The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 22, 1960 · Page 9
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 9

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 9
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DHI-TLE BAILEY POCO Suatt'DO i KNOW HOiV TO RUN THINGS IP I PONY GET SOWS \ ORPBRSFJfOVlTHB PENTAGON? AM ARMV MAN CANT PO ANVTHIN WHAT AW I SO, hie TO PO? r KMOV.' I'LL SET our SOME OLP ORPERS ANO U6B THEM OVER ASA;N.' BLON01E DAVID CRANE ' I MNTfP TO \ 6HOtt YOU A I WOtOSTATIC 4 COPTC? AN 0.9} ?A U£^ 2 / / *^£M If A4VS WE BUS MfKT. OLIVfR HOSPITAL FOR SIX AKN1HS once... AKP AT. d / VEK / A HOSPITAL KXt ALCOHOL 1C* I STEVE CANYON - - OFFICIAL* WfiKB fcATCFft FOR THE OPEN Of THE Are* AT Nc WIT, t£IVa,HL me TW«s*es OF OUZPWT FMNOST eajsna WILL B= CAiwup orr TO HAVE THEY PIK5 BP Y THE BXPEPITJCW HAS EOT ANYTHING of MujB/eorWienrp WE ACCESS IWA.M -- NOW TK CI.MZ.Nfl OFTHS VEOtrATTOM BEd:.N?7 AH, «B«oa,iw,'««i wees IN FLASH GORDON PALH. PAULING/ V J'.« CO^'JJo OltJ^ , TO SEE YOU.' KIRBY Be^r-i."' 1 THEY'RE MAW WAT A FO(X I WAS TO 6ET AMXEP UP WITH THEM; a\ART CNO-JiSH TD HIPE CCrtTS KNOWS WHSRE VIC HAS £5ONE DICK TRACY --- THOSE v/'-rWJLOOK CLOTHES OGOEM / OUST LIKE BOUGHT FCW VOU ARE A PERFECT AUf,T. i '. I WANT TO TAKE ALONG MV RL7CXK1I4O VEDXIWE ANDI/IV MACAZINH, AMD-- TTlZRESALIsf I OFTHINOS TO MEMORIZE. ANO THAT'S HER SOCIAL. SECURITY CAlTO-AND KMAWRTMEMT REMEMBER, FROM HCW .... D _ ,. _ ,, _ OM.VOU'OE S^IS, THE LITTLE I a£%:Zi?£»x. u'RtS / CREAT, AUVT: ^ LET NOTC*ECPUS nU7 SAWYER CRABSfw, WEOWIAT THOSE MnaTIMBS^NY LFT6 / TIMI, APAMRAL , OUTA CANS.' MVIfiOTCTiAXf HI/iH /V TONISHT* PUPPIU,' LIL AENER WIAX COOKSR/ST(AXIS,AWiWL, | V*V«Lf, SW. / Till VJ TASTE Cllf DAISVMAF.. we ALL G-GOTTA G,T STRANGE T USED TO THE RYATTS OH,//zzz,NOW WE HIM fl SJOW DO PRESS H« IKT Release-Ttl IHEHP.T. BRIDGEPORT " NAMES HEW HAN tos£tprtfiYs peimilBosB X 17' rail end II HP. Maioi. '11 rrerfil, both foi 1500 CO. O( will l»lt !pOrol«V. Coll ED 4.9A69. COMPLETE OUTBOARD BOATINO OUTFIT .V Aristcrafl Plywood Runabout, k H.P. electric «I art ing Mercury v{olor, (used less than 10 hours) all controls, 6 gal. gas can and 2 wheel Trailer. J775.00. Call 436-M2 Jtlzoni, Mis:. VI. Wd iDirvf:ng n«n«Y lo yaui budgal- ui» tta D«lln Dtmoral.TL(r:«i Wcni Ad»* -T.OIW ED 5-1 lit. : L I F E T I M : Guaranteed MUFFLERS NOW! EverylNTERNATIONAt. PARTS MUFFLER h uncondl- flonaFly guaranteed for the UFE of the vehicle on which it h irdall.d. TISHO, Aff ROVED AND UilED Y UNOIRWjnfli 1 LAIOSAtOIJ! EXEOJIOB'S MOTICf TO CEO]1O»5 OP ANDKEW N. AtEXANOEB, DICFASED l*'!lft feifa'-enlaiy hx:vrng bee.i grdnl- *d on [!.· 2/ih day cl J,-rv«. I960, bv 1^ iK*rv Courl of WaiSJngton Counly, u ndl, 10 1h» undi-ilorid uo«n It-t ra oj Andtew N. A!