The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1963 · Page 34
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 34

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1963
Page 34
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THE CONSTITUTION-MORNING PRESS, Sunday, Aug. 25,. 1963 Almost 100 Perished In Great Storm History Of Snyder Centers Around Big Cyclone Of '05 ivn» wrlurn by Uncli I), ("orwin. Ti'inr.v r.r lhi (Irml rinlns ni*i«rlcnl A^nrllUloii. ll N rtlUMlirT In n. i«'rlri t h ' H t I'*'' liMitrl.-!H Imi-UcmiiPil nf Hf-iv fitlt«. mill UMVnv.) By l l O G l l 1). COIHVIN Till-: IHSI'OIIV of ihe south Kiowa County town of Snydcr divides itself inio two parts, "before cyclone" and "nflcr cyclone." In order 10 appreciate Ihe courage and nigged tenacity of ihe citizens of Snydcr. il might be well lo first '·'" I banns been '.identified. Soine of ih 'being so mangled lhal il is impossible lo recognize them." Another Lawlon newspaper'"The IwHiMon News-Republican," dated May 11, .1905, carried impressive headlines: AWKUI. CYCLU.VK! R i d PIIOPKHTV LOSS! S N V D K R CYCLON.K! This article began w i l h a long j would move h i s ' b u i l d i n g there, -Many took advantage of this offer and lol values in - M o u n t a i n Park lu'l Ihe bottom. Real Estate investors faced disaster. They decided lo do soi'.ielhuip; aboin il. This ac- couiH is .from The Sliori Grass Saga,' historical account of Kiowa I Couniy. 1KJ1. There was 1 a creek between the two towns w i t h a wooden bridge over il. The lol owners in Moun,, i lain Park decided lo bum liial 0 IVUCI I I l u l u : u Ul ^\ c n 11, .11 -^i ' i »,,.' ii i L I ^ it »^ ^..n , , , i i i it i u i i^ L . ... ivc an account o[ Ihe gvcal lor-! list of the dead and injured and . ("'"tee o prevent any more b u i l d " - - · · : ings being.moved. The Snyder peo- four and six mules hauling bridge Umbers from t h e railhead lo the new right-of-way. Fullingim remembers the p'eal cyclone of 3905- as well as anoHier whicli came a few years laler, he thinks it wa.s 19K Or 1909. -This second storm was deslruclive hut no lives were losi. as lie recaJis, About 1912 the F'jllingim f a m i l y bought land and moved lo another location; some three miles north of Old Oi'eana. This was In miles northeast of M o u n t a i n Park. J l i s slill live this home. ado which all btu demolished ihe ! ihi:!i continued: SNYDER. This is Ihe main street of Snyder, looking north. The tovva was almost entirely destroyed by a vicious tornado which cut a wide swath through the street over 50 years ago. (Staff Photo). mo'.T t h a n a hundred business buildings, along wilh s e v e r a 1 hundred dwellings made up iho m p i d l y growing town, which w;is In iho center of a good farming area. Snyder had become a railroad center, as Iwo Frisco lines and brought in." ; ":;;;;-|;;;- ^''""^ m '~'"{. wilh J i m McClimock. "Two hundred and fitly rosi-: · · *· £'; '^f; ^ i , TM ^ Stales Congressman in t h e cany i deuces were destroyed. Few busi-! · i n i t l ' oc l n r- panic-iiirtilj .n .Moim Snvdcr Fullin"im h-.s m. nc-BS hnnsfi: u'«ir. l.if- nnriji-.iar.nH ' l a m Pai'k. who Seemed, alwaV'S 10 I · · , , j" 1 . 11 "- 1 - r U M " U I H I 11,1.-. U.1L , IH.* iiiHLM:' u ei c it'll unGrtmagcci. . , , . , i son I I v l n anH a r l f t ' i " h i i ^ i . M P, : ofessor Hibbard. principal of ,he ! ^TM ' h e _ l o s m R end. _ j Rmh ^ ^ ^^^ lite Lawlon schools for some years, l i e and wife l i v e in a rock house. | part of which was b u i l t of granite ! school, his wife and uvo c h i l d r e n ) Fin ley .Mc-Lnury. ailunicy and were killed, leaving one child," ! long-lime resident of Snyder and Snyder is said 10 be Ihe young Has Fear !;For Human Race TOKYO CJPI'i -- Former B r i t - ; I Huge Cotton Warehousing^ 6 ^ slaln By Stranger Project Slated At Altus ( _ RO.^.TrJ (LTPti -- A priesf sfand- ! in:: the ticket line at Rome's i train siation was slabbed in th.c complete ,-hp wn T R A I L OF DEATH 11KAOLY CYCLONE WIPK5 OFF THE MAP KI1J,KO * WOi:.VI)Kn --SS K11,U-:V OITR1GHT-- WHILK 2M ARE I N J l ' R K I ) MANV IN T)VING CONDITION-- SVI-'KKRING TKHK1HLT! "A cyclone sli-urk Snyder 23 miles west of here aboul 3 o'clock last night, leaving death and de*l ruction in its wake. Ii was undoubtedly the worst siorm ever ^'i messed in this section of the country, and hundreds of citixens of Lawton watched the storm last night." 