The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 3, 1965 · Page 11
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 11

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Page 11
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Classifieds Begin on Page 10 ! Building Materials Bendix Decorative wood moldings ALBRAS nnodized Expanded aluminum 'Greenville's newest hardware" GOYER HARDWARE i Alexander 332-2495 LUMBER £ BUILDING MATERIAL Cypress, Pine, Hardwood SOUGH OR DRESSED SPECIAL ORDERS CUT E. G. NELSON, INC. Pho» ED 2-8563 or ED 27X91 i. Service Dlrecrory SfPIIC MM, or HDtle tanV cleaning can Hocta*. hon. ED 1-172? or 10 4 «8 TAKE ADVANTAGE -- Of Our -EXPERIENCED SERVICE DEPARTMENT For Service on Typewriters and Adding Machines Can TOUCHSTONE BUSINESS MACHINE 16 S. Broadway Ph. ED 4-3341 BATTERY RE-CHARGE 29c Rental 25c Per Day GUARANTEED USED BATTERIES 6 Volt $3.88 12 Volt-- $4.88 Exthcrga O T A S C O Oklahoma Tire Supply Co. 61? Wrjiiilnglon Ph. 335-2691 W. Service Directory ' DELTA APPLIANCE l . SERVICE j Co'nrrerelnl R*i : dnr-cl AH I'oter Aoo^icncti S*rvi:« 4 Btn : r% I · Woihet Pnili In Slxk !!0 S. Womjr Si. Ph. 5-1034 C!ll« or HO.TM FIRST CLASS UPHOLSTERING CUSTOM WORK REPAIRING WE BUY USED FURNITURE KEFINISlilliG SEE COOPEJ HAU HALL'S UPHOLSTERY SHOP '· F8EE ESTr.WATES * CO.T..I Htl»n o-J Shelby Sll. Ph. 335.M« We have Rags, Filters, Hose, Cords, for any make Vacuum Cleaner. Expert repair service. Call ED 2-5366 DELTA VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE 41. Business Opportunities FOR LEASE MAJOR OIL COMPANY SERVICE STATION U.S. Highway 82 East Adjoining Holiday Inn PHONE ED 2-6973 44. Insurance 'X" HMM * PROTECTOR ,,,.... ED 2-105« P6M16 Slnta F=ra Aati-t Still F«m llf Insnranct Compuy fl Houses £-or Salo 70. Houses for $·!· '^^·^·-·^·JSf^.J^ 0. Furnished Apartments ! 01 OH1AHDO. H:t«ly Turn. 5 tit Ou- 1 lex. Cob!* coiporl. ED 2-8071 . S UKNISHEO AP[. 3 focmi cr.ri bolh. Couo'f F 624 Altxard«r. * 17 N. IriECBMD. 2 B/S him. col. S 12.50 per v»e«k. Phom EO X.4398. S JICE 2 Roc.n Fl»n. Anl. Plivoli bolS. ':. ilili f aid. 540.00. EO 4.J6S7. UJNiyiED 1 i»» J B/B Aol'i. ISO ond 55 P.I mxilh. Con EO 5-1S91. ICEty FU-M. APT. wivn walking d 1- r^« of lewn. IV toblt, yiilillpl pad. ron« ED 4-A803. Rscrn lu'n. Apr. $12.50. 3 P.OOTM fi.ln. pt fcr couple, nol mere on« baby, SIS let. Icn. TV cablt. Jl 6 veek. Ulilillti aid. 1015 WnlH. Av«. ED 2-OK6. KEIY l-jin. Lpi'oirl aol. Fiwol» «nlroAC«, ^|F| nrtd ooroae. W CQbU, air cofijilkxi. d. Counle o^l/. J5 pti fciwirrv. All e.'ccd*.ay. Ph. ED 4-4342. FOR RENT Ipslairs furnished apartment. TV onneclion. 