The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 3, 1965 · Page 7
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 7

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1965
Page 7
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Wife Gets Annulment In Dead-Ringer Case i ° M A?A NeK UPI -- A Judge granted an annulment Wednesday lo tearful Nancy Johnson, second wife of dead-ringer" John Fritz Johnson, a former, television sportscaster who was found to be a long- missing Ohio salesman. ' The court granted custody of the couple's two children to Mrs. Johnson, ordered Johnson to pay $20 a week for the children's support and approved a property settlement. Mrs. Johnson, a pretty former model who has taken a job with an airlines since her life with the popular television personality was shattered, testified only briefly before Judge Lawrence Krell in Douglas County District Court. SHE * i sobbed throughout I he brief proceedings and dabbed tears from her eyes as she testified that she believed t h a t Johnson remembered nothing of his life at Akron, Ohio, as Lawrence Bader, a married man with four children. She said the only link he had NOTICE CF SAIE By virtus et lh« power cor/erred upan « al liuilca in Ihal terrain deed of frui ru1ed by Barney Long end SUB long. hvtbcnj or.d neii [Herein mentrc.-.ej, tfinr ii dated Apr.) indebted h deed 194J. ari recorded In Bock 916 at Pcge 3i6 cl 111 land rccc:di of WQitvnglsiT Ccjnty, M.- liuippt, wherein :ho woceiry E^iain de- jrilbed wo» conveyed, default cccorrf'ng To rh» lermt of said deed of ljuit hnv'ng \-.ftn mode in l!-.e pay.iwnt f ihe lidebt* «d--.Pii 10 iccuitd, end th« ovtr.ei hav'ng declared all of ioid lrdeb'ed--en i-cv/ rkw ond ord nayable, at lh« leq^csl of lHe Solder end own« gf i-j:d indeb'cH IVMI, I R. D. Tharcher, a. tuch liuilea will en Friday. June J. 1965, al ths fronl door cf ^e Westvrglen Cc-.nly Ccixl- houso in Giornvillc. fAinisvppi telwten I** hc-jfi txexilbrd b* lew to-- i'-erifl'i icilfi, «·:! al pcblkr outcry, ro Ihe hlghcil hiHrfer for caih iru fclowlng desn'^xid proce'ry lying crd lituzra n Wa^i'rgtc. County, Mftilitippi: TKar perl cF loll 1 on if 2 of Block 1 cl ih* Sandy Ridge lixivia! Shei Addition to rf-e Ciry of Greenville. Waitvnglfln, Wiiiist : pp : , de- iri'ibed 01 fslTows: Beg 1 nning a! l!-c Na.-rKeoit coirer of Lol 1, HMHCB wci'eily alcng iho Noilh l.'ne of scr'd lot 1, 50 feet To Ihe point of beq'm- \rxs- thente joulherly D3/allel with if-e cosl#'n fc^un-?nry Tne ol laid loll 1 and 2, 100.41 feet to 1he Soulh In* of laid tot 2; iherca we^erly olc-.ri the SoutF. lir.B ol ia'd lol 2, 5°. 10 Fetl lo Ihe wcs-«-n Mn« 100 ffi-t lo :t« No"h lirc ol Lo1 li Ihirwfi *ni^ilv along ioEd Norlh l : ne, 63.7 Ir-et 10 rhe ncirl ol 0--d b*:ng n port of n tied ol lanj ctnvtyt-rl 1o V. OIlifrno.-F by Tradtt't Po^l, In;., by deed doled february 23. 1949, and recorded In Deed BocV: 37? nr Fr.ce 106 of Tr-e I.:.