The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 32
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 32

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 32
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T/B KKRATJOt y, June" S, 1947 All Cows Are Ladies, Says Roxton Farmers But One Kicking Holstein Reacts In Most Unladylike Manner By J A C K IUJTLEIH3K Associated Proas S t a f f Moo luice: , ,, . ., , Cows can be nice, and cows can bo unntce. pedigree has nothing to d o w i t h i t . ' ,, , i, i i A repute rod Holstftin at Plalnview sent Bert Well to the doctor. H" had completed m i l k i n g and was carrying two bottles to the house whrn suddenly thr cow kicked. Just- like a mule, Well said. -' - · · - · · | A bottle broke, cut him so Labor Chiefs Say Workers Demand Union Setup Here O f f i c i a l s of thr American Federation of Labor unions at thr Brownsville o f f i c e here said that drrnanclr, from workers for union organization have shown a marked Increase lately. About 20 painters in the Brownsville area have requested a union o) u-ter Thad Root. Brownsville, organizer with the State Federation of Labor said today. -A meeting of those requesting the* nainters 1 union, and others in- t frosted will probably be held next week". Hoot said. A discussion of securing a charter for the Brownsville area will come before the group, he said. Brownsville pamu-r,: M re now a f f i l i a t e d with the Harliruca union. Unio.n activity of thr, Port of Brownsville has also shown an increased a c t i v i t y , u n i o n mnn said. All workers now engaged tn lTM d - int' or discharging cargo from ships at the Brownsville port must br union men. according to a local ruHng. In the past - u, was the practice for union foremen to supplement union crews with nonunion men in cases where s u f f i - cient members of the longshoremen's union were not available. Thr longshoremen's union holds ron t r a c t s with steamship agent* to f u r n i s h n i l m r n employed a« Joncshoivrnrn. Conscience Given , E1 J a r d m Home Demonstrat i 0 n : Q uite A Prodding Club will meet at 2 p.m. at the : U I L U ' home of Mrs. Vern Miller on Boca ,/P,.._ pred i Chica Highway between the Paredes Line Road and Old Port V/ins Honor Texas' Largest Cities Running Close Race For Population Top rirr DYougKf Hurts Crops Needed In Germany badly it took ten stitches to fix his leg. « * * That probably will upset Gill Umclora of Roxton, Mr. Lundnr.s n deep respnct for cows. In fact, he had a Ini'tfe sign : painted and plans to put it on his i barn. It reads: "Every cow in this j barn is a lady--please treat her : like a Inrly." 1 * * * · A very valuable lady Is Bettic I Mae Aaltge, Lamar Creamery's ! record milk producer. ! Bnttie Mae gave 90.R pounds of i m l l k , or ten and a half gallons, in : o n e day. This is believed to be the ! largest/ amount ever given by any I cow in Lamar county in one day. * * * ! Cattle turned in a false alarm ; at Abilene. i A cattle truck rammed a light j pole, struck the fire alarm box, en used the alarm to sound at the fire station. Trucks roared to the scene. There was nothing there but us cows. * * * Rustlers ride in style these days, Dallas officers discovered. The suspected rustler, jailed in Dallas, rode the range in a sport model 1946 convertible with trailer! attached. He was arrested, convertible and ! all, when he tried to sell two cows and a calf that earlier had been reported stolen, G u n d a h i p r ; Mcdnmo, * h o w n above, is salutatorlan of Til Jardin Hiffh School's :H)i7 Senior Class. She had earned an average of 01,19 per cent. