The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 6, 1947 · Page 10
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 10

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 10
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.tune fl, 184f Mayor Talks Too Long Of Meters, Gets Ticket For Overtime Parking; Driver Chases Ambulance, Pays BY J A C K Associated RUTLEHGE Press Staff Everybody but the National Guard was involved in a Beaumont ^An ambulance started It, Sirens roarings, it set out on a mission of merry. A motorist let. curiosity overcome his better J u d g m e n t and followed to «rc what t h e excitement was all about, O f f i c e r K. V. Haggard spotted him and pulled out. A scout car. w o n d e r i n g what Haggard was up to, Joined the Finally, a State H i g h w a y Patrol car, not to be l e f t out of any- t h m c . taKKcd behind the acout car. ' Merrily t h e y roared a l o n g -- t h e ambulance, the mrHnrlst, Haggard, t h f 'scout'cur, the h i K h w a y patrol. It sounded like n threshing machine, a highway patrolman said. The motorist was nabbed and for doing 68 miles per city street. * * * And the mayor of Beaumont, Otho plummer. got a ticket for ovrrparking. "I wouldn't have overparked, }v grumbled, "if I hadn't talked to W n l t r r Casey *o long." What wn.s hp t a l k i n g about? f i n e d $30 hour on a Court Records Parklnp molrrs. 103rd DISTRICT COURT Suits Filed Ouadalupe Diaz Laern, et n l , vs Continental Casualty . Company, suit to collect insurance. Juan Ha Sosu Silva, et al, VB. Continental Cn usually Company, .suit to collect insurance. The new Police and Fire Commissioner at Galveston went Into ac'.ion in a big w n y . He banned chicken raising at fire stations. Johnston Inspected stations, _ f o u n d lire-men were raising brood- r», rr*. tn t h r i r spare time. Ho, said he fi'.d nrit disapprove of the hob!y, but ordcrrd t h r men to raise the chickens elsewhere--not In the fire stations. 107th DISTRICT COURT Heard Stuart vs. Mildred Stuart, divorce. Luciano Loppy,, by next friend. John P. Porter, vs Bnrr Ewlng. nl, damages. to J. Third S a f e t y first caused n" accident at Hill.',borfi. A woman was calling h f r husband's n t t e n t inn to a child t h r » t seemed about to cinrt. I n t o the M r r - H . His eyes were diverted lone: enough for hlrn to mififi seeing ft cnr. They collided. Two were. Injured. » « « At HnuMbn, IS negroes were ar- rrMcti nt. n did; game. Thirteen t\r\ n l t t f f l they wore fdioollng cllcn nn'\ w e r e f i n e d $15. Two othcr.'t v,ho .sritd t h e y were Just k l b i U l n g w e r e f i n e d $2f. Texas REALTY T K A N F K R S J. W. and Bertha Wolter M. Scogln, Lot 3, Block 2, addition to San Bonlto. Dan A. and Marie Williams to Cecil L. and K a t e Snlnfi, interest in nncl to South 23 acres of Lot or Block 5, S u r v n y 204, Cami err»n County. ' Don IT, nnd Cres.sle Mnc Rnvi- I m n k n r t o Donnld W . , n n t l Vivian J O . Stewart, Lots 5 nnd H, Block ' 1 , Nicholson Place addition to West Texas Gets Full Attention Of Oil Industry MIDLAND, June fi (XP)-- The attention of the nation's oil industry is "centered on West Texas, l he only area of the nation which effectively can produce more oil t h a t it now is producing," according to William J. Murray, Jr., Texas railroad commissioner, Here to attend the opening of he 12th a n n u a l Midland Rodeo, Murray said, "the Permian Basin area of West Texas with Its huge reserves and with its