-;! rcccidi o! Wa%hma!on CooTy, Mi»m ppl. SIGNED. POSTFD nnd a rccy h-jnd In th? Dc'ln Democfal'Tfrrfi ih i IClh d- of Mcy. 1965. with his past was his finger- rints, which a Federal Bureau, if Investigation check showed to be those of Badcr. Bader disap-l wared on a fishing trip on Lake Erie in 1957 and five years later vas declared legally dead. Johnson, the Nebraska men's! archery champion, was spotted; )y an acquaintance of Bader n s j a "dead ringer" lor the Akron dtchenwarc salesman at a sports store in Chicago in Feb-i uary. Bader's two brothers went to Chicago to see him and he volunteered for the fingerprint check.; Johnson refused to comment' on the annulment but said he is "leaving the door open" for a possible meeling with his Ohio wife. * * * MRS. Mary Lou flader was not immediately available for comment in Akron. Her attorney. Charles Scanlon, said he did not kno\v if the annulment would make any change in her plans. She has not seen her husband face to face since his identity was discovered. Johnson's attorney, H a r r y 'arnham, declined to s a y vhether he would ask Mrs. Baler to grant Johnson a divorce. Mrs. Bader, a Roman Catholic, in the past hus said bhc would not divorce her husband. Congolese Slash Through Rebels I.F.OPOLDV1LLE, The Congo' (UPI)--Government troops led by mercenary commander Col. Michael ("Mad Mike") Hoare today slashed through dense jungles hoping to rescue white hostages held by rebel forces. The troops found no sign of the whiles when Iliey reached the town of Banalia. last known jSupporf Voiced For Measure To Check Drugs Support of legislalion now bc- ^3SSBSaSl«aM63H9!^^ Mines Fund Hearing Top Almost $500 Now Donated i, -- - · The Hines Building Fund, announced less than a week fore Congress to help control L f ogo is approaching ils $500 goal, abuse of certain prescription i.c ; " UK fund, headed by William Carter, Essie Smith and Mrs. J. B. Ycldell, now totals SW4.60. Delta Democrat-Times Thursday, Juno 3, '65 7 drugs was called for Wednesday by a representative of a major pharmaceutical firm. Addressing the East Greenville jKiwanis, Michael Gallagher said jhis firm "strongly supports" this j legislation ami is ready to ac- .ceul any additional work rcquir- '.ed to keep drugs out of illegal channels and available for meili- |cal use only. GALLAGHER is a Monroe, La., professional service representative for Smith, Kline and French Lab- |oratorics of Philadelphia, Pa. The legislalion, I1R-2, is Hie I. stimulant and depressant bill in-- The money is earmarked for rebuilding of the home of four orphaned Greenville children. Harold, Sarah, Julia and Sylvester Hines. Their unattended home was partially destroyed May 13 while the four were in school. RECENT contributors to the fund are Mr. and Mrs. James Jones S25; the House of Progress Barber Shop $3.25; the Rev. ,, E. E. Macbeth SI: Carl Jones $1; James Carter $2; Benjamin !1 Cook $1; George Sealon $2, and Dr. and Mrs. N. R. Frisby 520. Also, Foulcs Grocery $10; Mrs. Ilnltie Lee S3; Earl Rob- : ;| inson $5, the Greenville Senior Beauticians S10; Alphonse and Alphonse Patterson 515. Contributions may be mailed or telephoned to Mrs. Ycl- dell at 5-1583. .inventory o! these drugs, he said.!know that drug abuse is n sord, J ls spec i fica |i y , nen -1 escape hatch for people umvill · " Industry Boosters Joe W. Lee (left) and Paul T. Mooney (right), industrial representatives of the Texas Gas Transmission Corporation, show Greenville Mayor Pal Dunne a direct mail kit going to 200 Northern industrialists. The kit contains cotton