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Me- rirano of El Jarclin community, Miss Mcrtrano plans to attend Brownsville Junior College, Bulletin Board T H U R S D A Y Jarclin Home Demonstration Eggs Crashed On Connecticut Yankee WASHINGTON, Conn. -- (/I 3 ) -With about 18,000 dozen ec'gs moving through his new plant, here, Curl, Titus has about decided the stock morget crash In 1H2D wasn't such a bad thing for him. The crash cut short a bond-salesman career and sent him back to the family homestead where he tried raising chickens for a year. .That didn't work, so he tried egg brokerage. He did his own egg packing in the cellar at first then moved to the barn. Now 11 people work in · the new plant and t h r e e trucks pick up the eggs. TitiiK Isn't thinking a b o u t selling bonds these days, but . he might; buy a few occasionally. By The Associated I'ress Houston and Dallas, Texas two largest cities,, are running a population I'ace although Houston remains the biggest Lone Star State city by a healthy margin. , When the last census was taken in 1040, Houston had a population of 984,514. Dallas at that time had 294,734. "Sales Management" magazine, a nationally-accepted authority on marketing statistics, estimatqd. the population in 1947 for Houston at 480,000 and Dallas 466,300. Roughly, this v/oulcl make Houston's percentage of Increase since 1.040, 2!) per cent, w h i l e Dallas h n s grown 5fl per cent 1 , Figures, however, can br. deceptive, Houston maintains that its 480,000 population is the actual total w i t h i n its city corporate limits, and that its ABC city ssone, or city and six immediate suburbs, today contains 623,000 persons. -These suburbs are' West University Place, South Side Place, Bellalre, Pasadena, Galena Park and South Houston. The Dallas figure Includes Highland Park and University Park- actually part of Dallas but not technically in the city limits. Oak wliff, across the Trinity River, was incorporated with Dallas more than 30 years ago and, of, course, is included in the figure also. "The Dallas Chamber of Commerce makes no greater Dallas estimate including the entire metropolitan area," Edward Kerr, of the chamber's industrial department said, "We feel that Dallas and the park cities describe the City of Dallas." Highland Park has an estimated population of 12,960 and University Park 21,960, based op utility outlets, etc. Eliminating these two would give Dallas a 448,800 population. cr,he 1940 census did not Include Highland Park and University Park. Thus, for the same area as used in 1904, the estimated percentage of current population increase would be roughly 45.9 FRANKFURT, June 5 -- (A) -Both American and German officials reported today that, d rough t is threatening crops which G e r to meet. per cent, still substantially larger than Houston's.) TWng the, -tea,* ^^1TM"^*%^^ figures, Houston has grown 95,486 and Dallas (Including Highland and University Park) 171,566. Dalals expects a 600,000 population by 1950. Houston is more conservative and estimates 520,000. Red Probe To Open At Capital In Fall WASHINGTON, J u n e 5 -- V1') -Tho House: Committee on VJn-Amor- Iciui Activities n n n o u n c c d today L h n t h e n r l n g a in its general investigation of alleged Communist influences in Hollywood will begin in Washington next September. The sessions will be. open to the public. "" The committee also announced postponement until September of a hearing; to question Hans Eisler, Hollywood music composer and brother of Qcrhart Eislcr. Qerhart Eisler has been itientifeid at previous committee hearings as one of the leaders of Communism in this country. In Bavaria, the largest farming region in the American /.one, officials snid that serious damage would be done to both R r a i n n n d potatoes unless substantial rains fall within a week. Several towns in Hesse h a v e restricted the use of water been use of dwindling public s u p l i e s . ___________ GIVEN LIFE TKRM G U A M , June 5 -- ) -- An Amnr- icon M i l i t n r y Commission tociny .sen- Cnpt. Fumlo Tttouye. to life imprisonment in Japan for the war- lime murder of eight Marshall Is- I landers. j Inouyo, convicted yesterday, con- ·lendod (lie four men, two women i and two children slain on Jaluit j Island had been acting as spies: , a gains! Japan, nnd had been given ! legal Japanese trial. POCKET S O U K C E MYSTKRV ROME. J u n e ft -- /Pi -- I t a l i a n police said investigation thus f n r had failed to uncover any trace of the source of explosive packets mailed to important persons in Enplnnd. Scotland Yard said yes- torrtny the envelopes were mailed in T t n l y . '- Remember Sabbath | For Half An Hour i GRAvVlLLE. 