The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 24, 1939 · Page 1
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 1

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 24, 1939
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25,000 More Ontario OMutj mflen Uaa any other Ontario County paper. ^^^^^J^ HuMn^^. . -^ ftheBafl TheWetther ftOr Uldflrt aft* We*M*ay toal f.t*. Established in 1797. Vol. 142.--No. 171. CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., MONDAY, JULY 24,1939. Single Copy, 3 Cents REPUBLICANS BATTLE FDR LENDING PLAN U.S. Settles Jap Assault On American HANKOW UP) -- Japanese authorities announced tonight an amica- kble .settlement had been reached on incident involving R. A. Baker. trrant officer, attached to the Kited Slates gunboat Guam, and a group of Japanese soldiers here yesterday. American naval officials declined to elaborate on the reported settlement, saying only that "no apology v/as tendered to the Japanese.", British Dispatch Gunboat SHANGHAI 1 (fP) -- The dispatch I cf a British gunboat to a new north' China trouble spot--Tangku, Tient- sin's seaport^-and the posting of a machine-gun guard against Shanghai terrorists today emphasized the seething unrest behind China's bat- tlelines. N. M. S. Sandwich moved down the Hai river from Tientsin to Tangku, about 25 miles away, to back up an investigation of an anti- British riot yesterday in which 700 frenzied coolies damaged the property cf a British shipping concern. Authorities aboard the gunboat also were ordered to investigate the detention of the British passenger and freight lighter Hsangwo since Saturday. Detention of the lighter was not explained officially but Japanese press dispatches said customs officials of the Japanese-dominated Peiping government had confiscated 30,000"Chinese dollars (about $2,700) consigned to Shanghai by a Tientsin Chinese bank. A banker charged with shipping the silver was also held. In Shanghai, French police stationed an armored truck manned "by a machine-gun squad at the edge got the French concession to supplement a detail of international settlement police guarding against further attack on two newspapers Mother and Son 'Hold the Fort' Mrs;. Mary Scott, of Mantau, N. J., attends her invalid sen, J. Curtis Scott, after defying deputies to evict them frcm their home. With her mother, 82, Mrs. Scott and her son remained in the house stripped of all furniture except three beds which the sheriff permitted them to retain when they pleaded illness. Other furniture was removed and piled on the sidewalk. DEATH HOUSE 'CONFESSION' MAY SAVE BOY Hammer Murderess Still Missing From Ohio Reformatory WINCHESTER. Ky. UP deathhouse- "confession victed slayer who died in the elec- " - - . MARYSVILLE, O. (JP) -- More than a month has elapsed since I Velma West, frail hammer murder- The ess. vanished into a rainy night for of a con-1 "one little adventure." A nation-wide police hunt has viutCU oijci WI1V U1CU ill uiiv cic^ -- r trie chair last week lent encourage- been fruitless, but Supt. Marguer- - - - · - - ite Reilly of Ohio Women's ref orm- ment today to 18-year-old Andy Shelton in a fight to escape his own death sentence. The youth smiled broadly when told by nis a tto rney i n a jail cell lurtner aw/acit wi uv»u i^TM»v~, | toltl Bv nts attorney in a jaii c which support the central Chinese | here that Jack rjavis, 46, made government. I last-minute statement that he and The precautions were taken after j a C0mpanion killed Isaac shelton, editors of the Chinese-American , 31 . year . 0 i d farme r. no -relation, for Daily News and the China Evening j whoge slaying youn g shelton was News reported mysterious telephone . convicted and sen tencecL ~ A iit. rtTrtY-nirnr tnpm t,n nroD tneir i _^ . , . . * _ j AT t V ¥ O A V »."