The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 24, 1960 · Page 5
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 5

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 24, 1960
Page 5
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John Herbers Roper** Voters May Get Three Chokes But The Lineup Is Not Set Yet ' By JOI1N 11ERBEKS JACKSON (UP1) - It appears virtually certain that Mississippi voters will have a three-way choice on the presidential election ballot next.November, The main question Is who will be sup porting whom and what. There are several possibilities under complex election laws but tion signed by 1,000 qualified vot- the concensus of political leaders at this time Is this: The regular Democratic Partj machinery under Gov. Rnss Barnett will line up behind an un- pledged slate of presidential electors who would vote for a third party candidate: Democratic, loy alists working outside the party machinery will put up a slate o ;he party nomineees. ilral committee can reconvene il Slwuld the convention make no on 10 days notice. provisions for placing the Democratic nominees on the ballot loyalists are ready to prepare an independent slalo pledged to Kennedy and Johnson. For 'hose operating outside the regular parly machinery a peti- ers is required to place a slate of electors on the ballot. Parties Must Quality Both the parties and independents must qualify their slates days before (lie general election The state convention, therefore. So far there has b«n no Indi cation that other Southern gov crnors will go along with B»rnet in bolting the party. South Carolina will have a reconvened con vention in August but Gov. Ernest Hollings is a friend of Kennedy's and has steered clear o any bolt talk. Members of the Mississipp congressional delegation may be put in a position of either boil ing the national party and endan gering their positions on commit with the Secretary of Stale 40 tees in Congress or repudistinj the stale party. So far only Rep John Bell Williams and William would have to be held during Colmer have indicated t h e August or early September. No would support the independen independent electors pledged to dale has been sot but the cen-|slate. the Democratic nominees; find, , of course, the Republican electors will be pledged to the GOP- nominees. Pledged To Ticket Assistant Attorney General Rubs] Griffin said the set of clec- Letters To The Editor "We Hope You Didn't Get The Impression That We Dou't Have Any Use For You" uic speed-up o r d e r lo the Su- Biggs, Jr., and Harry E. Kalod-l Reader Takes A Swipe At MPL tors elected by the Democratici-r- 0 state convention Jure 39 are now Editor. j "H!e«l, bleed, poor counlryl Great tyranny! lay thou thy thy basis sure. For goodness dares not check thec." -- Shakespeare, "Mac- ixth." "Truth crushed to earth shal considered legally pledpcil to vole (or John F. Kennedy for Kennedy for president ami Lyndon Johnson for vice-president. But Gov. Ross Harriett, titular head of the Democratic Party, is in favor of reconvening t h e rise a g am convention under a new state: ^ etcrna | vears of God are law and repudiating the nation- ji, crs ." _ Bryant. prise "Growing With Mississip- "Art Ihou less a slave because ;hey master loves and caresses thce?"--Pascal. Karl Ramsey, 1772 Foster Avenue, Memphis 14, Tenn., (Native of Copiah County, Miss.) Why Did Nixon Change His Mind? nl party ticket, Under that law the state convention lias u3thori- ty to rescind all of its June 30 actions anrl do anything it had authority to do Juno 30. Barnett has indicated he would . . , , , . . , L , lour quotmt favor "unpledwng the electors I ,,,,,,',... f I Although it concerns a matter of public record, we trust The To The Editor: An editorial [Democrat-Times in the July 11 suggests tha Commercial Appeal of Memphis, spirit of civic co-operation and economic equity, will permit f ,- From a press dis- Mjss criteria are needed to de tcrmine v,-hat is and what is no legitimate