'The writer. ihen n i n e years old, watched ihr reirUying elecirical display, following this ox-lone. The display lasted more 1han four hours. \Ve watched it from the steps of our farm home moi-m-cellar.) "The storm played havoc of dealh wilh Snyder. Although a rlis- Ihnce of over 30 miles lay between cars col Ion was t h e area. A i one lime t h e t o w n ' h a d ! Jive fore, no 1 Anlee. who is vice president of siriicied al Sweeiwau-r, To\'., under Ihe ns.Tnd as mentioned lie- j TM«!»..^'' In addition, a press building . measuring 120 by .inn feel will be Calabro, resented parish pries!. He said he had nevr-r s^en Don Ripoli before. The parish priesr told police he was w n i i i n s his turn in ihe ticket Conon buyers would then travel line 1 when all of a sudden he felt ike between his should- areas iljcy could find, though it ofr- c.n meant openair storage in ha/- ardous buildings. fore, a cotton compress There are ' , conference, held under t h e ; ,v n st reeled n t both Ailus and to various towns, buying a few a k n i f e sa-i now |w 0 gins. Before 1!)]T us many : S "TM . m L 7° n "i'"' i°"-· Siveelwa l* r - Th(? building will be bales here and there! u n t i l they er blades, as l-i.OOO bales of c o t t o n were i y^l' "as opened Dy or. l . i d e i i i : usct j for |. om p r( , ss j, 1E ihe cotton had accumulaied a q u a n t i l y of Ihc Don Ripe ginned ai Sin-der in one season i u K a i ; a ' Japanese l\-obel Prixe hales being lorded for export. 'desired graio. Now. however of the chur While irrigation is being used : "I" 1 'TM ° r £'- vs " :S and PTMS'dent m-ina^mm, of l h e ' 1"TM"=" TMch opcrarions as Plains Regal M:ir. ·i n.,r, r*i,,.. ~..~~i. i : . . , _ _ 01 t n p \ \ A V \ r . ' . ' \ ' i n n m n n H ^ F rm m or me ,-_.,,.,, , .-- f l , , ,, ... · While irrigation is being used /ilong Oiler creek, very l i n l r u p - , land is now farmed in colion. : beo,, " Yukawa called on all nations !o I'i'ess ami warehouse installations Ripoli is the parish priest church of ;!-e Mosi Sacred through such opcrarions as Plains Regal M:iry near Lalina south of Co;.-on, large 'MS Ctl graded co.'lon Rome. Hi/assailant was tskon to u n l i m i t - t-'ne Ronr* prison. many vea,-s and " source of income. The which ic far- and wide. Rock of Ages nany ships oui much i-ough g lo b" processed elsewhere. For about iwo years, ending in 1911. Snydcr was the County scat of Swanson county, wlu'ch was finally dissolved by the Slale Su- " S °' 110 ^°^ mn - v "^ |fl l : l u - h l h l s ° rr ·''-·= unrealistic." . Tins new Apache Masons ion producers us a m a r k e t i n g speed up [he coi'on m.irkeiing pro- A f - t p n / H agency for 10 years. Il is the larTM- ( 'ess eonsirierahly," said Bowles. ^' I C H U ys;em ton Cooperat quartered in Lubbock, Tex. Tlic Yukawa association h;is been serving col- Granite Co. and ihe Wichiu'cran"- ""!' " bl " I a p a n hRS M l o w p d l h i s l n " lie Co. have plains l i i a l mine and p a ' h m "' e P° sh TM'' . v TM r * b - v ad- . . . .. ._ finish ihe stone which it shiuu^ h(%nn!: lo lhl? Principles of its new es; m n r k e l i n g o r s a n i z a i i o n for and will thereby rrauce marKei- . p . r ,[F ,c , - , i , _ «... . , r u u i ^ i con|i ij| ur j on ·· Amei-icnn codon in exisicnc'' m " cos;s a measurable cxtenl." .-\r:M-nt. i. ptf.iai r,v.. -,,,, ., . . , , , . members of t h e Masonic lodge at- i i e SHICI n u m a n sw.