The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 21, 1939 · Page 4
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 4

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1939
Page 4
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THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. IE, FRIDAY, JULY 31,1989. II^BflttB^M^j^W* wry Afternoon except ijiHMUr Mmimff r Bldg., by Canon - iMiu* M«Mng«r, inc., Leon J. EfeQuthy, president, treasurer and Editor; O. L. Crofoot, vice presl- tkot anil office manager; Howard TB. ICacDuff. advertising manager; .(Hubert F. Nelke, circulation mana- ',: (Entered at the Post Office, Can- landaigua, N. Y., as second class "matter.) Phone Business Office News Room 897 1 SUBSCRIPTION RATES By The Carrier In City Delivered at your door, 18 cents per week; single copy, 3 cents. ^ By Mail (Outside of Canandaigua) 1 mo. 3 mo. 6 mo. year In Ontario ' Counties!. 60i $1.50 $2.00 $4.00 Outside Ontario and Yates · Counties ..70* $1.85 $3.00 $6.00 Please watch the date of expiration printed on the label and avoid interruption of delivery by sending In advance renewal. National Advertising Representatives: Prudden, King Prudden, Inc., New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver and Rochester. Member of Associated Press The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of *11 news dispatches credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. All rights are re. served. _ What's Wrong With This Picture? 1 THOUGHT FOR TODAY: MAKE A NEW START -- Let the wicked forsake his way and the un* righteous man his thoughts; and ; let him return unto the Lord and " he will have mercy upon him and to our God for he will abundantly « pardon--Isa. 55.7. : VIOLENCE TABOOED For a half-dozen years, the Pa' cifte Coast has been a scene of nu- -· merous labor difficulties in which * violence and bloodshed have been ^ common, and in the state of Wash" ington, where unionism reached ~ unusual power, the picketing pro* cess attained a fervor that was 'f detrimental to business of all kinds. * That is the underlying reason why 2 law 'have been exacted, and up'* held by the courts, in that section * of- the country, banning violence i and picketing. The action is not * against unions, or the right to or* ' gantee or collective bargaining, but * against violence. It is true violence 5 has not always been on one side, * for it requires two to make a fight, ·* but in general, the public is be- £ coming somewhat sated with strikes and attendant troubles that I concern, in their effects, more than '» the-industry originally in difficulties. Personal Health Service By WILLIAM BRADY, M. D. Signed letters pertaining to personal health and hygiene, not to diteue diagnoeli or treatment, will be answered by Dr. Brady If a stamped, self-addressed envelope Is enclosed. Letters should be brief and written In Ink. Owing to the large number of letters received, only a few can be answered here. No reply can be made to queries not conforming to Instructions. Address Dr. William Brady, In care of thin newspaper. Name your city on your return envelope. Don't say "City." THE RED-YELLOW GLARE OF EYES IN THE DARK It seems as tho (please credit I Another observation young moth- me something for not saying ers make, which worries them needlessly, is that sometimes the "like") most amateur mothers discover with more or less dismay that the baby is somewhat cross- eyed some time in the first two or I three Igood months. This is one of a many observations which I should not upset the young mother -who had a fair deal in common school education -- but that's the irony of it -- you might count on the fingers of one hand the common schools in Yankeeland that offer future mothers of the race any sort of practical instruction or training which is likely to help them in the noblest of all careers open to women. That reminds me --one of my secret ambitions is to conduct a stealthy course of training for girls in the graduating class of grade school