The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 24, 1960 · Page 7
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 7

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 24, 1960
Page 7
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$ ' 4 : -'H;'; ^ ··iA';v: ' V/ "^ PUBLIC WORKS BUILDING - Greenville's new "city bam," with tho moro dignified (Ilia ol "Greenville Public Works Building." Is completed and the area around it black-topped now, At the now urea are all Ihe city engineer's equipment, · lamltUon equipment such as garbage trucks, Dempster Dumproaster, vacuum sweepers, street flushcrs, and repair and maintenance equipment. (Staff Photo) This Man Kennedy-Ill Kennedy Has Already Faced Issues Of Age, Religion But He'll Meet Them Again EDITOR'S NOTE: Two personal Imale question: V/ouid you, as Issues involving Sen. John F. Ken-j president of the United States, be ncdy have loomed large in his prc- ·" T "- ·'- -- ' · convention campaign and are likely to recur, with varying emphasis, in the presidential drive ahead, his age and his religion, Here's bow the Democratic nominee has proposed to meet them. Last of three articles. By RELMAN MORN AP Special Correspondent Takes A Stand He said he opposed federal atct to parochial schools and would Sen. John Fitzgerald Kennedy oppose, if the Issue arose, «n is a Roman Catholic. He Is -13 ambassador to the Vatican, years old but looks younger. Referring to the Wisconsin pri- responsive in any way to eclesi- asticnl pressures or obligations of any kind that might in any fashion influence or interfere with your conduct of that office in the national interest I have answered that question many times. My answer was and is 'No'." To some politicians both facts out." 5. 'To exclude from positions of trust and command all those below the age of 44 would have kept Jefferson from wriling the Declaration of Independence, Washington from commanding the Continental Army, Madison from fathering the Constitution, Hamil- mary, he asked: "Of those Cath- are handicaps to a candidate forjolic, w ho voted for me, how many' the presidency. Kennedy's religionjrfjd .,, ,,,, groun[ t 5 ,,[ religion; how 1 invoked Ihe memory of tile 1628' election when the Democratic candidate, Alfred E. Smith of New York, a Catholic, went down to to defeat. As to Kennedy's) rcas on I do not know. And the age, former President Truman rc-jf a C | S arc t i, ot m one ^^ cenlly asked him to consider whether he is sufficiently m a t u r e and experienced-to be president. Kennedy himself recognized that Ihe voters,- might wonder, about him on both counts. ;batl." many because they felt my oppo-i nent was too radichl; how many because tlwy were union members, how many for some other "For (he voters are more than Catholics, Protestants, or Jews. They make up their minds for diverse reasons, good and So nearly a year ago, before he announced for the Democratic r.omination, he set out to meet the two questions, head-on. As his campaign progressed, he used thtee principal tactics-Invited Questions First, he practically invited questions from his audiences. Second, ha demonstrated his vote-pulling powerinprlmaryelec- tions, notably West Virginia, where the Catholic population is smalt. Third, he took two strategic opportunities to deliver major speeches, one on his religion an-J the other on his age, before large and important audiences. An incident in a small California city last autumn was typical. Afcer his speech, Kcnncily was answering questions. A man asked a confused, double-barreled question, partly about a national issue and partly about Kennedy's religion. The senator replied: "It seems to me these are two separate questions, but first, as to my religion . . . ." lie then stated, as he was to restate many times later, his reasons for insisting that a man's religion should no be a factor In his fitness for office. Will Be Independent In his Wisconsin campaign Kennedy said, time and again, that as president he would not nc-i cept dictation from any source. Refore the West Virginia primary, he said: "I would hate to think I lost this election the day I was baptized." Paul Ziffren, California national commilteeman noted (hat lie had taken the ton from serving as secretary of the treasury, Clay from being elected speaker of the House, and Christopher Columbus from discovering America. I do not believe the American people are willing to imposj any such test. For this Is still a young country, founded by young men. . . .' JP Has New Faith In Glasses McALESTER, Ok!a. (AP)-- Justice of Peace I. P. Keith knows now one should never underesti- malo the power of eyglasses. Keith was trapped in an auto- malic elevator at the courlhouse when the door wouldn't open a I the ground floor. He was there for 30 minutes and was thinking of all kinds of ways to