The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 22, 1957 · Page 9
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 9

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
Page 9
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THIS 1* a 3-Hn« ad it costi you only (2.2S to run It lor one week U) Tb« IntetLake, 16 average worda. 3 fines - 1 Week $2.25 NATIONAL FOREST TIMBER FOR SALE. Scaled bids will be received by the Forest Supervisor, or his authorized representative, at Kalispell, Montana, up to 2:00 p.m., M.S.T., December 23, 1957, for all live and merchantable dead timber marked or designated for cutting located on an area embracing 2618 acres within surveyed Sections 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32, T. 31 N;, S. 25 W., and surveyed Sections 24 25, T. 31 N., R. 2(5 W., M;P.M., Plume Creek drainage, estimated to be 1,500 M ft. b.m. of larch- Douglas-fir, 2,250- M ft. b.m.- of spruce, 500 M it: b.m. of mixed Uodgepole pine and alpine fir), more or less, and an unestlniHted amount of older dead (unsound sapwood). The minimum accept-: able bid for larch-Douglas-fir is $8.75 per M ft. b.m. This includes per M ft, b.m. $4.00 for stumpage, plus $2.20 for sale area better-! ment and $2.55 for slash disposal.. The minimum acceptable bid for spruce is $10.75 per M ft. p.m. This includes per M ft. b.m. S6.00 for stumpage, plus $2.20 for sa!c area betterment and $2.55 for slash disposal. The minimum acceptable bid for mixed (lodgepp'e pine and alpine fir) Is $8,00 p*r M ft. b.m. This includes per M ft. b.m. $3.25 for stumpage, plus 12.20 for sale area betterment and $2.55 for slash disposal. The minimum acceptable bid for older deai( is 52.00 per M ft. b.m., which i,s not subject to further bidding. Stumpage rates will be subject to periodic quarterly adjustment for all species except mixed (Lodgepole pine and alpine fir) and older dead, such adjustments to be based on changes in the Western Pine Association indices. A de- osit of 53,000 hi the form of cashiers check, certified check, bank draft or money order, to be apy plied on the purchase price, refunded or retained in part as liquidated damages or in full as actual damages, according to conditions of sale, must accompany « a c li sealed bid. The amount of each subsequent payment shall not be · Roads'lor 'the Widening"and""re- ]ess than the value of an estimate ,, uil d Ul g ot Iclaljo S ; reet wlthin ed average one-month cut except the city limits and North Main immediately prior to suspension of logging operations of at least three months' duration. Maximum required balance will not exceed the value of timber cut in a three- month operation. All or part of the Inter Lake Want Ads Dial SK6-3666 THIS IB a two-line ad. Uee an average at 10 words. Want Adi Pay) 2 lines -1 Week $1.50 THE BEST WAY TO SELL FT 1» through-inter Lake Want Ads. 'tfi« them today! Reach 30,000 readers! 3 lines - 1 Month $6.75 MINIMUM 3 LINES MINIMUM CHARGE 70e A chart* of ZB cent* w()l ti* made tor use ol inter Lake bo* numbers. Classified deadline Is 3 p.m the day preceding publication Ada tot the BIG Sunday Classification Section will be taken until 3 p.m. Friday After 3 p.m. ads will be taken for Monday's Classified Section, Daily Deadline -- 2:30 P. M. day before publication Sunday Deadline -- 2:30 P. M. Friday (Non-Commercial Only) Legalj CITY OF KALISPELL KALISPELL, MONTANA NOTICE OF PASSAGE OF RESOLUTION OF INTENTION TO CREATE SPECIAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 294 Notice Is hereby given that on November 5,1957, the City Council of'the Cjty of Kalispell, Montana, 'duly and regularly, passed and Resolution No. 2336, being Legate 12 HELP WANTED-MAIE 44 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE) 60 HAY, FEED, PASTURE M £? ?Ll 00 £^"?£* r -,TM*f"'?!l\ T ? A PB new Zlff-Z.g sewing machine to ?8.000 per year. No stock or investment required. No phone calls. Apply in person, immediately. Aluminum products, Inc., 32 1st Ave. W. Kal. WANTED truck with boom to haul large 16 ft. logj. Ph. SKC-3935.- WANT to pasture horses for the win-, "-- " Arndt. -· · - -- - ' THE INTER UKE,/ridoy, November 22, 195^ J?~ EXTRA good I't Innersprlng mattress, dressing and bedside tables. 