«HctvJ«/, dtltattrf, lfs" It ^8l«by givtn to all p«rior;i l-ig (fo'rrt C9OVM ty'rf nfo'ff 10 P(Bl [Ka icrn* Id lh« ClirV of laid 'of crobal* ovi lagiit'nlicn oc^o.'Hing to tow, wirhli lia rrcn-h* lion ih't da'l. Ol will fcifver b5 b3Ttd M( 37lh dav cl JLWV*. I960 /i GERTKUDE WAIWCXID AlEXAUDEP 7/I-3-15.M IOST, (Aon'i Lo^V. Wrln WoKk. Hiklly of Ci=, and c.ctar 5-,. C«*,.J. ph. [0 SHEjI_ MUSIC, populoi Blckdy H, f|. r WAV .E SPECIAL, J10.J5, - . , S J O . J 8 5 0 . lo.'.k'ki Seau^ Sl-oo. A] 4 Amoid Ay«. Ph. tD ?.g73^. Planty Ot Sale OH Highway Parking Friedman Paris Go. Highway oZ On Trie Bridge Road Phono HfiM Copy Cancellation Deadline W«lfar 'III ^ P.IA. kol III IJ Wocn for //codoy ;dov ^ P.rA. lot UTXJOVI Peon In Claitil'ed atJrt.THIng ihould bl fd !nwredlar»lv. OJ rtit D»lla Oirrw- ltA«i will noi b» iilDAnilb'* foi rrtOfp 50C «xlio lor Bl r id ftax Nixrbot SPACE EATES OH BECTJEST For Quick Action Satisfaction Uso "TriiHl nnd Tested" WANT ADS Dial ED 5-1155 Say "Charge It" P-R-0-G-R-A-M Classified Advertising Lost and Found 3 MEN WANTED For local positions to sell and service our appliances. Call Employment Manager, ED 2-0828. Special NotlCM 1L Female Help Wanted SAlESLADf, lull 1'ir-t. f.liofc'., dip.rd- cb'«, eocrliowl. Gr^lnvlIU 3 i 10 ' «, 713 Wcih. AVI. No Phor« dill. V.US!CAL IrulrufYMmi ftom f'uln .. lw tailrumcn'i lloalrid Blak»fv HI fl. inc. «5 Main. P),. ED jT SPENCER CORSETIER Individually dcslgiwd foundations, brassieres, medical and orthopedic supports. MRS. LOIS POWERS 829 Ma'n S1 FSonei ED 4.JB08 of ED 2.6471 NOTICE WE STEAM CLEAN MOTORS, ETC. Also porlabte steam cleaner to rent by iay or hour. Reasonable Rates GREENWAY GULF Hwy fl? Q) Cedo/ S1. Pwn EO 2-270i EVINRUDE MOTORS - LAWN MOWERS M A R I N E E Q U I P M E N T I N C . 129 So. Walnut "Service" Phono ED 2-0962 PINE BLUFF KATV-CHANNEL 7--CADLE 7 CKAKXIl T 6OT 77 SV-.K: 1:(X) Ec.-ly Slww 4 3D D\k Oart FIlDAY 900 Dtlec*iv« 1:55 T :K. af S.f. 7:00 H'cS Road 4.00 NIWI lOiOO Newl -l LO P(s~n 7i30 Sealer fc.10 Wtofhn 13,15 "7.rg f T'd i:CO H=-e Fvn BiOO low. V^«rk i.15 V«rwib'« F=i; f% ' Pe;:,/ 9 CO Ivbtftt USA Qyaflif SAIUIDAY - S jl S--s c 1 "3 Ga-xJ Lcoli 6=30 Wall Dliney 11 = 15 Chanr.-! 7 A 00 Th B Ttb-1 ! 0 i 5 -B : o:hcr 7,30 B'ackhawk 11 = 30 Cafcor.t CtchM" Th© JACKSON WJ1V-CHANNEL 12-CAni.E 6 FRIDAT tO.30 W». f. T.-cv-01.;0 tvJ. c- F^-. 6 30 P, MS 0. Edwardi SATUBQAY 5 31 C*-r,/' C 6i30 Pawhirf* E W C-5n: r-r.^ 3 .'- 3 OJ G; ' ? M il. 7,30 Po'el i* P^.-c- 9 CO h J e;Ve £, £ CO C K - - r ' - ^ v - T 8 3U H 8:00 V d»3 V.Ua?t :t-'lt P O ' v M ' - j \ 8 : 3 0 Def. E - ^ e 9.33 A'igHv ','^,!- 5.00 J : -i f.'