905 Main Street. Call MRS. C. E. JORDAN, ED 4-3M1 HOTEL GREENVILLE 1-5 ROOM EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS All Urilillei Pa!d. Plul Makj.S«nk. ow Mcnrhly Raiei On Slrtgl* Room*. Phone ED 2-8181 mramsHED ROOMS AHD APARTMENTS. CABLE CONNECTIONS, PEST CONTROL SERVICE, ALL UTILmES PAID. FOR RENT: ICE CREAM FREEZER AND POWER TOOLS. 7-11 MINUTE MARKET. MAY'S RENTALS FIJENISKEB 425 Alexflr^er, 3 roo-ni, ulilHipi ..565.00 514.S A!**ar««t. 2 lie. wn!«r .. JS5.00 625 Almcnder 2 loam, util.llei J55.00 130 N TKecbnld 3 /mi. ullllriel .. 165. OQ 60S R. Fnlrvlew, 3 tcomi J45.0C 618 Fdlrv:ew, 2 B/P. J wu:»f S60.0C Ml Wish Video Cabl* i Mowing Serve Ph ED 7 637* FOR RENT Furn. apt., downstairs, larpe liv ing room. 1 bedroom, kilchen S bath. Air conditioner, TV cabl working ladies or men. No child Service Laundry. $50.00 monthlj 1 Dial 2-7686. MAYNARD WILZIN tFATlOR Okil EO 4 4554 144 N. BiooaW FURNISHED 5?B.« f. VWker J70.O 120 H. Poplar 150.O t: Furnished Apartments 111. fo'n OCL. 330 S. Braaaxaf. 10.00 ptr week. Phorw 4-4358. Ui!NI$HED y D / k DvoIeK Apt. }60 r-onlk 61 5. Kyrrai. Coll ED 4-3843. '.«U Fuin'.htd Act. A c p ' y Rear 925 9. IU;Ui'd. ICt Fuin:,"-.ed Aol. 110 N. BrooaVar. o'l EO 2.5«. ICE Furr.. Aol. UM II., pod. C'cn 1". 50 Dir rro.'lh. EO 5-2W. 1. Unfurnished Aparlmeiils ll Aol 1. S25.00. Coll ED 2-6053. "05~~MArE! 2 B(« unlu i nl ihe d cjupli 01 Srooio'e Oli. S55 Her n.onlh New y d^co.o-ed Col! Do.ld W.lien. ED -0558 NEW LUXURIOUS DOWNTOWN APARTMENTS ? fc*dr«m un'tt. nill available. Fui- n"i|hed ocarln-e.^J also available- Ml eluciiit. Fot (uf:fer inlormalio^ caSli ED 2-W21 or after 6 p.m. 5-1869 FOR RENT 2 Bedroum unlurnishcd Duplex Apt. 322 Bcaiichamp St. Call ED 1155 8:31 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. HOMELIKE LIVING pocioul 4Vi 'OC-nl 2 bcdrconu, P'lvol* OUIf c^i'ial rwali^g cr.d oir wxiilionlng. 1 «le:rric New ortd Modem. MAIN STREET GARDEN APARTMENTS CAllED SO 2-CJ64 v 2-(W6» J. L. McCLENDON PEMTOBS 137 S. Horsey -- Phon* ED 3-8173 FURNIbHtD APAKIMEIJIS Downtown Aoll. 2 B/P. S 1 3 5 U rerj.willD Coot Aali., I tit S/0 « 445 AmcU. 1 B/R S65.CJ 7C6 Arnold. 2 BJR 550.« 704 Arnold. 1 tit KO.OI ilK'UENIM^D ^PABTMtNES 535 Salar.on. 'l B/R 550.0 362 O.londo, 2 B/P. S37.5 318 W A'ewndei 1 B/R 535.0 2751 H. Euoadji/cy, 2 tit S50.0 515 Dtllo 12-BSI 5J5.C Cullev APT., 1 B/R 555.C 112 Colheilr* 2 B/R S50.C 1B33 Old EelairJ Rd. 3 B/8 S55.C DownTcwn Ap!i. 2 B/R .. SH5.C 112 Beauchcrrp (Duple*) 2 B/R .. i50.C Greerwillo Ccvft Aol. 2 B/R J50.C 517 N. faa'.ai. ledctoroled S37.5 129V/. Yeroel 1 B/R S35.C 427 Reed Rd., 2 B/B S50.C 810 Hiohwoy 1. H.. 2 B/R Jffl.C 52. Kuoms For RPB( Mita loica bedroom wirh fcarri of ?3A Hindi. PSo-e 2-8340. BEDROOM ior G*rj!e.Txjfl. 153 N. S^elb Coll EO A-3Ji6. 1. I B f R 1-nL. 1wa ED 2 ICE .TM,ll edar. Coll B/S wli, 1. 555. ry B/R hore oruiwi. (60 D 4.4511. nlurr. 5 r ». 2» H. ov p!-oiia 66 . MAi. *ol (D 4-4. 581 M · ?j? Folr\-ie ?41 S Po !6 S. £'h 1 J4 S. Wo 545 H/./. 