The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 24
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 24

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 24
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Cfcmti CALLEft-TtMKS, Sun, Aug. 19, mi 307 Due To Get Degrees At AI Ceremony Friday c*u«r-Time. ,\e»» !*rvi» ; CAMEKOX COUNTY |Lean and Winn e Miller Queen. KINGSVILLK -- Dr. Paul L.J. Harlingen: Bachelor's degrees--j H'lIJLACY COUNTY ! Boynton, president of Stephen F.iLloyd Sigler Kiddle, R.thardj Raymondville: Bachelor's de-i (Austin State College, will be the i Aaron Albert, Thelnia Ermine Ar-igrees -- Herbert Ralph Burnett j principal speaker at the summerjniour. Jack Samuel Brown, Jem'and Santos Manuel Flores; Masters! , Von; and Feraraod G. RosenbeW. S.'j'.anuel M. Lorfinj, B. 8. in j*t-; AJiGJUETOH: WfltitM ArthMr B. 8. in agriculture. £DNA: Ocii; roleum and natural (as eufiMer-! ^ tvciMtar « Don Feaner, B. S. in ajriodture;!ing. NATALIA: John M. JJLbrocfct,! .and Avery Don Walker, B- 8. iajmauler of »ci«c«. j agriculture. CUERO: D»vkJ M. i D'HANIS: Wayr» V. Cheney, «· *· » Uii«ittdr«. fOMORA Hen»l«y and Carl Weber, Jr., b»ch-1ituuter of science. CHARLOTTE: elor of science in agriculture! Carolyn Atelii»on Tbompaou. B. S. MEYERSVDLLE: G i l b e r t H.iin elementary education. CHRI3JTINE: John M. Martin, bachelor i Schorlemmer, Master of Arts. CARRIZO SPRINGS: Jacqueline j " administration. PO- ·exxmdary J. ChavM, «hK»ti«a. B. ft, te BOEKME: ! Patrick, B. S, in elementary -du-! TEET: Hearol R. V«teto, marfer of cation and Calvin F. Ward" B. S.** 3 - RUSK: Marvin M. Trouble- cation; and Calvin F. Ward." B. «i secondary education. :. S. in agriculture. GEORGE ^. Nelda LouiM CottiM. B. 8 te elementary education. MCAJISALL: JMweisa Irene Edwards, bachelor of tcience. PITTSBURGH, Texas: Daniel H. Fretwell, B. S. in secondary : Noel H. VU. . . ment- TING-PONG 'PROFESSIONALS' -- Johnny Corder (left) and Deirdree Tarvin show smooth form at La ' .Armada recreation center as they practice for the citywide ping-pong tournament to be held next Tuesday at Ben Garza Gymnasium. Johnny, 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Corder, and Deirdree, 11-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Tarvin, are in the midget division. They have won first places in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. About. 140 children are expected to participate in the tournament. State Hospital Nurse Training Program Underway This Fall dates nigan 118 jgrees and 189 candidates for'Baldr'dge. Wallace Mervin Alor-jjn Marie Rairsgren. bachelor's degrees. Final exami-jris, and Cynthia Pye Whittle. j STARR COUNTY nations lor candidates for degrees | l^a Feria: Bachelor's degree-- j j^g ^ enz · EacheloV's decree will be given Tuesday, ilva Burchfield; Master of Science,! Francisca B. Garza. Among candidates for degrees i Mattle Hull Freeman; and Master j D e i IT iito: Bachelor's degree »*«k til A f~j~,tljiiii"gYt.v C*n.**W fTM..»*.