The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 6, 1947 · Page 9
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 9

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 9
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BROWNS VIULfi) HERALD CLASSIFIED RATES Sc per word 1 day 5c per word 2 days 7c per word 3 days 2c per word each addi- ditional day, 16-word minimum. iD orders for classified a d v e r t i s i n g m u s t oe accompanied iy cash In adviincn if th» adrtrtUor d o f j not ntkvn an «»m- Uahed credit Account with Th« Horald. Th« BrownavUlt Herald w i l l ' not n« Te»pon»(bU for *rror. In elnsstriod »d» a f t e r the fjrsl tnimrtion m n d Assumes no responsibility nbovc the cent of advertising for typroeraphlcn) or other «rrors in · di DKADLIf-TE for clnsulflfCl display la 6 p..m pr«ccdln« dixy on w e e k d a y s and 3:.JO p.m SAturtfftr for B u n d a y paper Lln« classified d e u d l l n o l.i 0:3f» a.m »nd 3:30 o.m S a t u r d a y for .IS. Business Service* CKS8 POOtJa «ind Hoptlo tank* Phon« PflOO, Harlln««n, Tex 2, Personals ALCOHOLICS A N O N Y M O U S Anyone who has nn honest de«ire to stop drinking, contact Alcoholics Anonymous, P. O. Box 1121, Harlingen, Texas. P. Help Wanted - ^ lal ° ___ ALK^AhT~A7. r lT~KXl:CU'ITVES / ATTENTION L i f f M n i f ! p o s i t i o n . s U h n t a n t l n l i n f f t m r tor m f t n nut o 1 ? r x f c v i l l v c or nr'.ilnK f t r l d . W r i t e M u n a B f i r . 1IM5 M i l a m n i d K . Sun A n t o n i o . Texan, for ! Rcpl.p* c o n f i d e n t i a l . _ experienced baksr Apply Van Tllden SALINAS FURNITURE REPAIR AND PAINT SHOP Wo makn furniture, chests, dressers, tables, chairs, cabltt- ots and desks. Reflnlsh Venetian Blinds. 13th and Pilmore ' Brownsville, Texaa WASHING MACHINES FOR RENT Delvercd to your home. Phone 741-R Or call »t 241 E, Washington W. B. CLINT 'AGENCY INSURANCE Fire, Automobile, Casualty, Marine, Ail Risks.. Mexican Tourist coverage Phone 6 429 Twelfth POSITION Vacancy with well established Valley concern ns supervisor of m a n u f a c t u r i n g and dlstrlbu- r -^n of household good.s. Qualifications: Some knowledge or willingness to learn about merchandise concern. Ability to speak Spanish, Some experience in handling office or clerical details. Should have car. All applications kept con- f i d e n t i a l . W r i t e Box 164 c-o Herald. D E N N E T T Marine Engine Co.' Chrysler Marine Engines and Parts 1212 Washington St. Phone 1407 WANTED First class Chrysler product* mechanic. A good Job for a good man. GALLAWAY MOTOR CO, DODGE PLYMOUTH 242 Ohio Ave Mercedes, Texas 17. Buildhnf Materials PRICES REDUCED Adobe Brick 4"x6"xl2" at new prices. Copperwold Wall Ties. Call -at home aouth of R. R. 2 Ml. West of olmito. HARRY ANDERSON Brownsville 6000-J Olmito, T«xas Miscellaneous for Sain ZZ. Miscellaneous for Sate PARR A BROS No. 2 3121 S, B. Adams -- Phone 169'2 GROCERIES - MEATS - HARDWARE Burpee Can Sealer . . . . , - ' , $ 18.34 Burpee Aristocrat .Cooker 18.62 No. 3 Cans, per hundred 4,55 Quart Jura, per dozen -Bfi Pint Jars, per douen 83 v. pint Jars, per dozen .80 Garden Hosei 28 feet, all rubber, 'black , , , fl.58 Garden HOHC, ,50 foot, all rubber, Black fi.96 Garden Hose, 50 feet, 2-piy, green 6.4s Garden Hose, 50 feet, plastic , , 9,29 Lawn Sprinklers 1,50 Lawn Mowers 18.00 20 Gal. Automatic Water Heater . , . , , . . . ^7.00 Gas Range for Natural Gas 108,85 Gas Range for Bottle Gas HO.flO Oil Range, 5 burners with oven 68.10 Oil .Stove. 2 burners, , 8.54 Screen Wire, Electrical Wire, Outlet Boxes, fuse Boxe* Sockets, Etc, 28. Wanted to Buy WANTED TO BUY RED , TOMATOES FOR CANNING OLMITO CANNING CO OLMITO, TEXAS . WANTBb~ f()Ti"~BTi7c]t in {Wcl cond 1 f,ion"! Will buy old motlol cwrn, JPhonc ^Bill, 30. Real Estate tcHfc Sale FOR SALE Several good tourist locations on Itighway, c*.mp See for lots. MONSEES SON pan American Bldg. 