or high school, and prepare them to rise in a body at the conclusion of the main address, at the time of the graduation exercises, give a hearty Bronx cheer, and take over the proceedings, outlining succinctly, for the benefit of educators and parents, the things Young Girls Ought to Learn at School instead of wherever they may. At least when a girl lays aside her doll'she should be taught the rudiments of the baby business if life is not as indecent as the attitude of the public schools towards human reproduction implies. Every baby is, if not cross-eyed precisely, more or less shifty-eyed baby's eyes shine in the dark just like a cat's eyes. This is normal or natural, too. The pupils, or central dark dots in the eyes, enlarge in the dark (to admit more light) and contract in bright light (to protect against too much light entering the eyes). When the pupils dilate or enlarge (like the shutter of a camera) in the dark more light enters the eye, and some of the light may be reflected from the retina or sensitive film in the back of the eyeball. It is this reflex from the retina that gives the effect of two globes or points of red- yellow glare out of the dark, to an observer close to the source of light. LOOKING BACKWARD Intertttlaff Items Taken Pram The Files of The Dally Messenger Ten Years Ac* QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Bladdery Old Gentleman I am 73, and for the past ten years or so have had increasing bladder trouble, have to get up three or four times a night. (A. G. T.) Answer -- Send stamped envelope bearing your address, and ask for monograph on Prostatic Obstruction. Do not send clippings. Wheat I thank you for your fine leaflet on whole wheat and would be pleased if you would donate a quantity of them to help my plea in behalf of starving populations. . . . (L. P. H.) Monday, July 22 George A. Nicholson, local attorney, takes office Aug. 1, as United States Commissioner for this district, 'succeeding Judge Walter H. Knapp, who recently resigned. Mrs. C. Edwin Hallenbeck, of this city, who is spending the Summer al Cottage City, swam across the lake from the point and returned in two hours and 55 minutes, a distance of about three and one-half miles The lake is said to be the widest at this point. The swimmer was accompanied by Mr. Hallenbeck in one boat and Lloyd Monks in another. With George Angevine setting up a new "pro" course record at the Canandaigua Country Club, T. R. Hugo, Jr., seemingly thought it time for a new amateur record to be established. "Teddy" went out in 38 and came in with a 39 for a 77 one less stroke than the previ- lou's record of 78 held by A. M. Johnston. luncheon, usually one given In honor of a prominent person. Q. What should one say to a hostess when leaving her home after a visit? A. Sincere expressions of appreciation for her hospitality should be extended. Q. Should a woman wear a hat to a small informal Lea during U)Qfc -1 bummer? * A. Yes. MODERN ETIQUETTE Bv ROBERTA LEE until about the age of three ,_. -. --. months That is the baby does not I Answer -- Glad to send any read- develop the capacity of focusing er who asks for it and provides a the eyes or directing them atten- stamped envelope bearing his actively upon a definite point until dress, the monograph "Wheat to that age?^ So it is natural and | Eat." which describes the health normal for the young baby's eyes RADIO PROGRAMS (Time Is Eastern Standard) NEW YORK ()--It sort of will be mayor against mayor when Clifton Fadiman's Information Please 9 Dance; TPA4 Paris 10:20 Talk in English. For Sunday--DJD Berlin 5:15 Marches; 2RO Rome 7:30 Opera "Tosca;" PCJ Eindhoven member of the experts' a answering jfcffry Bridges is not on trial and I under investigation because of his " union activities, in spite of infer' ences that may be drawn by his I sympathizers. He is an alien, * charged .by the government with * being a member of an organiza- r "thm which aims to overthrow the | government of the United State by t force- and