The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 24, 1960 · Page 1
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Sunday, July 24, 1960
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26 Civic Clubs Back Greenville Parade Drive Christmas Parade Committee|come from the American Legion officials- cheerfully. predicted aj successful drive for J5.000 lo resume the parade this year as 26 clubs volunteered either workers tor a one-day drive next Friday or contributions, or both. n 'We had only reached 24 clubs last week when we held our planning meeting," David Orlansky of the committee said, "and we told them we would not push the program unless three-fourths of them were willing to help. Not only did all of them respond, but two additional ones as well." Work As Individuals In some cases the by-laws of clubs forbid club participation in a solicitation, but in these cases individual members of the clubs offered their services. Furthermore contributions from t h e clubs who have pledged or given to the fund totalled J640 Saturday, including $100 from the Rotary Club. OrlansVy said that the clubs ad ded to Friday's list of participating clubs were the Greenville Garden Club, the Colonial Gar den Club and members of the Jaycettes. Contributions h a v e Confesses To Hit And Run Traffic Death A M year old Negro daywork- er confessed Saturday afternoon that he waj driving the car which killed Uroy McGehee last Sunday morning, Chief Deputy Sheriff Albert Tsckett said yesterday. . Tackett laid the man, Manuel Webster, who w o r k s on the Mel Rich Plantation near Lake Jackson, admitted the killing around 3 p.m. Saturday after denying it since being arresttt Notary .and Kiwanis clubs. Otherwise contributions contin icd to come in, a dollar eacl 'rom L. P. Denncy and W. C Martin. So far the contrilutions Deluding the civic club dona lions some already reported, total $762.50. Donations may be made lo the Christmas Paradi Fund, Box 1018, Greenville. To Meet Monday The next meeting of the civic service and garden club official be al 10 Monday morning a Hotel Greenville. Maps of Ih city have been acquired anc marked off into areas for solici lation. Booster tickels are bein printed so that the club mcmb ers may give one for each dolla given lo the contributors. Appro elation gifts are being donatei by various merchants. [eland's Guard Signal Company At Summer Camp FORT GORDON, Ga. - Mis ssippi's only National Guard Si. nal Company is attending sun mer camp at this post near A »usta, Ga. The I58th Signal Company Leland ended its first week trai ing Saturday after arriving he the first of last week by bus fi MISSISSIPPI fo.lly (Whf SunjDV vv.lh wltVy IcolKifd of'rr- rjw-i on-i ft^ng rKixle'^aweri. MgH l In Ki S-.i-dav. ARKANSAS, S«n« texollY htow fain In rvjMH noiKoo orKirw^i* POM!Y lowd/ w'lh Kotler. *d lK-id*'ihowe'» thicvgh Svnda/. No Ii-Dcilcnr tefroric've chaivjel. Hghell gereialjy i.n 90| SiKKfcy. SUNDAY EDITION 71st Year United Press International /UPI/ Associated Press (AP) Crfeenville, Mississippi Sunday, July 24, 1960 Price 15c No. 279 Arm-Twisting On Vice-Presidency Stops 15 days training. The Company is quartered In two itory barracks and is bein fed in the company's own dinin hall. It is commanded by Ca| Ansolrn C. Griffin Jr. Men of tf unit are enrolled in special courses offered during the two weeks lo members of the National Guard. The base covers 55,539 acres including 74 miles of paved roads UP AND OVER -- U. Edward P. Doyle, Instructor pilot in the J505th Pilot Training Squadron, demonstrates a loop for a student during a training flight from Greenville Air Force Base. Since GAFD was reactivated in 1953, the J505th and MOSth Pilot Training Squadrons forming the 3545th Piloting Training Wing there have trained 4,206 jet pilofc and compiled an un- paralled record of standardization and safety, For a ftory on the GAFB In struct or tee page 3. (Staff photo by Harry Marsh) Underwear Factory Coming Sunday. No charges hive been filed! ar .J 69 miles of unpaved roads. against him yet, Tackett saH. Tackett'said that Webster, the father of six, told tha following story: Met McGrhee ed individual technical skills. 