The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 26, 1963 · Page 1
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 1

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1963
Page 1
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··Area WeathenForecast Clear lo partly cloudy; widely -altered afternoon and evening 1 lundorhowcrs through Tuesday, igh. today 103: low tonight 77; igh Tuesday ICO: low Sunday 75; igh Sunday 9j. THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION Temperafure Chart 2-I.Hoiir flnnsf. Jindlnp Toddy J2:llf) noon -- -- 31 J.MIO a. ni. -- SO 2:Wl p. m, -- ltd 2;()0 TU ' ni. -- T9 . (B| iu m. -- p. in. -- u:t H; HI) n. nj, -- " j». in. -- 01 T:ilH a, rn. -- Tf7 P. m, -- (W KrIMI n, ni, -- 7fl p. "i. -- »H n.-iHI n. m, -- H j P. m. -- HI! MI:iHi n. m. -- rtl p. ni. -- SI 1 1:11*1 n. m, -- IT VOLUME 62--NO. 15 (AP) (UPI) (AP) WIRCPHOTO THIRD AND A AYE., LAWTON, OKLA., MONDAY, AUGUST 26, 1963 18 PAGES SINGLE COPY 5e--STREET EDITION STUDENT D1KKCTOKIES. These Lawton high coeds were busy this morning hawking; 1963-64 student directories as seniors enrolled for the new term. Selling ihe LHS directories and calendar of events, from left, are Mary Atchley, Karlann Bonifield and Penny Vaughn, The directories were compiled by members of the National Thespian Society and National Forensic League. (Staff Photo) 643 Senior** Gel Lockers; Juniors Next UNKOU.MHNT for Ihe 1PIB-I term shifti-ri into high gear t Mystery Surrounds Fatal Blast Of Stolen Dynamite BUTT]-;. Mont, (AP)--The identity of the man or men killed in an House Group Passes Rail Settlement Bill WASHINGTON 7 ("JPI1 -- T h e House Commerce Committee today swiftly approved legislation designed to avert a nationwide rail strike liirealeiicd lor Thursday, | The acliun raised hoic.s that Congress would be able to beat the strike deadline of 12:01 a.m. EOT local time Thursday. The committee measure was similar lo one approved Friday by the Senate Commerce Committee and now pending before, the Senate. 11 would establish a seven-man arbiirniion board to settle the four-year-old work rules dispute, .Limited To Key Issurs The Mouse eommiUee made one significant change, however. It voted 10 limit arbitration to the two key issues in the controversy -- the firemen's jobs and makeup of train crews. The Senale bill also would provide fur arbitration of oilier issues if collective bar.;aininc was unable 10 resolve them. Commillce Chairman Oren Harris, D-Ark.. said t h e . b i l l was approved unanimously. But. lie declined to say whether Ihen? was i unanimous agreement on the amendment. Vuti- Si'iMi Wr-dui-vihiy The bill now goes to (he traffic ;x)] Fiouse Rules Committee, which is expected lo clear it Tuesday for ii House vole on \Vednesdny. Till 1 Senale was scheduled to bruin di-l)ste on its l)ill l a t e r today. Meanwhile.'seven of the n a i i u n ' s lanicsi railroads noiiticd t r a i n - i-i-cwniPii today their rules will be changed. I Spokesmen for ihr S;inln Fr. : Baltimore and Ohio, Illinois Cen-! tral, Burlington, Pennsylvania.' New York Central and Gulf. Mobile and Ohio Railroads confirmed j work rules changes notices; Escape Hole Drill Hits Bottom; Mine Rescue Now Just Hours Away .ESCAPE .MOLE KJEACHKS BOTTOM. Dirt and rock brought up by reamer on drill rig at left is li'lldozcd awity at-'Hazlcton, Par, mine site as work of reaching two trapped miners moved ahead. The giant drill reached the plug at the bottom oi' the.