The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 22, 1960 · Page 11
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 11

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 11
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Delta Democrat-Times Friday, July 22. '60 11 If You Don't Want I t - - W h y Keep It?? Sell It Thru Delta Democrat Want Ads Classified Continued From Page 10 70. Houses For Sale yeEDKQOM 2 1 /, 6ATb HOME, itporati dicing i com, 2 ca r ?a rag*, 2 pot ihtl. clow ro at) ichooli ond 20 i«tondi tc Cant* Si em School. 110" X 185' lot. * b»aiug o*03ii lr«e* and dhw rv.ll lro*i. iB.7M Pilot* call lot opDOJrUm Kownan Iruurwx* Co Phone fD 2-0! pfqhit ED 4*3140 Houses Far Safe .- 71 Housta For Sale 'Or SAIE BY OWNER lo»»ty Honl ot 1153 John St Coll EO 4.«55 FOR SALE OR TRADE BY OWNER Modern .Surbnrban Home on 2 acre site. 2 Bedrooms, 2 baths, Den, carpet throughout. Double carport, access to swimming poo!. After 5 p.m. call ED 2-1957. 70. Houses Tor Salo llousei For Sile MAKE YOUR WIFE QUEEN EVERYDAY By moving in(o one of our licnufiful 3 bedroom homes, These quality built homes have several outstanding features such as: · Spacious rooms · Full brick veneer · Caloric built-in gas ranges · Birch panelled den kitchen · Sliding glass doors to fenced patio · 2 full ceramic tile baths Locations: Gnrdcns Addition, Sartillo Circle, South BcniU'harnp FHA Conventional Financing P. C. PAIMERTREE, BUILDER Ph. ED 4-195-1 Ph. ED 2-M5L B/B BB.KK HOME, 1 y, bolhi, pay iwi «qvif/ and oiuivfl loon. 1556 ~o«ol Av*. hi. ED 5-I3S2. ___ r O* SALE 6V OWNER, pay mo |500 _. vm« nolti (71.20 far rJc« 3 B/K Horn*. S.* ot 1360 S. Colorado cr coll ED 4-3103. Available Aug 3id, ____ J EtDRUUM t I . iVALI IO WAU . CARPET. IMng-dUi^ng room. dlitxjial. 1 all candlltonJng ol tttctrfc «uil*U. good cioin tpoco 75*135' *ot. rear Em ord School JI100 caih and otiw* 5 1 MX kxin ol t«0 58 p»r monlh Calf lodaY KoHnwf* Realtor tD 3-0553 nlohU EO 4-31*0 577 JO ANN CIRCIE 3 B/R. L/S, fon-.rly town, 2 full til« barKi ·Sordwood floori, olKc fan. carport. 9X1 It. itoi* room, pay tquliy cnum- focn. 7!8 FAIR VIEW AVE. 3 6/R. ! / R r uparart D/R, 2 lull till baihi, largo den, llbiary, kltchfi on ulihiy area. bul!l-"r d'ltiwatStr OIK d ipoiat, open llriplac*. large rnalui* rary and 1 CoiHolk nhooli. FJ^IA tc Srei by oppolnl/ntA| only. LA WE hUMURE TREES tompriltly iwrooryj thli homo on E. /Aaar 51. 2 B/R, dtn, UK, leparaia O/R, larg kitchen, dir.itrfl, balh wilh ihowur ovi tub. ceAtrar heating 1 Ik all conrfrilonrru kiwirn coupp«d wtlh dlihwather, dit DosaL verj-a-hootf, wo»h«/ ond drye conntclTont. Fenced boci yard, next k lUn-.c.-.'arY icKaol. Only $12,000. FH tirmt. 3 DFD^OOMS, DEN Living room, dm'^o area, large kttchtn 2 Ceramic boihi, hardwood flocrt. air' fan, carport ilofagi. 