The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1963 · Page 33
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 33

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1963
Page 33
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omina . . . . . 25-31-- "Moccftxln Tracks," .1-mnn arl, show, Loe Aflame. McMnhon Rootn, Mu.ieUiri of ifre Gi"cil Plains. 27-- For^.. 6IH 'Soldiers' Choru* Or^n House, .7:30 p.m. Enlertnlnmem Center, forl-Slll. . 2-- Clyde Benny-Cole Brn.«. · Circus. sponsnrcd hy Jaycrcs, 1 p.m.. R p.m., 4-lLJi and Cnche Rond; ·1-fr-- Cnsilnc for I ' B l l l h r Spirit, 1 ' S p.m., Red Bnrr. Thcnlrr, Fort. Sill. 3-17 -- Law: on . Community ThrnLre Sensor Ticket CnmpnScn. 12-1-1 -- Comancho County Fnlr. Fnlr- prouiid.*, 23rd mid C. IS-- SLfUl Kcnion .lc Orchestra, 7 p.m., Then Ire No. 4 ; 9 p.m., r1n.nct,. Officers Club. Fort Sill. CO-- LawLnn Philharmonic O r c h p « l r n *m.ion UchcL And. merr.bcnnb cum- THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION-MORNING PRESS, Sunday, Aug. 25, 1963^3 Membership Campaign Set \Arf Classes Community J heat re Season Announced 3ef Se P f - 11 Queen To View 'Lawrence' HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- "Lawrence of Arabia" slill Is hcins released around the world. When the j OscajMnnnin;* picture premieres! Jn Amsterdam in September Queon J u l i a n a and Prince Bern- hai-d of the Netherlands will be on hand lor the festivities. By BILL 'CRAWFORD A VERSATILE packace of *^ .stage enlGrtaijiment. including a prise-winning drama and two well-knoivh comedies adapted from the French, wiil highlight Lawlon Community's Theatre's 1963-6-1 season. The trio ol productions, nil of which may be staped in-the-i-ou.nd will be directed by John Denney, The shows include A n i l a Loos' "Gigi", adapted from the novel by Colette; "All'the Way Home." based on a Pulilizer Prize winning nnvcl, and Moliere's "The Imaginary Invalid." Because of a major undertaking by the community theatre . group Ihis year and also 1o avoid connicls with olher scheduled events in the c i l y , the ]H53- G-1 season will he a laic one, Fred Slecin, president, said Saturday. Plans also are u n d e r way !o launch the C o m m u n i l y Thea- Ij'e's aiinuaJ season ticket and membership campaign, scheduled Sept. 3-17. Plans lor a new set ; u'p of ·patron, sponsor and an- £cl memberships will be announced later this week. OPENING THE season Feb. ISIS will be "Gigi," a delightful period comedy set in the early 1900s in Paris. Leslie Caron 5[ar- red in the movie version of I he comedy, which was transferred to the screen as a musical. However, the original play is without music. Next in the Communily Tliea- Ire spotlicht will be "All the Way Home." based on James AKCP'S Pulitzer Prize winning novel, "A Death in the Fa.-nily." It is booked for April 16-1S. Coleen Dewhursi and Lillian Gish starred in the lonE-run Broadway drama lhat parnered boih the Pulitzer Prize and the Crimes' Cirde Award as the best play of the year. "All The Way Home" is due lo bp released soon as a iTiovie, slarrinR Pal Hin- Rle and Ronnie Claire "Edwards, a Universily of Oklahoma drama Rraduate and n former Marjw Jones Theatre actress In Dal' las, · · . . · "The Imaginary Invalid", a stylized comedy, will dose the season June 11-13. Translated and adapted by Merritt Stone, the comedy is a costume show set in the time of Louis IV. DT ANNOUNCING the season's line-up of produclions, Stcjn'n also issued an appeal for all Lnw- 'onians and Fnrt Sill personnel interested in community theatre activities lo join the amateur Croup this season, "There's a job for everyone In helping advance (he cause of live IheaLre in Lawton and Southwest Oklahoma," he added. "The Lawlon Community Theatre needs not only aclors and actresses, but also technicians in t h e fields of lichtinp. statecraft, make-up