11; L A K E vil.l AGE -- The Lakefhere. s conducted through the Army vil ,., gc ci , y ^^ has ,,,,,,,; The citizens will vote on a Signal Training Center, a leading. AS. Cuba To Castro Revo!ution He was working on an irriga tion pump late Saturday night on the Rich plantation. Around 10 p.m. ha decided to go to a Chatham juke joint, where he ran into McGehee. McGehee, a tractor driver on the Rich place, and his girl friend got into a fight, so Webster took the woman home and dropped McGehee off at friend's house "for another drink" around 11 p.m. Webster went back lo the pump to make sure it was still running then drove back around 4 a.m Sunday to the house where he left McGehee. His lights and brakes didn't work. As he approached the house ,,.. _ 0 ... McGehee staggered out into the opening of a leftist-sponsored 1-ai-j middle'of the road. Webster | n America Youth Congress for L J I g l l u . * I U » L M 1 £ _*....^., i» . * -- ^ . , . , . . . iOJU.UW UUI1U ISiUCS IVIJ I . V I I 3 1 I U V - communication- electronic, faci-j- S pcc,aU,^clccl»n on AugustJ^ o , , manufactur]ng buildin _ _ ^ _ ,, [ty in the nation, which has grad- 2 which is being hold to vote on, f o r Brown Century Corp. This!if the industry fails to meet thej tor s a ^j Saturday Gov. Ross Bar- uated 120,000 signalmen since 19-:bond issues required for the con- com p an y manufacturers of men's' Their training includes ad vane- Vote Set Aug. 2 1000 Industrial Bond Kennedy Briefed On Congo Cuba By Allen Dulles look the i n i t i a t i v e in HYANNIS PORT, Mass. (AP)-' ranging, Nixon and CHICAGO (AP) -- Vice President Richard M. Nixon Saturday appeared to have cleared the tracks! for a united Republican effort in November with a! compromise agreement with Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller 1 on basic platform issues. I n a n eight - h o u r N e w ,, , ,, , , ,, ... t l i a t Ro^"" m " " m l«' York meeting w h i c h he the , . , ntelligence Chief Allen W. Dulles New York governor agreed aturday briefed Sen. John F . j o n w h a t the latter called Kennedy on the world situationj"speciflc and basic posi- vith emphasis on two trouble pots--the Congo and Cuba. The briefing session--and there are to be others--lasted for two lours, 15 minutes. "We are going to meet again after Congress goes into session. tions on foreign policy and n a t i o n a l defense." "These constitute (lie basic position for which 1 have been fighting," Rockefeller said in a statement. "If they are embodied in the Republican platform as adopted by the convention they AUE. 8," Sen, Kennedy said. "Mr. .,, .., . . ., , . , " {* , . - , will constitute a platform that I enthusiastically and effectively for the GOP ticket this fall Charges Surrender Meanwhile Sen. Barry Goldwn- ler of Arizona said Saturday Vice President Richard M. Nixon had "surrendered" lo Gov. Nelson A. (Rockefeller in their agreement 0:1 'GOP platform principles. Goldwater told a news conference lie regards it as highly probable that the platform proposals aid down by the two leaders after a New York conference "will not There wasn't the shadow of a Xilles also is Koine to arrange for , · · - j \ · . , , a . J . _ b can support with pnde and vigor, a member of the Defense Depart- f ' * h ment lo come up here in the next .wo weeks." Sen. Kennedy was asked if he ound the briefing