-iPly should The dimension of each ware- "V.V are enthusiaslic ahotti Ihis tended the district» at hpconie a i.lnc" where n a i i o n s re- bouse will be 120 by LTjO feel. Con- new program," he continued, "and R us h Springs Tuesday night' sinicJion will f n a t u r r ihe Delia are highly pleased wirh rhe design They wei-p'w K. Smith "Charles ·clear span' design, which u t i l i / e s of rhe Delta Steel buil'lingj and Sione. If. If. Smith Dale Tips- ·· risid frame constniction. eliminat- iheir a p p r o n r h to our problems, word and Charles Oliver. They Ing i n t e r i o r roof supports. F:«di In this business, l i m e is a vi(H.l were accompvinid by J. Scot; \Vali- a r m a m e n l and war T "\voi-ld tnw." CONTIM'KS and Snyder's Frisco depot with Harvey House dining' room above. came dissaiistied with the citizens I morion pictures and tclevisionl. . . , , w , . ,, . , ,, . , ....... of Mountain Park over ihe number I William R. McLaui-y, fattier o f ' plan and look ahead. Today Sny-' Spuuldins. p l a n t mnnjicer. said. ^' r -"ystenis as prolertion against. j z(y j - m ^ !t \\ !is j n 5550 an d nas ful Grand Master of Oklahoma, of town lots to be given as a bonus j Finlcy. came lo I^awton. at the , dcr has many new homes, ilie! 1 "' 0 sa 'd employment now siands li r(- . since gained prominence as one of and other fraternal dignitaries pr ihe cost or lots for railroad land opening, in 1901 and pi^acticed business buildings ar* occupied ! f t l 1-TM wiili two cowing line.« i n - In each of the gin areas, a board Ihe leading metal building firms ent. The event was ended by « _ ...... , _ _ j ..... ; ..... ,... , , r : _ .,,-... ,,,,) ,i._ :..... _ , -eration, member will be elected bv the in the southwest. watermelon feast. - n e e o over m e s av e w e , i rt -,,-i,n airi ?rvrtm- i h r ' elpcinea! shops, so he tried lo buy land u r o j law for several years, liis office and Uie Iwo lines of the Frisco operati fr--urcs of t h e "toi-ni were so · m"" -"ou'h f°'' a n« w townsiie. | was at .IQT'i C. HI h n a l t h finally : s l i l l scive iho town for tiTijrln. The ~^I fur'ous'-hal it 'ormed a gi'and but ; (orcpl ' lr - JicUiny to retire lo population in increasing and pro.^ ·· fright fill'sncclaclr lor ihe people HOWEVER Ihe owner of t h i s ; ht5 farm in souiheasiem Kiowa | peels are brighi. A very arljvi- ^H ^r"i ,,.,«'J ,..v,« ,.-,,nh~i it »-iih homestead raised his price so ; Couniy. ' Chamber of Conimcrr- i. ivorkinr *^H r i g h t l u l s-pcclacle ,,,, ,... ,,,.«,.., . . 1 iwon who wntched it with homestead raised his pnce aw( , ·· much, Jones went a mile further ; Finley McLaury recalls ihe fiii , · south and made a dcnj wiih a n o l l i - : Church in Snyrier a.s t h e Northern Ihis momin- came a cr homesteader. J. W. Davis, boi-, Methodist, closely followed by Ihe call for medical aid. saving t h a t ' tc-r known as "Buttermilk John." | Presbyterian The M. 1C. Outrch Snvdrr had been completely wiped for towisite land h . l . Peekham. ; was ocaied where t h e preset oui bv a ex-clone and that 400 per- · anoint railroad builder and town- Church of Omsi now stands. The s.-.ns 'had been killed and wound- silc promoler. had beat Jones lo ; Presbyienrui Church disbanded -··' - --"- ---" '-.some years ago. The Methodist! | Church, South, in their Conference ; ran from Knid. 0. T. to Vernon, i records, show Rev. K. E. Shanks Chamber of Commerr'- if ivorking ! for t h e hetlermcnl of t h e i r cily. Bellmon Views Fair As Chance irienris or relatives there." Court. Accorriir.c lo a short hisiory o f ; po'mi.s, but they are nol named, ivder in "The Shori Grass Later Methodist records are not C. Dokle. was on the **Sa." a booklet publislied in 1351. ; available, but ihe M. K. or noitli- anN-ious lo reach Snvder. I0 celobraio Ihe 50lh annivei-san.', em Methodist Church did not long "Deputy Clerk o[ t h e District Snyder Bellmon spoke before summer convention of the Oklahoma Broadcasters Association at nearby Western Mills LodRe. j Tile governor called on Oklaho- 1 ma broadcasters to support Ihe ! stale exhibit at the world's fair ·where hi* wife and children were, . ° r Kimva Countj-, a writer says | survive in Snyder. A Miss Ralston, of Altus, was also thai Jones or his railroad had re-1 on Ihe rrain she having received quested land on which lo build | THE l-'lllST school was held in n dispatch 'from Alms" lhal her a round house and shops in Moun- ihe small frame building built in ; nf] , enthusiasm for f a t h e r J B Ralston and her '*'" Park, bu: ihc citizens raised ! 