'Phone 316 29, Dogs--Cats--Pets COLLIE pups. Registered. Bimuties like ' Lassie. $35. Throe champion sired : collies nt s t u d , Grown females. ?75. t P h o n o . C-003-1. Mrs. Thompson, 810 N. Olive St., Snn A n t o n i o . I 52. Apartments for Kent 'ONE JUST RECEIVED Shipment of aalc flooring. Price is 10. Help Wfcnted - Female HEANER LUMBER CO. Opposite Court Home Phone 607 10. Household Furniture W r i t e Box 16ft ';· Herald tor W a r r e n . Phona 1307. r"nn~rr t u n e " n a l . I n q u i r e 30fl W. St. CM*rl«» . WANTED - EXPERIENCED SALESLADIES Ladies' Rcady-To-Woar Department Salary and Commission A p p l y : LANE'S 1204 E. Elizabeth VETERANS And nil persons over 16 years of age eligible to t a k e beauty culrure. Beauty culture pays transportation. Holtry's College Of Etenuty C u l t u r e 302 E. Harrison - Phono 0534 HarlinKt-n, TCXUH SALE--13 cu. ft. rrigidalre; complete w h i t e Hollywood bod; desk; ohals«i dinette sot; chest of drawers: child's bod; high chair, bftthineltt. 1038 a f t e r l:0rt p.m. USED TAJitK top Unlverenl «» 304 K, Lfvoo. Phfinc 1308. HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS Complete household furnlflh- ln(?s for 7 rooms, High quality. Good condition, Priced for 1m- mncliatc snio. Included RTC late model GE electric refrigerator, largo fan. JOSEPH E. WELLS 4 Miles Old Port^Bftbcl Road 20, Machinery PIPE. AnKlo iron, Channels, Corrugated iron, Steel aheotn, Doller.i, antclnen, Koars, flhartlnK, Mur.hlnnry of All kin tin and mill ·uppllon. C. A. Prudcn Vlo- torU Qln Co. 313» Uth flt. Brownsville. Ttfl fl04. 21. Musical and Radi.c 5ml^~prTKhT ( 1 Ktjindnrri uprlKht, Rntlqu* hixnd curved »l«o 1 Klnsr bftrltone. Thonc 12.18. R A D 1.0 S GET YOURS NOW 1 1 H A R D I N GAS A P P L I A N C E CO, "Home oi' the Best" 830 E. Elizabeth Phone 978 22, (YlijicelliUir.ouH tor Sale ..,, 2 noOM apartment, Xurninhed. Couplo, no children. 1502 BW, Joffcrnon, 33. Rooms for Rent FOR RENT--Luriio lurnlflheci bedroom P r i v a t e ontniiioc. 600 fiK Lovoo. CLEAN MODERN BOOMS Overlooking the Rio Grande at THE YOIvK "The Hotel Nearest the Border" Rates by Day or Week 1321 E. Levee Brbwnsville, Texas 214. Houses for Rent WILL RENT ono bedroom homo f u r n i s h e d for n o x t ' t h r o o rnontha only. Available now through Sept. 10. To couplo, no children, See Qonaixhis nt Maanolia or p h o n o 000-W S. Wanted to Bent FAMILY doalres furnished house oi 1 i bedroom n p n r t m o n t from J u n e IB to A u g u s t IB. Exctillcnt references. Write Box 186 % H o r n l d . ^ WANTED--rurnlohotl two bodroom hourte or R p u r t m c n t for f o u r Pan American pilots. Will tiilco oxcollont onre of property. W r l t o Box )02',v Hornld, 36. Houfte* lor Sale 8ALK--G room stuco0( bathi Butan«» on IVii ncro;j. Also 3BO UylnK hcnn, *3 por tiny profit. V* mllo north of Bocn China HlRhway on In- dlftim. C. A. R l n n h f v r t . FOR 8ALK at Kurrvllltt~Now il bedroom house of pro-war mntcrlM. Well looixt- ed noar schools. $1MQ, Tormfl. Call aoi-J n f t c r 6:30. » ONE U-room houno on bus line. Webster Investment. 2123 14th Bt, FOR 8ALK: Quoiit ho\ian to bo moved from property. One room, clonot und b a t h . $1500. 5fl6 W. J o f f o r s o n 8t. FOR a ALE: Modern 3 bodroom houflt. Hollow tilo construction. Good noigh- borhood. Ovvtir. Phovi^ 716-W._ ^ ~ROOM housn and 3 acres. Close in on pavement. 2123 Hth at. W*bftt«r Invofltmtint. 4-ROOM -house. 77 ft. lot. aand and Southmost. $2500. Part oftsh, balance enay. Dr. W. A. Jonon. Phone 1336. 3K. Business Property MUST SELL duo to bud h e a l t h . Complete i m r u K O and paint caulpnitmt, Al«« «ood locfitlon for mil. Bin- Jack at. U o u n h o r M o t o r Co., Los FrcBnon u n d C'hlon Hwy IntornBctlon. Or Cnll FOR RENT -- OO'X'tO' Warnhouuo, facing nlloy between Luveo and St.. Cliark-B. Call 711 H f t o r 'iMJO p.m. l-'OIt HAblC: 17-foot JllWKins spned boot. M a r i n e Mart, Pori Isabel. Phone 308, Port Taubffl. ' FOR. SALE--D" back tccnrod screw ctn- t l M K rncial lathe. Also Ford flfi iH. f. n u i i o r complfli-C w i t h uccoNsorlos. Phone 1007-K _ __ d7clcrr~burTksi"lTbb~(8R"t) WhFi* A r m y Stort 0^0 llth St. Across from market. WAXTKI) : ""ttx'pTfien'ceV~s~n~l«s~~iocllfTi Tlip FOlT'aAI.