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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Friday, July 22, 1960
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Send A Dollar To Save Chrisfmas Parade: Box 1018 11st Year Associated Press (AP) Unite'd Press International /UPl/ Greenville, Mississippi Soviet Diplomat Is Expelled For Espionage Work Ezhov worked wilh a photographer whom the Slate Department refused to identify. Tire diplomat paid for flying lessons for photographer and indicated the the Soviets might buy him a plane in order to carry out systematic aerial reconnaissance photography, the department said. "Ezhov also financed trips by this individual in the course of which he took photographs of United Stales Navy installations and other intelligence targets, later furnishing these photographs to Ezhov and being paid for (See -- Soviet -- Page 2) U. N. Tells By DAVID BROWN A part of Greenville's newest| firm WASHINGTON (AP)-The United States today ordered the immediate explusion of a Soviet diplomat Peter Y. Ezhov on the grounds he was a spy collecting intelligence data, including aerial photographs. The State Department said that Ezhov, a Soviet Embassy third secretary, "flagrantly abused his diplomatic status by engaging in espionage activity." Ezhov paid an American commercial plMtographcr, the department said, more than SI, 000 for aerial photographs of American cities, While K Was Here Informed authorities reported Ezhov carried out some of his intelligence work while Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was in the United States on a goodwill visit last September. A second Soviet diplomat, Cmdr. Vladimir S. Glinsky, was involved in the same kind of intelligence activity, the department said. Glinsky's role in setting up the aerial photography apparently came to light after he had already left the Embassy to return to Moscow. He was an assistant naval attache. Watched Closely The FBI was understood to have closely watched Ezhov's activities for months before it turned its evidence over to the State Department. Lumumba Sees No Need For Soviei Troops I.EOPOLDVILLE. the Congo (AP)-- Premier Palrice Lumumba expressed thanks to the United Nations today for its quick action in the Congo and said there is no longer any need for Soviet military aid. He spoke at a news conference shortly before his scheduled de- 1 parhire for conferences at the United Nations in New York. lie was commenting specifically on adoption of a Security Council resolution urging Belgium to speed up withdrawal of its soldiers from the Conoo. , , , , ,, , T . i , , , - , , . . . . sure order and safety. He point- emploved here on a part-lime Lumumba for days has been in- . . . . . j . . , · , - " . . . . . . i T i · . cd out that a phased withdraws 'basis. ' i^r-r:- ---~ ----«r ' · · - ^ . . - . ' l Friday, July 22, 1960 Price 5c^ RED STREAK! FINAL No. 278 '-«D- : :. '^s^'^fa SEE THE SAWS -- Keith Elmorc, branch manager for the southern division of Atkins Saw Division, shows a variety of saws the firm produces, and will make when its operation moves to Greenville in the fall. In Ihe large crate behind him is looped a 151 foot continuous log band saw, 14 inches wide. Hanging on it is a pruning saw which has two edges; then on Ihe circular saw crate, a cane knife with a nine inch handle and a keyhole saw. He compares the 6 inch combination saw blade with Ihe huge 63 inch circular saw with inserted teeth and stabilizing holes, as is used in a saw mill. (Staff Pholo) Saw Vanguard Already In Town; Warehouse Set Up Leave Congo By WILLIAM N. OTIS UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (AP) -The U. N. Security Council early today made its second demand in nine days that Belgian troops, get out of the Congo and give] industry has already moved to| tools. Stacked along the shelves! on the industrial saws, thfi| m akes a vari ety of such way to (lie new U. N. military- force. The Soviet Union dropped an attempt to set a three-day deadline for the pullout. Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Vnsily V. Kuznetsov joined in a unanimous vote for a ^eyloncse- Tunisian resolution that called on Belgium to withdraw its forces speedily from the new A f r i c a n republic. The resolution backed up the Council resolution of July 14 sending the U. N. force to the chaotic central African nalor and caHIng Eor the Belgian withdrawal. Second Resolution The new resolution also asked U. N members not to "undermine the territorial integrity" of the Congo, whose rich Katanga Province has declared its secession-with Belgian connivance, the Congolese government and the Rus-; town. Last month the Berg-Warner Corporation announced that its Atkins Saw Division would move to Greenville from Indianapolis to be closer to its markets. The plant will be built in the fall and production is expected to begin in October. Mcan.vhile the firm'j southern division warehouse hai set up! sma]1 filc s and large ones -- andji?; Kay Elaine Elmore, 13, and shop in the Coyer Company; '" " "" TM and laid out in cases along the floor of the warehouse are large and small saws--ranging from 51 feet long to the regulation size for the home owner's tool set --' circular saws from 6 inches to 60 inches wide, wood saws and! metal cutting saws, sugar cane U.S. Will Call Russian Bluffs In New Hardline Ike Opens New Line With Call For Arms Talks Renewal By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH NEWPORT, R.I. (AP) - President Eisenhower's call for resumption of disarmament talks to reduce war risk was reported today to be pan of U.S. slralegy aimed at putting the Soviet Union on the defensive. The President announced Thurs- 1 clay night that the United Stales wants an early meeting ol repre-L] udin sentatives of all 82 United Nations Eisenhower went on to say that under its charter the United Nations has primary responsibility ii the disarmament field. After the President's call Thursday night, (J.N. diplomats expressed belief that the U.S. request for an early meeting would be approved. However, many delegates -- in" ig some Western Allies -, . , . . . iivere extremely cool toward countries for urgent discussion of|- WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States h a s embarked on a policy of calling the Soviet Union's bluff each time it believes Kremlin leaders are threatening action they never will dare carry out Secretary of Slate Chris- There is even t flexible hack saw blade that can be twisted a complete turn and won't break and circular saws with remov able teeth. There is also welding wire, solder and other equipment. Keith Elbert Elmore and his wife, Geneva, have moved into 1320 All Saints with their two sons and a daughter--all of whom have the same initials as their knives and ditch-band knives, dad: Kenneth Eugene Elmore, t t o sharpen saws; chain warehouse at Greenville and is!saw blades with a variety of teeth already supplying retailers wilh I'or limber, planing knives, gang the wide variety of saws, saw I saws that reduce a log to 2x4s (or blades, knives and files produc- other sizes) in two simple 1 operations, compass saws, keyhole saws and sasvs the butcher uses. ed by the f i r m . Keith Elmore, branch manag- or for the southern division, is in charge of the warehouse, moved here from Chattanooga, Tenn Supplies move from eleven states, and in here into particular to the limber areas of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Aiaba- sians charge. ; m a and sugar Belgian Foreign Minister Pierre: South Louisiana. He brought cane areas of Ihree Kirby Ellis Elmore. 7. Elmore likes fishing and hunting and expects to enjoy Greenville. He has been with Atkins Saw Division for 20 years, the past five spent' in Chattanooga and before then in Indianapolis. 17 Clubs Offer Help To Save Christmas Parade Seventeen Greenville civic, service and garden clubs had come through by 1 p.m. today to help Wigny repeated his government's [earlier assurance that the Belgian troops would IK withdrawn "as ,,_, _ soon as he United Nations can en-'Smith. Three olhcrs have been! cd additional assistance to the experienced employes. Richsrd! s a v c ehe Greenville Christmas Ault. Roy Brown and Irene; Parade, and several others offcr- ... . . . i T i · . sisling that unless Belgians quit the country he would ask that Soviet soldiers be sent in. Abrupt Change Today, in an ftbrcpt change from his mood of recent days, the Premier offered a hand of friendship to Belgium, asserting it was the Belgians who built this country. In renouncing action by the Soviet Union, Lumumba said he was motivated by the fact the Security Council resolution is being Iprogram, which includes a one: day solicitation from door to door from f.eopoldville, the Congo capital, had started. I In Rotary Talk Industrial Saws l n e x t Friday. Although the Atkins emphasis' Representatives of the clubs South carried out effectively and partic-! . -L . _ VI ularly by Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold's refusal to recognize the province of Katanga as a separate state. Negro Was Auto Victim - Sheriff Sheriff Al Hollingsworth