·»» v**« «.»j J__ t- · calls warning them to drop tneir "pro-Chinese policies." The newspaper plants are in a building on Davis was electrocuted early Friday in the Western State Penitentiary at Eddyville for another j,^^.. f*r*TTM j, _ ,,,.,, -,v,;,,v: rii wary ai nuuyvuie ivi BIIUUIU Avenue Edward Seventh which di- ^ _ ^ . hitch _ hilyr slaying vines the international settlement,, --. · , « _j Both newspapers published their , regular editions today, having sorted the type from cases which were Warden Jesse Buchanan of the prison forwarded the notarized in tack on Saturday in irom caseo wmuii. wtic « , ... ntetal and erenade at- statement to Clark County At- pistol ana grenaae 01, , Cm uh MTM* .lr in Win- erican and three Chinese were kill- i Chester '- I torney J. Smith Hays. Jr., in Win- cd American. A. P. fllllC* *V»»»t " UVI_ A AIVj. *»···**· mirm -T -formerly of Philadelohia, was shot down when he grappled with one of the terrorists. Inspector J. Watson of the Shanghai municipal police reported he was attacked by police of the Japanese-dominated Shanghai ad- ministraton when he attempted to remove anti-British posters from buildings within the international settlement. His attackers were said to have been driven off bv a squad of Italian marines in whose defense sec- tar the incident occurred. Confer on Commmiqw TOKYO /P) -- British Ambassador Sir Robert Leslie Craigie conferred with Foreign Minister Ma- chiro Arita at the foreign office to- Bay concerning details of a com- munique their governments are publishing tonight on the Tientsin, neeoliations. Later there was a two-hour negotiation session devoted primarily to formalities. Arita introduced the Japanese conferees to Craigie and the Briton introduced his aides to Wilson, i County Judge Joe S. Lindsay said " - the "confession" stated young Sheltoon had no part in the farmer's death. Marcus Redwine. atory has not abandoned hope. "She can't keep hidden forever." Mrs. Reilly saia today of her erstwhile model prisoner v/ho mysteriously obtained keys to free herself and three other inmates. "I feel that someone helped them escape and is now maintaining them." the superintendent added. 'Velma is unable to support herself SK COLLEGE HIKERS KILLED IN AVALANCHE GLACIER, Wash. UP) -- Workers dug into the snow on the precipitous face of lofty Mount Baker today, in a search for the bodies of four of six college students trapped Saturday in an avalanche. Bodies of two of the victims, Alice James, of Arlington, and Julius Comblutt, of Bellingham, have and is of no value to the underworld. been recovered. The missing are Viene Fisher., Coupleville; Maynard Howat, seat- | Barters as to tie: Hope Weitman, Thornton; and ' """ "' Beulah Lindbergh, Great Falls, Chamberlain To Answer Loan Critics PARIS UP) -- Frime Minister Chamberlain gave formal British recognition to Japan's "special requirements" in her Avar with China today, but assured the House of Commons that his government had no intention of starting discussions with Germany designed to bribe Hitler for peace. The Prime Minister dealt in separate statements with the two questions which had aroused misgivings of opposition members and some sections of his own Conservative party. LONDON (JP) -- Prime Minister Chamberlain decided to make a statement to the House of Commons today in connection with a barrage of criticism directed against a government officer for discussing a "peace loan" to Germany. The official involved was R. S. Hudson, secretary for overseas trade, who conferred in London Is si week with Dr. Helmuth Wohl- that. German economic expert. The uproar which has developed over these talks is the greatest directed against anyone connected with the government since last April when Lord Stanhope, First Lord of the Admirality. was censured for making a public speech about naval preparedness which caused alarm. Hudson declared last night he had given a full report of.his talks to Chamberlain and that Chamberlain would address Commons on the subject today. He called the critics used such terms as "rank indiscretion" and "meddling" and suggested that he might be forced to resign. Score "Peace Talk" Rumors The government was quick to disavow any connection with a "peace talk." ' but nevertheless the report had the effect of increasing .doubt in the minds of some opposition Officials Wait Release Of Kidnaped Minister JERUSALEM (JP) --A. L. Miller, general secretary of th* Y. M. C. A. here, today handed over an unspecified sum to an intermediary at Bethlehem for delivery to the kidnapers of the Rev. G. n. Goidner, Ohio clergyman, abducted by Arabs six days ago. Mont. Minister had whether entirely abandoned his so-called appeasement policy Hudson said he had discussed in t^ SS^cSS; witn p TMth^ iSSS?