^-20 "Toot cabin cruiser, A'? P a r i s i a n 1141 8 K E U z u b o t h . c o n d i t i o n . aiSK Loo Bnumfolclor. ni-c, orrnTwA^fib^7oV~sowTfS~7a^fii»K: J?TM^..*.*'**' ^ Inrtbel Mu»: .'.prak S p a n i s h and Knttllsh. BlOHClS W i t h Nordic ancestry ftrf ^'.Tr7;: ,»V":U Bl "'i»m'}t., lt biA 0 . 1 ." ^ to perlw cool colori such a» - - - - - ---r-^-.-Ti-v Wue and greon. A V A N T K D t u r n am! w o m e n to s t u d y High Q i u i l l f v for th» bei I n d u s t r i a l »nd c l v n 39, Real Estate for Sale Rt h o m r t n r r p r n m r - r c i f i l . FOR SALE Brick home, five rooms, screen porch, in Los Ebanos, , Large five room stucco home with screen tile porch on largo beautiful lot on resaca In Los Hbanos, R, M. WarVcn Phone 1227-J SOCIAL 5 room frame home and two garage apartments, Completely furnished. TO be sold as one unit, Horn* reflnished throughout. Reason Ably priced. 8 room house to be moved, in excellent condition. P r i c e , $3,000. COLGIN BECHDEL Phones; Office 157 or ()3 Residence 905-J 16 Maltby Bldg. CAFE FOR SALE At Laureles, on the Missouri Pacific R, R.,.3 miles NW Los Fresnos, Laurel«s hM 2 packing sheds, 2 gins. All work large cr0w» and A big pay roll, Cafe is well built; frame, shingle roof, and all equipment. This 'is the biggest bargain ever offered for $550.00, Must be cash, owner aiok. Don't wait. Must sell it now. Se« me At once, R* M* Johnson, Realtor Lou Fresno« Bank: Lo* *Y«»no«, Texflj FOR SALE Nice B room home In Rlverdde. Nearly new, Prle* r«dUc« sold to Anybody, arr*n»«d. IllOO.r C»h b* and termi can be Immt^Ut* W* hnYi new and f6r H»10 and *« aluo hare hom*i «ip«clAl3y for Q.I/i. *ee th«a« hontts hcfor* you buy. trie,** IfiROd.OO artd up. ADRKAN «k OO. Pan Amorican rt Bld«. Phono 243 Built in 1944, large lot located on edg« (ji Ol'ty, on Bui Lint, Eleven unit brick Apartment building. Nice income. Priced right. Loans and insurance handled. PHIL LIXSON. 406 Pan American Bldg. Phone 1600 40, Lots for Sale LARGE LOTS North DrownAvUl* Bubrtlvmio'rt. Block north of Boftix Chlca HlKhwny. Oas, water, elHdtrleity* (travel ronda, tfitv bu» iorvKie. Coiyv«nlcnr, to Water Port nd Airport employees, Priced 1645,00 up. Terms $2is.oo down, Balance Sin,OB per month, i ! THOS. P. BENSON Co. 1212 SK Washington Phona 140 1 ) *rhoo; ^ d u r a t i o n In s p n r r t u n e In Brunettes with Latin ancestry are apt to perfer warm reds and boo!tkmir. K '.hortrmnd. .ypn,, mnrcoon colors. a n d ailii-cJ busin/'As s u M e c t r , eti 1897 "J'homnisfls of ST*dua'.rs W r l r c ( n r f r e e 40 p a k « i f t n volcano rtenrrip'.iv.' i M i l l e t l n IHH! iv!i dfltftlln ' . i i \ · » i*.i AMKincAN acifooi. w n i p BOX mi. nnd is vlolcted frequently. % U r o u - n s v i l l r H p r n l f l - F l i ' o w n s v l l l r Shrimps nnd prawns are entcn Mount Etna, n 10.800-foot Sicil- is always fuming : n l i v e in China. ^D -Olrl lf-r Huh! hnu.sfiwork In 31. H«Ip H'*ntcd Miscellaneous 11. IIulp Wanted Miscellaneous WANTED FOR NRWER AND GREATER P A R I S I A N D o p a r t m e n t .Head Managers and Sales Ladiea for Reacly-to-Wear . . . Lingerie . . , Sportswear C h i l d r e n ' s W e a r . . . Hosiery and Shoes APPLY PARISIAN 107 S. 1st St. FOR SALE Several good homes, 1.00% GI loans. A number of small acreage tracts for subdivisions. A number .of good lota on West Boca Chlcu Highway. QH SALE; Ono aero tracta on pavement Webster lnve«tmunt«. 2133 14th St. Phone 638, 41 Acreage for Bale foil SALE ao jicffis on uth str«»t? »t. O'Ncale, Phont 113L 64) fl * K\i* fcboth St. /GAI, NOTJCK: i'rida-y, June 0, 1MT THE BKOWNSVILtE HERALO Page 9 BEN ATE JOINT RESOLUTIONS NO. * pifbptirilnf an n m e n d m « n t to Article VII of t,ho Conntltutlon of the State nf T«xiu by t,h* addition of two now nnctlonk to be konwn an Bootions 17 and ; 18 jjrovlrtlilk ft apecin) f u n d for t h u r a y - tnent of Co^fcdarRCe ponfllttnn and providing « method of '-tinyment fbr tho (ion.itructlon nnd equipment of buildings and other p o f t n n n e t improvements HI B t n t o irijltilutioiis of higher learning; provldtiMc for R f i