said today that Lcroy McGehee was definitely killed by an automobile, probably by driver. a hit and run The South must become an un- ism--as in the capitulation ol t h e ! Even if the independent to Ihe demands of organ-'tor scheme fails, Sullivan usurp state "we elcc- ! yielding minority if the trend party will meet at 10 a.m. at Hotel Greenville to map out final plans for the drive. · The American Legion sent 5200 to the parade fund today as it jumped to 5307.50. Delta Demo-: T h'.' car-Times newspaper boys reported s e v e r a l new subscribers and turned over to the] parade fund their commissions.j which were matched by the Cir-j dilation department (o add " r '' to the total. Other donations included from Mrs. W. F. Elkas of Chat-j ham; 50 cents from Mrs. Mab!e| E. Renfro. 240 North Hinds, and; tl.50 from Bernard Ochs of At-; lanta, Ga.. who said he had read- Ihe appeal for Greenville parade: supporters and wanted to give a half dollar each for his three a way out of the arms race. In a statement issued at the summer White House, Eisenhower said he had instructed Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, chief of the U.S. delegation to the U.N., to petition today for speedy revival of disarmament negotiations. Lodge arranged to do so. Soviets Walked Out In sounding his call for new talks by all U.N. members, Eisenhower recalled the Soviet dele- gales had walked out o( the 10- nation disarmament negotiations at Geneva last month. At the lime the United States was about to outline new proposals. "Our efforts lo get Ihe Soviei Union to return to the conference table through normal diplomatic channels have not met with success." Eisenhower said. "The need for disarmament in the present world situation is loo important to set aside at Ihe present time when deliberate efforts are being made to increase tensions." That was an obvious allusion lo the many-sided anti-American campaign Ihe Soviet Union has been carrying on since Premier Nikila Khrushchev wrecked the Paris summil conference last May. " | idea. the These dclegales expressed belief there appears to be little prospect for disarmament progress while the tension in East- West relations is mounting. tian A. Herter disclosed (hat tough new line Thursday in blasting S o v i e t threats to send troops to the violence-tracked Congo- Abandoning his usual diplomatic caution, Herter bluntly assailed as a reckless bluff Moscow's widely advertised claims that it wants to help stamp out what it calls Western imperialism in the new African republic. Herter pledged that the United States will press ahead with all- out moral and material support for United Nations efforts to end the violence, regardless ol Soviet threats. Responsible diplomatic authorities said today more firm rejoinders of this kind can be ex- threats, protests, insults and propaganda. Phony Bluster This reflects a high-level administration belief that the Soviet threats represent more phony bluster than menace, H is believed that in all of Moscow's output so far, threats have been carefully hedged to sound frightening without commuting the Soviet Union to action. The call-the-bluff policy will carry one step farther the administration's determination to. firs back tough and fast at Moscow's anli-American propaganda thrusts. Administration leaders ace reported convinced that stem lah- guage, backed up by a readiness to act- to protect vital interests, offers the best hope of compelling pected from administration lead-jthe. Kremlin to call off its carriers in handling Moscow's virtual- pats 11 - 1 'Iy unprecedented campaign' of WEATHH AND XVII Vr.inity] :tilepl ri 'jllcgt B roday. Jt. 24.IJ I.I 7 4 - h a u i f a i r t ARC Bloodmobile Is Coming Local Red Cross officials today urged all citizens who have not given blood in the past six months, to donate to the Bloodmobile, which will be at the National Guard Armory on Tuesday and at the Naval Reserve Armory Wednesday. A pint given to the Bloodmobile assures local hospitals will have a sufficient supply in their blood bank, and will insure all the immediate members of the donor's family of adequate blood free of charge in case of emergency. IJ you wish to give blood next week, nil out the following form and mail K to AMERICAN RED CROSS, Washington County Chapter, Greenville, Miss. You and where to report. NAME ADDRESS gton will be notified when OFFICE PHONE ................ HOME PHONE ....... West Battles Worst Fires In 30 Years th« pair 24 hei By TOE ASSOCIATED TRESS From British Columbia to Mexico, from the Pacific to the Rock- ies, hundreds of fires destroyed forests, watersheds, ar.d homes today. Interior Department officials called the roaring conflagrations jthe worst in the West in M years. jThey were the worst ever in many larens. ! As exhausted men battled the flames in nine slates and a Cana- County Education Foundation fi Renews Loans To 10 Students hC i,- oommil -, ir " ousl y l ° «""in«! assistance ^'nglon County td-iio Ihe students who had been con, "rational I-oundation met in the sidcred durine thp , , - ' ««.,i,(^ n«: , , f u r - " TM m l n c Flrsl anH in i a u u in iaid,(daughters who "just love a par-l n , ,.';, : · -- · · · - away f r o m constitutional govern.;i/ed labor; and to usurp state "we must send our representade." j Wednesday afternoon to ap-jno: been estimated left this to the at the dictates ol a lives to Congress as an imp!ac-j Very Worthy Plan IT" iTTM 5 . 10n sn " iinls wl '° [discretion of the chairman. The more than' "It certainly is my hope that! 1 *TM **". r *c,vmg f.nancial as- A meeting will be held in the S o u t h e r n represenlativesjlbe people of Greenville ar.d Ihe s ' sta ' lce r o m thc Foundation. near future lo consider applica- menl, is to be halted, Charles sovereignly Sullivnn of Clarksdale (old the|racial minority. Rotary Club Thursday. This, he said demands a state of independent prcsidentia electors. "I know the chances of Ihrow- All three f a i l u r e s have conic abie 100 case of one whose needs had about, Sullivan said. "the di-| .could control Congress, reel, discernible result of the i n - i | through Congress, the nation." flucnce of political parlies i n ; . America" which are courting the: ing (he presidcnlial election into 1 favor of minority bioc groups. \ the House of Representatives isj "Each of Ihe three examples' very slight," Sullivan, an unsuc-; n a d one thing in common." Sulli- 1 "Thi.s is no Utopian dream," he insisted 'The "(his is reality." South has lost effcclivc- and surrounding areas are responding With Wade Hollowell, c h a i r m a n to the very worthy plan." j o f the commitiec, presiding mei Bill Snell, chairman of thejbers were furnished with sheei Christmas Parade Commiilceijisting last year's students and dian province, urgent calls fo help were issued. Response came from as far east as Pennsylvania Gov. Robert E. Smylie of Ida ho declared an extreme emergen cy existed in his state and asked President Eisenhower to reoog nize Idaho ns a major disaster rea. Possible Arson Regional Forester Floyd Iversoi of Ogden, Utah, said, "We think there is a possibility of arson in the Idaho fires and we are in vestigating." Iverson said the FB! is helping. Enormous Los Angeles County --the country's largest -- declared itself a disaster area, calling the fire outbreak the worst in history Flames roared on through other wooded areas of California anc Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming Monrant, Washington, Arizona and British Columbia. With millions of dollars of dam age already estimated, the appal ess because jrsekes lo we have allowed lions of I960 graduates. Attend- |j rg ncws f r o m most ' ar( , as was . . are involved in any'-such strategy, they acknowledged.:.But they. saM mildly worded answers or Hesitation may "be viewed by the Kremlin as signs of we.aioiess and a .United States seemingly preoccupied with in election campaign. Top officials are under ihstruo- tion to be firm but to avoid unnecessary bluster and overly be- ligerent rejoinders. While slugging it out in the propaganda arena, Ihe administration intends to keep the door ajar for a renewal of businesslike East-West negotiations lo ease outstanding international disputes. Tree Electors' Only Weapon, SaysPerei BILOXI, Miss. (AP)-Dist. Atfy. Leander Perez of Louisiana's St Bernard and Plaquemines parish- e. told a Citizens Council 1 ' ; " last night the only legal weapon the Soulh has left is to create "free electdrs" for the November presidential election. "Otherwise," he said, "Negro domination will destroy you just as certain as any pestilence. "We have no law left that stands up in the Supreme Court against the Communist trend of racial amalgamation." Perez addiessed about 250 people at a 525-a-plate dinner to raisa funds for the Citizens Council. Councils were set up recently in Biloxi and Gulfport. . . ' . . . Criticizing the civil nghts plank adopted by the Democratic Party at its recent convention, Perez said it is really "a Communist manifesto. "To summarize this outrageous document called the Democratic platform, we might well call it a Communist indoctrination course. More appropriate still, it might well be called a Congolese constitution to legalize assault and r ing the session were Mrs. LeRoy j t hat the fire intensity was increas-lviolence by the blacks against th» Percy, president of the Founds- j ng steadily. (whites " , lion. Judge Zelmn Price. James said he was "in high hopes" for the commitments to each. the success of the parncV today be itcrcolvped asi a s 'he following clubs called in| t. , . . . . - "Our Sulfivan sa cessful candidate for governor-van continued. "First a blocV, ( "I don't know where you got last summer, said in urging sup-jgroup. Ihcn parly appeasement,! 