-r.' 9 W f 9.00 TwiMghr Zcnt Playhg^ie E--.V 9i30 Pericn To =000 Ui'oi Pn-I c 5 45 l--n '.' Ccy F*.ion ID 30 Ne-.vs 6.00 Fl.g 1 -' 0-00 OovkJ Grle' 11.W S ' V K . - 3 1000 Union 'raiifli 11:03 Sh=:V. RADIO * fHONOGPAPB AMIENNA RETA18 REEVES TV SERVICE Fast Service Phone 2-77S3 Guaranteed JACKSON - WLRT CHAN.\F,L 3 - CABLE 5 11,00 !ot Tc; 1J.OO S o n 01 UTUEDA' ?.33 Cc-.;nl G,00 ··',-, 8,11 ». C : , a, 30 Cimi B 9:00 H».Jr I ».30 J.M * ID M FU-, 10 30 Co.':ini !· CO T'i. 5'0-Y I I : ? J l.'c.'.l 5.CO T(«i T, t CC D.^cil-. 6.iO 63-^113 1 : 5 5 P.M.. o. 5.f. 1000 I ^.33 D«!n;v»'i n.M / DISTINCTIVE GIFTS ' or Any Occnsinn The Hifihw»y 82 F.. Phono ED 2-U77 Free Parking In Rear If your photograph has appeared in the Delia Democrat-Times recently nnd you would Uko to have n print ol the picture, call ED 5-1155 to placo your order. Also there Is a «ta(t photographer available to lake pictures for any occasion requiring pictures such as; ADVERTISING DISPLAY (Window) COMMERCIAL AERIAL " --'" UNDERWATER WEDDINGS For further information call ED 5-1155 AND ASK FOR CARROLL HANKS I- Schools -- tnitnicUoni DENTAL ASSISTANTS NEEDED W« lialn a ar . l«.59. o, D Aiilrant. Full ot loars.r'rr. tralclng. M an Schcol Education nol recellarv. Frvo'l r;-/ for iris'l, i.-e»per.)'rve ec fie FJEE *.-ralcvi"enl jervkt. EARH UP IO 117.00 A DAY. Foi fii'l [ williool ebl.'tollen. Mrilll Box 3j5. c / o lh« D«!ro Der*o; SCHOOLS OF DENTAL NURSING Gi*lrg c^tlrni, occupollon, eal, l«fipV MANAGERS NEEDED ·n. v.o^- (n , ccuplft u,Qin!ly ni»did. gh p;n/irrat. H'gh S'Keot c^ucailon nst ^fiio:v. Stiijr. ir.eirenii^a cou^». Sjwi* WRITE MILLER INSTITtrm lo Bo. 250 e/o I?» btila D!.T.or!jt.7i Mai B _ Help Wa n I cd WANTED EXPERIENCED BRAKE AND FHONT END MECHANIC High school education. Permanent work 5 day week. Regular salary! plus bonus. F r i n g e benefits. Chance for advancement. Apply m person, THE FIRESTONE STORE 1002 Washington Avenue DowlGt J N«wr S Weo'f-ir S Mr. It S Too Ma MONROK KNOH-tllANNEI. 8-CABLIi 4 T I S i j O S g ^ Oil 10 30 Haocinf*, 6 :0 \'J,i t, 1A1UBDAY E c K a n g » 7.O3 V / 3 n Sivjo S j ^ On 11:53 S, '..--, 7iM lio'-t V,: c;» /i.'-O Pci-o-i $'ud, 11 i c l .og^ or e 00 £.v · ^« 7-55 111*1 Kf* Yo .. 8 ?0 Hoy ,-l 8.C3 Too-. r*tirg'oo T C-1 r.oll 0 X) C-_-r.i j Ahvnys A Favorite . . . WALKER FARMS GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK Rich In Vitamins And Flavor EL DORADO KTVE-CIIA\\EL 10-CABLE 2 10 15 Jn: Pen, uiuioikr 7 30 Flsih Co-din 9 K fcr.i,; 8 30 ?ov P^i'l o-M H^A'dv Ocod 0,30 «,,! t a-3cJ 10 00 Jn Ja-^--« 11 CO Ir.i 5's I I ::0 trvj. c-t II '.-, B^i.c-i I 5-31 6=w-.- 7 3 TO Vr,v:« X O M Di'c-.- DoifY I 31 Jo'.n \ ^ 31 0-,1'lar ',31 8c-.nir. Tc-. 6 33 fprod .. 9i34 :9 10 Jcmbo.M 10 00 V/»3iK«r 'i '.