The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 25
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 25

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 25
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Trinket Found Near Spider Is Modern Scene Of Air Crash In War Methods r n ' F N H -\CiFN June f--'/IV-A SYDNEY, Australia --tfP)-- Alis- ^" t r l n k f t " WM.-IIU-CI to llu- · i r a l i a 1ms a flying spider which },,'r r-racr M'»on- by Kim; H u a k o n knows all about air attacks and Is V I T f i f * N o r v a v was f o u n d rooontly a past master at camouflage. , . . ; , . . '.ji'o \rcnc r.f t h r airplaiK. 1 Actually, naturalists finy, the npid- i " j , in \ v h l r b Mlv. Mnorr ,. r I'Atlus VoluMfO don« not f l y , but i , ' l i f e . D i p u t v Police C'ciinmls- | r a p f nru | Mirn glides to I t s clo.stln- n U o n whon pounclnff on victims, M U S I - r A r t h u r P a h l M i l d t o d a y . i!' ,ud i h - t . n n k » I . x v h l r h boars t h » - K m x . i n i t i a l s , svoulci be K ( ; n t j d i c l l i i K operation. to : i i o M i w t ' * ' hrir.s. The Nation Today Fleming Reports Month's Activity BY JAMES MAKLOW ^MuSMT tM£ WASHINGTON, June 6--W)-- yearly. , f i a p s provide wings for the ,_.· ' ' There · fire about 850,000 homeless people In Europe, llvhug In dis- nlaced porwons 1 crimps In aer- Austria, Italy. Uruguay Has Put Cupid On Honor M O N T h V I D K O ·!' - H'.s K«'l.- t l i ; u i " if. m n r i on n't- oven l o l l a f i - ' i M- Invc.s lUM' linlO.Vi he ClUl it. CniuoiintiKi! Is u - sf!cl when the spider contort?! its body so that. It looks like one of f,he Austmtlan flies. Whon ti fly allRhls, l,hc fipider leaps upon it. and kills it for dinner. __ LEGION MKFTS TONIGHT AH memborK of the America the Amcrl- To get in, an Immigrant must met certain requirements, -such A report made by Sheriff Boynton Tflnminp; foi 1 nativities of his intelligence, health, morality. clepnrUnent for the. month of Mny And, before coming here, an} shows 101 case« handled, and ' **' immlffranb must liave ' enough support himself or have The displaced . pie of .many nations. 260,000 of 850,000 are Jews, am DOG- become a public In December, 1945, $11,292.70 total value of property recovered and returned to owners. There was an amount of $717.60 in fines assessed in connection .-,,-. with cases handled by the deparfc- Prealdent ment and a total of $10,460.03 in iii-iiim-i.-, «* -- -- The United Nations John Hanson Post have j them an International In Decemoer, 4.040, i - r u m u u n u j ment anu a I.UM.I.I ui .piu,-iui».v, Trumrin told American officials in; fines, civil fees, and board Europe to help speed up ernlgra- fec'lornl jail prisoners collected Won to this country of displaced j n g t, ne month, considers persons. ;,, H. « John HanTM Po ave Tho i.-rugnn.vftn Chamber of born urged to attend the regular , * jji ona i refugee organization will Deputies has recrivpd a bill prov- meotlng of the organization nt 8 the cftmps . Win* heavy penalties for foolinR p.m..tonight at the Legion Hall," , f r or somc other A woman " r M h r r by tulllnii: a lie 033. Southeast Levee St. L^n^sewSple don't want to o r bv a n v .scho.n. l o r c n u M i i R her Trnporlnnt business matters are, ' C Brocket to aald. ^\ ( or by a n v scnoinf lor ITIUIRMIK *"·' . u n p u i u u i v i-mm^oc. ».«--.. ...