1236 f. John Si. Ml ESS B THOMPSON REALTY CO. MIERS PRATT Mutual In R. Eit Mcngugo Loai 517 Hwy. No. 1 Scurh D!al ID 2-154 M«nit»i MIS NTght call ED 2-216- SU. L'ars Snlc Cars Salo RO. Cars For Sale W E ' R E L O A D E D n. Houses For Sole 171. Housts for Stle 77. WOULD YOU UKE TO UV( u on coral UK! NEW 3 BEDROOM HOUSE IN oig» 3 tit hom* and Itl thi atiathw ·IHtleixy opt maki TTW*T ol you* pay rr»nl CotMi l-oi, big ihod« rriii. SI600 Intrudt* tlofng cov» 633 Havana vi todav foii-non Reohtx-i. El 2-05$8. rtghi ED 4-3140 will al 155.50. 1437 W. OLLIB CIRCLE 3 bedroom, bilck, large fenevd lot. Pay owner porKon o! nil equity cuu*r.« 4% loon cr t if inane* AUo KhnbalF Baby GioixJ Mono al (rotten «f oflglncl 1 PHONE ED 2-5239 $400.00 CASH and $56 a month, which includes taxes and insurance, buys this like new 3 B/R house on Lewis Street. FHA Repossession. 20 year loan. For further details call or see MAYNAHD WILZIN Memb«l ol Mu[t;ole lining 3«rvke tool Ellal* Kenta[i Tn». lof Dial EO 4--4S54 M4 N. Biocd* ABIDE HOMES SOUTU'S BEST BUYS Wide Selection In All Price Ranges. Just $350. Down Among Iht r^cny F~ on BelfoH Slrter fn These Cms Must Go Now!! The Prices Have Been Gut -- Big Savings! '57 PLYM : ? 995 6 cylinder 4-Ioor. Healer, automatic transmission. A sharp car. '56 CHEVY 5 995 4-door V-8. Automatic transmission. Sharp as a hounds tooth. '58 PLYM $ 1495 4-door V-8 Belvedere. Automatic transmission, heater, while wall tires, one owner. '55 PONTIAC ? 795 4-door. One owner, radio, heater. '56 PLYM $ 845 4-door V-8. One owner, extra nice, '57 DODGE *1395 Sierra 6 Passenger Station Wagon. V-S, automatic transmission. WCHRYSLER .'875 4-door Windsor. Power. '57 BUICK ? 1445 4-door. Full j»\vcr. factory air. '56 PLYM ? 645 2.loor V-S. '51 FORD '/4 ton Pickup. Good solid transportation. '53 PLYM $ 265 2-ioor. Gotxl solid transportation '55 PLYM 5 495 ·l-iloor. Solid transportation. '56 CHEVY $ 845 V-S. Automalic transitiission, radio heater '58 FORD $ 1375 4-inor V-fl. Full power, electric windows. ACRES Riaumabli iqulhl and ' loon 6V 106' OS SME, 4 otm of land, J750 Pir «... Iwv. I SojlS 3 mllei fion c-ly lirrJU. Pti. ED 5.2194. . . lal. clou to city paiV Caf] today ppa'mlnHnl Kouman Rtolton. ID -0558. nlghl ED 4-3MO FOR SAIE. 30 Acill. fir, tot laidivUten. l«d on Can Rted Rocd. Ph. -466, I*. FOR SALE, 3 Bedroom Bulf Brick fome. 2 baths, automatic dishwasher. Good location. Near Em 3oyd School. Pay small equity and move in. Ph. ED 2-87M after 5:30 p.m. ASSUME G.I. LOAN -LOW EQUITY Hole I crj r (63.33, Including Icxei on nturanct. Comer lot. 3 fiH and rarpor Chain ln' fence Eluded a-, I aliccd paid loi. Tin big buy al 1629 Koioil. Slretl wcn'r lal' lc:ig of rh« Diic». ] (a!l t^day fc/ aDDoinl^itnl lo lee. Cc Paul Abide ot ED 5-1163. rlah! ED ', Gall Or See John Teal Or Chad Oxner Al Chad Oxner Motors · Imperial · Chrysler · Plymouth · Valiant Hwy. 82 at Cedar Ph. ED 2-7231 Cari For Sale Cars For Sale . we an irarl Pecan Pa* od ditlcm. w» hovo rwa j-ill available, 1h' i obiok.1*;y Mljii^ipp-'j grearetl 3 B ·xvn* bw -- with prliis (r:ljtlL^3 (ol o Tow Q» 510,000. S« theie two hor-e now v*h!l» co'oi it!