use of a politician's and letting appear on the ^ ^ ard ar , ballot as "Democratic electors un- .. . "~ . .... ,,. ^ pledged," in line with the states rights move to throw the election into the HO-JSC of Representatives. The electors probably would ng- its issue of June 29: The campaign, editorial, reprinted from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, scor trie Power Association against rce on a third party candidate but would IK free to bargain i n - t h e Mississippi Municipal the electoral college. ation. Two Slates, Maybe ed Mr. Nixon for accusing Mr Rockefeller of playing the gam (At this point the letter quotes;^ ··growthmanship". This, tin nev,-s story which revicws- cditoria | stated| re p resente d an charges placed by (he Delta F.lcc-| about face for M r _ N [ XOJIr pre . prcme Court if necessary. ner, upheld an appeal on behaHJ Delta Democjat-Tlm« Sunday, July 24. '60 8 Such a development would con- of parents of livo children and' front the high tribunal with the|said "desegregation of (he pub- Court if need bt. nlmosl-certain necessity of spell-, ing out what it meant six years go when the court declared that .chools should be i n t e g r a t e d with all deliberate speed." The Supreme Court made it lie school system on a grade-by- grade basis over a period of 12 years . . . does not follow the intent and substance of the rulings of the Supremo Court." In dissent. Judge Herbert F. lain that the lower federal court Goodrich said that the Delaware udges should determine the pace ut In this week's ruling, the dij- rict court and the appeals judg- s took completely opposing viewpoints. Won Initial Approval . The Delaware plan which won pproval of the U. S. District -ourt admit led 20 Negro children first grade classes throughout state's public school system. t contemplated working up by ·ay of a stair step time table until all 12 grades would be inte- .ra'ted by 1972. The district court noted that Ihe gradc-by-grade. program was necessary because more rapit n teg rat ion w o u l d over - crowd chool rooms, overtax teachers, and have "a most undesirable motional impact" on some communities. A I9M effort to inte- rate the Milford, Del., school provoked a white student boycott which involved demonstrations, bonfires, and fiery crosses. But two j u d g e j of the appeals court, Chief Judge John plan "is as good as we can expect in view of the obstacles to be overcome in making it work." On behalf of the state, Attorney General Bovc announced that after studying the ruling, he probably would carry the case to the full seven court and then judge appellate lo (he Supreme' Dove also pointed out that tha Philadelphia ruling conflict* with a Sixth Circuit Court dteillon in Cincinnati which upheld a grade* a-year integration pUn adopted by Nashville, Tenn., authorities. MORE FOOD NOW , WARSAW, Poland (AP) - Tha statistical bureau reports that for the first time sux* World War If, Poland's horse population hoa decreased more than one per cent. Party leader Wladyslaw Gomulka repeatedly has told Polish peasants to get rid of their horses because the animals eat loo much. Make your vacation a real holiday. If you want to combine your bills, repair the car. or just need cash for the trip, we can povide the money you need. L 0 A H S - S 5 0 U P T O $ 1 , 0 0 0 UP TO 21 MONTHS TO REPAY GRHNVIUi LOAN CO. 610 Washington FLOYD E. WOOD, MGR. ED WS82 This Is Our 18th Year In Business In Greenville After Delaware Ruling There has been talk that the convention n-.ight put up two! slates -- or'.e unpledged and one pledget! to the Democratic nom- (Delia Electric contends that vtously an advocate of economic' growth to keep abreast of the Russians. One-lrack mlndedness is no vir- Supreme Interpret By SAM FOGG WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The .a resolution by Ihe MMA submit- t e in i(sclf - A poiiician who' mean i ng O f four everyday words ted to the Mississippi Public Serv-j 110 " not nave the courage to re- r * _ _ - - · ,1 . e t ice Commission is a "sham and inees--anil lot voters take their choice. But the legality of such ai movie has not been resolved, I,,' frauil:" that it was not drawn by MMA but by an attorney forj s ( a n c e can vcrse an opinion in the face of new evidence or altered circum- a dangerous lia- and those In control of the convention (to not seem inclined at Mississippi Power and Ughti b i l i t y in P ublic o[f[ce 'Co. and placed on the MMAl Mr - NLxon lias demonstrated a .books so as to give the appear- willingness in the past to change . . . . . I L:- __ :--.) t __ iL_ __ i. - _ / _ _ i ? . - _ _ i the present lirr.c lo give credencei 1 ,..,. i" j j i i i*fmrt. to Kc:ir.edy and Johnson. ance of a resolution adopted by A gro'-ip of states rights lead- (The ne\vs story docs not say his mind for the sake of political expediency. But the Post-Dispatch did not indicate the reason for his change of opinion, on- his mind. ers nre ready to put up an inde- w h a t the MMA resolution said.) j ( | )at j^ j^j pendent shle of unpledged elcct-j Sound the tocsin! Arouse the As a matter of Vact'Tn'umber'of r\"iri^ri 1 ^^. S !:TMij^'r^" na !'l Si Sd' he coun "ys le « di "S economists ,,_,.,,,, . ,,. ,, . _. r,TM,. ,,,«,,,.,, n ,-,,,,,,« ' "jhave warned against economic ,, . .... .. . growth just to keep pace with Jlrjvr' !!"iVr ie j,, r i ihc Russians ' ° r sim py f ° r "s TM r.r ^ n,^c n TM . ^^ S3 fa_ Expansion is best gauged by the needs of the coun- --"with all deliberate speed" -created new conflict in the desegregation controversy this week that might prompt the Supreme Court to hand down its most far- reaching decision since the historic school 1951 ruling. Oddly, the legal depth bomb went off in the middle Atlantic seaboard state of Delaware rather than in or.e of the deep South- I . f, , - .... . ·"- ·-·juiiuy J itaujnu e tlie convention decide to support jcianb! Convene the captive NVhite.^g W!i n\ed against /2 v A l v A l Diamonds MATCHED SET tOtll [ · [Citizens' Councils, who would emulate birthright, not. for a mess of (age. but for a fill of Yankee' jkilov/attage! Trot out (he chancellor of the tax-supported University of Mississippi, (siUnited in T-V-A terri- j^jxon 1 jtory,) with his brassplaled mega-- r e c t j ·phone in behalf of "Rctldy Kilo-' ' ^ !to'- In this case, the implication of a Machiavellian switch on Mr. b fe P $3.00 Down S2.00 V/kly. SEE SPECIALS IN OUR V/INDOWS as if a scintillating alumnus! Let there be a barber-shop quartet of Senator "Long Staple" Jim Eastland, Governor Koss'-r.,.- h " B.irnelt. Speaker Walter Sillers! S X ' The press is responsible for informing the public what a candidate does when, where, and how. It is also responsible for in- 2 4 3 W A S H I N G T O N A V E ybrss and Judge Tom Brady singing "Sweet Adeline Ampere," with the Yankee private-power dyna-j mo supplying the enlightenment: ami monopolistic tune! Hnih'jse the elite, for the Dix- on-Ya(C5 counting house in New York City is ever in want of more mazuma and less public in- jilignation at ihe enlargement of Sincerely, Maryelien Fullam Reader Urges Folks Help Save Parade To The Editor: 1 am r.ot a native of Mississippi, ., ' - , In fact ' ! ve its domain of so-cailed free enter-, been here about six years. But if I had been born and raised here, _ | I couldn't feel more like native s;^ THE COST OF A New Mattress · We Can Make It Firm, Medium, Soft o You get a choice of fabric;, · Custom Made 1-Day Service MATTRESS COMPANY ·.one ED 2-5361 932 Nelson NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME TRANSMISSIONS These transmissions are rebuilt and guaranteed by General Motors Corporation We install these units complete with necessary seals and gaskets and new fluid for the low price of only ay Heive To NO DOWN PAYAIENT -- 12 MONTHS TO PAY! 522 Washington Avc. em states. I Delaware Attorney General Jan And the ruling itself was h a n d - l u a r Bove, Jr., announced t h e ed down in Philadelphia where a ; state board three-man