The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 18, 1971 · Page 33
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 33

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 18, 1971
Page 33
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IOC CORPUS CHRISTI TIMES, Wed., Aug. 18, 1971 Frenchmen Drink To Wine Statistics Child Abuse Takes Beating DEAR ANN: My wife insists she has no drinking problem because she does not touch beer or whiskey -- only wine. This w o m a n lias not made any sense after 6:30 EASY WAY TO KILL ROACHES AND ANTS Brush on Once... Lasts for Months JOHNSTON'S NO-ROACH: Simply brush No-Roach in cabinets to control cockroaches, on sills to stop ants* Colorless, odorless coating stays effective for months. Harmless to pets. No need to move dishes* Don't take chances... take No-Roach HANDLED BY YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD HEB STORE Fall is Fashionable Be ready for fall with fashions from Godeke's. Come in and see our selection of plaids, tiueeds, solids and exciting prints Priced from $20. ON THE HILL Guaranty Plaza Lobby of black btdg. Bank Ami Heard ·Master Charge Dlner'i Club p.m. for the la'st five years. The nonsense and mushly language starts after her second glass of wine with dinner. She gets so blotto I suspect she might be sneaking a few in before I get home. Her strongest argument is that she grew up with wine (French family) and the real drunks are Americans who do not know how to handle alcol- hol. She also points out that there is no skid row in Paris, as in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. I'd like to hear what you have to sav although my wife does not care for your views on this subject because she says you are a well-known dry and a little nutty on the subject.--TANGLED BY T H E VINE DEAR TANG: One of the greatest myths of all time-is that people who "grow up with wine" know how to handle it. A l c o h o l i s m is France's Number One health menace. Those beautiful wines that produce over 50 million dollars a year in revenue have also produced serious problems--financial, moral and physical. Here are some statistics: The average F r e n c h m a n drinks more than any other citizen of any other country-about 65 gallons of wine a year. (Cirrhosis of the liver kills more than 22,000 Frenchmen a year, ten times the death rate for cirrhosis in the United States.) One-third of all traffic accidents and two- fhirds of all industrial accidents in France are caused by drinking. Alcoholics account for from 30 to 40 per cent of all non-surgical hospitalization in La Belle France. So the next time someone tells you people who grow up with wine know how to handle it and never get drunk, I hope you will set them straight. Continuous drinking of alcohol, whether it's fine wine or rot-gut gin, takes its toll--and the effects are the same for the colonel's lady or Judy O'Grady. They are," -as the poem goes, sisters under the skin. DEAR ANN: I recently learned that a friend of mine is taking gold shots for arthritis. She is a college graduate, middle aged, and reasonably bright. Is this procedure considered ethical or is the doctor a quack? The shots cost close to ?40 each and if my friend is being hoodwinked I'd like to tip her off and report the doctor to the local medical society. I have never heard of gold shots and they sound phony to me. The woman does not know I am writing, therefore I will not sign my name, but believe me, I am--WORRIED SICK DEAR WORRIED: My consultants tell me .that gold injections are a recognized form of treatment for-reheu- matoid arthritis. A l t h o u g h there might be a difference in opinion regarding the effectiveness of these shots, it is routinely used by highly respected physicians. (P.S. to all you rheumatics out there: Please don't write and ask me who in your area gives gold shots. Call your county medical society. I am not recommending this treatment nor am I equipped to recommend doc f ors who give it.) Ann Ldfidtrs win tx giaa to. help you wllfi your problems. Send them to her In care of this newspaper, enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope. © Publishers-Roll Syndicate Home Canning Can Be Convenience or Killer By BEV BENNETT S) Chicago Sun-Timat Home canning can be a convenience or a killer. When properly processed, 'canned goods provide inexpensive meals throughout the year. Done hastily, without the correct procedure, there is a c h a n c e home-canned foods may contain clostridium botu- linum, a deadly bacteria. Low-acid foods are most likelv candidates for containing botulism since bacteria can't thrive in an acidic environment. Pressure canning is the only safe way to process CHILDRENS SHOES Regularly $ 8 to M2 By ENID NEMY © New York Times News Service . NEW YORK -- The screams carry beyond locked doors and closed windows, but to the doctors who deal with battered children, the sound isn't carrying far enough. The incidence of reported child abuse in New York City went up 549 per cent between 1966 and. 1970 and rose again in the first six months this year. Part of the increase can be attributed to .a 1969 New York state law requiring doctors, nurses, .hospital and social service personnel and school officials, among others, to report cases of child abuse and neglect. But some experts see the soaring statistics as symptomatic of the times and a result of the American belief that physical force is legitimate procedure in child rearing. "One or two children are being killed at the hands of their own parents in this country every day," said Dr. Vinnent .T. Fontana, chairman of the city's task force on child abuse and neglect. He quoted what he termed "conservative" figures indicating that 50 children in the city died each year as a result of maltreatment. "These children, are beaten with instruments ranging from bare fists to baseball bats," he said. " O t h e r s are .being burned over open flames, gas burner and cigarette lighters; some are strangled; others are suffocated with pillows or plastic bags, and some are being drowned," What Can Be Done? There are no accurate figures available on the number of children physically, sexually and emotionally abused in this country each year, but estimates range upward from 500,000. Dr. David G. Gil of Brandeis University, after a two-year analysis of about These ore the newest l o o k s in straps, ties and slip-ons...all from famous m a k e r s ! Save on t h e s e quality values...just in time for back-to-school! In