The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 3, 1965 · Page 20
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 20

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Page 20
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20 Thursday, June 3, '65 DcKn Democrat-Times ^,.,,,,,,, :;; , r Jhe Atomic Warriors (5) ^^^ Rocket Sites Scattered In Rolling American Hills BY FOSTER DAVIS OFKUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb. -- An Alias missile site looks pretty ordinary as y o u drive up to it. Motorists going by on (lie two-lane blacktop road outside Ihe wire-net fence don't necessarily even know they're within a few yards of a nuclear-tipped rocket programmed for a secret target. The SAC people don't hide the locations of tire missiles. There's an unostentatious sign pointing out that the motorist is passing a missile site. There's not too much above ground, lire fence surrounds a half-acre area. A couple of quonset huts, an air conditioning cooler, some aerials -- this is about all that shows above ground. Tn the surrounding pastures, cattle browse. WE GET out of Ihe blue Ford station wagon at the unmanned gale and my escort officer, Capt. Wayne Mcssner, a 1959 Annapolis graduate, picks up a telephone. A voice from somewhere down below answers. Capt. Messner says something into the receiver anc in a moment a buzzer sounds and the gate opens. (Editor's Note: This is the fifth in a series of six articles about the Strategic Air Com rnand of the U. S. Air Force) The station wagon parked inside, we walk over to an under ground entrance. The vertical door opens easily and we start down a flight of stairs. We are headed for the contro * * room of Site 1 of the 551st Slra- :egic Missile Squadron, based at Lincoln Air Force Base in Nebraska. * « * AT THE bottom of tltc stairs ve round a corner and are con- ronted by a locked "security door." After a telephone call gels the door open and closed ehind us, we find ourselves bc- ng viewed by a small lelevi- ion camera poking its snout out at us. When the crew below las decided we are legitimate isitors (they were expecting us) the door is unlocked clec- rically. We walk into another hallway only to be faced by a two-ton steel door. Capt. Messner opens his one and we step through. Squarely in front of us is another steel blast door which will not open until Ihe first door is shut. After passing through this one we finally enter the underground capsule. We enter the crew's quarters, neally kept and thoroughly functional. A few double bunk beds are in the room, ofi which is built a small kitchen. * * * THERE l.t. Col. Henry W. Liljcdahl, the commanding officer of the sector, meets us. of fering coffee. He is the ranking officer in thus incredibly complex world located below 75-ton concrete doors. His squadron has a total of 650 people in it. After coffee and a prelimina ry briefing, he leads his visitors through the control room and down a circular staircase. Level after level goes by, all pack- * * * ed with electronic equipment and a fantastic marc of plumb- ng. On one level arc located .wo 500 kilowatt generators, each, the colonel says, "developing enough wattage to power small town." * · * FINALLY, we are standing on n concrete floor 174 feet be- ow the surface of the earth. A continuous trickle of water runs nlo a drain in the center of he SI foot "silo." It is, the col onel says, mostly condcnsa- ion. Above us is poised an 80 foot atlas, the same one which has aunched all of Ihe United States Mercury astronauts. In 'iring condition Ihe "bird" weighs 270,000 pounds, most ol which is the liquid rocket fuel and "lox," or liquid oxygen at minus 297 degrees. * * * UP IN the nose of the shiny svhile projectile is its reason for being: the re-entry vehicle which contains the nuclear war head. "We would do anything ncces sary to get the missile off," Col. Llljedahl remarks. "The men understand this. Once (he missile is Inunchei it is gone. No operalionat missile can be destroyed. The necessity for being absolutely sure has dictated one bas ic postulate of SAC missile poli cy. This is that the missiles wil not be fired until so