711 H b K K 2c3 Marfla 312 5'. J 62i t. M Sb. 3 ro.-n. h» 5V ED 2-53 It. IOW EOLJ W oble. AS35. l-fn-e. $6. nwi:h ED Tb-ee rrHr ro3.ii. 1 '.', in;'td«l. loo-i. S1I.I fbV'SAlE clo br.'K P-I-- I/ i n COI-OQB Di tn s c r.:ik ^on 1 S S li;i ^- V H ^tl^ :.;? M n? ^·37^5 cr i I [ouse 1 . ,|tou in i down to suit ollcc, EI 0 ]2 o C, 0 o 3 Bcdr » ar fi° c o tral air o Buill-in » disposa » kitchen » small e S105.35 " and in INV Houses For R*nt 70. House: For Sale i75. R:al Eslalo Wantrt Cars I'or Sale Delia Democrat-Times This Beautiful 4 Bedroom, 3 Uath, 2 Den Home, Central Heating, Natural Gas, 3-car Garage Approximately 3 acres land $45,000.00 See Lawrence Jacobs Sidney Stalling* Ph. 686-7255 Ph. CSC-7215 UHFUXNISHEC ' 554 Vlaftti S 5 0 0 0 ' B43 Cc.rt.BDe1 530.00 503 AbrcrTMi $0.001 J35 S. Delia KS.OT 420 WoiWn«!on S(,5.00|t.^uL 551 Abrahor, S50.CO 1-V11. "71. Houses for Sale 71). OPEN TODAY From 3 Til 6 P.M. 576 WINTER G1JEEN TERRACE GARDENS EAST THE HOME YOU DESIGNED Total Electric -- Central Heating Air Conditioning by Fedders. RODE BUILDING MAT. CO, Phone ED 2-7217 GREENVILLE COUUT APARTMENTS 802 HWY. 82 WEST (Exclusive But Not Expensive) 4 Rooms 2 B/R) Air conditioned. $50.00. Completely furnished $70.00 Rent includes water, TV Cable, pest control, landscaping draw drapes. Mr. Williamson ED 4-4086 J. L. McCLENDON Realtors Phone ED 2-8193 St. BEST LOCATION. Cotrp!«lely fun fuin. 2 B/H Drive. Apoly ' ed._ 315 riFFF ST. Call Sam "HIGH ST. ; laa-n, lifch e!«diic, 2/3 E!ec1ric .cnge. g-. Availabl* Call 332-72flB 7*. HOOKS For Sale Houses For Sale SPRING HOME SHOW O P E N H O U S E 3 To 6 P.M. Designed and constructed for Better Living, V1RDEN HOMES offer you a Lifetime of SECURITY and PRESTIGE Carefree Living Can Be Yours At Magnolia Arms YOUR WORRIES ARE OURS! · No Maintennnca · No Yard Chores · We Do Your Painting · Locked Gates · Private Swimming Pool · Private Parking · Covered Parking (Optional) · 1 2 Bedroom · I 1 /; Bath Ai/ Conditioning Hs3ll 529 McAllister Phone 332-648J For Appointmen 32-7288. o, kirtVei ·al $45.00 irrall fa-7 icoTM. to td back mc.i'h. o en High" Clay Sne. . . pc.-kinq of o-.i le-.ant. May Birld ng 33? S. Biaadoa/. 3 Phcrw 4-4358. Phc IvrjIeK Act. J60 r-onlh. HI »or. A C D ' V Rear 925 2 SI. I. 110 N. Broadar. 2 Co '·l-llti vcl C'cn 1" ;I 5./KJ. Un cd Apartments da .0 4 Roc.n ..nluin. On- Call ED 2-6053. IR unJuinlihed dyslei S55 oer monlh Ne* i 1 DcKlrJ W.licn. ED 25 1? XUR1OUS -|i NTOWN 1? TMENTS -I? nill available. Fui- $; also avoilablo Ml i _ fer inlormoliQTi caSli 1 jjj after 6 p.m. 5-1869 !RENT I nfurnishcd Duplex *\ hamp St. Call liD K h . to 4:30 n.m. n IT KE LIVING K 11 2 bedrcotm, p-lvolf: !