useful, during bond issues for constmc- brief news conference in the 'ard of his summer home. "I did," the Democratic presidential nominee said. "The United States is faced with a good many serious problems a r o u n d the world. Mr. Dulles has discussed them with me In detail--particu- arly the situation In Africa." Dulles said it is not his practice to give interviews and that Sen. Kennedy had covered the briefing "very thoroughly." - Barnefl Expects Congressmen To Back Parfy Bolt * * * Alabama Still Plans To Push Nixon Nomination CHICAGO (UI'l) - The Alabama delegation still plans to yield to Oregon so it can place Richard M. Nixon's name before tha Republican convention for t h e GOP presidential nomination, Claude Vardaman head of the delegation, said Saturday. "There have been all sorts oE rumors as to what Alabama is going to do," Vardaman told United Press International. "But as far as 1 know now there have doubt in the minds of Republicans! Showing signs of anger. Gold- working on the platform that valer loM a reporter, "It's been slruction of industrial buildings By HAROLD K. MILKS HAVANA (AP)--Prime Minister Fidel Castrp's supporters headed lor the remote mountains o! east- :rn Cuba Saturday lo celebrate in [ho cradle of Ihe rebellion the an- resulted in arrests of Catholics, lay leaders decided to "go slow" underwear, is now operating in I.ake Village in temporary quarters. The bond issues are in two parts; there will be Iwo ballots. One bond issue will be for $60,000 to secure and develop industry within or near the City of j I.ake Village. This bond issue is nett has told him he expects t h e H c in Iheir public demonstrations. backed by faith and credit o! As a result, any observance-the city and if the company fails Tuesday ns a "day of mourning' 1 for the victims of Communist op- tried lo avoid hitting him, but couldn't. McGehee's body was knocked up the road by the collision. Panicked And Fled V/ebster finally stopped his car, went back and found McCiehee still alive. He panicked and, after pulling the injured man's niversary of the movement thatjp-ession wit! be on the basis of brought him to power. individual action and not as an AC the same time delegations organized movement as planned; began arriving in Havana for the earlier by Catholic women. Sugar Pact HAVANA (AP) - The government announced today that Com-; body off the road, left him lying! |a j ns there. McGehee died an hour and a Ihe "liberation of all Latin America." Castro is expected to utilize both forums for renewed attacks against the United States. July 26 The opening session of the youth congress will l« held in (he all but inaccessible Oriente Mouno coincide with the munist C h i n a lo sign an; agreement Sa;un!ny to buy half to pay, then a five mill tax could be levied lo repay it. Worker Killed At Natchez As Oil Well Blows Out NATCHEZ, Miss. (AP)-An oi l a n d gas well blew out early Sat ! during a reworking project, kill Members of the. I.ake Village Industrial Development Corporation have pointed out that thej five mill tax will be levied onlyi JACKSON (UPI) -- A le. if the industry fails to meet '*-conditions' of the contract. The - other bond issue is for 1290,000. is for - the same purpose ard supplements the other. These bonds are secured by a statutory mortgage on the 'ands and -building acquired "arid constructed from the proceeds on the i n d u s t r i a l revenue bonds and a pledge of the revenues there- from. The retirement of all bonds .