«« . i f\f A vt *s TLTvo /""*Vii t*?atz C* Rnilr r-» ^ * _ » f~, _ . PETTUS- Lucille K. "May, bache-jE. Eiland. master of »cienc«. lor of science in elementary edu-|KENEDY: Annie Fa« C. Grayson, ' - - ~ '- elementary «Jucatkm. Laddie John Ltika, science. FAYIHTE- Lee Meyer, Uwurter of science. S. in home economics. \fICTORIA: hani, B. S. in petroleum and nat-| HEBBRONVILLE: Cyril Rumett j Bruce B. Mai-tin. B. S. in petrol- jural gas engineering/ LUFKIN: Schneider, master of science. are the following South Texan3:'of Arts. Mrs. Charles C. Buck. Rafael Guerra. NUKCKS COUNTY Brownsville: Bachelor's degrees] Salinero: Master's degree Corpus Christ!: Bachelor's de- -Lola eum and natuml gas engineering.; Wiley Eugene Brookshire, bachePALACEDO: Robert Eugene Ho-i lor of business administration. ELECTRA: Helen D. Claypool. master of arts. PORT ARTHUR: well. B. S. in petroleum and nat- FORT WORTH: Cora C. Butts,;Joyce B. Edmiston, master of ural gas engineering. HONDO:IB. S. in elementary education.'science. --Alfred Robert Ktchison, Bruce Hinojosa. grees -- Leroy C. Ross. Charles C. Livingston. Kathryn W. Burns,i Kio Grande City: 'Bachelor's de- Edward Benton, Teresa G. Garza,iand Edward Dexter Reed. Isrees--Ninfa G. Escobar. Minerva Billeen Lindsey Griffin. ' G l o r i a ! Master oJ science -- Jesse i H - Guillen; Master's degrees -Owen Herman, Pearl Gladys Ore-j Franklin Benton, Lawrence Dale' Josefina Guillen, Elma Rose Gon- uz, Clyde Aaron Leatherwood.! Wooldriclge. and Ruby Armstrong ; zalez - a "d Mireles Eliseo. Lora Rogers Martin. Mary Fian-iWooldridge. j Santa Elena: Master's degree--] ces Mylner, Rose Lee Ros;, Lena! Sa R en i! 0 - Bachelor's decrees i Antonia V - Monlajv °- i Maurice Singleton, Clesta K e n n e d y L j p n e L o v v o r n Mabel PoLin i Garciasville: Bachelor's degree "E"t Bsi*yl JPs, tiers on \V3.i*rcn find' T »·* *~\ 't ·»» ··« '. ' ---Roberto F Solis Mary Jo Yardas. ' l^T^h.«i e ^/T^,iTM^ wJ.i JIM WKLLS COUNT* line Sherer, and Leo Lucretia Wes-! Li. Duncan, Mildred Ebert, Thelma' Wallace Glaze. Mamie E. Hestand ! ·,.·,, , a s t r s t,,,. ., " K£fte ecsc Z. Gonzalez, Albert Morris Harper. Jr.. Kenneth Guy Lies- . . v-'lV^VV. V* **«.*.I^., . t ' A t l l K i V CJ. i^CO |,U HJ, in « |-j .^, ^-,. · . « - , t * t . 4 i l . t . [ i v . ' « " 1 « t t A k « - « « « « ' - M » V - " MJ AJ.^-fcJ Mary Ixjulse Hopkins. Gladvs Tom-iV" dy ' rRo;s ; ^ Clmstcnsciii, M a r y j m a n Ezequie i G. Lopez. Billy G. linson Kempe. George Marion Mo-i J ^ Alkcn ' an(1 Anitil Morcno - Mnador John Scott Rajrland, Mantes. Alvah Lewis Nickerson. Merc- '·,, Santa Rase: Baehclor s degree-j u e i j. Vela, and J. W. Wood. Jr. dlty Schneckerburgcr H o w a rd j Rub - ve 1 ' ord Hauscr : Master's de-l Master's degrees--Edmond Wi- W. Sinclair. Wiliiam Frankl ; n' g r c e s ~ Robert Lee Holbrook and:i e y vest. Jose B. Vela, and FloycJ Tunnell, Dorothy T. Weathington ' W l l v a Scolt Evans. A. Benson. i Evelyn \VTieelef and Treva" M. ' L °s ^I'esnos: Bachelor's degrees i Orange Grove: Bachelor's De- Davis. : - Man 1 C. jVicKee Lajikso. Katie: grees--Alton G. Brieger. Louise H. Master of arts -- Charlene Mc-^ R u t ' h Stewart, and Roger Hobbs: '-y-lisle, and Anna Lee Hapran: Means Brundidge. Muriel Margue-| wi 'h'ams. Master's degree--Joe Dean Dun- jrite Buchanan. Margie Ruth Bui'-i R '° Hondo: Bachelor's degree-- i ham. ' ' - ' - · Mary J. Clark. Lucille K. Bart Austin Goode. i WEBB COUNTY I Day, Mildred Laird Ferges. Thel- I ma McCoy Penrce. Lutetia Do- HIDAUiO COUNTY Mercedes: Bachelor's degrees- Laredo: Bachelor's) degrees--Victor Manuel Morales. Virginia Frances Netzer. John Alebis, Amado Ayala, Carlos J. Carranco, Luis AUSTIN, Aug.. 18. IT) -- A unique plan to train nurses tor Texas'!hours daily, 3 to 4 p, m.. f J v · nurse-short state hospitals will gct ! ' !a vs a wcek ' unlil the uv . . · « . , ! ! · basic course i s completed, underway in September. ; ,, ,, , . . , . _ _ .,, . , , i Half of the time spent bv stu. Dr, George \\. Jackson, the h os .! c!cnt . employes ln clftsses w ' m . be pitnl system's medieai director, hospital time. The other halt must rnfield Taylor, Edgar Folk Wcav lBolinie George Kramer. Maria cr, and Mary Presnall Wise. 