-g cr.d oi. co-vinionlng. " and Modem. £ ERT GARDEN i ITMENTS 2.CJ64 v 2-076* - \1cCl.F.NDON EMTOBS ' -- Fhon. ED J.8IW D APARIMEfJIS 2 B/R .... S I 3 5 U O *DH.. 2 BfR S/000, ;R $65. CO ;R 550.00! f* *O.OQ HJD *,PABIM£H.i i B/R 5M.OO si 1 B/R 535.00 cy, 2 B/R S50.00 \ 5-15,00 B/R . $55.00 B/R $50.00 i Rd. 3 B/R $55.00 7 B/R .. $115.00 IDupIwi) 2 B/R .. 450.00 jedccoraltd $37.53 B/R $35.00 B / R $50.00 M., 2 B/R $40.00 cms For Rral oom wifh fcnrri of ?3A S. 8340. enKejnan. 153 N. Shelby. m And Board P21VA.E ROOM. PHsne uses For Rent Co'loge. 6?5 Rear tfcAl mon'S. Coll ED 5-2100. ·J, 2 B/R u.^fuin. Duple* . Bayd School diilrkt, SM X-3395. . 2 B/2 twui* t 1 Ln hojJE, bolh on Ci.a'Hgr 651 M. Bicad*ay e*ie.-.d in Greenville, 2 8/R ua ig» (entcd ba;k yard, ver hbo i hoed. Ava i ! obts no* lo. 636-453.) le.arxi. 3 blR vr.turn. home, Uv hen f* duiV.g ic^m earrb 33 cullclt In every IOO-TI All'c (an. carpari ft itc Juna 5lh. $100 p«r rr.cnih cr 332-6o42. OH RENT Wells Drive m unfurn. house om, dining room carport and stor . Call 332-6642 o mces For Rent L St., r.twlv redeccrcled. n and bcl^i, aMiC fnn, *0 cer n*.o.-.'h. Ava able ERGER ST., eomlo'loblE for . All renvenitn:ei. Liv'tr.g cm VlwSen, h3th, cieen- vrh Reval $40,00 oer Icble now. lira lc;alior» 8?. bcrwecn Wain or.c it evreilent for off-i1iee o-.a or moii triKki of Ihi r T. CROSBY CO g 61 8 Wnlh'rglcn .3453 N:C 335-15 L. McCLENDON RtALIOH rv«v -- Phofl. ED 2-81M FURNISHED HOUSES B/R unUn ho'.ll; 1216 Grcrr.*3r- F OB na ED 2-1738. R'* E tr^ill unlgirl^ed houie. 637 Rial An B/S wlun. houw 422 S. Colorcdo '"! 555. mo. Ph. 4.3343. 8)R hore. ircomli dining coom. 1003 L MIW (63.00. Call Mn. John Grlllm, 4.4511. ) inn. 5 .soTM l.«»a. IV obla. SJ5 IX) '« . ?;0 N. Pca'o-. Ar-ol/ tail Solmwi. "" Dl-oiia 5.3363. n.ghi or Soijar J- f'. i · MAYNARU WILZ1N f REALTOR 1 ED 4-4-^5* 144 N. Bfen^^n- 1 81 H »T«*TMT J«00 , 3J Folrvit. 185 CO ' 1 S Poa'o. $ « O C O ^ 4 S. £-h »50.0»j" JJ S M=in SJS.Ot- s iALF: 4 B/B liDuii by o*^ei. 1?S9 Wc^H 1 ^* lo 1^o va Dayrr«nH on r-ari- Gnt. fh. ED 2-7630, ·» 3 Pedio-vn h;x-o. Ca'l 2'0i-i3 a'ler JT ^ oon on 3 »/C, 1 Vj borh Ss-ve. 6 _. P - A - *' 31 ^: ^ __ ed baeLvard. C 12IO°E. e jo^*°ED e S-1444! OVELY BRICK HOME °" FO rroil d«l1rob'« local en, landMOPK 900 d two p«cai btaiinq Ittfi. J b*d ol 76 I:.. 5 Ton ctrfial A/C. bro-x.» "»w ·-f.i cob .^ei» a"d DpDl'arxei. d^ubkl :oii o-xj lo-g» ttcr^gi rcoin Sh:w-' I i 1711 lONCVLfW DMVE C r» o'n. 3 tfldijcm 1 ii!« baih. pane ^ pile lenttd bock y:nrf tc;o'ed r E-n etfrf fiKso! FMA *J50 d^.xn. ei apn-.-v MCO TCf-rK 1 ,5 TU, 1 S S63.CO KRRACt GARDENS 1 HbV-ui S 5 5 C 0 5 5 3 O^,i O.clt. Ic.cli 3 Bit. 2 hi'h c3 Maraaret EUd (AvI 6-l| .. 53000 bn:l r-CT.« cfnnal hf-31 c-rf a i ^onH.i ^-U Si Joitol. S35.00 ins. Cccr.Vei., «lr;ir.c Colored Rcnluli b room h»ui(. to'iDlela bill.. "1 Hilli 2 ED 2-53JI rt( 7-5WI. $13 M. Houses for Mile » W EOUilf. ASSUME lOAMi 3 P/R. / obl. 3« ShctkkFD-ci D..n. ID 4. 