The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 6, 1947 · Page 3
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 3

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 3
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Counties Get High « Rank For Orange Output In Nation Three Valley counties are among five in Texas which r a n k among 5n leading orariKf'-srowlnK' counties in the United States, according to fiKiirc.-.'! from t h o 1945 c^i- SUR of agriculture Issued by Director J. C. Capt, Bureau of the Census. Department of Commerce. The Valley counties am Cam- iron, Hirlalco and Willaoy. Cameron ranks 23rd In t h e nation and has 3Pf),033 trees: Hidalpr- n i n t h with 1.420.539 trees; a n d Wll- lacy 44th w i t h 45,380 trees. b i m m t t and Brooks counties in Texas are also among the nation's leading orange growing areas. D i m m i t ranking 4th and Brooks 48th, The five counties combined h a v e 97 per cent of all of Texas' orange trees. Home Near Mission Destroyed By Fire MISSION. June 6 -- Fire conv Wednesday afternoon. Although' neighbors forced their way Into pletely distroyed the home of Mr. the house and removed part of n n d Mrs. Norsr norlhea.'d, of here thr? f u r n i t u r e , rare f i n t l c i u r J^eni-s in thr home wen* destroyed, about 150 years ago. to the United States from Poland Amon t h e m was a piano brought Members of the Mission ancl Edinburg fire d e p a r t m e n t s were summoned to f i g h t the blaze. The Norses were away from home when the f i r e occurred, Ride Bus In Trial Run Officials Release Customs Activities Friday, June 6, 1047 THE 1 BRO VFNSVILLE HERALD in other vehicles and 25,332 pedestrians. Cumulative figures since June 30 last year are, 607 documented ves- ! sels arrived; 1,827 airplanes, 375,-, A'decrease is shown in vessels, : m . R u t o m o b i i e S | 48,582 busses, 6,7-i c i t y and P rcclnct ' aircraft, vehicles, etc., examined 1 86 Q|her vehicles one passenger by the U. S, Customs Service here j f , , ,,, f r p i f f h f c pars i during- the month of May, but an; 11 * 111 ' fi ' 5U 11GJ8 7 ca , 1Sl M .. increase is shown in thc number! Passengers anving for the fis- of Inspections of passengers c a r - , c 0 1 .. veal * lo d n t e ar ^ m by -ships, rjec ] · '18,77-1 by plnnos, 804.858 In aulo- FiBiireR released by the Browns- i mobiles, '910,001 by busses, 8,903 in villo office show t h a t so docu- ! other vehicles, 100 on the passenger mentccl ships arrived from foreign I train and 168,175 pedestrians, for countries during the month, 105. ^ tottBl of 2.011,948. airplanes, 30,8fi5 automobiles, 3,412 ' ' busses, G82 other vehicles and 573 ! Butyl synthetic rubber, which freight cars. .does not have the bounce of n n t Twenty-two passengers arrived by ural rubber at narmal tempera- ships, I,'ll5 by airplane, 63.608 in taures, mnkes n bei.ter inner tube automobiles, 66,487 on bnssR". TiO bPcausr it. hold* n l r belter. Okay Liquor Bill AUSTIN, June 6 kp)--Thc House late yesterday gave its f i n n l approval to a bill which will permit [uor local op- Lion in most of the state's coun- whether dry or wet. WHITE PRINTS Longer Lasting 1 and mort Ipfiible than the old-fush- ionod blue print. U. S, Supply Stores 1021 E. Wash. - Ph. 932 Missouri Pacific Trallways have placed air-condi- the trip were left to right, Oscar Longnccker, "Art" tloncd eiic.scl on runs in and out of Browns- Henrlpkson, driver, "Bob" Ball, 0. II. Harden Jr. . , . , . , . ,,, . . ... , . ,, ,, "Dnn" Boonc II, T. Wood H. 1)., I J M i a n v i l l o thl.s wocl(. Yesterday morning officials of the K c m m y n m l . At c ,,, p|)i Th( , ,, I(|l) yl ,. sl( , rrtn v m o r n l l l B comjmtiy took some- Icullng Brownsville clllxong for W , 1|S Hipp's first in a bus. (Herald rhoto by Red u trial spin in one of the vehicles. Passengers on Moores). Valley Youth Start Road Trek To Alaska Sooners Love To Recall A n t i c s Of 'Oil Indians' BY