The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 22, 1960 · Page 6
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 6

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 6
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Delta Democrnl-Tlmc.i 6 Friday, July 22, 'GO 30 Day Farm Forecast Evaporation To Exceed Rainfall SVO.NEVII.U; -- The outlook for the Delia areas of Mississippi end Louisiana for the next it days calls for rainfall anil temperature (o average alxwl normal tor this lime of year, Rainfall Is cxpcclrd lo total around 3 inches; however, it will be variable over the area ranging from up to 5 inches in n few areas anil down (o only aboul 2 indies in a few spots. Afternoon temperatures arc expected lo average in the mid 90s and night-time temperatures In the low 70s. Sunshine will prevail about 70 percent of Ihe daylight hours and will keep soil temperatures in the 90s for n dally average. The main (rack of low pressure disturbances in this par! of the country is expected lo extend from Georgia into New England. This will keep most of the heavy rain patterns soulhcast of the Dells, and rainfall will probably" be a little heavier in Iho south than in the north here In the Delta area. Rain is cx- pccteil (a fall on each Delta farm on 4 to 6 days during July as I lie f o « s move along that (nek. .Most ol the mid-summer vainfall occurs during the afternoon and early cicnlng hours and the next 30 days will probably hive aboul half of its rain between the hours o! 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Evaporation is expected to total over 7 inches during the next 30 days and will exceed rainfall in nearly all ssclions. Fields are due lo be open for work on all but about 2 or 3 days. 4-II Adult Leader Council officers, elected at Mississippi Sampling Agents Must Make Bonds For 1960-61 Season Cotton improvement groups that hnve submitted application for classification ami market news services for the 1960-61 sea son should sec that Iheir samp-' Your MASSEY FERGUSON DEALER JM EQUIPMENT CO. Phoni fD 3.7644 Hw y . «1 I. Summer Pastures Need Careful Care ling agents execute and file Colton Sampler's Bonds immediat ly, according lo Mr. Edward V.i Peer}', who is in charge of the! Greenwood Classing Office. Cot-, ton Division, Agricultural Market-! ing Service, U. S. Department of ADEQUATE WIRING -- Adequate electrical wiring i County, showed in the first place -1-11 boys' ele:tric d gress at Mississippi Slate University. essential B. T. Wigley, Jr., of Bolivar demonstration during State MI Club Con(Extension Service Pholo) Prompt filing will allow Collon Division representatives lo furnish supplies and necessary instructions prior to the actual movement of the crop. This will make it possible for eligible producers to obtain classification ser-': vices on their early bales without delay. get 'em with endnn Plus Methyl Parathion : ritow local reramrneadaticms. Alwajj nud tht labtl on lb» container. ^HELL CHEMICAL tSHEU , COMPANY W AGRlCUUTURAt. CHEMICALS DIVISION South Clnlborno Avenue, NowOrfean* 13, Lout*Farm By BEN MCCARTY Associated Preji Staff Writer The planting of late summer and fall pastures and weed con- rol has raised seven! questions rom Mississippi farmers. In answering, the stale extension service says if there Is ample moisture or an irrigation system, sudan or millet can be planted now. The crops would be ready for grazing late August or September. For planting these grasses, the land should be disked shallow and Ihen culti-packed following planting. ond etc I960, u lo-M-7 Farm Safety Week Declared In State Beginning Sunday I I - H 8 The week of July 24-30 has been!,, 15 . 8 designated as "Farm S a f e t y ! Week" by the National Safety! l 6 ''" Council, according to Owen Coop- president of the Mississippi! Safety Council. , 16 . 17 . 6 Cooper staled that farm acci-j 16 '"' s ilcnts have been increasing each year and have been proportionate to the increase in farm machinery. 