The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 26
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 26

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 26
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June 6, 1047 Makes Last Minute Splurge To Pass Spending, Redistrict Bills AUSTIN, June 5 -- A last- mlnute splurge of spending by the Senate l e f t the dylnK 50th Le«ls- lature faced squarely today with th eissue of deficit financing the issue of deficit financing. tion's carefully nurtured plans to k?ep appropriations and anticipated revenue in balance will upset on the red side is expected to f u r - nish plenty of fuel for a fiery finish to the 50th session. It ends at noon tomorrow. The Senate's spending splurge late last night came at tho end ol the session's longest legislative day during which the house joined the Senate in voting final app:oval of a plan desisned to guarantee redistricting of the state for flaw-making representation every 10 years. _ . ioy Scouts Open ·/ * taual Camp At Rio Hondo Site RIO HONDO June 0 Boy It, was · the first time since 1921 allocate legislative representation that any legislature had taken alter each succeeding federal positive action on the issue, It wasj c p n s u a if the legislature fails to rated by many a.s the major, ac- ' t ns it has for tne i as t 36 years complishment of the session in that it affects every citizen in the state. Voles Rond Funds What the Senate did was to vote final passage on a $30,000,000 rural road appropriation, sending it to the house, and to advance other money bills m a k i n g up a total of nearly $32,000,000. Whether there are enough votes and enough time remaining to the 50th session to ln the face O j shifting popula- This board would be made up of the lieutenant governor, the speaker ol the .house, the land commissioner, the comptroller, and the attorney general. The plan would go into effect after the 1950 census. Kilg-orc Leads Fight Rep. Joe Kilgore of McAllen Scouts of the Rio Grand* Valley opened the annual Summer camp- jtng session thin week with more IMI 40 Scouts present under lead- of their own troop leaders Wtth * program planned around [the "out" In "Scouting," Arnold Jeyer, Valley »cout executive said. ; R. H. Post i« in charge of the i»rorram for tho entire camp, and Er. B. Johnston is taking charge of 'the camp operations. Both men ; sre members of the Scout council ittaff. The first of several camp ( periods for the summer got under 'way with 14 troops present at Camp Charles F. Perry near here. Those troops in camp this week are, Troops One and Three, Brownsville: Troop Pour, Donna; Troops 10. 43, 44, 50 and 01, Har* *" Mc- put the state back in the red re-,j led the long, hard fight in which mains to be seen. house redistricting forces adopted The 50th session in a last-minute resurgence of sentiment on rertlstricting, voted yesterday to submit to the people a constitutional amendment empowering a board to reapportion the state if the legislature fails to follow the existing constitutional mandate to ao ao. This affirmative action a senate- approved constitutional amendment came at the end of one of the session's longest and busiest legislative days headlined first by the decision to adjourn finally at neon tomorrow. The amendment, if adopted by the people at the general election in 1048, provides that a board re- Mothers Organize Club EDCOUCH --- Among recently organized clubs in the Edcouch- Elsa community is the "Hub Club," which held its Initial meeting at the home of Mrs. Victor Leggett. Members are young mothers of small children, who have organized to engage in child study. The club was organized by Mrs, Vernn Alexander of Corpus Christ!, Officers are Mrs. Scwell Archer, president; Mrs. Leggett, vice- president; Mrs. Johnny Guest, sec- the submission resolution by a vote of 100 to 36. Kilgore said the fundamental issue at stake was "the same as at the Boston Tea Party--taxation without representation." Redistricting advocates contend there is no justice in the present situation, which highly inequitable representation for the public in the legislature. This is premised on the fact that populations have radically shifted westward and southward in recent years. In a session that lasted past midnight, the Senate splurged into a spending spree of more than $30,000,000 of funds that are neither available nor in sight. The Senate finally passed a $30,000,000 appropriation to build farm-to-market roads and a $1,500,000 appropriation for a statewide soil conservation program. 