The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 22, 1960 · Page 5
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 5

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Friday, July 22, 1960
Page 5
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Greenville Church Directory 4.00 p.m. HIGH MASS . W. JOSXttfl CATHOLIC CHUtCH 400 Mali tt. rotkn town Mvtlm. take fethtt Jomtt Cortull, Aiilitont Follitt Jamil Tayl«r, Aiihtanl Fo1K»t Thirnai Dtlcrwr, Aiililanl SUNDAY MASSES -- 6,00 Q.m., 7iOO , 8,30 a.m., 10.00 g.m., 11.30 a.m. _____________ 8:30 o.m. NUUERY In Farlih Hall . - lO-«) o.m. ROSARY, fAASS BINEOICTION 6.00 *'ttOlY DAYS Of O3UOAT1ON -a I Sunday bvi no nurttry. WEEKDAY MASSES - c.W a.m., 7.30 «.nx. 6,30 o.m. in Convinl. FIRST FRIDAY WAKES-- 6-30 ojn, 7i30 o.m, D.m. la it* chwfih. I0i30 o.m. In *ch*ol CONFESSIONS -- Sohxdoy HiM ^.00 W 4.00 p.rx, wvj 7i30 to 9LOO p.rru Ev* of Hoi* Dai* and Firw Filaayi. 6 lo friOO o.m. 7i30 to fli30 RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTIONS - A/v llm by c ppo'r.1 me nt. CALVAtY RAM 1ST CHURCH 2331 Wflhv,o» 82 £ail Rtv. John W. Coofcj toilo* tUbun Walkir, OoU D!r«t1ai Mr. Mttchill taint, Chuich Sunaa, School Moinlno Wouhr YoulH Choli Prodi'.* Tuning Union Evening Worihlp -- Nuriery available children 4 * PARKVIEW BAP1IST CHINCH MtAIIIiItt ol Havana Grttiwllli. MJtiltllppI David E. Sullen, Pailo/ W Rtmaid Boitui WlnUl.r «f Erfuc Hn. Hugh Nob!*, Choi/ Dlitclor Morning \Vcrihlo 8:33 A.M. SuvJav StKool 9.45 A.WL John D. Darfl. Sr., Suoe»lnl»ndint Morning V/«ihlp 11,00 A.M. Troln'ryj Un'on --- 6:4* «.m r D Joirfon. DIrertW tv,n-na Wor»hip --- -- . - « [N'jiiery latilitJei durl-g ol A FKOGHAM FOR EVERf P£R calU CREATES ST. MATTHEW A.M.*. CKUJO 514 M titan Sir FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH C«lotoda and Smilh Sri. MM I and W. Bo B Hl, MlnlilH a.m.--8-bl* School. Mr». W. t. I lliOO a m.--WcnVq Eervle* Si30 o.m.--CYF, Chl-Kho, Ju-J ftllawihlp A nvi i*JY 1* provkfed durl "fl t ll itrvki i will . - .m. wotthip iirv (Ks o*on:h( of - lh« You'h G:ovai will «t rt 5:30 p.n. fOUISQUAie COJPSl CHUICH T»mpororr Homi lull Altv. Stnit 1«Y. Mono Wtbb -- Fail** Mill Iir*«n F»rtylh, DIrtclar of Youth ar.d Mvilt ^«%dov School -- - 10.00 Warning WonK? - lliOO Peopl* EvangtllUk Strvk* 7r30 FIRST MEHHODIIT CHURCH N. J. GoUirg, D.D., WInliltr Tom MtCcg., Mlciilir o! Mwl Mn. Jom*i Durui, O/aanid Louii* low, D»w»n*li Schcot oi 9i33 a.m. G«wo ' , Monvrvg Wonhlp oS IO:S5 Rev. E-lil Iwtke'. Gv«' .n' Yov!h Oyrfi'al 5iW P.m. Yowih Fel'orfrthla o» ii-*5 E\t*i:ng V/orahia ot 7.00 c' Qfxl pioy«f. Evirytxw rn And EnJ AwhiU," la "Cc MAY METHODIST CKUBCH 12O9 Sfivlh Tbobcld Toator, Rtv. Moilaii AppI* Sdxwi -- - 9i« « Wonliip - 11.00 a.i SECOND MPIin CHURCH |M South IhfBbald Rtv. Conrwn SavtU, Pailo* oilM'f Shwfr Ph«nt ED 5-140) AM! Dfnclar, Ildmy MtKo/ iiu*9orr, Mil. H*teW Bright huKh OfFk. Phofl* EO 1-4017 jndoy School _-- 9.-4S c.i ' Morning Woilhlp lliOO o.m. pfiu froWno. UnJon 6i3Q D.r» MU MN . MU Evening Ww«Wo M;n.