The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 36
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 36

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 36
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CALLCT-T1MES. Suit. Aug. It, 1961 , New Book on Texas . * Gives State History In Small, Easy Doses MY STAtt: TEXAS. By HazeJjand lacking in authentication.! Cook« VjMtww and Margaret Ten-; There i* no real meat to th*t toon Cooke. TV Naylor Co. (»1 sketches of Texas as it U today *·«· ;,, : For those who like their Texas htetory in wnkll, painl«s» dows. **My .-State:' Texas" is dedkated. Written by two pioneer T e x a s wwneii, tlie book is history and current events made readable. It la a aeries of essays which discus* Texas cattle, fanning, his- torjv fWierfe* and other phases, ·wi fo the future of We 's'tate'Tln' m light, easy to read fashion. For instance, a chapter on "How the State Capitol at Austin Was Built" begins like this: "For two days Ted Miller and Jim Collins had been riding herd." and historically. In short, the authors just do not tell how the state capitol at AIM- tin wan built. Mrs. Ha*«l Coqke Upshaw i» th# wife of an Amarillo businessman and the descendant of a long list of pioneer Texans. Her writing experience includes many business and feature articles. Mrs. Cooke (mother of Mrs. Upshaw) is also a pioneer Texan and has had almost half a century teaching experience. As the author* explain, the book 3 written as a supplementary reader for students of junior high school age. It is not intended to be Lftnqr JYE1F BOOKS lEndigh - - - --- ' ^^y Tale Faife « To Satisfy Tr*«Mry"i "Book et Table Arrajt«eaMate"i BiMt Shout Marie*" "ColUtr't (Burger) "Trade Through the (Cammann) tht «ter*ct«ni fcav* poetry they reoi«n»b*r, JUKI parwn- Df*ft UH e*««jr to THE WKONG BOOV. By ABtfeMy Gilbert (Random Htuwe. 248 fates, With this narrative beginning, the last word in Texas history or the authors give the reader a short i a current commentary on the history involving: how the XIT cat-jstate. At the end of each chap- tie ranch and the Capitol Lanrt and Investment Co. figured in the building of the Texas capltol. ter. the authors include "Questions and Suggestions" designed to further inform students on the One fault, however, nerve's to [state of Texas, mar the historical value of thej As a supplementary reader, the book: Despite its attempt to make;book probably will serve its pur- Texas entertaining, it is sketchy ipose. (PD) "The Kefauver Committee Report on Organized Crime" 'Ttfthoue* of the Aujuet Moon" (Dneider) . i j "There'e Alway* Adventure"| Alice Hunter had never done! (Murphy) * anything in the whole 63 years of "-Inuk" ^Buliard) l** r spinster life to cause anyone "Waba*h Knows the Secret" to remember her. so Laura Preke, (Friermood) another spinster but one with an "Why the Private School" j avaricious mind, thought taking (Heely) !^ r P^ ace *" Me would he simi'_ "Loui* Braille" (Kugelmass) ! Tn *_ legacy Alice was to receive Gilbert read a* tfcwgh «·* rf tfce character* ted written it, mediun we* * wiee ttere to little c*jplanattw ior the *U*f«riHr number of trite phrases, bromides, and worn out adjectives which clutter the page*. i Arthur Crook is the private eyei who turns up in time to solve the! mystery of a twitched identity I and a miaaing body. (KM* i tt. (Aft^to ,m te Ij» tomMerler U. rtrte service director Pwri U Hlportwl TIMOTHY Noteworthy Author Timothy Pember, author of the novel "Swanson," now lives *" "New Turks" (Bisbee* Nueces County Ubrwy "Road to Blthynia" (Slaughter) "Lucy Carmichael" (Kennedy) "Remarkable Exploits of Lancelot Biggs: Spaceman" (Bond) "Trail Hsrd" (Stanley) "Sagebrush Lawman" (Bragg) "Fowl Play" (Du Bois) "Death for My Neighbor" (Brad- "Sleeping Witness" (Heberden) would make it even simpler, County Library Bookmobile Schedule MONDAY- Peary Place; 2:30 TUESDAY: Highway Village, 9:00; Cornelia Circle, io:00 WEDNESDAY: Luby Camp. !9:00; Petronila, 10:00 Drtscoll 11:00] 111:00. An engaging idea for a. story i about murder among the English! THURSDAY: Calallen, 9:00; old maid set, "The Wrong Body" i Bluntzer Store, 10:30; La Rose, is a fine example of a good ideaj 1I: P° gone wrong. The story drags out I FRIDAY: Welcolm Inn, 