-, i * ' ' . ' . ' t tn . lr own countries, in f i x hrr a i t o n t i o n on the man on the agenda, Commander Roy %° ac * h TM l ^ r ^ go? what eo.irt.lm- hr-r." · n r o c k n l t o _ _ _ w i l d . can they do? How can thoy get their lives straightened out and start over again? Can this country take some in? » A. proposal to do Just that nan been made in congress by Representative Stratton, Illinois Republican. , .... .,, Last April he offered a bill to let 400,000 of the 850,000 displaced persons into this country at the rate ol 100,000 a year for This week a house subcommittee started hearings on the bill. At this moment the chance of congress doing much about It tms yC To Understand what Stratton proposes, here's an explanation or the immigration setup: -^^gg^^T^-Ap^, Your di«hefdrain sparkling dry without wiping. Grand for laundry and all general cleaning! GET TWO PACKAGES One for kitchen . ., one for laundry . But since then, according to the U. S. Immigration Service, only about 15,000 displaced persons have been allowed in. Valley Personals EDCOUCH The Vacation Bible School of th« Edcouch Flrsfc .Methodist Church opened Monday with Mrs, W. E. Cooper in charge. Classes are being hold from 2:30 p.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The school will close June 13, when pupils will be honored at a picnic. A program that night will feature awarding of . certificates. Assisting in the school are Mesdames P. S, Conncl, J. F. Galloway, E. L. Sauf- jTerer, Kachel Blodsoe, Harry Peacock, Leslie Hughes, Roy Bow Jeer, Sam Johnston, Woodrow Turtaer- ville, and John Roberts and Misses Ann Hughes, Patty Doshier, Evelyn Barker, Anita Kooker, and Jerry Thompson. Way the Garner of Temple ylsit- the immigration seiup; waytne oarner 01 xenipit; yjenu- We have a quota system 01 im- [ ed here vecen tiy with friends. He migration. Which means we'll let· nttendec i Baylor University the past in only a certain number of lm- m in only a certain number of immigrants from European countries Mrs. A. J. Han-ell is reported to ^ _ _ _ i. i v* g . Of the 101 cases handled, for 87 were cleared by arrest or property recovered, according to the report made to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The report, showing violation, gives cases handled as the first figure and cases cleared as second figure: Homicide' 2, 2; aggravated assault, 2, 2; robbery, 2, 2* theft, 15, 7; simple assault, b, 6; theft over $50, 7 5; burglary, 13. 11 swindling, 5 ( 6; auto theft, 8, 7; narcotic, 1, 1; gaming, 2, 2: Juvenile, 4, 4; traffic, 4, 4; stock law, 7, 7; missing persons, 6, 5; miscellaneous, 17, 17. _ __ had as recent quests Mr, and Mrs. E W. Monroe and son of Kingsville, Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Dwiggen and son of Harlingen, and Mr. ana Mrs. Harold Blssonette of La Villa. Mrs, Dwiggen and Mrs. Monroe are Mr. Cole's sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fikes and daughter have gone to Illinois whore they will spend a few weeks conducting revival services. Virginia Dare Garner of Queado Is spending a month with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rinehart, while her mother, Mrs, in any one year. . j^rs A. J. Harren is reported 10 romeuuiu, wi.^^ *--* ·· - -- - -- ~ ' The'total quota per year is ftboutj havc . recovered from a rec ent m - ' Hays Garner is convalescing Horn 154,000. The number lf_1mmlgrfmts^! nesfl( an operation. S P E C I A L S FOR FBIDftY, SflTUKDflY MOMDflY I ) K L MONTE C O F F E E A R M O I - K ' S E N D S A B A C 0 N ib A R M O I - K ' S E N D S A N H SLICES 39c 33c DOG F O O D ; 2 5 c PALMOLIVE - lOc V A N ( A M I ' S CHILI CON CARNE ^ 33c C I G A R E T T E S ss= $1.65 ^ \ N I K I ' S K H O O K F I E L O AMERICAN CHEESE ^ 21c H E I N Z O R C i E R B E K ' S B A B Y F O O D S ~ 25c » , - l h . UPTON'S ^_ TEfl 25 BKTTY CROCKER'S NOODLE S O U P » " 29 DEL MONTE CATSUP Large Pkg. 23' Super Suds- 34 P'er Kixis B I S Q U I C K 40-oz. Pkg. 45c ZO-oz, Pkfr 25c KRAFT'S JVIIRACr,E WHIP SALAD DRESSING 8-OZ. 16-Oz. 22c 41c KRAFT'S 7-OZ. JAR Cheese Spread 17c COMPLETE LINE OF JTELLO WHILE OUR STOCK LAST ^m^F HHHB BBBBi MHBB ^^B^^ _______^_^_^_^^^^^^.,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ M -MEA T 5 CHUCK ROAST Ib -- 39c SWIFT'S P R E M I U M SLICED LUNCH MEATS Ib -- 39c S W I F T S S A U S A G E MEXICAN CHORIZO Ib 35c ARMOUR'S BEFF r SPECIAL- WITH YOUR HERALD COUPON ON PAGE 10 2 «' 47 