The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on June 6, 1976 · Page 43
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 43

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1976
Page 43
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The Daily Inter Lak», fUUspM, Montana, Sunday, Jun« 6, 1976 D-9 Fourteen points to save on fuel If operating your car for low pollution doesn't turn you on, Uieu consider this. The same driving procedures that contribute to clean air also help save fuel. The California Air Resources Board has compiled the following list of "do's and don'ts" to help make you a good citizen and a fuel saver too. 40 states now ban bald tires 10 TO GO--Alabama has become the fortieth slate to ban bald tires, with a one-sixteenth inch minimum tread depth law effective Jan. 1,1976. Thirty nine slates and the District of Columbia DOW require a minimum tread depth of 1/16 inch, by law or regulation. One slate, California, requires a 1/32 minimum. Slates shown in white have no official safeguards against bald tires. Source: Tire Industry Safely Council · Washington, D.C. 20045 Keep car in good running order. Dirt? carburetors, clogged air inters and worn out points and plugs not only waste gas and reduce engine performance, they also contribute to air pollution. * » * Have imoff Bjrstems «rv- iced regularly. Smog devices reduce emissions only if they remain in working order. * * * Don't drive a "smoker." The real danger to our air is not the visible smoke, but the invisible fumes. However, smoke means engine trouble, and engine trouble means pollution. Merer be a "gas-pumper." Man; drivers produce needless pollution by ' pumping the gas throttle, sometimes several times, before starting. Hydrocarbons are spewed all over the neighborhood. To be a "clean" driver, depress the throttle only once. This sets the choke. Let your throttle come up halfway or all the way, following instructions of your vehicle owner's manual. Now turn the key. A well-tuned engine will start Instantly. * * + Skip the warraap. Thanks to Improved oils, no long warmup is needed with today's cars. Driveway Some fuel for thought Should you be using unleaded fuel In your car? If you've been asking yourself that question In the interest of protecting the environment, the answer may not be staple. New-model cars with catalytic converters should use the unleaded fuel to protect the converter. Some cars without converters still may be run with unleaded gas, if the manufacturer recom- mends. . Owners of older models with low compression engines may or may not be able to use unleaded fuel safely. Those who would like to try it are advised to buy a tankful. If there is no engine knock, then your car can use the fuel safely. But should you hear the knock, indicating pre- ignitlon or detonation, then go back to your regular brand of gasoline. warmups of longer than 20 seconds are unnecessary. * * * DM u tvr Ukeoff. Cold engines are high polluters, especially when pushed fast. When your engine Is cold, use a light touch on the gas pedal for a couple of miles. Otherwise, you may leave a long trail of fumes behind you before your engine warms up. * * * Don't "blast off." Kicking the throttle all the way down makes the tailpipe spit fumes. * * * K«p ktel tpccd. The less you change speed, the less you'll foul up the air. Your car produces far more smog when It's accelerating or decelerating than when it's driven steadily. It also uses more fuel. * * * Swear off sudden slowdown*. When, at high speeds, you lake your foot off the gas suddenly, emissions zoom. A gradual stop causes a little extra pollution, but nothing like the pollution your car spits out when stopped suddenly. Anticipation and preparation are the mark of a good driver. Avoid idling. When you wait for a freight train to pass or stop at the curb to chat with your engine Idling, you add a heavy load of pollutants, especially carbon monoxide, to the air. Turn off your engine while waiting, whenever practical. · · · Avoid stop t\fat and Iraf- fic lighti whenever you can. Seek routes that help you keep your car moving steadily. WKen you travel routes with many traffic lights, try to pace your driving to "hit the green." A steady flow of traffic cuts pollution. * * * Do cry over spilled gasoline. Remind your service station attendant cot to overfill or "top out" your tank. To avoid overflow when your tank Is lull, avoid parking on a steep slope. · · * Share, the ride, take the bus or schedule your trip to avoid peak traffic hours. Reducing the travel during rush hours will help reduce air pollution. * · » Choote low-lead or no*lead fu«U if your car will run efficiently on them. Be Ready For That Vacation! Complete Car Care Service! .Lube, Oil, Filter . Front-End Alignment . Engine Tune-Up . Brake Overhaul PICKYOUR LOW'PRICE! -- RETREADS -- FOR COMPACTS. 6.00x13 6.50x15 73J , 6.95,14 7.00x14 FOR MIDDLE SIZE CARS ID f.75,15 ··«*'» '17" FOt LARGER SIZE CAK AUOTHH SIZES Fra NUunting fc latondng Exchange For R«tr*adabla Casing STEEL BELTED RADIAL BLEMS GOODpYEAtt LR78-15 White wall 64.36 HR78-15 Whitewall 59.15 GOOD WEAR Easy Ways To Buy Cash . Our Own Customer Credit Plan Master Charge . pankAmerkard . Texaco GR78-15 Whitewall 49.47 DR78-14 Whitewall 45.32 FR78-15 Blackwall 26.76 Pries* Indude F.E.Tax Price* Subject To Stock On Hand Your New Complete Good Year Store! CITY SERVICE CENTER 1645 Hwy. 93 South . Kaliipell . 755-4321

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