seeds and instructions for growing cotton in their own gardens. It also gives the industry prospects information on the cotton producing states as potential plant sites. (Stuff Photo) Texas Gas Project Takes Cotton North Cotton will be blossoming in,Gas Company, in continually se- Northcrn cilics this summer as ajeking new industry for the eight result of an industrial develop- totp.i it serves along the Missis- reduced by Rep. Oren Harris of . . . .. . ... . , , , , .. ,, ,'tioned in the bill \rk. It has passed the House ami " . , Hlecal s now before the Senate labor, '. . f, , ,,,,,, possession or sales would be pun and public welfare committee. The bill would require manu facturers and wholesalers who handle amphetamine (stimulant), barbiturate (depressant), and certain other prescription drugs to ill,; to face up to problems," Gal lazier said. "Since youngster often like lo feel they're living lishable, wilh particularly severe [dangerously, we should point ou 'penalties for sales lo persons nn- l h a t there's nothing glamorous c. j er 21. dashing about n kid bleating hi CLI.EBRATES BIRTHDAY ATHENS (UP1) -- King Con stantine of Greece celebrated his 25th birthday today. His wife. Queen Anne - Marie, is ^·xpccling her first child within the next few days. register with the Department o f j u Health, Education and Welfare i'" e Gallagher said there is n "crying need" for greater awareness ol the danger inherent in misus- position Banalia of Ihe "lion" rebels. is 125 miles south of merit program conducted by Texas Gas Transmission Corporation. Two hundred key industrialists in New York. Boston, Chicago, St. Louis ami several Ohio cities are receiving kits from Texas Gas similar lo Ihe one presented this week to Greenville Mayor Pat Dunne. « THE KfTS contain a brochure, raw cnlton and cotton seed along wilh (wo invitations. As people receiving the kits use cotton in some form every day, Ihcy are invited to grow some in their hack yards. The other invitation is lo HOME OF ... ONK YKAU FREE SERVICE By Qualified Engineers and Technicians ELECTRONIC WORKSHOP and government soldiers captured Tuesday. Reports lhat as m a n y as of the 109 whites [bought hnvc been in rebel hands were mnssncrccl remained confused. The hardest evidence available came from a young Portuguese [.who arrived in Lcopoldville Wednesday. The bill also would require them, together with retailers aiwl physicians who dispense medicine, to make available to U. S. Food and Drug Administration inspectors records of sales and I "We sliould let young people i -other's weight - conirol pills o his falher's high-Wood-prcssur remedy." Gallagher was introduced to 111 group by Greenville paarmaci: Bill Daves. TO END VACANCIES -- RUN RENT A DIAL ED 5-1155 FOR A HELPFUL DEMOCRAT AD-WRITER O P E N NIGHT LIGHTED SEVEN OAKS PAR 3 GOLF Open 9 A.M. - 11 P.M. 7 Days "DRIVING RANGE' 6 P.M. to II P.M. Mon - Tuc - Wed. Only Play CHILDREN UNDER 14 Accompanied By Parents FREE Play Every Thurs. Visit Our New TERRACE ROOM Dancing 0 'til 1 MEMBERS ONLY Come Properly Dressed For Sadie Hawkins Day EVERY WED. 1 A Price Everything '/ 2 Price 7 p.m. 'til 9 p.m. F R E E Terrace Bar BQ Facilities Families Welcome PRIVATE CLUB W. A. Clark (owner) Mgr. Pro. Golf nsl. (Chuck House) Hwy 82E, Greenville, Miss. Phone 4-9218 fit-ID YOUR OPPORTUNITY in the "Business Opportunitie.'" 