317 3rdf Ave. W. Apt 2, FOR SALE. BC Alien adding machine, 8 column hand operated $93. Ph. SKS-4B97 after 5 p.m. WESTERN, OLD LINE LEGAL RE-, SERVE INSURANCE CO. has open- 1 ings for Agents in Kalispell, Lby. Eureka, Thompson Falls and Polson Areas, Selling experience preferred or comparable experience. A part or full time opportunity to make substantial income. Free Training bv Home Office and in the Field. Life annuities, accident, sickness and hospitalizatlon. Write Associate Mgr., Box 162 c/o Inter Lake. 17 PC. living room set. Good shape $G5. 13 HELP WANTED-GENERAt HANDYMEN -- TYPISTS, . Earn rent money by spare time work. Ph. SKG-4883 mom. 14 INSTRUCTION Also single bed, mattress «= headboard *25. SK6-4404. 16 FT. Express Cruiser fc Traifer $400. 25 H.P. Johnson motor $275 1940 ' USED Zenith refrigerator. Good con- ·dttlon $05. 520 W. Wash, SK6-5032 FOR SALE 25 tons alfaffa, $10 ton. Call E. L. Brown TW2-52S5 Col. Falls. CHOICE alfalfa hay $20, 10% discount on 10 or more tons. Also barley oats J1.70 cwt. H. W. Hein, Whtfsh. Ph. UN2-6312. CHOIca hay, all kinds. SfeH GREEN STAMPS. Ken Hall, Wish. UNZ-3463. 64 FUEL, OIL COAL PRESTO LOGS, Al Clark, Ph. SK2- 1743. B, C. Ottwell, Ph, SK6-7980. DRY standing tamarack lc fir wood". $12 a cord, 16 fc 24 in, Immediate delivery. DutchJTurner Hte. 4 Kal. 78 ROOMS, ROOM * BOARD WARM sleeping room, Ph, SK6-4513. 434 5th Ave. E. 79 FOR SALE OR RENT NEW h(yne not g^a^. 4 ROOM mod. house, shower, full lot,'i?5,m ' 86 REAL ESTATE BE SUBE WITH A REALTOR MEMBER MLS 'arage, fenced yard, Vi blk. from Super Market. SK6-6090. 3 BEDROOM home. Inquire 1224 4th Ave. E. Phone SK6-5814. 84 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FUEL oil business -- good net. Buy for price o£ equipment and inventory. Montana Realty. Phone SK6-0212. SMALL 2-bedroom home, oil heat TV cable, phone. $35 mo. Inq. 1036 6th Ave. W. SK6-4195. h.nd I,,, Drj«r In condition, only ,, 109.95 Used 110 volt Dryer in perfect working condition 39.00 U. S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! Men-'Used Bemllv ivaOirr fc rrv-r r,,t^ £SS»iJA\ s !i.?!«^^^ PETE'S WOOD YARD - SK6-4393 WE GIVE S.H. GREEN STAMPS .k-. Preparatory training until appointed. Thousands of Jobs opep. Experience usually unnecessary. FHEE information on Jobs,' salaries, requirements. WRITE TODAY! Western Service,JBox Nixj63,_c/o Inter Lake. GERMAN, English, Arithmetic. History". Also for safe, rare books, antiques, etc. Ph. SK6-7362. IB POSITIONS WANTED qooD full time, care for child in farm home located In Lake Blalne _area. Phone TU4-2257. IRONING, pickup a~nd delivery' Tenth Ave. W. Ph. 5K6-4854. 36 CERTIFICATE OF DOING BUSINESS UNDER FICITIOUS NAME STATE OF MONTANA ) County of Flalhead ) ss, ) CHILD CARE, m Close in. Ph. home, hour or day. K6-329B. In top working order. Second hand 9 cubic ft. freezer for 124.95. Miscellaneous other used appliances, all checked and repaired at bargain Prices. · · APPLIANCE SERVICE CO. 337 First Ave. E. Kalispeil COMB and get If, you won't regret it. Plastic type Glaxo is topp for asphalt tile. Kalispelt Glass i Paint. AUTO. Maytag washer and dryer in good condition. Reas, Ph. SK6-5378. Oil Jjcaters at 9.00 to 19.00 KELLY'S WANT wood sawing and odd jobs.' 3pr--.if»--:--j ^ : ·;;··; · Have truck. Ph. SK6-3482. SECOND grade JCmas trces A Victor CHILD care, my home, day or night, Special rates for working SK6-7V43. 930 7th Ave. W mothers. INSIDE house painting S: basement. I, NORMAN G. BORGEN, doi joSJ?%,iggff Pelerson - Gen hereby certify that I am transact- ^~^~ ' - ing a gas and fuel oil business at City Route 7, KaiispeH, Montana, upder the fictitious narpe. of "EVERGREEN FV%1 CO. My residence ^ddr??s is Mead. . , w j - k D j Route a resolution of intention to create + ioule WILL do your ironing Jn my home. Free pickup delivery. SK2-D503. Bayg, Somcrs. P)l. ULV-2587, CIRCULATING wood iron firebox. PJi._ SK6.BJ77. 9x12 Linoleum rugs 6.93 KELLY'S heater. Cast 17-YR.-OLD boy wants work. Licensed' to drive. Ph. SK6-3473. TEENAGE girls clothes. Formats. Poplin Jacket. Coat. Wool suit. Misc. 454 1st Ave. W.N^ SK6r4504. | PRESTO LOGS Phone SK6-6374 or SK6-574S Prestbye and Smith WISHER'S WOOD YARD Phone 5K6-*7J6 MILLWOOD ana SAWDUST FOREST PRODUCTS CO. Phone SK6-4765 or SK6-4249 68 MONEY TO LOAN LONG TERM real estate loans, 6%. Anywhere in Valley. Write Inter Lake Box No. 159. 