The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 14, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 8

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE SIX THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N . Y . , WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 1948 Let tJs Build In Your Freezer or Cooler We have time for a limited number before warm weather. Coolers as low as $3.00 per. cu. ft. Freezer rooms at.§8.00 per cu. ft., up. We use Kramer Ther- mobank Coils and Owens-Corning Fiberglas. Compare these prices with ready built rooms and freezers. 'Call 1141-R. for free estimate Seneca Refrigeration Service Harlin Bliss, Mgr. Legion And Newark Pro Cagers Meet Here Tomorrow Eve The local American Legion pro team takes to the hardwood in the Academy annex, tomorrow night, resuming local cage play after over a month of non-appearance in this city. Responding to the clamor of lo- | cal basketball fans, the pro quint | ivill start another try at provid- j ing fast and neat cage tussies iitnu, i mixing with the Newark Centers, j At least two or three contests are | planned, so that it can be determined if local support at the turn- ! stiles will be sufficient to keep the ; club above water in the financial j swim. | With one exception the names j familiar to cage fans of the vi- j- cinity will appear in the Legion s ] I pro team line-up tomorrow. The | team as a whole has had several ^practice games in the interim of its local layoff, and in addition Dick Baroddy, Jim Seals and Johnny Baynes have been playing with pro outfits at Rochester and other localities. According to player-coach, Frank - - ~ W ^" 1 ^^ ins Uvei By Catch-Up, 31 * .^ -----*· RADIATOR REPAIRING Gleaning--Recoring Don't Let A Leaky Radiator Rob You of Your Supply of Anti-Freeze! Our service includes removing radiator, flushing, repairing and cleaning the whole cooling system. --Prompt and Courteous Service-Cornish Bros. Oarage Holeomb Phone Holcomb r i U m c i , L i s e p i o v^i*.. ...... .-,* ..... physical t r i m , and should have every prospect of providing plenty of entertainment in a fast, hard- fought tilt with the Centers. The Center quint is reputed to be no slouch when in action on the hardwood, having so far this season defeated several clubs which were .heavily favored to win. Many of the Center cagers are known" locally, and on one team or another, all of them have met j the local cage experts in previous contests. The attraction will be preceeded by a prelim contest between the second" teams of the Center and the Legion pros. The first event is slated to begin at 7:30 p. m. Hockey Scores American League Pittsburgh 3, Washington 2. 91 l.onf? 7. New Haven 3. V. S. League Minneapolis 2, Omaha 2 (tie). Pacific Coast League Seattle 4. Oakland 3. Vancouver S. New Westminster We have today two "Presto" pressure cookers. 4 qt. Those who wish them may phone 74S. Ellis Hardware. Adv.. j SPEEDY by PJGNEY PONTIAC, PHONE 148 Ht SET Tfs'BECAUSE ^ YOU HAVE IT SERVICED ey RieNEY mm 329.MAWST. NO, THEY'VE NEVEt? ShftVkCED IT IT'S BECAUSE TM- MOTCC ISN'T GOI / THERE l -v/VOU6ET noSVMrWHY NOW SHE'S \ tROM M£, BOB PERCOtATIM \6£T WISE AMD TAVS |S£5^gg5. I^f5»«^- ?