The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1963 · Page 35
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 35

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1963
Page 35
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LEGAL NOTICES ^^^1 Published In the LAunon Constitution ^^H Au£. 22. 23. 25, 26. 17. 28. 1963 ^^1 RESOLUTION ,\'o. I ^^1 STREET IMPROVEMENT ^^1 DISTRICT NO. 119 ^^1 A RESOLUTION ADOPTING PRE- · c ILJMINARY ·COST AND PLANS. ESTIMATES OF ASSESSMENT PLAT. DE- ICLAHLNC THE .NECESSITY FOR THE PAVING Ot" STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 115, A.ND DECLAK-LNC AN EMERGENCY: SAME BEING THE U N P A V K D PORTIONS OF THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED STREETS AND AVENUES: "H" Avenue.- From the ccnlerllne ol 4th Street, lo ihc ccnlcrlinc of Uih Siroel. (.72 f'-·*. wide and 8" thick) ALL IN THE CITY OF LAWTON, iCOMANCHE COUNTY. OKLAHOMA. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE .MAYOU AND ' CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF LAWTON. COMANCHE COUNTY. OKLAHOMA. Section 1 -- Ttim iht *rrllrn!nflTy p\nn*, xhowlnR ft l y p l c d l section of the contemplated Improvement, ihe i'p* or typos of material, approximate thickness nnd widths, preliminary c*ilmMe erf the ccsl of such improvement and an AMrssmeni plat ithDUlnj; th* flrcn 10 be a.w.i.icd lor | ^j.-pio the paving of Stn-ei Improvement Dls- irlci No. H!V comprising ihc sireeis nnri nvcnues us set ou: In the title o( l h l resolution ns prcppvrrd nnd sub- m i t t e d by HENDHTCK HENDR1CX. ENGINEERS, nrc hi-rchy adoplcd And approved nnd ordered filed in -Jic Office of the Ciiy Clerk. Section 2 -- streets and nvei Beulah Severe, But Staying Asea MIAMI (UPD--Hurricane Beulah grew to "severe" 120-mile-an- hour intensity while steering a harmless course over the tropical Atlantic Saturday and researchers planned another attempt lo rob it ot its strength. A late advisory on the season's second tropical storm placed its center at latitude 23.9 north, longitude 60.0 west, or about , 625 miles southeast of the British Island of Bermuda. Highest winds of 120 MPH were occurring in strong squalls near the center, forecasters said, and gale winds extended outward 250 Fw Doytfnw Sunday High "Tunp^rohirw Expected THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION-MORNING PRESS, Sunday, Aug. 25, 1963 For Rent--Apartment* assi ified ADS TELEPHONE EL3-0620 miles in the eastern semicircle and 150 miles in a western semi- - The weather bureau said the gxiinea pig hurricane had a very weak sieerinn current and was . · · - n - j_ i n n, , · ·,· , -, r an unsteady northwest- showers in parts of the Pacific northwest and southern Plateau is predicted for ve I the the m ot IMS resolution; to do th« far out to sea and it will not nrrpssary prndlnp. to construct mnn- ho'rv. juorrt sower Inlets, drnlnape WEATHER FORECAST. Light rain for portions of the Ohio valley and scattered tuamuK nn uu.-in.uj ,»,. .,,., *.-i- showers in parts of the Pacific northwest and southern Plateau is predicted for erly course at about eight miles Sunday. Cooler weather will move into the middle Atlantic coast area westward through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys and into the middle Mississippi valley. The 'northeast, the Great Lakes and the Pacific northwest regions will remain on the cool side. Hot and humid weather is expected to continue in the southland. an hour. pipes, eurh and jjuUcr. nnd sewers ihr necessary connections to adequately d r n h said Improvement. SVc-tion 3 -Thai this resolution b* published In the LAM'ton Constitutlrrn. n dully now.