-' escape hole today. In background is smaller drill still u-yirjg to get down a communications hole to where third miner is believed trapped. (AP Wirephoto) 13-Day Stay Under Earth Ends Tonight HAZLETON. Pa. (API -- The rlvill bil today broke through the first part of ihc plug af the bot- lom of Iho esoap" hole for Henry Throne and David Feilin. News of the bleak came when Fellin shouted i n t o his microphone: "Something came down." Asked wha; H was. he said, "Some clay." "Good. Thai's a good sign." said Gordon Smith, deputy sncro lary o! mines. "It means we have drilled through ihe concrete plug and are pushing ihe wooden plug ahead of us." Once the escape hole enlargement is completed, the men will be brought to the surface-one at a time--in a specially designed steel capsule thai is almost as big around as Ihc IS-irch hole. Dry R u n " Planni-d That probably will be sometime lonight. Once ihe hole is finished, rhe drilling rip will bo moved back and a. winch pui in i t s place. Then there win be a couple of dry runs with the cjtpsuie. Feiu'n. 5H; Throne, ai. and Louis .Eova, -(2, have been (rapped more Juniors al LIIS. Eisenhower and Douglass are scheduled 10 f-n;-oll Tuesday. Sophomores at ihe ;hreo high schools will enroll Thursday. Hours arr S-11:-45 a.m. Gone Hancock. HIS principal, rc-poricd' fH2 s'fnioi's passed through enrollment lines this morning. Thirly-one Douglass seniors registered, John Sad- beiTy. principal, said. Most had pro-enrolled and merely picked up locker assignments and class schedules. Elemental 1 }' school enrollment ^vill be held Friday. Remainder of ihe cnrollmcnl schedule in- includes Central, Tomlinsor,. Douglass and Eisenhower junior high freshmen registering Thursday, and eighth and seventh graders enrolling Friday. C1.ASSIS sljirl Sept. 3. Super- intcndcm John Shoemaker said. School buses also will make I heir first runs on the first day of classes. Omifron college teachers this week are preparing for the opening of classes Sent. 9. Enrollment is scheduled in the siudent union building Scp:. -l-fi. A faculty workshop is on tap Thursday and Friday. Majority of Comunchc county schools began classes today. Classes start Wednesday at Fon Sil! Indian School and Sepl. 3 al Lawton'i 1 three Catholic schools, Si, Mary's high, John F- Kennedy elementary and Si. Barbara's. i Sheriff Rill Dalhng's office has given no detailed account of Iho incident bocausc of confusion on certain points and official silence on oil-lei's. Dnlling 1 .'; near the Loses In Of Water Reported Normal Despite 108 High Cily officials wore advised today ·that record lempcraiure readings Saturday failed lo increase Hit- water use as much as had been expected. The total water use for Law-ton nnd Fort Sill during ihe lOS-de- grec record reading for Ihis sum mcr Saiurday reached 22.566,000 j gallons, Filler plant olficiiUs said the requirement was only slightly above Ihe averse Saiurday use tliis summer. iWhelan Blasts i ;Big City Press ! KL RENO (AP' -- Canadian Counly Ally. John Whelun told 12 prospective grand jurors here to- · day a meiropolilan newspaper re- porlfr has trit-d to line up a coim- . ly official acainsi him. A icnia'iivc jury panel was sealed before Dist. Judge William L. : Fogg recessed al noon bul Ally. · Gen. Charles Noshin still had a i chance to excuse up to .'our of ' them. Whclan asked each of the panel members what newspapers he · read, if he was aware of published accounts of ihe grand jury call, and if Ihesc Accounts would have ' "'ere · any effect on his decision as a ^ush. member of the jury. . The county attorney closed his remarks by saying he would prc- scm evidence lo the grand jury ; mat a reporter Irom a metropolitan newspaper had asked a counly official; "Will you help