The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 22, 1957 · Page 10
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 10

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
Page 10
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UJIN iri «O Os UJ UJ CN x £ o r-- I o p i While the USS SCORPION wos being readied forlier cruise to the U.S., skipper Dwighr Towers shopped for presents for his family in West Mystic, Conn. He brought o rod ond reel for Jfcyeor-old Pwighr Jr.. For his wife Sharon, he bought a-costty emerald bracelet, after hours lost in a futile search for a pogo stick for Helen, his six-ytar-oM daughter. 11-2.1 He had set his heart on a pogo stick since seeing one among fha childhood relics if Moira Davidson, a girl sympathetically aware of his inability to realize that his family must certainly have died in World War III. Distributed by NEA-Serfbe. Inc. l[P|'Cc) 19S7 by William Morrow A Cn., Inc. Top Schoolboy Patrolman O --I m w Literary Club Answer to Previous Puzzls ACROSS 1 Shakespearean river 5 Fenrod's iriend and others 9 Fairy queen 12 Split 13 Century plant 14 Southern state (ab.) 15 Of beetles with club- shaped feelers 17 Girl's nickname IS Trojan heroine !9 Of pleasure ZlLettsuK. U3 Sunbonnet girl 24 High note in Guide's scale tit French river : 19 Salver v 32Jogthe .memory 34 Femfrune appellation 36 Opposed 37 More concise 38 Father 39 One who (suffix) 41 Baseball's Williams 42 Actress, Claire 44 In a line 46 Acknowledgement 49 Annoyed 53 One of the Gershwins '34 Reserve 55 Oz woodrhan 57 Biblical garden. 58 Kind of light 59 Abstract being 60 Dagger 61 Japanese coins DOWN ! Bow 2 Offensive R E W A 1_ O t= O R E !_ R E A K R f\ M f R. \ V bi E A. Y i w. i s A M. E A e p i '?· E 1_ .A, T E= ± t= N £ N S t= D fr , H A i* T fci D fe e 5i p ^\ N T VI E T / E ^ u A l_ O N E A N E 1_ e |. R 1= N 1= ( i S A G E N F= A .-« ^i A l_ M O N 1 R E P O ·s p V E e R A C e= R 1 1 1 . f= ^ O V A l_ -·; A T 1 ft (= 19 E=. N 1 I E 1= 1 S ^ 3 Egg-shaped 4 At no time 5 Pouch 6 Hawaiian: greetings 7 In excess S Transmits 9 Stylized writer 10 Russian mountains 11 Bench (legal) 16 Skull parts 20 Exterior 22 French novelist and family 24 Ages 25 Biblical name 26 Poe and Whittier, .for instance 28 Natural fat 30 Toward the sheltered side 31 Length ' measure 33 Peace goddess 35 Epic 40 Rag 43 Ventilated 45 Birds 46 Ceremony 47 Ireland 48 Fool (prefix) 50 Leg joint 51 Economics (ab.) 52 Lairs 55 Writing fluid The Daily Inter Lake- Present* RADIO for TODAY Weak Two Bid Works on''Th/s By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service West'2 opening'was a good example of the weak two bid which is made with a hand just below an opening one bid in high c a r d strength and with.a good six cari KALISPELl GRAINS (Yesterday's MarkeU . Spring wheat 10-10.4 protein 1.84; 1111.4 protein, 1.86; 12-12.4 protein, 1.88; 13-13.4 protein, 1.90; 14-14.4 protein, . Hard winter wheat 10-10.4 protein, 1.76; 11-11.4 protein, 1.76; 12-12.4 protein. 1.78; 13-13.4 protein, 1.80; 14-14.4 NORTH A A 6 3 V K . Q 8 6 S 4 * K 7 3 WEST (D) A K Q J 1095 V J73 * Q6 * M)2 EAST A 8 V A 10 9 2 « A J2 4 . K Q J 8 7 SOUTH 4k 7 4 2 V None 4 1 0 9 8 5 4 + A 9 6 5 3 No one vulnerable West North East South 2 * 3 V Double 4 * Pass Pass Double Past Pass 4 V Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead"-- Double 5 Double Pass Q FrSdsy Afternoon 5:00 Special \Vire 5X5'EZ Listening ' S:15EZ Listening 8:30 Special Wire 935EZ Listening 5:45 Sports Digest «:00 Special Wire 6:05 EZ Listening 6:15 Mercantile News 6:30 Special Wire 6:35 EZ Listening 6:45 State Sports 6:55 EZ Listening , 7:00 Special Wire 7:05EZ Listening 7:15 County Agent 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 Counterspy 8:45 EZ Listening 8:00 Montana News 8:05EZ Listening 3:30 Special Wire 3:35 Magazine Review 9:00 Special Wire 9:05 EZ Listening 9:30 Special Wire S:35 EZ Listening 9:45 Square Dance Time 10:00 Special Wire 10:05 EZ Listening 10:30 EZ Listening 11:00 Special Wire - 11:05EZ Listening 11:55 Special* 12:00 Sign Off KGEZ - MBS, 600 kc Saturday Morning S:30 Break the Day EZ 6:00 Special Wire G:05EZ Listening . 