The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on March 11, 1942 · Page 7
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 7

Shreveport, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1942
Page 7
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TOUR MORNINC NEWSPAPER THE SHREVEPORT TIMES, SHBEVEPORT, LA WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11. 1942 SEVEN Miss Wedgeworth Is Honor Guest At Party Series To Wed Former Shreveporter Cook-Stevenson Nuptials to Be Held Thursday Fashion Horoscope by Colette Jjj tall, 5tiinj-l)M Lesson in Square Dance Is Enjoyed At the Country Club Monday Evening Swing your partner! An enthusiastic group gathered at the Country club Monday Xor another lesson In 6quare dancing. The club will entertain with square dance Monday evening of each week from 8 until 10 o'clock, with Raeburn Btiles acting as master of ceremonies. Among those noted dancing were: Mr. and Mrs. N. C. McGowen, Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Harris. Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Wheless, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Welch, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. O'Brien, Mr. and, Mrs. W. C. Woolf, Mr and Mrs B. J. vonen, Mrs. t. J. Heard, Mr. and Mrs. Herschell scivally, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. McClendon, Mr. and Mrs. John Guyton, Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Marston, Mrs. N. H. Wheless, Jr. Mr. and Mrs Lurford McGuffin, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Lanford, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Carmody, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Weyland, Mr. and Mrs. Prank fcelley, Jr., and Mrs. W. Foster Hughes, Miss Doris Minge Dlxey and J. B. Thornton, Mr. and Mrs. Felix M. Rives, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Barlow, Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McDowell, Mr. and Mrs. Gordan Gano, Miss Mary Mar-ton, Jr., and Mrs, Floyd Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Glasscock, and ther. Theta Alumnae Gather With Mrs. J. E. McKean Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae club met Monday In the home of Mrs J. E. McKean on Preston. It was their first meeting of the new year and the newly-elected officers presided: president, Mrs. Victor H. Lune-borg; vice-president, Mrs. J. E. McKean; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. John Alban. During the business session plans were discussed for the coming year and It was decided to have more program meetings with speakers and book reviews. A home nursing group 1 being organized by the members Of the club and other defense work was planned. An Informal social hour was en-Joyed by the following members present: Mrs. Clarence L. Yancey, Mrs. Jerrel R. Atkinson, Mrs. James A. Van Hook, Mrs. Hall McCord, Mrs. Victor H. Luneborg, Mrs. Robert Strickland and Mrs. John Alban. 'I Your SewmgMaehlnt Gummd-Up?:Does It Run i Sluggishly! b ft .Skipping stitches?.' ) Givt ifraTnw leas on life with this special Singer 'Service Offer. Head and Bearing Bath Timing Check-Up Tension Adjustment! Bearing Adjustments Motor Tune-Up Thorough Lubrication Bright Parts Polishing WCWDINO (For Sing.r)4THE$E NEW PARTS Motor Brushes Pressor Foot Tension Spring Bobbin Winder Ring Motor Belt ftR work it done by an Mttrt repairman In your local Singir Shop tMt fw star mi Ims m iHllthllt) Hi Jrtti It siMt SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 619 Texas St., Shreveport, La. PHONE 2-9221 Luncheon Parties Will Be Noted at'' Style Show Today The Junior League will entertain with Its last luncheon style revue of this season today In the Zephyr room of the Washtngton-Youree hotel. Latest spring fashions and early summer creations will be presented, with Mrs. Charles Lane, Jr., announcing the revue. Mrs. Edward P. Neild, Jr., and Mrs. Donald Laskey will serve as hostesses at the Junior League table, and numerous luncheon parties and Informal gatherings have been planned. Mrs. W. E. Connell and Mrs. Grover Skoog will entertain with a lovely luncheon party at the Junior League style revue today, complimenting two attractive rwmt brides, Mrs. Ransom Hunter and Mrs. Norman Hunter. A round reflector mirroring a large yellow egg filled with pansles aDd daffodils and placed in an orchid nest will form the unique and ef fective centerpiece for the luncheon table. Miniature yellow rabbits with a matching bow attached and In an orchid nest will mark covers for the guests. Enjoying the affair will be: Mrs. Ransom Hunter, Mrs. Norman Hunter, Mrs. R. A. Hunter, 6r., Mrs. J. B. Shores, Mrs. Joe Flowers and the hostesses, Mrs. Connell and Mrs. Skoog. Mrs. Rupert Bcott entertained with a lovely luncheon party Tuesday In her home on Pierre Mont road, complimenting Miss Mary Frances Wedge-worth, popular bride-elect of John W. Landon. Colorful bouquets of King Alfred jonqullf, violets and other spring flowers formed the floral decor for the reception suite. The luncheon table was centered with an effective bridal bouquet of white Iris and spirea, cascading down the table and arranged with wedding bells on white satin streamers. Miss Wedgeworth was presented with a lovely gift of silver, and dainty wedding