*(!ic-) 1i ilill avail $10,000. to $10 240 Big Shade Tree Undei a gia-.l iy:rsd rg Dtcan 1re rvetUFt !iii 3 BR. IV, L'_il, L«j'y. Bik ve rx er end a I \jtt in jtn wl rxiowj fcAg li(« *ilh no n=t?t3. CiorF klkhm birch, wilh tablneti. ple.-Jy o( lh#m r ic maVh. Cn'orr? builf-'n cvtn end ran^e hoi "bo-nt.- w^lh a broln". S'Idlr*g o'cii doer ftcrn (anlly icc-n ro e~cloi*d patio Ne^ oak paique) f'oon ar* diff«.-en beajllM, ond otaclljo!. Cenfrol gal hpai- Ing, and alreudr p'e-wired for two a' ConcJ'lionir.a unin. Ler ui iW.v you r£-A r-uch 1 ho iF'od* orvJ fu'1 I n*u'a r^on rrv«j3 ~.i in kreiO'rg ll. ; i ^of e cool, th'l fvor-i no- be ng er-o l «'»d o1 1244 Ci'*i!i S^ieeT, a ha^py farrll/ IcxaCcn. $13,900. Veterans Just Pay Closing, About (400. ALL SOLD OUT So thal'i wKv v/e rruit l«l| you al th« niw, or-plllllr diFf«-nr h^-nei w» ar« *latlirg join. IHi* end bilJe '*ven«*- c; ridicy'owi^' 0 ^ pricM. Wo l-il hcv« 3 VA I:OM Itf. .. into ic.-n* gcod odvlte c-d locfc ol ihe plcr-i oJ Irxi* tre-necd^ui valufi WE ALWAYS PUBLISH OUR PRICES ABIDE L U M B E R C O M P A N Y Hwy. 82 E. Phone ED MIS? T W O B I G V A L U E S FOR SALE 1350 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Area 3 B/R, L/R, Separate D/R Separate Utility, Fenced Back Yard, Excellent Location. 1284 JOHN Only $13,500 BRAND NEW! 3 B/R BRICK 837 Ashburn L/R, D/R, Family Room with Fireplace, Built-in Appliances Compartmented Baths, Alumimitr Windows. $18,000 Conventional Slightly higher F.H.A. H. N. ALEXANDER SONS "Since 1893" ED 2-724 Acreage For mensY W vow* b-jd th« D»lfo Dcjocral.Tlmei Worn PVxi« ED 5.1IS Can For Sate 959 PLYMOUTH V-8 Savoy. 4 door Serial $1200 coih. Ph. ED 2-57fi. 95} Plymoulh 4-door wilb htolil, Dt- pendflbU rraniooitoliwi. $200. ED 4-307. 57 WfcwrY Morlt.'ey, low m!Feig». ~ irno k« inglne. ED 5-2523 oiler 6.30 943 FORD Convertible wilh big ·ngln*. ;?00 00. 1953 Auilin Convertible, 12SO.OO. Coll 6S1 lelonrf. 1959 RED AMD WHITE Plvmoulr, S'olto* Wooc.i. R. a H. Pc*er ilee'Irva. 52.950 00. Ph. FD 5-1386. 956 prymoulh 4-cfoci 5avov Sedan. Aut3- I rvot c E:cni~ilnicn, good condil-on, 1^0- i ·crxib 1 *. S«o at 8?3 Loiu«. Ph. FO 7-7529. · FOR SALE 1955 MG-TF ]« lop condition wilK Icnntau :ov«r, l-.ialer, wit* w)eli, low mi^tagi er.glne, n.lw loo, 2 n«w liret, [uil r«- painltd. Tw tatt of Irw clflillc MG't for ion.1 on* dllirin? o 1*0! [ood cat. Jl 395. II. Cui.y. 10 2-1571 El 291 or 606. YOU DEMAND- WE SUPPLY SELECT USED CARS!! 7A? at Value* 9* 7W/ 1959 PLYMOUTH !2395 9 Passenger Station Wagon. V-8, radio, healer, Powerflite and air, one owner. 1957 FORD ? 795 Pickup Truck. Been used for pleasure and real nice, one owner. 1955 CHRYSLER '795 4-door Sedan. Radio, heater, full power air ( one owner. :- · · 1958 FORD : J1245 V-8 4-door Sedan. Radio, healer, a real nice one owner car. 1958 PLYMOUTH SAVOY Power steering, power brakes, !