many new discoveries assumed national signi ficance in meeting the- increased oil demands of the nation." The railroad commisisoner rode in the horsemen's parade launch ing the rodeo yesterday afternoon and last night witnessed the initla rodeo peri'omancn. He was accom jrnnicd here by his wife and twt small daughters. His father J. Murray Sr,, of Abilene, also present. Here are the winners of night's rodeo: Bare back bronz riding: Hancock, Roswell, N. M',, first Red Walker, Bolton, Tex., second Prank Flnloy and Larry Flnle.\ brothers, Phoenix, Aria., tied £o t h i r d and fourth place. Calf roping: Leslie Wilkins Ys leta, Tex,, first, 'time 15.4 seconds Red Whatley, Midclland, second In Mine Disaster WASHINGTON., June 6.--/P)--A Senate public lands subcommittee declared that "use of explosives in FI nonpcrmlssible manner" was the inmediate 'cause of the March 25 Jentralla (111.) mine disaster which laimed 111 lives. · The committee'said: VIn summing up the responsibill- y, committee members found that Imosb everyone concerned was ullty of negligence to one degree j r another--management, t h e miners, i,hc mine workers' union, tate and federal bureaus." The SS "Carroll Victory of the Trxa.n Lines, which was scheduled tn n r r i v n n t ort Brownsville June Ki from New York and Hoimton w i t h grn'-ral cargo, has been taken o f f of the t r i p , according to off i c i a l * here, due to n cracked prop a l l o r f . h a f t . Thr speedy South Bend Victory," v h i f h l e f t here last Sunday for B a l t i m o r e and New York, has been rescheduled to m n k e the run for the "Carroll Victory" and Is ex- prrted to a r r i v e here J u n e 16. Education Costs COMB FUDGE. Mass., June ft-- f/P) -- Gen. Ornnr N. Bradley, veterans a d m i n i s t r a t o r , said yesterday It m a y cost t.he government $12,000,- orwxOOO to oclucnte the ex-gi'.s. The for the 20 months since tlv w a r ended IK nearly $2.500,000,000. he said and of 2,nOO,000 stud- e n t s now in colleges 1,200,000 are v e t e r a n s p e t t i n g their education at p o v r r n m r n t expense. T n f o n t s usually perfer colors and show n l i k i n g for yellow, red and bright .strong white. M i n n i e LPP KdwardH to Mnlvln tind Rhocla Solll.son, Lot 1, Cartor luldltton to H a r l l n K O M . FMuardo and liorntu! f{., Pore/. to OcorKn A. Nohr-r, Tilock HO, r n n U i l n l n g ft.HO ncros, Section R, Unite 4, Bnyvlow Citrus Groves subdivision. William W. and Hclon R. Web- bor to Lauronco C. nnd Martha Hull, Lot 10, Block 3. McKolvoy rpsubdlvlslon of Plnwood HclRht;? addition to HarllnRon. G. B. S m i t h , Mary Sun Smith, W. M. Smith nnd Efflc. Main; Smith to H n t t i r M. Blchry, 3.01. acres In Block 20, Lon C. Hill subdivision. Santa Rosa Inc.. to H. H. Banker. 0.05 acres out of and a part of Acre Block 3. Brownsville Land nncl Improvement Company's subdivision. Los Ebanos Estates. Inc., to Kenneth Faxon, Lot 12, Block 26, Los Kbanos Properties. Charlos B, and Betty Clifton to A. J. H i l l , Lot ft, Block 0, original townsltc of Harllngen. W l l l i n m and Mrs. AUha Wilkerson McKlnncy to Luther R, anc". Mrs. Helen D, Wyrlck, 370 acre» known ns Ccctinn 38, B, S. and F. c e r t l f l c a l o No. 1-383 on the waters of the Arroyo Colorado, and Gcorjrc S. Farley Hanson, West half of Harrison Manor addi- to Hnrllngon. Johnson to Frank and Lots 7 and n, Block RADIO STATION K V A L ABC NETWORK 1490 On Your Dial F R I D A Y . JilitP fi. ID17. 