The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 24, 1960 · Page 16
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 16

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 24, 1960
Page 16
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DcHn Dcmod-nt-Timcs 16 Sunday, July 24, '60 Critics Page: Comments On Books, Drama, - Music, Art, Etc Mostly New S t u f f New books at the Percy Library Leo A. Dubridge -- "lulroduc ;ion to Space" | Written by a physicist who is also president of the California jlns'itute of Technology, this is I considerably belter than the av jcrage book on the subject for I the layman because it employs an intelligent approach without Shakespeare's Poetry Unique; A Reiteration In Paperback the usual embellishments accompanying texts of this type. In four lectures -- "Attaining A (Space Orbit," "The Space Laboratory." "The Solar System," and "The Universe" - Dr. Du- "The Shakespearean Moment," Patrick Crultwell, Random House, Modern Library Paperbacks, pp. 252, 93 cents. Reviewed By BURNETT HATCHER Shakespeare wrote his sonnets for his friends and his plays 'or the man in the pit, either group being fairly equivalent to anybody today. It follows then that anybody can read Shakespeare with understanding and enjoyment. Somehow scholars can't let il go at that, they must probe am appraise and then write a book about it. Shakespeare is a golc mine to a scholar who can fine a gimmick to support his own opinions. Mr. Crutlwell's gimmick is Ihi Shakespearean moment and its place in the poetry of the 17th century. Using the moment a 'bridge prepares the way for un- framework and discussion o! 17th · - - century poetry as filler, he ar jderstanding the central problems lof space, and explains the stud- jdies made in space science and ! technology. He includes figures Itlrat aid admirably in the explanation of the text. Although ·small in size, this book contains 1 more information than m a n y · weightier volumes. · Norman Rockwell -- "My Adventures as an Illustrator." Appealing autobiography of SOUTHERN THESPIAN -- Carmcl Signa, right, is pictured during a rehearsal scene of "The Elves and the Slweniaker," a children's play presented by the Mississippi Southern Summer Theatre before the regular season of seven plays began. With him in this scene is Judy Cockrcli, a Belhnvcn College senior from Greenwood. Carmcl has one of the leading roles in the current production of the summe r stock season in the air-conditioned Southern Playhouse, "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs." This play runs through Saturday night. Miss. Southern Theater Busy Greenville's Signa May Be One Of Stage 'Stars Of Tomorrow' HATTIESBURG -- Carmel Sig- really began. The group presents]attended Delta State College and rives at the unsurprising conclus ion that Shakespeare's poetry is unique, like nothing before or since, and not only superior to other 17th century poetry but to all other English poetry. Good Technically From the technical viewpoint, unily, coherence, and clarity to he book. Mr. CruttwelPs style reflects lis theory that it is "highly beneficial to poetry that it should be akcn seriously but not solemn- y." Apparently he is an English rofessor who has found out that English literature shouldn't be smothered in ivy and awe, it is jcod enough (or unbuttoned en- oyment. Mr. Cruttweil obviously enjoys his subject. His el- tin wit peeps out and apropos four letter words occasionally becomes droll. This is a revised edition of an earlier book. In it Mr. Curtlwell who feels "the notion that literary criticism can be 'scientific is an old recurring day dream an immortal heresy" has at and refutes the critics who reviewei the