3i 35. 3! ^SME, 2 bedroom oiccliu'.lr n-w n-«. $6.750 Sl(» iail^. S52.50 o«i orh ED 2-8548 o'Hi 7:33 P..W ·ea crHtco-i buCr lu-nf. lorge tn~i-ly ^·1. Sll.i? C.Iei-c. Cell 332-7315. ^ ~ 5 M t R'f OiVNEP. 3 B/?. IV] hn-n. 1 T bi"K i-CTf, Pov O A n f t i i. T.I, i mum- roll. ^F S l f S S i . HE? CI-QQB Dn\*. Fhcrve r.35-7713. 1 ~-g~S CAllfcfUIA 3 B'^icpm H^e. ,1=1 bfT.i.KI ^.·dc^r-H In^n. Fr :-HI .:F. ^n.l'. h-3r,-r. p^nn uer^. St53.M S S h;ir- w.: 1 ' i'p.-'i- D.'^, n?Ti FTM; - V H ^tl^^l 5:r'10J roOi (inH tvoinj c' ;7 03 nr nw-Th Cn'l O.srer o' ED · 37.15 cr EO 7 7 = 7 ? . FOR SALE ! House near Lake WasliinR- ian in Glen Allan. Small down payment and terms to suit. Call Thomas Greenlee, ED 2-0762. 12S4 COTTAGE DRIVE GARDENS AUDITION 3 Bedroom All Brick home on arge corner lot. 2 full baths, central air conditioned, central lieat. Built-in 0^'en and range. Garbage disposal. Large family room kitchen. Carport and storage. Pay small equity and assume notes of $105.35 per month, including taxes and insurance. Call 334 -4333. INVESTMENT PROPERTY Three 2 bedroom houses in excellent condition are offered for sale for $10.000.00 for a quick sale. For full details call or see MAYNARD WILZIN CfALTOR Keal E^ara Re.i'oU Ini. loan Dlcl ED 4.'5M H4 N. Broadway FOR SALE 271 Primrose · 'A^err* 3 bedicorr.i bikfc v/;in 2 ^ | anlnl, cerjial Air-to-dilic^'ng and · n'.l b-jlll inv Eea-jlilul Ix-.disoM. ~. i SEi US ECU tXCtUSlVI USTINGJ MOYSE MOYSE ; WASSON JoV.n J. Ga-.non, Penhor T P. fevnoldt, Rfalter Fe.'d L. f,\3yi«. Realtor Pr.cne ED 5-3558 oi 1 Colt FD 2-8323 Hi:» r READY For OCCUPANCY South Bcaiichamp · lojo« E-el · ' Md^oami · 1Vi Bath* · lorgt UvTng loom · Fontltd Xilchvn ft Dm · Carport Only $400 Down Almost Complete 59 Terrace Garden East * Cernir l«T · BrUV V»r,««r · 4 ··d/oami · 2 Bolh* 00 pel mik-dcn. \-artj9 pan*, heauiifol 0 _ KitcaMd yard W 3JJ CALIIORNIA S T U I E T «.'t5 | S-all ri?*ft psvr**"'. no'fl i*-3 00 ·-· rn-h, CAUSKY REAL ESTATE 1 logijjrl -- Ji^n Ccut»y. Jr., Erolii Weekdavi ED 3-5J41 -- K-gKJi Sun ED ?-5o?3 ID 7-5351 Cape Corf Design 'I Ins home al *M30 Nnplc 1 ? Slreel is now bt'lnj; offered for a Fiiifill dawn payment ai«J monthly miles of only 552.20 plus in.xrs nr.d iiisuvaticc, ·'o'.ir licilrooi tis . I wo ha ths. arj;p Int. I'lnncndoiis Buy! · Immcdlnlc occiiptincy. i CAIL WALTER HERBISON , S^SS Nights 2-1S11 Dnys irj V.'OODIAWH ! 3 niQ« btriroo~^. living ro-^n, He-i. ? IB bn:'-i. nir ctvHii c^ : ng. renlrol h;n 'laderJ Id. OI'Y S-7 1,000 00. 1219 C, JCHtl 1 6/R, 1 ba'S, large Kvino ro-n, ieaa- crd din : na toon, kikMn nrH ri ~e:!«, fiir ccnd Honing. Becut ; fuJ yoirf i*ilVi kme. : KA teini. 10J2 DYE? 2 arqs BfRi, living rcon-.