The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 21, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 2

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1939
Page 2
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All those interested in this contest have been asked to communicate with Harold Ryan or Bert Lush, who are in chaiafcflfethc, contest. Tuesday evening^eyfilftles will be a band concert by , Jtanchester Wednesday promises io be the gala day. Approximately 20 fire companies and 15 bands and drum corps will compose the grand parade, which will form at the ball grounds on State street and will proceed down State Street to Merrick Avenue. Howard Street. Main Street, North Main, Center Street and from there to the park. Following the parade a dance will be held in Municipal Hall. The general committee is Neil O'Harrigan, Jr.. Joseph Mottelo, and Harold Griffin. Grange Charts Picnic The Manchester Grange will hold their annual picnic at Roseland Park on Canandaigua Lake Thursday evening at 7 o'clock. General committee for the affair will be Mr. and Mrs. C. Owens, Julius Aldrich and Miss Clara Page. Manchester Briefs Mrs. Minnie Malter has been visiting a sister. Mrs. Kate Stein, in Dansville for the past few days. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mullin. Mrs. Nancy Poillon and daughter, Frances Kay, and Mary Lou Van Beu- theisen'spent Thursday in Caledonia Mr. and Mrs. Mullin expect to remain with relatives there for a few days. Barbara and Medlon Short, of Syracuse, have been visiting their grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Tuttle. Mrs. Al Andrews and children, of Rochester, spent Thursday with ner parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Galbraith. Mildred Fairchild is visiting her sister, Mrs. Kenneth Phillips, in Palmyra for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Vienna and Alleged Abductor In Custody ALBERT KISOR MARKS BIRTHDAY Lifelong Resident Of Aloquin Observes 89th Anniversary STANLEY-- Albert Kisor. Of Aloquin. observed his 89th birthday. Tuesday. Mr. Kisor was born in the Town of Hopewell. July 18, 1850. and has always resided in the ! Town of Hopewell. Despite of his years, he is still active on his farm near Aloquin. On his birthday, he intended to work in the wheat fields but as the | Crosir-r, Mrs. S. W. Thomas. Mn;. ' Nettie Phillips, Mrs. W. S. Thompson and the Misses Belle Kilpatrick, Ada Remvick and Mabel Mead, all of Gorhnm. meet with Mrs. Cora Crosier on Thursday evening. The annual Sunday School picnic will be held at 8cncca Park. Geneva. Wednesday. The three Oor- ham nnd Stanley Methodist churches will unite. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Shepherd spent part of this week In Middlesex at the home of his father. D. W. Shepherd who is very ill. General work at the Gorham kraut factory is suspended for a few weeks and repairs and improvements are being made in preparation for fall and winter activities. A large acreage of cabbage is under cultivation and a productive year is anticipated. The following recently were entertained at the home of Mrs. Lucy Coleman at Lyons the past week: Mrs. Louise Phillips. Mrs. Cora James J. Kehoe. 