violence. It is on this i charge, and this charge alone, that £ be-faces deportation to his first * home, Australia. Bridges was the "* spear-head of maritime and wa- 1 terfront strikes on the West coast S lor year*. The dock strikes in coast? al ports cost millions of dollars in * delayed ships and cargoes that ; "were held in port. But it was the 2 violence that accompanied strikes ; of this sort that brought the peo- ~ pie directly concerned, to take steps. Z. legal and otherwise, to prevent * damage to legitimate business. ·* Business in the United States has * _«ilflst!d much from labor difficul- * .*2ttat.^tai the recent years, during -·wfcfch, if ever, the country and the B needed every productive dol- »le to meet aggravated and social conditions. .-Ik* Bridges case has been given ·ptWBiBence because of his prom" in labor circles, and par-tie- in labor circles which were to fh* forefront of troubles in the j * · marHilmt business. There is after j all, basically, belief by a majority; of the people that violence and force * doesn't work well in the TJnited States, and reeardless of isolated cases, the constitutional man" net of seeking redress is still the American way. Bridges may. or may not, have been a Communist, and if he was active in that party. which makes no effort to conceal its objective, as an alien, he is . subject to deportation. RATON RIVALRY Many of the schemes proposed to regain tost overseas markets for American cotton neglect to Rive fun consideration to an astonish'" ing growth in the rivalry of other textile materials. Only part of the picture is revealed by the charts that show a steady decline in sales of United States cotton to Japan for instance. Seven years ago. in the calendar year 1932. Japan bought more than 2.500.000 bales oi cotton from the TJnited State*. With a single exception its imparts of our cotton since then have f d e c l i n t d . every year, and last year wedtMow 900.000 bales Japan's cotton imports from both China " and Brazil have increased, it is ·7 tree, and imports from China arc * Hk*ly to go much higher. But an- a other Important iactor is disclosed in Textile Raw Matt-rials in a brief note under the head "Increased piuOluCtlori of cotton substitutes." *· JapHi's manufacture of rayon in mi totaled less than fifty million though that was large for reads H. La-i TODAY WHAM--ROCHESTER (Time Is Daylight Saving) 4:00--Club Matinee. NBC 4:45--"Midstream," NB»J board is Maury Maverick of San Antonio, former Texas representa-l tive in the House. The competition vail come when Fadiman question from Mayor F. Guardia of New York, the query al-, 5:00--Helen Gene ready having been submitted on the! 5:15--Bruce Becker Orch.. X2C proviso that it be presented in the, 5:30--Let's Waltz bearing of Mayor Maverick. i 5 45--Buck Rogers Should the question go unanswer-| 6.00--News Reporter eel. naturally Mayor LaGuardia will' get the regular award. Other members of the board will be as usual John Kieran and F. P. ( Adams, with Oscar Levant as the fourth- Announced to give "Pennsylvania's answer" to the July 13 broadcast of Sen. Joseph Guffey of that state, Gov. Arthur H. James of Pennsylvania is speaking on CBS at 5:30 P. M. today . . . Bette Davis of the movies is to make an appearance on Raymond Paige's CBS concert of August 4. but not to perform. Rather, she will introduce her 14-year- old protege, singing Pain Caveness from the west coast. try. » new in the rayon indus- By ifl7. however, rayon pro- In Japan exceeded 500,090,and lust year was 576.