* , if _ I who returned last night to Glacier ,. who beat her husband to death with a claw hammer at Perry, O.. in December. 1927. The husband, Thomas Edward West. 26, had enraged her by refusing to attend a bridge party. attorney for ] Andy Shelton. said "legal steps to get him out of jail" would be taken immediately. Redwine already has carried an appeal to the state Appellate Court. Kentucky's highest tribunal. Judge Lindsay said county authorities "take little stock" in Dav- statement. They are. however. HATCH BILL TO CHANGE PARTIES fit? no latter has not WASHINGTON /P» -- Political strategists say the real effect of the Hatch bill will be found, not in the number of office holders it strikes off the rolls of the 1940 Investigating it, he "said, and have Democratic convention but in re- obtained warrants for a man nam- shaping of party machinery at its .... _ _TM.. i .jjas^ j The bill, approved by Congress veils' desk. It forbids political activity by most federal officials and j bans compaign contributions by persons on relief. In some states, politicians say. county and state political committees will have to be virtually re- While downcast by the tragedy, the two guides who accompanied the Western Washington college of Education's annual hike were thankful it was not more serious. There were 25 members in the party, guides Don Cox and Chester Ullin said, including themselves. The guides are assisting in the search. The group was under "Roman Wall" a rugged cliff only 400 feet from the 10,750-foot summit and preparing to scale the cliff when the avalanche of snow came roaring down on them. The hikers scampered for safety but when they gathered beyond in a group six were missing. a big loan to aid German economy in return for disarmament arrangements. Indicative of the trend of attack against him was the statement of the Daily Mail that his "position in the government has been compromised" as a result of "denials and counter-denials" in connection with his meetings with Wohlthat. A foreign office spokesman on Saturday said "all talk of a large loan to Germany in return for partial disarmament" was "absolutely unofficial and purely academic." 'Anti-appeasement" leaders were expected to press Chamberlain for assurance that there would be no "peace" talks with Germany without Parliamentary approval. Some The note was a personal appeal by the elderly clergyman for the safe return of his son. Both were seized by an Arab band six days ago when they were returning through the barren Moab hills from a trip by donkey to Mar Saba on the Dead Sea. The father was escorted to the outskirts of Jerusalem and released to carry out the ransom demand. The father's letter was delivered yesterday by Bedouins who went first to Bethlehem where it was translated into Arabic. The translator added his own plea for release of the clergyman tourist whose own church is at Mogodore, Ohio. After that a Bedouin took the note and proceeded along the road to Hebron until two of the Arab leader's bodyguards met him and escorted him to the hideout. The leader announced Goidner was alive and well but the emissary was not permitted to see him. The messenger was instructed to return to Bethlehem to await detailed instructions on the payment of the $5,000. The instructions were expected to reach him some time today. Father Recovers The elder Goidner arose from his sickbed for the first time in three i cays and went down to the Jeru! salem Y. M. C. A. lobby today where Americans gathered to comfort him. To facilitate the promised instructions fresh messengers were dispatched during- the night., to Bethlehem to relay any new mfor- j mation to the father. .... . ,,_ . Searchers who have been combing I the hills for trace of the kidnapers 1 were instructed to withhold action until further word from the leader of the Arab band. A government JERUSALEM (JP) -- A. L. Miller, general secretary of the Jerusalem Y. M. C. A., said today he was leaving immediately for Bethlehem and expected