9:00; interminably with side references' Humble Camp, 10:00; R«ebs, 10:30 BEST-SELLERS He taught there for a time be-'j ( Conl pii e a "by Publishers' Weekly) fore corning to this country where j -- · MODERN DAY SCHOOL ANNOUNCES Registration for FaU Term Clawet NURSEBY-KINDEKGAJtTeN-FIRST GRADE C«ner · Tenth *B««tT C»ri«-Tr»nspirt»UuB Arrw( he worked at various jobs, in ship yards and elsewhere, until the i publication ,of his first, and sue-! cessful, novel 'The Needle's Eye."i He is married, has two children, now Rivea all his time to writing. BOOKS-ART Mystery Anthology Makes Good Reading M GREAT TALES OF MURDER. Edited by Helen Mcdoy and Brett Halliday, (Random House, J5« pp: J2.96.) This is the fourth anthology oJ mystery stories by members of the Mystery Writers of America, a postwar organization gaining in both reputation and strength. The MWA is dedicated to the twin propositions that an occasional get- to-gether helps mystery writers turn out new thrillers and also forms an organization to benefits for writers, This volume proves that' an occasional chat over cups or glasses does no harm to a writer's style and material. Uke all anthologies this one contains enough variety so that readers may skip a story or two. It is safe to say, though, that mystery fans will find aome fine reading. Writers represented include Q. Fitrfdc, ; J6hh Dickaon Carr, Hal- Ilday. Walter Snow. McCloy, Lillian d« la Torre. Ellery Queen and Will Oursler. (HLA) Dust Storms Said Possible FORT WORTH, Aug. IS. (AP)-The Soil Conservation Service said today a continued drought may bring dust storms to sandy cotton lands south and west of Lublwck. Regional SCS Director Louis P, Merrill appealed to (armers in the plains and cross timbers area to plan now to protect their land frpm winter blowing. Much of this area, susceptible to wind erosion during the winter, has a good plant cover, which with proper management can be nn effective guard against land damage, Merrill said, In greatest danger, he sairt, are sandy cotton Isnds in L y n n Gaines, Dawson, Martin, Howard, Gichrsji, Yoakuirnand Terry .counties. UCC Library Seeks Donors Of Books A plea for books that are in good condition and written on a college level has been made by the Universtly of Corpus Christ! Library, The library would also like to have children's classics in the better editions for students who are taking teacher-training courses. Mayme Evans, librarian. Is asX- isij? that anyone having material dealing with local and state history, ospecially^ack files of the Texas periodicals "Southwestern Historical Quarterly," formerly Texas H i s t o r i c a l Quarterly, "Southwest Review," and "Frontier Times" to give the library to notify her. The library would pick up the contributions. The library would also like to Fiction FROM HERE TO ETERNITY James Jones. THE CAINE MUTINY Herman Woxik. RETURN TO PARADISE James A. Michener. A WOMAN CALLED FANCY Frank Yerby. THE FOUNDLING Cardinal Spellman. Non-Fiction KON-TIKI Thor Heyerdahl; WASHINGTON CONFIDENTIAL. Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer. A SOLDIER'S STORY Omar N. Bradley. A KING'S STORY Duke ot Windsor. THE SEA AROUND US Rachel Carson. accumulate back files of outstanding periodicals-- religious, scholarly, scientific, educational, and popular. They would particularly like to have copies of "Nations.! Geographic" 'from 1898 through 1922. Comedian Joe E. Brown Receives Army Award WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. (AP)-Comedian Joe E. Brown received today a certificate of appreciation from the Army for his wartime service in entertaining troops overseas. Secretary of the Army Frank Pace, Jr., mad« the presentation at a ceremony in, the Pentagon. Youth Confesses To Setting Fire At Warehouse BOWLING GREEN, Ky., Aug. 18, (APWA 19-year-old youth told authorities of starring the $1 million fire at the J. E. Bqhannon Co. tobacco storage warehouse here July 19. Attorney Marshall Funk of War- r«n County said .yesterday that Hershell Lane, who was adjudged of unsound mind two years ago in county court, related in a signed statement he entered the big warehouse to yst a piece of tabacco, lit a cigarette lighter to see his way around, and accidentall) *et fire to a large stack of hurley leal. The warehouse was ensculfed in flames within a short time. "I Need Your Head To Do Business" I Love's Beauty Shoi 1419 Third Dial 2-2221! 