us pet old '· John?" I Fogg called the grand jury aft. er he received two requests, one ! from Whelan and one in the form of a peiition circulated by a Yukon man. The- pctiiion was circulated after Whelan reduced lo misdcmean- I or complaints felony charges j againsi lour men arrested in a ! gambling raid. j Nesbitf's office is aiding in the investigation. Such aid is routine : when tiie counly attorney's office may come under scrutiny. dop'Jiies. staked oui blasi scene Saturday nighl, were moving in lo make , arrcsls when Llv explosion oc- I curred. No depinics were injured seriously. There were indications from of- ficials--bul no TOnlirmalion--lhat two or moiv men first believed to have been killed in the blast may have escaped. Early reports from officials in- dicaled .-is many as five persons cou!d have been killed. Human remains were so fragmented and scattered over such ns. · *TM, A their A\ · Ihontics found ii difficult lo do · (ermine Ihc number of disunities. Authorilics said Iho Irap for . the thieves was arranged by William P. LnVellc Jr. Ihe LaVello Powder said ihey were nol aware lhai md his broihcr. Thomas, lo bo present for ihe am- are lo lake effecl al 12:01 a.m. Thuiwlay. Similar nolices posted twice in J u l y brought Uireals of a nationwide rail strike by op^i-juing unions. The Illinois Central and York Central also notified non-operoiing employes I hey w i l l , be laid off in the eveni of a T r a f f i c nccidrnls in Ihe U-iwion slriko. j ;ir c;i Sunday resulted hi injuries KrolKhl Shurl Sinji ijltHy i to seven persons, iiiclufflng si Till- Mosi of Ihe lines said lhai In I h e ' m a n counly woman whoso right evrni of a strike passenger irains arm was severed a; Ihe elbow, would eonlinuc lo their destine T h p | lich ,,. ;i v |)Ml] . ol ,-cnoricd Ihc accident in which Ihe woman's arm was cui off ,'H ihe elbow occurred about ~1:-10 p.m. Sunday on : army conirol. Sl-l 183 some -I.-! miles north o f 1 On ihc matter of aid, Manilou in Tillman counly. | one of those rare cafes Mrs. Irene 0, Slowcll, -IS, Manilou, j errment publicly refuting another, who also received a broken hip j And despile ihe Slate Departed olhcr injuries. She was h o s - j r n c n i stand, some high U. S. of- pilali/.cd ni Frederick, - ficials were known to favor aid Pnv.i:nger In Car I culs lo South Viet Nam if the The highway prilrol said Mrs. Diem government does nol lions, although freight mighi con- t i n u e only lo the ncares! "terminal" (generally a division or cmv change poinll. ' Threat Of Viet Aid Slash Denied By U.S. Officials WASHINGTON (DPI)--The Slale Dcparlment said today the Voice of America wax "in CITOT" when it indicated in a broadcast to Asia lhai Ihis country mighl be preparing to sharply reduce aid to South Viet Nam. In a separate s l a i e m c n l , the department publicly absolved ihc top leadership of Ihc Vietnamese army of rcsponsibilHy for raids on Buddhisl pagodas. It said the raids apparently were carried out by and special forces nol under: h ,,,, t ' r ^ sinc(? : as V Tuesday. He was trapped some 2. r feet from the others and separated by tons of debris. Churning away steadily, with time out only ;o attach an extension bil every 30 feet, the 65-ion drilling ris passed the two-thirds mark at dawn and at 10:20 a.m. was at the 263-foor mark. Pac»' Slowed It was stopped Ihen while rcs- cue officials discussed the next Tnc p . |CC in " fln t h c he s j ou . e( i a _ - hli TM' **** t0 iom.y 01 a cave- "I them Ihc K was one [is in the even! a G u l f , .Mobile nnd Ohio spokesman said. A Pennsylvania .Railroad spokesman said Ihc line's "present policy will be lo get both uasson-: The highway patrol sail operator of K ers and freight trains lo I h o : Slowcll was n passenger in Co. Officers . nearosi terminal" rather than continuing to desiin.