'Most farm accidents involve farm tractors." Cooper said, "and large percentage involved operators wKo were under 15 years of age." The Council president commented that state law does not require operators license for farm equipment and "that is the way] t should be." "However," he said, "this does not eliminate the responsibility of he tractor owner lo see that the operator of his vehicle is a competent and safe driver." The Council president observed :hat practically all farms -- hill and delta -- are increasing production through the use of good machinery. "It is necessary for our good farmers to recognize the need for observing good safety rules while operating farm equipment in the field just as they do when operat ing a truck or automobile on '.he highway," he said. Farmers should apply lime as the land is fallowed and disked in getting the land ready for (all pastures. The phosphate, potash and nitrogen or mixed fertilizer should wait until planting lime. Clip Weeds Maturing weeds should be clipped off permanent pastures to give the grass and lespcdeza a chance for more growth. On pastures where weeds cannot be controlled, you should clip the weeds off. If this isn't possible, alternate the grazing. This will help the grass and clover come back and aid in preventing overgrazing. Now through September, the extension service recommends dividing the pasture into four areas and then graze each for one week. By the time the cows get back lo pasture No. 1, it will be ready Pastures shouldn't be clippet after the middle of August excepl to control weeds. And then, don't clip closer than . n ix inches above fie grouniJ. Hero's a report on cotton over he state: Coahoma, Qullman and Tunica counties: Cotton Is clean and has a good color. Washington: Cleaner than normal in July. Leflore and West Tallahatchie: Good growth, field: clean, stands good and fruiting satisfactory. Sunflower: General growth and fruiting good. DeSolo, Panola and Tate: Prospect excellent, bollworm and wee- fairly well under control, fruiting heavily. Humphreys and Ynzoo: Fruil- Boord cl Suotrvjion peicli cr. Voting S I lo 10.00 a. m. o NV, HWV. SW/. N'MV, NWV, MEV, S 1 /, yi/'f. tell 3. 4, otd NOIICE TO 8'DDiSS of \Ycihlngrc~-l Covnly. aturrlh Sscr-ci i.hc^r 1 k « folew:ng le-liunv A,,; rto 3 Agr. Agii · III it -rid ,-,. Ixrol l*c:i» lor 5 yn fiait for * y Itail let 5 ve . CLEVELAND WOMAN HEADS 1-H LEADERS - Mississippi 4-H Adult Leader Council officers, elected at Mississippi State University during State 4-H Club Congress, are. front row from left, Mrs. D. J. Land of Cleveland, president; R. W. McDnniels of Terry, vice president; T. V. Wade of Laurel, secretary. Back row, Mrs. J. E. Ward of Benton, historian; Mrs. C. L. Bray of Toccopola, assistant secretary; Miss Bessie Burns of Bogue Chitto, song leader. (Extension Service Photo) Screw Worm Threat is in Delta By G. A. VANDERFORD Associate County Agent Screw-worm season is here and will continue until coo! weather. NEV, NE 1 /, S E % NEV, SW'/, SW 1 /, SE7. SW'/. All fr'/i t«t«ol Soj'fi i H*v 82 Souih 600' o'ong Agiiu. rural B d en all ! Icr 5 , tiy patr QlCfXJ A i IDS'I Ccc WV, and «xleM^ n bovnda'V of Lol /, (met Soulh 800' 8? oid Weit 400' Agiicv'va! !*-JIB fcr S ony pot for 75 EITHfS wilh r - g*-i m ien OS b'd en ncn-cgs'c.1 e ^ y eait f g r 25 Aariculi^ial J«si» I lot 75 veart bkj in the pupa stage from 7 to 14 days then emerges as an adult Fly. The flies are ready to mate and lay eggs 2 to 5 days after they emerge. The average life cycle from egg to egg is about 21 days. The screw worm is a true parasite that lives only in live flesh of warm blooded animals. It is not found in cold blooded animals or in decaying flesh or vegetable matter. cn agricv'Jui-af fecit fo- wi-n riaht ol ir-ewal ip to 4 «l t" lei 1 AQiiCL-rvra! 1eaie for i y t 3 r» Agncur'urn! l«i e far 5 y«3-i AgrJculVra! Irai* far i yea^i icicilicalloot and b'd form rey be cblceJ ftf.-n lha a utrvii rf-e rijSr 1 3 rr«tt a-.y cr all b'di. my fcarvj rhij jSi 5th day cl JL^ 560. /i/N?--. a C. O'Bon.-cn Cotji-y S..CN of Ed.CQ'Icn BEMIS COTTON PICK SACKS BMrtfJ BIUE DURA-DOT ON DUCK AND fXfKA QUALITY DUCK FOR SALE BY ALL LEADING JOBBERS tig welt, although not IE Urge ai usual. No serious insect infests (ion, but poisoning continues, Brookhaven: Heavy rains gayi needed boost to young plants. Columbus: More rain is needed Corinth: Good growth end frui* ing. No excessive weevil damage) Jackson: Cotton progressing lxi need rain. Laurel: Harvest expected to bl reduced because of drought. Louisville: Cotlon ranges frofl poor to good wilh drought dam age. Meridian: Shows effects d drought. Tupelo: Prospects good 1 drought broken soon. ' "DOUBLE ACTION" COTTON INSECT CONTROL I AT NO EXTRA COST WITH VELSICOL KILLS THESE AND MANY OTHER COTTON INSECTS! · Resistant and non-resistant Boll Weevils · Bollworms · Aphlds · Spider Mites · Thrips · Garden Webworms · Grasshoppers « Cutworms "DOUBLE-ACTION" CONTROL AT NO EXTRA COST--Two of the most effective cotton Insecticides combined! QUICK AND LONG LASTING-Has both fast Killing action and