72 BIDGS,, OFFICES FOR RENT 24x40 building, easily heated, ideal for warehouse. SK6rB459, space for rent. Inquire Room 317, Conrad Bank Building. BUILDING. 23 x 60. See ~ HOS1NSON RADIATOR SHOP 74 APARTMENTS FOR RENT UNFURNISHED 3 rm. apt. 623 1st Ave. E. SK6-6:68, VERY NICE furnished 3 room working couple or man, PU. SICG-7387. 20 DAY CONTRACT Special IjTiprovement .District No. Mtmtan PAINTING, Paper hanging * Wall i claning, rreetstirpate. 294 for the purpose of participating , q c 7 with the Stale Highway Comrnis- and the Bureau of public Dated this 29th day of October, NORMAN G. BORGEN Subscribed and sworn 'to before me this 29th day of October, 1957. TATVTT^G P 1 7WTTT?TWV iJ/YiViiii^ EJ. i\LUrtJrjrf X Notary Public for the State of EXCAVATING - Wazer arid Sewer Lines, Footings ing. CK Street and Sunset Boulevard along Montana Residing at Kalispell, Montana. My Commission expires operations may be suspended if Improvements 4 ° advance balances drop below thu value of timber cut in an average one-third month period. A bond in the amount of $3,000 will be required. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved. Before bids are submitted, full information concerning the timber, the the present right of way of U. S. Highway No. 93 from Idaho Street to Wyoming Street. The general character of the made in the Improvement District is the widening of Idaho April 10, 1958. STATE OF MONTANA ) County of Flathead On this 29th day ) ss. ) of October, 1957, before me, the undersigned, Street to seventy-four feet, and. a Notary Public for the State of the construction of a four lane highway, with replacement of existing curhs and sidewalks, on Idaho Street, and on North Main Street and Sunset Boulevard along conditions of sale as set forth in a the present right of way of U. S. sample contract and submission of -.Highway No. 93 from Idaho Street bids should be obtained from the District Forest Ranger, Whitefish, Montana, or the Forest Supervisor, Kalispe.ll, Montana, (Nov. ?2) SAWTIMBER FOB SALE, UNIT, to Wvomine 5tr P pt 10 Wyoming oireec, th* uie purchase, of necessary right of way ind the construction of catch basing tp provide for drainage, and other structures and work connected with said projects, all ac- Montana, personally appeared Norman G. Borgen, known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that he executed the same. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereuno set my . . . , , . ,,_ Any type diggl Qualltv work. Reas. rates, PA' PROS SKg-3527. SKS-S748. BXCAV AT t N G . d Itching,' "wafer." »pwer lines, septfc tanks installed. Any type of plffglng, loading or grading. WUher'a Wood .Yard SKM7f6. 5CHWIN middl? weight bicycle gu. eond. new tires. B12 8th Ave. W. ORDER NDWl Decorated .wriattis, $1.50 to $5.00, also Jfmas trees, dec. orated or pjaln t Xma» rope. R. £. Young, Rte. 1, Blgfork, TE7-3370. 22 REPAIR SERVICE SEWING MACHINE SERVICE AND REPAIR Guaranteed Work On All Makes PFAFF SEWING CENTER 106 Glacier Bldg. SK6-3922 GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIR WHEELERS JEWELRY RADIATOHS steam-cleaned. We cure overheating -*· clean and repair all types of radiators. ROBINSON HA- iJfATOR SHOP 314 1st Av« W, Ph. 23 RENTALS - MISC. Seal the day affixed year ED STATES DEPARTMENT OF. cording to plans aricj specifications' April 10, 1958. in this certificate above written. JAMES E. MURPHY Notary Public Tor the State of Montana Residing at Kalispell, Montana. My Commission expire? NEW NECCHI SEWING MACHINE , For Bent -- S5.00 per month GRAHAMS Ph. SKiJ-3312 25 WOMEN'S REALM REMEMBER Dorothy's $2.59 bonus on any permanent, good anytime, 382 7th Aye. E;N., 8^6-3491. THE INTERIOR. Subject to the Act of July 31, 1947, (43 USC Sec, 1185) and the regulations therer under, (43 CFR, fart 259), sealed bids will be. received by the p}strict Manager, ?19 EaBt Main of the State Highway Commission, and Bureau of Public Roads, Projects No. F 270 (7) and U 257 (14) on file in the office of the State highway Cpn)rnis§ion, to whlcl) reference is hereby made, Street, Missoula, Montana, up to w j w j liejl may be re | erre i to for _ « ^ «.»