The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 4, 1965 · Page 2
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1965
Page 2
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r Friday, June 4, '65 Delta Democrat-Times iTorerunner Of Others Ed White Pioneered Future With Walk Through Space By JOSEPH L. WASHINGTON 1WYLER (UPl)-Some -.£' day a huge observatory or mili- .·V tary outpost assembled in orbit V above the earth may be chris- TM tened "The- Edward H. While II -" Station." The name would not be inap- .; propriate. E d . White Thursday! " performed a pioneering expcri- '..'. inent. From it eventually will ,i flow sophisticated techniques ^. for. exploiting space and even · v populating parts of it. £V By pushing himself around .;.' outside the GeminM spacecraft V v,nth a primitive gas jet device "JT- White became history's first "" self - propelled spaceman. Lat- ·· er Gemini pilots with more ef- ^Y ficient propulsion packs will go .*·'·, through the . motions of using -...;» tools while floating in space. - * » * THEY will be the forerunners ~~ of a new breed of Americans-.HT the space explorers. ri. Before men colonize the \t£ moon or Mars or build floating ' Jt - cities in space, other men must · perfect the art of erecting large ..'_ objects" from little ones in the ^ vicuum of space. " f ,'A ;By proving that a man not ' only can survive but also move .. around at will, in such a hostile "*- environment Ed White contribul- .-J ed his bi! to the future. ·' .GeminM also was supposed : to make a close approach to ; ihe tumbling second ttsge of its ;Tilan-2 rocket booster to establish Ihe feasibility of mating spacecraft in orbit. ^Command pilot Jim McDivitt abandoned this attempt when h| found that he was using up the fuel of his maneuvering ; jets at loo rapid a rate. / jSpace officials xvere disap- · pointed -- but hardly surprised (EDITOR'S N O T E : Ed White Thursday became history's first sell - propelled spaceman. The following dispatch by UPI science writer Joseph L. Myler discusses what his achievement means to America's space program.) Neither GeminM nor the Tilan- 1 second stage were equipped easy rendezvous. FUTURE flights will have more icing for them than Thursday's experiment. First, they will be scheduled for only two days.! This means that they can use their fuel load to achieve a rendezvous rather t h a n saving it for the variety of projects included in the four-day GeminM schedule. In addition, future rendezvous [ * * * +_*, Jf ·* * * if jjf STUDENT \ j MOVIE = ^DISCOUNT* :-K _ CUP AND SAVl _ . ilights scheduled for late in this decade and early in the ncx THURSBAY's' rendezvous fizzle means merely, one high space authority said, thai "we flights involve two spacecraft, each with ils own independent propulsion. Officials are confident thai two space have lo try again nnd keep try ing until we succeed." What ho meant w a s tha GeminM, planned for C2 orbit over a period of 97 hours arK 50 minutes, wns not the bes one in which to attempt inancu vers culling for large cxpemli lure of on-boarcl rocket fuel Both I h e rendezvous and walk-in space experiments were addett as late starters in a .flight whose primary purpose had nothing to ik» with such antics. Its primary purpose was to find out whether space pilots could survive more than four dnys in orbit without suffering permanent damage. If il turns out they can't, everything else in the f u t u r e Methodists Told NCC Is Good, Bad JACKSON (UI'I) - A study committee of Ihe Mississippi Methodist Conference condemned some policies of (he National "ouncil of Churches Thursday, but said the council was not a] bad. A report al its year-long study of Ihe controversial NCC was submitted to ihe 153rd annual conference by a c ommittce headed by 1". E. Dement Jr. ol News Briefs LIVE OAK COMMITTEE MEETS The Live Oak Cemclcry Fund Committee will meet Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Ihe home of ils chairman Mrs. C. N. Conway at KM li. Cluster. Jackson. The group found the NCC to 1« a ture of good and bad." CHILDREN CAUSE FIRE Fire late Thursday, caused by children playing with matches, badly damaged the back section of Ihe Halbut Robinson home, 421 South Percy Street. The flames started in the bathroom of the dwelling. Headquarters Company 4 and Engine Company 5, answering an alarm al 6:10 p.m. used a line of hose of a booster tank line lo extinguish (he blaze. A run was made earlier al 4:37 p.m. by Engine Company 4 to 128 S. Edison St. lo put out a Irash fire. SQUARE DANCE TONIGHT The Loyal Order of the Moose Greenville Lodge No. 1333 will said iljhold its ss'cckly square dance Friday evening at 8 