longer residua! control after each application. LOWER COST PER A C R E PER DAY-Lcss material is needed and you can allow a longer interval belween treatments. ORDER ENDRIN-METHYL PARATHION FROM YOUR DEALER OR APPLICATOR TODAYI born calves, flesh wounds, wire; culs, etc. On suspicious outbreaks' why do users of TOXAPHENE-DDT (2:1 MIX) call the County ' Agents Office ! ED 2.0521 The U. S. Dept. of j Screw-worms if they are not con-; Agriculture have inspectors local-i trolled can cause a t e r r i f i c lossied in Greenville who are avail-! in herds of cattle, hogs, sheep 'ble to check any infestation and goats. Good livestock m a n - , w i t h i n a few hours after we have I agcment and prompt Ireatir.ent ;bfen notified. These inspectors i of all infestation wilh an npprov-;are equipped wilh spray rigs and i ed remedy are t h e ways to com-jother essentials to treat an infec- bat the parasites. !lcd animal. j Look for screw-worm in new-! The screw worm fly is bluish' green in color. II is almost identical to a species of common blow fly. The female screw-worm : fly lays her eggs 10 to 400 al a ! I time on the edges of wounds of! I warm blooded animals. A fe ;mnle can lay 3,000 eggs which 'she usually deposits in masses 'of 200 to 400 at four - ilay intervals. The eggs of Ihe screw- worm are placed in shingle-like New B.F.Goodrich "HT" doubles your tire dollar The "HT" Silvertown surprised even its design team when it far exceeded the performance goals set.for it. It makes your tire dollar work twice as hard ... delivers you a bonus in mileage, comfort and safety. GREATEST TIRE ADVANCE SINCE BFG INVENTED THE TUBELESS. / U There are REASONS why cotton farmer using the 2:1 mix of toxaphene-DDT make more money from their acreage: · Toxaphene-DDT kills all kinds of weevils --resistant as well as non-resistant. · It's the best bollworm poison. · Toxaphene-DDT is long lasting . . . keeps killing cotton insect pests clays afler other materials have lost their effectiveness. · The 2:1 mix is highly effective against a wide variety of cotton insect pests, including plant bugs, fleahoppers, leafworms, and others. You too can make more profit by using toxaphene- DDT as the basis for your late-season cotton in- Bect control program. A_JRIl 'TURAl CHEMICAIS DIVISION, NAVAL STORES DEPARTMENT HERCULES POWDER, COMPANY 21* RODE CENTER BUILDING, GREENVILLE, MISSISSIPPI masses and are cemented logelh- er. The eggs of ordinary blow-! flies are placed in a hapliazzard, fashion and are not cemented to- Sdlier. The eggs hatch in 6 - 12 hours. The t i n y worms feed in clusters. They eat into the live flesh in which they soon form a pocket. As (hey develop they assume a i pinkish cdor. After abo:it 3 - 1 0 days the scre«--v.-orm leaves the wound, drops to the ground. bur- "HT"OUTWEARSTWOSETSOF"BARGAIN" TIRES. Delivers mofe than double the mileage of so-called "bargain" tires . . . far greater safety, loo, every mile you drive. "HT" OUTPERFORMS TIRES AT TWICE ITS PRICE. You enjoy a smoother, less-tiring ride--plus better protection against road damaga and quicker steering response than some tires coiling tv,ice as much. The "HT" doubles your tire dollar. MORE RUBBER WHERE THE WEAR IS. Modern tires wear out fastest along the outside ribs. That's where the "HT" gives you exlr« rubber for «xtra mileage. SAFER...WORRY-FREE MILEAGE. Under normal driving conditions- even when 50% vrorn--the "HT" S'lvertown gives you greater safety than a naw low-cost tire. S A F E R . . . GREATER STABILITY AT HIGH SPEEDS. The 13% wider "HT" tread gives you a firmer grip on the road for more driving safety. NEW "QUIET RUBBER" TREAD. The B.F.Goodrich "HT" has a new kind of rubber. It cushions road bumps, takes the hum out of highways and the squeal out of curves. SAFER...GREATER PROTECTION AGAINST BLOWOUTS. Exlra tread rubber, plus exlra- strong nylon cord, absorbs the Impact of rocks and cnuckholes, guards you against Wowouts caused by bruise breaks, HNM».C A itt of nr» "HT*** miktt in ofd«rc«r rldt almost Jiki new. Jult $4 down it most B.F.Goodrich dealiri. 4 for *4 down DOW Of 4J4 Other B.F.Goodrich down tires now as low as QC Plus tax , ' a and your retreadable t-'rft Stop at the sign of the smiling tire *lnc»\n cr«i:i ;»m miliMe . . . cTio:c« of 30 day or Inrlgei. Smileage Bryan Wilson Tire Co. 833 WASiffNGTON AVENUE GREENVILLE, MISS. '7-11 Tire Company inGffWAY 61 AT 8 CLEVELAND, MISS. Stacy K el him Frank Rickets Magnolia Tire Company IIOLLANDALE, MISS.

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