*.. tnJ «4- ^1 .Art A Tlrt nfntm I ' · ' ' ' _ ' . . . . . . . and opened at 11:00 A.M.', Mountain Standard Time, December 20, 1957, for all the sawtimber marked or designated for removal, situated in the NW^NWty, Sec. 34, T. 27 N., R. 24 W., Montana Principal Meridian, Flathead Bounty, .estimated to 39 MBP Douglas-fir, and 36 MBF Ponderosa Pine, more or less. No bid will be considered for less than $6.60 per MBF for the Western Larch and Douglas-fir, and $17.60 per MBF for the Ponde.rpsa Pine. more particulars. The estimated total cost for the prograna . above mentioned, of which su;c! Special Improvement District is a part, is $440,000.00, and the estimated share to be Special -Improve- total (Nov. 1, 8, 15, 22) ' HOLIDAY SPECIAL ' ?2.50 off on all perrpahent waves from now through Deceiriper. Call SK6- 7707 for'appointments. CONT^BNTAL BEAUTY SAXON (ail work guayari- teed). ELECTROLUX fales and service. Thrift model, $59,75. Factory rebuilt. .$4,8,50. Cfret Maftugh, SK673385. ; STANLEY' PRODUCTS -EXPERTS Alt^ POSITION TO HELP YOU SA\WMILLINO YOUR LOGS - YOUR PLACE T BiU Royer, Meridian Rd. KalUpeU DRY per cost of such project, whichever is the lesser. The cost to be borne by t|ie Special Improvement Disr trjct wilj -be assessed against all property in. the cjlstirict on a square DRY cleaning prou^t in by 10 »,». jnay be had same day upon request. JCaflgpelj^Laundrv and Oty Cleaners. STENOGRAPHER '^ ''" Bookkeep'ing -- StenograpHic Work Notary Public. Your office or mine. SKG.4285 SAMP ft QHAVEX. Total appraised price $1,465.20. D e foQt basjs as .set forth in ResDlu, posit to ; accpmpany bid 5146,52 «on No. 2330, above referred tp,| plus 10% of amount bid over 81,465.20. Deposit on bid rnust be in form, of a' Postal Money Order, RED GRAVEL delivered anywhere, Packs doivn." Add attraction to your home.. Reas: Rates. Excavation: Kail- Certified Checl?, tq the. Bureau of conditions of the sale. The pur- and sucl, assessment may be for in ten equa} annual installments, extending over a period of ten years. Rejerence is h.ereby made to Cashier's or made payable Land Management- Deposit wiH.Reso5u.tipn No. 2J336 an file in the be applied on the purchase price, office of the City Clerk for tjie refunded, or retained in part as j description of the boundaries of liquidated damages acceding to said Special Improvement District. The City Council will hear and KALISPELL Sentie'serv Septic tanks ' ' and I ORssbjwU cleanefl. f T58SO. est ' lh'. SERVICE FOR crane ervjc« arid ariy"fijmlinc needs, call City Transfer and Storage. Ph. gK6T3676. chaser shall be liable for the total ambiint bid without regard to the pass upon all protests that may be made against the making of such SERVICE STATIONS JYSTAD'S UNION'S FINEST Complete Service Wheel' Balancing 103 1st Ave. W Mont. 885 Use Classified. Be Satisfied ._. .''HOME . .,,,. 2}2 7(h' Ave, W . SK6TJ251. MERLE NORMAN ·dernonstratiens, S, 'fre« 3rd St. 26 RUAAMAGE SALES HUMMAGE sale Saturday. Nov. 23, 178 North Main Street/ _^ ._.. ' WGMENS" CLOTHING. 9 a.m. [gat., Nov. 23." 3B 5th Avel E, REMEMBER NOVEMBER 23 ' 'LXA MOTHERS CLUB EAGLES BASEMENT 27 SPECfAl NOTICES WANTED, -' cent« fisty to amelc«, apy anjoupt. each. Cjll after .3 p.m. FLOOR (,OOR ? a n d n * finiinlne. Heavy cqufp, speciaUst. free est. SK6-356|. DRESSMAKING',' ?Uera4p"ns;'mending, buried'holes repairefl, 27SW 1st Ave. E,N. 3K6-3oGl. ' ] 30 PERSONAIS WATER SYSTEMS, STORM windows VP, screens down. Windows, walls, u amount' bid pe- thousand board 1 imprbvemerfts, or tjie creation of feet, even thoneh the auantitv- of ?a id proposed Special Improvement timber severed or removed is less,District, or 'both, at a regular! than the estimated nuanUtv PS set meelins oi the city Council to be out in this notice. The ri^ht is re- . ry and rugs ENGINES competently repaired, BILL'S REPAIR. SK2-9403. Bill Duden WATER WELL DRILLING ~* served to reject any and all b'ds. Slash shall be disposed of by piling and btirning. Before, bids are submitted full information held in the Council Chambers of the City Hall in the City of Kalispell, Montana, at 7:30 P.M., December 2nd, 1957. Any such pro' the sale, and the submission of bids should be obtained from the District Manager. Bureau of Land Management, 219 East Main Street, (P. O. Box 1041). Missoula, Montana. , (Nov. 22,29; Dec. 6, IS) tq the City Clerk not later than 5:00 P.M., November 2?th, 1957. H. J. HUNT, - City Clerk. (Nov. 