The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 26, 1963 · Page 11
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 11

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1963
Page 11
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Dunns Mark 60th Year Of Marriage Mr. and Mi's. Will B. Dunn celebrated their 50th redding anniversary Sunday with a .family reunion in Iheii: home in Mar.ilou. The couple was married in 1903 at Columbia, Tenn. They moved to Oklahoma in 1916 and lived on a Jarm retirement in 1956. They then moved to Manilou where they now reside. Mi 1 , and Mrs. Dunn have live children, 14 grandchildren, 36 (treat-grandchildren and live great- great-svandchildren. Their children and families at- THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Monday, August 26, 1963 f f P-TA Unit Board Plans Mary Burns, Editor Battalion Wives Have Coffee, Attend Bridge Club Meeting Wives of officers of the 2nd Howitzer BaLlalion 175th ArLillery, attended a cofteo given by Mi's. Ralph C. Little and Mrs. Thomas P. Ross, and the wives in the group's bridge club also met. BoLh tending Ihe reunion were Mr. and : events were Thursday at 2515 N. Mrs. Jim A. Roberls and family, ' 24111. et'ed with lace and centered by an arrangement of greenery. Mrs. William F. Skidir.ore, wife of Ihe commanding officer, directed the business. She announced the 21'lth Artillery Group wives lunch- New Year The executive board of Jefferson Parent-Teacher association met in the home of Mrs. James F. Alexander, co-president. Speakers were suggested for the cominp; unit meeting. Details for more diversified devotions were given by Mrs. Alexander. j Mrs. Ramon Anderson, room | representative, announced the Jef- 1 lerson u n i t has been awarded rhe ' Golden Oak certificate Tor membership, Plans were presented by Mrs. Lemvood Smith, second vice president, lo register members Friday. the day of enrollment for elemen- -,-· *f- Bonina, Tex.; Giwer Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. W. Hobbs, N.M.; Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dunn, Fort Smilh, Ark.: Mr. and Mrs. Pele fA.B.) Conner, Napn, Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. Odie L, D u n n , Albuquerque, N.M. Mrs. Dunn's sister and family, Mr, and Mrs. Robert Anderson At Uie eottee, warm coffee cake with whipped cream, assorted cookies, miniature sandwiches, pimento cream p u f f s ;ind coffee were served. The fable was cov- Wives and their children, also attended, j T^J . T) . Others present were Eli Bar- jL/lGCC L ft/ L Of Officers pre: relt and f a m i l y , Wicliila Falls, Tex,; T. Eariy and family, STYLES GO BERSERK. Startling but patriotic is this red, white and blue frock (left) with squares, from the collection of Paris designer Louis Feraud. It is worn with matching bonnet and navy blue stole fringed in red. The dress, red at the top, red and white at the waist, and blue at the skirt, is of jereey wool, as is the stole. The new warm look is apparent in the woolen coat (right) with diagonal black and white yellow stripes and a high otter collar. The garment is among fall and winter creations of Paris designer Lanvin, and is called 'La Mousson 68.' The coat is worn with black gloves and a black otter fur bonnet, (AP Wirephoto) New Stvles To Each-His-Own Tommy Blaklcy and family. Ed Moeller and family, Frederick; Lavern Seal? and family, Clinton: II. L. McKelvy and family. Dee ^,, tlt ,...._ , Adams and family, Jeff Roark, I o ( members of class 5A-63, and the Rev. and Mrs. Noel | [icers Candidate School. George, Manilou. and Glen Dunn and family, Lawton. L ^ Mrs, Gerald N. Cameron has been elected president of Wives " Of- eon would be Sept, 12, and the next I tary children. battalion coffee would be Sept. 39 j The first P-TA unit meeting will i in the homo of Mrs. Robert L. : 'be in the school auditorium a t ! Alderman, C615B Lucas Koad, Fori p.m. Monday. Sept. 9. A l i i parents are invited for a briefing Mrs. Wayne D. Taylor, Officers I ""school and