The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 4, 1965 · Page 7
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 7

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1965
Page 7
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The Atomic Warriors (6) SAC Isn't Everything, Bat It Beats Whatever Is Second, · · - · · * j - · « , · . ' · I -:a:^ R{*v ! -t,- · ··'·;! '·^·^··;^-=;:^''.'i-^-"i' ., i-J I 1 . 1 ::;i»- .-+1,^fc|-'i\' ; \--'f !?-\ U, - f .U." s^-'vl i | - '.-.-V-S't Y?ih^-.i · v ····,*.!, · V ' . - : » . U. l*. · tV:^' 1 ' nAYW''' ^ V V. ; .\ V -J;.- r.i HI, \;i i~t.1..HM-' VT:. *·?'' -~- ··* - - By FOSTER DAVIS OFFUrl AIR FORCE BASE, J^TCO. _ The Strategic Air Command, like money, may not be everything. But it Is -- again like money -- pretty far ahead of what is in second place, we hope. SAC contends that U is far out In front in the arms race, the ''balance of terror," or whatever you prefer to call the weapons production dual between Ihe United States and Russia. The huge missile - l»mber command uses weapons ranging from the gleaming revolv ers issued to its spil-and-polisl security guards to the huge B 62 Bombers. A NUMBER OF these lumbers are constantly on airborne alert, an innovation of 1361 which was thoroughly proven during the 19G2 "Cuban crisis." The SAC people keep their orces dispersed, too. This dis^officer related. "He decided persal can be increased during'wanled to sec how well the bom- eriods of tension. (EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the last of a scrips of six articles about the Strategic Air Command of the U. S. Air Force. er crew could perform. He sounded an alert signal." SAC feels it can get its alert bombers off Urn ground ,ime to avoid an ICBM attack, irom a submarine a hundred miles off shore -- or from Cuba -- would probably get a portion of the bombers. The officers selected by SAC to guide visitors around the huge SAC headquarters The officer pointed out that Hie commanding officer of SAC, Icneral John D. Ryan, has the authority to launch his force any t i m e he feels it is necessary for their safety. * · * THIS docs not. the Air Force repeatedly emphasizes, give near Omaha are fond of telling General Ryan the authority to one story about the bomber alerts. bomb Russia. The key to positive control of all the missiles and planes is 'ONF, time President Kennc- Ihc dispersal of control, curious- day was visiting Elgin Air ly enough. Force Base in Florida," a young 'Newest And Sexiest' Ann Landers .. -Answers Your Problems! DEAR ANN LANDERS: Every now and then you print a lel- ler proving tfvit behinil every successful man is a plucky, game l i t t l e woman. lias succeeded tlie The Greenville ,,.. r ..r~ r --r 1 Iphalt jungle and you are right My wife must lie credited with a tremendous contribution my success because she drove me out of Ihe house with her nagging, criticizing, and complaining. The office was in finitely more quiet and peaceful -- and 1 enjoyed my work, so I became a 15-hour-a-day man, six or seven days a week. When mai] puts in that kind of time, over a period of years, he's iOT to amount to something. I hope you will print this let- :er so my wife can see it. I want her to get the credit she deserves. - CUSTOM MADE SHIRTS Dear Custom Made: It's gen- of you to want lo give Pontiac Co. is proud to announce ym]r w i f e M , he crc |it. but I t h a t \V. D. Ferriss has joined | t ,, jnk you dcscrvc somc c r c j i u their sales staff. Mr. Ferriss h a s | ( _ t on | for smash i- _ j · .!._ T-»_ii_ u:_ ..«,:_.. i:fn J J lived in the Delta his entire life and asks his many friends and acquaintances to contact him before buying a new car, saying, "Greenville Duick-Cadillac-Pon- j tine Co. has given me 1, tcrrifii selling prices on all new cars to help me get 'kicked rff" in this business. We have a fabulous slock of all three makes of cars ready for immediate delivery. I can save you money on a new BUICK, CADILLAC, OR PONTIAC. Make me prove it by contacting me at the Greenville Buick-Cadillac-Foniiac Co., downtown Greenville, 332-5493. -Adv.