£ :3 Vcn oft.J AUTO GLASS 1 EXPERTLY INSTALLED PROMPT SERVICE WE HAVE CURVED WINDSHIELDS IN STOCK! Burk Hall-Tsyloe Paint Glass Co. 1311 llwj. S3 H. -- Across From P. 0. I'licine F.O 2-2526 WANTED BOYS 10 years of age or older to sell The Delta Democrat- Times in the down town area each evening a f t e r school. See Mr. Young, Circulation Dept. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. ATTENTION BOYS Age 12 To 15 Would you like the chancs to earn your own spend ing money? Summer Vacation will be here in a few weeks. We have several good Newspaper Routes open in your neighborhood. If interested call Mr. Young ED 5-1155, Circulation department Tho Delta Democrat-Times. ». Male Help Wanted PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS! YOU ARE. U : jg«j«jf_FftBald Help SALES TRAINEES MALE AND FEMALE It ycu «,« liv. o» 485 lo »M U-i fln thrtl weeVi WB wayM [It* lo folk lo you Mm! Kovi cor and fual apoiararK*. S;. WR. GHN1 AUSTIN ArtarJs euild'no birwtin 9 II a.m 20, Article) For Sale 1955 PlY/novh ratio. JJS.OO. PSon« ED FOU SAIE, 0al13 Vdtc Cobli 160.00 fh. EO 7.7377, FOJ SAIE. FIGS. Tola:. cr t an«»i, 113 S. Theobald. Phone ED 4-4885. FOlj SAIE. 1 Ten Coldipcl Air'Ccndirlcrii ·»lfj_iatrific». Ph. EO J-IJ32. COMPLETE Ch*g. 124D fOJl SAliTOElTA Video Cdbl* eonnic II on. $40.00. Ph. ED 2-2S19. Aci:« Dan:e(. ED 4- V/ifrflng txt/ll FOI SAIE, Delia VJdra Cool, connldlon JM.OO. Ph. EO 2-2833. HAVE a i«l of tew Goodyear Titti Wl wN ot o bargain. Terms. Coll ED 2-6SO dttl 6 p.m. fan SAIF, Hollon Cojril. Gold clo's u:lclal deluxe. · Ul n*w Including ccic SM.OO. Call ED 2.143J. Vt Icn alt conHif'c-fr, Iftd new. Orlc'na cctr 4275, wilt nil fj; SlOO Mr,. Kck* 1S9 Havana. phcr» Et 3-7319. rOH SALE, Plnfc Klfe-4.i Tabli and tholri, Fibfi Rug, FarVtr Lcwn Swttper 18" Pow*i M»*ir, ;e*f trt», islf p»lltd. Ph. EO 5-22.19. FOt SA18. Uifd bui bodiu. Good lo, hunting o; lltKing rab^i end alhlr MM Dilla Coachet. rJonh B/oad#of cxl fi-^.l £D .9731. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE Specialty In uswl repossess^ Merchandise. · Air condition? r a · Refrigerators · Automatic Washing Machines · Lawn Mowers · Used Tiros See: Ed Frazier Phone ED 2-1561 SEAT COVER SALE Arthur Fulmer Discontinued patterns -- Values up to (40.00. Now $10.95 GULF SUPER SERVICE Moin ol arocdwo/, ED 4-921] GUARANTEED USED Refrigerators and Washers You C«n Buy On EASY TERMS ROSELLA'S 712 Wash. Dial ED 2-8191 il. Articles Wnled WANTED, cllnl '53-55 S-c:ion Wcaon c/ 1 *xr Sira'aM ih.fl. Caifi dial. Pho-.l En 3-»33'. 25. Boats, Moters Strppdu 'O! SAIE. 1540 Ittic-tM CXiinMrc! Hsl! K(al!y rl». Ph. EO X.31Ji. ]' oool. IVSil 25 H.P. Jah.-ion Halo Tra'lir 5W. Pn Id 2-C378. USED Complete Rig 15' RUNABOUT « H.P. JOH^fSON MOTOR WITH CONTROLS AND TRAILER Ready to go -- Guaranteed Only . . . $595. SPECIAL! SPECIAL! 