*, pnprr o[ Jjcnrrnl circulnllon, In *«.ld Oly for six (6^ ronseeutH'e IssurS. Section 4 -If Ihr owners of more than on«- 'or '.he co,l of these not within fifteen nil l.v.t publication, HI* »1 Improvement.,. ,nld protest, to he henrd j ft' Ihe n r \ t reculnr mrcllnj; of the Cliv : -- - - . . , Ounell, nf'.cr Ihe CNplrnllon o! Ihe 13 researchers flew i n t o t n e rt*y period, then the Mcyor and Ciiy Council of the City of tjixvlrm. Oklahoma shftll riutr ihe Improvement': to be mflfle «ncl ronirirted fnr, nnd ihen tfiall levy ncscssmenlx nnd Issue Street iHlprvivrrnTil Bonds for !h ADOPTED AND ,\rPROV?:D THIS SO'Jl dny of AUCU5I. IKS. (si WAYNE GILLEV, Mayor ATTEST: ( R. M. DOr-SON. City Clery I\»d In [he I^u'lnn Oonst.'tutlon Aur. :c. 23. 2.V :'B. 77. 2S. 1?S3 affect the U.S. mainland, but all vessels in the path of this now- severe hurricane should exercise extreme caution," the weather j bureau said. I All small boats were wurned | against venturing for from port. Forecasters arc taking ndvnn- !.' the .re, o, U* ,ot, o:ece, .«- | * * Beulah ' S ^^l^enK rcei.i ot Around liable to Mwujmcnt! to run a senes ot experiments irovernert, shMi I lhey hope yfti one day lead to , S," aty air"! the taming ot Hie big storms, surh | The first experiment was car- out Friday afternoon when ' urri- n iwin-engine navy A3D jet and dumped about 200 pounds ot silver iodide crystals from an ,,.,,, Ca71e New U.S. Moon Program Boss A Quiet Fighter By RALPH DIGHTO.V LOS AN'GELES (AP) -- U'hen outspoken D. Brainerd Holmes quit as hoss o[ Hie U.S. moon pro- Area Men In Service wmm ^ em °f c ^ s ^ Wrt of ,he : R«»» » lot of.Peoplc Predicted hi. PARKING FOR SALE 1117 Oak. Ave. -- Nice 3-BR, tilp bath, attached parade. S500 will handle I his. 901 Park -- House, Jour 3-rrn. apts. Total 23 rooms. 6 baths, cyclone [encr. All furnished. 3- car i^irape. $5,000 will handle. 144S N. 40th. nice 3-BR brick home, bath (P-iK double carafe, beautifully located, close to big shopping center. Price, $16,000. A nice buy. 1901 Andrews, 3-BR. attached Rarace. Priced ?9,950.00. S300 will handle. 132-Acres land, wpll impro\-ed. 1 mile Irom Fletcher, Okla., on Hiway. 60-Acrcs oil royalty. 160-Aci'es school land wirh" 4-BR house, clnsp to Marlow, Okla. Price $17,000 - S5,000 cash. Ranches, motels, farms, call us. ir U WHnt to -Jfll TJM-- list i\1lh L ! s.' "ROY B. HOOPER AGENCY" S102 Gore Blvd. -- EL S-SS10 Kwillor £ I^onns Invur»nce X: Blinds Snk-imen: W. H, PHlmer , . . Kf. S-8SSS Mnrciis Johnson . . KL ~-10!» succesgor wou] havfi w be fl , Cr . 51a5 1S sl milar to lha ot ice ^ ^^ and wcai-hci-men hope thai b.v m- ^ » jectins the crystals ihe bip S . T H .^^ ^ . p fw g ^ ^^ ^^ Dp GMrRfi E Mud _ ]cr (pronounced Mi]1( , r) Iaj(e5 ovcr j H f l l m e s , job , n Washing , on - can be "fooled" inlo converting some ol its energy into ice. Results ot Friday's seeding experiment and ihe one planned later Saturday won't be kno\TM for weeks. Another American Dies In Viet Nam Comparpd wilh Ho , mM fmd \Vcbb, ex-professor Mueller is . quiet, but there his resemblance ; lo the forecast imace ends, | He is a brilliant scienlisf -- not j Ju. a plucser -- and when con- j vincerl he is riRlil, Friends say. | he'll do more than aiinJe -- he will j SAIGON, South Viet Nam (UPP j -- A b S. soldier was tailed and * , . .SAMM1E G. HURST ! Aviation Cadet Sammie G. Hurs! emotional murh more, o( Fre dnrick, Okla., has entered I United Slates Air Force naviqaior I training at James Connally AFB, ; Te.vas. another wounded Friday when · . - , . Viet Cong guerrillas ambushed a| s o , t ! ;. a n nis alinosi as. unit of anti-Communist mountain i ^ figure hmt. Mueller OUCP tribesmen in the central highlands | * a launcn control panol ar jun-le 30 miles north ol here, « ; Canaveral. Fla.. for more than 20 WHS roponed Saturtav. ' | "^ ^bM. rert. ' Cadet Hum! «*o allcndrf Ok- An .\ military spokes-' H* w sj 40 then, but he wore · '^oma Slate University, will roman said the victims were amone: younger men to exhaustion fid-, CVIVP H radar and celestial nav,- tour Americans heading * unit of j dlim with diak trying fuulely lo i ^'°." ""atnine in Air lorcc T-2D MontaRnard tribesmen, i make the third-sla-e injection! ^'\" K Classroom aircraft. 