The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 3, 1965 · Page 15
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 15

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Page 15
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Create Spring In Your Menu A new Grape Cre;tm Mold, for instance, achieves a fresh, springlike flavor wilh ingredients available in food stores Ihc year around. To m a k e it you'll need fresh green grapes, grape jelly to reinforce the flavor, sour cream, and carbonated lemon-lime beverage. Serve the mo!d wilh mayonnaise as a fruit salad to accompany meat, chicken, or fish, and enjoy its refreshing flavor. Or add a bit of whipped cream or topping for a bright, light dessert to end a meal on a sunny no!e. Whichever you do. you and your family will enjoy [his mold. / Grape Cream Mold 2 I envelopes (2 tablespoons) junflavorcd gelatin 2: 7-ounce bottles (1 3/4 cups) j lemon - lime carbonated I beverage· f Jar (10,ounce) grape jelly Vi pint (1 cup) dairy sour cream Red food coloring 1 cup seeded green grape halves '/i cup finely chopped pecans Soften gelatin in \' 2 cup carbonated beverage. Melt gelatin over very low heal. Add grape jelly; heat just until jelly is melted. Blend in remaining carbonated beverage atul sour cream. Add red flood coloring as desired. Chill until mixture begins to set. Stir in grapes and pecans. Pour into 1 - quart mold. Chill until firm Serve wilh mayonnaise or fruit «alad dressing. Yield: 6 servings. TASTY Canned shrimp make short work cj a spicy New Orleans version of (lie popular English appetiser, potted shrimp. Drain and rinse 2 (4'/ 2 ounce) cans of shrimp. Add shrimp. I teaspoon of ground mace, '/ teaspoon of white pepper and teaspoon of cayenne to !/ 2 stick of butler, melted in a skillet. Saute over medium heat one or two minutes, and turn into serving dish. Clarify l'/i sticks of butter by heating it in a saucepan over very low heat until butter foams Quickly skim off and discard foam with a large spoon. Pou: t h e clear butter over the shrimp. Refrigerate long enough for bullcr to solidify. Serve chilled, as a spread for toast fingers or triangles, crackers, or melba toast. Makes about 2 cups. Deltan Likes Old World Custom Mrs. Nikalous Chudzinski, the former Zee Rossie of Greenville, and her daughter, Helen are visiting her mother, Mrs. Nazira Rossie. Mrs. Chudzinski, who lived in Husum, German}', for three years, likes the informal coffee hour, one o[ the German customs she learned to enjoy. Daughter Helen, has milk with her miniature marble cake, which is featured on today's food page. (staff photo) Transplanted Deltan Returns Home With Variety Of New German Recipes By RUTH SOLOMON When Mrs. Nilnlaus Chudzin- ki. the former Zee Rossie, went o Husum, Germany, shortly after her marriage three years ago, she didn't anticipate the problems she would encounter in her housekeeping efforts. Now visiting relatives in Greenville, accompanied by her daughter, Helen, Mrs. Chudzinski said that her introduction to German customs and cooking were rather complicated. However, her husband, who was a former Greenville Air Force Cadet, acted as both inlerprel- · and teacher for a while. She found that meat culs are not at all like those she was familiar with at home, and to complicate matters, she couldn't Shoppers Guide WASHINGTON (UPI)-Dairy foods, seasonally plentiful in June, lake the spotlight among weekend food buys for the first week of June is dairy month. Dairy cases will feature plenty of milk, t/lter, cheese, cream, ice cream, and many other nutritious dairy products. Eggs, usually displayed in the dairy case, are also in gener- . ous supply this week. Features at the meat counter vary considerably, depending on the area. Fresh produce counters will offer plenty of celery, corn, lettuce, onions, potatoes, squash, and tomatoes. For fruit salads and snacks there are generous supplies of bananas and slrawberries in most localities. xplain her wishes because of I Afternoon coffees are held he language barrier. She final- y found a butcher who had liv- d in the Stales, making it simile to get steaks, a ham or oast, an easier matter. Husum, a town on Ihc Black MI, about 30 miles from Denmark, has a total population of about 25,000. Unlike towns of hnt size in the States, electrical applicants are the excep- Eon. In most homes even re- 