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22) NOTICE OP APPLICATION . TRANSFER OF LIQUOR LICENSE Notice is hereby given that on this 5th day of November, 1S57, one Joseph A. MoChesney filed with the Montana Liquor Control Board an application for transfer of a retafj liquor license frprn $?o win Clifford anrj Anno Scott son, to b« used at Mountain View Rga, Tavern, $e. ?, Twp. 20W., ColuinbU F«.lls, and protests, l| »ny there be, against the issuance of ffuch license will be heard at tJjt h W flf 9:30 o'clock A.M., on th» J»U» J»y of December, 1957, at the office of the Montana Liquor Control Board In Helena, Montana. Dated November 5th, 1957. Signed, J. E. MANNING, \ Administrator. (Nov. 8, J5 22. 29) CITATION In the. District Court of the Fourth Judicial District o£ the State of Montana, in and for the County Of MissouJa. in the Matter of t^« A«5opt}6p of SHATJNA STATE HOMER McCLAFJTY LICENSED INSURED Phone'Kalispell SK6-40r54 JACUZZI PUMPS AND PIPES KALISPELL MERCANTILE CO. JACUZZI DISTRIBUTOR 32 WANTED TO BUY 2 DRUGGISTS CAItfUUY-PtWJlY (QMr-QUHDtf THE PEOPLE OF Of MONTANA TO VERNON W. "Personalized Service" ADAMS DRUG 31 2nd St. K. SK6-«103 4 CARDS OF THANKS PIANOS We'll buy, sell or trade your piano for sewipg machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, washers, dryers,' freezers, ranges, furniture. MclNTOSH.'MUSIC HOUSE 40 Main St. Ph, SK6-6232 doll bug chest, Dial S!- ;y or crib 6-ES72. and toy BUYING 2x4 8's.' Fir fr Larch. Moiir tana Saw Service.' Ph, SK6-6064. .34 SALE OR TRADE 4955 Ponriac 2-dr. Hardtop, four nevr nyJcri tires. A-l condition. Reason financial. TW2r577i, Col. Tails, EQUITY in '57 yprd Station Wajron less than 2000 rnilei. UN2-4858 Wish '41 CHEV. panel, 4r*p. trans, '« int. pickup U-tun. WiU beef or pork,_SIS6fM98 _aft ;t"tor pickup 10 LOST 4 REWARD ojfer«d for recover^ «| *I_t_ * ^^-k.t _ «*_Vii. ^ i TM % L j Fail* o a. Jl Monro* St., Spokane, Wn. Call oliect Spokap^ MAdison 4.4336. YOU »re hereby c|t«4 to b« and 8ppe»r before tje pistript (jwjrt " th« 5t«t? pf Wwt*P«. at the Courtroom "f *?!· CourthoHse In i Montan*. #t 10:00 o'clock . , . . , . 9f tfte J7th (|(»y of Japutry. je$8. then and there to show cause, " my you J»v«, why the petition of Ray W. Stoddard for tjie adoption of Shauna Lynn Bunyea, your minor c}Ul(|, should not be granted. Dated this 19th day of November, 1957. J. R. DONEHOO Clerk of the District Court ! WANTED working gin to live in'nw By ALMA H. STOHR t home fc help share expenses. Room (Nov. 23, 29; Dec. 6, 13) j fc % ^ g«Jrg^wno* Box JM The Want Ad Way Is the Paying Way, 11 HELP WANTED-FEMALE SELL '51 Plymouth of equal value. S ;958 "Smerson TV, Hi»Fi and radio. Call or visit PralVi 'Badio fc TV. 170 7th Ave. W.N. PJ), 38 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 43 BUILDING MATERIALS PLYWOOD conerat* Also backfill'and It itmates. call collect far rent. «« ··· Wish. 44 MISCELLANEOUS MH SALI KLECTROMASTER electric range, «u- tomatlc timer, deep w«H cooker. Stove gd. condition but needs I new small unit for top, $45 Ph. SKfi-7348. LIKE new. Reasonable. Two lohfr for- nials, pink, white, two ballerina, red, blue. Size' 10-12. Boy's hockey skates, PeeWee baseball shoes, «Vi, gym shoes, 814. 686 2nd SINGER pewing Machine: Dcrrton- strator, slant needle portable, may now be sold at greatly reduced § rlce. Trade and easy terms. Singer ewjng Center, 24? Second Ave. W., Ph. 5K6-7188. WARM Ig. living rm.. kjtchen, Bdrw, bath, nicety furn. Auto, laundry fac- iljties. 231 8th St. E. T ' t ! ' Lights water incj. $35 mo. 1 4-rm. ' on "sound" floor. or 6-7011. 86 REAL ESTATE LOVELY COUNTRY HOMZ TfCS .is a 3 bedroom modern home, bungalow type, cheery kitchen with builtins and living room, well kept lawn, trees and shrubbery, full basement furnace. 2 garages, barn chicken house, 4 acres alffenced, just an ideal place to keep a couple of cows and come chickens, between Columbia Falls and Kalispell. 56,800 with terms. TWO bedroom suburban home, kitchen living room and Vi acre. Just $3,200. $500 down. MEMBER M L S room, ... . available, $14,000. ACREAGE to build on, 1 mile out, 5 to 40 acres. The best buy that we have ever listed. 