v e - r i a n t - reductlofi in the m a x i m u m allowable stnto tax or. property: providing for nn election anil the iaiutincrt o/ a p r o c l n m a t i o n t h e r e f o r . BK IT HESOLVfeD BV THE LEGISLA- Playground Gets Added Equipment The purchase of new playground equipment by the Brownsville Community Center Inc., rms boMi timed With Bummer vacations with the addition of six new playground devices installed in Ringgold Purl: and six additional ones ready to be installed. The additional ones- Will be installed at the playground ares, ] W U M t»» LI** \,ti*- r ^su^, , j . A V A » » v * « b v * \^ *.i*\j»w * . j y« j y-m ^ nt* \ i. I tioilara Valuation h o f a t o f o r e pertnlttad to on East St. Charles St., between TURE OP THK 8TATR TEXAS; SocUon 1, that Arllole 7 of tho Constitution ot the Stftlc of Texns be ftlrtended by tirtdin* ' thiroto ficct.ions 17 and 10 which ahull read as f6llowi: "Section 17. In lieu o'f tho state ad valorem tax on property of Seven CJc) Cents on the One H u n d r e d ($100.00) The Nation Today BY JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, June 6 The United States and Argentina finally are burying the hatchet. republics, Argentina, declared war on the Axis. Tn that some year, Spruille Bradon was sent to Argentina as The 'dispute has been long and I American ainbasador. Ho was part . · f^e m »v»Ht«»-» /"Urmn \ v H i r n nv^r- involved. clique which over- i« levied by Section si of Article 3. and 4th Sts., and at, Ringgold Jj Park. Those'installed in Ringgold thrt Constitution of TC^I\R, n state ad valorem Lfxx on property of Two (2c Cents an the One Hundred ($100.00) Dollar*. V a l u a t i o n for th« - mirpo«S of creating; n special f u n d for the within their borders. Park are near the ohildrena' wading pool. "Work on repairing the pool is now under wny and we expect to j Soon the then Secretary of of pensions "for services in th« c6nfed-j n a v e it ready by June 15, Frank i state, Cordell Hull, was denoun- Until this week, this country's. threw the legitimate government main complaint; against Argentina in 1943, has been this: Braden said Argentina, under It didn't keep its word that it!peron, was anti-Democratic. He would get rid of the Naais who! said It was a nest of Nazi agents, had found refuge there. Brden was brought back here flic dispute began in 1942. and given a stronger spot for In that year all the Afne'rican j He was made assistant secretary republics, * including Argentina, of state for Latin-America, agreed to get rid of any tfa*te He banged away at Peron even though Peron was chosen pres- army nnd navy, f r o n t i e r tions. nnd the militia of the State of " ind for 'the widows of such aol- organization* or miiitin: provided thni! opening of the pool," Lockhead i agents. ilijh T . « 4 M l * i B f i i T * A »vitv r/iHu^n t n A ^ n v rn f i* ' ~ *-* * * «^. . . All of them, except Argentina, l d t i in K regular election early broke off relations with the Axis.! ln 14e " " A few days before the election .. .. , the State Department issued an Lockhead, president of the Com- cing Argentina a* a, 'traitor to; f t t t f l c k on Peron an( j his govern- .».,, .,.« 4 »i ,,»« «,.-- «. o,v.. .,,,.-. munity Center said. "Many r e - | the Allied cause.' 1 He said the i mjnt The attack was a .. blue iitt* *«rvlnir m said armies, jUvks,I quests'have come in for an early i country was leaded Wltn Nazi i QQQ^^ f u n o f Nazi documents """' -'--'·'-» ·*--·' - - ... - . , _ captured by the American Army. The State Department said those documents furnished "proof positive" of Argentine "complicity with the enemy." In 1946, the U. S. sent George Messcrsmlth to Argentina as American ambassador. Messersmith wanted a softer policy toward Argentina. Braden would have none of it. Now the Argentine government announced it has reported to thft fceitliUturfc may reduce tho tax rate! fri . ) i i t ? ' f r l H f t k r i v A ] f ^ v i A ( l · HH, I vl« - "MHO, · thera i* hereby levied, in addi-j The softball field at Area No. tlon to all othor taxos permitted by t h * j Q n e i fi f o r U fie of all Who wish to constitution of Toxns. a state ad valorem i **. nrf _ _ liminip mwYlhpr'Khin if ·*. tax on property of Fivo (6c) Com,* an the J* 6 "' *"* V«m. «?n with tS iFaVOnt Or« Hundred ctioo.oq) Doiiiirs valuation is required. wno wish to !