first edition. Since he went to the trouble o doing the research and writing the book, of necessity Mr. Curlt well must think it has at leas literary value. Such controversy may interest both an author anc his critics but hardly anybody else is going to attempt fo eval untc a n o t h e r contribution to the already overwhelming bull o! Shakespearean commentary. Mr. Crattwell's work is good. Each step is logically presented and supported by ample quotation. He wisely refrains from scholars and gains strength for his argument by allowing the quo- na of Greenville, says the theme of Mississippi Southern College's second annual Summer Theater could be, "See the Stars of Tomorrow Today." Signa, a graduate of Southern, is now band director at Lambert, but is participating in the sum-! mer theater program. Certainly, if long hours of hard work are any criterion, some of those participating in this year's program might very well be Broadway, movie or television stars of the future. seven plays in seven weeks, with each production running for five nights. Tuesday through Saturday, in the air-conditioned Southern Playhouse. While one play is on the boards, the cast for the next week's offer- ng is busy ii rehearsals getting ready for their opening. All the while, members of the entire group are hard at work during :he day building and painting sets readying coshimes, obtaining ant Building props, and doing the jiousand and one other things necessary to keep 'the show on :he road." Thai's Show Biz That's show biz, as they say It's tough, but the kids love it They have to love it to gi through it. Following the first play came Agatha Christie's mystery thriller "The Mousetrap," July S-3, ami then, William Inge's recent Broadway hit "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs," July 12-1G. Northwestern University prior U For those not familiar with summer stock theatre, it is a never- ending, nerve-wracking business, with one play following immediately upon the last with practically no time for relaxation or even to catch ones breath. It takes real devotion and love for the theatre to go through it, and the students at Southern this summer seem to have the necessary desire in abundance. I-'irsI Play Opens Members of the current com ,pany arrived and began work on June 7 and, following three weeks of getting acquainted, intensive courses in acting, directing, stagecraft, lighting. box-of-iGlass Menagerie," August 2-6; enrolling at Southern, where he graduated in 1959. Band Directo at Lambert during the past school c year, Carmel is doing gradual work at Southern toward hi Master's degree. While an under graduate at Southern he perform ed in two of the all-campus mus Seals, "Brigadoon" and "Guys an Dolls," and in "My Three An gels." Thus far during the cu rent Summer Theatre progra. he has appeared in "The Mousetrap" and "The Dark at the Top of the Stairs." Completes Research On Poet Milton STATE COLLEGE, Miss. (AP) --Dr. Calvin Huckabay, Mississip- i State University associate En- ;lish professor, has compiled a )ibliographical supplement of the wausu ruipCLl t u i UIL^CII^, i-yic and Cniikshank finds expression in his Post covers, illustrations, ads and posters. The anecdotal series of scenes and characters -- by turns humorous, nostalgic, ind tragic-- delineate a perceptive, unpretentious artisan. He s sensitive to criticism, yet includes the terse comment by Robert Coals on his ability as an artist: "He certainly is a rard worker." The final chapter, a day-by-day account of the illustrator's methods, corroborates Coates' statement, it not his judgment. FICTION Lawrence Durrcll -- "Clea" Mr. Durrell has brought his Al cxandrian Quartet to a success ul