6:25 Farm Shorts 6:30 Special Wire 6:35EZ Listening 7:00 Special Wire 7:05 EZ.Listening 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 Montana News 8:00 Conrad News 8:15Lake County Agent 8:3Q Special Wire 8:35EZ Listening 8:45 Christian Science 9:00 Special Wire 9:05EZ Listening 3:30 Special Wire 9:35 Story Hour 10:00 Special Wire 10:05EZ Listening ' 10:15 Highlander Phone . Quiz ; 10:30 Special Wire 10:3a EZ Listening 10:45 Serenade in Blue 11:00 Stars for Defense 11:15 EZ Listening 11:30 Texaco. News 11:45 Community News -. Saturday Noon 12:00 Game of the Day 12:30 Baseball · - · · 1:00 Baseball 1:30 Baseball 2:00 Baseball-Camel Scoreboard 2:30 (Follows game) Special Wire EZ Listening 3:00 Special Wire 3:05 EZ Listening 3:30 Special Wire 3:35 Teen Time 4:00 Montana News 4:05 Penny Arcade 4:15 Country Style 4:30 Special Wire 4:35 Top Western Tunes 5:00 Church Calendar 5:30 Special Wire 5:35 EZ Listening Saturday Evening 6:00 Proudly We Hail 6:30 Me re an tile News 6:45 Navy Program 7:00 Grand Ole Opry 7.-30 Special Wire 7:35EZ Listening 3:00 Montana News 8:05 EZ Listening 8:30 Special Wire 8:35 Magazine Review 8:45 EZ Listening 9:00 Special Wire 9.-05EZ Listening 9:30 Special Wire 9:35 EZ Listening 9:45 Square Dance Time 10:00 Special Wire 10X5 EZ Listening 10:30EZ Listening 11:00 Special Wire 11:05 Smitry's Bequest Time 11:55 Special Wire 12:00 Sign Off suit. Sometimes the bid works and sometimes it boomerangs against its user. This time it worked to a charm. North was not going to be shut out and from the moment he stuck in' his three heart overcall his side was in trouble. South made things-worse by his series of bids and when West came up with the killiiig opening lead the eventual penalty was a maximum. West's opening of the queen of diamonds was really, drastic and yet based on good bridge sense. His partner had to have a good hand. North and South had been floundering around desperately and had finally found some sort of a fit in the diamond suit and he wanted to stop a possible cross ruff. The lead sure stopped the cross ruff. Dummy's ; king covered- the queen. .Est won with the ace and continued with the jack and deuce. South dropped a high diamond on the jack and won the third dia- imod lead with dummy's seven. His next play was the king of hearts. East played the ace and South ruffed. This allowed him to make a trick with dummy's queen of Q--The bidding has been: , North East Sonih West ' 14 Pass 1 * Pass 2 A Pass T ^ You, South, hold: 4hS7 V K J 6 ·Q.1096S *A Q J What do you do? A--Bid three clubs. You are probably on your way to a slam and want to start proceedings by showing- your 'good clubs. Tour partner will not pass. TODAY'S QUESTIOX Your partner's n e x t bid is three diamonds. What do you do?i Answer Tomorrow Group to Study State Schools HELE}NT (UP) -- The Montana Taxation-B d u.c a .t i o n Commission has agreed to hire, the .Peabody- "Foundation to conduct -a $13,000; four-pbiiit study oE the $40,000,000 Montana/common school program. - ' The motion to hire Dr. W. D. McCIurkin, survey director, was made! by, State Sen. Charles Mahoney {R-Garfield) who heretofore has. opposed .studies conducted by outside · sources. · "We are firmly, convinced .we have a man with-bis'.feet on the groiind,"'Mahoney said. ·' ' It also was pointed out that state groups which could conduct the study are presently engaged 'in other long-terra projects. · Truck and bus transportation systems provide employment for 6,750,000 Americans. BAZAAR AND LUNCHEON V.F.W. - UpjUir* Hall Saturday, Nov. 23 Sponsored by V.F.W. Aukiliary' _nter wheat 1.71: barley No. 1 and 2 45 Ibs. or over 1.50 per 100. No. .1 and 2 oats, 38 Ibs. or over. 1.55, MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Yesterday's Markol) MINNEAPOLIS (UP) -- Estimated 11 a.m. (CST) cash grain prices: No. 1 northern spring wheat 234% unch. No, 1 hard winter wheat 2*Wb unch. No. 2 yellow corn 109 uncn. No. 3 Tieavy white oats 6714 unch. No. 2 rye 131'A down 1. No. 1 yellow soybeans 217Vi down 1. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Yesterday's Market! CHICAGO (UP) -- Livestock: Hogs: 10,000. Moderately active, steady to hlsher on butchers under 240 Ibs. No, 1-3 190-230 Ib. butchers 17.1517.85. Cattle: 2,000. Calves 200. Slaughter steers and heifers slow, steady to weak. High good to prime steers 23.0027.23. Sheep: 2,000. Trade moderately active: market steady; good to prime; wooled lambs 21.00-23.00. PORTLAND LIVESTOCK (Y«Jerday'« Market) PORTLAND, Ore. (UP) -- Livestock: Cattle 200; trade active, steady iu a cleanup affair; one load mostly choice 850 Ib. fed heifers 21.75; standard steers and heifers 18-20: iitility- conimercial cows 14-1G; cahners-cut- ters 10.50-12.50. I Calves 50; market steady; choice vealers 25-28; good 22-2n. Hogs 100; market steady with Wednesday's 50-cent decline; sorted 1 and 2 grade butchers 18.50-19; mixed lots 17.50-18.50; sows 300-500 Ib. 15-16.50. Sheep 200; no choice wooled or shorn hearts. He also made the ace of clubs, the ace of spades and three trump tricks for a total of six. Not very good when his contract was for 11. '·: lambs offered: good slaughter iambs lfl-19.50; good-choice feeders 16.5018.50; cull-good ewes 3.50-7,50. SPOKANE LIVESTOCK (Yesterday's Market) SPOKANE (UP) -- Livestock: Cattle 25. Nominal. Dependable demand for all classes this week at firm to SO cents higher arices except slaughter cows to 1.00 higher. Good 900-1070 pound slaughter steers at midweek 20.CO-21.10. standard up to 850 pound heifers 17-18.30. Canner and cutter cows 8.80-12.25, utility 13.50-1475. commercial to 5.30. Utility bulls 15.40-16.50. Medium to good 750-850 pound feeder steers 1640-18.80. Common to medium stock heifers 12.75-14.60. medium and good stocker and feeder cows 13-15. Calves 10. Nominal. Good and choice '425-500 pound slaughter calves at midweek 18.50-20. Good to choice stock steer calves 22-22.75, medium to pood 1B-21. Medium to good heifer calves 16-18. Hogs 175. No test o£ market at midweek. Sheep nothing offered. High good and choice wooled slaughter lambs up to 115 pounds earlier in week 18-18.50. good and choice 65-90 pound Jeeder lambs 17.25. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Yejierday's Market) CHICAGO (UP) -- Produce: Live poultry: Steady. 160,000 Tfcs. USDA price changes or additions: No caponettes; gee^e 26-27. Cheese: Steady: Single daisies and lonehorns 39-39; processed loaf 36-37; Swiss Grade A 42-44; Swiss Grade B 40-42; Swiss Grade C 35-38. Butter: Steady and unchanged 752.000 Ibs. 93 score 59: 92 score 59; 90 score 58 ; 89 score 57; carlots: 90 score 58W: 89 score 57'/a. Eggs: Very irregular. 7,200 cases. White large extras 49: mixed large extras 49; mediums 40 J /fe: standards 43; current receipts 37Vi; dirties 33; checks 34Vi. track 238; supply moderate, Husset demand good, market firm: round reds demand slow, market dull. Track sales (100s) U. S. tA: TdaVio Russets U. S. extra 1 occasional 4.004.05; 35 per cent 10-ounce and larger car 3.95: 25-30 per cent 10-ounce and FIRST AWARD of the year as the outstanding schoolboy patrolman of the month went to Ron Peckham. The award will be made each month by the Evergreen Lions Club to a boy deemed outstanding-by school officials in patrol work at the Evergreen School. Marshall Lowell, president of the Evergreen club, presents Peckham with his award. ,, 3.70-3.75; Idaho ,, ... ... _.. bale.mesh 10s hundredweight basis. 