'JsUsmm'i MUSf -- "p*t,'«T\ the idea there was a murder in- port for the plan, "but we m u s t ' a n d finally federal action." '" volved," he told a reporter. "Illdccidc on Ihe path of principle! Responds To Minorities ' looks to us like McGehee was hit j and follow it. "If the stage lias now been by a car and left on the road." It is time lo abandon Ihe na-1 rcachc( , tllae governmcnl is rc . Hollingsworth earlier this week t.onal Democratic Party. S..illivan| spons ; ve only lo nrosM , rc ,,,.,,,,,, had said McGehee might have said, because ,1. and in some minorities, then we must become been beaten to death. (part (he Republican Party have an identifiable minority." Sulli- The sheriff said he was holding.been responsible for three areas van sa :,i "indeed a selfish hard a suspect in the hi! and run kill-'of failure al the national govern-'minorily.' "This is not consislenl with my id.!'" they would give But our fight in Ihe South is not|l'°n and oflo- the help of mem Narriman Says Talks Proposed For Defense rb in soliciting funds-' first duly is nVna-jfi r o u P-" Hollowell said, we have applications b o o s t e r graduates of 1060 county high! school classes, but (hey can not The Exchange Club. Exchang- Roberlshaw. E. H. Darwick, Hu- Iben Crosby. Do;ig Gardner. Mrs. to this'Charles Dean and Dr. H. J. St. "Already 1 Hillc. from I5| .- _^ Racial Prolesl In Face Of Suit be considered u n t i l we have f u l - ' ellcs; Civitan. East Kiwanis. Am- f l l l c d our obligations to Ihosc al- erican Legion Auxiliary. Junior' read ' in college." Woman's Club. Woodmen of the' Folders On Each W o r l d , Toastmaslers (with ! Folders Xept on each ward of Brings Fight Atty. Gen. Patterson, Barnett Insist Council Grant Is Legal 100 per cenl membership parti-! l h c foundation were PTMluccd| p . lnchc , ; T s l c n ] a v ,-,, a mc , cc ( h a ( ing of McGehee. a 26 year old Negro tractor driver whose body was found on a road near Lake Jackson Thursday. "We ought to have this thing terpri cleared i;p by this afternoon," ernnn Hollingsworth said. Iprovii H Y A N N I S PORT. Mass. (AP)- cipalion). Woman's Club and Juan(i l h e grades, progress and pro-! fo |. mvcd | unch counler dcmonstra- Sen. John F. Kennedy and W.l n i o r Greenville Garden Club. Hems of each studenl were care-' menial level. .. Tnis ; s ,,,, cons i s | cl ,i w j t f, my rtvcrdl Hnrriman discussed today} The Junior Auxiliary, Junior''" 11 *' considered. Of the ten slu- Artns of Failure lide.-ils. bul t h a t is the way mi J a proposal lo ask Congress lo vote, chamber ol Commerce, Southern! !cnls onc - a t t e n d i n g law school These are, he asserted, a grow! n o r j t j c s acl ami ac ],i cvc rcsll | ts ."|an additional Iwo billion dollarsJGarden Club, Merry Gardeners al " ie University of Mississippi JACKSON (UPI) - Attorney General Joe Patterson says if the GREENVILLE, S. C. (P) - j N A A C P ever approves actions of A crowd of some 500 milled about i Ihe State Sovereignty Commission, it will be time for the Commission lo disband. as whites and Negroes threw : '; lions in two downtown Greenvith ';· stores. There were no such incidents -State- City- GO-KART RACES SATURDAY ing tendency lo abandon free en- adopted by the Democrats. Sulli- of pledged a donation each. which cannol on l h e loan wi van said, and place on the sador lo Moscow, told a ncws con ferencc in reply lo questions Ihcre "I sincerely hope t h a t the re- had been di: -Delta club Inundation. er the NAACP approves our actions." Patterson said Thursday in discussing a threatened NAACP lawsuit challenging a 520,000 Commission grant to the Citizens Councils. Patterson said (he grant for the Councils' radio and television repayments u n( fe r S30 bonds. They were irien-'series was constitutional. "Cer- · t i f i e d ns Bobby Sims and Deanjlainiy, il was constitutional," ag- ) tn . 