1902. according to R school history ! u=i« hrothci-. Fred Ralslon, '.were both , the. P"ce of the lots needed. 10 ! of Kowa county, wriltcn in 195S i w ^^...j, o k l i l n o r t l a accurau ,|, killed i n _ t h c storm a, Snydcr." [ *J^.^^^ officials^-, ^ D- rank^ Baiyeat. This «^s and tsvoi . My , he M ^ n ^ delegates at tiie meeiing. Bellmon said he was pleased J. M. Egan. ioselher wilh his e n - ' 'his ofiion they went rwo miles, i one of ihc Common Schools first tire family wore killed, as also tacrually 3 miles' south and | organized. Il is known lhal in 1005, wri-e the local manager of ihc bough telephone line and the girl em-. 'he si ployed in the telephone exchange, i a; The lelephone and telegraph lines · a . . were blown down, and it was i m - : Snyder was bom amid strife and tti Snydcr were Nell A. Conon, who put ilieir panisanship aside possible lo get news direct "irom ; turmoil. i W. P. Evans, George TaUant, for the welfrire of. the smte." Snydcr unril about noon, when the Tn '-' pl»! of the original IOWTLSIIC j Charles liibbard. (who with his | Pulicy Cllwl general manager of the' telephone of Snyder. on tile in the Couniy I wife and m'o children were killed | A bi-paitisan policy has Im line, lelepiioned Tlic State Demo- Clerk's office al Hobart. shows ihc | in the 1905 cyclone), J. H. A f i d e r - 1 proved Oklahoma governmenl. oral, lhat, as the result of the cy- · northcasl quaj'ter and the south; son, E. H. Holmberger, W. B. I Bellmon said. He snid a bi-parti- clone. Si' people were killed ou'l- east quarter of section H, together i Burks. J. \V. Morgan and N. B. san highway commission has right and ^00 -injured, many of the lvit h the west half ol the north-! Smith. These served up to 19M5, COLLEGE TEST TBEE. About 150 high school graduates who will enter college as freshmen next month are shown as' they were given an American College Test at Cameron college Saturday. The three-hour exam is required of all college freshmen. Another ACT exam will be given at 1 p.m. Sept. 3 at Cameron. (Staff Photo) some of them for 10 or more years. The Snyder school was the lirsi to l a t t e r being in dying condition, and wesi quarter of section 12. lown- not a building left standing in the ship 2 north, rajige 17 wesl I.M. town. He further slated that no : a 11 ai 'ca of 400 acres. One of ihese I consob'daie, wilh several other mi-calls would be received over the i quarter sections was owned by i al .schools, beginning in ]SOS. For line for Snyder, as rhp compiiny -Tohn W. Davis, liie other by W.W. years it was known as "Con One." was in no position to handle- t h e : N'ebb. The plat was lUed before business." H. D. McKnighl al the Law-ton "The Slate Democrat sent a re! Land Office. June 36. 1902. The porter to Snyder early this morn-! townsilc wa.s approved by E. A. ing, who has .been there the grc-it- Hitchcock, Secretary of the Inlcr- cr potlion of ihe day. but owing ', ior. Nov. J-!. 1902. to the inability to gel wire service : As was the case with many il has been impossible up to Ihis : early-day towns in tJiis area. Ihe selves Ihe town and area, hour to gel a report from him." j promolci-s used but little imagina-1 Frank Fullingim, a pioneer JxVTUK i lion in naming t h e streets, using j tile Snyder area., was born at De"At 3 p.m. today (May 11) The j numbers and lelters of the alpha- L c a t u r Tex.,, in 1884. He came with Stale Democrai was telephoned · uet. In Snyder the noiih and south his parents to the Cheyenne-Arap- from Snyder, thai the n u m b e r ' streets, beginning on ihe west are aJio countiy and. Jived near the killed was S3 and from 150 to 200! named "A" to "K." Beginning on ! old -county-seal town of C l o u d injured, many of them fatally." · the north, the easi and w e s t Chief. He recalls going to school Then followed a long list of ihe i streets are numbered "1" through Iherc in a sod school .house, which dead and in.iured who had been i ".M." The plat of the towji is the ! strangely enough was named "Red stopped the practice of oxehan.s ing highway projects lor legislative, support for pans of the governor's program. "The Democrats w a t c h