'rigerators are r rare, and the lousewife must' market almost daily. Vegetables, Mrs. Chudiinski said, are plentiful and available n the stores, but she preferred shopping at the market place, where one could find fish, poultry, dairy products and even flowers. And all these items were much more reasonable than in the stores. Baking a cake really tried her patience, until she found that recipes from home failed because the ingredients were different as to texture. The German flour is not very fine anc must be sifted repeatedly; sug ar is quite coarse and the sal is like our sugar in texture. If recipe calls for vanilla, the cool buys vanilla sugar. Probably the one time her own recipe worked was when six; baked rolls, and Ihen they were perfect. daily from 3-5 p.m. are! some type of cooky or cake is always served. A favorite cake with Mrs. Chudzinski is Tier German Marble Cake, baked in a tube pan. This recipe she tried out or the food page readers, and cr results arc pictured. This month Mr. Chudzinski vill join his family here. One hing is certain, by that time his 2 will have practiced her \merican and Lebanese cook- g, which he enjoys so much. Rouladen 6 slices bottom round steak, % in. thick 1 slices bacon -- each cut into one-thirds 1 onions, sliced thinly mustard salt and pepper t small can mushrooms Season each slice of steak wilh salt and pepper; spread lightly with prepared mustard Place one piece of bacon at om end of meat and cover with sev eral onion slices. Roll tightly and fasten with thread or small metal skewers. Brown the rouladen in marga rine. Add a small amount of water. Cover and simmer for about 1 hour, adding more wa ler as needed. To make gravy, remove rou laden from pan. Blend flour wit 'water from mushrooms and jpour into meat liquid, stirring onslantly. Add mushrooms anr eason gravy to taste. Variation: As a filling use 1 ice of sour pickle, cut length 'ise, and approximately 2 t. auerkraut. Has tart but deli- ious flavor. Wiener Schnitzel Pound V\ in. thick veal cutlets i 1/8 in. Ihickness. Season with alt. Dip first in flour, then i :ell-beaten egg, then in f i n e read crumbs. Fry 2 or 3 mi n Teen Party Punches From Home Freezer One of the nicest things about being a teenager is the never- ending round of parties. There seem to be festivities for all occasions and even some for no occasions. The frequent round of galas is a challenge to (he mother of a teenager or for the young hostess herself to provide d i f f e r e n t fare. Prime Consideration The beverage is usually a prime consideration, so it is good to have on hand stacks of canned sodas that take up so Hltle room in the refrigerator, plus some recipes for delicious, refreshing olf-beat punches thai arc easily prepared, easy to lake. Cherry Cube Punch 4 (12-oz.) cans lemon-lime soda 6 (12-oz.) cans cola soda, chilled Slowly pour soda into two ice cube trays. Do not fill lo brim I because soua expands as it (freezes. If you want, put a i maraschino cherry in each compartment of the trays. Freeze. Makes about 28 ice cubes that vill not dilute in the melting. Over the cubes, pour trie chilled cola soda. Makes 10 large glasses of punch that will disappear in jiffy. Moek Champagne 10 canned small whole peaches. 4 (12-oz.) cans of ginger ale, chilled Place each peach in a champagne glass or any wide-mouth, Eooted glass. Puncture each peach to let juice escape. Pour ginger ale over peache.7. Serve with teaspoons, so peach can be eaten after the "champagne" has been drunk. Makes 10 servings. Frug Fling 1 (G-oz.)) can frozen pineapple-orange concentrate. 2 (12-oz.) cans orange soda 3 (12 oz.) cans lemon - lime soda Mix pineapple-orange concentrate with orange soda. Add lemon-lime soda. Pour over ice cubes. Makes 8 servings of easy-lo- Della Democrat-Times Thursday, June 3, '65 15 Weekly Food Page YOUNG'S SUPER MARKET Corner Alexander and Hyman OPEN-MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 8 A.M. - 8:30 P.M.-SATURDAY 8 A.M. - 9:30 P.M. SUNDAY 8:00 A.M. - Noon PRICES GOOD FROM JUNE 3rd THRU JUNE 7th We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities Tender Lean JM i. « Pork Steak: 451 RICELAND RICE 2 LB. CELLO . 