1 column in the Classified Section ippi and Ohio Rivers," acording o industrial representative Paul.I . Mooney of Owenslxiro.Ky. 'I The cotton kits are being uscd:l o introduce Mooney and Joe W. I another industrial rep, toil Northern industrialists. They're'! loping lor ev han I h a t generated by a similar I tobacco growing kit. A follow-jL up letter to t h a t group of addres- f sees produced 33 replies. 15 ap-1 aointments and three industrial [ prospects for (he region. || TIME TO UPDATE ynur carl J SAVE ON BUILDING M A T E R I A L S E V E R Y DAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! MOBILE ARCHITECTURAL INTERIOR LATEX Buta, which the mcrcenarics|uike ndvanluge of Texas Gas p- Incltislrinl development depart mcnt when planning company ex 75|pnnsions. to "Texas Gas, supplier of natural gas to Mississippi Valley Exchange Confab Plans Discussed Prices and terms arc mighty attractive right now. Turn backjj lo Classified and see! TV PROGRAM SCHEDULE PINE BLUFF KATV-CHANNEt 7-CABLK 4 THURSDAY 9:00 Jirrrr.v Dean 10.00-10,30 Gtr-ini hOO Flai tOO Alaqood NewtlO:15 GF-^ 5ca:e. Spa;e SKol i:3O Jenny CXsil 7(00 Ocnr.a Reed 7,20 My TSree Sc 8.CO Bev/i:ched 8i30 Pcylnn Flnr» 10:75 Lo'« Shew I2iCG Sign OFI fiifDAT 0 ; 30 Pcneys or 12=00 Rebui 12.30 Rcbi.n Ii30 Day In Court 1:55 ABC Ncwi 2.00 Gen. Hospital 2:30 Yo-jng Marriidi 3=00 Trairrr.ailef ^:0-3 Early Show You Can Even Paint WHITE Over Midnight Blnck! B U R K - H A L L H I G H - H I D I N G G L I D E W A L L P A I N T Cucranleed To Cov»r Any Cole* in On* Caall Paint Glass Co. Burk'Nall Ckorl»t VtnNro, Mar. Hwy. 12 i. Ph. ED JACKSON WJTV-CHANNFX Il-CABLE I FHURSPAY FRIDAY 10:30 Th^i McCovi 1:30 Hovje Party 5,30 Cionkito Kewi 6 ?5 Daily Wctd 11=00 Love of Lifo 2:CX To Tt%1 The 600 B/Iino 6,30 Cperaricn 11=M Newi Injlh 6 3 0 lha Mw*teri Alphabet Iti30 Scaich for 2.25 CB$ MB 7,00 Perry Ma ion 7-00 lha Irrcrriali Tomonow 7=33 E:d»;e of N ghl 800 Paivuord 7I5 M^si. Morn. 11. 45 Guidir.g Lila 3;CO Setiet Siorm 0-30 TraAdowcn 8,00 Coat. Kcngaioo12:00 W«aih*r 3:30 Gen. oipifol 9-00 Ihe Defender! 9:00 Voriety Soedcl 12:07 Newi -1:00 Sjt. P«»ian 100" Wearher 9.30 I lovo Ive/ 12=30 At Th« World 4:33 Piwky Pk] 10.05 New* 10=00 Ardy of Turni 5 ; 00 Sli.n Rhodrt m - i s EDOMI W.cybeiry 1 ;00 Paiiwoid Shc'.v 10:30 Tonight Shov/ ___________ · PECAN CANDIES · TROPICAL JELLIES · SNACK BAR · GIFTS · Opi 9 DOY A W««k JACKSON WI.BT-CHANNEL J-CABLE 5 IHUHDAY 15:50 S'gn Oil |??S,'o B n T . K "*' 6:5S«K £2? ££!"'·«* *»$£·»«« 7rSO MV Irirt. Sorl 6.55 W«o!h«r C 00 Amo. 1 Andy 7:00 Todoy 8-30 Hazel 7i25 N«wi 9-PO Suicen* TF-fO. 7«30 Todoy UntoutrKiblfi 8 25 Newi 1 uOO Yoor.J Manieai 1:30 Iho Dotlcrl 2 ; CX Arwlhcr Wofld \1,15 Weather 11,20 ABC 1 * Ni 9.00 Truih or Cor.tequefXtl 9:30 Romcer Roam 10:00 Cwce-rrc1icn 10.30 Frica li Righr . IhOOColl My Elulf 2:31) YCJ Dcn'l Soy 11.30 Irulh or 3:00 TloilxalUn 11:55 N3C Nsw» 4.30 Folher K )?:CO Ne*» i V.n. Bfil 12:15 Farm Morten 5:00 Jnr.e Gn 12'20 Devoltorval Theatra 12.30 Itfl Alol* A S,30 Huillsy- EKcl Brinklcy PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY FILLED HOSPITAL AND SICK ROOM SUPPLIES Condon's Fairview