- which in weight is On the air tonight: WEAF-XBC-- NEW YORK 7:00-- Lucille Manners Concert 8:00-- Waltz Time 8:30-- Death Valley Days o : eo -- Guy Lombardo WABC-CBS-- NEW YORK 7:00-- Under Western Skies 7:30-- Johnny Presents 8:00-- Raymond Paige Conceit 8:30-- First Nighter 9:30-- Bob Ripley WJZ-NBC-- NEW YORK 6:30-- Rep. R. J. Corbett on "Neutrality" 7:30-- Don't Forget 8:00-- Plantation Party 8:30-- Robinhood Dell Concert 9-30-- Hollywood Ladder of Fame WOR-MBS-- NEWARK 9:45_Walter E. Ernst on "Third Terms and Dictatorships" G:15--Your Family 6; Mine 6:30--Bill Rogers--Sports 6'45--Lowell Thomas. N~3C 7:00--Radio Camera Club 7.15--Hal Kemp Orch. NBC 7-30--"Big Town" 8.00--Tomorrow's Keadiines 8:15--NBC Jamboree. NEC 8.30--Don't Forget. NBC 9:00--Plantation Party 9:30--Music by Harry Horlics. NBC 10.00--To be announced 10:30--Horace Heidt Orch.. NBC 11:00--News Reporter 11:11--Glenn Miller Ore:-. NSC 11.20--Tommy Dorsey Orch.. NEC 1? : 00--Bob Causer's ComelUans 12:15--Larry' Clinton Orch.. NBC te:30--Jimmy Lunceford Orel:.. NBC 1.00--Sign-Oft SATURDAY WHAM--ROCHESTER fi:30--Morning After 7:00-- News Reporter 7:15--To be announced 7:30--Tonic Tunes 7:45--Kindly Thoughts 3:00--Pete and Joe 8:15--Dick Liebert, organist. NBC 8:45--Tony, Juanita Buddy. NBC 9:00--Breakfast Club. NBC 10:00--Morin Sisters. NBC 10:15--On the Play Area 10:30--Tom Grierson. organist 10:45--The Child Grows Up. NBC 11:00--Boy Scout Program 11:15--Catholic Courier 11:30--"Our Barn." NBC 12:00--Hit of the Day 12:05--News Reporter 12;i5_-4-H Club 12:30--Farm and Home Hour. NBC 1:30--Little Variety Show 2:00--Franklin's Orchestra. NBC 2:30--Indiana Indigo. NEC 2:45--Music Please. NBC 3:00--NBC Dance Orchestra. NBC 3-30--Crazy Quilt in Rhythm. NBC 4:00--Club Matinee. NEC 5:00--NBC Dance Orchestra. NBC 5:30--Carter's Orchestra. NBC 6:00--News Reporter 6:15--World Dances 6:30--Bill Rogers, sports 6:45--State Unemployment Talk 7:00--Message of Israel. NBC 7:30--Travers' Orchestra. NEC 8:00--Dorsey's Orchestra. NBC 8:30--Foley Company. NBC 9:00--Barn Dance. NBC 10:00--Camel Caravan. NBC 10:30--Donahue's Orchestra. NBC 11:00--News Reporter 11:15--Dorsey's Orchestra. NBC 11:30-- Jones' Orchestra. NBC 12:00--Vallee's Orchesra. NBC 12:30--Ford's Orchestra. NEC to misbehave in that way. and incidentally it is not advisable to attempt to make the baby look straight at anything close at hand --for instance toys should not be dangled within the baby's reach and folk should not be permitted to try to make the baby smile at their antics. DAILY MESSENGER PATTERNS Nearly 100 anti-aircraft gun* landed in Bombay. Indis since Vie middle of April will be u;ed to arm merchant vessels in emergency British ships here have had theu- decks rebuilt for gun-mounting. j f . W J Bengal mills are sending 200,- OOP.OOO jute bags to Britain, filling an order received last February lor sandbags for defense. Daily inspections are made by British government experts. "Seeing New York" Towels By BARONESS JTIANTON1 Or- What to expect Saturday: WEAF-NBC-- NEW YORK 10:00-- Chautauqua Symphony chestra, new series 32:30-- Central City Play Festival 4 : 45_Arlington Park Race CBS* CBS-Chain 10:00-- New Chamber MUMC Scnc- Dorian String Quartet 1:30-- Brush Creek Follies 3:00-- Empire City Kacr WJIZ-NBC-- NEW YORK 11 :30-- Farmers" Union 3:00-- Club Matinee 5:30 -- Renfrew of the Mounted Some weekend short waves. For Saturday-- OLR4A Pregur :-o Entertainment: GSF GSD GSB Lon- oon 8:25 Reconstruction of Mon- rnouth's Rebellion: YV5RC Carats double its outpui in 1336. anrl shjpped much of it to other European markets and South America. A rayon plant is being erected in , Chile, and German food value of plain wheat, as you buy it from farmer, mill, elevator, feed store or seed store, and gives recipes and suggestions for its use in the daily dietary. No Room to Repeat Here Kindly repeat the instructions you gave for the use of nitroglycerin for angina pectoris and vitamin B for weak heart (W. R. S.) Answer -- Send ten cents coin and 1-cent-stamped envelope bearing your address, for booklet CVD. Do not send a clipping in lieu of your request. (Protected by John P. Dille Co.) Q. How should formal invitations to a luncheon be written? A. They are nearly always written in the first person, and need not be sent out more than a week in advance. Engraved cards are occasionally used for an elaborate It Has Everything! Penfield Automatic / Gas Water Heater SEE IT AT PECKfJ Hardware Co. 120 South Main Street Phone 29 THE NATIONALLY FAMOUS Ruud Penfield Automatic Gas Water Heaters FOR ECONOMY and CONVENIENCE TELEPHONE . . . John A. Pontius Son RENTALS . . 