24, (center) shown in custody of police at Northampton, Mass, where he was booked on charges of kidnaping, armed robbery, unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon and larceny. Kehoe allegedly abducted his ex-wife from the side of her present husband and held her captive for 24 hours. thermometer was around the 80 desree mark he decided to do some ^ tinkering on his farm machinery, i Kisor clearly recalls the early happenings in the Town of H»nev/c!l. He was sorry to see the closing of Aloquin .station and the tearing clown of this building he .says, as this was the meeting place for a number of the inhabitants of the hamlet who came for their freight and to take the train for Oanan- daigua, and other places. He remembers when cradles were used on the farms in this vicinity is he used one of them on his father's j farm in harvesting the crops. j Kisor is the father of four children. Mrs. Charles Peavcc. of Aloquin; Mrs. Claude Johnson, of Canton. Pa.: Charles, of Aloquin and Frank Kisor. of Syracuse. Daily Messenger Summer Patterns, UP-TO-DATE 15c. What we know most is always the best. B u t . . . until we try something else we may be missing something better. So let's taste f- Distributed By ROY MASON Newark, N. Y. Report on Farm Products Gorham MRS. M. D. CONNORS Staff Correspondent Phooey! family, Rochester. were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Vienna on Thursday. Donald Vienna who has been visiting in Rochester for a few days, returned to his home with them, Betty Messersmith, daughter of Mrs. Prank Huffman, suffered back injury Sunday and is expected to be confined to Highland Hospital in Rochester for some time. VEGETABLES BEANS--Upstate, bu. bskt., Bountiful 75c-$l. fancy $1.12 1-2-25. poorer 35-65c; Champion $1-1.25: green round stringless 75C-S1. poorer 50- 65c; tender green 75c-$l. mostly 90c- $1; Valentine $1-1.25, poorer 75-85; wax Sl-1.25. some S1.37 1-2-50. poorer 50-75C. low as 25-40c. N. J. and nearby sections, bu. bskt,, Bountiful 40c-$l; Red Cranberry 75c-$1.50; Valentines 75c-$l; wax 25c$1.50; Limas $1.25-2. BEETS -- Orange County, topped, fcu. bskt,, round 40-50c. CABBAGE -- Upstate, White Copenhagen, sacks (50 Ibs.) $1-112. fair 75-85c: bu. bskt, mostly 60c; 6- peck hmpr., S1.12 1-2-25: Red Cabbage. 6-peck hmpr., $1.25; bu. bskt., 50-75C. CARROTS--Orange County, topped, bu. bskt., 75c-Sl, poorer, medium to small 50-65c, some lower; half steady. State whole milk flats, held 1B3S 16-19c; current make 14 1-4-15. GORHAM -- Mr. and Mrs. David Affleck and three children, of Hammond, Ind., have returned to their home after visiting their father. R. B. Affleck and family. EGGS Charles Lane, who has been at- Receipts 16.687 cases; market i tending the Boys' State convention steady. Mixed Color?;: Fancy tc ex- J i n Syracuse for the past two weeks. tra fancy 18 1-2-22 3-4c; standards j has returned to his home here. 17 3-4-18c; firsts 16 l-4c; seconds The Rev _ and Mrs _ c ; vde Hur i_ butt and daughter. Dorothy, of East Poestenkill, who have been spencl- - i ing a month in Los Angeles. Calif.. LIVESTOCK | and places enroute. were recent Buffalo JP1 -- (U. S. Dept. of Agr.) | guests of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. HOGS-- 200; few trucked-ins about jByrant Hurlbutt here. steady; 150-225 Ibs. S7.25-7.40; hold- 1 j. A. Emo. of Warren. Pa., a n d , ing good to choice rail run around ; Miss Margaret Rogentcorn. of Ti- I $7.60. tusville. Pa., were recent guests of ! CATTLE -- 200; no earlv inquir- . Mr. and Mrs. Garl Gates. i few loads crass steers and , Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stevens, of . slow but ! Akron. O.. are visiting his parents. 