panel of the Third Cir-lbly would carry its fight against cuit court of Appeals ordered Del-1 aware, partly industrial, partly · rural and partly integrated, to , speed up its program. Spiked Gradual Plan i The two-to-one lecision spiked the staters 12-year gradc-by-grade plan and demanded full integration of Delaware schools at all levels by the fall of 1D01. i Without if, I'm not sure I could trim our tree or even be inspired (o buy a gift. It would lake so much joy out of Christmas, not just for me and my family, but every family in Greenville. It is such a swell send off for Christmas. I'm helping mother and I baby- sit at my house. When I save 55, I certainly intend to send it in to support the parade. I'm sure we will have our parade. There are so many civic minded people in Greenville, I just can't beli°ve they won't all support it. If they will just go back a year and remember the stars in the eyes of each and every child as Santa rode by, oh yes. I'm sure we will have our parade. ff the gentlemen would give up two packages of cigarettes and us kids give up a few candy bars and the party of the second part. Some one was asleep when the contract was signed for (he com- 1 pletion of the Crossroads Post Office building. I have been advised that the United State Post Office Dept. rented the building from Robert May at a certain specified sum. The building is completed for occupancy, even to the flag pole and rope. Ro!ert May furnished the. pole and the rope but the P.O. Dep:. was to furnish the flag, which they did.' The rope has become old and rotten and has broken several times and is now in so many kno.s that it is impossible to con- · linue using it. Therefore that is the reason we have the only post office in the U.S. which does not display the U.S. flag. : The question is why was it not stipulated in the contract that and all send in 50c or 60c. then thcr Robert May was lo furnish' we surely can have our parade. So come on, folks, let's lean back, latch our seat belts, and put the Christmas Parade Shawna Meeks 603 Fail-view Irian I do. in the short time I've been Here, I've been pla«s and seen things which you have lo witness I yourself lo believe. If I live to be! 100, 1 couldn't capture all the| beauty, the lovely trees which ;To The Editor: people lake so much pride in, Ihe fields of cotton, the lakes, Uie rivers, the. churches, Wants Flag To Fly At Crossroads P. O. a new rope when the old one' wore out ur that the P.O. Dept.\ would have to renew the rope? But please, will someone furnish a rope for o'.ir f l a g lo fly over the post office again. Name witheld by request. (EDITOR'S NOTE - Landlord Robert O. May says he installed the flagpole with the halyard but Haste -nakcs waste. is not responsible for maintaining Do you lake time lo read a j i t . Postmaster Marguerite John- the resorts,contract or policy or any impor-; son says sne ;, ns w r jn c . n to the and historical points. It all addsitant paper carefully before sign-!p 0 sl Office Department asking up to one thing -- Our Mississippi. |ing it? jWashington officials (o st;.dy the Another big part of Greenville How important this is, in olh-.contract and determine who is re- is our beautiful Christmas Parade,;er words, you should take time sponsible for rL-placiru; (he rope, which young and old alike look||o study each paragraph careful- In any case, Mrs. Johnson says, forward to, and line the curbs forlly and understand w h a t is m e a n t , "We'll have a fbg up there hours ahead of time to welcome.iby the party of the first part soon.") A U T O L A PAINT GLASS Phone ED 4-SISJ 809 Main Phone F.F 2-2253 T O A L T H OPERATOR! See Us F o r . . B Q U A L I T Y e i i p p i i pc taJ^KjllklllH^ O r P h o n e E D 5 - 1 4 6 3 ® V-BELTS @ SHEAVES ® ROLLER CHAIN ® SPROCKETS 9 BEARINGS © FILES ® VALVES 0 PACKING ® CUTTING TOOLS INDUSTjiiA^SUPPLYCQ. TV s.iasii2*iS WAGNER ELECTRIC MOTORS SUPPLY INC. Phone ED 5-1463 Hwy. 82 E

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