Pharmacy fra* Poritht -- *°»U »*"· Dlmotctwd Mhrtnr «M fdrvlm Hi«"» 10 Rc'sponsibililics of Exchan- gilcs For (lie Mississippi convention of Exchange Clubs in Greenville June 17-19 were reviewed here Wednesday. D. I. Young Jr., president ol the host Greenville club, called names of members of the com mittees and informed [hem of their duties for the same meeting expected to attract severa hundred Exchangites from ma ny parts of the state. The convention headquarter: is at the Downtowner Motor Inn where the Wednesday ses sion was held. Entertainment for the three- day convention will include calfisli supper, raft parly, gar den tour, swim party, howlin. and a golf tournament. Dennis Hancock told felloi Exchangilcs he was turning over $200 to the Summer Ca nival Association Wednesday night from the sale of ticket GARBAGE CAN STUDY LONDON (UPI) - Ten erts who studied the problen a full year released 16 too cap pages of engineering ca ,ulations to local town counci oday, containing their solulio o the problem -- dcsig ng a perfect garbage can. They recommended one r of polythene which won't cla er. can be cleaned by soap am water, stands up lo rough use and is so light it can be lifted wilh one finger when empty. OW Show Time 7:30 FIRST RUN GREENVILLE RANK1E AVAi-ON-ANNETTE |l UNlCifLLO - JODY McCREA Per Gallon.. STO DOORS 23 50 IPRE-HUNG [Complete with (Hardware SHUTTERS OUTSIDE... all sizes Prices Starl AI 5 75 per pair ANTIQUE KITS J " for refinishing old furniture Bj». -where the BEflCH PARJY gang goes SKlfDiViNQ! PLUS 2ND FEATURE T K-rft PRE - FINISHED Compare At $4.95 MONROE KNOE-CHANNEL g-CABLE 7 lOiOO Andy of Mayberrv 10:30 Th« McCoy I _______ llrOO lov. of li(« A:JS Poster 1 ! Siurjy 1 1 ,25 CBS Nl-v.1 Brxlulor 4,30 Swirln 11,30 Seared Foi Pother Semester Torrtxrow 9.00 Th« Cn!ctdtn 7.00 G5od Morning !!.« GuUins 111* 10,00 Sewi ».00 Coot. Kwar«13,00 M«wl 10,10 V/eolh«rman ».00 Mft« V/ollac. 12.15 Op« H TWJBDAY 11:00 Unlouchob'tl 4,00 N.w. U.OO Skon Clf I. 4,30 Thn MvmiUrt "?2.., 7.00 Parry Moion MICAY t.m Iha Jebll 1.30 KoUM Porty JiOO To Tell Th« Trulh 5.35 N-v/i 2:30 The Edg. ol Highl 3:00 Thi Se:rl Slorm 3:30 Jn:k Benny 4.00 Irailr 10,30 9,30 Ccrr.pnUn r.ra,r,. 12.30 Al Ih« WorM 5.00 HY Lirll. 5,30 Cro-.kll. n Thinking Of A NEW CAR!! See Us FIRST BANK TKU«0*r 3.15 Nov., j.?5 W»alh«r 5,30 Hynlfey- BrinUtv fcOO Pifl.rran DORADO,"VB-OUNNH. 10:30 Onl« 1 Harriil 11.00 Ton'Oht IIIDAY 5.55 Daily W 7,30 My 3 Son. - »:00 Bewitched Show °,5S form , ond Sloo Truih W t.M What'l IKi 1000 Cr"«vralkx 10:30 J«oord» 11100 Donna Rctd 11,30 I'll «T 11,55 Nr*i 12.00 Rebus G3^fl 12i30 l«l'i Moke jil teal 22.55 NSC Newi ' Tn.ih "* "" ·"""w.rU Paneling per square BAR fs (he key to his secret locked In his mind...or in her arms? 2.30 Ytxj^rj Worried 3:00 Ftarr.* In lri« Wirxt 3-33 Cen. Katollol 4:00 Havd ThoxTon Sh-o« 5,00 AcC Newi 5.15 Newt 5.25 Weoltui 5.30 Hunllry GREGORY PECK DIANE BAKER S C R E D O O 'ARAMOUNT STARTS Open 1:4S * f. : TOMORROWl Dial M1-3 32"X8V $ Compare al 6.96 Sturdy . . . treated pint frame. LOCKS BEDROOM PASSAGE Open Sat. From 7 'til 3:30 Phone 2-2637 Highway 82 East GREENVILLE LUMBER CO LAST DAY! Kim Novack as "Moll Flanders"--Color,

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