close. "Clea" has been un nounced as a clwice of two ma jor book clubs. It is certain to be a best seller as w e 1 1 as a critical success. That "Clea," like its three predecessors, "Justine," Balthasar," and "Mountol- ive," is literature of high distinc ted passages to own proof. He sums up he end of each votes the last ch mary of the wh Eon is understara composed nf frag er study, human scription. philos :ion, and literar Durrcll plays again on the the ious love is, ho tow life and love ed, may rise age nix. Robert Wilder my Shadow' With Mark Hi vast industrial ! en over by his Her great intere several of which becomes involv Chandler under while learning th stand their his points at This gives After all Shakespeare is belle reading than any of the commen tary or. his work. Patrick Cruttweil was born in Indian and educated at Cambridge He served in World War II ant has been lecturer in English a universities in and America. Burma. Englani His articles hav been widely published in literary journals. He also wrote the nov cl A Kind of Fighting. "Clea" is philosophical specula- ry theory. Mr. over and over mutable life, ness. Carol's later marriage d Bootsie Warrington has its up and downs largly because Boo sie likes the life ol a Virgin! county gentleman and Carol can not find time to settle down. Th' is a powerful story laid largel n Virginia and New York Cit which covers the period from tb late 1920s, to the end of the Sec ond World War. It is very inle esting and well written, with psy NATHANEL BENCHLEY Recent Books Nathaniel Benchley, McGraw-Hill. 30 pages, $3.35. A humorous novel ol adventure on tlje high seas in which a young Ivy Lea ;ue set couple become involve* vilh a gang of highly inept bank robbers in a rusty getaway ship y the son of the late grea 1 Robert Benchley, whose amusing jiography of his father was a besl seller. THE ARCHIE MOORE STORY y Archie Moore, McGraw-Hill 240 pages, $4.95. World ligh icavy - weight champion Archie Moore, who was born Archie Lee Wright at Benoit, Miss, (in 1911 le says), and gone on to greatei r ame as an octor (with felto; Uississippmn Eddie Hodges "Huckleberry Finn") writes th story of his life. He left Missis sippi at the age of 8 after havin. the temerity to shake a whit ixjy who had scared his horse learned to fight on the Lac streets of St. Louis, in the Mis souri State Reform School, a CCC camp in California. H includes his famous 4-week diet, which is heavy on sour kraut juice and chewing up meats Music On Record y HOMER F. EDWARDS, Jr. HAYDN: Tho Se«son» (Com- lete). Soloists, Beecham Choral Society and Royal Philharmonics irchcstra, Sir Thomas Beecham, xmd. Capitol GCR 7184. It is said that Haydn, although elighted with ths reception given his "Seasons" reminded hij riends that it was not a "Crta- ion" where the characters were ngels: in the present work they re but peasants. .If true, this xrhaps does more honor to the evout Haydn than to Haydn the music critic. Almost everything n the composer's basic charac- er favored the point of view in The Seasons": closeness to na- ure, honest labor on the soil, and xicolic pleasures well forth oyous profusion in this music. Beecham's skill and love for laydn's score are abundantly dis- ilayed in this recording. Not a horus drags nor is lost in con- usion, every soloist has superb diction and a Beecham-inspirec ense of style for the 18th century. And not unlike the director if a 3-ring circus, Beecham leeps in perfect balance three arrays of force: soloists, chorus and orcliestra. In short, if anyone has not ret found the delights of this hap- y music, now is the time to remedy matters. Like the music recorded sound here a joy on the ear. SCHUBERT: Quintet