HAL BOYLE OKLAHOMA CITY--(/Pj--Oklahomans love to recall thc exploits of the oil-rich Indian. HARLINGEN. Juno 6 -- Four j -He used to buy^n bright yellow high-powered motor car," they ?Tarlingen youths, all students .of'say. "On Saturday nights he would get drunk find crash into a Texas A. and I. College, have s e t , b r j c j g e a b u t m e n t . Monday morning he would buy another brand new out in a homemade t r a i l e r f o r ; c f t r , explaining to the salesman: 'Bridge no get out of my way/ Alaska. They are Donald G. Rog-; .. Hc usec | t o wreck three or f o u r cars a month." *rn. Ward Fryer, Mark Hertford,i J u K t wno lh | ;5 i m ij f t n W as nobody seems to remember, but he is and Jack Russell a . sym j )0 | O f th c fabulous spend-1 Th?v plan t o d r i v e from Oregon j ' 4 , , · , , , . . ' A x* · ¥-· i up the Alcan Highway to F n i r l I n B ^ nn. era that is dead, t h e . Army Major Found banks. Nome nnd A n c h o r a g e . j mily clays of the oil industry w h e n ' Alaska. Their t r a i l e r Is stocked: the parched acres on which a lehod-pants f a r m e r had scratch- plenty of Rafloltne. ! cci out a - m i s o r a b l r livinR; sudden- M n j o l Thf boys p l a n to spend thc iy made him wealthy overnight.' Summer working in Alaska arid , M n w , h d fc borrowed! return to colleRc in the Fall. NEW STORE OPENS A new wholesale and retail store, featuring dresses and accessories for women,'opens today In Browns\ vllle, It is the Outlet store, 1237 'Elizabeth St., operated by Phi! Kory. Kory, a veteran, spent foil? years In the South Pacific. DOLLARS When you travel ONION BUS LINES! NION BUS STATION 035 S. E. "Levee - Ph. 919 Irresistible Comfort From Spring Air's Famous Two-Piecc Mattress also now in stock OK B R O W N S V I L L E C H A R G K ACCOUNTS -- D I V I D E D PAYMENTS Phone 380 723 F. Elizabeth Dead In Barracks Truman Disagrees SAN ANTONIO, June 6 (/P)--; Wlllkle A. Rambo, 34, air ! at Brooks Field, was; , -'ad yesterday in his b a r cardboard to cover the holes In i racks from a bullet through the' their shoes found themselves i n ' h e a d . A verdict of suicide was 1 , a position to buy $100,000 homes. Mumed by Justice Of The Peace; With Taft Philosophy : And they did. . ' E. H. Talbort. i T T in* * «» t A A£AAv*ow|^**jr , ^^ ^^ of ,. ( i, n {n r^-, nfrn ,,,,,,,,(-,, i,, Rambo, a native of Gonzales and a graduate of Texas A. and M.,' joined the army in 1934. Col L. H. Dawson, commanding salesman niov-i° r f i c e i '« so:lcl a note was f o u n d ; the unwary f r o m ! w n i c h reficl in Part:. · j j Everyone in the Army has been \ "This country used to be a R o l d j B r a n c l to me a m l '* n m doing .this for broken . down painters'on-,iny solo responsibility." Mr Truman -nicl Taft's a r K u - f r o m t h e n r t n n d TM^TM deal-,'__Hnmbo was unmarried, Mr. Truman said l a i t f i a i g u , ,, fin|d onf) old r o s l d o n t mentfl t h a i h s ^ h d n m a n d for goods, g nd V n s t A m o | i n t s ' Penney's is an Old Hand ~^at Saving You Money \ WASHINGTON. June 0 (,Iv-Pr B -: t J h ^,^^ ^ow*^" Truman o o M ·"^o^ivim. f h n i : lut - -i«^"J» IIUHIL out u.sagt. the th*- old idea of boom or bust." /'In the lonp; run it would destroy both prosperity nnd profits." the President said in a statement read conference. or necessitates Spend Newly rich fanners hitherto in- Gust Of Wind Gets Blamed For Death to decorate their lavish homes. The only trouble is that oil wells That shut off the l^^^^^.Jl!} ( l.^ m( ^ R 'L^ 1 sensible to the Joys of indoor ,, ,, plumbing spent vast amounts on Big Acreage Is Soldj^n^^ For $43,000 T o t a l An acreage deal involvinR $43,000 has been recorded in the Cam- ··*» ~"*- * * » « » * om.iv, wn i.^t owmui; . ^ rron county c l e r k s office, w i t h of income. Many a splurger had r ' Cnll Gillies of Cook County, 111., ^o 'TMvo town ".scratching a b r o k o . , nellinK 495.28 ncrps of land to backside"--as they say in Okla- Ernpst LOUR. homn. According to r,he deed, Long Again big money is being spent purchased Blocks 45. 