107th DISTRICT COURT Suits Filed Girl Wedged In Tree^rmgff ti Arrest Of Firemen Rescuers CHICAGO, June 5 (/P)--A seven- year-old girl became wedged In the crotch of a tree in Dvorak Park yesterday and neighbors called the Maria de la Luis, Busta.menti ' f j re department. Lozoya vs. Guadalupe Lozoya, j Someone told two mechanics, Paul Agnichek, 54, and John H. divorce. Oonoipcion G. Garcia vs. Adrian^ruste 02 who took a large Jack Garcia, divorce. Vicente Vasquez vs. Tomasa T. de Vasquea, divorce. Manuel Zamarron vs. Maria Garza Zamarron, divorce. Harold E. Hutton vs. Dorothy Jane Hutton, divorce. .from their garage and, ran to help | the weeping girl, Clmrlene Koenig. The mechanics, using the jack, Sharpe, Lob 10. Estates. Block 9, Los -·-·»·*· Harlingen Lands Teachers' Meet already had partly split one branch of the three by the time firemen arrived. Firemen helped them finish the rescue job and Charlene went home. Battalion Chief William Hughes then suggested to the two volunteer rescuers that they saw off the socintion branch which was in danger o f j t i o n next Mar. 11-12. Superinten- falling. They were half way through j 'o park I'omptly iln flhe Sprfriic of Texas Garden Clubs. Inc.. in Apr., fiOO expected lo a l l n n d ; district Optimist, convention in Apr. or May, 300; and vhc district Lions convention in M a y , 500. : Manager Joe E. Mock of the HARLTNGKN, June 5-- Harlin- chamber of Commerce estimated gen will be host city to members lhe c o n v e n tions will bring more of Southwest, Division (District, l n a n $ ,}. 1|0 oo to the City of Har- three), State at the annual As- conven- . of Schools Ernest sawing the branch when two park | c s t j m | U e d t n e two-day meeting " 1 TM* 'attended by approximately Agnichck and Kruste explained 12,000 teachers. REALTY TRANSFERS jj-meia Kamos to Oonrada Orono, about the little girl and C h i e f ) The teachers' convention is one Lot; 7 Block 22, Colonia La Palma;Hughes' suggestion of o u t t i n R o f f ; of f o u r sc hoduled for Harlingen No l' addition to San Benito. ' t h e branch. They were taken toi___._-.-- Hupo R. and Emma D. Fack to j the Maxwell Street Station. Hughes . . John H. Looman to John H . - E K.' Burger, 0,424 acres out of j came and sought their release. So Looman and Mrs. Greta C. Smith; Lots 5 nnd 7, Survey 297, Stuart did Charlene's father. Finally they as joint tennants in common w i t h ' p i a c e subdivision. '.vere freed on bonds of $25 each, right; of surviorshlp, 23.11 acres in; Thomas R. nnd Elizabeth Joseph; They were to be arraigned in San Benito Land and Water Com- \ to John W, and Bettie Jane Loven,. court later today on a charge of pany's subdivision. Lot; 20, Block 2. Arroyo E. L. and Anna Mae Aunget to j.addition to Harlingen. S. F. Klemme, Lot 1, Block 20, original townsffe of Harlingen. Monroe and Henry R. Hausnmri to Ellis A. Fountain, Lots 7, 8 and 9, Block 45, West Brownsville. G, M. Lozano, Sr., to John Edwin and Ida Schwecr Moore, parcel of land outof and a part of Block 106, Los Ebanos Estates, William J. and Lula M. Hinds to Jack Langham, town Lots 5 and 6,. Block 5, original townsite of Prlmera. Philip L. Pentecost to J. R. Williams, Lot 10, Block 5. Commercial- Agnes A. Dickinson, individually j their behalf, and estate of A, D. Dickinson,; Jr., deceased, to E. C. Cortez, Farm Blocks 84 and 85, containing 622 acres. Los Ebanos Properties. Arthur M. Jessup to Dwighfc M.. nnd Ben Alma Hoggard, Lots 1 nnd 2, 'Block 33A, Stillman's Ex-*, tension to Brownsville, W. R. Brown and, W. M. Cox to Teresa C. Garcia, Lots 4 and 0, Block 10, Hermosa addition to San Benito, AurelJano Robles to Felis Le- Vistrij destroying park property. Chief !Hughes said he would testify in T E R M I T E S 5 - Y e a r Guarantee ANTS - R O A C H E S Able Exterminators, fnc. Phone 1997 -- 84S-R V E N E T I A N BLIND SERVICE · Refinishing · Retaping · Repairing · Cleaning HARLINGEN Venetian Blind Shop Phone Brownsville 1181 naniS, i-iOb 1 U , .DIUUK. J. ^ u m i u w i v . ^ * - ~ · · · · - - - - ,.,, , OR W a l l a h Heights aditiond to Harlingen. i dezmn, Lot 13, Block 36 Raleigh Builders, Inc., to Thomas E. and Courts addition to La Feiia. Marjorie Jeanete Trolinger, Lot 22, Block 1, Central Park addition to Brownsville. MARRIAGE LICENSES June Oscar Durham and Alda Los Ebanos Estates, Inc.. nnd J. . R u t h Price. H and Prances L. Batsell to T,i L y m i ' H . Ryherd and Doiothy 1205 E. Washington St. J, R. GUERRA, Prop, We Denver Phone 1281 Gilbert Sharpe Dorothy ' Louiso Troops 12 and 13, -- , . Allen- Troops 10, and 26, S a n l r e t a r y ; Mrs. M. C. Cowan, treas- »enito and Troop 53, Alamo. j u r e r ; and Mrs. Otis -Schlotahouer, Waterfront activity is under the, reporter. direction of Kenneth Munson o f ! Meetings will be held once a Mercedes with boating instruction j month at the homes of various conducted by Weldon Munson, i members. The next is scheduled 'Mercedes at tno nome of Mrs. Royce Cnl- Markmanship Is being offered loway on June 26, when Mrs. Alex- tinder the guidance of Theodore lander will again meet with the Carr of Roma, said to be one o f ; group, . the most well known marksmen j About 30 attended the nrst of the ' Valley. Archery range is i meeting of tho club, tinder the leadership of R. W. LiPton of Harlingen. First aid Instruction on a troop basis is being offered by Howard . Smith of Alamo, and the rope lyard and axe yard Is open to all units un- de Th 1 e he campnrf' 1 Trogram', as one! mented Miss Jimmy Lee Talion «f the hiKhliRhts of every camp,: bride-elect of Bert Whisenant, at according to Drcyer. will 'be held a courtesy held at tho Cooper Fri'dav night especially for par- homo recently, ents and other visitors. "You a r e ! Miniature sandwiches and cook- r-'rrt t o attend nnd see the Sc.out« i ion wore r.crvnd from a Inee-cov- iVr action around tho glowing ernd table. Mrs. E, H. Fraxler pre/ . « m n f i r r " Post said I sided at the cut crystal punch campnre. rost emti. * ,.ui.a,, *«i.«^ B n ^ pnc i ec i ( I f V u d i v i O C l * Courtesy Fetes Local Woman j Mrs. J. Benson Cooper compll- Gold-Plated V/ESTERN SET TouTl be the trrvy of your crowd when you slip on your exquisite ciuirrn brncc- Irt! Each charm is n masterpiece of the jeweler's art! Three sets to choose from t . . ench a bracelet plus three gold- plated charms! Romnntic Henrt s e t , . . bracelet plus "hcnrt-within-o-henrt", * Clovers" hcnrt and "forget-me-not" heart. Smart Western set . . . bracelet p l u s "pistol", " s t e c r s - h e n d " And "saddle". Clever Answer set . . ; b r a c e l e t p l u § * 4 y e s - c h n r m " , "no-chnrm" nnd " h e a r t - w i t h key". Order ns m a n y s e t s «s ycni wiah! Send a H E X A G O N box-top and 25^ for ouch set I* Games and contests furnished entertainment for the evening. AT YOUR DEALER'S KRISPY Week-End Specjal_forJPVidav. S a t u r d a y and Monday, June 6. 7 9th, 1947 WE WILL SELL TOILET TISSUE. WHILE STOCK LASTS PINTO BEANS, New Crop, per Ib. fincrce BRIGHT · EARLY, i-ib. bUrrCC, ADMIRATION, l - l h , bag EGGS, Fresh, per dozen . . IMPERIAL SUGAR, 10-lb. bags ALL BRANDS OLEOMARGARINE, per Ib, . YELLOW AMERICAN CHEESE, Ib. WIENERS, All Meat, per Ib. BUTTER, Creamery, Ib, . , BLUE RIBBON MALT, per jar 65c ARMOUR'S or SWIFT'S PREMIUM SLICED BACON, Ib, PECANS, Shelled L"';" ALL BRANDS CIGARETTES, per carton LIPTON NOODLE SOUP, per pkg FLOUR Angel Food- 5-lh. Sack 30-Jb. Sack 20-11). Sack MINNESOTA VALLEY PEAS, No. 2 can 20c bag- 3Sc . . , -t4o . 50c . 98c . 39c . 48c 39c . 65c 68c OOc $1,69 KARO. BLUE LABEL SYRUP, Vz gallon can OLIVE MEATS, 8-oz. jar PET or CARNATION MILK, 2 Ige, or 4 sm, 52c 30c 25c We Have in Stock Plenty of Swan Soap, Vel and Drcft MAXWELL "HOUSE" r COFFEE, Mb, can ........ 49c MIRACLE WHIP DRESSING and SPREAD ,?,.»" \" ~4c H.KGD1.AR S1/-K PACKAOE MODESS or KOTEX, 2 for . . 39c ROl ; R or HILL PICKLES, 1 gallon jug ... $1.15 "CREAMED STYLE" CANNED CORN, No. 2 can .......... 13e OLD mrrcii CLEANSER, 2 packages for 25c CRACKERS, 2-lb. package 40c on Tage !· ACT PROMPTLY mZ mm. 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