| low miler - factory air condi-j£ tioning. $12i. cash or pay small equity and assume payments. Ph. ED 2-0813. I 8X Mobile Hoinei The Boss Is Gone -- | We're Going Wild, i We may get fired when he j gets back but right now. we are selling at terms and prices never offered before. RICK'S ; TRAILER SALES, INC. Mob''a Homii Hetrtfr.NirT«rt ol lh« Otta l!:ol-woy 8} E Phoo EO 5-1773 4. Motocyclcs Bicj'clej 1954 CHEVROLET S 645 4-tloor Sedan. Radio, heater, one owner. A real puff . . see to appreciate 1956 DODGE $ 695 Royal V-8 2-door Hardtop. Heater, radio, a real nice one. A steal at this price 1955 OLDSMOBLLE '845 '98' 4-door Sedan. Radio, healer, Hydramatic, full power;1 1956 FORD $ 795 V-8 9 Passenger Country Squire Station Wagon. You will have to see and drive to appreciate. 1954 PONTIAC V-8 4-door Sedan. A real buy at this price. s 395 KOSSMAN-WOO FOJ SALE, Wtiluii Molar Bike: del. Call 651 LltalKJ. 39. Cars For Sale O Lincoln Highway 82 East Mercury · Rambler · Comet Phone ED 2-0215 Greenville's Best Quality Home Buys 918 W. Lynn Circle Brick Kc Clapboard siding, 3 bedrooms, tile bath, paneled kitchen with maple cabinets, Chrysler heating syalem, Hardwood floors. $450 Down -- F.H.A. $400 Closing Cost V.A. 1521 Marilyn Ave. TOs is a quality home at an economical price. 3 bedrooms, carport large storage, sliding ioors on closetg, aluminum windows, large tree on lot. Attic fan. Formica counter top, dressing | table in bath. $400 Down -- F.H.A. $400 Closing Cost--V.A. V A C A T I O N M O N T H ! ! Be Worry-Free - Take.That Vacation In A Glean, Dependable Used Gar From JS Molors, The Prices Are Lower How Than Ever Before. 80. Cars For Sale Cars For Sale · S - P - E - C - I - A - L 1960 CADILLAC Sedan DcVille 4-door Hardtop. Compete!)- loaded with every factory nccessory. It's n beautiful white with premium white wall tires. One BIG SAVINGS owner, 18,000 miles. NEW CAR FEVER BUY NOW AND GET MANY ADVANTAGES BY BUYING LOCALLY FROM MEADORS CHEVROLET \ 1, BEST DEAL on a new or Used Car. 2, LARGEST SELECTION in Norlh Mississippi 3, LOW COST GMAC FINANCING (Farmer Plans) 4, BEST SERVICE AND WARRANTY on cars we sell. 5, COMPLETE NEW MODERN FACILITIES Under Construction. (Showroom, Service Department and Body Shop At Highways 82 One.) WATCH US GROW. Oldsmobile - Corvair- Trucks KEEP YOUR MONEY IN GREENVILLE AND SAVE AT ;ADORS CHEVROLET CO, 213 Fava Drive Family room and fenccd-in patio included ivilh this 3 bedroom] home. Located in Highland Heights, the exclusive all brick I addition near Maltie Akin: Elementary School. IV] tile baths, 2 : largl closets in entrance hall for | storape. $750 Down -- F.H.A. $400 Closing Cost--V.A. $15,600. '60 PONTIAC Catalina 4-door Har brakes, G.SOO miles. '60 SPRITE Catalina 4-door Hardtop Power steering and brakes, G.SOO miles. $2895 leering and $1987,50 VETERANS! USE YOUR G.I, RIGHT NOW. JULY 26 WILL BE TOO LATE. G R E E N V I L L E L U M B E R C O . "MISSISSIPPI'S MOST COMPLETE HUILDING SERVICE" Phone ED 2-26!7 ED 2-K87, ED 3^341 Nile 170A. BialatM.Prop. For SOr CHOICI oiour or STOSEJ u. th« »M rot Ormt'nt) Cf*tnvll'« bullrvtii d itrltl pOO' f'Onl on WoihVlg-on »»« IMtiarxllli ItfOAO ffnonii. pvtlfc 03'klftfl oltrwan od- hkxinl. 