss hereby f.nd [|ie Continental Football LcOGlK. 1 nd adiuJg« thor all p r c c e r r / abuilirgj . , , , , , pen irra strBBi* ubcvt o'«»ct;b»d avi p;o- annrxinceo the signing of dofcn slve end Clark Kellogg, mkldle to be l.Tioroved ci cbo 1 ill b* iP*tfolly bc.-eli^ed to t-t extent lira coil pfopatfd lo be aiie»d cgoiDt h prcperty 01 provided In thit isiofu- SECTION VII. Th» coil cl th« contreta legfal cuib cvid Corcreis Curb nr.d Curr above deiaLbed I'-all be pa*H wholly ' rha abullirvg prop*My owner, Tht foil ;l-w(-ng 5" BelnFcrrcd Ccnfieie P~ave- p/ii 1'/«" Hoi Mir AinHaSr Surfncing i C'ay-ginvel bole shall be bo'ne ci llawii 1/3 by the City of Gieeaville, iis i* ppi, or-J t /3 by each propeily SECTIOrf VHI.' This reioVcn ihall bi ibliihad OTKC «a;Ii v,aet (w (our con- fLl'va \veeVi in 1f'o D*lto Democrat- rr.ei, a r.Bwiyaper havlrvq o general clr- ifclion in Ihe City of Gittnvil'e, Wnih- rgioo Ccxrnty, Miultiippl, a.-J 11^ g^bii- 01 tf-irioF ii rvAnby datla'td 1o be "ce lo oil prccerry own*:* Involved to eiftct lhat ir* cbave u'ticribtd woil Sntiofl of lha lard Cily Council of itnvilFi lo main iXa 1rrpn;veTi*rvfi h*ff- dutribtd and to atieu abulf^nq pfo- rj for iuch irTproverr.en'j. kny pe;*cr aigrieved rr-ay aopffcr be- » rfce lakJ City Courtil in pe:«n, h/ arr.ey x by p*tiiion i.i w.-lti-.rj nt a-y i u.-.»'l by| not after 4 O'GjxV on, |K- 5:'i day of Jwve, 1965, Irt lha City Ho'1 I GreenvllTe, M'H r ii T Ppi, nnd rroy obd o o."d pretest againtt f^o o'd liinrove- -t-i! or imnroveiTffntj o/ a-y p^M ih-rect t faid aiieiir-eM |}-e refer. AM perw.i /So fc I fo object 13 ta=d innrovenr.cTi irvd aiieiwr.*f\fi In ihe rrnnier i ^arnfi hertin pfovld^d iholl he ni o hsva to.-itntad th»(6'o orxl 1o approved sa-ne. SfCTIOfJ IX. Th"» nieliillon i v ali ia~«; efFed and ba In tsno frs-n nnd a^:er 3«ng» o"^ publleat'cn, ihe recciii'v' irrentt Ff'*"n f if erred to being iJthl furthir tVay h rwi [uii.f-pd. i fit PATFf!C A. C'J!J!JE| L. laneoi'*/, MT/O* 1 Clerk | SFATE OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTV OF WASHINGTON I, C. L. Larvcatlii, City Clert: cE thi Cty of GretflYill*, f.'.Uru'Ppi hereby cer- lify lhat tho (oiec/air^ il a try* ar-d Kiecl copy of a reioljiion odcp'ed 1 by :i Cty Ccwj-:l of Greenvilie ot a tequ'.c.r ifletirig h«ld al * O dctk P. f.\ CT tr,* 8ir doy of May, 1965. ai si-« ^n~- coprari in Ire min'_'e» of 1r« Cily linebacker J. safely Al LeBIanc, Thursday. AH three were members Locinno nnd the Canton Bulldogs of the United Football League last season Ib Jf Trarp, F. '. '...'.\\'.','.'.', Felorc Pa!rr P- TOIAL5 Rites Held For Ex-Hockey Star RK11NA, Sask. (UP[) -Tlic wo surviving members of the Chicago Black Hawks million- dollar line allcndctl funeral services yesterday for Murray Balfonr. Balfour, 28, a former star .vine in Ihe Rational Hockey Lpague, died Sunday of cancer. His confer with Ilie Hawks, liil ly Hay, and Ihe other w i n , liot hy llull, acted ns pallbearers for Balfour at St. Mary's Rom an Catholic Cliurcli in this prairie capital. L, AMERICAN IHt[RKAIIOIWl«M!«PATHtCOU)R.PWl«n8WK* PLUS 2ND Fi'ATURE X-?^! LAST DAYI LUAND w Tim. 7:30 In Color "LOST WORLD OF SINBAD" Also "WAR OF THE ZOMBIES" ' ~ H' in Is there anybody left out there who doesn't know a loaded, full-sized Chrysler is priced less than $7 a month more than a comparably equipped Ford or Chevy? ~ WIIMESS MY SIGMA1UPE A f J D I S.I l rht I9ih day of May, 19S. /I/ C. I. LATKA C.iy Cl O^tKil SEAT, ill! mftOm-lffilIffiM-IDFESIIOT'WHKJIKl-KimKQIHDY !!!i SATUIDAY 9:30 Col, Cloy 5i30 Wogon Tfotn 6-00 Prmy"cxA* 6-00 LSU Aqrisecpi 130 Furv 6r30 H:pP« 6,?0 Inl.Vv,,^ 6:» ..I H, W ll.W T^f.n D«x. J,W ^VjjJ, mt 12.00 IdHboll At T.e Wovill 3iOO Am Icivll'rjndlOiM Nalid Citv Carrcori 4.00 8ugi Si^nv IO:IS DuiVei Law 8 W) Top Cat 4:00 Bec.-.y A Ce:lll:15 Movie 1,30 Htllot rliSO GiorJ Ok I2:X Sian Oil . i 7i30 8ob Hunt I . t.M P«»lon Plott 1 .-· 9,00 1? HlflH 1 ·· 10,00 tJewi IV|0,15 V/tolhir . i;.10,f 7iCO l-ork-/ - . _ . . _ JacV Birny ] f IlifX) Tcxilaht HtothcoK 4,00 Undllr D09 Bif * i-me* true 'ARAMOUNT STARTS TODAY! Opon 1:45 * Dial M4-3125 1.00 "GET MORE OUT OF LIFE! GO TO A MOVIE TONIGHT." PIZZA NIGHT! Every Friday Sunday SPECIAL § ' PRICE Tasle lemptinR special. 1 ; every night of Ihe v;cck. Hours 4 p.m. lo 12 p.m. New extended dining room for crivule r?rties. LILLO'S IHC. Phone fS . II I. L.Ur.J, Mill. Ovtr.ll Lcnelh V-8 Engine Cubic Inch Displacement Base Month'/ Payments Difference Per Month CHRYSLER NEWPORT 165.67 FORD GALAXIt 500 58.94 S6.73 CHEVROLET IMPALA 6.73 OLDS K-85 CUTLASS BUICK SPECIAL SKYLARK 116 300 7.02 BASIS OF COMPARISON--All moleK »ra 2-dnor liarijtops equippej with V-8 engine, automatic tfansnii^^ion, power bleering, po/,'cr brakes, rdcl-o anj healer. M.cnlMy payments have been compulctl on manulaclurers' suugeslacJ reu'l unco, one-thrrj down and 36 monthly payment*. Not included are the exlras you pay for on practically any nev/ car: Whitehall tues, deluxe wheel covers, destination charges, state and local taxes, interest, insurance and licensing lees. See us. We deliver! CHAD OXNER MOTORS · Highway 82 East

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