11« i rockets of ill-fated Pioneer 1 fire I wl " * ""'arded the silvpr w,n E 5 about 40 Thev had set up camp in when the Viet ConK at- | "nd eo in:o orbit around Ohn moon, i of a navigator and a commission ' The bird jusl wasn't respondinK : ** a »cwnd lieutenant upon corn- tacked. A V. S. Army Special Forces serceant was killed -- the 106th , American to die in the South Viet TM R lfst Nam campaign. to radio commands. But Mueller ' plction of the course. Cattle Specialist Says Prime Cuts Are Losing Favor TULSA (AP) -- Hot doss, ham- liurjrers and minute fleaks add up lo dark days for caltlemen, a bcel caille specialist says. "To build a teller cattle busi ness, \vc must continue to be a steak and rib roast eatins coun- Iry," said James I I . Warner. Ohio Slals University professor and sec- i relary of :he Ohio Caille Feeders Association. Tlie problem, he said while here on a lour with Ohio cattle feeders, is l h a t minule steaks and similar products are takinp over from such aits as T-bone and .sirloin and I h e demand for lop qua]- iiy beef i. 1 * diniinishtnp. Meal packers and retailers "are makinc Rroaler profits by djlulinp the meat « iih cracker crumbs and f a t , " Warner said, "They don'l need the top quality beef any more." This is ihe type beef Oklahoma caltlemen raise. "Why buy « steer at 128 n hundred (pounds! and urinrj him inio hamburger?" Warner nsked. He said (he housmHfe can't lell the diffrrence and that much nl ihe ground meal, at least in the pasi. is "culled milk rows" which sell for J20 a hunrii-nd pounds or Ins.i. Lawton Constitntion and Lawton Morning Press CLASSIFIED RATES Ont Insertion Inauffe puDHcoUon in ootf. ihc Constitution and Momlnj* Prc.«. Sunday LnserUon coun^ w 1 ilmc. In compuiln* Uie cort ot your «d. count each word, numbtr. nbbrevlnuon or 1:ilMiu BI one v^Trd: mch word Ui the address aa one w o r d ; telephone n u m - bers u on* word Capitalized ncadlnRii and words nre counted doublo or 10 words Per line. Extra srrvlce charge ot 50 cents br on All adi rtqulrtr.B "blJ boT numSeri. Minimum fid--10 words One or two continuous ^sertions, per word per day i Three or four continuoui Insertion^, per word per clay , TRAILER .house, private JoL Couple, no chjldren or pcli. AvaJjnbJc September 13. 2S02 BrJdwIn. . NICE 2 bedroom .lurnJuhcd duplex. Inn u l r c 2S02 North 17th or 1707 Llndy^ furnished .1 rtjonr. ftpn.rtmRnL, air conditioned, TV Antenna, couplr. 505 Ar- llnnLnn. Lovely 1, 2, 3 bedroom furnished apartments. AU itijities paid. Washing [acuities. J75.00 And Up! Office 2302 Williams Dial EL5-2668 For Rent--Houses HOUSE for miL Stc at 708 North 21M or call EL3-31S3. 2012 NORTH 40TH 3 Brdrcnm, i^i baths, CB.-p«lcd. near school and Cache Roid Squore. CIS per month. 1 ROOM lunlnhcd house, J45 per monL 1 !. h i l l s pnjd. WJ!| cxchnncc part nf rent for part time houycwork. 1111 LflXe. G ROOM unrumlshcd. :509 LjLXt,~KL2- M55, _ 2 BEDROOM unlurnl.ihrd with s:ovc imd re/rlj?crtitor. /cncpd yard. Sia blocks from FL Sill shopping center nnd crnde school Cill ton Parks EL3-J53S, ELS- ? ROOM furnished house. 314 SouLh 7th. FCH.MSIIED T room!. l«i baths, rarpr:, drnpe.;. rc.'.-lRcralfrri nlr. pl.-Lno. TV. *v.i:,hcr. dryer, frncerl, r.enr KfAdc nnJ hlch school, M i n i m u m J veir lease ^i50 13-i Maple EL3-:S.|S. U.NFURMISHErj '· brdroom liouse. at- t x c h ^ cur.ise. tcnrcd ynrd. a u l o m n M c wisher facilities, ncod conaition. ii.i. rcsldenlldl »rc-a. near school. I3K Oalti . Phone EL3-(;9J: or EL5-.1333 ! : NICELY furnished 2 brdroom rtuple.\ p . ^ - ?c u M l l t y room, fenced ynrd. bills £ paid. Cull ELS-37-19 or ELJ-2533. ft FURNISHED 3 ronm flnr couple, n i r c o n d l l l o n c d , ]5)6 Lincoln. sc npnrtmcnl. j u M I M I r s p«ld. i FURNISHED npnrimcnL 1109 jb. phone I - EL5-i!C39. ' ~" 11.T : - C. Ur.fumlshird S room.'