15-15 3-4c; mediums 15c: dirties Nc. 1, 14 3-4c; average checks 13 3-4c. i- for a heifers; cows and bulls Aloquin MRS. BOYD OLIVER Staff Correspondent ALOQTJTN -- The Misses Jane Pearl and Doris Frost have returned from Cazenovia where they at-" tended Camp Wesleyan. Mrs. William Detine and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cooley of. Canandaigua and Ed. Barnes of Auburn, have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Pearl. Jean Otterson of Canandaigua is spending two weeks with her j grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Char- [ les Isenhour. j Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Rad and i sons, were recent guests of Mr. and j Mrs. Orion Read in Rushville. The Misses Betty and Eloise Howes of some time bu. bskt. 50c. CELERY -- Orange County, various varieties, in the rough, various sizes, two-third crt. Sl.50-75. poorer and small $1-1.25; washed, half crts.. large $1.50-75. poorer $1.25, one lot $2.25. medium sizes Sl.25-50. poorer $1, small sizes 75c-Sl. poorer 50c: high ball crt. 65-85C. some 90c-Sl.! caum poorer 35-40c. low as 25c; bunches oi poorer 40-60c; quarter crts... 50-60a some one doz.' stalks 25-40c; hearts. bunched (dozen) 25-50c. N. J.. various varieties, in the rough, various sizes, two-thirds crt. Sl.50-75. some' $2, poorer and small SI-1.25: washed, various sizes, half crt, Sl.25-50, some SI .75. poorer and small 75c-Sl: htarts. crts.' (6 doz. bunches) S2- S2.75. CORN -- Upstate sections, yellow varieties, bu. bskt,. 50-75c. ONIONS -- Orange County. 50- .bout steady ^^^^^^^^^S c\ -- " -~ f\ ^ 1 ' ~ ^'^ sausage bulls S5.50-6.5C; fev: weighty kinds S6.75-6.90. CALVES -- 100; vealers strong to. 25c higher; good tc choice 810.50 to rrjostiy Sll; plain to medium 5189.75. SHEEP--300; part of run still I and | son, John, of Albany, are spending the week with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Stckce. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Richards have returned to their home here after spending a few weeks at their cottage in the Adirondack.";. j Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sidrnan. of j Svracuse were recent visitors at the j back: no good to choice onercd car-! Alien Babbitt home, ly: quotable stead": few cull 10 m e - j The Past Noble Grands' Associa- ! tion of Gorham Rebekah Lodge will I Want Baby Pads! The New Sanitary Diaper Linings. Soft In Texture, Comfortable and Clean. Protect Baby's Tender Skin . . . Baby Pads Are Used Inside Cloth Diaper. Box of 250...$1.00 50 for 25c C O N N O L L Y ' C DEPARTMENT STORED 195 South Main Street Canandaigua, N. Y. lb sack, yellow No. 1. 75c-SL poorer and medium to small 5C-65c: white 25-lb. sack, boiler $1.25-1.50.' poorer SI" pickles Sl.50-1.75; Mass.. 50-lb. sack, yellow. 75c-Sl. few higher. poorer and medium to small 50-65c. N. J.. 50-lb. sack, yellow 5c-Si. !5-90c. poorer, medium to small 50-65c. . \ PEAS -- Upstate and Maaisor Geneva are spen^nl ?»?*·$: ^^/t^ 1 with their aunt, Mrs. ^^-J^^bsST^elephon. ! I Myron Parks. i C. H. Isenhour and family re- 1 cently attended the annual Prun; er family reunion at Red Jacket. Park in Penn Yan. Mr. and Mrs. George Vogt called on his Brother. Walter, at the | Bath Hospital, recently. Mrs. Ernest Pearce and Mrs. Boyd Oliver attended a meeting and picnic of the Yates County Keuka College Club held at the Summer home of Mrs. Fred Guyle on Keuka Lake. Dr. Harry Upperman. president of the Baxter Seminarv. Baxter. Tenn.. spoke in the Aloquin Church on Sunday, telling of the work being done in that Methodist school. Mrs. Peter Gross and daughter, of Woodstown. N. J.. are visiting at the home of her father. Charles A. Rice. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Oliver and sons and Mrs. H. B. Moore spent Sunday with Captain H. B. Moore j at the C. C. C. Camp at Slatcr- ! ville. i Mrs. John Ross entertained a large number of ladies Tuesday afternoon at a variety shower in honor of Miss Frances Ric*. Sl.75-2. RADISHES -- Albany County, bu. tekt.. red 35c-Sl. FRUITS APPLES -- Hudson Valley, bu. bskt.. tub or open box. Dutches Mo- 1. 