-j ^ "CHAINS" _!,!, QT7,T?,s AVAILABLE Permanent and Meiifhafto! Ant'r Freezes Engine Assemblies Now Available GARAGES - "NEW 40* PRICE SET UP ON FAST MOVING PARTS' In a game t h a t started as slow as any this season, and at the end had threatened to become one ol the roughest played, on the Academy annex court t'nis season, tlie CA varsity managed to overcome Newark, 31-25. Spills, sprawling slides and pileups, occurring in' rapid succession, luckily resulted in no more than a few bumps for various players. But plenty of o u t r i g h t toughness was 'displayed by t n e cages * m bo-ill sides of the contest. The slowest first period so far recorded this «eason finally dragged to an end w i t h the 4-2 score favoring Coach Frank Frantel's Academian quint. , The pace quickened somewhat during the second quarter, but it was confined to more mid-court movement and less basket attempts than is usual. During this frame the local cagers slipped behind, and fae first half ended w i t h the lighted numerals on the big board shewing 9-11. to the favor of the visitors. It was not u n t i l the t h i r d period was half gone t h a t the CA cagers turned up the steam, and. with the score then favoring Newark 1316 a goal each was scored in rapid succession by Bob Fox, Nel Saeger, Mike Kidde'r and Dick Rodney, to close the frame with the local varsity leading 21-19. Action roughened considerably ci\i iv in ii'C j.£t* Q..*.. - - - . . - - · CA "team desperately tried to hold its lead against Newark's turn at applying the heat- Within three minutes the Academy q u i n t was again trailing. 24-21. But Nel Saeger. driving hard, scored a goal, alter which Salsich and Saeger each made good on a free throw to even up the tally. Goals by Fox, Saeger and Kidder then put the tussle on ice for CA. Both sides were weak on shoot- in 0 " accuracy, many tosses being slopped away. Of 16 free throws, the CA cagers made five good, while the visitors shot five counters out of 15 tries. Nine personal fouls were called on CA cagers, and ten on members of the visiting quint. Coach Edwin Draper's J-Vs provided a fast preliminary exhibition, having little difficulty in dispos- in* c-' the visiting J-Vs by a score of -14-32. Highlight of the J-V tussle was the 17 point total piled up by Henry, of the CA .TVs, who was on the floor for about only half of the contest. Newark Varsity 2 11 19 2; Academy Varsity 4 9 21 31 Academy Varsity FG FT 1't Saeger, f 3 2 8 --.. i.:,.u r 1 :, D Rodney, c l 0 2 Kidder. g 2 0 4 Strait, g 2 0 4 FG FT TP I Roth and Mover Down Clark and Gardner Y Teams ! The Rotli cagers submerged t h e ! Clark u u i n i . f2 to 34. and I'ne Mover team was almost as cuecuve in t r i m m i n g the Gardner team, 5844. in a rc-und of contests of the four-team senior A" league, on the YMCA hardwood c o u r t , Monday night. High scorers in the Roth q u i n t were G. M u r p n y , 12 points, and R. Boyle, 14. B. M a i n a accounted for 1:5'points, and R. YYoodhams fell), on the losers' side. Purcell and Beahan were the flashing sparks of the exciting Mover-Gardner contests, romping almost at will all over the court and the opposition, and accounting ·fvr IS and 12 pointers respectively. However, Bugbee, for t h e los- e'rs, was ace for the two games, wit'h 20. ROTH TEAM: M u r p h y , 5-1-11: I Salato, 2-2-6: A. Green. 3-2-S: L. I Green, 2-1-5: Boyle. 7-0-1!; R o t h . i.i-0-8. Totals: KGs. 23; FTs, T; TPs, 52. I CLARK TEAM: M a i n a , 5-3-13: 2-i Coach Street A. Woodhams. 1-0-2: R. V.'ood- !. hams, 5-U-iO: i-Jgan. 1-3-fi: Clark. -J 2-0-1. Totals: FGs. 1!: FTs. (!; TPs. I 34. j R o t h 52, Clark 3!. I MOVER TEAM: Purcell. f'-O-lS; j Beahan. 