35 Daily Ave. Seneca Fall? SALES . . - INSTALLATIONS Phone 505-W or 195-M CANANDAIGUA Geneva ~You Have Never Seen an*AD*Like this xs* tets rear' [QtticV fine* .'errand vatAsl lot to 1 svtv° n ac' t m, you/i Twitipapefc WOULD You BELIEVE IT to La- \\ei' 'fort ;co« Here is THE ANSWER T H E 13O2 , , cians will be an charge of opera- PATTERN" NO. I3«2 tions. An experimental rayon plant has been considered in Bombay. India, whfch now receive about 12.200.000 pounds of imported rayon iin;u MI W««MV » ^uj- anruwtllv. These industrial develop- M 1,350.000 bales of cotton, merits, in addition to the incrcas- countries also are in- j ing cultivation of cotton in South their rayon output an Btiftum and Germany are Germany last more than America and China, must be duly considered in proposals put forward in the United States for tlic recovery of foreign markets for raw cotton. --Mew York San "Esu-t Side. West Side. All Around New Yorfc." is what one is tempted to sing on feeing these towels. NCTP York tietongs to you and all the nation and each of these New York buildings recall an important event or attainment in its history. Your friends anywhere in the country win be glad to receive this set of historic show towels. The patt«n envelope contains 6 hot-iron transfer designs, each measures 3 by 6 inches, complete, easy-to-understnd. illustrated directions, with color suggestions and illustration of stitches used. To obtain this pattern, send for No. 1902 and enclose 10 cents in stamps or coin (com preferred) to cover service and postage. Address The Daily Messenger, Needlework Department. Phoenix Street, Canandaigua, New York. \ COOL. BUTTON FRONT FROCK Pattern 8546. This use of shirrnm on the shoulders gives such a soft, pretiy look to your dress, and creates nice fullness over the bust. The waistline of 8546 is darted to give it becoming slimncss and the gradually flaring skirt is paneled and slenderizing.--easy to keep pressed. And oJ course your favorite button-frcnl style always simplifies laundry problems, besides being quick to gel snto on hot days. In printed linen, batiste, dotted Swiss or dimity, with lace or dainty embroidery edging the hcart-shapcr neckline and short puff sleeves. 1ha uill be as charming a dress a* you could hope to put on and led roc-] in. during midsummer. And it's ^ quick and easy to make, with thf iltp-by-step sew chart included in your pattern. Pattern No. 8546 is designed lor sizes 34. 36. 38,40, 42, 44 and 46. Size 3C requires 4 1-8 yards of 35-inch material, with nap for short sleeves: 3 3-4 yards without nap; 1 5-8 yard'-, trimming. For a Pattern of this attractive model send 15c in coin, your Name. Addrc.^. Style. Numbrr and Size to Thf Daily Messenger, Canandaigra. Sex your own vacation wardrobe and have more money to spend on your trip! Plan it with the help of our new pattern book! More than 100 new fashions for late spring and summer -- everything you and the children need for hot weather! All smart and charming--all easy to make! Each pattern Includes a step-by-step sew chart to guide beginners. Send for Pattern Book NOW! One Pattern and Book 25c. Book alone S CIIAPIX STREET AUTOMATIC GAS WATER HEATING Is the only logical answer to your water heating problem! It offers the utmost in CONVENIENCE and ECONOMY Makeshift, oid fashioned water heaters DO NOT save money; DO NOT remove drudgery; and DO NOT provide water hot enough at all times for all purposes, and to guard against dangerous genus. RIGHT IN YOUR OWN HOME-NOW Let us prove the low cost, convenience and all around superiority of Automatic Gas Water Heating. ^| A Month On Our ^* Trial Rental Plan No Oblisafion To Buy! REMOVED FREE If You Arc Not Satisfied! See Y^our Deafer ROCHESTER GAS A ELECTRIC CORP. ANANDA1GUA, - Y. RENT AN AUTOMATIC GAS WATER HEATER SEE BRADBURN'S

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