and wardrobe. "Bic plans are in Ihe making this year for LCT and the season promises lo be one of the best in the history of the organization," Stecin concluded. Plans /or sponsorship of art classes by the Junior S e r v i c e League cultural committee were I announced Saturday by Mrs. I James VanWey. chairman. | Instruction will be by Richard I Goctx, Oklahoma City artist, who ! has conducted art cJasses here in j past years under the auspices of: the Fort Sill 0/licers Wives club. i Classes will begin Sept. 11 at j the .Museum of the Great Plain* anri will be held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month for three months. Fee is S21. Sessions are to be conducted from 14:30 p.m. and 7-10 p.m. Classes will be limited to 14 persons. Deadline for enrollinc in th« classes is Sept. 4. Additional information may be obtained by calling or wriiing Mrs. VanWey, 705 N. 35ih, ELpin 5-0251. Oldtimers Work HOLLYWOOD (UPI)--The "Day In Court" television show is keening oldtimers husy workine with guest shots for Allen Jenkins, Evelyn Grent, Mad^o Meredith, Heather Angel, Patsy Kelly CIRCUS FUX. Lawton and Southwest Oklahoma youngsters are bound to be as fascinated as this tot, who is intrigued by one of the hordes of downs corning to town on Labor Day with the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus. Sponsored by the Jaycees, the three-ring circus is scheduled for two performances Sept. 2 at 2 p.m. and 8 p-m. st 44lh and Cache Road. More than 600 persons are traveling with the circus this sea- eon, including 150 performers. An extensive menagerie, including a giant giraffe and hippopotamus from the River Nile, will be exhibited. JLawton Entertainment Page · Theatre · Movies · Art · Bookj Intern Kildare Promoted Jo Resident Physician By CTTs'THlA T,OWKY HOLIA^'OOD (AD-Txvo ,vf»TS RCO torisy, a younc. handsome and ramrst actor named R i c h a r d Chamberlain could walk into the MG.M commissary for luncheon vi'.houl causlnK R single head to turn. A month later "Dr. Kildare" was reborn as an NBC television series with Chamberlain in the title role. He was a !ull-blo«7i star \\it.hin weeks, Chamberlain, a modest, pleasant youne man, now laces the real celebrity's ordeal en rouie to and from his noontime rare steak and salad. Eyes follow his prop-ess lo his table. Visitors whisper to each other, even fellow players stop talking shop. The yminc alar hnnrtlpv tlw whole thine (jracclully, but it is easy to understand why R lot of stars prefer sandwiches and cold drinks in their dressing rooms. Chamberlain is at work on next Mason's batch of "Kildare" epi- todes, havjnc spent most o! his vacation makinc his first movie «.·: a star, "TVili^hl ol Honor," in which he plays a lawyer. The television scries will hav* dome new aspects this season, notably because Kildare will be pro- | mottvl from intern to resident 1 physician in Ihe first "pisode. That means our hero will achieve a : chance of unilorm-rrom The hitrh- | color intem's jacket TO a shin, i necklie and white coat, j "He will also be more mature," ! said Chamberlain, "and can stand up To Dr. Gillespie. As a matter o! fact, Ray (Raymond Masspy, his coslar^ anri I had our biRResl lijrht -- just in the series, of course | --the other day over whether R j man suffering from leukemia : should be told he was a termina] ; case." i Chamlvrliiln U th? mn*4 popular ! star on the huse MGM lot, il his ; mail is any measure. j Most of. it comes from younc- I slers, but Chamberlain also re- i ccives some from physicians. j "Most of the dociors who write I seem happy about the noble imape j oi the doctor created by the se' rics,'' the actor reported, "but j sometimes I think I sense a little I note ol hostility creeping in. \Vhen I there's criticism, it usually r*- j volves around some problem of I medicine about which there is mi- nyr disaRrccment anyway." Fame and fortune have had liTile effect on Chamberlain's way of life. Hope Declares 'Cleopatra' Helps Boost Movie Industry HOLLYWOOD (AT) -- Nnlw Rnd comment on the Hollywood 'scene: Thincs me lookinE Up lor the 51m industry, says that well-in- lormcd businessman, Bob Hope. ' 'It'* amazinc 'how · much · better the picture business is lookuiE," he commented. "I've sot more good deals offered to me recently than I've had in the past five years. "You know what I think has helped brine the chance? 