--2,00 D.m . Mm.--7i30 o.m , Tu«i.--9,00 a.m Wed.--7,00 P «n * We^--8,30 D m Thvr.--7.30 p.m. COS PI I ASSEMBLY H'ohwa* I? W. Itv. H. T. Ptlc« onday afternoon Kb!« Slvdr -- 130 D.m · nlj-si 8:00 p.m angellitlc 5crvlc«i ______ 7.30 p.m. ML Fraytr M»r",n B 7-30 p.m TAIIH LUTHERAN CHURCH Old Vilartd Rood A Dvfalla Way Riv. Ray A. Jac«b, PaiPoi fxfay School and B!b'« Oat* 9:33 o.m vln« Wonhte _ . 10,30 a.m !y Convnv*»lon, finJ Sunday each mc.irh 10.30 a.m NORIH51DK BAPTIST CHUICH I**. Coepir Barton, Poilor vndoy SchooJ 9.« a.m "oahip S twice* lliOO a m aln-'rxj Union _: 6:30 p.m. 'fninty P/«uK1r3 Setvlw 7i30 p.m. ·acKera Off let n Meeting WHrveidaY Ev«nirgi . 7.33 a.m. une-iy provlUtd loi «U nrvkfi. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH On. John Cat-In Orel. T. Ruiitn, D.D., MInhlir MJI. Stun H. Seniik. D.C.E. School V-30 A.M John V/. Yo-jna J;., txr.en'* Blb!« Clan ouoa Adulit Wofih'p 9,43 A.M 9,40 A.M 9,40 A.M 11,00 A.M "Cal! r ng Ths Slq-*oll Of _ _ A nursery will b« provided dvring I*-! o.-nirtg hour of woriHip loi cr-iltJre- rsugS tk ye«n of age. leniol aid PIcneiT Fellowihlp -- i P.M, PRESIYTERIAN CHAPEL Hunl at Nsith Paplor T. KuiKlt Nunan, D.D., M'nliUr imlrtg Wanhlp 9;00 A.M - - · . 9^0 A.M San a Smith. Svpt. Vacation Church School Ends Ai rinily Today Vacation Cliurch School at Trinty Methodist Clmrch will close onight with a record enrollment ( HI. Children from the kind- rfyulen, primary and junior departments will participate in the losing program ceremony nt 7:30 .m. and receive certificates of Ucndiince ar.d good work. After the program, rooms oE ach department will be open to HOLLANDALE CHURCH HEPAfRED, KENOVATED-Fire gulled the inlerior of the First Presbyterian Church in Hollandatc three weeks ago. Workmen are busy (oaring out (he damaged portion oi tlie church, replacing it, putting on a new roof and repairing cvlcrior damage. (Slail Photo) IMMANUEV BAPTIST CHURCH Highway On* South Robert H. Pirty. Poirot R. H. CPI. 5'J P tnnl«rx!.r,t f School 9,45 o.m, ;j S*tvit« 11,00 a.m. Traln'rvj Un:co _ . 7iOO a.m. Everting Se.-vrca . 8=00 D m. Pjarer Meeting -- Wed, nlgHl 7.30 o.m. E A S T GREENYIUi ChKJSCH OF COD Old lilcnd Read i PUktl St. Riv. Joti Watitni, Pmler -f SshooJ KhOO a.m, ng Wo/iWo -._ , . , ., .. iliOO a.m. TTouftQ Peoolo Servla 7iOO P.I Lesson Sermon Is Announced How scientific prayer IcaJs to Truth will he brought out at Christian Science services S-jn- fvangiliirlt Srrvk* -Milling Thwfi. . 8:00 p.m day. The Lesson-Sermon on StVEMlll-DAY A D V f H T I S T CHURCH 430 Al«*omf»r St. Bob Amnor-i, pairoi, 334 Ami DH 9,30 o.rv Snrurticy Satbarh Schco 0.45 o.m. Sciuitfa/ (teachlrvj S*rvirt BIKLE WAY TABERHACLI INan-Otnomlnotienol) Highway 13 and Hcn.ich SlnH Thi RIY. Ivin Itmi, Pallor Suncfav School , ,, , 10=00 o.m Ev«nlng S*rvic« 7i30 p.rn Scrvkei TuFldoy a-d lf-jnday, 7,30 a n HflBEW UWIOK CONGXEGAT10N Kirbtrt H»ntJil, tabbi 504 Mcin ST. B.OO p.m.-- Fpdnv 0:00 a.m.