The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 6, 1947 · Page 8
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 8

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 8
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l*ajre IT FrTtTny, Jimo B, 1MT They'll Do It Every Time Ragiit0r«d U. S. PaUnl Offlc* By Jimmy Hatlo ·C llNSCRIPTION'ofl THAT/ ETCHING ACID I \/. I/ * - ^ V \V /** /yi^f '/ THERE/ THE SLIVER'S OUT NOW, MRS. BUTTERWICK' JUST KEEP VOUR HANPS OUT OF WATER FOR A WEEK ANP IT'LL HEAL UP FINE/ -3ZL- r 'r ££*· Wtf- h 2S =C /S p (^^ \v k ^ h(2L ·^2^ ^ ^r^ ^^T; ^r?-^ ^.^. r/ ]» ^ l^ iV\S 8 fc ^^ ^- f^ ; VV» *l a? -·*%«- V -^··w ^ ^I/a ./".· ^^ S^«^ J v te\ C0!'/t -IM7. KING KKATUKK.S S V N D I C A T K . Int.? WOl!!.D HIGHTS fc-fa fl^v^tJ^ MRS. M.C. BERGEN, 4-IE CALVIM- 0R055E POINTE FARM, MICHK3AM ·g rTHERE'5 B6EN ·c 'INSCRIPTIONat .... * | SILVER PLATE / BUT 5 THE PIPE WX\S 50 LON5 THE WORM OFF, -^ v-^.-.-.. ^,. M-- T^I^H .trttSKHHh^ srnv»* | ^cp^ "--,{!· i MV PAL GO SORTrt WHO TIPPED T..0SILVTWOJ ONE OFF THIS GUM-) PEOPLE JOF 'EM WILL BRING THEM \5HOE'THAT T J KNEW/-.:ATM!* V=OWWA OUT/'IF IT DOESN'T \ WAS GONMA^v "SILVER" )T F^ ME J£2HfJ*. WE'LL TRY HEATIN6 /MEET "SILVER" \HIMSELP J PORK/.-/FIN PW KOVWES IKi TH/4T/ AN' TH' t we better an eye on fa I hate /5"??? She always sings^ along with _ . , __. v / There's^ \M no harm in that/ HJ ( Why, you often do the same thing yourse/ff ****** ""··» 0. r '- v 7k pretty ];# voice' ""'* p' DON'T LET THAT PHONE CALL BOTHER ' YOU TOO MUCH, BAT. F1GHTER5 HAVE ' TO EXPECT SCREWY THINGS LIKE 1 THAT. TME GUY WAS PROBABLY A C R A N K , OUR BOARDING HOUSE- APPEARANCE:" IS MAMMA trt TKB DESERT/ TNE: PURCHASED A MOL)S»NiE ANiO YOU CAf^ S£ IT CU3£IVJ CHAUFFEUR/ WAT £MER 6SCAKA OF TtW RESPLENDENT X 60U6V-VT ^H YOU , _ " VEA£S AGO ? --With Major Hooplei OUT OUR WAY-" ~ ~ *~ | f" i r 1 -By Williams 6Ri^3 5M1L6S T£ M.V ^ 5VMOUB-DP peers/ SOT -Y(_\/XC MOMKV SUIT PASSED AvAlAV V\J\P AE -c^AUL I 6OT LET 1 " 19'0 \MAMT TO LOSE AVOMEV OM '(H^ 3OB* .-^ WE NAMEP HIM BULLET--NOT CUZ HE'S SECOSIP TO TH' BULL, BUT CLJ2- IF VOU BUMP IMTO HIM ME HAS TO GO BACK AM'ASK WHERE HE WA£ GOIM',' OH, NOT THAT BAP-BUT THEY SEWT HIM TO AUSTRALIA ONCE, AM 1 WHEN! ASKED IF TH' OCEAN! WAS ROUGH, HESA1P, WHAT OCEAN)? T , . «»«? or tttA sr.nvict. inc. T. *. Km u. « I**T. ofj|. ff ^^ PM CARisYVAL-- ir r Fuvner . S, Senator Previous Pu«l« "It's the first dollar 1 -ever made in tho place--minus taxes, of course! 11 2 Passageway l,r Pictured U.S. 3 Era senator 4 Negative 11 Vessel 5 p r i soni i:i Wakens n Press I S l r r i l a l o ,, A ?.« T I t i K a g c r 7 A r t i n c i a T 1 a Story l a n g u a g e 1!) Lamprey JJ Woody f r u i t 'JO W h i t e poplars 22 Times of prosperity 23 Half an cm 24 Atop pi : EW Da tea ik CI5E 9 l wasn't right. I was dead wrong. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, BABY. HE'S GOOD /.OOKINl YOU'RE A SWELL DISM- - MAYBE THE CUY MADE A PA55 AT YOU. HE'S HUMAN, --. AIN'T HE? LISTEN, CONNIE; IF BAT WENT TO FLINT ABOUT THAT THREAT WE'VE GOTtA ACT FAST. DID ANYTHING ELSE HAPPEN WHILE FLINT WAS HERE ? \' ^ 1M X^T-k.' / . I h^N----^ -*. IF THESE AMERICANS -SUCH WONDERFUL \VW2CIORS. LET THEM PROVE / IT BY SL/MJGHTERING ONE ANOTHER-OFF TO THE ARENA WITH THE BARBARI/NN.' /- ^^»ifl' c« I DON'T MEAM TO BE AM OLD FOSEV, BUT THIS OABBfMG HABIT IS 6ETriNG- OUf OF HAND / N ,trs MORE THAN) A H ITS A , DISEASE! M\JM? UM HUH---UNH-. |( I UNH---VE-AH-MATCH / TELEPHONE SQUATITlS/ 0 4 7 HY N'f_Sg.»V.ICt .' I'»'C T ore ti. ?. P«T err 3T 51 ss S'J re t o i n o r SL. 11 10 26.He Is chair- 46 Entrance man of the 47 Prong brother (Bib.) services 48 For example 10 Barked committee (ab,) 11 Releases 29 Atmosphere 49 Worm 12 Seize (coll.) 31 Mimic 50 Passage ·14 I t a l i a n town 34 Melts money ^ M m n c i ^ " '17 Earth goddess 35 Epic !2 Damage '11 P l u r a l ending 20 Horns 37 Barters 54 Boy · i R B c r i n 21 Moslem devil 38 Detests 56 Parent iio Tilled land 24 Lower deck 44 Sea eagle 58 I t a l i a n ' f i v e r ,'}?. Sick U3 Small devil 34 Pang 30'Cogs 39 Pronoun 40 Pair (ab.) 41 Advertisement (ab.) 42 Sun god 43 Exist,45 Fabric 50 Obese fU Grub .ij.'i 'Excavates ii4 Load 55 Bitter compound 5.7/Is merciful JiQ'.Ointmcnt GO Poems *·'· VERTICAL 1 Lawyer's IT HURT AS A CATTLE- TO AAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE:/ ANSWER tOUR QUESTIO DOLl^R. nAKNf:v AND SNUFFY SMITH --By Fred Lasswell I GOT PlUG POUNDS OF RICE TO THROW PfT VOU ftt RFT6R THE WEDDING, SNUFFV FLING IT IN TH' STEW POT SUT ewe (v^e A \ 5MUX- LOWIZIE'S COWBELL-- NOW RLL \ GOT Q OU PRIR I N6GD IS RN OU PAIR OF SHOES TO HRNG ON TH' BU66V ve CAN use, GOOGLe Cow. X SIREE!! I HRIN'T WALTZIN DOWN TH' AISLE GIDEON P/XPP 15 THE ACCOUNT IM I THOUGHT MOUe DAD J/HE {OgiliB-5ETSAWW| WAS DOWN HE£E TO ^Fi20K\ WS OWLS KEN. GET AWA.V FEO^A BUSINESSJP^SSIOM Ifi UFE- TO , , SOAP'. WHEN HE'S* 5 ^^ ^- OF KJEW MO«y. HE'S I EITHER. PHOWVNv jl sA\vvi-:Ti --Jly Roy Crane HERE,HAVE A CIGAR, COULDN'T HELP OV££HEARING THE STORY YO'JTOlP THE POLICE. METIER IN' AFRICA i, MR. SAWYFR', POSITIVELY / HOW'D f-J^KL \ KG'. J YOO V5N OW AAY IS ·p WMV, I RLUEVH THE HOTEL CLERK TOLP ME. NONE 'OF MY 6U. 4 »IN£S5,MINP YOU -- BUT ASA FELLOW AMERICAN, LET ME CAUTION YOU ABOUT GOING TO THE LOCAL POLICE. 1 | UK/S»liKll. HT\|WHV I'VE BEEN AROUSiP TWE5E F^RTfi A LONG TIME. fcEUEVE ME, X KNCAV. THE LESS YOU TELL THESE 5TUPIR PETTY OFFICIALS, THE BETTER.GO JO THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNOR EVERY TIME, HE'S AFER60NALFRIENP OF MINE, ANP IF YOU ANP THE LITTLE LAPY WISH AN INTRODUCTION, OK . Ini.. NOW NtDLVRE TALKING, BOY) A PASSPORT, THAT'5 WHAT KEEP NONE, MISS DORIAN'S INTIMATE FRIENDS ANO 6HE WENT BUT THEY WON'T TALK. ~WELU..I KNOW HONEV DlPN'f GO TO A COUNTPV REQUlRlMG A PASSPORT. THE STATE DEPARTMENT SAID NONE HAD BEEN ISSUED TO ANYONE BY THAT NAME...LOOK OVER HERE.,. I 6OT ANOTHER SET OF FROM THE TRAVEL AGENCY WHICH ISSUED THOGE WE FOL^K'D IN HONEYS APARTMENT. THE TOP ROW IS SET, THE BOTTOM ROW IS HONEY'S.WHAT'S WRONG? ARE TWENTY-NINE FOLDERS 'N VOUR / QES/^ SET AND TWENTY-/ LiTTLE SEX'SN 1 IN MISS vi 'D, DORIAN'S... NO,., 1 PON'T UIKE HIMM /^ MOW ABOUT V I PON'T MER? SMF'S \TMINK. SO.. VERY PRETTY!)? AT ALU^ ·^^ VX UGW...TMAT-SJT EC AN USLV p=iiML ONE I M-T ...VOU'EE LOOKING VOURSELF IN A 'CAN'T PLEASC I c3uE55i AJ/l--f^7 ^·A' / y ^";Ir~ ;"«· S TV-.-, ; ^^jdet i ! ; v v f .-KT«- · N K.of f.t-^T. fcaOry*^

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