0-0-12: Senglnuh. ::-:;-;!; : Selbach. 4-1-9; Mover. 5-n-ii). Ti.- | tals. FGs. 27: FTs. 1; TPs. 5S. :| G A U D N K R T E A M : C i ^ - p r i s c i . . i| .··MM;; B u g b t - « , !S-l-2d: Coyne. «-·'- ·$ (l; S h i ' i - n , 1-0-2; Kgai:. 2 - ' - - ^ : | i i a i u i i i ' i . i - i - ' J . j \ i i a t . - : i ' · · . * ·. . * FTs. S; TPs. -M. ; j Mover 5S. Gardner 4-1. ;| (General Repairing and Service G e n u i n e l')u\h:ik wool s:ii:-t.--. l i u best, at Ellis I h n d w a r e . A ; i \ ' . Featuring Late-si Type Equipment for Motor Tune Up B a t t e r y Higli I-iie Quick Charge You Will Be Pleased w i t h Our Friendly Service THERE IS NOTHING F I N E R T H A N A ICidlS R I G N E Y P O N T I A C CO. 329 So. Main St. Sales-Service Phone 148 On a heavy-duty job, give me new Advance-Design CHEVROLET TRUCKS and here's a "load" of reasons why. *. . Calf Advance-Design Trades Hove AH These New and Finer Features: J-Vs Totals Newark Varsity Cornwell, i Vandenboute, c lollins, -g Johnson, g DeVries, f ' raf, g Totals Newark J-Vs Academy J-Vs Academy Mack, f Cobbeu. f Meath, f Boylan, c Henry, c Stamhach, Joyce, g Fox, g Benson, z Totals Newark Dunn, f Harrison, f Crider, c M u n n , c FuFuro. z Mason. ; Lyman, g Burns, f Totals ALBANY. N. Y.. '.P 1 -- Governor ! Dewey's Stale A t h l e t i c Cormnis- j sion is under fire by D e m o c r a t i c ! legislators clamoring for an in- | vestisation of ])rofessional boxing. | Senator Isadore Dollinger of j New York Citv demanded a Jegis- | lative probe of - u n f a i r , unwholesome and deplorable" conditions in the ring business. H? said "the A t h l e t i c commission, headed by Chairman Eddie Eagan. had "failed and neglected to examine and correct abuses." which. he added, had resulted in boxing fans being "duped, fleeced arid otherwise damaged." Assemblyman Louis A. Cioffi, of New York City, said it was common Knowledge aim o m n i u m report the boxing profession is | infested with c o r r u p t i o n . " Ho 1 charged t h a t K n g f n . \vho:--r reap| pointment Governor Dewey is soon ! expected to announce, had -done · absolutelv n o t h i n g to e n h a n c e t h e j boxing game in Ne\v York." i Cioffi," also demanding a legisln- | live probe, said reappointment of | Eagan would be "unconscionable and f r a u d u l e n t . " J-\'s Navy Now Seeking Civilian ior Grid Coaching Position Rochester Skater Iff* ff 1 iTS'il Wins Speed 1 nle SARATOGA SPRINGS. N. Y.. i;pi--Anthony Callipare of Rorh- ester holds' t h e eastern states speed skat.inj- oro\vn. bis i h i r d c-liampionship in as m a n y \vook- in north.ern Xe\v York Skat in- A.«.-o- i cir.lion meets. I Callipare captured t h e 440-yard i and 220-yard events in the two| day competition which onded ] Sunday to piie up 60 points. His j l i m e for t h e 220 was 20.2 :--eponcls · and for the 4-HX :-,S.R second?. In i previous weeks, Callipnre won | championship? at Glens Fails and ' Saranac Lake. · Marion Hanley of the Grossinser 1 S k a t i n g club retained t l u - wn- I men's championship t h r o u g h f i r s t ! place victories in. i h e 440 and 3SO- | yard races and second plac-.