_ lor th purpose Of ' crnatlrtg R »peclnl f u n d for khn hitrpo«e of ftoqulrln«, con- utruotlnir itiid IhltUHy ooulpplns: b u i l d - . or othor p e r m R n c n l , lmprov*rrtftnt* Finally in 1945, under constant by the othoi' Ajftertert Out ^ play there may do so ;oy apply ina|I n TcXRS at th* d*rliriat«d Institutions of i«Arntn* and (he ·«ovnrnintf bonrd of of such institutions of higher learning! at the field house at Oth and Ringgold Sts, "Other equipment is available at the field hdiiao und sill interested In fully to or u n y part of atild f u n d s ullotted to such I n - lfl nr n l e Ul tn LO facilities without charge," Lock- sdtutlon as h e r e i n a f t e r provided, to I head said. secure bonds or notes issued for tho --.--, purpo«s of acquiring eonatruetln* and flciUlpninfc auch building* or othor nt impYovoments nt said re- United $tates are surfaced. institutions, flvjch bonds 01' n o t « f i j L . , shall be Issued in such n m d u n t s as may j b« determined by the govcrnlntt boards of said respective Institutions, shall bonr Interest* not to exceed three (3^) per cent por annum and shall mature serially or otherwise not to exceed ten (10) yearK the first (1st) day of J a n u a r y year in which such funds ...~, , , allocated or ro-nllocated to said TO- Of tne nations S spodtive Institutions; provided, the power to isUUfl bonds* or notos hersunder is expressly limited to K period of thirty (30) years f r o m the dute of the adoption of this a m e n d m e n t . , and provided Public Links Tourney Semifinal pairings in the 14th annual .tournament today fea-Urte three ~~*'women contenders who yesterday Almost half of the roads in tho downed the tourney'» favorites. : Mrs, J. R. Bradford defeated the defending champion Mrs. Guy iLaroe of Terrell, one up. Mrs. The predominant religidn o f ! Tyson took the meanure of Mrs. Belgium is Roman Catholic. *toji«ton, I further, that the Five Corit tax hereby leviod shall expire finally upon payment of all bonds hereby authorized; pro'fUled further, tlmt the state tax on property as heretofore pefmlttcd to be levied by flection 9 of Artlclti VIII, n* Kmehdfld, exclusive of the tax nedeunary to ray the public debt, and of the* taxes proVided for the benefit of the public free nchools, .shall never exceed Thirty OOc) Cent* on the One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars valuation. All bonds shall b* «x*mln6d *nd approved by the Attorney Geheral of the State of Toxis, and when no approved shall be Inconteatable; and all Approved bonds shall be registered In th« offio* of the Comptroller of Pub- Jie Accounts of State ot Texas. Bald bond* shall be sold only th/ouiih com- for* lc»« t h n n tholr pur Vftlui ' *rtd ao- erued - Interest. Fund* ffclced from 8Ald Five (5o Cent* tn* levy for the ten (10) year iMJffdoT belTlnnlngf January 1, 1B4S, ni 1 * hereby allocated to the follbwifts; Iriatltu- of ttlthcr learnlnsr arid ih the fol- lowlnr proportions! to wit: Institution Pcir Cent of Total John TMMcton Agricultural CJollogo ».72107 North. Tex»* Airrlculturnl Oollrte «,1702« TdXA* State Colloire for Wolnori.. li.B290? Tex CollcKe of Arts and Indiutrles 4,7o05l Collone of Mines and Metallurgy 4,7in3« Texan TechfiolOKlcal CollcKfl 1«,64B77 ·lilt, Tftj|a» Btate Teachers Oollcfce 0.108B7 Toachors 46. and Loam PAWNBROKERS ' LO A N S On Anything Of Value 2123 14TH ST. 48. Bunines* Opportunities F O R 8 A L H -- P r o i c r e s o Lumber Co, build* InffB nnd yard at Propreio. Texas. *6V«n msies south of Wcnlnco/ only lumber yard on Old Military HJjrhwny ·bftWeen ErownsvlUe and MJflsioh, An attractiv* property, in cxc(jllorit condition, doinjt profitable business. Cash or 1 terms, Alsot 32-foot trailer float, never used. Address P. O. Box JJ6, Proffrofio, Texan, or Phone Merco- rics flOOO-P2l. 49, Used Auto* for Sato 10.18 SLACK OldKmoblle condition. 