111. -- -VP -- For \Sioday golfers, fishermen, gar- Ideners and others. t,he Rev. E. P. I Nay has started a special 30 mm- U j t o Sabbath worship that brains 1 nt, 7 a.m. The service includes uvo songs, n prayer and n {-ormrmoue. Attendance has increased from 19 to more than 100. STAR ELECTRIC Company -- Inc. PHONE 171 Brownnvill* OKLAHOMA CITY Isabel Road. Shaw Oklahoma City postmaster, has received a lot of letters about the mail service, but this one is j ^ Amerlcan Lcglon Hanson nls. prize. i p o s t NQ 43 wll , mecti at 8 p , m . ··We ar" two little boys and we at the Legion Hall, 9S3 Southeast pn to cultaertson School kinder- p a r t en. ··Yesterday on o\ir way home from school we put mud in a mall box We are not going to do it any more because it ruins other Levee St. FRIDAY Pan American Round Table will have a luncheon meeting at 1 p.m at El Jarclin Hotel. Members are asked to make reservations before Wednesday with Mrs. R. D. Sundcll. people's letters. "Now we knmv better because j thr m a l l box belongs to £« J°v- j J ap$ £at SpaiTO W8 J e r f t m e n f c and not to us. It in toi MI . r K- tr. U.MV ] Insects Pern Crops "W were not obeying the law. YY :' VV I · * i l W * v ' K * v , i » « - p ^ , - . - - - --- , Thr next ti,me. we pass the box , TOKYO -- f/Pj--- Because the Jap- TVP will leave it alone. j a n e a e "have been using even spar-Bobby a r d John-." jrows for food," a shortage of birds -- ·---·'--- " which noramlly destroy Insects is endangering the hungry nation with f u r t h e r food scarcity, says Orosblc Morrison, Australian biologist. "I would be inclined to believe that one of Japan's early problems will be the ravages of Insects In food crops," Morrison declared a f ter a five-week tour through south- Real Sky Pilot/ Will Fly To Job (/Pi WILES CITY, Mont. The Rev. Norval Heplund i* to begin flyinp around his "sky parish" in northwestern South Dak- n « f t soon HP'S the recently nam- ern Honshu. ed pastor of t h e Lemmon cU- i Insecticides may help he said r.ut air parish, sponsored by eon- -"thai Is if they don't kill of! in small and widely n c a t t r r f d town? of the area and bv t h e Home Missions Board of the RvangrllHil church. He will fly from Lemmon to Perkins, Core-on. Dewey. Armstrong and other communities. the insects still availlbnle to pollinate plants," SCIENTIFIC EYE EXAMINATION B R O K E N LENSES D U P L I C A T E D flEPAIK* rOK ALL FRAMES Dr. Fred W. Queen OPTOMETRIST PHONF. 217 UEEN OPTICAL CO :. E. E t i x n h r t h C l r o u n d Floor) Stop Wobbling, Feet! The Judge Is Lookin* ! LITTLE ROCK -- (/P) -- A llt- ! tie Rock woman came up with a j new alibi when told she was bc- inR charged with intoxication a f ter bcintf blckcd up staggering nlonK the street. "I ain't d r u n k , mlstah." she said "You see my shoe laces dono I tore out and I can't help wobbling ' in these loose shoes." , But .ihe couldn't tell where she l i v e d , either. DEMO (MACHINE IN COURT COLUMBIA, S. O., -June 5 --(/P) ^-Whether repeal of state primary election laws put South Carolina's Democratic party beyond reach of federal courts wus the question to- dny as a suit to open the party's w h i t e primary to negroes continued in U. S. District Court here. Attorneys for the Rlchland County Democratic Executive Committee, defendant in the suit backed by the National Association lor the Advancement of Colored People, were called on by PrcsldlnR Judge: j. Waltca Waring to describe operations of party machinery both before and a f t e r repeal of state primay laws. M A Y O H TO KKI'OKT HAflLINGEN, Juno 5 -- Harlin- Rcn Mayor R. J. Kroegor *e ex, pncted to have prepared today an ' o f f i c i a l explanation of what arna ' t h i s city plans to annex, nnd t o . announce, whether or not the city ' · w i l l assume Its bonded indebtedness. ; T h e I n f o r m a t i o n will be .submitted I n ench city commissioner for a p - : ^ p r o v a l before It is published, M a y - | 1 or Krocf'.er said. i PJU(!I-:S M l ' S T (,'OMK D O W N : ·RADIATORS* FOR AIJ, CARS * T I I U C K S Lnrirrst Slock in T n x n a HKST Q U A L I T Y AT I.OWKST P R I C K S T O R I ) A - R a d l n t o i v i $^.75 RVr: I'ass. lliidiator.s S-J8.7A New G L E A N I N G PRICE ONLY $«.