2 cars 4.50; 30-25 per cent 10-ourice 3.85; Colorado Red McClure 4.00; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley Fonti- acs 3.10-3.25; U. S. commercial A 3.05. Street sales-(100s) U. S. 1A: Idaho Russets 4.00-4.35; U. S. extra 1 4.30450; Idaho utility 335-3.05; bakers 4.50475; burlap 50s few 2.25; Oregon Russets bakers 4.75; Minnesota North Dakota Red River Valley Pontiac 3.50-4.00; U. S. commercial few 3.25; paper 50s 1.85-2.15; some U. S. commercial -A 165; Michigan round whites'few 300; 50s 1.60; Colorado Red McClures 4.004.50. CHICAGO GRAIN (Yesterday'* Market) Chicago (UP) -- Cash grain: Wheat: No. 2 red 218% N. Corn: No. 3 yellow 119-120H; No. 4 yellow llOVS-llGVi; No. 5 yellow 105V1- 109VJ; sample grade yellow 100. VSOats: No. 1 white 72 ; No. 1 heavy white 77!i:; No. 1 extra heavy white 79; No. 2 white 71. Rye: No. 2 plump 133 N. Barley: Mailing 118-126 N; feed 90- 10S N. Soybeans: No. 4 yellow Illinois origin 220, track Chicago, (Yesterday*! Market) ! CHICAGO (UP) -- Grains.were mostly lower after a moderately active session on the Board of Trade today. Grain futures dropped consistently from the opening. Wheat and soybeans were slightly higher at one point in the session but later followed the declining trend. Traders expected continued clear Osteopath Tells Of Seeing Aid EAST ORANGE, N. J. (UP) -An osteopath told yesterday of successful experiments in which a weather over the grain belt to bring increased offerings from produces. The CCC agency sold an estimated 1,750,000 bushels of corn at Atlantic and Gulf ports overnight tlirough the office here. ' In foreign trade,' Poland bought about 2,750,000 bushels of hard and red wheat over the past two days. Isi rael has been authorized to buy 4.500.000 bushels of U. S. wheat, it was reported. Grains markets. were Irregular at outside blind woman saw light by artificial means. He said the electronics process may be developed into a sort of seeing aid, comparable to electronic hearing aid. Dr. John C. Button Jr. of East Orange, who conceived the experiment, said it was conducted on Betty Corstorphine, 35, of Newark, N. J., last October in Los Angeles. During the experiment, tiny holes were drilled in her skull and steel 'wires implanted- in her brain. BUYING CHRISTMAS TREES Phone UL 7-2111 OLE LEE, JR. Somers / SKI S COURSE Equipment for Sale uew and Used Open Evenings Weekends 1Q Miles East of Kalispell 1 Mi. So. of Lake Elaine Road SAL E NORGE Appliance , Xmas. layaway Washers - Dryers - Freezers Electric Ranges ~ Refrigerators lowest Prices -- Easiest Terms Largest Trade-Ins Ever Offered Wholesale Deals ~ Factory (guarantee MclNTOSH MUSIC HOUSE With your local National Farm Loan Association, you can plan your financing years ahead on a low-cost, long-term basis. Farm or livestock purchases, repairs, improvements . . . every need of the fanner may be taken care, of .through a.' Land Bank Loan. FARM LOANS FEDERAL LAND BANK SYSTEM $·» '»r writ* RALPH W, KRAMER Phoiw SK64576 Bex'585 - Conrad Bank 1 Building | Room 2 0 8 ' . . ' ; ' - . - ; ' NEW STYLING! NEW SPIRIT! NEW FEATURES! Six new Big M station wagons feature smart hardtop styling --limbusine comfort--new power, performance, convenience! Hauling ;a harvest home from the nursery, ' car-pooling the kids to sphool, driving the crowd to the country club formal, you'll find your smart, versatile Mercury station ; wagon the "perfect new car for every need, occasion. 'For years America's most popular station wagons in their price class, Mercury offers even more for -^8. True hardtop styling that elirninates the view-blocking pillars of other wagons. New luxury of interior fittings, new smartness. everywhere. Limousine comfort with any load on any road. New power with a chbice of three Marauder V-8 engines that - deliver flashing performance, yet run cooler, .quieter, .and bri'less fuel. And, there's new convenience in the Big M's huge capacity; ifl. features like "the power-operated rear window 1 that rolls down .in to the tail gate (out of/the wayVlike self-adjusting brakes, hill Control; said many others. , Inc. Stop in. soon to see the full selection of Big M station wagons--six models to choose from; 2 and 4-door, 6 and 9-passehger. Each is distinctively Mercury in its beautiful styling; in its size, solidity, power, performance, and features. Come in today to see and drive your new Mercury station wagon.

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