bell place cards marked covers for the guests. Enjoying the occasion were: Miss Wedgeworth, Mrs. A. L. Wedgeworth, Mrs. W. O. Alfred, Mrs. W. W. Alsup, Mrs. L. M. Elgin, Mrs. Sam Caldwell, Mrs. A. B. Anthony, and the hostess, Mrs. Scott. Miss Wedgeworth was named honor guest at a delightful luncheon In the Zephyr room of the Washlngton- Youree hotel Monday, given by Mrs. R. M. Taliaferro and Mrs. John 8. Taliaferro. A long modernistic arrangement of pastel sweetpeas, candytuft and fern formed the unusually-lovely central ornament for the table. The place of the honoree was marked with a gift of silver, and attractive place cards adorned with a bride and groom laid covers for the guests. Invited guests for the affair In cluded: Miss Wedgeworth, Mrs. A. L. Wedgeworth, Mrs. G. N. Ashworth, Mrs. M. E. Dodd, Mrs. David A. Herndon, Jr., Mrs. Warfield Ward, Mrs. John A. Richardson, Miss Cath erine McPhee, Mrs, J. K. Findley, and the hostesses, Mrs. R. M, Taliaferro and Mrs. John S. Taliaferro. THRIFTY MENUS THl RSDAY BREAKFAST Bananas over Cereal Bacon Enriched Bread Toast Jam or Syrup Coffee Milk Enriched bread Is one of the least expensive of foods providing necessary vitamins of the vitamin B group (thiamine, nicotinic acid), and iron. Like all good bread. Enriched Bread Is easily digested by the nor mal person. DINNER Beef Liver Candled Sweet Potatoes Green Beans ; Hot Biscuit ( Beverage Cup Cakes Candled Sweet Potatoes Boll potatoes. Pert "and slice. Fttt bottom of baking dish with a layer of potatoes, sprinkle with a tablespoon of sugar and small lump of butter, another layer of potatoes, another sjoon of butter and so on to the top. Put in a few slices of lemon, cover well with water and bake until potatoes are candled. To Prepare Beef Liver First place in saucepan of boiling water to which lemon Juice has been added, let remain until liver turns white. Remove, salt, pepper and flour. Fry lr hot bacon fat until nearly done, theu add flour, let a gravy. Allow liver to remain in brown and add cold water to make gravy until done and gravy is thick. Remove and serve. Cooking in lemon juice takes away any strong taste the beef liver may have. Try cooking this way, you will be delighted. Fluted Pecan Coffee Cakes 2 cups flour 2 teaspoons baking powder Vi teaspoon salt V4 cup sugar 1 cup milk ',4 cup melted butter Topping K cup pecan meats, chopped cup sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 tablespoon flour 2 tablespoons melted butter Sift the dry ingredients together. Combine the melted butter and milk; stir raDldly into the dry ingredients. Pour Into fluted muffin tins, well oiled. Sprinkle wltii topping and bake In a 425 degree oven about 25 minutes. Rev. Werlcin to Speak at St. Mark's Tonight The Rev. Philip Prentiss Werleln, rector of St. James Episcopal church of Baton Rouge, will be speaker at special lenten services at St. Mark's Episcopal church here tonight. Mr. Werleln is a graduate of Tulane university and a Rhodes scholar. He is dean of the central convocation of the Diowse of Louisiana and a mem ber of the Bishop and Council for the Diocese of Louisiana. The "devil wood," an olive of the southern states, was so named because It Is Impossible to split. ALLOUSES To relieve painful callouses, burning or tenderness on bottom ol feet and remove callouses get these thin, soothing, cushioning pads. ANTISEPTIC '..AW" . oicm DRYJtehy Scalpi-ItcKy Mosquito and Chigget Bites Fire BurntSun Burnt Foot Burns Simple Rectal Irritations Simple Hemorrhoids Dry, Irritated Nasal Membranes in Head Colds. ANTISEPTIC For Inhibitory um as contact bv draining Minor Bniiin, Scratches and Simple Wounds. Lucky TlgKr Ointment makes friends tvarywhere a real household fuest of tnanv virtues. Try it-note hi coolies, soothing efficiency. Available; In Me, 60c ami U ,, l0 0e Tubes with Free Applicator with each Tube. At Druggists or most good Barber Shops. Get a jar today. IUCKV TICER MFC CO- Kama CHy, Miss Timberlake Will Be Bride of Wallace Foster Interest centers In the announcement made today by Col. and Mrs. Edward J. Timberlake, Jr., of the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Marjorie Campbell, to Lieut. W. Wallace Foster of McDill Field, Tampa, Fla. The wedding will be solemnized at S o'clock Saturday tfernoon, March 7, In the chapel of Barksdale Field, with Chaplain Choat officiating. Miss Shirley Timberlake, who attends school in Washington, D. C, will arrive this week to be her sister's only attendant. Lieut. Jack Hipps of Barksdale Field will be the best man. The bride-elect was graduated from National Park In Washington. D. C. last year. She is the granddaughter of Col. Edward J. Timberlake, retired, of St. Petersburg, Fla. Lieutenant Foster Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Wallace Foster of Greenville, S. C. He was graduated from Clemson college in South Carolina. Thunderhead (Continued From Preceding rage) matter with Brett? He wasn't very polite." "Ah, well, he is not such a friend of mine. I did not lend him some money once when he needed it. Perhaps he will not forgive me." "Miguel," she said, "did they really say that fire was caused by an avia tor s cigaret?" When he told her that was what everyone believed, her heart seemed to turn cold, and she said, knowing the answer, 'Who would it be? Who was up there?" "I think the new man. Stearne Is his name? He was up there when the fire started, and he might have been careless!" "Oh, no! No, he didn't!" Lesley cried, "I know he didn't." But she didn't know. She only knew how Jimmie had acted when he returned from the fire! Oh, poor Jimmie! She was his only friend, and she was doubting him! Del Santo stared at her flushed and earnest face searchlngly. 