in A ma or, Op. 114 ("Trout"). Hephzi jah Mcnuhin and Members o he Amadeus String Quartet. An gel 35777. The limpid beauty of one of Schubert's most popular chamber works engages the ear pleasantly here. Piano and strings eep their proper distance: ar important note. Abov* at), I think, he particl- pcnti agree on not driving tha nuslc too hard. In these days of h« fuper - virtuoso, composer ika Schubert corns In for rather rough treatment at times. Tha standards and easy-going natur« of Uw private musicals come to Ind in listening to this Angel recording and thi« i« proper. Angd'i recording 1* mellow and pleasantly retonant. Altogether, her« is a sensitive performance lensltlvely recorded and well worth attention. SULLIVAN: The Yoemen of the Guard (Complete). Soloists, Pro Art« Orchestra and Glynde- xnirne Festival Chorus, Sir Malcolm Sargent, eond. Angel 3590 B-L. The high comedy and rollick. ing humor of nearly all the Gilbert and Sullivan affairs are not as prominent in "The Yocmcn of ths Guard". The story line and the music are almost serious, reminding one more often of comedies. Nevertheless, the opera (for so it is) bears close attention. In addition to the "dark" comedy aspect mentioned, there seems to me not a little about this work that is reminiscent of early Verdi: the vigorous rhythms and tha swelling lyricism come very close to the mark of the Italian master. Yet Sullivan is too conscientious a musician for downright imitation and overall there is an English flavor as honest as beef pie. Performances all around hera under the sure hand of Sir Malcolm Sargent are secure and musically sound. Each singer delivers his lines with impeccable diction--enormously important with Gilbert's catchy lyrics. Recording itself (monaural review copy) is up to Angel's usual excellent standards. T I P S O N T.V. P-R-O-C-R-A-M chological and social implications, which are ot swallowed. e owns. She with Chris; The remaining four plays are the sparkling French comedy "Gigi," closing today; the American classic "Harvey," July 26-30; Tennessee Williams' great "The fice management, make-up, and preliminary auditions, the first play opened on June 28th. Beginning with "The Reluctant Debutante", which ran f r o m June 28 through July. 2, the grind and the romantic comedy "Sa brina Fair," August 9-13. Greenville's Signa Signa, a graduate of St. Jos eph's High School in Greenville is the son of D. E. Signa. JOY PHONE ED M511 OrweV r~ ; ;/ -- ln ;.v i;j: rr-#?"- TODAY m TRUE-AS-LiFE-AND-DEATH STORY OF THE MAHWHO LED THE F161ITAGWST THE MAFIA! FARNSWORTH'S The Bride's Store SUNDAY 11,15 Ov»rrvr» Ili30 B:ihfD SKee. 12,00 Tha Ufa 12.30 Ch'jftli of Chmi 1 iDO "Broadway Mi'ody end Ere* and PINE BLUFF KATV--CHANNEL 7-CABLE 7 10:15 " A l t a i 5.00 Fvnday Fen. 5i30 Cartooni 6.00 Then An Men 8,30 Movi rick 7,30 Lawmen 8:00 Bun* S 8:30 A la it ant 9.30 John Sfacto 10.00 N*wi MONDAY 8-45 Ovtrlui* 8,55 Dally Word ^OO Cartoorw 10:00 Mov* Ilt30 SJ-.awicu UrAS New» 12:00 Cet-lew Gun 1?:M Lava Thai Ba liOO About Focffi 1.30 Oou *xxfi 2,00 Day In Ccvrl 2.30 Gala Stem a 100 BeaT Deck 3,30 Who few Try* 4 CO Kandtoan* 4-.3Q Pocrr* 5:00 McGraw 5:30 TBA ivorks of John Milton, the university has announced. His year of research at the Library oE Congress was financed ay the Souths;n Fellowship Foundation. Dr. Huckabny, a native of Bienville. La,, and a graduate of Lou isiana College. He hotds a mas ter's degree from Tulane and docEorale from Louisiana State. "ENEMY FROM SPACE" Brian Donlevy PLUS -- CARTOON! Show Starts -- 7:30 THURSDAY 10:00 A.M. PHONOGtAPH REEVES TV SERVICE Phone 2-7783 Fast Service Guaranteed JACKSON WJTV-CHANNEL I2-CABLE 6 Air Conditioned For Good Reading "Pilgrims In Paradise" 3.95 By Frank Slaughter "Enjoy, Enjoy" 4.50 By Harry Golden "Before You Go" 4.95 By Jerome Weiciman "Ourselves To Know 4.95 By John O'Hara "The Unspeakable" 2.95 (Crime Club Selection) By Stephen Ransome "Flights Of Fancy" 3.95 By Frank K. Smith I, Priscilla $3.00 Evelyn Allen Hammett FFICE SUPPLY i"=IO Avc. Phone 2-OOi I Starts TODAY! Toxiy,,^ ^Debbie Open 1:45 ED 4-3123 ANNE j Drive: ff- ' Phone - . . -;(«··· . '-.G.reeovilte tcland '.»