1602 San Uflnltb Phono 102, E. H, Wohlfahrt of three-time titlist 2-1. i flight will be Mrs. M. H. Mor-j Natchez, Miss., once basted 11 i Ra n of Houston pitted againtt j Mrs. H, L. Reynolds ot Austin.! Mrs. Morgan downed Medalist; Betsy Rawls of Austin 3 and 1. dermny 60 top Nazis and Is investigating fld others. As soon a« it heard this, the tJ. S. started the wheels in motion for getting all the American republics togethrr : including Argentina. LEGAL NOTICE 6nm Houston State T«Keher« . 6.68068 Southwest State Teachers College 6.7MY4 Stephen I". Austin State Touchers College' ............. 4.6S4H Sul Boss State Tijaoherit Coll«K« 3.1S31S West, Texas Sta'to Teadhers Colleir« 1.4164,1 Pralrln View Agricultural nnd WfichariJcal ColJiStfA of T f t X a s . . 8.34416 "Not later than Junn 1st 6f the beginning year of oac'K Ruoceedinir ten (10) year period, the Comptroller of Public Accou'riCn of the State of T*XRK. based on the average ion* session fullr tlm« istudent enrollment for the preceding five (5) ydar perirtd of time, ihall fe-allocate"d, t6 the above desJtnated Institutions of htsrhor learnlnB then Itt exintenee, all f u n d d to be derived from sixid Five 6c) Cent ad valorem ta* for said ten (16) year periadf and all «uoh deslF/nated institution's 6f hiKher leafn- in« which participate in th* allocation or" rc-alldcation of funds shall not) thereafter i*eoelvA any btKer stftt* furids for the aecfulrln* or: cortatruc'ein* 1 of buildinffi or other permanent improvements fof which eald Five 8c) Cent! ad valorem tax i» heroirt provided, «Xce»t in case of fife, flood, tfto/m, or earthquake occurring at any such Institution, in *yiieh o*se an appropriation in an amount sufficient W replace the JOBS «o ture out Of otneT state funds. This a m e n d m e n t shall b* self-enaotlnir. The State Comptroller of Public Accounts shall draw all neeesjiary rind proper Warrants upon the State Treasury Jrt order to' carry out the" purpose of this a m e n d m e n t ; and the 6tat« Treasurer ishMI pay warrants iio i««U«d out 6f tho special f u n d hereby created for laid p'urpoSe." "Section 18. J*of th« purpoM of o'on- sCrutotlni, ftqulppirie or acquirinK buJJd- intts or other permanent improvements, thfi Board of Directors of the Agricul- t u r a l and MechanloBl CoHota of Texas i« hereby uuthorlKcd to issue negotiable bonds or notes not to «xooed a total iimftuht of yiv« Million ($S,000,000,00 Doiliirn. and the Bonrd of Hesonts of Tho University of Texas is hereby authorized to Isiiue negotiable bonds o r i notos not to exceed a total amount o f i Ten Million ^lO.dOO.OOO.OO 1 * Dollars. Any: Corps Will Attend Weslaco Legion Fete Announcement WA* made At the American Legion meeting held last Corps \v-ill attend the legion fish fry to pe held at Weslaco Monday night. Members 6t the Corps are to meet at the Legion Hall Here at 6 j*m. Monday. A special bus Interstate HAMUNGEN MUNNiVllli TODAY - SATURDAY group to Weslaco. Post Commander Roy was authorized to purfchaaa a n«w Legion flag. Jack O. Meek, veteran* «miMoy- ment representative, wai A guet at thii meeting. He i* in ettargr* of the Valley area with office* in Harlirtgen. Balloting Begins On All-Star Team June fl (Xr-Bal!6tin« by tJie nation's batebafl fan* for players who will start the Uth annual a 11 -star major league ifame at Chicago's Wrigley Field Jiily 8, opened today in a poll conducted by i«t newspapert, magartne« and radio stations 1 . BY A WOMAN'S FALSC During the war years c.'smmer- cial motors vehicles haulotf approximately o'.MO.OOO.OOO tons of gdods. STARTS: - J:S1 - 5:32 . 7:33 - 9:34 bond* notes issued horeunder shall b e , p*yAl« Hblely out of th* Income f r o m ' the Permanent University Fund. Bonds or notes «o U«u«d shall mature s e r i f i l l y j or otherwisii not moid than twenty (20) years from OYair respective dat«, *nd In no event later th«n twenty-five (3ft) yows after the dato of the "ndoptiort of this nmundmcnt. This amondmot shall! be sclf'ftfiaotlritf. ! -Said Boar'dB are soverally authorlfcod, to plodKo tho whoU or any part of t h e ; j.