'Do you know this man very well, that you are so frightened for him?" For the first time, she had a sen sation of dislike, for the suave coolness that never deserted Del Santo, She said hotly, "I do know him, and I'm sure that he wouldn't be stupid enough to light a cigarette in a place like this." "You are probably right," Del Santo agreed smoothly. "Well, whoever It is, it is amazing to me that Mr. Haw- ley has kept his little enterprise going for two years. With the sort of men he gets down here to fly for him." Lesley slipped off her horse sud denly. 'We're Just a few steps from your stable, Miguel. I wonder If you'll take my horse in, please. I'd like to walk the rest of the way to the airport. If you don't mind." "But of course, if you wish It." His face was perfectly unreadable as he took her reins, then took off his hat to her. "Although I can have you driven home easily." She thanked him and walked off down the road. He was standing right at his gate, holding the two horses, but he didn't go inside. She could feel him watching her until she turned a bend in the road. Jerry Barker was coming out of one of the hangers when she arrived. She waved and he came over. His hair was blowing wildly in his face. "How's your hurricane insurance, honey?" he grinned. "This is going to be a swell night to stay home and knit." Lesley looked up at the orange and brown sky. It was darkening swiftly and the black clouds were pouring over Cuyajara. As she looked around, she noticed a tall, strikingly beauti ful dark girl in riding clothes. She was standing on the edge of the field, watching the sky and the activity around the hangar. Lesley had never seen her before and she asked Jerry who the girl was. He looked at her and clicked nil tongue twice In appreciation. "She'i my Idea of what all Venezuelan dames should look like . . . but don't. That's Estella Vargos; the coffee baron's secretary." Copyright. IMi, Chlcaao Dally Kswa, Inc. (Continued tomorrow.) Lesley makes trouble, ( . i y ' I St airTA v : Miss Doris Marie Morgan daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan of New York, whose wedding to Cleveland L. Atkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Cannon of this city, will be solemnized in the near future. Mr. Atkins is in active service with the United States Navy. Of Interest In this vicinity Is ths announcement made by Mr. and Mrs. j Robert Franklin Stevenson of the engagement and approaching mar-! riage of their daughter, Marjorie, to James Hill Cook, ensign, United States Naval Air corps, son of Mr. and Mrs, Llfford H. Cook, of Grand Cane. The wedding will be solemnized on the evening of March 12, In the Noel "Memorial Methodist church. Miss Helen Janelle Stevenson, sister of the bride, will serve as maid of honor and only attendant In the wedding. The bride-elect is the . grand daughter on the maternal side of Mrs. Nancy Wesson Shackelford, and the late Mr. Joseph Henry Shackelford, and her paternal grandparents are Mrs. Mary Young Stevenson and the late Mr. William Henry Stevenson, both pioneer families of Claiborne parish. Miss Stevenson is a graduate of Byrd high school and of Louisiana Tech, where she received her B. S. degree. She was vice-president of Kappa Delta sorority and selected in Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Ensign Cook is the grandson on the maternal side of Mr. and Mrs. David Beauregard Talbert of Keatchle, and his paternal grandparents are the late Mr. and Mrs. Lodrlck Monroe Cook of Grand Cane. The bridegroom-elect is a graduate of Grand Cane high school and Louisiana Tech, where he ioeived his B. S. degree. He was a member of Theta Kappa Nu fraternity. He received his training at the naval air station in Jackson- ,-Von't Til & ' A ( iMm mm- ines. Wf ri-M-T Vl rV ' ' 111 CMetfo lull tynOtntt Don't emphasize angularity with sagging, loose 1. WJt Do clump out in soft tex tured tweed nipped-in waistline, short pleated skirt, curves in hat and shoes to soften thin figure. vllle, Fla., and was commissioned at Miami, Fla., last October. The bride and groom will make their home in Norfolk. Va., where Ensign Cook Is now stationed. Making up the mind about doing something properly implies thought, reasoning and drawing onclusions from premises. FLIER KILLED Merldan, Miss., March 10 (JP). Second Lieut. Frank H. Pulley, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pulley of Red Oak, Calif., and a member of the 313th pursuit squadron, stationed here at Key field, was Instantly killed today when his plane crashed near nearby Duffee. The cause was not determined. The pilot was on a local training flight. Everootjo'c Eneiried! Wo NEWS MFFEEiEOT! X. V a . I -irr-l -III ,V- VV-V5 V' "UZ DOES 113 - --J- l -ASn FAR WHITES I --- SVOW 11 r . 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