47, 0(5, 67, fast and loose trying to locate, f ) | j 86. 37. 107.132 and the .south half j new oil fields. But the farmers i a t l U J . of 133. and Blocks 154,175,17(1, ex- who own the hind are conserva- c*pt 4.4 acres convoyed to Pugsloy! tlve and wiser. They aren't try- P l a n t f l t t o n Company. Federal r o ; i n g now to build stone castles in venue stamps in a m o u n t of $47.30 : prospective paper profits. the death of a five months old bay here. Beverly Kay Santarsiero, daugh- r. and Mrs. Andrew was lying on a of the home of her grandparents when an old door Womble Named We run our stores the way a thrifty housekeeper runs her home. We don't sell on credit. We don't deliver. Cash-and-carry saves a lol of money--for YOU. We buy carefully, with a sharp eye for quality AUSTIN, June 0 (/P)--Gov. Beauford H. Jester has nominated Formerly a producer paid for the i H s n Q Womb le of Caldwell, cost of digging a well within a Burlesoa countv , to" be a member month of the time it spouted | of the state prjson b o a r d nomination was submitted were a f f i x e d to^thc deed. _ Jester uts ay , ,,_ He got ly hn twenty- . 1 . ne nominnuon was BUDmitteci On Solons Expense nve per cent of the ol wealth,,Uie Senflte Womb i e would sue- AUSTIN June 6 - (/h--Gov ; a v n l l f l b l ° trough slapdash meth- r , Aorl r ,, n l l f 1 o v iwr,n«n n r vi, sMssr=?3 : |iHi»t='?; n a v of the members t x^vr'»-r«i · Favorite Of ThlCVCS It was one of the measures const- ! dered to be w i t h i n thc limits of j a v a i l a b l e im-ome. j HP also Mgncd a bill amending MISSION, June 6 -- Tho Bur- *nd r e - e n a c t i n g thc cosmetology r j s Home ancl Auto Supply Store lafr'- | hero was burglarized Wednesday night for the fourth time w'lth- wniTEUS SKK PL^-N'E in the past year. Clarence Burns, FORT WORK, J u n e G--/\')~-More ! proprietor, said an automatic r i f l e than ISO aviation writers and press and an electric iron were taken rrpresentative.s from over the Unit- from a lighted show window. PC! States were expected to a r r i v e 1 The burglar apparently made here today for the first formal press entry by breaking a rear window Ahowinjz of the Army Air Forces' and crawling between two bars j p m n t B-3f» bomber being b u i l t by a b o u t eight Inches apart. It I s j Crmsollriaffd V u l t f e A i r c r a f t Cor- believed a child may have b e e n ; porn t ion. ; involved. i ceed Claude V. McCan of Victoria, who resigned. The term expires Feb. 2, 1045. WAREHOUSE CLOSEOUT (nothing's a bargain if it isn't good »§ well as cheap). Yes, we're old hands at saving you money. Our customers know it--and trust us. And we wouldn't sell out that confidence for anything in the world. LOOK AT THIS SAVING BOYS' SANFORIZED TWILL Sizes 6 io 16 Heavy \reight b l u e t w i l l pants. C o m e early. Only a limited supply at this low price. 1.25 Pair AGE \\ 2r WEEKEND CASE . 26" PULLMAN CASE . 24" TWO-SUITER lor men 24" FIBRE SUITCASE.. 7.00 10.00 20.00 . 1.50 These are everyone an outstanding: luggage value and just in time for vacations too. We also have zfipper stand-open bags and briefcases that have been much more--come in now and have a complete selection. -- All prices plus 20% federal tax. ·MORE PROOF! SAVE al PENNLYS* LACE CURTAIN PANELS PAIR Size 36"x87" e a c h panel. Shell or ecru. RAYpN LACE i , PANELS Size 36x80" 3 Lace Trimmed SLIPS 1.79 Rayon Satin or Crepe Lace 'Trimmed Slips In Tearose Color Sizes 34 to 42 DOTTED SWISS P R I N T S 79 C Yd. Fast color dotted Swiss in lovely prints. Shop Penney's for all your sewing needa* PRICES SLASHED! ON WOMEN'S PLAY SHOES 2.OO A big selection of fabric and leather play shoes in white and colors -- 400 pairs -- Savel SANDALS 1.00 For Children's For Play or Dress 'Buy several pairs*

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