to return within a few hours with the Rev. G. R. Goidner, Ohio clergyman who was kidnaped by Arabs six days ago. Negotiations to effect Goldner's release have centered around Bethlehem during the last 24 hours. Miller, formerly of Sioux Cily. Iowa, conferred at length during the morning with Dr. Jacob Goidner, father of the kidnap victim, in Goldner's room in the Y. M. C. A. A Bedowin emissary arranged the meeting to conclude negotiations after delivery to the rebel chieftain of the kidnap band of a letter from Goldner's father, the Rev. Dr. Jacob Goidner, announcing readiness to pay the $5,000 demanded. The money was made available by the Cleveland congregation of the father. WORKER QUESTIONING IN GffiL'SJlAYING ATTICA. Ind. UP)--A. little sewing basket, stuffed with a blood-stained Vi -- ----. handkerchief and some undercloth- force was called from the nun* at ing. became the clue today by the request of United States Consul which police hoped to trace the 1 General George Wadsworth. slayer of pretty 11-year-old Eliza- i -- beth DeBruicker. whose mutilated body was found Saturday in a shallow grave at the edge of a golf course here. The girl had been missing since Friday. She diisappeared after attending a 4-H Club meeting. The sewitMf basket was the one Elizabeth, a blue-eyed brunette, had carried to the club meeting and police hoped to find the linger prints on it. which would lead tc the identity of the slayer of the girl. Aim of GOP FDE AND FARLEY STUDY 3RD TERM HYDE PARK (JP) -- In the privacy of the President's Hudson Valley home, Franklyn D. Roosevelt and James A. Farley continued to- lueiii-ii* i» w«v ^.»jv 4 -- --- =-d ay a chat which may have an im- The fact, that her underclothing i p^rtant bearing on next year s po- ·aroc in Hio haeV-dt alsn led officers litionl namnaiCTl. , was in the basket also led officers to believe Elizabeth may have been campaign. conjectures than facts was buried. Meanwhile state police continued to question a 26-year-old golf course worker who was taksn into custody Saturday, a few hours after Elizabeth's body was found. He first was spirited out of the 1 jail here and taken to Indianapo- 'lis for a lie detector test. Then he was taken from there and it was reported today he was being held at the Lafayette State Police barracks. 26 miles northeast of here. The younp man. married and the LO Utut,vc Jtuii«*e*w\,fci* »»»",,- "" · ~ -- j 4UWAI. ^,w« JV -attacked and killed elsewhere and | a bout their conversations were m then carried to the spot where she evidence around the Summer 'Wnite ,,ro* h,,ri«ri ; -"- $ -^ House The conjectures revolved primarily around one big question: Had the President and the Democratic national chairman discussed third term possibilities, and, If Army Recruiting Drive Far Ahead of Schedule WASHINGTON JP -- The army's : n ^ e "£ eca ' u ^ e ~ hundreds of office ! ""AS a change of wind sent a nre- most intensive peacetime recruiting nolders now ^^^ on 5h em . viously controlled fire near Ellen- Forest Fire Rages In Ulster County ALBANY .4i -- One forest fire raced out of control today as a wind and rain storm brought relief to one small section of drought- burdened upstate Ne\v York. . members of Parliament hinted at! father of three small attempt to postpone the Parlia- { taken into custody boys, the golf mentary recess, becin An- 4 Hudson 3 said rsiuvmt me rni i«i- i «··«-·· · «,- now scheduled to course. He was arrested three j ears ago for contributing to the delinquency of a nine-year-old girl and officers said he was known to have he met Wohlthat. at the suggestion of the German *-.*...~-~ embassv Their discussions of trade been working Friday within a short problems, it was said, turned to a distance of where Elizabeths body disarmament scheme involving a j was found, big international loan to smooth German economy, future discussions looking to a division of world trade among various powers and the question of German access to AJrican colonies. they had, what was decided? Reporters were none too hopeful of getting a complete answer either at a press conference with Farley this afternoon or at another with Mr. Roosevelt in Washington tomorrow. Farley has insisted on numerous occasions that he has never talked third term with "the boss," but he is sailing for Europe this week, ana the time is approaching when the Democratic political machine must be polished up for next year's campaign. State Tax Agents Seek Cigarettemugglers most intensive peacetime rccrui^ nolders now ^^^ on t ne m. viously controlled fire near Ellen- campaign, intended to bring H2.W | ^^ ma j or j}. v O f tnc delegates ville. Ulster County, off on a new . « _ ».»