-ilion. Five Days Of Hot!? Weather On Tap five Weathermen today forecast la ! more days of above-normal ;em- the [ Abou; four tons ol dynamite were slolen .from LaVclle's firm nearly a month ago. Authorities said the men were : . lold thai payment for ihe explosives would be locked in a parked truck in an abandoned smeller d u m p where ihe explosion occurred, They also were told tJic money would be delivered to them when the pickup was loaded with dyna- milv, authorities said. Deputy Sheriff Ken Cunningham ajid a fellow officer were about 130 leel away and approaching j three parked cars ajid ihe iruck when the dynamiie blew up. Found Dead Israeli Premier Warns Syrians Of sjJeep Dies At 79 DAYTON". Ohio f UPI)--Karl K. Probst. 79, the man who once buill a car ihiit didn't run but laier became the father of World Waj- II's Jeep, .died Sunday al liis home afier apparently "..aking an .overdose of sleeping pills. Pi'Obsi had beoji iU for several weeks. \M-IITEHORSE. Yukon Terr:- j toi'y (API--Workmen dug through | walls of rock 900 'feel below j ground Saiurday a/id found ihe | body of a miner trapped in a rock; fall. . i Boy Burns Yule Toys Santa Claus came early this year 10 a norihwesl Uiwlon home, bul loys valued at almost S100 which were left for a three- year-old hoy wem up in smoke Ihis morning, cily firemen reported. Fire Marshal Wiley Cox said Ihc little boy for whom the toys were intended accidentally set Ihe wrapped packages on fire while playing wilh matches. The fire occurred in a southeast bedroom of the 1 home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rouse, 2127 Ozmun, Mrs. Rouse said her young son. Slephcn, was' playing w i l h her purse when he found '.lie matches which laler slarlcc! Ihe fire. Cox said ihe fire damaged a bedroom wall, window and closet door, as well as burning up the box of new loy.s. Clievrolel driven south on SH 1S3 by her husband. Palrick J. Slo- woll. 39, who was not injured. The other driver was identified as Joseph 'Ever Toma. 51. Snyder. who was driving a 1961 Cadillac north on SH 1S3. Toma received minor head injuries, and was repressive measures against u »- i ,. , . , country's Buddhists. i (wramrc readings and a high to- The Voice of America included j da v o( J0? " in a news broadcast lo Asia early .' Only afternoon and evening thun- loday a quote alliibuicd lo high dershower^ are expected lo break officials in Washington. The broad- i ihe exicnded period of hot weather cast said "the American officials indicated ihe United States may sharply reduce its aid lo Viet Nam unless President Diem gets rid of secret police officials re- forecast only j Irealed and released from a Sny- I der clinic. Officials said ihc right side of | sponsitale for ailacks." the Cadillac and the front right of j j, c - ime as Rove i-nn the ChevroVl were involved in the | and policc a p p c a r c d 10 have | collision. j smashed student resistance lo Ihe i !·«£ '·:» l"J""!l ,. C£rime . Government forces shot ! Aboul a: .TO sum. Sunday, four I d y,,^ Qne ^ ^ ^.^ and these are through Tuesday, Temperatures will average 2-t degrees above normal highs of ST i.n the northwest lo 93 in the south during ihe week. Sunday's high reading was 95 and Tuesday's high is expected 10 be 100. State highs Sunday ranged fell in and Throne remained in good spirits. They could oe heard alking lo each other through (he microphone which provides communications l o I h e s u r f a c e through the six-inch lifeline hole --and sawing wood. "Hoy, Davey, are you busy down i he re?" a rescuer asked. 