The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 22, 1957 · Page 8
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 8

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
Page 8
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-8 THE INTER LAKE, Friday, November 22, 1957 THE DAILY INTER LAKE COMICS-FEATURES BLONDIE By Chic Young ON YOUR WAY BACK FROM THE KITCHEN, DEAR, WILL. YOU BRING ME ONE OF THOSE DOUGHNUTS? STEVE CANYON By Milton Caniff NO! SHE WAWTEP V SHE WAS FOilNP^ANP THE ONLY" HAVE YOU\ yes/sue SEEN HER.) WAS HSE6 LATELY /VESTERDAY. DO VDl) KNOW WOWVAN NAMED MONEY.'., WHAT ./PEAD THIS A1DBWNO THINS IN HER THE BEEF?r"Y IN A LOCAL. fe01H. PURSE WAS A SUP DP PAPER WITH yoUK NAME COLONEL .INDEX? BUGS BUNNY AW BENCH PER HIS NAP I'LL HIDE IT INSIPE BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPLE , OUT OUR WAY «y WILliAMS . n-tt FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blouer I'VE PACKED ttXJR. -; TH PCKJMD THE SPRINGS AMP YOUR.' EASV-JOLT* FUUIP IN THE , SHOCKS, NUTTY/ HEN irs TIME/ FASTER , peecx-- AND A LITTLE TO THE LEFT/ WELL, LETS NOT GET DISCOURAGED/) I've SOT LOTS MORE Self-Quiz May Show You Who's Boss In a hard-hitting article in the November Cosmopolitan magazine, Sumner Ahlbum asks parents an embarrassing question: "Are You Afraid of .Your Teen-Ager?" It's an article parents can't afford to miss, for it Is a real eye opener. In case you think it can't apply to you, how about giving yourself a parent. quick check as a Three: If you have planned to use the car yourself, and at the last minute Junior announces that he simply has to have it because he has a date, do you meekly toss him the keys? Four: If Sis says she has to have a new formal because "all the girls" are getting new dresses for a dance, do you get her one even though It is an utter extravagance Astrological Forecast _ By Carroll Righter FOR SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1957 AHIES (March 21 «o April J91 it. Then let neither hell nor hi«h Your mind Is filled with so many water stop you. 8 inspirational thoughts this A.M. that L2BHA (Seal 23 to Oc» I you scarcely know which to follow Here is a dav when ""K^Sj^'ESL^Wngt^^ 22) lor once you ave your own way with all you con- av " " *'* Onc: Do you sometimes say "yes" : ? nd she has a. dress that has noth- after a definite "no" when y o u r i i n g wron * wlth Jt exce P l that slle teen-ager pleads, "But all the other has alre a d y worn it to a couple kids are -going?" Two; Would you rather clean the garage or mow the lawn yourself face-the unpleasantness that results from telling Junior to the job? do YourMouth SweetensYoarBwath Enjoy chewing delicious Wrijley's Spearmint often trwy daj. of dances? DOES HE EARN IT? Five: Is your teen-ager's allow* ance just a handout rather than a reward for his assuming the responsibility for a few chores? Six: Do you go along with your teen-ager's conviction that his social life is more'important than yours, and that when there is a " ! conflict his plans must always come (first? : Seven: Do you Inwardly cringe and wonder if he is right when your : teen-ager tellg you that your ideas are old-fashioned or that you are ruining his life by making him abide by a few family rules? Eight: Are you afraid to tell your teen-ager that if his grades aren't satisfactory his social life will have to be curtailed and stick CANCER " verv b e l t p oward s e r t « vice of real experts, most ethical fi- SrpHPIO (Oct. 23 1o Nov. 21) nanclers, and follow. Quit lolling Begin today to think and operate around. Spirit and action are much on * ar greater possibilities instead of more fun! considering how to pinch the pennies ·'ay 21 16 Jvm« 21! harder. It is the day that could change By breaking down and asking ques- ?, a Y r wh 9j, e llfe to one where gracious tions of your good associates, you living will free your soul. glean much information that will prove SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) invaluable, that had never occurred to A tailormade day for Sagittarius! you. Put in motion immediately and Nothing to do but dress with perfect cash in as you should. FOR YOUH elegance, be with those fine artistic COPY of Carroll Righter's individual people who inspire, and remain long 16-page Forecast for December send into the night to inspire and redeem your birth date and 50c in coin (no les autres stamps) to Carroll Righter Forecast, CVP^'CORH (D«c Z2 lo Jan ?ni Daily Inter Lake, Box 1895, Grand U Here is a i ! lh! dav in whirh «,,,, Pnnfrat «!f a M v t7 AT v -"ere 45 a ime ciay in WfiicJi you ' C TM toSS asid * a11 thosc P ell 5' Ultl S^rfe^Sd^ JBSW ^ vocationwise. Let other persons «ee »«,,.