P-TA. Refreshments - - ' will he served after the meeting. Mrs. Paul Madden has been. named new study group chairman. Other chairmen present were Mrs. Berlie Carrick. Mrs. Dale Adair. Mrs. Edward Hunt, Mrs. Joseph Hill. Mrs. Edward Whitely. Mrs, Leon Nix and Mrs. Gene Williams. Gunnery Branch Wives c l u h representative, reminded the wives of the Officers Wives club luncheon Sept. 0 and ihat reservations deadline is noon Sept. 5. She summarized activities lo be sponsored by the Officers Wives club during the coming year. Mrs. Wesley Skoles and Mrs. Robert E. Highland joined the bal- (alion wives for the first time. Others attending were Mrs. Robert Gilli- Lois Class Has Social The Lois Sunday school class ot Trinity Baptist church h f l d n business meeting and social in Ihe home of Mrs. M i n n i e Van Hoozer, class teacher. Mrs. Agnes Mitchell Rave the opening prayer. Mrs. Esther Worlh Save Ihe devotional, "Take Time lo Pray," closing w i t h prayer. Also elected at the meelins in Lanyard loun.qe iras Mrs. William M. Noe, secretary-treasurer. The corresponding soureiary Hncl publicily chaiiTnan will be selected Wednesday. J. Willie, Mrs, Lowell M. ? j land ond Mrs. Richard F. Hoffman. The wives meeting for the bridge parly were served iced lea. lemonade and coffee. Attending were Mrs. Skidmore, Mrs. A l d e r m a n . Mrs. Ralph C, L i l l l e , Mrs. Robert J. W i l l i e , Mrs. The meeting was lughliBhled by fashion show, featurinc [jarmems Gilliland. Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Thomas P. Ross. Mrs. Hoffman and a Wives Attend Morning Event £-. SOUFFLE--Fluffy creation of organza is the lig'Mhearted hat worn by Mrs. R o n a l d Lyons at Ascot, England. \ i r t 5 i i i i u i i n - i u i n i » ^ * ^ ^ « * * 1 ' ^ r i * * l ~ v | . -., T T^ T - - -- -and accessories from Lucille's Ap- guest player, Mrs. Jesse F. Jones. ! dcrclof.h. The centerpiece was an FURRY FI-LL-fNS Furry fill-ins are big fashion news. Turtle-neck dickies in leo- Wives of officers of Branch C ; P a r d ' m i n k and sahle w i n b - l h e o.' lhe Gunnery Department gath- i big thing under collarless jackets ered in the home of Mrs. J. L. i and coals Gardella, 2201 Williams, for a | mnrning coffee. The group was served assorted pastries and coffee from a lable covered with lace over a blue un- · pare! For Women. Models were Mrs. Sidney B. Walker, Mrs. Norman Knoff, Mrs. Raymond Linfio, M r s . John L. Vauphl and Mrs. Thomas M. Saunders. Mrs. J i m m y J. Smilh was commentator. Hostesses were Mrs. Eugene L. Bumann, Mrs. fCrrol Everson, The "business meeting was con-i Mrs. Vauijhl and Mrs. Smith. J BY I.l'CIK NOEL PARTS IAP)--Paris fashion de- sij^nci'S offer a wealth of trends, in b e a u t i f u l fabrics and sinking colors, for fall and winter. The io-pach-his-own approach, as shown in phoiocraphs released today, means there is somoihine lor cvrryonr--from the conserva- tivc follow-rashion dresser 10 t h e nonconformist rebel. Soon the stylos w i l l ho adapted 10 the American markrrt--loi 1 a Iraclion of the Paris prices. One imporlanl trend is the muf- flcd-up look for winier. in a general antifreeze rampaijm the entire couiurc cndoi-sed. Collars climb Dp to the eyes, bypassing chin and nose. Necklines arc cowled, hooded, scarvcri or swaihcd in f u r or fabric sioles and high windshield collars. Topcoats ,nre easy, roomy, square-shouldered and spell winter comfort. The showings were ihe biggest 1 fur stories in years. Included were I many fur trimmings on suits for df-y and evening displayed by ' s u c h houses as llcim. Chanel. \ Soinl-Laurcni and Grif'o. | Most styles shown for dny in soft moh;iirs and twepd plaids, I chocks ;md horringbonos, also ap: pear in evening wear in deluxe silks, velvets and brocades -among ihe bost French manufac- · hirers h^\T produced. For evening jeweled and beaded i cmbroideiy is all-important. | Feat hers are integrated nnd add ! a touch of fantasy. Bird plumage j coloi's were shown for sports. j The luxury look is for alter ! dark, and in hostess gowns in . fabrics ranging from sports ; weaves to cut velvets and chiffons. Among them are Boldini's flcnving princess line and an Ed. wardian line. Tongue-in-cheek, " Saint-Uaurcnt ; set an audacious new pace. Robin ; Hood comes lo life in leather or 1 suede jerkin, ribbed velvet or paisley printed jersey, mid-ihigh- ' top boots and a quilled h a t . These , run all through Ihe collection in 1 (weed, velvet or fur. One of the season's important i features is ihe return of sleeves. Batwing sleeves are at 'Cardin's for every hour, from tweed to chiffon. At Saint-Laurent's they are tight-filling and jeweled for evening. Laroehe docs them in fur on tweed suits and so docs Lanvin, Ricci uses fur sleeves in wool coals. Fabrics and colors lend the cx: citcmcnt lo a carefully studied sil: houcue. Mosaic cameo tweeds by Asher, firm mohair, checker! ; weaves by Bcsson, blended shades : in king-sized plaids nnd hounds' tooth lend quality and beauty lo ! the winter scene. ' Abstract jeu-clry. gold chains. | feathers, new hair styles and new ; shoes complete the fall and winter ' collections. ducted by Mrs. Carl Capshaw. Games were directed by Mrs. Charles Hockenborry. Hon'.emade , ice cream and angel food cake were served by ihe hostess. Guests were Mrs. E. M. Comp- lon, Mrs. Bell Oopion, Mrs. Agnes Mitchell. Mrs. Marie Sliarp and Mrs. R u l h Ellen Rose. Members attending were Mrs. Charlie Donley. Mrs. Capsh.iw. Mrs. Hockenbcrry. Mrs. E l d o n | Each person a t t e n d i n g received samples of a cosmetics company's products. Guests were Mrs. Mrs. Germain William Gersbach and Graves. New members Included Mrs. Ronald Wccas, Mrs. Leroy R. Daylon. Mrs. Hanford Reed. Mrs. Hayop Banks, Mrs. Robert DdHon. The krideqe club's next meeting ; arrangement of artificial flowers w i l l bo Sept. 19 al 5G15B Lucas ' m a l r h i n g the underskirt. Road. Personal Notes Miss Freddie Mae Kinnear, a student al Cenlral S t a l e college, : Edmond. is visiting her sister. Mrs. Glenn Dunn, 4fW Green- meadow Drive. Mrs. Gardella volunteered to work in the Thrift shop at Fort ! Sill. Mrs. J. W. Martin, Mrs. J. W. _ Porter. Mrs. E. C. Riley and Mrs. i L. J. Ringer were guests. Others I allending were Mrs. E. R. Alford. I Mrs. J. T. Brackman, Mrs. A. T. ! Brillhart. Mrs. J. K. Oscood and Mrs. J. W. Wurman. J e f f r e y Don is the name chosen by Mr. "and Mrs. Don Allred for I h n i r son bom Aug. 16 in Lubbock, Tex. The baby weighed 7 pounds Mrs. Slephcn Cade and Mrs, Snnlo i R[ 'bi rt h," and "is the" couple's first Sominalore. Klein, Mrs. Tom Worth, .Mrs. E. i A l TM present were Mr?. John L. Abigail Van Buren: Give It Time To Pass, Sis... DEAR ABBY; I am 13 years old and 1 have a problem. 1 don't get along with my moihcr, Everything I do she finds fault with. Did your moiher ever sav to you. "GO TO BED -- YOU'RE SICKENING?" Well, my mother docs. I have an older 'broihcr, 17, who gets to do anything he wants. My mother always lavors him. My father works and is hardly ever home, but when he is, he sides with my mother. I am not lazy. I help around the house, but what do I get? Yelled at. picked on. and criticised, Can you help me? DISCOURAGED DEATC DISCOUKAGED: If I ·were usUiifl to select tlie must trying ngc (and pcrliii|s the "UH- luckicst") It wrtuiKl be IS. I'll bet when your brother was is he, tun. felt unupprecliitert. picked on ami discmirngcd. At M one's emotions arc tender, Hiid one's fuclliius lire eftslty hurt. Toughen up n hit, und try n little Imrtler to ntense. And be-, foro you know It. you'll be 14! doesn't realize this, and the neighbors keep quiet because they don't want to cause trouble. And did you ever notice t h a t dog owners put their doghooses as far away irom their 0\VN homes as possible, but usually right under a neighbor's bedroom window? I don't hate dogs, but I think people who can't train their dogs to he quiet should take Iheir dogs and move lo the country. CITY DWELLER DEAR. ABBY: I have bee-n married only two years and