-d^'ng orea. iilc'-tn, barri a Mailed cerate. Lc:clfft) ofi tJtia fa:a* Ic! u'iih nu^nfrsui Sreei end ihubi. FitA lein-.i. Rufui Thorrcioi. Realtor M£ES THOMfVJr* RCAIH CO. MIERS PRATT N't* Phoni ED 2-714 S17 Hwv. No. 1 Soorh O'oJ ED 5-l5« ^ui.ia' Ini P Elf are Men law* loam NOTHING DOWN OR JUST A LITTLE CASH BUYS So-n-5 cl llies* l.itinqi. tJO Dsw.n Povmer: -- Socro JIOO.OC riewn - - nnd i-3T« a l ; iil» rrorB. SIVE USTIKGS -- l^o'ci fioni $50.03. 320 Ridg» -- SEO Bay --- 1475 Mctilyn 415 Siein -- 121? Fair Cct-cn 12il BuiT -- 1773 Corr.rlfa Dfiva -27 Pnrrroifi - 1317 All SoTnli W «n. MOYSE MOYSE WASSON C'isdM T. Wmicn, Rtr.HM T. T. Eevnnlrii, Kejllcr Ferd L. Mcviff, F.tailor PI.OI-. 10 5-355B oi Call F-O 2-3323 K : 1« 1 71. Colored Propt-rty For Sale FOR SALE Two houses in Metcalfc. Rnllic sell present location or will mov lo your lot. Small down payment and terms to suit. Also one lio'js in West Greenville. Call Thorn a Greenlee, ED 2-0762. FOR SALE TO COLORED 323-325 Watwood St. duplex. Eac side has 2 B/R, living room, ki icn and bath. Carport, har wood floors, panel ray heal, ir .·minted walls, attic fan, TV cabl $10.500. FIIA committment loa his slreel has been all white u 1 this year. Own your own horn rent other side to meet note Apply L. F. Bonncr. Fast Scrvk Laundry. Dial 2-7688. Irrsah. oir, ell po*e', 1^ m V SAll, 1954 flrmouih 2 d^or. Bcni d rev pa.ri. Yx/ VSCT I Don i ua llw c..:«. Cn'l 3 3 2 - 5 2 3 3 olirr 4 P.M. EXTKA CLEAN ml-c, c=wvf I', biaVal and I:D. rs owne^. Csr'l Wa»n« Homy, Ftlt SVooJ oi hji · ri-.sre ED 2-547.I PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS! YOU AREI Mobile Hocnei Big Discounts On Any MOBILE HOME On Our Lot SAVE ^ l o 5 1000°° SOUTHERN TRAILERS DISTRIBUTORS, INC. 1 «i. 62 E. fh. ED 2.875J 71. Colored 1'ropcnv For S»le · · · ' ' T 1962 N« Yo'Lei, 4 door i«4on. ulr co"dir c-ed. PTAB: t-iei-r.-j, po*«ri bfoVii. _. rod:o. hea'tr. «vf r,ih rv,. H 295.00. Con M John Cbl-.n. [0 5-1155. 8.1. Mobile Homes FCB CSNIi Air rwd. fo,l(r S53. n = . cc^cl^ Fh. 4-570X Gb»:^ Tfj ''.et Co';rl., MAKE EVKRY week end « va- cation in one of our Travel Trail- ers. Priced from $950.00 up. TBA1LEUS SALES, INC. M=b la Hc.^-.o Headawiiltti ol IK. Dtlla H ohvisy 82 [oil Phe-. ED 2-1773! 85. Trucks ]-"or Sale : $1828.00 ! 1965 GMC Pickup , RUSSELL Mclo/ Eoy'pminr Co. H.-Y. 1 Nanh fS. 334907?' SS. Airplanes For Sale FOP S/-IE R.A S I.G'/. 6^ H.P. li.i:u(nb. O A ?'{ c;i-V c-. .Tn bi ittn 01 Cypnti' !*irr*cft. ri'".-e FD J-33A1. '. Classified Display 71. Colored Property For Sale '· HOMES FOR SALE 1 Close To T. L. Western School 1 1253 HOLMES ST. 1 ^ hrdronms, largo living room kitchen, maple kitchen cab- inels with formica sink tnp t louE)le sink, central heat, aluminum windows, reinforced concrete foundation, 10 year guaranteed .10 gal. glass lined wafer heater. Move in immediately. $500.00 down -- $1.03 per month for 15 years loan. 91fl DALLKIVA 3 bedroom sewing room, large living room, extra large kitchen, inside utility room with washing machine connection, maple kitchen cabinets with formica top, completely remodeled redecorated. 