- ing success in business, but .also 'or your miserable failure nl :iome. Some men who don't w a n t to go tame don't want to' stay at work either, so they go scouting for trouble and they find Presumably you avoided this trap. So what do you want from Before a missile can fire, for example, orders to do so much must be authenticated at scver- nt levels. They must come from he president, as commander - in chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. There are, (lie Air Force ·nys, several separate actions vhich separate crew members of a bomber must perform be- jre the nuclear weapons aboard can be armed. It is not possible for one man In fire a missile or drop a bomb. The Air Force says that a crew could. Iheorctically, muti ny and conspire to drop a bomb. But stiff psychological testing and constant scrutiny up and down the line make ihis an infinitely small risk, the Air Force says. * * * TO maintain command during i attack, SAC has several ad- itional command posts dotted round the United States, in ad- ilion to the main one at Offutt. "here Is also a airborne com- nand post, fully capable of run ning SAC's part of World War III. "It has been airborne'artnini (he clock since February of 1961," a spokesman said proud ly. There are several planes, and each nf them, with n gene ral officer and a full "battle s t a f f " aboard, flics an eight hour tour. Before one is permi ted to land, the replacement must be in the air. This bomber is, in the words of one Air Force man, the "newest and sexiest" in the Strategic Air Command's aircraft inventory. It is the B-58 Hustler, some of which are based at Little Rock, Ark. The Hustler will, the Air Force says, exceed 1,300 miles per hour in level flight. This is more than twice the speed of sound. II carries a three-man crew and an atomic payload. The Hustler above was photographed during u night takeoff. (USAF Photo) British Girl Sheds 7 Inches Of Height LONDON' UP! -- When at- ,al inches of bone were remove tractive Ann Rowston walked in each operation from one leg into a hospital eight months agojat a time. Bone was removed- she was 6 feet 7 inches tall andiabove and below each knee. new outfit, go on ilatcs, learn o twist and start a new career an illustrator of children's ks and Christmas cards ·-- a talent stic discovered during tier long hospital stay. Modei-A Club To Visit City Saturday Members of Do Mississippi Mcxlol A. Ford Restorers Club are coming to Greenville Saturday from Clinton on n lour t h a t will also call for visits in ClDve-] land and Greenwood. Hilmrm I.ognn of Greenville ,said Thursday he had been (id!;! vised of the route of the tour that will bring the group here to spend Saturday niyhl at the -. .Downtowner Motor I n n . It : I'A estimated they will reach ' h e r e about 3:30 p.m. Saturday. THE TOUR will leave Jackson nt 7 a.m. Saturday for Ya- caa Cily. Tchula and Green- 1 wool. After a plunk lunch t h e j group will leave Greenwood all 1;30 p.m. for Indinnola. Drew.| [Cleveland and Grcen\ - ille. On Ihc r e t u r n trip Sunday ihey will leave Grccuville at noon, drive to l.elnnd. Hollan- :lale. Beb-oni and Yazoo Cily j ;uxl arrive luck in Clinton anil Jackson about 5 p.m. Logan said Principal Dave Dunaway of 11. W. Solomon Junior High and several other Grccnvillians w i t h Moilcl A. Ford cars arc expected to welcome I he group. Dave Shcrcr heads the tour to! Greenville. Later the Clinton and Jackson group will visit in Hot Springs. Ark.. Mobile, Ala., following n J u n e 11 meeting of the club. Delta Democrat-Times Friday, June 4, '65 7 Jown in the dumps. Thursday Ihe 20-year-old British girl is seven inches shorter but her spirils are high. Bubbling over when she left doctors cut seven inches from each leg. Miss Rc/wston said she. was pepared to face the world "t^..TMTM"^}TM% l'^\l Walking out of the hospital at CJoboiven with (lie nitl of crutches, Ann, who once felt she was a freak, looked out at the world from her new height with a cheerful smile. "The most wonderful moment as a "normal" person. Behind her was four operations in which sever- busy street, looking ut people instead of trying to hide myself the ordeal of from them," she said. Slie said she was going to buy SWEETHEART TRIO 9 Genuine Diamonds Matched Happiness Rings $1 1CI A" ALL YEAR * B ^ V 3 T ° PAY AH 3 ling* are set with brilliant ginumi diamond* In your choice at 1 4K while or yello** gokJ. Diamond IIIus. Enlarged, SEE SPECIALS IN OUR WINDOWS COMPARE VALUES BUY ON EASIEST CREDIT GKfftfttUt SHE'LL ADOBE YOU FOR A COOL SUMMER! whole-house air conditioning can make your home comfortable in hottest weather! · Buy now-don't wait lor the midsummer rush! · Immediate installation by our experts! · Free home survey--it won't cost you a cent for details! · Carrier whole-house equipment is quality-built to give satisfaction for years! · No money dcmn-lake up to 5 years to payl A I R Conditioning Sales 121 S. WALNUT So what do you me -- n medal? "Termite Trouble" Call The REDD PEST CONTROL CO. OBVIOUSLY, no average Individual is in a position to evaluate accurately the Strategic Air Command. The outfit Is probably not q u i t e as good as it says it is. Bui its communications -- up ami down the chain of command and across to every single unit -- seem endless J i n their depth, snd the pride of I the SAC personnel is very, very SEWING MACHINE CLEARANCE! SllMGER TREMENDOUS SAVINGS ON DISPLAY MODELS! 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