. rcHjin.i 2 tiruh* Will n!r con( dcslrcil. Call EL5-1M1. Has Clecn, Unfurnished 2-BEDROOM H O U S E larpe rive or more conttnuom InscrHooi. per word per day Tweniy-sLx continuous Insertions (one month) per word 4c I with the task until all hope I The cadol son o' Mr. and Pr* can 'l afford In Ihe markel in-nds." Business Directory · I N S U R A N C E I N S U R A N C E I Mrs. Sam L. Hurst of 501 E. l/ That was five years URO. | belia, Frederick. Today, in his white-carpeted o f - 1 Jicc at Space Technology Labora- j lories, where Mueller is rice president lor research and develop-: ment. the only personal object vis- sible is a keepsake dating back lo lhat period of his life. It's a plastic-imbedded fragment of an unnamed 195S rockrt which Muoller calls Pioneer 0. Moon-aimed, too. Ihis rocket blow up during launch. The fragment is .Roing with him wlvn he moves to Washintrton as packnrn wvuH U we plan lo stay In busln"ss. "Tlici-pfore nearly all 111" brrf comlne inlo Ohio "i,« Icnv rjunliiy Jrom lh» south.' 1 Procns.ion; wid rojallpr!; nn; lr r - Inp lo sell houxrwivni; on proccssc'd mpalF. which offrr ercnlrr profit n|r»rluf)ilic5. Warner sflid, and "i';mchrrs mu.«i orx-n I h e i r OMTI cnmp;ili;n lownrd Ihc Irndilionnl i cum ol nicBl." 633-1 O rd o( rnrLiia ana In Memoriuni N'oUc^i tike miri HJ tbo^e. .Minimum chnr^t J2-OQ. R raC your ad. Rtport uiy error inj- mcdln'.cly. The ConaUtUtJon iunj Morn- l n / P r t » j will aoi b* responilblfl for rnorr Lnan ont Incorrect Insertion ot any ndvprUiemcnl, An fXir* biacrtlcn DEADLINES: Week Duj's \ p.m. dny b*(ort pubU- Sundiyi 1J a.m. Saturday, -KILL" DEADUMES: 9 n.m. Dfty of PubllcRLJon. rhe Cl«"lfife Dcpurtiiipni wtll tw oprr week Hays trnm 8 Lm. tfl 5:30 p.m. SAiurdNyj C a_m. lo U noon. Coieo Sundnyi. Qassilied advertlseraenls are due and pnyflble on the losl day advertisement anpears In the paper. IT'S SO EASY TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT Dial EL 3-0620 and ask for "dassiDed" REDECORATED 3 room, prlvuli- hntn. ; new f u r n l t u r r , ndul'..«. I n q u i r e W3 Y. ^.f_u CACHE P-nart, 2 rfwm ,'urnhheri . npnr'.mpnl. bll!5 p(l!d. on bus line, close lo shopping cenlcr, Mi. EL5-13H. j 3 HOO.M nlci-ly rumuhcrt. pienly of clo.iel i ppnco. nl. r condlL'on. fH Co'umbln. . . . .. siorm collar, .'.! L- i ft drapes, some carpet, fenced .;] 1 ' yard, central heat. 220 wir- ?, ing. ntw.r grade and jr. high. ^ Phone EL 5-3912. -A 417 N. 31st MILITARY PERSONNEL CTrr-n 2 h^drnom .'urnt.«hed rtuplcx w|ih nltlr ,'n.n, n r ^ r Ft. Sli; nnd trade ichool. I n q u i r e J53J Sn!"h, EL5-S773. 2 BEDROOM rurnljhcd, 1720 CUcrry. nvBllnble S3 Auinni. EL3-2550. FORT SILL GARDENS * APARTMENTS '.: Bilis Paid .'-; ' 1. 2. 3 Bedrooms Free Swimming Pool t ; For Tenants On Premises g 2235 Hoover St. EL3-7449 i 2 ROOM house, n r n r Ouncron. bus Cill EU-92S1. 2 ROOM nirnlMM «!)i7-rmsnL bnLT 315 Gore. 2 AND 3 room rtpnrtmenla, bl]N paid. ^1B Lrr. __^ 2719 fe. CHANDLER'S Reran. 510 L*«. MS S-Jl. EL5-ISK. NEW MODERN EFFICIENCY A P A R T M E N T S P-ates by day or week. Refrisrer- aled air conditioning In each room, television, dishes and cooking utensils furnished. LaHOMA MOTEL 302 Ferris Mai EL 3-5906 · 314 Jefferson, 3-Rm. fum.-- 566.50 BP · 2412 C, 2-BR. SSI. · 35(TO Kinssbury. 1-BR, S55 BP. · 207 Columbia. 3-BR. ST6. · 2125 Gartield. 5-P.m.. MS, · 260S Pollard. 1-BR. JT2]. · 12f6'/4 C, Trailer, $55 BP. · 216 Summit. 1-BR, «S. · 1 2-BR Fum. Apts., H5- S105 BP. ' S50 TO RO. fngul.-c al flog "H" Avenue. T7DDLE nsrd working womFin nr work- Ins couple Lo n h n r e 3 hedroom horn*. ! Home phone ELS-TC^. work : 2 AND 3 roorrii ; 2S7h. EL3-4S7:. Bob Nolftr.. 406 Scu'Jl LOVELY I * 5 BR brick nuWrx.l. BM1 1 » 2 BE BPJCK DUPLEXES Bill.- Mid Pin SIU RfnLJJ Unlij. Inc. » Norm Mtf- VOGUE APARTMENTS INC. 2108 Sheridan Road Ka] EL 5-5880 1 and 2 Bedrooms Furnished REALLY CLEAN Lovely Youngstawn kitchens, new Electric Refrigerators. These are the apartments your Wemls recomrnejid. SMALL 3 room fjmljhcii .