·ill be taken care of by payments by the industry. T h i s eaves the community with no financial responsibility, except pas sage of the issues in the election and Ihe amounts already paid and pledged for the community's part of the temporary quarters and training program. The five mill tax would be lev- ina one worker. « national holiday marking Castro's , . [revolt against the government of half later ashe:«·« being taken Fu , io B a l i s ( a O n July 26 sev- to a doctor in Hollandale. Webster had steadfastly denied that he had anything to do with McGehee's desth until yes- million tons of Cutxm .vjgir under the same 20 per rent cash, SO perl cent barter arrangement used by with this cojnlry. Resigns Post WASHINGTON (AP)--Dr. E n - j a n y information when it is presented lo next week's convention it will represent the composite views of Nixon and Rockefeller. Hailed By Nixoniles Because of this, Rockefeller's statement was hailed as cheering news in the Nixon camp. It went a long way toward assuring Nixon's associates they will have the enthusiastic support of Rockefeller in crucial efforts to carry New York State in November. Beyond that the groundwork seemed to have been laid for Rockefeller to withdraw gracefully from any contest for the prcsi dential nomination Nixon appears certain to win from the convention next week. Rockefeller said that, in the dramatic meeting he had rcltcrnf cd his stand that he will not ac cept second place on the ticket. be accepted" by Ihe party con- liecn no changes in Ihe plans to /cntion opening Monday. '' c!u to Oregcn." Vardaman said he had heard a rumor that Alabama would refuse to yield when the roil nf slates is called Wednesday I o r presidential nominations, a n d would, instead nominate Ssn. IJarry Goldwatcr of Arizona because of dissatisfaction with tha E ! Hc Nixon agreed to respect my understanding lhat this plat- orm was being written by a plat- orm committee of the convention. am very surprised to learn it's xHng written in New York City. "If this is true, then the Republicans had better drop the charge of rigged conventions wing made against the Democrats," he said. "I am going to insist that the platform committee be allowed to use its prerogatives in selecting the type of platform the Republican party will stand on and not take dictation from the governor of New York." He hinted he might allow his name to go before the convention as a presidential candidate, as a form of protest. Dixie Group Meets Dixie members of the nlatform committee met in rump sessions to see what they could do to heai entire Mississippi congress onal delegation to bo!t the Democratic Party this year. Sen. Flauous Lambert of Belmont said he talked to Barnetl about the matter Thursday following Barnctt's return from t h e Democratic National Convention. Lambert said Barnett told him! that he expected Senators James 0. EastlantJ and John C. Stcnnis as well as all six congressmen to support an indcpcn-j dent slate of electors in the November election. i Reps, John Bell Williams and) William Colmer had indicated 3 ,.l this decision. Vice President Nixon said Saturday he accepts Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller'. 1 ; decision not to accept the Republican vice-presidential nomination. Republican Platform. " According lo this rumor, Ala- bamans are disturbed about tha role of New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller in shaping the platform. State GOP Says Support Coming. From Over State JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - The Mississippi Republican Party said Saturday it has been flooded · -ith offers of support for the GOP in the November presidential elections. "We are elated over the telephone calls, the mail and · Ihe many visitors coming into state off a strong civil rights plank, -headquarters" the GOP said in A Rockefeller statement issued.a statement., after his meeting with Nixon s~ they agreed llie platform must: "We are confident thnt a two- party system for our state is now "Assure aggressive