--Sunday School .0:00 a.m.--Saivrdov AlEXANDtt MFMOBIAL B A P T I S T CHURCH Jcr-iH, Mill. R*v. Chcwln Cook. Pail»r S^-ndoy School TO Sac/crrer Church, I Im'ng Urln (nlng ' · · tac*. S*v*nlh Day Adveniiit Hindi end THC SAIVATION ARMY 524 N. Biondway Capl. l-obtrl R. MIMfr Canvnond^nn Offic* SUUOAY 0 a.m, Sunday School 1 c.nv Morning Wojittp 30 D.m foung PecaU'i Scrvlc* i30 p.m. Evrntng Wcrahta WEDNESDAY .m. Hcllncn Meeting A1IPOR1 BAPTIST CHUICH 8«v. Jon-.ei E. Puflhj Pallor Sufidoy School 10-00 · ~ ' S«rvk» 11.00 a.m WMLJ--Wed. Prcrycr /Reeling W OtER CBEEX-GREENVILLR PENTACOSTAl CHUICH *2 E. and Alrperl Reed Rev. H. R. Uchardien, Pailor E*-v!c*» ond Sunday School «ach £ fron 10 c m. lo 12 noon. SciYke) cl 7,33 p.m. ScrxJcy. Sing'r.g ie?*im Sclvrday night. Piayt/ Meerrng 7i4$ p.m. Owlr Predict _ . . Thvridoy CMlticn Training F»Ilowih - P _ 6.00 a.m.! Sunday Ev«filr*o. Wonhlo - -- 7iOO p.rv. FUST BAPTIST CHUICH Main at HJndi ond SK^by Dr. Perry Claxten. Pairor 8cndoy School, ?!« a.m,, Mr. M_Try SEWACWJ 5U£JECT, '*E.if» l« TKa B f eod" Oi'n«« MiMiMi*!' 3 3 0 p.»"., Rev t. R- Alfo/d You'S O«ik ProcHc*, 5,30 a.m. THE CHURCH OF COD 103? liulh Ihiobcfd Slr»*t I«¥. A. D. OdTtmJII, PcilOf 1000 fl.-n, Sjr^ay School 1,00 a.m. Memlrvj V^oiih'p 5,00 p.m. Sund^f LW.V/. 7,00 o.m. Y. P. E. Se.-vrct 7,30 p.m. PfOYM McelinQ Wedottday UNION CHURCH OF JEIUS Highway 12 WfH and Hon.-. a * Tfc« Rev. Shad Frpil.r, Pailo/ SUNDAY SESVK:U 10 «,m.«--Sunday Schoel. 11 a.m.--Merr.lro WonHIp. 7^--Evening WonHr^, V/EEK DAY SERVICW rouih Own . 5,44 p.m. B.T.U. ,,__. . 6,30 o.m ivenl'ta V/o*%fi^p 7i43 Yotrrh Feffowth'n fc30 Hofv Csmnvtlon 11,00 Wenh'D S*w.«. » CO K.-b|Kt, "1HE ESCAPE' avatVcWi ter ctUldtlM THE CHURCH OF GOD Of P20PHE5Y 423 Hun I St. SurvJcy SJhocl '- '0.00 a.m. V/ar»h'3 5*.-^:to U a.rx end 7.M p.m. Pray« Meeiing 7 , 3 3 p.m. \Ved.-.avJay GRACE MtTHOoTsT CHURCH Thonni Si. al Alrior.dir Failnt -- C, C V/isB«r. Di. W. M. Martin. Supt, MYF , Choir un^ayi Jor.ic' ,,. 6=15 D.m, 7,00 P.m, 7.00 p.m. ZH e',15 p".n\ _ 630 B.m TH« CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OP LATTER DAY SAINTS Blench Pr*t.. Goidon C Html* 1221 Gfoorr.n SI, Phoni ED 1-177Q vnday Sihoot 10-00 _ _ 11,00 8. T. U. 3iurc}i Servlct Wednesday Pfay*i Ms^Jay VV.M.U. 7.30 p.r 73O p.r 2,00 p IT. JAMES EPISCOPAt CHUICH Cr^.rvill., Mllllllipp) · ERVICFS FOP SUNDAY C«letva]lon ol th* Ko!y Fa.-nlly Service t Church School 9,30 o.m ' nlr*3 Prayer and Sermon _ 11,00 a. ,«r/ --- 11,00 a. Y. P. S. L 6:00 p. PIRST ASSEMBLY OP GOD . Douelai Slon.. Paitar, Ph. EO 1-239 Chu«ch Snidf F). ED 2-7007 Sunday School Maming WoiihTp . Young Peop!