^^^ Jrit cr«sts of the A*rjft«ltural und IvfechfiriicAl Collie of Texas and of; _ _ . . _ T h e University o f Texas In t h e income; von BALE: Clonnest 1040 Ford conver- Irom t ) 1} permanent University Fund, titile In tho, Valley, Can bo seen at n s 8UCn i n ter«sfs are now apporfionod '· B14. Ktiflt 9t. Chnrloa 8:00 to S ; 00 P-"^ | by Chapter 42 of the Acts of tho Roir: IfMJ Sinclair Station. OLDSMOBILE H y d r o m a t l o Llko New. Soo at G a t e w a y Lot. Phone 192(5, lU37 T ~I"OttD tudor (10. Alno 1041 Buink. sedan. Old ' Opera. House, Phone 105. 50. Used Trucks for Sale Acreauc for Rent FOR RENT; 3fl need or feed of 60. 8tSV*ni, !*hdn» Elizabeth 8t for Brownsville Motor Co. 1222 Washington St. Phone 427 Chrysler - Plymouth .Diamond T Trucks . 8 "- -Pormanonl University Fund m n y be Invested in such bonds or notes, "All bonds or notes issued p u r s u a n t hereto shalJ btt approved by thn Attovnoy General of Texas and v?hon no approved shall be incdritestivble." Sec 3, The forefcoin* Constitutional Amftri'dment sha.ll bn sub'rrtJttocl to u vote of tho q u a l i f i e d el*At6r« of this Btate at a spnclnl oloctlon to bo hold throughout tho g t n t o on the fourth Saturday In August. A.D. 1047, at fthich election all ballots ehall h a v e printed thereon: "S*ot tho a m e n d m o n t to Article VII of thP Constitution of- the State of Texas, Rddin* Sections 17 and 18 providing fr the leavyin-z of a state Rd valorem l u x on property in liou of the present state ad valorem t»x til Seven (7ci Cents for RIO · Today and Saturday and "CARAVAN TRAIL" with EDDIE DEAX 'Wolf Dog" Ch. TODAY - SATURDAY Trouble For Three! THE THREE MESQUITEERS 4 RANGE DEFENDERS" (Return Engagement) PEATUIUE STAltTS: t:10 - 1:4U - 5:12 - 6:4» 8:14 - 9:45 BUSINESS DIRECTORY There, were 20 veiseU named' ·the "Mayflowr," , registered in *M. Trailer* for Sale I the British Isles in 16iO, ____^___^^ FOft SALK--16*! CliuvrOlet 1*.4 ton | Confederate pensions in order to dump truolc. Can BCC »t Qfttewny ;sp«clAl f u n d » nffdeijjsiiry for th« Srld«e, or phon* 1081-R. I of Confcderntp, pensions and for the f i n n n c i n g of tlio construction nnd couin- I m e n t of buildlnns ftnd other parmaneiu improvements at^. *tnt« institutions of JF*OR SALR-- 1946 Sc'hult Luxory Llnor Hou»« ' TfUlier. *flfulpped with Butane. Brick store building, town. Down iti Servicw O f f e r e d WAKT i - n i r f U - . i i l m i r K l n K or will sit v r i r h r h l l d r n i day :r J i l B h t . Phonr B2.'l- l. yon O K N K K A I . U c p n l r . i on hoim-n. Cull .:. \V. ( v , p f n h » v # i . 17Sfl M o r t o n .Mi. ^ ^ 3 Clirnuti'/nd p l n t - Brooleinsvn C«mi)'.« n u l U l i n c K e r v l c e ceJ5fpi~ETK i B d i w t o r r e n u l r l n t c and tn- .or'.na a n d TICM r e t l l n l o r Pnon» 70 1 ). 101S 8 f. A r i » m » . V a l l e y Hod? »nd Px'.nt Blinp M A I M E R LAW8ON Moving Co.unicLor Afjent f''or HF.l} ARROW I-'HEIOHT LINES Operator Of PaK-o Trunsfcr Co. Office and Warehouse in Fort Brown. The iirabJe Innd ol the earth today IB estimated nt /our percent f»f \\A Burface. 22. MIJtoellAncoun for Sftle SPECIALI Six acre grove with house. Several choice lots in Los Ebanos and Riverside. · C, G. FOSTER, Realtor 1021 E. Washington Phono 1040 - Res. 1246-J DEEPFREEZE HOME FREEZERS $310.00 Delivered Brownsville These nre Inr^co D cubic feet freezers. Only two nvaiUble at this special price. OPA price $453.25. Valley Buick Company ftt Charle* *t llth St. FOR SALE Wice five room homo li? W«sfc Brown.sville. New rool and in good condition. Immediate possession. Apartment house near biiai- noss district. Completely rofin- Ished, A good buy. Two new homes ready lor occupancy, To d-d Stobauffh 407 Elleventh St. Phone 183 6-Room House Now Vacant Best ouy ip town la in CENTRAL PABK Completely Modern PHA GI Approved Mrs. H. L.- Cnrscadln Phono ;347 or 154S-M 1557 Franklin | Most adults prefer the colors red and blue. Green i« the third choicn and vcllow Rod fs cinsldered to be a. warm; color; blue, cold. . 