The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 45
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 45

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 45
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AN ITOLE W01KY.YA SHOULD* SlEN TH' LOOK OW 15 WSSER I TOLE 'UN THAT'S '5 'HOME ON TH' RANGE* MEN HE RtTIRES. BUT WHY WON'T YOU SE A LAWYER F!RSTi YOU SHOULD HAVE THE TITLE PCEP WVESTI... A TICKET m EVERYTHING 15 P0I5T... ; TTCMTCN.I M*M FIRST TEXAS, WONER. JCLASS ON THtS AIRLINE. POST OASS^f NOW...WMRE WO "»OU SAYf HOURS LATER. JERRY ARRIVES AFTER, SEVERAL CHANGES -;' AT TURKEY- TROT. GOOSE"SPRfAO IS OUT A HUN 0§RO MfLES WEST... I'LL DRIVE YA BUT IT'LL CO'STYA A HUNDERP POLLARS. IT'S WQITH IT." GUESS YOU FELLAS DON'T HAVi T.V. OUT THIS-AWAY..WELL I'M TH'NUMBER ONE PROfiRUM ONTH'AllTW '.-LOPIN'LEEMY'S TH'NAME/ S01CHES AN' INVESTISASHWS - DEAL HASP* ss PAST/ NOW USSEN-I'LL 8£ GONE PER A WEEKS AN' I WANTCHA T'LOOK AFTER "HOKY" Ti I SENO PER 'WA. I'LL SEE THAT HE is LOOKEC AFTER. GOOC LUCK. I'LL KEEP MY FtNGEftS CROSSED. ITS TH'NEAREST ITYT'MYCOW- RANCH... TURNKEY...TURNiR..TURREt Na.NOTHNG CALLED TURKE JWT^WHERE (S IT NEAR. WHAT SIS CITY? HEREYA T YA ARE. GOOD ) THERE...WHERE LUCK. r-^V TH'HOUSE... WHERE'S TH.,. RRY BOUNCES -FORA HUNDREP MILES OVER OLO UNUSEO ROADS AN7 · ROCKY PASSES AND AT LAST... THINKIN SAMc TIM !PF!C FELICITY ALSO .MARE FQRCHUN , WO 1 1 KNOW... 3 LOOK ON TH'MA* YA SA...YA JOIN '' [ -UP WIT'A OTHER AIR LINE HSRE IT IS ON THE MAP. .YOUIKAND AT MAVERICK.. TAKE A PLANE TO BUFFALO' WALLOW...HMM.THEN BY CAR TO TURKEY-TROT. ^ K YKEI-YUP/ LQWN'LKMY THAT'S ME. SITCHER-SELF A PENCIL AN' P**iR AN* I'LL GIVE VA A AUTAGRAPH. TM ON M'WAY TO M'RANCHJH 1 I "PLVIN GOOSE OUTFIT." VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malley f I'M AAO5T =?eTATEPUL TO YOU PEOPLE ^ POE £AVN LOUIE'S LIFE/ A 5AAALL TOEN OP MY ESTEEM--A CAKE OF P1UTE, THE MiRTACLE SOAP/ THAT'5 VVOMC7EKFUL WEWS THATLOUIE,:$ ©OKJNJA LIVE, FLIMT. ANJ[7 WE 6OTA BW. WHEW WE FOUNJJ7 THE WITH OWE OF THE WHAT'5- )l YOU PDWT HAVE YEAH, J. FILE5. HOW A- rvE STUn^ LUMP£NJ'5 PMOTO TO' HOL FK.A f. TWO. THAT FO0L/STUHC7/V UC I CCT UlA CAI AC. jt ~ MEANWHILE M£ LEFT HIS FAL5E. WITH Wig 5 OM IT IN THE GETAWAY CAK/ HIS PICTURES PLA5TEKEP ALL OVEK- THE LEFJV TO HAVE AKOUNJ17/ HE HA5 TO HAVE. ANJ -- 6ETME? I KMOW THE PLACE. IT, THUWPEE TH/W'e TH THEKE WOULC7 SWEPT IZI6WT OUTTO SEA/'*' COPIL 1951 BY NEASttVICE. INC. The surest, safest way to stay sweet and clean each summer day! DIAL Soap stops odor before it starts! Dial with AT-7 removes skin bacteria t thaf cause perspiration odor. Assures aH-over freshness no deodorant can equal First soap of 5f$ kind! away your worries about perspiration odor--even on the hottest days ! For Dial with AT-7 does something no soap ever did before' It effectively removes skin bacteria that are the chief cause of odor. Even if you wash and. wash with ordinary soap, thousands of .bacteria'stay on your skin. But Dial, used daily, removes up to 95% of them ! So Dial stops odor before it starts. Better than deodorants, Dial stops odor not just underarm, but all' over, all day. And Dial smells good! Doctors proved the difference. Dial's AT-7 makes an amazing difference! In fact, doctors who used AT-7 soap in continuing surgical scrub-up tests proved it left skin ten limes freer of bacteria than long scrub-ups with strong hospital soaps. Complexions love Dial. You'lIJove the way Dial's mild, creamy lather makes your whole body feel glowing clean, satiny smooth. More important, Dial'Soap cleans away skin bacteria that often aggravate and spread surface pimples and blemishes on face and shoulders. Wonderful for both adolescent and adult complexions, all year 'round. 7h« hotter the day-the more you'll want Dial, the first and' only soap guaranteed to keep you fresh round-the-clock. Get both the handy new complexion size and the big bath bar today! UIAI OAVl 0*RROWAY-NBC,W«»kday»-STARS OVt« HOUYWOOD~N»C4V Hot weather is Dial Soap weather!

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