'Cleopatra.' No kidding, I think that picture sot people interested in movies acain." Hope's newest book, "I OWB Russia 51,200," has been hugping the top of the best-seller list, and 1 that dclichls him almost as much as an Oscar would. "I must be nuts," he said. "I turned o^vn 515.000 tor one show In Colorado so I could autograph my book at a department store." Next stop: Australia, where he'll attend the Melbourne Cup horse race and book-auioRraphinK par- lies. * * * How's this for a chanrf of pace* Carroll Baker went from playing a saint in "The Greatest Story Ever Told'' to a nymphodipso screen star in "The Carpetbaggers." she stepped out ol a seduction scene in the latier lo report: "Next I play a Quaker in 'The Long Ficht' and I don't even pet Jdsred." STARS "The ClfWLmtni Paperx" ly Jack Brodsky and Nathan Weiss, former press agents, is a penctrarJng closeup oi the doubledrama of "Cleopatr . " -- the Taylor-Burton- Fisher doings .in Rome and' the corporative convulsions In New York. The most cogent analysis ol the former is quoted from director- writer Joseph Mantaewjcz: Taylor and Burton are "two actors who don't know how to get ofl-stace because there's no script-writer there to show them how." . Mt Scott Ifl DRIVE IN I I tHIOIDAN ROAD · L Open* 7--StHrts nl Dusk Kid* Umlor 12 Frr* TONITE ,-«££,,, PLUS ^ Starts Thursday-Vaska Theatre! BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR! . s , j*» «... WINNER OF 7ACADEM v AWARDSj^ . £ r^i^L^f UOVKENCE OFARABK ALEC GU1NNCSS A/-n»OKTOJ |fJ N-JACK HAWKWS J0?t FERflLT, WTHCFff Crj*ni: · Clgj ^POIR, OTOOU - woer- mow ' FONG VILLAGE 512 E Axenu. Complete Menu Clilneso and American Diol EL5-2435 The Best Chinese Dishes To Delight You. Orders To Go! W« Specializt in Partiet . AIR CONDITIONED VOUTH ON FT SILL M.VD Mk.. n .. M 1 b474 Opom Rt 7--Slartx at Dll.-k. Admission 60o Kids Under 12 Fre« TONITE TUE X PJT.US DIANA STARTS TODAY! Bnx Offleo Open 1:1.1 -- FenlurPK n l 1 :30, R:3n, f,:3n. 7:30, 9:30 n : Zoc - Tuc -- Fr"- I'lirklnc Acro«^ Street -- Auk A t t e n d a n t for Sr Oul of a Coot of Many Colors.^ Passions of Every Hue.., qnd Man s Mightiasl Experiences.- Comes the BOLDEST BIBLICAL SPECTACLE OF ALL! i CINCSCOPC -T.J tASTMANCOLOIt GEOFFREY HORNE ^?^ ROBERT MORIEY --.L««C IELINDALEE ^?,~~" ENDS WEDNESDAY Box OHIcn Open 1:45 Start* at 2:00- Feature* (it 2:S5. 5;.V). ft:00 . ' A d m l N H l o n : 25c - 75c Fre« P n r k i n c Acrow from DlHTia Theatre--Ask Attendant /or Special Ticket 55 DAYS THAT STUNNED THE WORLD! Samuel Bronston P R L 3 C N T 1 CHARLTON mum mtm^mwm tr.usm Starts Thursday at Lawton Theatre KiRK DOUGLAS MiTZl GAYNOR GIG YOUNG ·LOVE OR THEiMAlTTER tfSll!_PiHIS)l-J»Llf»TM»l-W:lLllMlENDII ENDS WEDNESDAY Box Of/Ic* Open 1:30 C o n l l n u o m Shows from 1:45 Admission 2Sc - Too THE MOST WONDERFUL ENTERTAINMENT EVER EVER! DOUBLE FEATURE ADULTS ONLY "LUST FOR THE SUN" This l» Ihff eolortnl 'lory o( the nudist camps nt Wobiim Abb?y. fsle of Sylt. Isle of Levant and Cavallo! Filmerl In Flesh-Tone --PLUS SECOND ADULT SHOW-"WAYWARD GIRL" D R I V E - I N AUSTIN DOUBLE FEATURE ENDS TUESDAY Open 6:30--Start* at Dark Admission 60c Rids Undpr 12 Frc« ?MTMt TOETHER! ROCK ILIZMETH MMES SuDSON TIYiOR PttN m Lomi Si A Starts Wednesday Night Double Jerry Lewis! "SAD SACK" PLUS "DELICATE DELINQIIENT?

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