11,730 Id ft. floor losce fo I moit Irtforrroiroi w»::i Ro» 115 Keu^cn ufO^ti to ei Olal EO i.0553 II. Colored Properly For Sale FOR SALE I Several very desirable Houses and Duplex Apl's. Practically new. All renlcd. Good Income property for investment. Ph. ED 2-0517. Lou l o r Sale liCOUMCCCIAl IOTS ClOSf HI on HiJX ' n way fl? tail. ri*o« t^'cway Teimi can be OTOretcf Coll ui lodav Keilma^ " a'fcn, ED 5 0 1 5 8 . nl?hri to -3l 40 Convertible Sport Car. Never licensed, ]59 miles. '59 CHEVY. $1995 Impala -1-door Radio, hetiter, Powerglidc. '59 FORD $1595 Custom 4-door Healer, FordomatEc, black with white tires '58 CADILLAC $2895 '62' Coupr. Full power, factory air. '58 CHEVY $1795 Impala 2-door Hardtop, Big engine, power steering and brakes '58EDSEL $1495 4-cloor Hardtop. Factory air, full power. '57 FORD $1195 Fairlane '500' 4-door Jlardtop Radio, heat*r, Fordomalic, '57 BUICK $1195 RoHcimnsler 4-door Hardtop Factory air, full power. '56 CHEVY $895 Bel Air 4-door Hardtop. Radio, heater, power- glide '60 MORRIS MINOR. $1747 1000 2-door convertible. 253 miles, 4 forward transmission. '59 BUICK $2195 Lc Sabre -l-door Hardtop. Radio, heater, Dy- nnflow. '57 CHEVY $1395 Bel Air 4-door Hardtop. A beautiful black wilh w h i t e top. Rsdio. htalcr, Powerglidc. '69 FORD $2095 Convcrliblc, Crnisomntlc, r.idln, hc-ntor, white wall tiros, '58 CHEVY $1495 4-door Station Wagon 9 passenger. Htater, Powc-rglidc. '58 FORD $1295 Fairlane '500' 4-door. Radio, healer, Fordo- matic. '57 CHEVY $1695 Station Wagon 4-door. Heater, Powerglide. '57 CHEVY §895 2-door 6 cylinder. Straight drive, radio, heater. '57 MERCURY $1095 Montclair 4-door. Power and air. '59 FORD $1785 Station Wagon 4-door V-8. Straight drive. '56 DODGE $695 Custom Royal 4-door. Powerflite. radio, heater. ;66 CADILLAC $1695 '60' Special 4-door. Factory air, full power. '55 OLDS - - _ _ _ _ _ $685 Super '88' 4-door. Radio, heater, Hydramalie. '55 CADILLAC $995 '62' 4-door Sedan. Radio, heater, air condition. '54 FORD $485 Customllnc 2-door. '53 PONTIAC $395 4-door with straight drive '54 MERCURY ,,..,,. $495 4 door Sedan. Radio, heater, Overdrive. '56 MERCURY $795 2-door Hardtop. Radio, heater, Mercomatic, power Eleering. power brakes. '66 OLDS __ $995 Super '88' 4-door. Faclory air, radio, heater. '58 MERCURY §595 J-door Sedan. Slrnight drive. '56 BUICK $595 4-door Roadmaster. Radio, heater, power steering. '53 CHRYSLER $295 4-door Windsor Deluxe. Radio, heater. '62 BUICK ...$345 Snecial 2-door. Straight drive. New Used Car Lot Highway 82 East --New Cars, Pnrls Service -- 320 Main Street [ On one of the best com- | mcrcial lols on Stole Hlgh- wny 1 North. Ideal for Scr- i vice Stalinn, Oarage, or | | anything; commercinl. WAI.DAtlF.R AHrNCY j I 118 S Pcc'ti. Si rho ·' ED 2-155'- j llo^ti Call ED r6'4 · Low Down Payments · E-2 Terms · Clean Used Cars · JAMES MELTON K. C. STUBBLEFIELD · BILL, DOBI5S J S "Home Of Honest Values" ; Hwy. 82 E. Ph. ED 2-C722 or ED 4-3124 e .Inhn Hlnkle, Mqr, A D. T. Harris, Assl. Mgr.

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