free himself. jl Then he put or. his glasses and | noted the emergency button. He pushed it. The doors opened andi ; he stepped outside. ; But Keith, 84. has had enough of the electronic contraptions--1; climbs the stairs now to his third floor office. Pajama Gamo BUFFALO, Wye-. (UPI)-When Francis Joubert of the Wyoming Land Co. was faced with a calf born wiliiout hair, Joubcrt fashioned him a pair of pajamas. ; Joubert said the calf, which he: named "Yul," is healthy hut ostracized by the rest of the herd. I Anguilla Student ! Attends Meetings At Miss, State ANGUIU.A -- George Wylie Powell of the Straight Bayou Community was amonfl 74 participants In the fifth of 10 pre- collcgo conferences held at DID University of Mississippi this week. : Conducted by tho Division of Student Personnel, the Tuesday through Friday sessions are designed to give future Ola Miss freshmen expert guidance In selection of career «tudl«i. Included on tho program are a series of vocational interest and achievement tests, a campus orientation, meetings with administrative officials and student government leaders, and social get-togethers. Dclfn Dcmocrnf-Tlmcs Sunday, July 24, '60 7 Individual counseling Is dors bo fully trained cdlego guidance, counselors at the conclusion (if ·ach week of tho series. The conferences will continue through August !3. Powell is tho son of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Powell of Straight Bayou: and is r» graduate of class 1960, AneuUb High School. E-X-P-E-R-T BODY FENDER PAINTING - · AUTO Greenville Buitk-Pontius 522 Washington Avo. Phone ED 2-5494 says this single sentence gave Kennedy Ihe slate. Then, l«fore the American Solely of Newspaper Editors meeting in Washington last April, Kennedy made a full-dress review of the question. Among other things, he told the editors: There is only one legit- 40 Years Of Know How WHY EXPERIMENT GET THE BEST Ernest B, Lewy STORAGE t TRANSFER K3 S. Broadway oath of office many limes, senator and congressman, a that "little or no attention was paid to my religion" on those occasions. -He asked, "What Is there about the presidency that Justifies this constant emphasis upon a candidate's religion?" Finally, he noted that the issue exists, and said, "It is my job to face it frankly and fully." Answrecd Truman The matter of Kennedy's age and experience did not arise so'. often. Hut after Truman's question, Kennedy went on television to answer it. He made two main points: 1. "If we are to establish a test for the presidency whereby 14' years in nia]or elective office is insufficient experience, then all but a handful of our presidents since the very founding of this nation would have to be ruled out, and every president in the 20th century would have to be ruled Meier School Set At MSU Next Week STATE COLLEGE - The tenth annual Electric Meter School will begin at Mississippi State University on Monday and end oa Friday. Metermen and power company officials from several states will' participate. The staff of the MSU Electrical Engineering Department and manufacturers representatives will assist with the instruction at three levels. Dr. L. W. Colvard, president of MSU, and Dr. J. C. McKee, head of the Electrical Engineering Department, will welcome the! metermcn at the opening session in the Alumni Building Monday morning. The principal speaker at this session will be Alex Mc- Keigney of Jackson, executive; assistant to the president of the Mississippi Power and Light Company, j Meetings In the evening, as well I as in the morning and afternoon, nra scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday cven-| ing tho mctermcn will be guests ; of the 4-County Electric Power Association and the Columbus Light and Water Department, at a barbecue in Columbus. Making arrangements for tha barbecue are Louis Wise and Albert Gilles- pio of Columbus. Q. Where can I save 25 to 30% on Paint? A. The Goyer Paint Department, 815 Alexander. Q. Do they have finest quality paints? A. Pee Gee is rated No. 1 by two testing labs. Q. How does Pee Gee stand up in this climate? A. Pee Gee has been marie in the South to withstand Southern conditions since I8G7. Q. Does Goycr have anyone to help with paint problems ? A. Yes, "Dan the Paint Man" has over 25 years experience TOMORROW 9:30 A.M. i"; i a small deposit holds your purchase! THRIFT BUY! BEAUTIFUL PLAID OR SOLID COLOR I Warm, deep-napped, big size! Nylon binding! Plaid, rayon and Orion® acrylic: brown, lilac, peacock, red, green. SofftJ, rayon and nylon: pink, peacock, maize, flame, blue,' AUTOMATIC BLANKETI TWO-YEAR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! Dial the warmth you want (9 settings), one of the finest thermostat circuits made keeps even all night warmth. Soft-napped rayon, cotton. Nylon bound. 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