« Truth" will include the following passages from the Bible (Luke 11:11,13): 'If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will give him a stone? or U he ask 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Dakei Eddy, including the following (11 27 - 31): " P r a y e r canno change the unalterable Truth, no can prayer alone give us an un derstanding of Truth; but prayer coupled with a fervent habitua desire to know and do the \vi of God, will bring us into a Truth." First Church of Christ, Scion list, Robcrtshaw a::d South Mai Streets, Greenville, cordially in vites you to its Sunday morning parents and guests to sec Iiome-|To DifOCf State ' ' ' " work by the children. The Chris-j Bapt | s | Assemblies Man Forum Sunday School Class will serve homemade icecream and cake in the Fellowship Hall. Mrs. Rny Mitchell is director ol Ilic Vacation Church School, assisted by Mrs. Robert Watson, Mrs. Bill Renfrew, Mrs. B. E. Williamson, Mrs. Charles Kerg, JACKSON, Miss. (AI')-Arthur Nelson of Jackson, Imsmcss manager of Ihc Mississippi linplisl Convention board, will twcoinc di- Cancstrari, Mrs. Paul Smith, Mrs Dewin Walcott Jr.. Mrs. Charles Mrs. Charles Patterson. Mrs. John I Morir.g, Mrs. Jessie Simmons, Gresliam, Mrs. Mary Moore, Mrs. Howard Wicker, Mrs. Bill Landrum, Mrs. Elzie Scott, Mrs. Rill Goodwin. Mrs. E. J. Taylor, Mrs. Paul Walpolc, Mrs. Don Miss Barbara Quiiui, Miss Marilyn Thornton, Miss Solly Irby. Miss Marsha Murphree, M i s s Paulcltc Walpolc and Miss Susan Seed. Dclln Domocrnt-TIniM Friday, July 22.' '60 5 _ rector of slnle Haptlst assemblies Nov. 1, Dr. Chester Quarlos, stalo Baptist executive secretary-treasurer, said today Nelson had been named by the executive eom» mittce of the board. He will continue his present duties with the convention board. WHY BF, A TENANT? Many excellent homo-buys at easy terms in the Classified nds. on the warpath with a fish, wilt he for a fish give services at 11 o'clock, and its 1 h i m a serpent? . . Jf yc Ihcn, nettings at S. A Tree Christian seing evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: low much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit ;o them that ask him?" The importance of prayer is also emphasized in readings from Science Heading Room, same; location, is open to the public on Tuesday and Friday from 4 to 6 in the afternoon. The Sunday School is at 9:30 a.m. AI1POBT BEVlVAl CEM7ER 460 Alrpcrt Rocd I* ». Gicre* Croti, Poiror SurvJcy Stfiacl 1000 a.m. WoriVD Saturday 7iOO p m. Holy Ghoit nlghl Si-rxicy 7.00 o.n. -- U,M A.JA. WtrfMiday 7:00 P.m. Prayer fci llJ: cr.ytir:*. A n«* tK-'fth H a r«w, eonvriunttv rNDE?£NDfMI B A P T J S 1 ASSEMBLY Mam=r*g V/o-ihif Evenlr-7 V/onHia Wednesday H 3 10.00 A.M. 11,00A.M. _ . 7:00 A.M. __ 7,33 P M :a*?. V/DL1 __ , 12:33 P.lft INDEPENDENT CALVItJISflC HOW CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEALS WJPR - 8:45 A.M. Sunday, July 24, I860 "ftOVV PRAYER HEALED A SERIOUS EYE CONIUTION" Householtl insects --such ns roadies, waterbugs, ants and silvcrlisli -- not only cause embarrassment.,. they also bring dirt and disease with them and can seriously damage your furnishings and other valuable possessions! So why take chances? Call the Redd Man about his special monthly service. He'll make for a small monthly fee the Redd Man will give you assured