action (o re- becoming n, reality. -This is tha move the remaining vestiges cfjnnly solution to the present dilem- segregation or discrimination in ma which we now find o;irs?lves At the same time. Nixon told al.all areas of national life--voting ie\vs conference he is confident! (See ROCKY -- Page 2) in as a result of relying on ona parly." By HEX THOMAS ,s MONTGOMERY. Ala. (AP) -] threatened revolt by So'jthcrni Burnett's Demand Adoption nf the parly platform tht. would supporl the indcpcn-| Deniocrats w j l l ]iave i; U | c c f f e r t l a t Los Angeles brought an angry dent slate lut none of the other members of Ihe congressional delegation have yet announcetl (tain voting intentions, Barnctt has said he cannot ac- eleclors in Dixie except in. Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi ami South Carolina, with a :oial of 4!) electoral voles. ^ics only m the event that the i n -| cc , pl th Officials tentatively identified] dust ry could not meet its obliga-' ., ,c victim as G. W. Newton aixljtions and then only to the total ^ |he '^ Q ^ (hc p ., r t y J C O H n t O n n passible -l-l electors' said he had leen employed only "extent of $60.000. ' ' · on the presidential election unless! rlomrtml from Gov. Ross Rnrnclt Five of Alabama's Democratic the race is closer than any in the. of Mississippi for another Dixie:elcctor nominees have promised psi 4-1 years. rebellion like the nne in I!M3 which to support the John Kennedy-Lyn- kcpt 39 electoral votes away from ibn Johnson ticket, leaving -H per- An Associated Press survey m- n . |rry TruI11Blli tnc DcmocrAlic'.hnps unpledged. yeslerday as a tool pusher. Fellow- ^ I workers said they could not give coi about him. terday, then "got scared and confessed," Tacketl said. WFAFHER AND C1VJK (For CrM-nllfe oref Vicinity] Tfc« MUiFuippl ri»tr el l*ii G i M n Y-JI.-Ut. VIIIOQ. Bridg.. 23.65 fr.l at 7 a.m. Sofunfar, a 74-bcur (all ol 1.30 IT. NW MISSISilPFI: forllf cloud* nrd dirt. HigS Simdof 94 lo 98. Wirxfi partly ilovdf ond few el 70 lo 74, ttjrh of en years ago. It is certain the Prime Minister will lambast Pu-sulent EEsenhow- rique Pcrc?, Cisneros, Cuba's am-' Newton was working on .he Members of the local i n d u s t r i a l orporatron have looked into (he company's operations and have expressed confidence that the I Democratic nominees'cheated thai as of now, a tn ' rt! | Ilom i noe . " | The other six in Alabama liavo iarty platform arid will'party, or : 'Klcpcndent, ticket coul.1. r n ' t i i a t f a ( c f u l uprising, the M.not said they will withhold th?ir ask fhe state to bolt (he p a r t y . j C O u n t on n possible -l-l c l c c l o r a l L e c tors f all Democrats, cast votes,support from the party nor.iineos, Iiastland is chairman of the ( votes in five stales. I for the Slates Rights ticket hendod^But neither have they promised Judiciary Commiitce.j Not S - ]1C( , 19]fi has l f ) ( V jo^'by s'oulh Carolina's Strom Thur- to vote for them. - - - - ·· - Georgia's Democratic electors S.'nate bassador to the Inlcr-Amcricanl derrick on the Ellis No. 1 well'lory here will be equally as sul^ vxnt j on but Barnelt would Economic and Social Council, wasl about 3 a.m. at Kingston, aboul 1 Both he and Slennis worked for] }] j t j n a p r c s j f i c n tjal dcction'mond. then governor, now a U.S. ,, . . . . . . i i » i . * ° come close enough to victory that I Senator. cr and Ihe U.S. government in i ment. reported Saturday to have rcsign-jlS miles from here. The crew was |svorking the well over to bring in declined com-!pror!uctio:i from a lower strala. Employes said that the explo Perez _ h i , m a i n spccch , 0 (hc . n a i i o n . A m i j He reportedly has Keen at odds possibly was caused by gas as factories in other towns. The issues on the ballot. 