49. Used Autos for Sale Court. Boca Chlca Road. FRASE MOTOR COMPANY * . « E.- Highway 13th St, -- Donna, Texas '46 PLYMOUTH. 4 Door Special Deluxe. Radio Heater $2150 '46 CHEVROLET 4 Door Stylemaster 2200 '46 CHRYSLER New Yorker Club Coupe. Radio A; Heater . . 3200 '42 CHEVROLET Coupe, Radio Heater ... 1375 '42 STUDEBAKER Club Coupe. B^dio Heater 1065 '41 STUDEBAKER "President" Club Coupe. Overdrive. Radio higher Icrtrninu, in the amounts of Two (2c) Centfl und FiVa (. r c) Cents rc- A u spocllvoJy; p r o v i d i n g for a Five Cent. HOUtifl Tri*il«v-14 ft., sleeps two. Ron* reduction of the m a x i m u m allowable slate priced. Shamtock Trailer tax on p'ropurty, makin« such tax not to pxcccd Thirty (30c) Cents on the One Hundred (f 100.00) Dollars valuation: p r o v i d i n g a method of payment for, the construction nnd equipment of Improve- montH and bulldJnKs at tho A u r l c u l t u r o ) and Mechanical Colloge of Texas and Tho University of Texas." "ARainst tho Amendment, to Article VII of the Constitution of the State of Texas. nddiilK fl«eti6ns 17 and 18 providing for t,hn lovyinit of a state ad valorami tax on pfoporty in lieu of the present statfl ad va!6r«m tax of S*ven (7,c) C«nts for Confederate pensions In order to create special f u n d s necessary ior the p a y - mont of Confederate pensions »nd for the financing of the construction and equipment of buildings and other permanent; lmprovem«nt« at «t»t« Institution* of htth« Jearnlnit In the amounts of Two 2o) Cflnt« and Plv« (fie) Cents re»p«otlf«!y; providing for «·· fiva ftc) Cent reduction of th» maximum »How- nbl« -»tftte tax on property, nxOcinv «uch tax not to exceed ThJrtjr (JO) Cent* on the On« Hundred (INM.Oo) Dollars valuation; »roy»«Jing ·- ra»thod of pay- m«nt tor th« «on»truotion *nd *qulp- m«nt of impro»«wmt« *nd bwildin«§ Rt th« A«rlcultur»l »nd Mcch*nlcal Col- 1175 '41 HUDSON ^Commodore'* 8 4 door sedan Overdrive _,.,..,,,,,.i_ K .~. 1375 T 39 CHEVKOLET Coupe. Radio .^.^ t ^,^.. swf 878 '39 FORD Coupe i ~ y ,,, 1 ,~ 1 ~*~ r ,-M 828 '38 PONTIAC 2 Door Sedan ,_,-_,,_ 8?» t '36 PLYMOUTH 4 Door. New Motor, Transmission Tires . ' ALSO 10 OTHER '35i, '36fl, '37s on HAND All Cars Reconditioned and Repainted FRASE MOTOR COMPANY ALL OARS CABBY 30 DAY WARRANTY E. Highway 13th St. Donna, Texas Hours 8-6, 7-9:30 ,« Fkan* 1A of ITMM." of the elec- a* imd thla th» au- i\ioh hi HMwfcr viv«n ·hip IrtMfr afl Jlolbrook Mid CRmofon OonotT, nam« of "OoKUn th« pMfiner- Oh»rl*« r. *n*c*, Hoth of «nrJ«r the Kwm on tho JM ' debtc owln* to P. Holbrook, Th« Sam Hughftton Agency W« irusure everjfthing but the hereafter. BROWNSVILLE. TEXAS Anthony Bid*. Phoue 1153 REAL. ·BTAt)lUAJt« Commercial -Farms -NO BROKJttlAaK . NO BXPJENS1W Ix R 8AJCKF-F D Brake Service Expert Brake Service on all m*kes of' ear*. Goodyear S*rvic* 10th Levee -- Phone 000 BATTBRY 8KT» Sommer* Furniture Phone 674 Adam* FAKRA BROS. NO. 2 Orooery - Me*t« Hardware Itee Delivery Anyplace Phone 1692 1121 E. Adfcm* You'll Be Sold On U« When Wo Sole Your SHOES For uick and Satisfactory Service, Bring Your Shoe* to Central Shoe Shop ' I'»i at, Washington RUGS CLEANED * And Repaired By an experienced Armenian artist who understands tha care they require, and know* the proper way to handle them. Your fine Oriental rugs need attention. Have them cleaned and repaired br a rag expert. 90S E. Levee Phone 1217-M -- 104« KANDARIAN Rug Expert Brownsville ATTENTION GROWER* AIRPLANE DUSTING SERVICE Ruecticichi Sulphur Fertiliser Herman Schrciber, Jr. Phone 1923-M or Willis Implement Co. - Ph. 493 Printing Commercial. Job printing, blueprinting:. Ne*tly Mid promptly finished. THE PRINTCRAFT SHOP Phone 777 507 St. WASHING? Use HXJFFAKER'S BELP SBRVICE LAUNDRY S^ft Water, Courteous A*»J*tance, Curb Scrv, · S14 Erist 8th I ' r AUTO REPAIRING All makes of cars and trucks expertly repaired At prices you can afford to pay. FRJEDMANN MOTOR CO. Corner 10th *nd Levee Phone 105

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