'Christian V. cie la Cruz. Bishop: Edward Otis Noble i Master's degrees - Merle Mai- Gonzalo Guerro, Sam Haber. Lu- master of science. ' one Blankenship. Hltma Bartlett cillc Bel1 Holmes. John Constant Masterson, Alma Pena Ruiz. Mar- ·'·nreta S. Sullivan, and Laurentina Vela. August Petri. Wayne Ligon Wilson ' Ham \V. Kea.s. " ! Master's degrees-Manuel A. Fal- Master of science - Lola Cor-i Alamo: Master's degree-Char- S. on I l a , t , eo M'Kuel Trevmo, and «.»,TM,,, * ,,,,,,,, , w - F..,,. . _ *£.*ss$s «,*,, - ferTM?^ 1 ,';,TM ,,. P., Robstown; Bachelor's degrees--i Carre!!, and Consuelo G. Hino- Elsie A. Johnson. Barbara' Lame i JOSH. French, Minerva Garza, Cluirlesj La V i l l a : Master's degree-- Wil- Master of arts -- Ray Wilson Champion. KLKBKBG COUNTY Man-1 uel Wealaco: Bachelor's degrees --i SBJd the state's junior colleges, working irt cooperation with the ivill rnaUe the plan noa be the student's own time. Tuition must be paid by the student- employe whose salitry from the ,'ment program · will be $80 a month eible. It was the best solution anyone jplus could find for getting t r a i n e d ! Dr. Jackson said an attempt is nurses during a time when n nurse'being made to arrive nt a state shortage is cramping- the entire nation, he snid. Two-Year Course The plan' calls for hospital em- wide uniform tuition fee. Courses oftercd will follow generally those required for vocation. al practical nursing with K few kins, Master's degree. DUYAL COUNTY Benavides: Bachelor's degrees ... -,, , ,--Thelma Grace Barton . . . . , .. Victoria K. McKneelv: i r m i rnwin... ... ,,. Alvarez, Winifred Arthur,'Master's degree - Bonnie C. HarJ " - ainl10 ' Arthur Newton Hartley, J.)e Bobinion. T,''. Brack, M i l - j Robert Scott Brookshire.j Donna: Bachelor's U ,- B , CC .-- .,-,,,; Santos M. Castanpda. MnryUni8«lne Irene Mayfield. Max Martini Timmons McDonald. Ella Laural ieg'o: Mppter's Cleo McDonald. Freer: Bachelor's !es'ree--Lloyd Master's degree-and Daniel Purcell. Rios: Bachelor's degree--Salome Valadez Saenz. REFl'tllO COUNTY voluntary basis while in the cm- ploy of the various hospitals. Nearby junior colleges will supply much of the teaching staff. The hospitals will supply the remainder wherever possible. . 'FlorW« Ranch (THfl *rrei. About ·ere*, la DdlUvMlun, 40 »CTP In puiur«. or.itiutare. Mice r a t I den c « tenant hou«c«. tmriu, »nrt athrr Inipriivemrnli. (» hr»d o« Hewlom unit Anu« ratil* gu with Mln Clniip to toni town. Prlon JM,- WO.flfl. Some trrnm. 0. K. CROW REALTY 801-02 Wilson Bids.. Dial 4-5491 chemistry, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, psyelvolojry. history of nursing, professional ad. justnients and nursing aids. A vocational practical nurse Is also required to have training in obstetrics and pediatrics. The state hospitals cannot ottar that train- Ing, Dr. Jackson said, but those desiring it could probably easily get' it at a-general hospital after completing the state employment, .raining. State hospitals are now 00 percent short of trained nurses and have had to bridge the gap with untrained personnel. Dr. Hayden Donahue, assistant medical direc- jtor, said. | "The only thing for us to do-was [ito train our own personnel," he 'jsaid.."