29* CANNED BISCUITS Lb CANS' 25* DAILY FRESH GROUND BEEF D Lbs. DIXIANA ALL MEAT B O L O G N A U......35' SOFTEX PAPER NAPKINS GO COUNT 1f\*t CELLO . . . . IV/fS BLUE CHEER Washing Powder | LARGE TO-. U. S. Good PERSONAL IVORY Chuck Roast Lb 49° BARS 25* JAN-O-CO MOTOR OIL QUART CAN' ; : 15? tes on each side in hot oil and xitter mixture until golden Town. Sweet-Sour Red Cabbage 1 head red cabbage - about 2 Ib. } /i c. butter 1 medium onion 1/2 c. wine vinegaj 2 t. salt 1 T. sugar '4 t. pepper Vr'A c. water 2 tart apples, pared and diced 1 whole cloves, optional. Shred the cabbage. Melt the Dutter in a heavy saucepan. Adi onion and saute until lightly browned. Add the cabbage and remain ng powder and salt; sift again Cream butler with almond ex- o, fine-to-drink beverage. BLUE BONNET 1 LB. BOXES Magnolia's Best FLOUR Snowdrift 49 SHORTENING BORDEN'S ICE MILK Breast-O-Chicken TM TM 1 49c EFi 1/2 GAL. JONES MEAT MARKET JONES MEAT MARKET! X MINUTE STEAKS for I Wisconsin HOOP CHEESE 55' Lb. Fresh Grade "A" Medium $' CHUCK ROAST L CHUCK STEAK L PORK ROAST L BOSTON BUTT ,,., GROUND BEEF L VEAL STEAKS 10 r., ' BACON Sliced Hickory Smoki 3 $|3 Lbs. I PORK SAUSAGE FILETS BACON WRAPPED EACH 69 c I RIB EYE STEAKS EACH 79 ( DELUXE FREEZER SPECIAL 5 LBS. MINUTE STEAKS 5 LBS. CHUCK ROAST 5 LBS. GROUND BEEF 5 LBS. PORK STEAK 5 LBS. FRYERS 5 LBS. BACON 30 $' Lbs. Side of Beef i»o 10 zm LO. Avg. Cut and Wrapped Gflv't Insxcled Ilindnuarter* Lb. 59c N» Down Payment Monlhs To Pay 5 Lb*. Round, Sirloin or T-Bones Steaks 5 Lbs. Min. Steaks or Chuck Roast 5 Lbs. Ground Beef 5 Lbs. Cut Up Fryers Any Item May Be Substituted Lbs. Meat JONES MEAT MARKET JONES : MEAT MARKET ing ingredients and mix lightly Cover and simmer for about I 1 / hours, stirring frequently. Thi tastes better when prepared the day before serving. Serves six. Sauerkraut wilh Smoked Pork Chops 1 can sauerkraut 1 T. margarine 1 medium onion, finely chopped 1 tart apple, pared and diced caraway seeds salt and pepper to taste In casserole saute onion and apple in margarine; add sauerkraut and several caraway seeds. Season to laste. Simmer over very low heat until thoroughly warmed. I Serve wilh creamed potatoes .and fried smoked pork chops. j Fried Pork Chops Season each pork chop (one ;per person) only with pepper. Fry pork chops in a small amount of margarine mixed with cooking oil. To serve: Place in casserole .on fop of sauerkraut. i Karloffclpuffer 3 c. grated raw potatoes 1 egg. well beaten l'/ 2 T. flour 1 small onion, grated 1 t. salt 1/8 t. pepper Pare large potatoes; grate finely. Add grated onion, egg, flour and seasonings, and mix lightly. Drop from tablespoon into hot cooking oil, V4 in. deep in iron skillel. Brown well on bolh sides. Serve with chilled applesauce. Makes 12 pancakes. j Marble Cake 3'/ 2 c. sifted cake flour 1 T. double-acting baking powder "i t. salt (only if butter or margarine is unsalted) 1 c. butter or margarine i. almond extract c. sugar eggs c. milk i c. cocoa : T. rum (optional) Measure sifted Hour, add ba ract, then gradually add \\ f i c . j of the sugar, creaming well aft- ;r each addition. Cream until ight and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beal- ng well after each addition. Add flour mixture and milk alternately, beginning and ending with flour mixture. Beat after each addition just until smooth. Do not overbeal. Beat together the remaining Vz c. sugar, the cocoa and rum. Stir the cocoa mixture into half the cake bailer, i'ayer batlers alternately in n 10-inch tube pan. Cut through with a spatula just to marble the bailers. Do FRESH YELLOW CORN 4 EARS CELLi 5 o23* Grade "A" Small EGGS NO. 1 not blend. Bake in pre-heated over 350 degrees about 60 la 70 minutes. RED POTATOES 65 Dz.i PET RITZ FROZEN CREAM PIES Ea. MANSOURS SUPERETTE BILL HUCKABEE'S MKT. 1598 SOUTH MAIN ST. - SWIFT PREMIUM AND CHOICE HEAVY BEEF CUT TO ORDER - ED 2-SI37 FRYERS erad -29 CHUCK ROAST 59' Boneless LB, FRYER PARTS BREAST LB, 49c LEGS THIGHS LB, 39c FRYER LIVERS LB. 59c LAMB LEGS LB, Choice 89 COUNTRY HAM BACON DELICATESSEN BAKED HAM, COOKED CORNED BEEF, BARBF.CUE CHICKEN AND BARBECUE SPARE RIBS Sliced Barbecue Pork Beef SANDWICHES 5 FOR $ 1 00 1 BACON Market Sliced 3 SAUSAGE GROUND BEEF Pure Lean . . , Lean Slices J LBS. $139 1.00 FISH STICKS Fros ' 5Acres Seas 9 8 OZ. $ 1 t) FOR 1 00 POTATOES Southern Farms 2 LB. Crinkle Cut BAG 39' RED POTATOES 10 £ 59 C ForsJy Acres Apple, Peach, Cherry 8" . 3 $ FOR 1 00 ORANGE JUICE Frosty Acres G OZ. CANS 69 c GOLDEN BANANAS 10 C Lb.

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