recen'Jy a problem has come up that has really pu; an end to our honeymoon. My husband and I agreed that 5:30 would be the best time to eat our dinner. Shordy before dinner time, he disappears ajid we wind! up lighting over cold lood. I've hollered myself hoarse, but he's visiting in the home of a neighbor somewhere and can't i hear me. How can I break him of this habit? COLD FISH, CHICKEN AND BOAST DEAR COLD: You could hire bloodhounds, but lhal would run i n t o money. Or clmin him to Ihfl table ill 5:15. but he'd he too ungry to e»l- Your best solution is fn leave even-thing in the oven until you sec ills whites of your husband's eyes. (P.S, The food mifhi be dried nut and over-cooked, bul it will never be cold.) G. Gaston, Mrs. Frank Cornforth and Mrs. J. P. Medford. Beaver Valley Club Elects New Officials LETITIA (Special)--Mrs, Billy Glass was elected president by members of the Beaver Valley Homo Demonstration club when Mrs. Edd Clarke was hostess lo the group. Others chosen were Mrs. 1C. J. Schrnm. vice president, and Mrs. A, Daylon, secretary and frcasur- cr. . The group planned a f u l l c N h i b i l for Ihe county fair. Sept. 12-M. Miss J u a n i U i Pelcrs and Mrs. Dayion reported on Ihe last council mealing, and Mrs. Daylon lold of her t r i p to the Homemukcrs conference in Stillwatcr. Mrs. Schram, outgoing president, presided, and Mrs. Pelcrs read the history of thc'fiag. Miss Peters led in prayer. Mrs. E. F. Clarke directed t h e homemakcrs creed. Members answered roll by describing serviceable t r i m s for children's garments. All participated Winn and class Ti-65 sponsors, Mrs. Richard S. Wheeler nnd Mrs. James E. O'Bryanl. Fulure events announced wero the graduation parade Saturday, child. Mr. Allred is a senior stu- j den; n t Texas Tech college in Lub- i bock. '; Maternal grandparents are Mr. ; and Mrs. W. R. Cooler. 501 Bell. ' Pnlernnl grandparents lire Mr. nnd ; Mrs. John Allred. ]S09 Bell, and i Calendar the ball Monday m K h t . Sept. !· | Erc ,. | ,. sr;lndrn0 |hpr'! are Mrs. P_iv-i and lhe graduation exercise at 10, mond Rcov0!! . ]G03 E . nnd Mrs ., a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3. followed by | Lj|ljc ^.Q,^ lie -, Ar | iwlon . ; a coflrp. : Mr. mid Mrs. Hrner Rumaec, · [ 906 P.oosevcll. nnd Mr, and Mrs. ! i David Gallagher, 1811 Tafl. spent | ' the weekend «t Camp Clwssen. ; ; near Davis, visiting the brother- , in-lnw a n d sister of Mr. Rummage | and MIT. Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. . G r n d y Hopkins. Olhor gucsls of the hosls were , Uicir wo dauchlers and Iheir families. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carroll f n r i Bobby. Oklahoma City, and Mr. and Mrs. King Hinnett, | Cynthin, Pamela ami King Jr., \ D:iJIas, Tex. j MONBAV Ijwlon Tennis association, Mr. 1 and Mrs. Charles W. Jennings, No, ! 29 N. 35Ui. S p.m. ! VF\V posi 1193 and Auxiliary, ; : games night. VF\V building, 926 S. Second, 8 p.m. TUESDAY Sub-Deb club. Susan Hayes. 2-106 A t l a n t a , 7:30 p.m. Cenlriil Baplist WMU. church parlor. !) a.m., covered-dish lunch- con follows. Senior Ciii7.ens club, Museum of the G r e a t Plains, 7 p.m. Women of Seal Heights Presbyterian church, general meeting in church parlor, 7:30 p.m. I GOING BACK to SCHOOL? CMd Life Sturdy and pretty- CHILD LIFE SHOES wear and wear . . . and mother's so pleased 'cause they need little care. Bill Jerry's LAWTON BRACE AND APPLIANCE JOS S. M t h EL3-5313 SOCIAL PLANNED Husbands of Pershinc Ttome Demonstration club members will lie their guesis at a watermelon social at 6:30 p.m. Friday on the back lawn at the home of Mrs. Floyd Miller. M11 Arlington. Charily chapter 507, OES, initia-j in the lesson on children's clothing, p . m ' tiort. Masonic temple, ISJ'I C, 7:45 I What's on your mind? For a personal reply, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. j HOSTESS A"NOUNCED Sub Debs will be entertaJned at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday by Susan Hayes, 2406 Atlanta. led by Mrs. Glass. The