\Ve will continue to employ registered nurses for supervisor) jobs whenever we can get them." He said the hospitals could "use 500 registered nurses but now have only about 57. Near-Verfect Solution The type of nurse the special traiiiing program will produce wil be a "bedside" nurse that will fill the/hospital's special .needs, Dr. Jackson said. They, will be trainee to handle the particular type of patient under their care. : No other state has used junior college instructors in hospital training: programs. The two .doctors agreed, however, that it should be a near-peilect solution of the Texas problern. Details of many of the programs ar« yet to be worked out .locally | except at Rusk where 60 employe; I ! have already made application for jthe courses. Their instructors wil yjcome from Athens Junior College Interest has also been expressed by Midwestern University, to supply instructors for the. ' Wichita ! Falls Hospital, Navarro Junior College for the Terrell Hospital, San Antonio Junior College for the San Antonio.Hospital, San Angelo Jun- BL a O-»TI ni_ i *-,-,.» tor ..College for the hospital at San rn 3-y£i\ fh. 2-4222 atorium, · Brenham Hunior College 805S Sfnnlpt 1155F fc4.^v ! for tne Austfn state Hospital, Edin- BUDi.Stoplei 1152E.Modison burg Junior c ollege { ^, tte ^ pita! at Mission and Big Spring Junior College for the hospital at Big Spring. Mission: .Bachelor's degrees Duncan. Howard Victor Mo son, Shackelford, Master of arts -- ArnaJfo V. Cisneros. Estefana Garcia, Roy C. Nolle, Jr., miliani Peiry Reed, Virginia Candelaria Salazar, Horace C. Salinas, and Guadalupe Joss Vallareal. Riviera: Master of science-- Or- Progresso: Bachelor's degree-- Elfrancea Envin. Linn: Bachelor's degrees Gerry; Master's deerees--Elton D. tonio Perez and Maria Alvessa Perez. McAllen: Bachelor's degi-ees -Bemice Nicholson Atkins, Joan Bun-is Green, Richard E. Johnson Ford and Rny Pullin Penrod. Gregon': Bachelor's degree An - Marie Irene Gallagher. Mathis: Ra\Tnond F. Haisler, Master of Science. Other towns which are represented Include the following: HOUSTON: Richard H. Hasier, ter's degi-ees -- Paul Eugene Me- 'bachelor of business administra- val Edmond Nanrry and Myrtle'and Eugenia Eppright King; Mas- Morehead Thomas. " " " ~ ·OW! H«Y« KfAL Air CoMditionins in yo«r Office and Homt with a NinCHEU. Room j .Conditioner; Wholesale Distributor Electronic Equipment Co. Corpus Christi Brownsville I L I T A R T C A D E N Y TIAR mm* SINP ton NSW CATALOG PREPARATORY SCHOOL and JUNIOR COLLEGE for BOYS TEXAS 1 OLDEST prtpar.fory xool for boy*. RwtiWu! 475 »ert e*mp«. 3g modern build- tngt, 20 ·««, cempl.tely f.Htd Athleh'c Fi.W. Gymnatwrn. Swimmina Pool R»«f««HoB C»i»- f»r. FULLY ACCREDITED prep.r.fiw, f or ,n e ^ t»g«». C«rti«kaU privil« 9 » wifj, »|| e o!l«9«t «nd «m»»rj!ti« «ccepting on c«Hific»»«. Ae«- atmic *nd besinsu eourSM. Sfrong fstulfy, HONOR MILITARY SCHOOL wiHi Hlg'hort Go»'». Rating f cr 2j y.,,,, 4 ^ tn Se( , iof K.U.I. C. me«t» «l! f»quir«m«ntj for rn*rv» eommmion, with «i«mption from dr«fl until eomplotion 4 Yri. co|l»g«. COMPLETE SPORTS PROSXAM f« ., c f, »««Hy »·»(·«. Sanrf. Rifl. T MB ». A^Ko, . viHwrt wttemn*. *·» C«**f*f WHto AiliN MtLtTART ACAPIMT · Hr«t, Holly wood Bed with . , . A 99.00 VALUE 10.50 DELIVERS Soft comfortable innerspring mattress and sturdy