^oU'ic. wn-pr paid. Phone EL3-36T3. SJVi McKlnley. GOING ovnrsff*. Icfl-t^ neflt 2 bedroom hou?e ch*ap :o r*l!Aolt ^ftrty. Liqulr* ^707 G. AVAILABLE Dn/urnlyhrd, 1. 3 l»lrwm (\!r 4 ROOM urJuml^hetl hous-. fiih. Inqulrr Auiry Qoflnfr*. 6th. 2M South 31 South Fnr Fnr nr R * n l -- I Television Log Channel 3. Wichita Falli Channel 7 Lawton Channel 4__ Okla. Ciry Channel 9 Okla. City Channel 6_Wichita Falli c -- Color Progromi SUNDAE 4-^Oitvev CTnltfl th 9-- Pa:ih' tor Today 4 -- Usht Time 9 -- Ptamld ol Ttulh ** G-- Thl s li Th« Ll'fd HMKi fi-- "fh^ Annwir 9-- Lamp unto My Feet 4 -- Sunday School 3-OC at Womhlp 4 -- Church Service* .«)-- Dr. WAldo Supheru 3-lMr. Mjipoo ,T -- MoVlp 4 -- This 15 Th^ Llfr 9 -- Shirley Temple f^Church S*r.McM 11:30 ·; -- Frontl«n or Fallh "i :t *DI«ncv World c 11:04 6-?-- Dcnr\\* ' Uif Meiu\c« i J^JlrfJ,^. 1 Zj"?"!TM' 011 '^ ' 7-- The JtHons-C 7:!H R-? -- Ed Sulltvnn 7-3K ^-Cnr -M J -- Oklnhonm Herllnct r -- . 3-4 -- RonnjiM-C R-P -- rteni MeCloyi R:.*ui R-?-G.E. Tru. W -- DuPont 5yiow-c Candid Cunera fi -- Peter Gunn " -- Crucial Summer B-- WhaU My Lino ^j' rp~ N ' .,,.,,'" CW * ,%_'M OV I, 4 -- Sporlt-jACk Ocla ^Meel Ihr PTMI u-w ^^ le Shpw a-- Bn.,^rbnll 9 -- Slump The Stars 12:00 n-oo 3-^--fmnn}] J , ',, . 4-- People";* dole*' - *-- . -- . 12I31 7-- Church TTi« Hom» 1:00 7-- Orm RoMrti 1:30 7 -- Church ol Cirl-rt ^ Movl* "·'S R^TBA. ::30 l-- Moi'lr 7-- Golf Classic 3, On \ -- Kllm Tcntur* »-- SundW JXllurt ^Top SLnr Bowling -- Sen H u n t 5-- Oral Roberts 4:0(1 4-- HIjrlWAV Patrol 6-- Quest lor Adventure 7-- TBA »-- RemlMuoui :3» r -AmAteUT 'Hour 'DO -- Mwt Th« Pr*i»-- C -Drnrntt ·9-- Twenllelh Ontuiy · -- Ruily MacDonald -- Sundny Htport 4-- Wynti E«rp 5-.Mljt«r Ed -- Yancy Derringer 9-- Biography .1:09 4-- Eiuljjn O'Tool« 9-- La«il« T-.V.W, M d w.nllwr B-- a IB snow MONDAT fl:30 °* Va ** 0:4.1 4 -- FAnn N«ws, Weather S^-Moml/iff DcvotJon 6 -- 'Perspective 9-- Newi ana Weather 7;uo 3-1-- Today G-- LUe of Rlley 9-- Kftrtoon Kapcri 7:30 6-- Casper * Prlentli a-- Kiwv A Wealher "I.VI 9-- Miss Fran G^-Capt. KanKareo ^·'" 8 *m 4^Tol«y .to Okla. P!(K) 3-i-- S«.v Whun 6-3-- Calendar 7 -- Movlt 3H-. N«wi 3^4-- Pl« Your Hunch-C 6-d -- I Lova Lucy 10:00 3_^ price Li HlRht-C 6-»-- TBa McCoyi 10:110 3-*-- Concentration 7-9 -- Fete and Gladya 7-^S«ven Keyi 7-- Ernie Ford 3-4-- TniLI Or Convcq-Jrnc 6-9-- Sc»reh For Tomar.- 7-- Fdlher Knowi m I IMS t.°-- Guldln; LJchi 3-t-NBC Newi s4-- Nru'j S-- Noon weather. Newi 7-- Galena Hoip!t«J 4^-Wfncher 9 -- Fnrm Kewi 1* ;*ft 4 -- TP Show }2::tfl 3-- Bo.'l ot Groiicho 7 -- Ann SDlhern I-IHI 3-4-- Pfoplt Will Tnlk-C 7 -- Dny In Court P -- Gaylon Stary l:.m 3-t--Thr Dpctont G-9 -- Hou^e Party 7-- Jane Wyman ·I: IK) S--- Lomta 1'ounr G-^-To Tell Truth 7-- Qurcn For Day 3-1-- You Don't Soy «-3-- Eilce ot Mcht 7 -- Who Do Trust 3:00 3-4-- Malch Gnmr 6-9-- The Secret Storm 3*25 3::m 3-4-- Mnke Room For De 6-9-Mllllonalre ·CM) 3-- Our Miss Brooki 4 -- Superman 7-- Movie 9-- Three Stooges 4:3i 4-- Forctnan Scotty Show -~Early Show 5:uO 3-- EocMc and Frlend» t^-Yopl Bear i^HlRhway Pattct 7-- Mickey Mou»« 5:18 S-Abbott and Ontello 1:30 +-- Tarn -Thumbnnlt The»t' i:4S ; -- Harry Reaaoner i -- Four fltar Report manned space flipht in th* 1 National Aeronautics and Space Ad: ministralion. : HP «.-ill run rhf hvo-man Gcml- . ni and Ihroe-man Apollo capsule : development program and. if he : lasts, hp will br iRrjjely nrsponsl- . He when an Apollo lands the first ' L^a^L^L^a^aV ^^AV^^^^^aw ^ ; ^^^^^^^^^b . ^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^.