Randolph' Barker has arrived from College Station to spend be- ween-semester holidays here with his family. He plans to attend summer school at A. and M. College. Mrs. O. H, G-ravlin is reported to lie 111, Walter Cormac Is among Valley students who have returned, home from Texas University «;o spend several days with their respective families before resuming their studies at the summer session of school. Mr. nnrl Mr,*. Cnrl Cole and son Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Gulnn visited recently in the J. U Hoyt home in Raymondvllle. Tliey were accompanied by Waythe Garner who plans to visit with an aunt there before returning to his home at Temple.' Cub Scout Den No. three held Its last regular meeting at the. homo of Den Mother Mrs. Cnrl Cole. Meetings will be held on Wednesday afternoons during the summer months; Members presented Den Dad Harlin Bobo with a gift of appreciation for his work with them. He' plnns to attend summer school. Be the Talk of Texas.., Bake Biscuits like these! with AMERICAN BEAUTY Make your n«?xt biscuits the "talk of Texas!" Bake them with AMERICAN BEAUTY. AMERICAN BEAUTY is made from wheat specially chosen for the flavor it gives to biscuits . . . and to everything you bake. It's milled with extra care, so the texture and appearance of all your baked foods will be "just right," To boost your own baking skill, use AMERICAN BEAUTY '· Flour with Virginia Roberts tested biscuit recipe below. For a more detailed recipe, with steps illustrated, send for your free copy of the famous Photo-Method for Biscuits, Send in the coupon below. 1 CU P « te W poon*b«kin«powder ^ cup " 4t Add milk Wena dou,h cut onto AMERICAN BEAUTY FLOUR '"' Ftou " °M^ ,00. *^ Vlrmnin Robert!, AmoricKii n«mily Homo Buklng Inititut* Dopt. 226-12, Dttllu* 1, T«xa« Pl eB » e .end me my FREK COPY of the Viritinia Roberts PHOTO-METHOD for BISCUITS. NEW BOOK ON BAKING! Send lOc for^ir- ginin RobertH "Home Bnktng Mndc Eftsy. 32 pagen of leaked recipen. casy-tu-follow illuRtrated »tcpi, gorgeouB full pngc cxalor photORraphR. Thursday, .Tune K, 1M7 THK BROWNSVILLE HFJtALD THIS WEEKS FOOD SPECIALS FOR FBI -SAT JUNE 6-7 PALACE Pel- Pound ARMOUR'S Per Pound ARMOUR'S AA Per Pound ARMOUR'S RIBS, Ib, SHOULDER, Ib. CHOPS, Ib. . . ARMOUR'^ Per Pound 24c 38c 45c RATH'S ASSORTED Pel- Pound 39 Chase Sanborn and TENDERLEAF TEA DEAL 1 Pkg. 8 Tea Balls Ic With 1-lb. C S Coffee ..... .. . 46c ^^^^^^^^^^^nf ...... Baby Food .Gerbcr's Complete Asst. Can CLOROX Quart Bottle 16c To First 50 Customers Friday Gallon Can 99c CALIFORNIA No. 1 POTATOES 10 cABBOTS i;;!,,. CANTALOU1PCS OBANGES LETTUCE Lb. Hond ..H. 2 on page ALL SCARCE ITEMS AS USUAL NOT OVER OUR REGULAR MARK-UP WHEN WATER IS NARI WHEN SOAP WON'T WORK marvene Dishes and Dainty Duds BIG BOX 0*1+ 29C r\rH Green Giant PtAb 'No. 2 Can . TOSSfOESl? CORN n r f t 1.10 1»BO\VN BKAUTY, BEANO No. 300 Can . . . . . RIGHTO, No. 2 Can 23c lOc 14c POffEDlEAT K^-n RAISINS 7c PURE LARD SHORTENING KOOL AID per 28c 36c BROOMS PRINCES 5-String: K BAKER.\S SUNMATD, n r n n c DEL MONTE, PEARS No. M Glass ^.^ ^mCOTSl^Can BLACKBERRIES oan« CRACKERS Gallon Can KRISPV, 1-lb. Box MORTON'S, 3. K* ff . PU»r-s. 51c 25c $1.59 22c 725c ,,, COCOA BORIC ACID SPINACH J CHILI BEANS "»r CAW BORDEN'S MILK o,,, MYSTERY SOAP ?S: Can BAKING-'POWDER !'.^ R TM. 12-07. p STARCH POST TOAST IES ^ otni IT nr/io MONARCH, orLi I rtAo 10-07, CHOCOLATES f^ SI T BREAD AI rn ULtU SURPRISE, ll-u-Lb. Loaf 9c 19c 18c 43c lie SWIFTS 1MUOK, WASHING POWDER W. MODESS 88c 15c · 8c "Sc I4c 39c 34c 22c .. 23c MAYFLOWER, l-Lb. Pkff. · HI I l i r C I-AKKW001) QUEEN, 71 r U L l V t O Q u a r t J n r ; ^ I 1C CASTLE SPAGHETTI cL?^°9c VANILLA, McCormiok's, Hi:-o/.. bottle , . GRAPE JUICE TM H ' S : .29e . 55c COMPLEfTA StM AS'THE MARKET AFFORDS ULL'S R.G.Y. GROCERY AND MARKET -- 1223 E. LEVEE -- PHONE 401

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