__ _«MI*I- lm^" vttirt-- p w -- ·-- di » -- . * * · · * * **fL , ^ m . . , new men into the ranks by mid- j (fl nationa j conventions is chosen j blazing rampage, a rainfall of 1.02 1940. is well ahead of schedule ai in s{ate convcnt j ons xne county ' Prisoners to Worship | At Magellan Altar! I ^J 11CH A V » * * vw"» ----- -- w - T 4 , i dav was posted at bridges, tunnels DANNEMORA IIP) -- Inmates ol |" d ferrie Vto determine the extent tto-i- Vnrk Slate's "Siberia" con- I _, _ .=j_ ,,* ^nntnhanri rirarettes i A^mV* **-* ·***»· MMVWM. --the end of the first half-month, outlined the · Official reports showed »* and precinct men play a large part ^The foroicn minister outlined the- Official reports * now «* l °5! y · in "selecting the delegates to these problems briefly and then left the that thcr % w f^- al ^ 4 JS5 nCc ^ 5lal * ******** conference in the hands of Solo- mcnte fey July lo.ijJfwenttng « Advocates of conference inalsu Kato. Ohina. , inches in an hour aided crops in j chemune County. fill on rajnister-at-large to CHARGE -PROFAGANDA" WASHINGTON W -- United Slate housing authority was charged fov Rep- Cox. D.. Ga. today " responsibililv for what he las toy their County Agent Lacey H. Woodward j ---said the rain would help "short NEW YORK ^t root crops" but would not save i ble piled wp today pasture lands in that dairy New York State's "Siberia" con (tinucd work today on St. Dismas Church in the shadow of I -Rolls that they (the "Magellan Altar. Dedication to the "good at 411U i,V*4 »»-«» »"** w -- of a tide of contraband cigarettes | brought in by New Jersey com"bootleggers" have in thousands of car- Tobacco , w..~ ^---- ·, "'"sfllUJZlTiCCl "· Fresh trou- j Dedication to the "good thier tons of eights m an attempt to for J. Richard j who died with Christ on Calvary. evadc payment o f a new two-cent- meats by July to- representing «« Advocates of tlic Hatch bill say root crops" but would not save ! ble piled wp today for J. Richard ; who died with Christ on calvary, per cent of the 5220 ^U for tnc {Jiat if ^^ ]iu]e conini ,jnity pasture lands in that dairy sec- 1 "Dixie" Davis, one-time lawyer for the church is being built near the entire monla. The initial allotinems i mcel j n?s arc dominated by office lion. The storm damaged telephone . the Dutch Schultz policy racket. Clinton Prison entrance. Its Cornel some corps areas already were hoWcr j: J}|C y ^5 ^m, j^jj- coun- 1 and light facilities in a portion of j with indications that federal agents erstone was laid yesterday by the filled. .,. . tv delegation toward a perpetuation i Elmira. will tap him on the shoulder when Most Rev. Francis J- Monaghan. lied. ,,-,-,,. ty delegation toward a perpetuation ; Elmira, Officers said they were gratified : -^ ^^ of lhr mm who ^^ v- the mental and physical qnali-1 ^^ th . 3r } 0bs _ j j j,] lis ^oujd hold MAK' and physical qnaU-· soldiers numbers. The first; bill. their jobs. If this should ho3d in the stat** as a. whole, or *qOTisiwiiw IOT wiiju IK IK «».« «·«-· -,--. -_ · ua« « majority of the counties in any a "flood of wropaganda" on batch of prospective aviation me- ; Sl-ate }llf w3lo]c statc aeleg-alron of the *800.WW.WO U5HA chancis and fliers was described as WOHld ^ pyt al Ulc 31^0^1 or 01 · '--'-«- -- -"-- « -»» - · candidate *mn«J to rep- W14I1 JUUUlrVAWVAlO WM*V JHCVTC*«1 O^CHH*^) CJ^AVJat: Wao HAOU ,,·* ^^i-w* w,.