The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on June 6, 1976 · Page 42
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 42

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1976
Page 42
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0-8 Sunday, June 6. 1976 The Daily Inter Lake, Kalispell, Montana AUTO fACTS STK/S TURN6P ON*? paosrr... PERHAPS NO ftSS« TUAM A SHARPENED PENCIL'S POUT...CAN CAUSE WOR CAR'S ENGwe TO JIKN OVER FrTFUUY AfTEB 1OU TURH Off THE KEV.TW* SMRTUNS COKPmON IS KNOWN AS ITS MOST 1. IKHY TO T«E PLACE W«NACARISUSH PBMARU.V M SHORT, LCW- 5P66P RUNS VJITH MUCH TOC-ANP-6O. vooRCAfre wit sreec GONTOOL AND IClf MOMS COHTKX. ARS ser TO FACTOR^ RECOMMtNPEP PEBOP1C nwe-UfS ARg ALSO R6COMMEWW. products help cleaning If the grease and grime created by the do-it-your- selfers'at your house has you working overtime in the laundry room, the following information may help. Go to your local automotive supply store or the parts jobber frequented by automobile mechanics, and buy some mechanics' hand cleaner. Not the old fashioned abrasive stuff of years gone by, the kind that took the skin away with the dirt . . . but the new kind of creamy product that won't hurt sensitive skin and really does an excellent cleaning job. Most can be used with or without water. They are treated with lanolin (or similar products) , and even have an antiseptic agent built Into the formula to help heal the m i n o r nicks and scratches that are part and Recipe for gasoline economy Power steering system not hard to maintain A power steering system is considerably more complex than a non-power system. But most power steering maintenance can be accomplished by the motorist or his service mechanic, and special tools usually are not required. The heart of a power steering system is a hydraulic pump that supplies the pressure to the wheels when you turn the steering wheel. Power steering pumps rarely break down as long as you make sure they have the proper amount of power steering fluid to do the job. Periodic checking of the fluid Car safety costs play big role in price of vehicle When you buy a new car you ate paying $S15 for the safety and emission equipment required by the federal government -- this according to a study by GM. And, if current new proposals are put into effect the extra cost will go to $1,225 per car within the next three years. Most of the added cost would be for better clean air systems. level U usually all that is necessary lor regular maintenance. UlMl Another item to check periodically is the belt that connects the pump to the engine. If this belt should break, your entire power steering system will cease to function immediately. When, checking the fluid level and the drive belts, check the hoses that connect the pump to the other components in the system. Hoses should be firm and free of cracks. Connections should be tight and leak-free. Leakage from hoses and connections in the system is the major cause of fluid loss, the main cause of power steering failure.' How can you tell if your power steering system needs attention? Usually the first sign is either an unusual noise (squealing, chattering or knocking sound) or a change in the "feel" of your steering (sluggishness, jerkiness or a tendency to pull to one side). If any of these symptoms occur, get your power steering system checked; early attention can prevent big problems later. ']·) hlllll drive rrail muM tllirif ill 1-c condition of , ayti Olaf Ccors r* of lliU supplr rciitc for iivmp fuel cimrcriif le rur anil the ;ittitude of llie · William Fcicn, German amo- unt. IK ImliU if .;irrfnllv Applied, the recipe nmj rll mean :i fuel navinp of up To 20 pcrvcnl. FOK THE CAK 1. Low rolling resistance. This means maintenance of the prescribed lire pressure, brakes that do not bind or grind and well adjusted. frec-mming wheel bearings. * * » 2. Correct adjustment of carburetor and yigni- lion. Clean air filler elements and maintenance of a sufficiently high engine temperature (low icniper- aiures increase fuel consumption). * * * FOR THE DRIVER 1. Gentle drifing, especially wlien Marling from rest and early shifting into the next-higher gear. . If transmission is automatic, make it shift upwards al low speeds and UK the kkkdown sparingly. Brake gently. Remember: high engine revs need more fuel and a lot of energy will be wasted by liigti braking. * * * 2. Select your speed according to the developing traffic situation. If lights are red, don't rush up and brake, but let the car roll gently, so when the light-change, you can accelerate without changing gear. » * * 3. Every car has a "most economical** speed range. Usually around SO mph. Keep it to lhal speed wherever possible. Never "pump" on ihe accelerator. This squirts raw fuel into the engine -at your, cost. Driving at changing speeds is uneconomical -- driving at a steady speed saves fuel. parcel of most Saturday afternoon projects. Most manufacturers sup - ·ply dispensers to hold the hand cleaner container so that you can dispense the cleaner efficiently and economically. Their low cost permits installation of one in the garage and one in the basement workshop for real convenience. You will also find the auto store a revelation in terms of household helps that you don't see advertised on TV. There are bags of easy- to-use floor .cleaner that eat up garage floor grease fast and save you the job of cleaning up the grime ' that used .to be tracked . into your house. There are adhesives, super lubricants, squeak stoppers, rust and stain removers, sealers, degreasers that you spray or brush on and hose off with water. Some of these products you may find in your hardware store, but many are strictly auto supply store fare, because they are the professional materials used by professional mechanics . . . but many have application in and around the house." Engine Sale $ 70 off. ^MANUFACTURED ENGINES WHEN 1SSTALLED BY WARDS Wards 6 and 8 cylinder remanu- Jactured engines cost less than many new car interest charges alone. Sizes available for most Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler products manufactured between 1957 and 1974. 333 Main - Ph. 755-5055

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