directed b; the President, probably not un t i l the United States has already absorbed the first blow by an enemy DCRM. * * * Ready For Firing This photograph was taken with Ihe camera pointed directly upwards about half-way down an Atlas missile "silo" located in the hills of Nebraska. Near the top of the dimly-lighted chamber (174 feet deep) can be seen the huge concrete doors which would swing open for firing. The doors weight 75 tons each, according to a United Stale Air Force spokesman. (Staff Pholo) State Has 900,000 Drivers JACKSON (UPI) - The licensing of 78,024 new drivers in Mississippi last year brought the number of licensed drivers in the state to nearly 900,000 if was announced Wednesday. Public Safely Commissioner T. B. Birdsong said the 30 license examiners gave a total of 117,011 examinations. The Lighter Side .By Dick West WASHINGTON (UPI) - You simply never know just what sort of problems you're going to encounter when you become a property owner. But rarely do you run into a problem of a type encountered Birdsong said 63 per cent of|by the General Services Admin- the applicants passed the first istration, which looks after the time but 37,437 failed. He said properly owned by the federal 26,085 flunked "simply because government, they did not know the law" and' The GSA recently was horrified to discover that it had bentniks in the attic. This unusual situation arose the others because they could not pass the behind-the-wheel fcst. LOOK PERSONALIZED FRIGIDAIRE DRY CLEANING ' : Avenue here as| a new FBI head- when the government comman dcercd a block of building along Pennsylvania the site for quarters. The buildings are marked for destruction about two years from now. In the meantime, n Mix 'cm Any Way ROSELLA . . . One Load . . . 15 SWEATERS 10 DRESSES 4 MEN'S SUITS 10 SKIRTS 5 BLOUSES QUICK CLEAN LAUNDRY THOMAS SHOPPING CENTER New Moose Officers Newly elected officers of the Loyal Order of the Moose Greenville Lodge No. 1333 are, seated left to right, Robert II. Langlcy, secretary; John Fisher, junior governor; Proter Williams, governor, E. L. Rounsaville, junior past governor; and J. C. Joseph, prelate. Standing, middle row, left to right are J. S. McGehee, installing officer; William R. Skinner, treasurer, Lawrence Stein, two year trustee; and Malio Fava, three year trustee. Standing, top row, left to right, are Leo A. Schepens, assistant sergeant at arms; Eugene Ault, sergeant at arms; John F. Rose, one year trustee, and Robert Conners, guard. (Pholo by Bob Gookin) Turn off your PAIN SWITCH with the strongest pain reliever you can get'! 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But hardly had the artists moved in before the police who palrol that area noticed that some of them had beards, long j.Sair. something less than Brooks ;f!ros. clothing, and a generally unsanitary appearance. 1 probably would not have become involved in this situation except for the fact that one of he tenants happened to be a /oung art student named Ric- (ey Hart, the son of an old friend of mine. "What the government doesn't seem to realize is the dcpress- effect that the anti-poverty program and all the other measures to bring on prosperity having on young artists," he said. Tn seeking to promote Ihe beaulification of America, they! are treating the sumptoms rath-: er than the causes. With one hand, they are out planting petunias and with the other hand they arc dispossessing artisls. "How can they hope to promote the fine arts when it is almost impossible for a young artist to find a place to work in any American city? "Young artists have traditionally starved in garrets, but we can't even find a garret to starve in. They are nil being taken over by urban renewal." SNAP BEANS ICEBERG LETTUCE SUNKIST LEMONS DOZ. 29 c WHITE POTATOES ^"2^ 25 c GREEN ONIONS 2 FOR 25 C Large Heads RED POTOTOES LB. BAG 6 - 12 Oz. Glass Cans CTN. U C K Y N O . 1 Alexander At Kectaeky Op* I AJW.4 P.M.- 7 D*p A Week L t f O K Y 10. St. HMMI At C% Opm I JU4 tM. MtaU Set I AJK.-M PJL- 9m t Ul I WE RESERVE THE JUGHT TO lOOt PRICES GOOD THURSDAY THRU SUNDAY, JUNE I · t.

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