4 f0 MunrilhleJ 4.l? CAiK-iones Mexican** 4 *." R h y t h m R o u n d Uo b 00 T r r r v and tha I'lraie* (Quker O a u i ABC ft )f Kiev K l n u ( D e r b y Foods) ABC ft r.rt .Jack A r m a t r n n f f (Clen. Mills) (ABC) f 4f Sports of iho Day $ s". A P N f w s B no H e a d l i n e Edition ABC f . - l f i K l m e r D a v i A (ABC; * ".(} I. n n e R n n s e r Gen Mill* CABC) 7.00 The Fiu Man ( N o r w i c h P h a r m n c ? ! ) (ABC; - I . H O Y o u r F B I ( A B C ) H 00 Jirf-alr The B a n k (Bristol Meyer*) ( A K C » » no Thfi Sheriff ( P u c l f t e Coast Borax; ABC *.SS C h a m p i o n Roll C n l l (Champion Hntrlc H-.iuM ( A B C ) ft no tulle!'*- F l B h t s ( C H I l c l l e ) ( A B C ) Si.jO ^ T i r r i c f t n Bport I'ftlca of the Air t A IK' 10 no AP N*w j o ·]' .'or HM.irl'i SporU (ABC) j n v ]4f)0 C l u b l! Ofi A HO N f v \ R 11 rv, ABC D f » m f O r c h r M r a 12.00 8! SUrn o f f A. to C. W. Block 33, tlon No. 2 .Harold F, Opal K n t x , 8, Rio Hondo. Charles N. and Mildred K. Allison to G. W. Hay, Lot 2 Block 4, Palm Grove addition to San Ben I to. A l i a L. and A. F. Hfissclmelor to Honry E. Valentine, Lots 18 and 10, 'Block 13, McKclvcy re- subdivlJiton of 'Flnwood Heights | addition to Harlingen. I M A R R I A G E LICENSES Cumcrclnclo Garcia and Ino- ccncia Sayas. John Plumb. Mai'io ques. Kester « on M o r n l n c Merry-Go-flounci « .-.0 A P N r w j f. \-i M o r n i n s M ^ r r T o O o - R o u n d T f"i M n r t i r A f r o n . t k y ( A H C » ( M a n s k e ) 7 »', Mrrn!,ii: MTry-Oo-Ucnmrt T-.'.J T i r r a k f a M H e a d l i n e (Sfinrft Roo- hui ' A; Co i X oo v.'nfcf UP a n d Smll« ABC a Oo M u M t a V a n a d a y C a n c l o n o s Mcxl- c » » a .· 30 I S A P Nw» lo::!0 C o m m u n i t y Chats l o - 4 « . spot L l e h t Swine 11 45 K e y s to L l r h t t l n s f f l n s 12.00 One-lit Slur ( A D C ) : i ' . ) 5 Home Tins and Tunes Jl 1 :.) F;ir,cUi!Ulne R h y t h m -- ABC ' l oo c u r Town R p p u k a ( A H C ) I .(0 Sun.iri n o i i i u l v i n A B C ) 3 oo S'iir.i I n The A f t f i ' J i o o n ABC ': ;( Hfi.-.i^ R a f s ( A B O I I l'i To T» A n n m i n t e r t ;, rid , c ;t-c,V. i n ; S H U K S ABC ^ is S'ar.i In Thf A f t e r n o o n (ABC) .1 to T h « H j l l t o p p f r s v « A B C n t r P r o u r t l v \V ? f a i l n oo P i i f u r t l a y Cn.'icfrt. ( A B C ) .'· no K n v i h r n R o \ i n d u p ', 10 f f n r r v Wi.mier-- HporU ABC .'. ·· I . R b n r U»A ABC f. oo V o i r n of Business ABC f, ; r i P f i - i s l o n Now p .'(0 P l a t t e r Tlmf T 00 l c i ; a l In Crime ( A B O (H'asllncs M.'s · 1 :,0 Famoxu J u r y T r l n l J t (ABO tt oo o a n z b u s t e r s ( W a t e r m a n ) ABC 3 :tO Phone St. Wile Pla." It, H 00 M u s i c a l E t h i n t r s (A'BO W :iO H a y l o f t Hoedown (ABC) i n no AP News lo.TS Hfif^'a To V e t e r n n . H j o :io A B f ' Daiiro Orchestra I 1 00 ABC N f f W « I I ()'. A B C D n n t f O r r h f t r n (ABC) 12 oo o r a m l Prlr.r Dance P n r a d a ·J no S» H i i r n Off Shafer and Frances VORH and Joset'a Mar- and and Claudia N. Cock Smith Gibson. Marcelino Corte?; Mender. Esteban Balll and Maria Three Are Indicted PLAIN VIEW, J u n e G~(/P)-- Three men are u n d e r indictment, here in the armed robbery holdup May 2(1 of the First National Bank at Hale Center. They are Charles Royalty, hani and W. S. W l l l b u r n , all of Lubbock. Bond of $H),000 wns set for 'each, Sheriff Ted Andrews said. W was las Bil Olson Ward Kurl Mont. 18.9; Zeno Farrls, Las Cruces,, N M., third, 20,1. N Wild cow milking: J. D. Hoi leynifin Ozona, Tex,, 43.6 second; Louis Powers, also of O'/ona, Bllliy Lowe, Crane, Tex., third 02. 