'Yeah." replied Fellin, "We're working pretty hard." "Whal are you doing?" "We're pulling up shoring.' 1 Fellin then was asked: "Are you getting any dust?" "Jus; a lirlle bit." Wives W:ilchlng P.cscuers told him it probably was sif,.ng down Ihe six-inch lifeline hole, or perhaps was shaken from the walls by ihe vibrations of ihc drill. He then asked about his wife. and was lold that she and Throne's wife were on lop of a nearby slope, watching. Rescuers had asked Fellin and Throne if there was room in their ,, .... . . , ,a,,u *,,,,.-« w ., c ri ..i «.,u ^..^ - - - - - -,, - -,,- chamber for a third man to come i Fot'f Sill men were mjurcd as a or r rf dcmQn _ lr[m ^ al Gu mon lo 103 at Mc . ; down if necessary. Throne said result of a head-on collision o n , ,. . ., . k _ ., , .Sunday night he thought there U.S. 277 one-half mile wcsl of El- i ^"NimLv Some esiimates ! i would be space enough, gin, the highway patrol reported, j d ? w " l h l ;,',m^, nf s ^om^ uLaw TM and F 2 rt Si " daimcd.! Fcl!jr , and T,, rone ^ in a Involved were n 1!)55 Qievi-olct P 1a , ce , d .^ " umbci ° f . Mudenti , the "high" of the lows Sunday , slccp . slopcd cilamber wnose up . driven wesl on U.S. 277 by Clar- \W}9° a l "' D ,,,,,,,. ,.,Hin h n H : TM shl w ', lh " 5 d °" l ' ces and io "' r P orlion Ls TM s Iwt from rhe c n c e W . Douglas, 2-1, Forl Sill, and | ..T. hc ._ B ?JI? n ?!3:.. 1 TM,^ ! ._°S?; I act ?».} ho s:al .° u ^ 70 al -? a P e *ui't* and whose lower portion a 1fi.-,5- Oldsmobilc sedan driven cast by Slcphen R, Williams. 22. Rl. 1 Cyril, Williams was charged wilh reckless driving, The government: radio broadcast an order loday reducing ihe curfew fa;om U p.m. lo 3 a.m. to midnight to 5 a.m. At Ihe same time, Ton Thai Dinh. military jiov- P a l r o o f c i a l s said Douglas and crnor of Saigon, issued an order three passengers hi his car were I authorizing soldiers to open fire taken lo Forl Sill hospital for | on any gathering, demonstration treatment- of injuries described as or group of "troublemakers" who serious. The SIM- A C C I I 1 K N T . pniLsengers, 1'iici' n, cui, i all violate the slate of martial SH. V I K T ' X A M , I'mri- i. Oil. law 1 Korean Prisoner's Wife fries Not To Think FRANKFORT, Mich, (AP)--For ! rence, Ala,, were captured-May 17 i 101 days, Capl. Carlelon W. Volt/. J after North Koreans shot dou'n j Iheii 1 helicopter. They were on a Korea's demili- ' bia - VVl JERUSALEM, Israeli Seclor (API -- Prime Minisinr I,evi Kshkol (old PHrliitmenl lotlay t h a i ' if peace does not return Uong - . the Syriiui border Israel'"will be I sln S and Dclroil. duly-bound and cntilled. . .to lake! -I'Jc had remained active in Ihe sieps to defend ilself." | automotive field in recent years He made only scant and rola- i and had just completed ,e design tivcly mild mention of Ihe sharp j .for an Unproved Jeep scat. At exchange of fire between Israeli i the time of his death Probst was nnd Jordanian border troops in working .on a design for a 'wo- this divided ciiy Sunday. cycle automobile engine. of Hie U.S. Army has been imprisoned by North Korea · Com-. ....... i munisls. His wile, · Suzanne, says, | markets along i "Most of the lime, I try not to j larixed none: . -.. ' · was born in West Colum-! Ulink aboul himi " · ' · ' - i Al periodic mectinss of i.he Joint Va., and moved to Co-! "Maybe that's wrong," said,.