p.m. at the mix- Among the "good," Ihe committee said, was a realization (hat Ihe Methodisl Church accomplishes "impossible things space program is automatically washed out. If ii lums out they pilots, crafl, each able have to control his more chance of "mating" in space than Mc- Divilt, who was pursuing a tumbling rocket casing wilh no control of its own. Rendezvous and docking are indispensable lunar * landing then would be nice to Moose Lodge. Mitchell Ilarriston, square dance committee chairman will be in charge. New participants are eligible to join. AGRICULTURAL Drying conditions in -the Delta wil WEATHER be good today and fair lo poor nighls except poor in showers lomorrow. Dewpoints will be in the mid CDs to mid 70s. Patches of light lo moderate dew tonight fields we sanction" through drying off by around 8:30 a.m. Near 70 percent of sunshine expected its NCC membership. The (act- today and M percent tomorrow. No rain of consequence through finding committee also said it early lonighl but showers and thundershowers indicated to cover found nn basis f o r allegations early 40 per ccnl of Delta lomorrow with rainfall one quarter to thai the NCC Is communistic. "= h a l f illch ' '""'"V mate ' m =! few heav ,'" thundershowers. Winds outhely al 8 to 15 mph today becoming less t h a n six mph tonight. know whether rcndezvous-dock- ing a n d space-walking and space-working are possible. Later Gemini flights will have In setlle the rendezvous-docking question. White proved that as- t r o n a u t s can move around in space and work * there. Things Went Well For Two Families SEABROOK, Tex. (UPI) -- Families of America's two orbiting astronauts awoke early today after a sound night's sleep, eager to learn the latest news of CRITICISM of Ihe NCC was aimed primarily nt ils implementation nf policy slatcments and the lacl ils general assembly can amend the Constitution without consulting Ihe 40 church members, including the MellKxI- ists. Dement urged the member hurchcs lo lorcc a change if NCC failed lo voluntarily evise ils practices in issu ng p o l i c y statements which alsely rcflecl support nf Ibe m embers. Dement noted Ihe use of NCC xilicy statements in the current ivil rights movement. He said, 'We do not believe las any place in the Gemini 4 crewmen. Both wives of Eidward While and James McDivitt and their children were reassured of the well being of the Iwo men by early morning news broadcasts and newspaper repdrls. They hope lo make another trip from their homes today lo the nearby manner! spacecraft center to observe mission con- Dodgers bolh won close ball lames. The Hawks are Litlle earns, and Ihey ;erviccs of two mous ballplayers II-year-old Ed year-old Mike trollers who are in contact the astronauts. wilh 10 ieot*pl ."* I* I* l* Pvichci* « Movi* Oil Cord f.r II and I. AdmilKd !· tto Poiamtwnr Thttrir* for Only ICk With ThFt Covptn, ;_^ GOOD FO* 12 MONTHS "^ FOJ STU0£MU , , / #OJJ 12 THIDUGH'Tr - - · · ·- ENTITLES STUDENM TO -f, SAVING! OF CENEIAlir 40, OH I*CH A T T R A C T I O N -k* r' o STUDENT SPECAL OFFSBSD ON1T AT THI .-»c , -K PARAMOUNT LIGHTS went off Thursday nighl nt trie While's home residential subdivision at customary 10 p.m. while at the McDIvitl's two other astronauts and their wives visited a hit later with Mrs. Pat McDivitt. She finally turned off her television set at H after saying goodnight to and Mrs. Frank Borman Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gordon. Children had to observe almost (heir regular bed times in the p.m. Mr. and the church the street, eading and participating Icmonstrations." The 40-pugc report said Ihe irobc showed no Methodisl unds were used to support the Commission on Race and Reli- i;ion in 196-1, and that no jMelho- list fuixls went lo Ihe "Delta and Ihe League Dodgers baseball employe Ihe the most fa- 11 Seahrook-- White nnd eight- McDivitt. THE wives of astronauts Edward H. White and Jim McDiv- ilt were pcrliaps the happiest Kcause tliey knew their husbands were doing exactly what they wanted to do. "I'm llirilled lo death. Tt's a moment we've been waiting for.' There is no describing the way I feel," s«id Pat White. During Ihe highlight of the flighl, when While stepped out into space for n 20 minute j a u n t as a human satellite, Pal McDivill said she could not re strain herself. You should have heard us,' she said. "We were all laugh ing and so were they (the ns Ironauls.)" the two homes, varying from 81 BOTH wives made Ihe shorl p.m. to 10 p.m., and wereltrip lo the Manned Spacecraf sleepy after the excitcmenl ol Center. They were not allowo earlier urged stale Methodists o renew' Iheir support of the iareiit church