3 Saddle bronc riding: Carl Alberta, Canada, first; Bill Angel Camp, Calif,, second ; Greenough, Rod Lodge, third. Steer wroMllIng (bull 'nm Hogrin, Tulfw, Olcla., fli'Ht, O seconds; R. L. Bland, Abilene, Tex second 0.6; Norman Person, Goi anlcz, Tex,, third, 11.2. Wild bull riding: Manuel Eno Fort Worth, Tex., first; Johnn Chapman Fort Worth second Wade Blessing Qlendale, Calif third. '" TelephoneK "in "the "lOSO'n wore out of order about once in 15 months and were' repaired In about five hours. Today tele phones f u n c t i o n properly for an average of 30 months and two hours are needed to complete repairs. · _ LET'S YOU AND ME BUILD A HOME BROCKMAN Complete Buildinf Sendee 426 W. Ellxabislh Hione 811 . SCIENTIFIC EYE EXAMINATION BROKEN LENSES DUPLICATED REPAIRS FOR ALL FRAMES Dr. Fred W. Queen OPTOMETRIST PHONE 211 UEEN OPTICAL CO 3245 E. Eltaabtlh- (Ground Floor) CENTRAL RADIO Radio · Electronic Sale* - Serrlc* 610 W. Eliz. Phone 886 STAR ELECTRIC Company -- Inc. PHONE 171 SEE THESE VALiJES AT BATSELL'S -- FOR YOUR YARD -- · LAWN MOWERS .................. $19.95 up GARDEN HOSE, Rubber, 50 ft ........ $6.55 up GARDEN HOSE, Plaatic, 50 ft. . . . $9,75 $9.95 -- FOR YOUR TRIP -THERMOS JUGS, 1 gallon ............ $3.95 up THERMOS BOTTLES, 1 pint .......... $1.15 up COLEMAN LANTERNS ................ $7.95 -- FOR YOUR FUN -BICYCLES . . . . .................... $42.95 up T E N N I S BALLS, Dunlop (in a can) 3 for . . $1.65 T E N N I S RACQUETS ............... , $3.95 up TENNIS SHOES ................. . . . $2.49 up -- FOR YOUR HOME -- . PRESSURE COOKERS, 4 q u a r t . . . . . . $12.95 up ICE CREAM FREEZERS, White Mountain 4 Quart ................... ...... $10.20 CAN OPENERS, Wall Type ........ \ , , $1.29 up TEA KETTLES ..................... $1.65 up ELECTRIC IRONS .......... , ....... $7.25 up Your Friendly Hardware Sporting Goods Store J. H. BATSELL SONS PHONE 18S9 In England, celery grows wild marshy places and by the sides f ditches. " TO-THT, West 1 Lftvrt' St*., had re- oorts that tha "Republican high To Be 'Checked' WASHINGTON, June fl-- /P -The House has ordered an Investigation o f - t h e Civil Service Commission and the Post Office Department's operations amid charges and denials that the investigation's purpose is political. The action came by voice vote. Before the vote, Representative ardons (R-I11) declared t h n t , "the Jobs of postmaster R-cneral, and chairman of the Democratic national committee should be divorced, and ... divorced now." Robert E. Hannepan now holds both posts. Ifcntlon m the hop« tn tinnfm* ammunition for the 1048 election when ii machine driven by "Pancho Lnti- go. Hospital attendants said they be rc- iTterftMry." 'Any 'gray, Jor d i l u t i o n of the 'Uie color sl.iuds. wold ideal lor imply which Floor Leader Ha Hock of In'dinnn. replied that he was'not "aproaching this in a partisan spirit." He sai dthe purpose of the inquiry is to increase "economy and efficiency." TREATED FOR INJURIES Mrs. B, W. Cm-son was admitted to the Mercy Hospital for treatment following an automobile collision in which, she was involved at 10 a.m. yesterday. The station wagon type automobile in which she was riding and driven by her husband was over- tures nre the only ones CORN PAIN RELIEVED FAST WITH ONE Freerone liquid corn remover a oca to work instantly to f t ' licvc. plfrnl One cool