422 N. CHAPARRAL Fashion-right for the campus crowd -OUR COLLEGE COLLECTION Daytime or date-time, on or off the campus, tee see the smart girl through any hour, all occasions. D'Antonio's black Venetian lact *nd suede ankle-strap, $16.95 Velvet Trim, ?14.95 Deb Shoe flat casual pump in black suede, $8.95 Mademoiselle's black suede opera pump, high heel, $14.95 Deb loafer in combination black suede with yellow kid, $9.95 Matching Handbag, 8.95 plus tax Vogue's handsewn loafer in black suede, white stitching, ?*.S5 , . . other colors. Charge Accounts /nrifecf LOST 70 POUNDS WITH THIS H O M E RECIPE Bareentral* d the original xrapcfniit iuicr recipe for taking off ugljr fat. It's iimjpV. Jiwt co to yimr drutcrat aiid ask .'or 4 ounce* of liquid Bareentrate. Pour th« MBtenU Into a pint bottle. Add 1* ounen of eannni rrapefmit jatft. Tkem ukc jnt two Ubiespoontfnl twice a d*r. That", all there ii to it If the wy Suit bott!* iJona't ihow the aimpl-. MIT way to ioM b«lky fat aa4 h«h regain slender. mart rranfal CUTTV--if nauciklc ]M«Wb «nd indiw of «xetj» f«t rfox't juit twn* t* alMwt likt ·»· from nwk. ckia. abdonta. hi»m. calrea ».ad anUes. jwt r«tun the «·(*»· for fatr nwney Wnk. »· atarrattM diet ·with Barcenfrate. Loet 70 Bxreeatrata! and am tttK*t~i*f~" wrMn Mn. /. A. Mcftw. BMC M. Ocriw, T 10 *T a«a T*rr in**. I kwt 1* jaw* hi t Mn. Albert IMmMi. 1W M. T« ' BniwrUlt. 1*mm. ADV. TM TEXAS MILITARY INSTITUTE a nm ecmMnatlw ·* Mck Khotaitlc ·!*·*- arti anil nuperlor military trUnlnr. Snmlt !·«*·, ht4lvltiul atlentltm kjr u »M» Md up*rta*e«tf («*- ully, * graduate! nominated ynarly I* Ink* W**( Patnt a »\»! Academy examination. Kplmdld library and labonitiyrlei. K.O.T.C. ladeor rifle ranre. All tormi of attHrtlci. UnMlmttM tarn- Plcte luur yfar« of K.O.T.C.. ar* *lla1bl« In Ofll- r?r, Tralnlnc Wchool. H»tmr lohoal M I. raUnr hj UK Dcpaitmrat oC tk* Amur of the UnlUd kLato*. TEXAS MIL1TARV WSTITCTK For Catalocmt, writ* m- wlrti Wept, CO »· , t«Ut«e Blvd.. , AatMta, TCIM San Antonio Academy A Junior School for boyi. 3 la 8. btreaslnc «oiotar«!i!p, lend- er«hlp and cSiracier, Small cla«s- r«, conitsnt *up*rv|ii:on. Oldtit Protc»t»ot »chool in Texai. «tile or wlni IVepi. CC, UKU N. Jri«re» SI. Baa AaUaio, Tcuw MAK£ APPLICATION WW MiSrif C. d C. KVEOTWS COLLEGE Scalar Dowotowa Colfeft, Metquite * Afff*ve4 Vetena fntataff diem Becta »·»». U* DM 4-4I1S er Write P.O. Bra MM. Enjoy Our Special Sunday DINNER Served continually from 11:01 «JB. i* 9:30 p.m. in our Air-Conditioned COFFEE SHOP $1.00 - Per Person · FREE PARKING for Sunday Dinner Guests in eur new Nueces Hotel Parklnr Let, corner of Peeplee and Water. CHOICE OF: Chilled Tomato Jitlee Toete* One* Salaf Chicken and Okra Quit* · FRIED FILETS ef BED PISH with Cole Haw, Kemoulade Sauce · ROAST YOUNG TOM TURKEY IB* DRESSING, Cfanberry Sauce · FRIED SPRING CHICKEN with Country Gravy, Corn Fritter · BROILED BACON WRAPPED CHOPPED FILET, Hunters Sauce · GRILLED YEARLING LITER with Trench fried Onion Rings · OMELETTE with Preserved Figs Glace O'Brien Augratin Potatoes Green Lima Beans Carrots Vichy 9 CHOICE OF: Apple and Raisin Cobbler Jello Sherbet Ice Cream Cup Custard Coffee Tea Milk DELICIOUS HOME MADE PDES -- .15 serving Strawberry Cream He Pecan Pie Blueberry Pie Apple Pit Cherry Pio Candied Yarn* Harvard For RewrvaUont, Call 1-4311 O N E O F A M E R I C A ' S L E A D I N G J E W E L E R S l«Mj[ 408 N. Chaparral ·on w OIIK PIECES, SER in beautiful You'd expect to pay at least twice this price! The pattern is gorgeous! The quality is lovely! The low price is amazing! We urge you to hurry for this value! Quantities are limited! e 8 DINNER KNIVES 8 DINNER FORKS * 8 SALAD FORKS · 8 COCKTAIL FORKS * 8 TEASPOONS t 8 TABLESPOONS · 8 ICED TEA SPOONS · 2 SERVING SPOONS · 1 BUTTER KNIFE e 1 SUGAR SHELL E FOR 8 ''Pattern! * K MOB! Mm 50t WBUI NO FEDKAi. TAX -SORRY . . . NO MAIL OR PHONE ORDERS! LIMIT, 1 SET TO A CUSTOMER! 408 N. Chaparral NEXT TO CENTRE THEATER OTHR STORIS IN · HOUSTON e BATON ROUSE · DALLAS * IEAUMONT e NEW ORLEANS · SAN ANTONIO * LAKE CHARLtS * JACKSON, MISt

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