box spring mounted on six hardwood legs and you have a wonderful Hollywood Bed unit which will give your bedroom not only a comfortable but a truly modern touch. Available in a variety of smart decorator colors. Hollywood Beds are the best buy of the year. "The Big Busy Store in Downtown Corpus Christi" NUECES FURNITURE CO. Take Months to Pay with No Interest or Carrying Charges 317 N. CHAPARRAL DIAL 3-4475 NOW! 33% MORE BRILLIANCE! You con see Hit difference . . . Zales finer Direct-Import diamonds in exquisite Paul Reynard mountings! At least 13% more brilliance! And you buy with security on Zale't 30-day FRO- TECTED PURCHASE GUARANTEE. Hnrry Zalt's today! Lady's 7-Dwmond CLUSTER RING n»ry diamond* clue- l«t»d on. »drnpl« 14k gold mounting. SI .00 W**Jtiy $50 16 DIAMONDS Slim, graceful Hk gold mounlinqi w i t h IE *patkling diamond*. $100 NO MONEY DOWN · Tako * Y««r To Pay NO INTEREST--NO CARRYINO CHARQEt Prices Include Federal Tax COPYRIGHT ZALE JEWELRY CO OKDtR BY MAIL /afe Jewelry Company, Corpus "Cnristi Pleat* Mad m* th* following diamond* lot* Nam* Addiw* .-.., · City , Stal« I I Ca«h ( ) Charg* ( ) C.O.D. ( } ' aceounl» pl»a» »nd r«t««lie«« . j LE'S CORPUS CHtlSTI How to take the Work out of Housework WANT SOMETHING COOl? Here's a frozen dessert that's quick to make aod delicio us. to eit! Simply mix well one 16-or. can of jellied cranberry sauce with % cup of ginger tie ind £re«e in a refrigerator tray! (Your refrigerator will work all week end for you for less than a. nickel's worth of electricity!) HATE GLOOM? For* a lighter, brighter laundry, paiat walls white, 'yellow or pink ... and use ceiling fix- n»r*s fitted with two 40- ·K3.ii fluorescent tubes,, shaded. (Apemi/s worth of electricity u*U light a. fluorescent tube for 7 boars!) SPEC! Al WAfflE TREAT! Saveleft-overfnut juices, coojbJDe, aod boil down until thick for the best syrup imaginable to serve with supper-time waffle*. (Takes only one or two cent*' worth of electricity to make all the waffles your family eon eat!) HAT! WALKING MARATHONS? You cao save 40 miles of walking a year with an electric cloehes drier! No lagging heirjr baskets to line, no gathering of clothes! And -washday is always the day you say! (An electric drier costs so little io operne ... only » few cents will dry att entire unubing!) STAND TO IRON? If yon do, here's a way «o banish aching feet. Wear comfortable, low-heeled »boes aad coshion your feet on a rubber floor mat! (Standing or sttthtg, hva cents'worth ofelefr fruity pouters jour iron for an beitrf) · WWS fOI COd »IG«TS J Place roar fan on tfa* wiodoir silt, blades fating McA It will blow out the day's heat, let in tb« cooler night air! (Art average sized fan will keep you cool for mo-re than four hours for just one penny't worth of electricity,) SAVEWiTHAFRHZER --time as well as rnocey! For instance, cook yovr family's farorite dishes to double quantities, store half away, ready for quick serving sotat busy day. '. ( Yottr electric freezer soon jMjffor it$elf m savings on food alone! Cost to operate? Akomt . the same as an electric refrigerator,) ENJOY roar --nights, w wett ·· d«ys. Install an o«- door light that will illuminate your garden after the sun has set! (A 300-watt bxtt will reveal jottr garden's beauty for almost ttiv hours for o*e pemtj't uvrtb of electricity!) ® CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY

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