1 ; Aug. lend his support. CUBANS IN CHINA are unpledged under an S-year-old liavei Harr'.i't.'s call for anolher law. Three of Georgia's con- madc the difference. WooJrow'against the national parly got a grcssmcn have endorsed the Ken- Wilson went into office t h a t ycar.|rcul reception from olher South-/icdy-Johnson ticket and lamhast- A tliird party movement might jcrn political leaders. So ho offered cd the elector law. ol ' m u s t e r more strength hy (he t i m c H o compromise for flalcs of un-i Nn dcliniie move is underway ust 2 are (lie final realization of! TOKYO (AP)--A dclep,-....., «. . . . : , . , - . , , , i - r .,·,,·,,,, i« TM,t ,,,, ,,,, ; localing lakcUe Cuban Confederation o! Work-'lhc clertoral cnlk-ge meets ,n I)«l B ec' electors who would owe in Louisiana to put up pn .»..- b " - -. . ,, . . , . . . : ·, .n»..:._ 1.. ·vndent elector slate, but it is year, of effort J Village's first large imlustry'crs visiting Red China was re- comber. But there is no sign of it allegiance to no parly. pcixbiit Iwith delegations from ihc Sovietiwilh the trer.d of Cuban govern- ignited from rig lights. land is considered iht turning|ceivcd by leader Mao TVe. t un V i the· momcn. «!c.spilo ^lcsprca.1 « Elcclaral Voles ^ : possm,e. Union Red China and other Iron ment p:licy. particularlv ir.crcas.j A coroner's jury returned a point in Ihe economy o! this corn- j Saturday night. Peipmg radio re-, resentment m Ihe Sriul i af,, t h e ' C u r .'ai n Inlricf pram inTM t ! ing reliance on .he Soviet UnSoJvcnlict of accidental death. Unity. Iporlcd. the Democrats' s.n^ c,v,l r i g h t s i h - x x l , amo:,B the early arrivals, the: U n d e c i d e d On independent Electors; Await GOP Platform youth congress is expected lo t u r n ; r into demonstrations against Washington and U.S. supporters. i^h holelld dtnhtw 94 to 91. HigS li raN 1 :50 B rt*t. Low l*^p 73. Ttmp»ro1wr» doy 13 dtgr«H. 95 far SO havn Salurdoy 96 rarur» far 30 h f 1:50 » n. So 'ari t«mpi'0rui* on« dlfl/ll l9 emo Committee The answer \vill como T h e AP survey found no likeli-^hcn (he Dcmocralic State Ccn- ;1 of third p^rly or iiidtjx'iitlc:u|iral Comniitlco m e e t s nround Sept. 1. Mississippi Demos Tn Wissi5isippi, the State Dome*- crnlic Eixcculivc Committee meets Wednesday. It coultl reconvene tho Catholic., Protesting § fSEBiVfW iS^iWiiM I ttSJitSSB iff*t* U^OIVIlt % (T 1 % SiMSS^JS $^$JiM$LW slalc convention and put up a Cuban Roman Catholics who op- *%$§$ S^^iiiV W ViiMi i it * * V V ^F$£B 4 S ** tf SS SB W S B® B W ticket of indeper.dent electors lo pose mounting Communist infiu-1 f f m m ** j r u n against the Deinncratii- a n d once in the Castro government, . ( . somc d c f i n i l e l opp)S .i mocrat ., should do. bill he would Torrey Wood Sr. nf llolh.ndalc .ily«i t h a i . [ly dmicc is between Iho IVmo- Rfpi.bHcan slales in November, changed signals on plans to show Ws . ; , in , iu ., to . ]n . ,s D^mocrat-iLl it it ihe electors would even-Latch Ihc Republicans next week said a third party movement c;TM:«,- Rao Walker ·'. 1 r-U.m! crais and Republicans.' I South Carolina law also permits thc-ir displeasure. Aflcr two pub!ic!. c Fxc( .^ lv(! Q^i,.^ m , m .l. lla ]| y votc for a -bird party. A with the expcclation that IhcirlwouW be bad; "the last time said he had IK-.-I. "k'tlmj; Hi e n . )11( , ( !ar( ! ni .. r ,,| (Irccnvillc ap- ir«lc|Kn.lent electors. a: «l there is for demonstrations earlier Ihis week largely "op'^l "lo' a : SomiKr'n"dr^m in recent ycarsjplalform would be no more ac- we split with Ihe p a r l y we lost.". politicians -State- City- -Delta Ithird parly movement in Mississ-.'was to hold a bif enough bloc ceplable than that of the Dcmo-jHc said he was not well enough the qnosiion, lippi, a quick poll shr/.icd loday.'of indepemlenl electors to Ihrow'crats. "I'm certainly not goingjposled on the independent elcc-'sie iv.iat I Amon;; the IS rnen-.l^rs, 13 : lhe election into ihe House o!;1o vote Republican." he said. ]tor plan to say whal he ihoughrnp ^ftr a fr.v.vr.cii"on a :Hrd pnrty. prin-iReprt-scntalives. but with most' * * * * j m a d e any ripnlly Ixcia-c of its t h r e a t l o j o f the other Southern stales al-! ' l h = st-nijriiy carr.;-d by Mi-.