protection against household insects. You'll never have to apologize for your home! Remember, Redd Pest Control is a home-owned, home-operated business staffed by h i g h l y - s k i l l e d , professionally-trained employees ready to give you an appointment to inspect your home . . . and then reliable service. Call the Redd Man today! R E D D P E S T C O N T R O L · PHONE ED 4-3932 Me*tlrv7 Wed. KINGDOM KALI OF JEHOVAH'S WETNE1IEI 7100 Highway I? Eat) 3.00 p.m.--Sunday CKUXCH OF THE NAZAKENI 1710 S0rv» Owin W. Merit, PcW« 9.45 a.m.--S^-vJay School 11,00 a.m.--Mornirvji Wonhr» ZOO a.m.--N. Y. F. S. 7.45 n m.--Eve-u'ng fV*ncg* Pfnyei r-.eeiing eoch V/«dnivJay 7.15 D.m Valiant lOUTHSIDt BAFIISI OUttCH t W W. ll.d «ocd r.,. D=n H. »il. rc.tla SUT.DAY SSKVJCES M3-n"J V/erv^:p--II.CO Training Unici--i:15 Ev.nno Vrt-rfo'--7:33 WESP: DAY SEiVICES 7.33 D.«i. VVH-«i^=' F f o ^ e r J.'.e CKUKCH OF CHBJST 1010 Ccforerfo Harold Ktt, MiritUr A COMPACT WITH 72 CUBIC FEET OF CARGO SPACE? YOU BET! AND YOUR BEST BET IS TO SEE Chad Oxner Motors Highway 82 At Cedar Street MoTiIrwj Wonh 'a Evei'ng V/cnlvP Mfd WrtV B.tii S 10 10 a rv s 6-33 a.m.: / V/td. -, 7.$0 o n F1IST CHUBCH CHRIST SCIENTIST Rob«iUK^^ A Sou*H Main Slntl '.-rxJ^y Sch=:l fsr ix-D 1 !* fa *-· og c f T*pr.tY c-r^rres or 7.20 c n S-jr-icr/ rr^.-n'rva i-rvke ct 11 fl m. V/rdrfi'iav ;r ^j r-tt' : 'i or S o r*i Peodifvg roc", Tu*i FT!. 4-6 p.m. TIIKTY METHODIST CHUSCH WtAlli*t*f OF lob.rtiHow A, C. ItiVoo, Mirhltr Ecncld 5:hL"rl.r, D:mlc.r of Muitc 11-00 . " . S-OG f ~ 7,30 TEMPil B A P T I S T CKU1CH . Pfco/i* ED 3-38-47 S-jMoT S^K:o1 C'cit fo* «verc ca» 0 0 r-. Morn r 7 V/cnh*p l-iv.C* - UiWtf.ri B. T. U. __ -- ----- 6 i3 p.m S-jndsy Fvf-t nq £-r^;:5 - 7.30 P m Wi"4. Wd*«k $*-*» __ 7-M p TI. A fri«rtd!/. c'^J t:r!»».o' t Kirch tn IpKlTEO PENTACOSTAl CKUXCH K'»Sr«af H». 1 North ?*v. J. Et'ctd. Failar S'-T-DAY StEVlCE 10CO o.TM. Su-rtJf Scf-.wil . . v/cE»: DAY SERVICES .evJ^y 7,15 D ti. F-oter V*( / 7.*5 on- Yijrg PKX!t'i V e e J E b'» S\xf^. CHUICH Of THE OPIN OOOt Cc^-.»t ord Moil* itrtit FCJ! E. Huirti, r«»s/ E-c-id:sM __ WJFvt 6 3 0 11:00 o . 6-30 D -» IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY MORNING Tune To WDDT At 11 O'CLOCK For The S E R V I C E O F D I V I N E W O R S H I P Broadcast From The First Presbyterim Church Rev. T. Russell N i m a n , D.D., M i n i s l c r D8T TERMS WE NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH TRADE-IN 90 DAYS SAME AS CASH 00 DELIVERS PURCHASES UNDER $200.00 All Your Food At Easy Reach BIG C A C A C I T Y F O O D e Skilled O.K. Craflsmnnship · Close-Up Frce/inK Action · Ronus Door Storage · Fits In One Square Ynrt! · All Your Fooii In Easy Reach Down Delivers GUARANTEED TO COOL 2 ROOMS tf» l^SaSS!mK^^KXSSOSi^j3^"^^^^ t^ 634 Washington Ave. Slore lloun: Dally 8 A. M. To 6 P. SI. Sit. 9 A. M. To 9 1'. M. FKfcE PAUK1NU IN THE ItFAIl I'hono KO 2-1561 ^^·^·vr?*^^ 1 ^.:-^"^^^^^

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