0 other South Carolina cilies jwcre carried out by Negroes, i Three white youths were arrest- Inc cd in Grcnville, charged wilh dis- jOrderly conduct, and released Patterson cited the JS56 law creating the Sovereignty Commission which said it may join with any person, organization or corporation and "pool such of tha funds and resources of this Com"I'm not concerned with wheth-1 mission in carrying out the ob- be made lo [lie ! Willis, both 17-year-old high school has given J50 to the fund an:! 15 The report showed thai in the students, and Dennis Nevis, 26, cess convention of Ihe slate par-- Rut Iy will unplrdge the- parly's elcc-'li.-wc members said they would help he said the delails would'as individuals. The VI-'W Auxili- group are five .students prepar-.of Travelers Rest. ing to be teachers: one on the The fight began afler Negroes j slate are authorized to spend! reed Gov. Ross Barnett. Patterson pointed out that mu- jectives and purposes of this act as may be deemed necessary and proper by the Commission." The constitutionality of the law would be challenged by any lawsuit under section 66 of the Mississippi Constitution which reads: "No law granting a donation or gratuity in favor of an person or object shall be enacted except by the concurrence of two-thirds of the members elect of each nicipalities, counties and theibranch of the Legislature, nor The Junior Chamber of Commerce sponsored Go-Kart Races will-tors," Sullivan continued, "bul if Democratic presidential nominee.! he held Salurday night at Ihe fairgrounds raceway beginning at 8. ! i t doc-s nnt. Mississippi should. A reporter asked whclher Iherc I o come from Kennedy. Ihe'ary reported Ihey expected In, college level, one in law school. I had staged sit-ins al the S. 11.'public funds for advertising. .jholp a? soon as they can contact; on in nursing school, one prcpnr-; store and the W. T. Grant Admission, adulls 50 cents, children, free. Children with Go-K,irls,lakc action outside of the are invited to bring Ihsm out for Ihe special race. i Democratic Parly." HOT WEraiS^ COMING * tay "' A '°" C JACKSON (UP!)--This weekend in Mississippi will be a scorcher, Ihe U. S. Wealher Bureau said loday. Hish tcmper.ilures (odiiy were ... ... forecast between M and 9S degrees Ihro-.ighnut Ihe siale. Salurdayi'? ^ ( ' grc ' 1! S||11( : l l k c Mlvi " """liilcd they are expected to reach 100 in c e n t r a l and southwest MississippiI'^'PP' ' ws n ° l abandon the "Yes, !i and he only a couple of degrees lower elsewhere. Sunday will'be'"""d °' principle because it !l:nt from him," Itarriman about the same, the Bureau said. [might be a road of solitude." plied. all their members. Others wereling for a scientific career slate had been any discussion hctwecn^cxpcctcd to report during the day'one in general business. and i store. j H a r r i m a n and Kennedy concern-;or early Saturday morning. Six young Negroes singed sit-ins Approx.mately S-t.OOO is needed i without incident at Woohvorlhs' inp "n Ivvo-billion-dflllar supple-! Cordlnators for Ihe parade b y ' ihese students to continue:and Kress' in Columbia. Il was "I knov; we may IK; alone in m e n i a l appropriation for defense"!said t h a t , ::iis course," S u l l i v a n said, ' b u t .it lhc congressional sossionjlhe drive "The grant was simply another step in advertising." he said. "It vas not fl donation. It was money to do a specific job." The job is to further states' "We know now that ilieir education. In all inslanccs Ihe second straight day of such rights and segregation through definitely be p u t j i h e slitdcnls are working this;demonstration!; in the capital c i l y . j l h c Citizens Councils Forum, lo resume Aug. 8. Ion, and from Ihe reports we are summer and h.-ue made arrange-' Sc\cn young Negroes, bclieved'wcekly program which the Coun- y:u will have to gctVccoivmg, we e.xpcct at least 2 n ' m e n ( s to do part time v/ork d'.ir-'to hr collese sl'sdenls. picketed tils say is presented as a public re- j clubs to IK- actively participating inn lhc r°xl college year. 'culsidc the Kress store in Oranse-^crvice by 316 radio and tclevis- Inext l-'riday." I T h e committee- voted unan- burg for alxHit an hour and a half, j ion stations in 40 states. by any vote for a sectarian purpose or use." A lawsuit would maintain that this section forbids the Councils' grant by the Legislature and also by the Commission, as an agent of the Legislature. The state NAACP's board of r!i. rectors voted recently to Lska "whatever legal Heps are necessary" to stop such expenditures and Ihe organization Is investigating legal aspects of tha cue. t

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