2 1-4 to 2 1-2 in. min.. fair quality 1 $1-1.12 1-2: Crimson Beauty, far i quality Soc-Sl; Transparent No. 1. i 2 1-2'in. min.. Si.50: 2 1-4 in. mm.. i $1.25: 2 in. min. and up 85c-Sl: un- i classified 50-65c. BLACK CAPS - Upstate. r:nt ! basket 10-16c. some poor low as 2--c. ! BLACKBERRIES -- Hud^n V;5l: lev. q\. bskt.. bc-st 20-25c. one jot I lancy 30c. poorrr and nnall 15-17c: 1 pt b'skt.. 12-14r. Western N. Y. ;ir.n ! Oswotto County, qt. bs-kl. mosllv 3P,r. N. J.'ql. bskl- 35-28C. DAIRY PRODUCTS BUTTER New York (..?')--Receipts 1.054.12- | His- marfcrl firm. Crfirm-ry: Hiuh- rr thr.n extras 24-24 3-4c; cxlr* 9~ icorri 23 ]-2-3-4c: firsts 83-9ili 2i 1-2-23C; l-2r. CHEESE For Peace and Comfort in The HOME or COTTAGE Here is an event that spells OPPORTUNITY for you. Here arc household specials that «?cl a "Cw record for value, variety and low prices. FLY-DED INSECT SPRAY moths, a n t s , reaches and burs. 60 x 76 Cotton Plaid BLANKETS 16 07. can ... 20c -- 32 oz. can ATLAS MASON JAR CAPS Quality porrrlain -- lini-t" rap:- that save liir.r ami got hctipr rc«-nlt5. BULL DOG Red Rubber. Extra Thick To Assure Perfect Scalin?. Side Lip JAR RUBBERS 5 kail 1CR8 WILLIAM OBAFPIJI Staff OorrespoodenJ IONIA -- Mrs. Henry Lay oi this placr accompanied Mrs. Julia Harris and son -of Pittslord tc Balavia recently where they -visited their iister, Mrs. Barbara Clarfc. Miss Marjorie Shcehan oi Cuba Mr. and Mrs. J. Earl Smith and daughter. Suzanne, of Fail-port, have btt-n calltrs oi Mrs. Nina Shc-ehan. Edward Smith, who makes his home with Mr. and Mrs. Ray I^ay. is spending two weelcs at a boys" camp near Rush. Miss Edna Bennett entertained friends from G-eneseo and Newark at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Abe] Bennett Saturday. Miss Eunice Howe?: of Rochester is spending several davs with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Howes, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Roe entertained Mr. Roe's father, brother and sister from Rochester recently. is spendinp some time with her uncle and aiml. Mr. and Mrs. Tiny- . mond Applcton. ' Miss Virginia Hart oi Ontario is a cuf-st this wcrk oi hrr sister. Mrs. Kennrlh Evan.-, and Mr. Evans. Mrs. H. J. ConMm is enjoyinn a two werts "vara1i r n in Vermont. Miss Brrnif-r CaTpenl-rT has a little friend irom Rocheslfr as hrr curst this wfri;. Rov Campbrll arifl -i.-lorO wrrr; rrrrn 1 aijfJ Mr.-. J-lnr.'v EXTRA HEAVY RUBBER CANNING APRONS JUNIOR INSECT DEATH LAMPS 108 WHITE CLOTH Bed Spreads flicnile GALVANIZED WINDOW SCREENS · $*·· wire M*sk. · tan Mclal sMcs. · Plrt*1 ccfrtcr Bprij · Adj»*Ublc. · ir*M". OTHERS TO Stc Mr. and Mrs family from P n3fM.s i-i Mr. Campbell. Sr. U 02. CAN HERSKFT Chocolate Syrup 1 CANS T:'i Mi No. FRESH 1 VIRGINIA Philhps from -rt P'.-iry ana O'o-.'i't- Rushviljf-. Mr. and ?drs. .lud.-^n have Mr. Phillips' mother Rochester as their cuest this i Herbert Davis. ?.'ho is employed ' at Strong Memorial HOSTHIA!. Rochester. is enjoying a ixo weeks" -»'a- cation at his home here. A number from here attended the Gallian services at Mendon Ponds Park on Sunday evening. The Rev. Howard Moses took part. SALTfcD iPeanutsi OZ, JAR MARASCNtNO CHERRIES $2 OI. MR RADIANT BRAND Peanut Butter « 01 CtUOfHAKI POPPED RICE 01 POPPED WHEA1 MHFISHMAN ' 5 c T o " ' l 0 S t o r e s n Si CHOCOlAtt lAftSHM AUOW J Cookies

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