3 bedroom home, 1 yr. old.'over 1200 sq ft. hardwood floors, full basement, 2 fire places, Alum, storm windows, bath fc half, lots of closet space, fullv insulated.' dining area, 2 car attached garage. Reduced to $15,000. Montana Realty YOUB INSURANCE CENTER On The Strip Phone EK6-62I1 Evenings Pbone Harold Albert SK6-4742 BUI Lee 5K6-7293 Ed Hey SK6-7613 3 BDRM. home, strictly modern. Good Eastside location, att. jtarage. Will finance. 1135 6th Ave. E. SK6-7729. FLATHEAD REAL ESTATE CONRAD AGENCY MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING If ,Z ou ar , e Interested in a nice home with an income, let us show you an excellent buy in a duplex close to schools. 3 rooms and bath on first Floor. 4 rooms and bath upstairs Full basement, oil furnace. Now renting for 5130.00 per month and jelling for 511,000, with very good terms. Evenings Call SK6-6833 «r 114 Sscond St. W. SK8-3486 B« USB inter I/ZH» want AW, Large unfinished chests KELLY'S 17.95 elec. range. $330 new, used one year, perfect condition, S200. Custornrbyijt 300 HH Magnum rifle. 4 power scope, extri receiver sight, box shells, »123. Hon Munter, Bi 2 ROOM, furnished apt. AH Utilities paid, washing fell. _40 2nd Ave. W. NJCE apartment, close in Eastsid-, range freezer. SK6.419} or 6-7340. P apt. for two. 374 3th Ave. ligjork. Mont, "oil" DUOTHERM oil heater, blower, oil barrel and connections.. $35; daveno, $3; chair, $3; library table $10; Norge o» heater, $20; Northophonic Console Phonograph,- $5; 1020 Fifth Ave. W. Table top and 32 gal. round hot water tanks at the best prices in town (from 109.95} KELLY'S New automatic Zlg Zag Sewing Machines, starting at , ,, 179.95 RfAFF SEWING CENTER 4 8:25x15 tires, tubes t wheels, like new. SlOO, Novthside JMobile Station. FOR SALE -- Stock saddle, excellent condition. ?S5. Phorie 'SK6-6319. 2V |T, Nashua trailer, S If.P. Gravely traetor wtU plow, plade. SK6-5411. USED 'Tan-Brown' 'davenports with two club chafrs 69.50; record player J4.00; occ. chair 6.50; Chrome table 4 chairs' 29,95; Chest on chest with two 39" beds 39.00;" p4" spring mattress 8,00; Easy Spindry 30.50; Hotpoint drjer 83100. Green Stamps Too KELLY'S YOU saved and slaved for wall to ' wall carpet lean 'it with Blue Street S'uroiture. ' used' Pfaff }3U Zig Zag pprt^ble. IWING CENTER ^ Qjagler pidg.%-- Kalfspell , . PpTNT'flelijste'eftc."range, 2 yrs. old, owner left town. SK6-3895; TREES for rruekers, 'premium' quality. SK6T4195. 1038' 6th Ave. Weft. : Singer sewing rnacrjines, $5 mo. Singer Stwjn"g gegter. StCg-7188. AN STORE B6u)ishald Articles, tbojs." furis, elec- trfc ' »L . . se)I every iplianses',' etc. Buy anything, ryriilng. i28 m AV?. W. 6-437S. NOW IS TH?/ TIME TO GET YOUH W I N T E R SAWDUST TIRES at TAYLOR TIRE GOLKE'S GLASS 8ROP Pictures, Picture Frarniiie. Mirror* 11 lat Ave. E. "-' I-hoae --.-,, slab wpod7~sm»vWi!s, sawdust rtu haul. J^pntana Saw "----'-45 MISCELLANEOUS FREE from an olj houee.' Lots of'good wood. Free for' the haulirig. SK6.3Q64, after 5 p.rn. 46 PETS HOUSE trained Sia'meje"i?Kt«ns ior - ACHSHUNDS , MONT; REG.' COCKER Spaniel puppies, golden *= blacH. Fia^her's ycppels. ^-3851. 53 FOILHTRY FAT, young geese, dressed, will de r liver. Mrs. Peter Neivhouie. Rte., 2, SK6-369S. YOUNCJ Chinese Geese. $3 ea. J. 'f, Mpyer, Blgfork. TE7-3742. 94 LIVESTOCK SALE one young Ouemsey cow. Tresh'6 wits. W. brwnmAf, 1 rni. So, Kalispell. SK6-T995 evenings.. .8fa»^grigr i aS3L 4 : bul "-" ;D " ?OB SALE or trade, horses and ponies. PAPOOSE PONY RANCH, Dayton, |ont. ^Ph, 331, i -^- Canner horses. Papoose :aneli,'Payton, Mont. Ph. 321. ony CATTLE hauljrjf to Wsoul? or Spo- kape. WiO byy or haul your cattle by truck or truck trailer. Eddy Npycrtome. .Ph, SK2-9131. y ; BUVHJG'hogii Wov.^JS and Kov. 29. COMPANY. Sb'PB your !iv«itogk. - jf' Co-op ti' »aut e* on consifnment Noy- U and Nov · 3S at City 9cale» by noon. SK2-9890. 5K2.9406. for caJl. ur l(v«wk, any kinJ. 5? MACHINWY TOR SALE ~r 1»« Mo4«1 TIM Inter* rtatieSil · Crawjer 'Tractor. $2S$0.00;. Mod*? P. John peer tractor! 6.06j IMS Modri A International arm«H traetor, «».M; J956 Model lumber In trade. T. R. Brady IrppJe " . j o n e r n a o n a arm«H traetor, «».M; J956 4 Model 00 Farmall International tractpr. U4,00; Will take any amount of . . . went, Stanfard. Montana. and 60 HAY, FiEb r PASTURE 200 TONS hay, $17 ton. Alfalfa Bro^e ' , . mixed and straight' alfalfa, in barn, ' ' at- j. , , excellent quality; 'or trade for'; cat- tie, horses.' Truckers available, ' . Van Disael, Elk, Wash. 9 TON loose alfalfa, first and second ~ »nwca, va^t a *vi» iooae niiaiia, Tirsi Ave. : E.N. ' cuttinf. 