1950--14' Fiberglass Boat 1939--35 H.'. fitdrlt Slartiw Mttvn O-.rbco'd MiUf A Tfn-l«r. Good cl M-v $795 loty T«fift* The Fulton Co. Delia Dernocrnt-Tlmes Friday, July 22, '60 9 Doalf, Motor) Sur?L)M ·OH M.LI, 14 fl. Rvrwbeul telih U HP. Ev'-A-vcf« tiicfrk tron*( Alatw, otvj Irql'e/. Can b* ittn et 1143 Groove. FOR SALE 12' Faclory built Plywood Boat, Fiber Glass bottom, new Tids- water Boat Trailer and 10 H.P. Johnson Motor (30 hour)) J350.00. Ph. FJD 4-MD1. Farm Equipment fOR SAlt, 1W7 JOHN OEEBE No. I Cot. of PicVer, good te--dll^yi. C. D. \Va r *r Ph. ED NOTICE FARMERS! ! Irrigation well drilling rig, complete, for sale. SAM A, CAROLLO Ph. 96, Leland, Miss. SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEMS FOR SALE Ora i.-noll Syileffl Mill hevil* 40 ccre«, 11500. C.-i large Syilem \v;H hcnd'« 200 ocrM. -5.5CO. THE 61 SHOP Nixl to Hollano'ald 5ted eivi Supply Co. Kol^anJard, /Alii. . 28. Farmers Market Produce WATER MELONS WATER MELONS Wholesale and Retail. One or one thousand. Hwy. 1 South, 1 mile South of Wayside. ED 2-0778. JO. Pet), Poultry Livestock FOB SAIE, SEO1STE8ED OochihvnJ pucpiTM. a w«H old. Fh. ED 2-775?. REGISTERED CHIHUAHUA 5!ud « ^ * wllghl 3 Ibl. Fcmftui lire of El Mcr.-oco. Pfi. ED 4-4954. TO? QUALITY Shepherd Poto m_tt !!· la aDPJIc:al», 133.00 ectH,- hovl 2 Cocieu flir 01 {tC.OO tadi. Jlfl*.101. Dr. ED 2-03fla. - V; -\ 52, Honuhold Goods Ccio! C«i B/R Sulli, acl-ca» Ead, fiinvo-pc^re reallrlll, Trlpl* driner rwa 4 d.-a«M chit's. A!$o L^R Suite, 2 twrvll RtKkifj, rraJch'ftfl Scfa wlril do/it blul mlallc covlr^rg. Call Crooll, fO 4.4311. CASHFOR YOUR USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES RAlLpOAD SALVAGE FlTRNlTURE CO. O9 Wash. Ph. ED 2-27U 3 ROOMS FURNITURE ALL NEW $299.85 19 PIECES l-_»o!t bid l^-fnoltKIr»3 chair 2 -- ifep tablti 1-- offel t-'btt 2 -- Ifllnpl b*d · I -- Tnntr fp/log *naltf*l» I -- trt loiInQi I pc. eh/ocii dtnerra ter (--Ifllnpi I--do^b!« drenir Bryan Wilson USED Mattress $9.95 Springs $10.95 Bed $10.95 Bedroom Suite $49.95 Studio Couch $14.95 Used Electric Refrigerators NEW FURNITURE AlMD APPLIANCES Easy Terms :. E. JORDAN CO. East End Branch 703 Wash. Ph. ED 2-5531 Building Malarial! L U M B E R Cypress $75. up Hardwood $48. up Chatham, Miss. Ph. ED 2-8568 Timbers, Boat Lumber, Flooring, etc. Special Orders Cut E. G. NELSON iKan, M:» ti (0 ?-f,«5 CASH AND CARRY BUILDING MATERIALS SMI! *;xlr, Palru, Racing. Ic-*-- D.'ictl. Bimcd«l.o, cittlom bu.lf ·vcrr.«i. P'cn it.-vkt, fie* «^l : --a'ei, ·i^vtll end lot (Or n!i ea La» (tt^a- "PARKINSON LUMBER . COMPANY EO 4.452J cr EO 4 37/1 Service Directory 71! Main St. Fbofl* ED 2-81*3

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