^k^r^^^^^w i ^^^^^^^^f Americans on the moon sometime | , , before 1970. rVT " · IA: * n -- -· RHOADhj. , Muellor is conlident the job can ; be done, and that he can do It. : He says his (irst concern will be : the S20-billion to S-JD-billion moon prop-am, but he is also looking Tar beyond. :' "It's aji open-end program." he 'says, "and our u i l i m a t e objective ; can only be pre-eminence in space." Any Ideas he may have for ! achieving this Mueller is keeping 1 ^Q HJTYltf If j "However, he saJd. "I know o[ i no more successful program than the manned space procram, and no need at the moment for me to do anyJitnp; more than to pre- l serve a successful team." : That sounds like a politically ! sharp administrator talking, and that's what Mueller has been at '. Space Technology Laboratories since 1958, when he was named director ol the electronics laboratory. Space Technology Laboratories, started as a civilian thinlc-Isctory and-program management branch of the Air Force, has long since gone commercial and competes for contracts to develop and build space hardware. As such it works closely with both military and civilian branches of the government. Deeply involved in the manage- 'ment of the Atlas, Titan, Minuteman a-id Thor missile programs and NASA's Pioneer and Explorer satellites, MueUer. has proved he P\'t. James E. Rhoades, 23, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Lee J. Rhoades, i Stnr Rt., Lii^Ton, is visiting his ' parent.'! following completion of i basic iraJninR at Fort Polk, LH,, 1 Aug. 16. Upon completion of his leave this weok. Pvi. Rhoades will return 10 Fort Polk .'or specialist train- inc. He is a 195S graduate of Elpin High school, and attended Cameron college before entering the Army June 6. Reservations Available For Faxon School Reunion Persons planning to attend the Faxon school reunion should make reservations with Mrs. Helen Reed, 2131 Smith, by Wednesday, The reunion of former students will be heJd at 7:30 Saturday at the Comanche county fair building. is a top technical man and Is expert at managing people. His technical crew numbers 2,000. An electronics specialist. Mueller is recognized as an authority in the field of communications. He has utilized the time spent flying between here and Ihe East -he makes several nips n month -writing a soon-to-be-published book on communications satellites. SEE THE FINEST SELECTION OF USED CARS GUARANTEED -- RECONDlTrOXED! '61 Plymouth Suvoy V8 4-Door-owner. Low Mileage. Nice. Radio, Heater, I'owerflitc. Ono '61 Volkswagen Sun Roof 2-Door-- Kadio, Heater, One Owner, Local car. Really like new. '81 Ford FaJcou 4-Door -- He*ter. One Owner, A re»l sharp .economical .car. See H. '59 Rambler Deluxe 4-Door -- Heater. Economy al a Bargnln Priced, lo Sell NOW. '57 Chevrolet « Cyl 2-Door-- Heater. Standard Trans. So clean It lookn like new. Drive It. ! '57 Ford CuHtom 300 6 Cyl. *-Door-- Radio, Healer, Jfew Tlre«. See It. You will like It. AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS -- ALL MAKES EXPERIENCED MECHANICS ADOLPH FIETZ MOTOR CO. Ind and Gore . DlalELJ.1792 S.A l' V E R Y nlcf, 2 rrom mrni*. private hnih. 1 AND 2 BEDROOM FURNISHED DUPLEXES On Taft and Baldwin EL 3-6895 or Inquire 1111 Lflwton ' 7 BEDROOM fuml.ihi-d, n-r-ntly n-1«- I eorn[*r1. P" monthly, w n t f r p.iM. nft · p^[5. Inqulrr J03 N. l^^i. · Lawton's Finest · Rentals Scarlois Housing Corp. · Near Gate 4 ·3 BR. Furn. . . $120 JK3 BR. U-Fum. . S100 §2 Brick Duplexes--Water Paid Km dose to ParochiaJ !S Public Schools S Call · STEPHENS AGENCY 5 EL 5-5330 · Evenings EL 5-5524 fS Office 1427 N* 22nd .1 BEDROOM unfurnished, f'. EL5-5SJS. EL3-257o. i VKP.Y nlc' I h«!h. Ih'InK Call :iJ-7! For Rent--Houiei K n i t n r * . (ip uid nlways be n demnnd for b\g juicy sieaks nnd roast* from rcstaumnt." and cafes. War- nrr .said, but hecf producerr must work to educate Ihe housewife on quality beef. Another Ohioan. Maurice .Tone* of Waiiscon, o.'fered hope to Oklahoma caltlemen from (he £1,2 b i l lion project now under way to [ ~ .. the Arkansas River Loani Me said fecdlot opcnilors "must buy beef that will show the