- in Uie ' The New Feeler;^ -Model 1220 PL 185 South Main Street Phone 239-W ^ Cab that "breathes" if Flexi-Mounted cab if Uniweld, all-steel construction if Larger, more durable, fully adjustable seat if 22% greater visibility if New, rear-corner windows if Stronger; new frames ·fr Full-floating hypoid rear axles, if Specially designed hydraulic truck brakes if Valve-in-Head Thrift- Master or Load-Master engines if More efficient loading (stake, and high-rack bodies) ·fc New. thorough scaling insulation if Standard cab-to-axle, length dimensions permitting interchange of bodies if . . . and MANY more! Brother, how these sironncr, new frames stand-up! Wheelbases are longer, too. for better loan distribution. 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( -V' -- The Navy, hoping an injection of outside "blood will help give it a winning football team, went shopping lodav ior a civilian roach. Rear Adm. James L. Holloway, Jr., Academy superintendent, riis- clwecl yesterday the Navy had abandoned the graduate coaching system in effect here for the last 14 years and that. Capt. Tom Hamilton, who coached t h e Middies in 1946 and 1947. had been a p p o i n t ed director of athletics. Now in stock . . . new house brooms, genuine corn, f i n e b:aid. housekeepers know what a pest P poor q u a l i t y house hror.-m is; also we have barn and sidewalk brooms, at the Ellis Hardware. Acivt. ; onris for the ·! i r| . and one mimil". i 40.5 seconds for the SSO. Ski lump Contests Won by Norwegians | BEAR MOUNTAIX. X. Y.. '.-"?' I Xorwegians \von rno.s! (if i h e | in the F r a n k l i n D. IJooe- i veil-Harold Nelson Memorial ski i j u m p here. Sunday. I ' Art Tokle, b r o i h e r 'if t h e l a t e i Torgcr Tokle. c a i j i u r e d T h e clns- ; A event and alo t h e j n m p o f f f«r I t h e Roosevel! tro])hy. He.- cleared ' 125 and 128 fee! for 202.1 p o i n t s i to defeat. M e r r i l l Barber of tition. )3 f Come in end see fhese trucks-today! There's a Chevrolet Advance-Design truck 'to m.f your spec/fie need, and offer you TRANSPORTATION UNLIMITED! SOMMERS MOTORS, INC. Canandaigua, 'N. Y. Home and office, near or far, our skilled men assure your satisfaction! CANANDAIGUA EXPRESS SERVICE Phone 743 Cage Scores £». I/mis fis. T.onn Island .". : CCXY 61. Syracuse 55. j . Xe\v York I" 5S, Cornell 5?,. ! ·! Boston College 6fi, M a n h a t t a n 57. ; \ La-Salle 73, Seranton -)S. I A l l e g h e n y fiS, Thicl 5S. C a r n r - n i f ' Tf-ch .'«!.'(It-nevn Z'.L ' IJriwdoin -i'.\ T i ' I t s ·!:. ' I I o l v Crn.-^ is. [ I a r \ - ? i ! d i2. i Ci-ovc C i t y f.T. I f i r - r u n fi5 ' o \ ' f r - ! t i m e j . M a n s f i e l d T.-achers 5fi, Lycom- I ing 33. ; Devciis College f.l, A s s u m p l m n | ( N H ) 57. _ ( j Niagara 54, St. Bvnaven!ure 52. i Springfield 57, Massachusetts 32. ' Trir.ity nfi, A m h e r s t 45. Maine 50, New Hampshire 47. National Lfagiir [1 Minneapolis T4, I n d i a n a p o l i s -15. j I lloclicstcr 75, Fort Wayne -IS. $1,00 A Week! There's no nocd io l-,cMl:»'i n n v losi^!':-: ·".·:( n;ld u p these f i : : a i i t v fi-alur.-. . . . Uu- n :i!i w i l l l.o VAIJ-J-:: !';:!! I X " «',,-,; int!-v.-.i=-h!x r n n s t r i i r t i o i i , ii:'.iiiiii' soc t . i i'..'.;'....-, J '- · · cilRos, v e n t i l n t o r s . a n d a h[v-i:«l «':«1. n r r"--- l : i n t t i r l i i n u : A i H i r g a i n i " |l!aiil.v, i ( i i i i h r i f , priri 1 ! PILLOWS if H W 5 r-il'M-A-v rof; \\-ith iii]-.c:i iicking. ( ) : i i y a few a! l i i i s Kv» price! jf L« 181 So. Main St. Phone GOO Cnnandaigua, N. Y.

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