-..,. ,« ., . _ . ... how well you can keep order, too. AOUABJUS.{Jan. J io Feb. IS) t-^O (July Z2 lo Aug. 21) . - I t may be that the fundarnenia!, You are under very fine influences straightforward Ideas expounded to- to impress others with your varied d *y *y true and basic friends may special aptitudes and really marvelous ^ «r?t hurt your sensitive _soul, but gvfts; be appreciated to the full for a you are wise enough to know they change. P.M. is just wonderful for the , a re "fht, J° put Jfl motion right awiy. love of your life. PISCES (F»b. M to Match W) -' \ug. Z2 to 8«pt. It) Ah! Here is the day to beard th* The day is here when you can be- lion In his den and get that extra gin an uptrend In all affairs, begin- *mohey in pay envelope you deserve, ir ning at home, but know the goals step into now vacant positiih, or get and ideals exactly Be sure you know that political job you want. Be alert, you can do a thing before you attempt tactful, altruistic. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY The wonderful chljd born today is th« kind who-wll! be rarely' gifted to serve in foreign lands, understand the culture of other races, the tore of far-off cousins, and do hl» or her best work ariiong these, "but (alas!) away from home. So be prepared to give the finest education in foreign tongues, prepare your gifted child for the Kind of professions that will help bring about a better world order. ' · by your ultimatum when he brings home a poor report card? Nine: When your teen-ager shows disagreement for a teacher or other person in authority, do you shrug'it off with, "Kids today just don't stand in awe of anyone?" Ten: Do you let your teen-ager get by with vague answers to your questions as to where he is going and with whom, and when he- will be home? . t \ Answering those questions honestly ought to give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you are afraid of your own teen-ager, A national debt of .$10,000,600 was incurred under the Articles' o( Confederation 66AD,COUSIN T3A1SV/TM ©IVEM OFFICER CLANCV MV WORD AS 80MD FOR YOU TO fc; APPEAR BEFORE- 3utse ) f?£NCHY/-"-v4PPOlNT A * cv/ " 1 COUNSEL AMD I'LL wlj ,,, r THAT COURT VJITU A DlSP; OF LEGAL FIREWORKS UN- PARALLELEO ... TM~ f.jie.jQ^y fir THE OMLY LAW X EVER SAW · m PRACTICE is THE LAW OF sfSAvnv WHEN) vu ££E A SPOT TO PARK THAT BASKET YOU CARRY UNDER YOUR vJEST/-- BUT YOO CAI^ HELP MY DEFEMSB -U.STAV IN BED TOMORROW S WHEN I T - ' i"' /Al~--^ , , @OESS ·/'T/V 0 SMEISf*T SHEENS .gu^'^a. ggNSPlT OF COUNSEL^ HE'S CALLIM 1 TH' YVOU MEAN MOVE THAT BEDJ -- -ME--WHAT'S VES-BUTTHEUUTERIO* Sa^.7^0' J , / MoVlVEISTC.MOVEOL^ "SOUPBOK1E"-- IT'S TOO CLOSE TO HIS MACHINE/ VOL! KWOW YOU'RE NOT ALLOWEP TO SIT POWN HERE, SO 1 SUPPOSE THAT .ALSO AfTU E TO LAYIW' POWM VERTICALLY/ MOVE THAT CASTING? ALIEY OOP By V. T. H«mlin WHATCHA MEMO, VMY IABORWORY HAVEN'T GOT _/ ASSlSTAMT HAS V ...EXACTUV MUCH TIME? / ORDERS TO RE- / SEVEN HOURS TURN US TO THE I AND SIKTEEN 2OTH CENTURY V. MINUTES YEH? WELL ( MWBE A.RE.COC, BUT MOT ME.' / 'YOU THINK NOS1R! I L1K5 / SO, EH? OKAY, IT HERE AND WH1TEY,... I'M GOINS TO I VVE'UL SEE.' STAY. , FOR SURE, GOOD GOSHA OOP-SOME- OSCAR, WHAT 1 THINGS SON HAPPENED?/ WRONG WITH THE UGWTS.i MORTY MEEKIE By Dick Cavalli PRISCILIA'S POP THE TROUBLE] WITH YOU is MDU'RE ALWAYS CHANGING, YOUR! MIND, 'THAT 'ISN'T SO! By Al Vermoer (YOU KNOW IT'S son V - - JJ WHY YOU'VE OFTEN SAID IT YOURSELF. 1 1BUT I'VE CHANGED MY --r Mik.inr »~^ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs HOW. WNOTIMEVOU'ay LITTLE JOUWKW OK DPVPU wwiryAWoi HAVE HAVE FOR3OTTEW ALL, TOO? MQI DOtV OM, MADt^ ^M SO6W SO^RE HERE. IT MUST HAVE Bffi^l AWFUL BHNS1M TME HOSPlTALSO IONG.1 TO/THELMA? »· ADOPTEOA . UTTIE eoy/ IMlSSTHCM. -- CAPTAIN EASY I HEftKP IT PN T«B RMXO VMJJSHEP IN THIN A« WITH Hl CAR KS1BVJ HE WW C0M1NS HERE 1 . THBPM^R. REPORT* NOLWO MI55IH6 WITHOUT CLU6.WK.. IfARLV WNEXT MORNM9 By Lesll* Turnfr iM GWW6 M=BP KIM \ 1M, VENEZUELA! OUR HERE! ttHNT APEX OIL. CIBLO I* SO I THM" SHOULD HOliyTW* MO PW8LEW'. WJIdW HIVU (f WE CM I WV rAWKER'PETKOtlV 1*656* GET HIM THERB CAN WE PO /lUACCESSIBCE « WON'T WITH HIW BE- FOUNl ANP If HI* WSMORV (teruRtw «e . wiu. INTERCEPT ir w TK cap AMP PUT MM ABOARD! SOOTS AND H|K BUDPIES By Edgar Martin

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