-;'· ^ ' - SUNDAY 9:30 Cdfr.«r3 3 IOO Ouiir.'cn Scl. 10il5 Living V/tvd 10,30 Herald ol Tru:K '1.00 Fini BoatlM Church 12.00 Baieball 2,30 3-g 7 45 Golf 4-00 V*tcxrr*y Valor 4:33 Sang* of 4.4$ Ti 5.00 Corwenr 5,30 t w e n i l e r Cw.ry 6:00 law · 6:33 Dtr.rvi 7.00 Ed SulK B 00 G.E. Tr B-30 Nor Fo 10,45 N:oh Court MONDAY 7.30 Ccuoirv SXov 8:00 CU rVrwi B.I5 Cap. Xarxjaro 9.00 Convent, C-T 10 33 Clear Hcriia r*eal:» 11.00 Lovi of ll»» * Hir§ 11,30 5«ordi lor ·* lofT-wrcrw r.etltart |,.»5 Cv!d. UaW «* I2i00 W«a-Nr*i 13,05 Niwi Komi 13)30 Woild Tm* 1,00 Full Orel! Ii30 HOVM Party 7,00 TK« MIJMonaln 7,30 Virdlct b Your* 3:00 Bilghin Day 3.15 iecrw Slam 3,M frfa. ** · Night j 4.00 Pecpls'i i ChoJci J 4.30 Popey· 5:30 Convention DISTINCTIVE GIFTS The For Any Occasion Highway 82 E. Phone ED 1-1477 Free Parking In H«r TODAY Vw STOLE! torn SPIENM! ONFETM GRAMA! SUNDAY 9=?5 Prayer 9.30 Th« Lift 10.00 Tha Antwir 10.33 Roy togen 11:30 Deoih Vali 1?-00 Cle.prand Soifon 3:JO Peal Ei'a'* JACKSON - WLBT - CHANNEL 3 - CABLE 5 4-00 Fio Football MONDAY 2.00 Of. Ma I an · 5-00 /.'.*·! lh* Prut 7,00 Torfav 230 fiom 7,33 ( 8:00 9.00 m STORY OF moH pirn OF BALIW I?r25 EFD Tiltvirt 1,00 O'ttn for Day 1.33 loreiia Yovng Boon 3,00 PrayhouiB 3 30 Adv. Tin* 4:00 Ba/xlitand 5,00 UMl. Raic 5:15 Niwi 5i?3 Soofti Com ALSO -- 2 REELER Show Sfarts -- 7: SO CARTOON: ADMISSION-TSc Co Kart Races 2PM. Always A Favorite . . . WALKER FARMS GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK Rich In Vitaminj And Flavor SUNDAY B;15 Sign On 8,20 Ptuior'i S' 8:25 Newi 8:30 Loot UD 9.00 Tulore 9.-30 Cn"trtia 3 9,55 N e * i 10-00 Th» L i J B 1X30 Chi.j*oo*«ii II:CO B q Pic:ure 11:30 Newi 1:45 CK'taga vi N'eiv Yo-k ?:30 Golf MONROE KNOE--CHANNEL 8-CABLE 4 J-OO Pjbl ; c forv-T* ;ii30 5IO-* CKF 4.30 fa:a Nclivxi MONDAY S'vd/ Bo'^vt 7i40 Sign On 5.00 ConvtMioo ?·« roifor'i ! 5=30 FVbl.c Affair! 7'SQ Wartil 00 lc»i:» 7.*5 Hiwt 6,30 Dennlj Tr-i 8iOO CBS Htwj (Starts Tl.urs. "TARZAN TTIF. MAGNIFICANT' - Color [ J A VACATION RIOT AT MIAMI BEACH! JERRY LEWIS as "HIE BELLBOY" Slarls SUN.. KIDEOU SUN DEMON «i^ t 7,00 Ed Sullivan 9:00 fl.OO G. E, T f - e a r / o 10:30 Far Ho'iKv.i 3-30 Al HlrcXcotk 1.00 lav* of Lift 9:00 Lucy In 11«30 Starch *« 9,30 Wh.atV My 10.00 18A 1?iOO N«w» 12,30 AJ The WerU TofTM 1:00 Full C'rsl* 113O KouM Party 2,00 Th* Millionaire 2,30 Virdlo It 3 : 00 BrtottfM D*r 3.15 S*cr«i S«on» 3,30 Edge of I 3,« D " ' L'-flM 5^15 Tolk Bock 5:30 Conweniion A I ITT^\ S*t A CC EXPERTLY INSTALLED A U I \J VlLA^d PROMPT SERVTCE WE HAVE CURVED WINDSHIELDS IN STOCK! Burk Hall-Tayloe Paint Glass Co. 1512 Hwy. 82 E, -- Across From P. 0. Phone ED 1-2529 EL DORADO KTVE--CHANNEL 1-CABLE I fUNDAY 600 Zai» Grty 9.00 Gxivwitioo IiOO Yovng D». ) ] ; 1 5 Derby Mcrlorv* 2i30 from 1tt* Rooti 3-00 B g P c 3:30 Mickey Roo.-ey 4 0 Bawling 5,00 Botton Bl 5=30 W«r Po=n 7,00 /Antic on U» 12,00 Ark. Niwi «:00 Ch*w £how 17,15 Church 900 Ic'tna Young Program r« 9.30 Three Uvu 12,30 footy* l O O O W e o r h ^ r liOO OUIMI ft* A },30 bvcc^in lolos low- Weft Da» 4.00 "I Ssy" M OHO AT · SiCO PCMY» 3 Todov 5=*S Convi^rior EVINRUDE MOTORS - LAWN MOWERS M A R I N E E Q U I P M E N T I N C , 129 So. Walnut "Service" PhoM ED ]-OMl

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