1613 Rtli Avr ~ NICELY furn. 4-rni. apt.,'i-eas. Priv. batlt and washing facilities. 514 7th Ave, W WANTED workinif girl t o share apartment. Dial SK6-4237 after 5 p.m. UPTOWN 3 rms bath, completely furn., clean, steam heat, TV cable, suitable for working couple or single person. SK6-3427 or 6-3938. T\VO bedrobrn unfurn. apt. for rent. Phone SK6-5476. MODERN i-room house on 4 acres, stable, hen house, $4200, $300 down. 80 ACRES, S bedroom houise, drilled well, 2 miles to town. Some cleared, bslapce Christmas trees. S38M. Al Williams Realty "YOUR REALTOR" "On th« Strip" SK6-6538 -- Xvei. SK6-4483 EXCHANGE SPECIALIST lovely bungalow is immaculate. There is a large living room, bedroom. bath, a very handy kitchen with nice cabinets. Full basement with finished bedroom, laundry and furnace. Attached garage. Close-in West-North location. Only $9500. with good terms. 80 Acres -- 50 acres timber, balance farm land. Small older house and other, buildings. Creek thru place. Price $6500. Vfill consider trade lor town property. BY BUILDER, beautiful 3 bedrm home Ideal eastside location, att. gar. din. rm. Loaded with built-inj eabi. n«t». The home you'll love to live in. For details, call SK6-3893. 3 ROOM nicely furn. apt. Adults, no pets. Ph. 5K6-6120. APT. 3 bedroom, cornb, livin«-dlting room, large ?rea kitchen. CJose in. $65 a month. Ph. SK6r«S3. TWp-rooni furn apt., utn. furn., $40 mo, 3-rrn furn, 545. Close in. Phone SK6-59SS, 1ST FLR. 3 rm. furn. apt. Close in, adults. 110 4th Ave. E. SK6-4067 3 ROOM furnished apartment, water *c lights furn. 387 4th Ave, E.N. Ph. SK6-SB18. Large living roorn, I 'bedrooms, bath, kitchen, utility room and garage, un- furn. except electric rgnge and refrigerator. Eastside location. Mr*. Wilbur Graham, SK6-5978. 2 RM. furri. $2JT. 3 or « rm. unfurn. dnstrs $35. 345 7th Ave. W^ SK6r45i7. SUNNY 4 rm. * bath. F«rp. upstairs apt, Close in. SK6-4583. ALL MOPERN FURNJ5IIED 2 rm ·downstairs; 4 room $40: two 3 rooms. Hayton Apts.. SKS-SBIO. apt.', all utilities furn. Close In. Ph. SK6r6657, TEPEE Lodge 1 fc 2 bedrm. kitchens. Utilities fc heat furn. SK6r4455 '" ~ FUHN. heate~d apt. upstrs, Adults. SOS 4th Ave. W. SK6-3753 after 5. MEMBER MLS SPECIAL -- New 3 bedroom home, ultra modern, hardwood floors, 3 fireplaces, large living room, dining room, full, basement, excellent eastside location, ceramic tile bath shower $18,500. FHA can be assumed. NEW 2 BEDROOM, all hardwood floors, large living room, large kitchen, full basement, close in w.N. Large garage, fully landscaped. ?14,000. 2 BEDROOM suburban home, close In on large lot, part basement. 55,000. 3500 down, balance like rent. An excellent buy. Ludwig Agency 223 Idaho Street Directly across from Buttrey Foods · Office Phone -- SK6-S301 EVENINGS CALL Rolph Huso. SK6-7538 or Big Ludwig, SK8-6608 BY OWNER, new: 3-bearoojn home OB ^Eastslde. Ph; · SKS-8341. ..', DELUXE furn. 3 rm. apt. Auto heat i laundry. Ph. SKSr5095. 76 HOUSES FOR RENT 3-BETJROOM HOME^-Choic* Kaateide corner lot - 75'. Darkroom and utility room )n basement -- 3-car garage -r- | winter - weed supply ,,--. $11,500.00 BRAND N£W -r S-bedroom home, utility room, many extras, mahogany paneling in living room -- attached garage--low down payment ....$13,200.00 2 BDHM. modern unfurn. house, Auto- rriaue oil turn. $55, SKg.43}.7. i BEDJiRi urifurn. houne, 1 bedrm. un- fum. apt. SK6-4402. URNISHED apartment. Adults. 820 Second Ave, West, 3 BDRM. house. Inq. 27 Col. Ave. Whitefish. Ph. UPT2-6653 3 RM. and bath Jirifurn. except oil heater. Coirifortaple i clean. Walking distance to town. SKZ-9541. bedroom unfiirn. newly decorated. Good location, reaz. SK8-5378 FOR R1JNT, 2 room modern house, furnished^ Ph. EK6.6794^ Iff WHITEFISH, 2 bedrm unfurn. hse., dble. garage, Youngstown kitchen, fenced yard. See at lot* 3rd St, or call UN2-6545. ' SMALL furn. house'for rent. Inquire - 633 - 3"d Ave. W. ?MA"LL i bdrm. fumf house, suitable for elderly couple. 