drop bringn immediate, · coolinR, soothing effect! Continue a p p l i c a t i o n s 1 *i directed ... peel off corn. Don't f u » i -- U R C LIQUID R E M O V E iuriiS MUST roMi: no\vx. RADIATORS. KOR ALL CARS A-. T U L r K S Stock in South T^vas Q U A L I T Y AT LOWEST PRICKS A - K a d l a t o r s SC2.7S CHKVK J'usv. R a d i a t o r * $28.75 New t ' L L A M N G THICK ONLY Jti.W , von WANT: EXCEL RADIATOR EXCHANGE r:. niii. si. Hrow»i»Tillf. SEWI H§ · -Bp ^^H^ ^^^^ HER MM «w iMKW ^W ^^^ AND PULLS NO PUNCHES! pom a an So YOU'RE THE ICE CREAM MAN. Your face is familiar but not .your manner. I wonder what accounis for the dlfforonce. Oh yes, that's right - THE WAR-'lS OVER. Happy daysl Isn't it nice for you tc be concerned about me. So you're wondering what my flavor preference is -- how much ice cream my family Is gofno to consume in a year - what kind of a package I w»u!d like best, and if ! would like you better if you would throw In am iniulated bag with my home purchase. OU KNOW/ it's really nice to be in the driver's seat. Yet, Sir, I remember when ! was insulted by your clerk, laughed, at by your "fountaineer," ignored by your store irianaoer - «nd to put it mildly, forgotten by you. l-ET'S SEE NOW. Should I cross you off my list little black book? You know now that my car is back in. working order, I don't mind a bit driving another mile and picking up the ice cream from the next dealer. Oh, well, forgive is my motto. ' I'm willing to forget, but you remember - YOU OWE IT TO ME to make up for all the discourtesies heaped upon me. \ 'M NOT really a bad sort of a gal. l.realize that you had a tough time the last few years. The attitude of your help may not have reflected your thoughts. You were in a bad spot and you yourself could not protest. But I also realize that I paid a price for your merchandise which was not consistent with the high grade of ice cream which you sold me before the war. I took sherbets and ices -- I paid a good price for them, it got so that I did not even bat an eyelash when to every request that I made I got the classic answer "there is a war going on y'know." I had good reason to know -- my husband was in it. H OW MUCH ice cream I'm going to buy depends entirely upon you, .If you'll give me variety -- IF you'll give me good quality -- IF you'll package it so that it is easy to "lake out the ice cream -- and IK you fix it so that the ice cream will not melt between the store and the home,. Mister, ice'cream will be on rrjy table every day out of the D NOW, Brother, the war is over -- and oh boy, what a difference a war make* - judging by your attitude. HIS LITTLE verbal spanking is for your own good. Recalling that period hurts me more than it hurts you - and I ain't kidding. And so for your own good, remember. I'm the consumer. I'm the Buying Power of the Nation, and while I've stood by meekly in the past few year*, t will not do so any more. Remember t know what I want, end by cracky I'm going to get ill \ YES MRS. HOUSEWIFE, EVERY BUSINESS HOUSE KNOWS IT OWES YOU A LOT TO BEGIN PAYMENT KREE MEE OFFERS THE NEW IFFY INSULATED BAG THE MODERN WAY TO TAKE HOME KREE MEE CREAM Keeps Cream 'Freezer-Cold and Ready to Serve for one Hour. No "Muss," No "Fuss." Bag may b« used time and time again. BAGS ONLY 5 C 2-PINT SIZE AT YOUR FAVORITE KREE MEE DEALER FIRST IN TASTE - FIRST IN QUALITY - FIRST IN SERVICE · AND NOW -- FIRST WITH THE NEW INSULATED BAG

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