5500.00 down -- $52.57 per mcnlh for 15 years loan. GREENVILLE LUMBER CO. Phono ED 2-2637 -- N1TE 5-2804 70. Houses For Sale ABIDE H( OPEN DAI ,1125 CO- ii Located at the corner oE Co the Garden Addition. I-'rom rado (o St. Joseph Street. Ti THINGS French Provencint styling, next to the gutters. This t ivhtch will last. Next in tlie lypc floor which looks like easier to maintain, though scratches. In the family ro fixture. By installing boltc n great deal of charm to way buill-ins are the only three year guarantee. That bettor produce is found on Roc" pattern on those dno We are sure yon will fine interesting, and comfortab! Quaker unit. We'll lock fo ABIDE Dial ~^--^^*^^m 80. Cars For Sale 80. Cars For Sale · ff.-AK'ofltE^f^^.^lf' *'· · -^'^^·^··**"2:r 70. Houses t-or Sale )MES MODEL LY 3TM6 P.M. FTAGE DRIVE (age Drive and Si. Joseph Street in Highway 82 Drive South on Colo rn left and proceed to Model Home. I'O LOOK FOR: our model home. H- is authentic even to the corbeling of the brick csign, while different, has dignity entry hall, we have installed a new [he finest type Italian marble. It's because of its high resistance to orn, please notice Ihe ceiling light r light Fixtures, we believe we add xir homes. In the kitchen, our Pre- appliances in the world to carry a proves somelhing! Another new anr' iur bedroom closet doors. The "Eden rs is really exquisite. your tour through our home most e, too, since it is cooled by a Heil- yoii this afternoon! : HOMES ED 5-1 163 «0. Can Fur Sal. · · · · · · -;.:'^^^ f iJ-^i'^ i |jH hursday, June 6, 'OS li^ C*rg For Salt J3^ SOMETHING TO CHIRP About When You Buy A Used Car From KOSSMAN VICKERY '58 Plymouth $695 4-door V-8. Automatic trans mission, radio heater. Clean est '58 in town. '65 Mercury Save Montclair 4-door Hardtop. Full power air conditioning, whitft wall tires many other ex/- tras. Only 2,000 miles. , t '64 Mercury $2995 Parklane 4-door Sedan. Full power, air conditioning, radio, heater, low mileage. '57 Ford ___ $495 7 airlane "500" 2-door Hardtop led white, standard trans mission, V-8, Continental kit. '64 Mercury $2593 -door Breezeway. Air condi ioning, power steering, radio leater, white wall tires. '59 Ford $65C Ranchero, radio heater standard transmission. Mud i snow tires. Boat rack. Read lo work or do anything.' '59 Chevy . . $79! Jmpala 2-door Hardtop. Aut matio transmission, V-3, radi healer, white wall tires. '56 Mercury $49 4-dodr Hardtop. Ful power, a conditioning, " radio, heate white wall tires. Headache Specla '55 Ford $6 ·62 Cornel ._ $89 4-door, straight shift, « cyl der. '63 Ramb. - - $95 American 2-door, radio, he. er, standard transmission. '64 Ramb. . $20S Classic 4-door Sedan. Stand transmission, radio, heater, , conditioning. Silver Crest W ranty. J '64 Comet _ $19* 1 4-door. Standard transmiss cylinders, radio, licater. 