- -*,will tap him on the shoulder when Most Rev. Francis J. Monaghaiv he is released from the Bronx jail Roman Catholic bishop of Ogdens- MAKE CAPTURE IN" REVERSE : ' at 12.01 A. M, Friday. ; bwrc. PHILADELPHIA .ijPi -- Two no- j The government wants Davis to ; When finished, the edifice in a patrol car made a cap- ! tcU what he knows if anything house an altar donate^ bv will Mrs. enthusiastically as "fine as grout) of candidates for West Point." djccmen in a pai.roi car xnaae a cap- i icu wnai ne Knows 11 anyinmg nouse an aiwu uuu»wu an ««·«. t«rc in reverse. Thev saw a man i about the fabulous millions which Maria D. Latrobc of Washington, oe pin- ai wic oiswosaa 01 ; fleeing from a dice game. The of- I Schullz is said to have cached in D. C.. and believed to be the one i-nr candidate seemed to rep-i ficrr "driving shifted into reverse j safe deposit vaults before he was carried by Magellan. 16th century the interest of the job hold- and drove backward three blocks to ; slain in a Newark, N. J., beer tav- explorer, to the Philippines short- overtakc the snrinling fugitive. em. ly before his death in 1521. a-package state tax that went into effect July 1. New York City has had a one- cent-a-pack levy for more than a year. Two taxes, both lor relief purposes, have boosted the retail · · brands from 14 WASHINGTON (/P) -- Senate Republicans sought today to foroe the administration to use ite existing borrowing authority for a start on the $2,490,000,000. lending program. The lending bill was called #P for Senate debate today, and Democratic Leader Barkley predicted approval before the end of the:week. Republicans agreed to cooperate for a speedy vote, but there vas-jride- spread doubt that Congrew could adjourn finally by Saturday.?:: Senator Townsend (R-Del) told reporters that Republicans 'would try to reduce the total of the. lending measure below that fixed by the Senate banking committee and would "make a real fight" to-eliminate new borrowing powers; Townsend said the Republicans probably would offer amendments to reduce the authority f or rarious loans and then would seek to confine the program to revision of existing lending powers. He-jMMrted the RFC could finance thfe -^entire program a year or so by amending the law to permit loans for tenant farmers and rural electrification projects. .., T The banking committee rushed the lending bill to the Senate Saturday after making a net $310,000,000 reduction from the original total of $2,800,000,000. It cot itom $750,000,000 to $500,000,000 the proposed loans for toll roads and-^re-- duced from $500,000X100: to: $390,- OOO.OOO.the projected outlays tar railroad equipment. On motion of Senator Clark (D-Idaho)V it add*d $90.000,000 for reclamation' ptpiecta in the West. hH'-i'l^ Authorise LMUH ·::£ As sent to the Senate floor; ^tae measure would, authorise the BSD to borrow up to $500,000,000 for ton roads, $350,000,006 for .equipment, $360)000)000 Tort managed by states and citU^,--, 000000 for farm tenancy. a£d rtfral rehabilitation loans, $300JBO»^Ot) for rural electrification, $100X100,000 for the export - Import bank, and $W,000.000 for reclamation. ":''":'.-_"·"''·' There was much cloakrodlD): cussion of the possibility that " gress might dispose of the let measure by the mkMBe"~dt : _,week. August 2 and 3 were mentioned as possible adjournment dates. The only other major legWaOon awaiting final :a bin expanding the .Social Security nvo- gram. A Senate-House committee is trying to adjust the differences between the two chambers. Legiala- tors also are trying to rush through many minor bills in which they are interested. ! " " . : . The House resumed'"drtiijSRSi M transportation bill which ftaaas other things would put water tiers under control of the I^ Commerce 'Commission. The,,, is not expected to take it session, however. _ 7Z£_~ Rep. South (D-Tex) saW ttfcr* appeared to be a good chanoi. ttajt the House would ettmitttte U» water carrier section. South, a leader of a bi-parttaan bloc opposing the proposal. m# "the only thing we hate to lear te that strong railroad lobby." . The bill also would repeal 4te so-called land grant statute* vrUdi railroads claim cost them 4UBMW annually, authorixe new HfC km* to railroads, bring interstate Jar- warding companies under Mnl regulation, and relieye the of part of the cost of new over navigable waters. Hearst Paper SoU To Syracuse Herald tx 17 cents a Nazi Propaganda Agent Dies in French Prison PARIS Wi -- -Mien Poirirr. one of two Paris newspaper employes ; A arrcst*d