736 7th Ave. E. AGENCY 7 Main Street SK 6-4381 REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE Smyser--SK6-315B 420 ACR£S state land, mod. home, barns, 513.800, $1,000 dn. bal. terms or trade for what have you. SK6- 6739 evea. 1 3-ROOM furn. 525 mo. i 1 4-room ptly furn. J35 mo. Ph. SK2-S350. EAHN EXTRA JlOIvlE INCOME roomer?, boarders. Lease large furnished home, Ph. SK«-*883 er 6-5402. LARGE modern 2 bdrm. l}°me, about 30 acres, 3W mileB out on school bus route. Ph. SK6-381B eves, or morn. 2 BDRM. mod. house, Phone MEMBER OF MLS S BEDROOM HOME clow to city center, corner lot, garage, priced at only ?4500.00 with $500-00 down. VERY NICE two bedroont hom« in good eastside location, living room carpeted, dirjinff space, full basement with e*tra bedroom, garage, and priced at only $11,500 with less than $3000,00 down. IMMEDIATE possession on a two bedroom suburban home close to Kalli pell, large lot, can be " · · $a.-- - Z BDRM. "urtfurn, modern house. Redecorated Ea'stjlde, Ph. SKS-5706. COZY nioH, fiirn! cottage." L'dry. fac. Children allowed. SK6-7911. RENTAL BUREAU. SK8-«83 or fi-7011 {or list of houpes, a'^t^, roorris. 1 BDBM. hpnie, livt? wasjjw, dfyer, elea. range. re£pjr,' drapes, auto oil furnace. ?70,QO. SK6-6243. FOR' RENT, unfitfn. duplex, close "to school. Ph. SK6-6027. NICELY iurri. 2 bdrm- moj 2' BdHM. house, partly furnished. Dia! SK9r709S or 5K6-6184 3 BDHM. mod. hor Oil --.- -- · - -- -------.----..* hotne, *argc tchen, utility room, large garage and storage shed, fenced lot, going for only $5700.00 with good terms. 319 Tint Av«. West Phone SKS-5780 Evenings: Call Oliver 86 RIAL ESTATE SHOUT DON'T WHISPfR Wh«n you want to tell your home, th» msra people that h««r ·bout it, the better your chance* of »elling your home fa»t and at th? best po$*ible price, Listing your home with one of the ML Realtor* near you is the best way of telling the home buyer market. \ :., · ' - / " " " MULTIPLE LISTING ^SERVICE . A SERVICE OF THE KALISPELl REAL KTAT£ BOARP , Conrad Agency NEW LOCATION S E Corner MONTANA HOTEL BLtMS. AGNES H. CONRAD Re»ltor Phone 8KR-3WT 91 AUTO REPAIR For any kind or auto glass Installation. See us now before cold weather gets here. We feature overnight service on windshields that wa may happen to be out of, KALISPELL GLASS PAINT 310 Main St, SK6-713* or SK6-713S 94 TRAILERS TRUCKS 1953 %-ton lone wheelbase Chevrolet pick-up, 3 spd. transmission with overdrive. Excellent condition. See a f B l l 3rd Ave. W. or-Ph. SK6-625S after S p.m. FLATBED pup trailer, 900 rubber. Vac, brakes, ex. cond. S750 SKS-4117^ 1S53 STUDE 1-TON PICKUP ' SK6-8441 TOO AUTOMOBILES '57 MERCURY Montclalr 4-dr. Like new. sm»U trade. SK6-5703. 9501 PONTIAC. 4-dr.. E8.H, defroster. Ph. ULT-2153 evenings. 1951 MERC.. H., H.. fc O.D. Excellent condition, IVfust sell, owner going in service. 405 3rd Ave E. SEI/L EQUITY in '57 Ford Fairlane 500 cheap or will trade for equity on Pickup. Ph. DU7-49E1. WILL. TRADE to Private party, mv equity in beautiful '55 Buick for best older car. truck or pickup offered. Ph. SK6-3863. 1852 CHEVROLET Suburban, $550. Good condition. See at 1044 Third _ St., Whjtefish. or call UNZrB345. SO BUICK, good condition. Clean. Reas. Jeart Berkovics, 845 3rd 1957 VOLKSWAGON, Pial evenings, SALI, '55 Ford V-8 Z-door CUB- tornline, standard shift. Heater, di- rectjopal signals, seat covers, new apare, new battery, $1,300 cash. Ph. SK6r6T78. 1S57 Chevrolet Station. Wagon 8. Btand- »rd shift. Model 210, *-dr,. 5fW miles. $2195,00. S. Wpjan, Seeley Lake, Mont: '55 OLDS Holiday, hardtop, low mi!e- age, good condition. Ph. TW2-3320, 1957 VOLKSWAGON. «3ceeUent condition. Ph. SKG-4S67. 1951 BUICK Super Station Waeon. new rubber. j435.00. SK6-400D, WANTED TO BUY. equity in Iat« model cars. Must be clean »nd riced right. Phori? SK6-313S or BETTER USED BUYS At MANIONS 1955 PLYMOUTH 4-DR. SEDAN Radio, heater, overdrive, power brakes, power iteering. 100% Guarantee 1 year. Only 1695,00 I9S4 PONTIAC 2 dr., 8 cylinder. Radio, heater, 100% Guarantee 1 year. Only 1195.00 1956 PONTIAC 4 dr. Sedan. Radio, heater, hy- dramatic, real lharp. 100% guaranty* T year. Only 2195.00 1W5 PONTFAC 4 dr. Sedan. Hydrarpatic, radio, leater. T«n and White. T00% Guarantee 1 Year Only 1895.00 WE HAVE 3 DUMP TRUCKS '49 FORO '46 FORD .'48 DODGE Coma In and make us a bid on on« or ·!! thrat... MANIONS ; 3rd Ava. E. A R.R. SK 6-366}

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