organization in he /ace of racial controversy. He said the NCC was con- :erned wilh the race problem n all areas of the world--"not usl in Mississippi." Farm- (Continued From Page 1) xiurgeoisie Negroes aren't help- Thursday's first part of the four-day space mission. Things could hardly have gone better, breadwinners in space, doing The families' were soaring the job they had dreamed ofjbring her children back doing, and the Hawks and theiso they could share the Ihe control room, but Ihey watched control operation: through a glass panel. That was enough for Mrs While. Site said she wouk today thrill '^ COOLING CAPACITY! WITH NEW 1965 G-E SUPERL1NE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER Nothing Down! Up To 36 Months To Pay! FULL EXCISE TAX REFUND WILL BE MADE ON ALL G.E. AIR CONDITIONERS PURCHASED NOW. .Features G.E.'s famous rotary compressor which pumps gas 98'/o of the time .vs 50% on piston type. Spine fin coils arc up to 50% more efficient for de- ·.humidification than plate fins -- up to 75% fewer solder joints -- or leakage - possibilities. WE ARE EQUIPPED TO HANDLE INSTALLATION WIRING FREE v , 50 PC. HOME WIRING KIT ft ·Kit consists of 50' Romox wire, outlet box, receptacle, receptacle face and staples. WITH PURCHASE ON ANY 230 VOLT AIR-CONDITIONER EVERYTHING NEEDED FOR HOME WIRING. W E A R E T H E D I S C O U N T E R S ft Accused Murderer Waives Extradition BOGAI.USA, La. (UPI) -- A man accused of the ambush slaying of a Negro deputy near this racially troubled town waived extradition from Mississippi' today and will be returned to face charges. A. Crowe said Ministry" Bishop project ir Edward Mississippi. I'endergrass ing. who Ils are lire ghello Ncgrocb tending (lie way. Introduced as one wlw "start cd ns a cotton chopper and will 'Stein Mart Enlarges hoe Dep't. Stein M a r t , 219 Washington venue, is enlarging Its shoe de- arlment t o a c c o m m o d a t e ame Brand Discount S h o e s 1C. The expansion at the rear of building will add 3,000 quare feet lo the 40,000 square Ml department store complet- d less t h a n a year ago. 'We have successfully ncgo- aled the leasing of our shoe de- rartment wilh Charles Conerly, resident of Name Brand Dis- ount Shoes, Inc.," Jake Stein, wner of Stein Marl, said today. 'We have looked tlie market ver and decided t h a t Name raixl Discounl Shoes is Ihe lost fitting for Slein Marl," tein added. "They offer men's, 'omen's and children's shoes at xidget prices as well as famous ame brands al Iremendous dis- ounls." The expansion will be com. leted by mkl-August in t i m e or back to school promotions Tie present stock of shoes wil ie liquidated during the next 60 lays. Sheriff Dorman lirnesl R. McElvecn would be ·elurncd by squad car under heavy gua rd. Crowe was in Tyleiiown, Miss., to return McF.lveen. The uspect was arrested in Tyler- own following the shooting and las made no statement. Police assume thai al least hrcc men were in the truck ispd in the ambush slaying, according lo a police source here. said Deputy was killed by a in Ihe back of he head and had a bullet wound 'rom a high-powered hunting rifle in his left nrm. Earlier reports said that a rifle shot [illcd Moore. The police source O'Neal Moore shotgun blasl Moore's widow to extend sym pathy. Later, at an session, the league executive decided picketing would resume today at downtown department store and also that a motorcade wi be held at Varnado, [he scene oi the killing. VOTERS league vice president Robert Hicks said Ihe ge eral mood of the Negro popul tion was bordering between ger and disgust. Rognlusa Thursday night was quiet and Slate police we evident everywhere. They cou be seen in almost every public place. Every cafe or diner had one or two inside, drinking coffee. Appeals Court Raps Judge Cox's Ruling NEW ORLEANS (UPI) -- The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Thursday sharply criticized the action of a federal judge in Mississippi in his handling of a case involving a Negro lawyer. U. S. District Judge Ilarokl had ordered a hearing onmissal, contention t h a t attorney R. Jess Brown acted improperly in ncluding a woman as a plaintiff n a suit to desegregate Leakc !ounly schools. During the hearing on the desegregation suit, ihe woman. Rulhie Nell McBeth, filed an affidavit saying she had not authorized Brown to represent her. » * * Cox first cited Brown for contempt, then changed the action order Brown to show why he but conducted a Cox refused hearing. and The appeals court dismissed the part of the order assessing Brown for tlie costs and ordered that a cash bond of 4500 deposited by Brown to slay the order be relumed to him forthwith." The