the Republicans, the Republicans walch This brought in enough pupils to : :))e Democrats and I'm watching increase the teaching staff 10 nine. , , llenl boll , ., Bcl | nlon s a i d _ This was jraduaJly mcreasod l o i JO teachers in ]96J. of He he hopcd |hc ncx| s o.' his p;,,-ly. will chief executive praised the past legislature for its pan in writing ;i two-year program without a lax increase. He-said he thinks it can be Groundbreaking Set For Giant Gypsum Plant DUKE (Staff)-- Groundbreaking ceremonies for a W million gypsum plant will be held here Saturday. The plant, which will make wallboard, will be constructed by Republic Gypsum Co. Il will need 215 Employees. On hand for Ihe spade-turning will be Gov. Bellmon, Sen, J. Howard . Kdmondson, Cong, V i c t o r Wickei-sham, Rhyne Simpson, gyp- done again in ihc J%5 session, j sum company president, and Lloyd PrnlHcii Kninfli:iiNti!r.s . | K. A l l e n , dire-dor of the. 'stale Bellman praised slate broad- | dopanmcnt of commerce and identified. "Every building north of usual gridiron. E Su'cet is pres- thc entlv the main business slxect. Fn.sco tracks, including [be c o u o n . w i r h some business buildings on compress and the round house, ' adjoining streets. Several of the wore destroyed, A few houses i larger churches and the h i g h south of.- the tracks remain stand- i school are on Ihe south part of £. ing "Word came here to Lawton this IT 1 " IS suid the til'st business for bandages and cotton building in Snydcr was a saloon, and all the coffins that could be i established by J. W. (Buttermilk spared. These are being sent as j John.) Davis. 'Eager to dituv peo- laM as they can be got out. At;.pie away from Mountain Park to Wood." His. parents moved to Chickasha and from there h i s ti° lls K«P" ·brother, the late Will FuJlingim, nienl a n d ' p e o p l e . casters / o r - t h e i r job in reporting government a.nd p u b l i c aJ'fairs. He suid there still is H "eonimunica- t h e govern- came to .the -Snyder a r e a . , and homcsteaded .. six -miles west |of what is now the northwest corner of -Snydcr. Fullingim joined his brother .on the homestead early in 190-J ajid helped enlarge · Uie one-room shack- lo two rooms. He plowed some land and helped make other improvements'on the Jour o'clock this afternoon there J the new town, the promoters ot-! farm. When the contractors. came ·were 97 .dead bodies in the im-jletcd anyone owning a dwelling j who were building the Frisco Rail- provised-, morgue at -Snyder, .a lor business building in Mountain 'road west toward Quanah, Texl, large-number of the dead.not yet i Park, » free lot in Snyder if he ! Frank worked for- them, driving He ciled some . news stories about the e a s t e r n . t u r n p i k e , 1 -"It seems lo me t.hal. many of the stories.aboul. efforts to sell ihe easl- ern turnpike bonds imply that.there is something wrong," he said. "I'm at a loss lo know where this criticism comes from." Bellmon .said dial all o£ the dealings in connection with the closed bond sale have'been open and above board, and the Jacls!, art ill » matter.o public record. inclusiry. The new plant is the largest m a n u f a c t u r i n g facility established i n ' Oklahoma during the [asi 18 months. A.-recent .survey revealed thai 51 per cent 'of its o u t p u t has already been committed Ior purchase, · . The Oklahoma Department of Commerce and Industry cooperated . with the company manase- in financing for the building. It 'will contain 120,000 square, feel. An.exhaustive study ol'the area revealed sufficient gypsum depo,v its to-last thi plant 100 years. Th« 'NEW FACTOKY. -Above is an architect's, drawing of a' wallboard plant which will- be ·built at'Duke: Construction, will get'underway in the near future- · · · ' payroll .this . firm ..will' create will-: tempts -to land such a plant sev-,i.velopment company, comprised-ot amount to. 5135,000 annually, Icral years ago. They were assist- businessmen from Duke, Mangum,-' ·· Duk« civia -leader* ' besran. »t- ed by the Sooner Southwest Del: Hollis and ! Altus. '

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