in the governmcBrs invcs- ! fl ,,,,,,,,, 300 Celebrants Collapse After Mass Meeting Huey long Associates Arraigned for Fraud MONTREAL 'Canadian of fainlinp anrl fli77- spells " f ^ 3 , V1SK m ar- Jo]JowJni; an operation ior : pui 300 TO~»rj5,. by pojicr r-M^atif a stomach uli'CT, the newspaper Le j under emergency treatnw-nt. bu! Pagaro rcportefl today. only eicht remained in hospital Poirier had held a position in the beds today. advertising department of Le Figaro wntjf his arrest about two weeks ago. '"Poirier's death wipes out judi- The eicht not in condition -- merely "too tirr-d to go home." The victims were most-ly girls. eial action in what concerned him j Hospital attaches said they were The first vic-tims started slumpmc in 11 - ifir M-adirjirj ^(-aU about. 3 o'clock last night. Hours earlier they ·vntness»ed the ·marriace or 3fl5 your.* French- Canadian couples in a ceremony ar- ran^ed by the Young Catholic Workers" Movement to offset "the unfavorable publicity marriage is getting from the world's divorce There wre 20.000 persons in the Mands of the big stadium for thai f-vent and the Barnes and paceantn V If* I JlCllwia J'* 1 ! fV J Jfli'l- CVJ'lV^" J J C . V 4 J * J J J J , J J'.'.^^vd t,^i « i init^*«wi-' *.-«· « \ « « · · · * . - .. ^. -v- j - - - _ - , . ^ ,_,., j . _ 7 _ _ , _ _ ^ _ ] . nsrscnally." Le Figaro said, -"but j felled by a combination af the ] ihat followed--all part of the pro- *"_ , , * . , - . . _ _ _ ^ ^ a _ -^ i. i i - ^ . . ^ a ^_^;^._.« A.«4. 4 H.M. »^^^1k i f-.*.n w-. f*.4 4 !· A ^7 f^ Xt7 ^i*s*siiA^ tt motives of the charges against broiling heat, excitement, too much gram ol him still remain to be made public." i soda pop and "too much running! congress. the Y. C. W. Th- faint ings covcrort a period of three hours. At one time victims v;ere carried down from the vtarid faster than the St. -John".' ambulance brigade could care lor them. None of the day's newlywcrls ra* among them. Tlit- pageant conianued meanwhile to a wierd accompaniment 5l sirens and sjmb«3ance bells. Dree- ing rooms at the stadium became temp'irary hospital ww3s where many victims were given first aid treatment, the more serious cases and Notre Dame annual j going to 1st. j Hospitals. When the ditissinc rooms were fillf-rl 1he overflow V:AK shunted to a rhrol across the street. As word oi the prostrations spread the 1*1- ·d at police head- jjammefi with calk from anxious parents at a 400-an- BATON ROUGE, La (*) -Governor Eafl K. Long wrAOpofl me mantle of the -Kingfisn" ctoser about him today as the federal government called the late Huey LOTC'S political treasurer and four associates into court for arraignment on mail fraud charges. Governor Lone. Haey's roan^r brothfr .vuccwted Richard W. Ijechfi to the governorship four weeks azo in the midst oi charges Cajnj]3icn Houde took per- j of "irrcjnjlaritiesf in funds of Lou- r/harw ol the first aid work, isiana Slate University. In speech at a National Guard He eaiif'd lor a city bus which made two Trips 10 one hospital. Taxis also V.T-TC cammandered. About 175 of the stricSen w^rf 1alw»n 10 liospitals. The otliers went hnmc alter treatment at the sta- encampment near Alexandria ves- t«rday he asked for cittoens' nelp to "clean up" the state and commented, "some papers are trying to scandalize Huey. They cant cry down the name of Httey SYRACUSE ,., -iiii^,.--,.. only two He*4paptia puouineq · Syracuse today when UwJpwMl and Sunday American sopmM publication as a part of the «a- traction of the Hearst iKWflMpW empire. " ^^^ Sale of the Hearst paperto the Syracuse Herald was aonMond Ita a front page box in yerterday's Editions. Rranded in 1«T7, the HmM carried today the name of f papers in its masthead for UK time. ,, Founded as a wetkly by Vrrut M. Smith in 1839 under the na»« «f the Western State Journal, the Journal was acquired by the l»*e Harvey Burrin in 1SW. The H«anl interests obtained control m If*. Contraction of the Hearst empire began two years ago totth t»e closing of the Itocjeater and American. 8utaei|iitB Milwaukee Journal and the B«e-Ne*s were disoowd «f Mrs. B3eanor M. took over the t4on of t'ne HeceipU. es,

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