bigcesL profii" und transportation costs now prohibit Ohio cattle feeders "from buying southwestern beef, good, bad or otherwise." Wnen it becomes possible lo ship cattle by water, he said, Oklahoma will H e l p I V u n l c r t -- M»J» . M r l p \VmnlrJ-- Prmiil* 1TB U IIA 1.1 14 1.1 ISA 11 ! A V A I L A [ I 7 - K NOW. .1 '" : rrt ELS..1W7. Er-T-IKT.' IB Jn r hfriroonl v-'lth ,»f »nd kl'.rh.n. IBS uri-r 6:00. :R.N';SK?:D rrntxti. jz w jso. bun Id Inquire GIG G. 3 BEDROOM house.'uHfLmlshodi Ne«f COMPLETE hou*?nil now fjrnl'.Tire. noth- me down. ,^5. per monUi. EL5-W84. BEDROOM tnrk norm-, rji-nltti^rt, m h r r nnd dn-er Includctl. ivlr cfflidl- nfd. /rncrd In buck ynrd. wnl*r puld. , Onrd*-n Work Zl U n 24 n u i rr-om. 2 h^drr/im un/jml.hrd. dlnlnc l o m a M c hookup, .rT'i month, n^nr h^ol nnd cnllf^r, Inqulr- 2fi^ , l ROOM : EI.T-TKW. ym OAK. ruml.h'-ri i h^rnnrr, n air ronrtlltonH. TV n n l ^ n n f l . w a l e r i W..V1. EI/i-l.W. 1 C' PON SHOP Radios, guns, Qshlng tacklt, jewelry, coins and supplies. BLUNT ZORGER 525 E - Nexi ro Buidt Co. Dial EL 3-229S C'HEDROOM unrurnishrd. ' n v a i l a h l f Of.nbfr :.«:. EL. 2 BKDP.OOM hnuse. .:nv.. nred y«rfi. c«rrr- W1. rr(rlzrrainr. ). C a l l EU- BILL SMITH AGENCY 2523 Cache Rd. EL 3-1983 3-BR, jtove. attached garage. TV antenna, Available AUJT. 12 S106. water and garbage paid. 'I-BR, 2 aJr conditioners, 2 baths, S ft R, fenced yard. TV antenna. J121. wafer and garbage paid. Avail. Aug. 19. 3 lydroom, i. rtouhlr c»t .1 ROOM rcdi-mni'.fd EL.VULI. 130R Frtfls. For Rent--Roomi bus Unt. EU-314S. HOUSES, apurtmfnu mid roomi. EL5- 3JOO dny... EL3JC92 evenl.isv BKDROOAt or xhnre «-om«.'i or couple. NICE bedroom, prtvnri! rnUTinc*. 1S09 Dcnrborn. BErjHOOM with Wlchtn prlvllt^u for wirKlng clrt. EU-6971. SLEEPING room. _ HOOM tor renL private entrance and pilth. ni6 Columbia. EL5-I936. _ BEDROOMS, buj line. 57 and S » w et k. 807 D. CLEAN DcclmoTTu. Kenueman only 513 E. EL5-12S3 EL3-SMS for appointment. For Rent--Aportmenrt _ 2 ROOM tumlshcd duplex. J«7" paid. 105 South 18111. EL5-01J3. FURNISHED 1 bedroom house with, auto- m f t t l c u-njher. couple only. Inquire 71^ H. 3 ROOM furnished apartment. 1702 South 5lh. J60. bllu paid. Phnne EL5-OTS7. ENTIIA nice, Mr conditioned, J7J.50, couple only. EL3-SSSO. He indicaied that the water transportation would be a double boon lo Oklahoma cattlemen. It should permit cheaper transportation of cattle lo the north for /ceding and. by making it cheaper for Oklahoma ranchers ro import 2 ROOM temmtai. uo. northern corn, should encourage '· K ' 709 Dr ELMm feeder operations in Oklahoma. Most Oklahoma cattle now are shipped out of slate for fattening hofore they are sold 'or slaughter. Castro, Kremlin Having Feud? MOSCOW (UPD--Cuba's failure to sipn the Moscow nuclear tcsc ban treaty could indicate differences between Fidel Caslro and the Kremlin, senior Western diplomats said Saturday. The Cuban leader hailed the agreement lo bun all but underground atomic icsts in a July 2Glh speech in Havana, It was expected here that Cuba would be one of the first to sign the treaty, particularly in view of the expressions ol solidarity between Castro and Premier Nikila S. Khrushchev during the former's Soviet visit in May. But Monday will be three weeks since Russia, America and Britain signed Lhe · treaty and already 69 nations have beaten Castro to t h e ' p u n c h in acceding .to the treaty in ' t h e Soviet capital, There were rumors abroad that Cuba might sign the pact .this week, It was considered possible, however, that Havana might agree to the ..treaty next' week. . The mere '/act that (he ' Cuban cabinet was .dealing .with the mat- ler caused some surprise among Western observers her*. ! .1 BEDROOM bnrlc. 