appeals court said: "Whatever may have been Judge Cox' purpose in prolonging this inquisition, the effect of it could only have been humiliation, anxiety and possible in limitation of a reputable member to orocr uruwii iu anu« , « j «v^uu«~- -- -- --i should nol be disciplined by the of Ihe bar, who was completely court, and to "fully disclose...all the facts in connection with his employment by Rulhie Nell McBeth..." within his rights In having filed the suit to desegregate th« schools in Leake County." In a written answer lo Ihe district court, Brown said he had a signed retainer from lire woman, and added she had signed two petitions to have the schools desegregated. Brown's attorney then asked for a dis- Don't ··!( tor "Petrolaum Jally". Switch to Morolln*. tin hoipllil quality while pitrol*um Iilly. Only 17^ twtc* aft much for 27£. MOROLINE "All I said was: Show me a filter that really delivers taste and 111 eat my hat." ~* * TRY NEW LUCKY STRIKE FILTERS end as a congresswoman, Mrs. Hamer assured Ihe 12 that she wouldn't go back into the fields and break their strike. 'One day we looked up nnd Ihe cotton picker had caught up wilh our cotton sack," she said. "I admire you lor quitting before you got fired." Al Ihe conclusion of Ihe meeting in the duily fron! yard of the Bogue Grocery, several mcm- ANOTHER Negro deputy. Creed Rogers, was wounded by buckshot at the scene in Varnado, -3., about seven miles from lere. The source said there apparently were two persons f i r - ing from the truck "with considerable accuracy," indicating a third person had to be driving at the time. Mississippi Gov. Paul Johnson pledged full cooperation with Louisiana authorities investigating the slaying. He said if the 41 - year - o!c rrapermill laboratory technician ivanls a hearing "he is entitled to one and will receive one." The integrations! Bogalusa Civic and Voters League visilec of Ihe crowd discovered aulomobile tires har bers that their been cut. WALKER Introduced Ihe slri kers to the cheering crowd and called for more than (lie hal dozen Mississippi Freedom La bor Union members who raiscc their hands to pay Iheir June SI a m o n t h dues. "These mcti (the strikers) can'l pay and we've gol to help support them," he said. The MFLU treasury is rumored to hold between three and four hundred dollars. The hour long meeting, punctuated wilh the usual shouts ol " f r e e d o m " a n d enlhusiaslic singing of freedom songs, was guarded by Washington County Chief Deputy Earl Fisher anc : several of his men. P R I O R t o t h e Washinglon county rally. Mrs. Hamer spoke at a similar rally in a Cleveland Church. About 200, many from Washington County, atlended Ihe Cleveland meeting reportedly called to discuss a similar strike on an E. B. Thomas p l a n t a t i o n north of Cleveland. A Bolivar Counly sheriff's department spokesman this morn-j ing called the Thomas plantation strike story "a fabrication." "We can't find anyone who knows a thing about the suppl- ed strike and we know of ..,, such plantation," he said. fuirlier Thursday, the furni- lure of Ihe 12 families removed from tenant drcws land rented van to Greenville where it is being stored in private homes and in vacant classrooms of the Greenville Industrial College. The Baptist run school vacant for the summer months. A COFO spokesman today saiil plans were underway lo erect -a lent city on Negro ownr-d land i near the Andrews farm for the slriklng laborers. VEXIMG VENDORS BROOKLINE, Mass. (UPI)-]' Residents of a housing project; Thursday petitioned the board! selcclmen to bar vendors from selling pizza and ice cream in Ihe 100-unil complex. Besides creating a hazard lo young children, the pelitioners say the vendors cause "dissension between parents and their children." STRAWBERRIES N CREAMS DON'T MISS IT! LAST 3 DAYS OF THE SPRING HOME SHOW!! 6 Distinguished HOMES OPEN FOR YOUR INSPECTION TODAY SATURDAY 3 P.M. TO 6 P.M. SUNDAY (LAST DAY) 2 TO 6 P.M. !.;ar··.;;·;: K,T- ··^.·ssiif :.\a-,x ! ~js B-U-I-L-D-E-R-S LOCATION ABJDE GREENVILLE LUMBER houses on the An- was hauied by Velvety-smooth vanilla and strawberry pink ice cream, bursting with bright slices of strawberries picked at their sweetest moment. Try it today. LOWEST PRICES ON FURNITURE And On liasy Terms CORNEL-CLOY CO. 711 Woil-.inilo. AVI. MC ICXOW COHfUff 1HE BORDEN CO. Phone IillrSSSi __ l\ C. PALMERTREE ^ HigwayTsoil RODE BUILDING MATERIALS ---. TUBERTiNi (ONST. CO VIRDEN LUMBER CO. __._ --1246 Park Lane - Gardens Addition ^:^^^ 3 ^.^:^^^.^^w SS5gss0B Don't Miss It! Seeing Is Believing! Bettor living Begins When You Own A New Home

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