hostess served refreshments lo H members and five children/ LITTLE I-IZ Ladies Auxiliary lo VFW post 1193, VFW building, S p.m. In me realm of clean sports, there's none that can clean you OS fast as horse racing. DEAR ABBY: How can otherwise cood neighbors lose all con-. sideration for Mieir neighbors b y . l\ecpins ;i noisy doc? The inca that L-hildren must crow up with . n pet to tefich them "kindness; nnd corjiideration" is so much hos- ; wash, since they are learning lo in inconsiderate of others by im- j posinp a nuisance on Iheir neighbors. Or a stifling summer night one cannot even open his windows because the yelpings of dops is so r.crve-shatlerinp;. An afternoon -nap ;s out of the question [or youngsters or older folks. When doi; o^vners po away for the evening and lenvc the dog behind, he .barks incessantly because he's "lonesome"-- but the absent lamily: N. M. UPHOLSTERY CO. SPECIAL PRICES Next 30 days on all upholstering. Lowest prices possible with quality workmanship. Cull now lor Spcciul prices. EL7-2436 1718 Smith TERMITES--ROACHES LAIRD'S co pn t ELS-2134 OfiKIUALft Designing from sketches only, No patterns, samples available, 404.N. JSlhSt ELS-T311 NEED FURNITURE? Everything you need for your new home on one time payment plan with no down payment! Nationally advertised lines furniture, carpet, bedding and appliances at lowest possible prices 1 . ' . .' Give us a try before you:buy. Special prices on house groups. .Open Evenings 'til 8:00 p.m. HI . FREE DELIVERY ' . Jl 1509 Cache Rd' , M ' EL 5-2040 Get Growing · Pruning · Insect Spraying · Fertilizer* · Insecticides MODERN LANDSCAPE 1208 Sheridan Rd. EL 3' Op*n 7: .10 H.m. to G p.m. Mon. Thru Sat. . BEAUTICIANS EAEN BIG $Cft *7C MON*EY JU" I J and np to S2IM) Weekly Enroll Now In S-W OUahnmn'i oldest Benol School--In Lawton ilnce 1946 the quicker Fou itart the quicker vno ram. BIR demand (or op- arators--men or women. School Hour*: 8:30 lo 5:30 Tuesday thru Snturdnv Call or Write Lowton Beauty School New Location 101.1 Sheridan Road CARPETS CLEANED In your home or ]n our shop . . . with Certified Carpet Clc:in»:r. Fret Etimates L A C Y ' S Sth nnd D EL 3-5381 The Liliane Louise School of Dance Fall and Winter Season Enrollment Mow thru September 1 to 10P.M. Ballet, Acrobatics, Modern Jazz Tap, Variety, Ballroom 1527 Gor* EL 5-6557 HICKORY INN STEAK HOUSE 3Sth and Gore EL T-3949 N'cw Hours 4 P.M. to U P.M. Daily WEEKLY SPECIALS All served with Soup, Relish Tray, Tossed Green Salad. Trench Fries or Baked or Hash Brown Potatoes, Hot Rolls or Garlic Toast. Ice Ten or Colfee. On Our Menu Daily SPECIAL STEAK $«| 80 DINNER Jl Mondayi and Tuesdays Special Cuf $4 98 CLUB STEAK : A Wednesday! and Thursdays FAMILY STYLE FRIED CHICKEN With Pun Gravy and honey Fridays CHANNEL CATFISH or HALIBUT With Hush Puppies ... Saturdays and Sundays Special Cut K. C. $4*95 SIRLOIN STEAK Featuring On Our Menu Daily U. S. Choice STEAKS. PRIME RIB BEEF and SEA FOODS Special Children's Menu PIANOS ORGANS Din] EL7-1468 1629 Cache Road ^ . . . 0 . . , SOCKWZIJL PIANO AXD ORGAN CO. Baldwin -- rlamilton - Acrosonic - Howard Pianos Baldwin Organs for the Home or Church Rentals - Used Pianos - Piano Tuning STOREY AND BARTON School of the Dance Nex Classes Will Begin September 3rd In BALLET - TAP - JAZZ Classes For Children of ill Ages-- S P E C I A L CLASSES FOR PRE-SCHOOL C H I L D R E N (Minimum Affe 4) REGISTRATION NOW BEING ACCEPTED Dial EL 5-4773--Office: 709 Gore Blvd. Studios: 709 Gore nnd lilO N". 15th STOCK CLEARANCE SALE! Hundreds of Yards Reduced to Half Price 72 price · LINENS · COTTONS · DACRONS · ACETATES · BLENDS NOW REMNANTS 1 to. 20. yard pieces _____ UPHOLSTERY FABRICS Values to $ 10.00 yd _______ __Now ONE YARD REMNANTS Each' ___ ________ ___ _ 59c*79c Yd. 25c · Sale to last through. Sept. 10th. '' Look to Raincy't Drapery Mart for the Finest in Custom Draperies and Furniture Upholstering. RAINEY'S DRAPERY MART 1505 Cache Road Dial EL 3-5676

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