14 rwthi. bulk in · piscine rflns* unti oven, drapes, cur- --I, j For Rent--Miscellaneous 5 i«yv- I - - - _ £',' i PRIVATE lot for LrnilcT, 31^ .Fcrri*. ELS- 2.T5P, Hvallnhle September "si. TRAILER spncr for n*ni, m o v e ' i n , pny onp m n n l h *nti h»? rccrlpt^H for 2 m n n i h u . Inquire 707 Souih "Ui. Ufl TnrK. I "ln.i ' c«rp»n. Immtill»t» poorsilon. . . nw mnnlh. w«( (r pule!. OJI EL5-Wix or Ihf housf. for location, near 2 2 SEDTtOOM rumlshfd, 105. 3?3I1 Chpr- ry. 1 BEDROOM only, no ?LI. rumb'hrd houwr. coupl? Inqulrf m J. __^ 2-BEDROOM HOME GOOD LOCATION Close to School and Post, fenced yard, attached garage, extra, clean, with range and many extras, 1802 Taft. Call EL 5-0841. TRAILER SPACE FOR RENT 2 BEDHOOM unfurnished 3rd ahd Core. EL5-I713. Bis totj. low nil^n, SdiooL center 1 block. Kl! Cinon Trallo Cout. 1315 gouffl ntfl and JB I. FOR RENT · Television Sets · Refrigerators · Washing Machines · Rollawny Beds · Air Conditioners HOLSEY'S APPLIANCE 4-115 Cache Road Dial EL 3-8S55 . PARTLY rumlKhrd 4 rorrm hou-^. Mol- I ern 3 room hous* In Ch«n*iiiixpa. EL5- UENTALS, JJ1) 10 ITS, II. laB Cor,-. pftld, 623 2 JIOOM furnlshi-d su n l r contlillontfd. 705 C. aparlrrcnl, U KOOM. rumlshi'd lluphx. private bath, $55 per Tlionlh, bills paid, 1201' Columbia. ELS.5082. 2 KOOM turnlshed apartment.', 703 F. ROOM rumjHheil aj)iirlmrnt and Urse lorHRC room. 702 AfllriRlon. FURNISHED 2 room apartment. »lr conditioned. 30K Norlh Ki EFFICIENCY apartment, pnlrt. 151.7-390(1, EL3-27M. bl'lln 2 ROOX. nearly new, private bath ancl entrance, hlll.i paid, larje walk In closets. DOS H. : BEDROOM un. p urnJ-«h«d, 1610 I'loyd. 5S5. water paid. Phone E _ EXTRA nice funUjhed 2 twdroom. 3POH North 3th. flOO. EL3-731ijpr EL3-M53. CROSBY and Company, 24th A~Bpll. EL5- ·4240. 3 bedroom, full bajem^nl. 2329 North -art. 5105.30. 3 bedroom brick, 206 We.iley. Sill' per month. Available September 1st, MOUSE, 3 room* and bulh, nicely Jurn- Lshcd. :»8 North ICLh. F U R N I S H E D tor rent, 1 txdroom. close to b'ort Sill bua line. EL5-51S7 or EL5-SXK, 3 BEOHOOM Djl-nlshid. S)9.:n monUlly, wali-r paid. WK WlIllajiiH. phone EL3- SES. EXCEPTIONALLY deshiible unfurnished 3 bedroom hom^.i. carpeting, refrlsera- tor, stoVf. antenna, fenced: 214S OTmun. 1-12S Lindy. 52.1 Glendalc Drive. OiU Denver Rich. EL3-2611 J BEDROOM house. EL3-35K. 2 ROOM (tltchenette, air conditioned, swimming pool, p r i v a t e cltib. EL5-360Q. . "GET RICH" QUICK! lor Quality homos, Unfurnished 3 bedrooms; «V7 Atom, nt North .MUi. 4308 Hoover, 1705 North «i)i, 3809 1'orrls: call Den- vcr Rich. EL5-2S11 SEWD-'G machlnr rentnld. 15,00 per month. FTCD pickup and delivery. Fnona .^ncer Sewing Mncnfti* Company, ELJ. 7300, 329 C Avenue. Latvian. 2 ROOM and 5 room turnlshcd apartment. Inquire -511 A. Furnished 3-Room 1 Bedroom Apts. '$75 and $85 pier month, bills paid. 1400 block Taylor' and Kingsbury.' ; ·'EL 5-.450Q . EL'5-1016 . FURNISHED 2 and 3 roomi, bllli paid, a!r ooadltlonid. 701 F*rb 2 BEDROOM house furnished. 1105 w«sh- Invlon, EL5-9074. I 2.AND 3 bedroom houses available, unfurnished. House* and ffroujids clean. EL5-9001. EL5-M4S. MODERN country homt, rent -fr« for couple to live with old gentleman. Re- (crcnccj exchanged. Phone EL5-5352 a/t- t e r j l x . .. . - · -. BURNISHED Avenue. . · . S room housr. 2205 B UNFURNISHED, · large rock house od parade./with new air conditioner. ,nt Medicine Park.' See W. 1 , E, Kins. 2nd street West of 5vlmmlng .pool ROOM house, UOStt Euclid, 150. bllli EL5-476J. ' . '. WE RENT BABY BEDS · High Chain CORWIN'S--916/2 B Dial EL3-2833 MODERN trailer ipani, H7. water palii- Inqulra 2U15 B. FOR RENT · Redroom Suites · Dinettes · Roll-A-Woy Beds · Air Conditio-fcrs · Television · Antennas · Automatic Washers · Refrigerators · Wringer Washers · Gas Ranges · Living Room Suites We Install and Maintain All Rental Units Dial EL 3-4300 SOUTHWESTERN Furniture. -- Appliance 4th and £ Avenu* s - ; . WAREHOUSE Tor rent. 7100 square tt«t 330 SouLh Luranc*. Call- IL3«HLV'- ·

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