()( M'p h a v e Hie R n d l a l n r V O l l W A N T ! .EXCEL RADIATOR EXCHANGE 807 Ite fortified See the difference Dash makes in looks, appetite, disposition! \X' for brighter eyes, glossier coat, steadier nerves when you feed your dog Dash. For Dash is a com/i/ctc food for dogs -- unsurpassed by any dog food today in its fine q u a l i t y ingredients. Moreover, Dash ts fortified with liver-richest, of all meats in quality proteins, minerals nnd vitamins dogs need for wbust health. 1 Its n u t r i t i o n has been kennel- tested On generations of dogs by Armour scientists ! Remember--there's only one D as |i -- it's "fortified with liver! Get Dash for your dog t o d a y ! Das 95 OUT OF 100 DOGS 60 FOR DASH! Impartial feeding tests in homes and kennels prove 95 out of 100 dogs cake to Dash eagerly -- right from he start' . GR. FRUIT JUICE TALL CANS OF FANCY (NOT LOW GRADE) VALLEY GRAPEFRUIT JUICE AT THE ASTONISHING, LOW PRICE OF 5c** LMT, 6 CANS" GIANT 46 OZ. CANS 15c**' ADMIRATION 1 LB. JARS OF THAT GOOD ADMIRATION COFFEE ON SALE AT THE NEW LOW PRICE OF 43c** SAVE WHILE YOU CAN** PREM BUTTER ss ONCE MORE--93 SCORE (GRADE AA OR PREMIUM) "BROWN FAMILY" BUTTER OK SALE AT 65c** NOT CHEAP PACKING HOUSE GRADE B, BUT U, S, BEST!!! CREAM FREEZER ON SALE FRIDAY WILL BE 66 OF THE FAMOUS "ALASKA" ICE CREAM FREEZERS IN 2, 3, 4, AND 6 QT, SIZES** ORDER NOW!! BEDFORD FROM FAR AWAY LAKE ERIE COMES A SPECIAL SHIPMENT OF "BEDFORD" 12 OZ. PURE FRUIT CHERRY, QUINCE, MINT, CURRANT, ELDERBERRY, ETC.--25c UP! VEL TISSUE A GRAND DEAL -- 1 LG. PKG. "VEL", 1 ROLL WALDORF TOILET TISSUE, 1 ROLL SCOTTISSUE--ALL FOR 54c** SAVE!! BEANS 12 Complete Radiator Repairs and NEW RADIATOR CORES for All Makes of Cars Expert radiatdr cleaning and repairing. Bring your car to u» . . . i f t h e radiator c a n b e f i x e d , we'll fix it! If it is too far gone, we'll show you w h y , give you the price of a new core, and you can decide if you want us to install it! · Elcclrlc Welding · Acetylene Welding / · Steam Cleaning · 3M Rubberized Undcreoatlng · Adjusted Lights for Spray ralnlin/r t Kcnovntlon of R,ustrcI-Out Bodies VALLEY BODY PAINT SHOP · s a l i v a - l i o n \Varntnlrrl - C l i f f Wither.,, Prorv. - 1015 E. Adams Your choice of "PET" or "CARNATION" in tall cans** Also have other brands!! Unusual savings in our stores"* New low price on fancy, French sliced green BEANS in No, 2 cans** Try these and you'll buy no other--and save!! Mayflower OLEO in 1 Ib. crtns. on sale at 38c** No, 2 cans delicious, sweet Mexican pineapple juice, Lone Star** PEACH ZMX cans Maine; imp. in torn, sauce 20c; tall calif. 22c; NORWEGIAN brisling 29c" MY-T-FINE puddings in van- /» ilia, chocolate and lemon -the best--10c per pkg.** California "NILE" in No. 2Vz cans * * Try to equal this value elsewhere!! Finest "IMPER- Q IAL" in 10 Ib. bag TOMATO PASTE lOc "Kelo", guaranteed 100% hygienic toilet tissue -- thicker -- goes much f a r t h e r ! ! ORANCSE JUICE 8c ·SWEET PICKLES 29c PAPER NAPKINS 19c WIENERS «c BEST lOc CI«3AR S c a r c e napkins a n d ff ood--80 to pkg.** "OSCAR MAYER" delectable fancy wieners in 12 O?,. cans!! M A R U N G E N - SAN BENITO - WEST BROW NSVILLE ~ DOWNTOWN BROWNSVILLE TEXSUW CITIIUS JWICKS We have just taken delivery of our big purchases of "Texsun" juices --America's best--and all of it is late spring pack, from fully tree ripened fruit** Included in our stock h 150 cases of Valencia late oranee juice--the only juice with the heavy body, full orange color -- and fully sweet.

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