^ss- ready pledged to supporting Ihe ippi's rn:i;:.-"-.-:» lU-li-Rnlion in Hemceralic lickU. such 3 plan 1 1* and p:f': rred b l i . a n s devel-. made IH;IVS '" a-iil a t h i r d p a r t y "svini!l nol ac-,« stron. pcss.niniy o; an un- '· complish anything." and voters p!«!f,cd slate there. Ihe R t p y h l i t a n s devel-.^,,,,[,1 w a i t Cl |,,| scc w hal (he lrule|cnflcnt rlcclors are pcr- p l a t f o r r n before lie .Republican plalform is l*fore de-'mi.«saKe in Arkansas ar.d Kpn- ducisinii. "I" sf):nc |C :,ii nB between the two parties.'ti:d:y, too. but there will he r.or.o favor Ihc l!)ird party as; D m l k y Miller of JMlandnle *;s year in Kc-niiicky and there REVIVAL STARTS TONIGHT . . . A revival will begin at the Last Greenville Church of flod on Wa-hircioa. N-i: - .e s.vd ihey fav- seemed duomed lo f a i l u r e . Sunday night with the Rev. Joe Kelly of Lcc College of C l c v r l m v l . ortl | a ^; :i \ p.,. ;v or i-dt-pt-rdcnlj Good To Vote GOP . , . .. r . . ,.Tenn.. « .he guesl minister, it was announced hy the paM.-,r. the c l ( v 1 n r ._ a ! l ' . ,, - , , wl . rc c . i t l l t r Onc commMec mtmbtr sa ;d -"^g of .he State Kxeculwe was annou, Rev. W. T. Wa,kins. Services will begin at 7:30 each mght. Morning^,,^^, ,.., ni , y f o r ^ r , f p a r l y - ( ( ( r ^ rKorJ ., woul(] ^ a heal . »n Wednesday. jlxilt or cl:.t- ! Of ^ » -M mmm g f |H;IVS i invor MIC cnrci |»:"iiy as| D m i i c y Miner oi ;iinaniiaic ""1 -111 ·" ·"· State Demos Meet Wednesday ^^;;; ±^X a £! p i^ ^^i ^^"' : . . . -· · · i i · r j _ , , . i . . » f . i i/"i of an unplnlgul ticket services will be arranged later. DELTA CPA'S TO MEET TUESDAY GUI.FPORT (UPI) - Mississippi's f i r s t official move toward -l^al di-lcr.slim is I.KI valinl.V- to - ri . : ,\^ p;it our roncrcsimen's. r.onila. N-.rt.i t a r o . m a O . 4 i . a Wt from Ihe Democratic Parly was made Friday when a special 'osc. ar.d n third parly m o v e m e n t ' s e n i o r i t y in jenpardy" and,:na, Tennc..-ct- and \ i r K m : a inced for Jack-.m,;,],! h u r l us in Waihinglon." j-'ihey are our only prulrclinn"|laws prohibit :«!·;· t - l e n t sVvcj. ,. 3r ,i |. ar ty Wa-.u-s Time |a K a i n s t punitive legislation,[Although Ihe Democratic cbciors, . ,, . . - . . - I - -- · State Democratic Chairman Bidwcll Adam of Oulfport calkd the N-inri-rv of Poll-ir.dnU-'«lv.rh m a n y comr.iilletnKn fell'li!e those in Ah'.i-T.o. may havo ,r el:,i v. re sull u-vkc^.cd ih y i|, mg f o r Mississippi to vote; m c e t i n g O f , nc commiltee, which is expected to reconvene the strut's · j" ' '·'..} ,,:,,,,.,',,.··' .,, ',.; : w as more important t h a n politi-la legal ri r ,ht to vote for fomcono ihi U w r o c-.'.ild he reach- Republican for a change, lo keep Democratic Convention to repudiate the party's platform and cam!.-.····'' e ^ " J "TM ; p'-.tform^ Mi^issippians whojclsc. thty have n iv,-n no indication The Mia Chapter of the Mississippi Society of Certified PiiWir '-'I. tight M e r . ^ t e n i a l i v c l y oppos- ths slate from being taken for. dates. 1 Adam said he called it at Ihe request of Gov. Ross Darnel...dent lo can't swallow the Democrat can-|of supporlinp, anyone l«l t):e party say il they f a v o j c d o." op-^ialcment on what the stale De-jnalional convenlkin.

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