1 o choose from. Silver Ci Warranty. '63 Ramb. . $161 K5 Potrcn. 2 B/R M58 Irby 2 8 / R S50.CO 309 Co'orodo. 2 B/R 550.00 7!0 A-noIrl 4 B/R, 2 Balhi K3.00 2536 Old Le'ond Si S50CO 529 N. Stwroy. 2 B/R $45.00 1541 Sarvie. 3 B/K 165.00 70S S. Colita/i'o. 3 B/S 19000 1011 Co.~r.on, 2 B/R $65.00 640 totui, 2 B/R 565.00 1911 Hich'JvaY 82 E. 317 O'Hea SIB N. Hndl, 2 B/£ 510 Inei. 1 B / B 727 O-jein City lcr.« 1618 SpnKC, 2 B/R 1727 Qveen lor.e, 1 8/R JURNISHEO HOUSE «7 C^rry, 1 B/R S53.O, . 535.00 . 5^5.00 . . J50.CO . S50.00 . S53.00 . $50.00 $555.00 . J35.03 · Paneler] Kitchen · Larg« Pestled C Dlflerl* Family Re«n · DaiiDl* Carjorl · Slaroge Ream · Folio wlft · Dhkwoiher Brick F*nc« · Hens. « Oven * Fiee Elllmotal * t\on lervlct * FHA, Cl Canvtnrienal FJr.ancc Shapley Lbr. Co. 557 f.h SI. fhor.« ED 4-3181 71. HarMS For 70. Houses For Sale Houses For Sale 1733 W. Sudan-Terrace Gardens East FEATURES: * Beautiful Palio with Brick * Four Bedroom* Fencing * A large Den with Fireplace * Built-in Oven, Range, Dishwasher Disposal TO SEE OTHER HOMES Come By and Pickup Key at the Open Housa Or CALL THE OFFICE 2-5UI. COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE Model Homes OPEN 3 TO 6 P. M. WEEKDAYS 192 Lilac Lane In Highland Heights 3 Bedroom. 2 tile baths. All Brick Home 1545 Marilyn In Roman Gardens 3 Bedroom, 1J bath, Brick Home Greenville Lumber Co. Highway 82 East Phone ED 2-2637 DODGE TRUCKS DO DOUBLE DUTY. . .because the comfort's there to spare! only Dodge offers passenger «r smoothness in a full fledged truck. See your Dodge Dealer. prices start at SEE · Vic Carpenter · John G. Teal · Jessie Rice $1845 u, J. II. "fiunkie" Barner · Bob Elheridge HOLLAND DODGE lassie 4-door, station wagon, utomatic. Radio, heater, fac- ory air, Silver Crest War- anty. 63 Ramb. . $1795 Ambassador Station wagon, actory air, power steering brakes. ;. 61 Falcon ..$795 Standard transmission, radio and heater. A real nice c«r. 64 Ford .. $1995 Custom "*K" V-8. Standard transmission, low mileage. Two to choose from. Red white. Silver Crest Warranty. '64 Ramb. . $2195 Classic "5SO" 4-door. Slandgrd transmission, 6 cylinder. Owner's name on request. ^ '62 Volks. . $1095 Radio, all standard equipment, sun roof, excellent condition, owner's name. · HARRY VICKERY · LARY JAiHES · CHARLIE LUNDY · TOM JACOBS KOSSMAN VICKERY NOW AT YOUR DODGE BOYS 1622 U.S. Highway 82 East - Greenville, Miss. -ED 5-2311 Hwy. 12 Eut EO MIM

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