a whole array of bright new FALl colors and .materials! A few priced at 8.97. these foods. Almost all vegetables have low acidity. These include a s p a r a g u s , mushrooms, green peppers, corn, peas and potatoes. Nuts, poultry, meat and seafood are also low-acid and should be processed only in a pressure cooker. Usirtg a water-bath canner, the temperature only reaches boiling--212 degrees. This isn't high enough to kill all botulin- um bacteria in a reasonable length of time. The pressure- cooker temperature can reach 250 degrees under pressure. (A temperature of 240 degrees is necessary to insure safety.) Follow your pressure cooker's direction book exactly to prevent any danger of contamination. Unless you are certain you canned correctly, it is a good idea to boil canned goods after opening and before ta"sting. Bring home-canned vegetables to a rolling boil, then cover and boil for at least 10 minutes. Meat and poultry should be boiled for 20 minutes. Boiling at 212 degrees should kill the rare remaining botulism. If the product has an off-odor, throw it out without tasting. Note: Commerciallv canned goods, while generally safe, can b e c o m e contaminated with botulism. Avoid all cans with outward bulges, leaks or discoloring. If the can's contents have an off-odor or color, throw them down a drain --not in the garbage where the food might be picked up. If ever in doubt, it is better to throw out the product and waste a few cents than to risk illness or death. Barbecue Set For Couple Miss Denise Davis and 1 Clyde Parsons of San Mavcos will be honored at a barbecue in West Guth Park Friday. Hosts will be his parents, Mr. i and Mrs. S. H. Parsons of Hondo. The couple will be married Saturday in Tuloso-Midway Baptist Church. Miss Davis also was honored at a shower given by Mrs. Marvin Berry, Mrs. Ralph Bradley, Mrs. Virginia Bradley, Mrs. Sam Bromley, j Mrs. Howard Camp, Mrs. Bill Cox, Mrs. C. R. Hamilton, Mrs. Mary Kinard, Mrs. S. D. | Lemma, Mrs. Bill Meador, Mrs. L. R. Reaves, Mrs. Leon Shook, Mrs. Herman Stauss and Mrs. Bogner Stubbs. 13,000 child-beating reports in the 50 states, estimates that as many as 2.5 million children are physically abused each : year. His definition, however, includes all whether minor or serious. What can Ije done to solve, or at least alleviate, the problem? Gil, impatient of what he calls "band-aid" short-term procedures, advocates a "revolutionary change" in the val- · ue system that permits "the striking of children. "If we want to. do away with the phenomenon, we must do away with the structural causes," he said. "We shouldn't be satisfied with symptomatic treatment." Gil's first priority would be outlawing the use of any physical force on children "in the public domain." At present, he said, only two states, New Jersey and Maryland, have such laws. "There s h o u l d be laws against corporal punishment in schools, juvenile courts and child - care facilities," he said. "I personally feel the law should apply- to homes, too, but I'm not naive enough to believe that could be enforced." Gil, a professor of social policy, has found that "American culture encourages in subtle ways the use of a certain measure of physical force in rearing children." Permissive Attitude A public opinion poll taken by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago reinforced this belief. Americans in general were said to have a "culturally determined permissive attitude" toward corporal punishment. "Rarely, if ever, is corporal punishment administered for the benefit of the attacked child," Gil said. "Usually, it serves the needs of the attacking adult who is seeking relief from his uncontrollable anger and "stress." Gil's second suggested solution was "doing away with proverty," a sweeping recommendation which would, he said; meet with "considerable opposition." The p r o'p o s a 1. stemmed from his study that found that abuse tended to occur more often in large families of low socio-economic status and,.-educational achievement. (It was pointed out however, that children beaten in more prosperous homes were more likely treated , by private physicians or go unreported.) "And I believe that birth control' and free · abortion could also help a great deal." he said. Fontana's experience, as director of pediatrics at St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center of New York, and medical director of the New York Foundling Hospital, has also led him to believe that some women simply don't want their children. But he does not advocate birth control or abortion. "Any mother who has the feeling that she can't cope with a child, and doesn't want it, should be the responsibility of society," he said. "Forcing a mother to keep a child is wrong. Many women (who abuse their children) are really crying for help, saying, 'take this child away from me.' " Separate Children His remedial suggestion's include removing abused chil- dren at'ah early age frorti parents. "At 3, 4 and 5 years old," he said, "the child; is already emotionally scarred;" He also recommends getting concerned individuals to rfefp care for and sit with children of harried mothers. "We have to adopt a be- your-own-social-worker a 11 i- tude," he said. "The abused child is the responsibility of the community and society at large because, if he surviyes, he will strike out at society and become the criminal, or the battering parent, of tomorrow." . ; '' ' ' Who are the parents who abuse, batter and neglect children? General agreement is confined to only one factor. The parents themselves were almost always abused and battered as children. · Fontana is of the opinion that "the potential for child abuse is present in all ramiff- cations of society." a No lousy taslel Coolers for sale or rent BUIar PURIFIED OEMINERALIZEO At slores, from Knoln toultmtn or PHONE 882-533 I POLAR WATER CO., OF SOUTH TEXAJ ·1625 South Alamedo -*-«- i/ 2P o° FF BOOKS: Locher's Book Shop 854-3472 · In The V i l l a g e · 3 8 5 1 S. A l a m c d a Non-fiction Fiction Children's Metaphysical UHSCHiOli BUFFET 3 SUPERB ENTREES Daily Monday thru Friday 11:3O AM - ls3Q PM Fashions by Casual Colony $ Every Friday ^ FREE PARKING 300 N. SHORELINE DRIVE S H E R A T O N HOTELS AND MOTOR INNS. A W O R L D W I D E SERVICE OF itt SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER FROM MR. LOUIE'S WIG CITY. . . THE BELLISIMA WIG MADE FROM HIKALON FIBER-BELLISIMA IS TRULY THE FINEST WIG MADE TODAY! 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