-, - . ,, when he was S yean j Mrs. Volte, "but if I didn't I'd \ ^"unjJS'Nali "'T !go crazy. · j ' s ' ' "It's tlie anxiety of waking and | ' wondering whal they're doing lo j | 0 dj sc uss Ihe 17 meeting' when knowledgod that wei'e captured. ' . . Maj. .Gqn. Chang Chung-h'wfin, chief delegate of North Korea, spying mission. He has refused to listen lo. rccjuesls by .Mnj.. Gen. George 1-1, Cloud, senior U.N. dele- rouu'ne inspection o f - , boundaryigate, ihat Volix and Stutls be per- him. I have lots of nighlirmres. I Ihink he's here, and he's nol. One night I dreamed ha was .being tortured." Voliz, 26, ol Oak Park, 111., and [Military Aiwiislice-Commission in officials of i ·K rcqucsleri ic eaplsins. re . a milted lo receive tellers and packages from Ihcir families. Mrs. Volln, 23, is living is wilh her parents on nearby Cryslal . She likes lo recall Ih.c-hap- to the Capl. Ben W. Stulls, 30, of-Flo-1 charged-the captains were on a Ripon in Wisconsin; Ihe birlh of-. Iheir Ihev n c j O » l y - child. Cailclon J r . , - . a t Ft, Americans Kll0lV ' Ky " fou1 ' iVenrs aB ° ; a Vitca " Arnci icans ^ m Qn Crysla i. Lak - c j ast year . "We'd never (allied about his being killed or captured,"'Mrs, Voltz said. "I didn't iliink about it. Ko-. rca seemed like a nice, safe Irip." N'ow her nltcntion is focused upon the truce commission meet- .ings. She. fidgels after each one: awaiting a telephone report on her ' Crime Tallied In Capital WASHINGTON* CUPH -- ot- Ciiy during Lhe first sL\ monlhs of 1963. compared with ihe corresponding . period last year, the Fcdei-nl Bureau of Investigation said loday.. Increases were noted in rape, 21 lo 21; robbery, 172 to 2-U: aggravated assault, 2'10 lo 257: bur- b° ] is 331 feet, through which they re- j ceive supplies via a. six-inch life] line hole. Their escape hole is at · the upper end of the chamber and ihey are able to crawl back and forth. Playing Pokc.T Al dawn, when workers lold Fel. lin lo get some sleep lo be prepared for the time ahead, he ," I quipped: "Nothing doing. I'm. down here with I'm not quirting till I - -· husband's status, 'She also gets apiary. 1,833 to 1,973. and auto of the . meeting's -minutes. tnetl , 93S to 3S5, Decreases vvei'e copy Occasionally, 'said Mrs: Voltz, she gets nn urge to head .for Washington' and "shake somebody." .. .- ; .. ."I have faith it will work oul. bul so many things, .have .gone, wrong,'".she said. "We're too reserved .in speaking our piece, · . · "Maybe there's something I don't know- aboiit. Maybe . we're trying to'-.make a trade.". . · reported 'in murder and non-negligent homicide. -10 to 9, and lar- 1 ground. ' ' c ' ; -- ' Hank and get even." j Fellin and Throne were told i that the drill had passed the two- Ihirds mark and instructed 10 let rescue workers know if they hear anything as "we start '.o watch for dust. Both ihe 55-year-old Fellin and Ihe 28-year-old Throne and their relatives were optimistic this would be- theiv last day under- ceny ol 550. or more..'359 lo 277, Offenses in several, categories declined in Tulsa. There'were increases in aggravated' assault, 59 to 76;' larceny of S50' or- more, 72S to S73, and auto' theft, 41S to -126. Decreases were reported in mur- Fiwf Throne, then Fellin will be lifted to the surface in a rolled steel capsule that resembles an artillery -shell, Fellin told rescue workers. The capsule will be hoist- ' ed by a winch, The fate of a third miner, Lou- been der- and non-negligent.-homicide, 'is Bova, 42, who hasn't ! 5 to 4; rape; ,13 lo U; ' t o SI;-and e; ,13 to 11; robbery, 85 heard 1 from since last Tuesday bm-glarj 1 . 9S2'to'SOS; .' siM.'auraui^ r*eu. V c«u 4 ,v

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